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Why Is Amazon Mom Called Amazon Family Outside Of The U.S.?

(Chris Routly)Amazon does business in many different countries, and knows how to market to people all over the world.

The War On Pizza Will Be Fought With Lobbyists

(Coyoty)Did you know that there are lobbyists for the important, quintessentially American cause of…pizza?

American Airlines Super Sorry About Leaving Passenger On Hold For 6 Hours

If you’ve tried to fly this winter, chances are you’ve hit some weather-related delays or cancelations and ended up in line or on the phone waiting to speak to someone who could help you out.

Report: Taking For-Profit Colleges Nonprofit Can Generate Hefty Profits For Owners

(tomQ) Earlier this year Education Credit Management Corporation bought 56 campuses from embattled for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges Inc.

There’s Another Possible Payment Data Breach At Natural Grocers

(northernplateguy) Apparently, natural foods stores are ready to compete with the big grocery chains.

NBC Cooking Up Streaming Service For Its Comedic Offerings

Much like Disney’s recent revelation that it now owns a bunch of Star Wars and Marvel stuff might justify standalone streaming services, NBC has reportedly awoken to the notion that it might be able to make some money selling access to its comedy library.

This Is The Best Video Of A Guy Using A Power Tool To Eat A Bagel That You’ll See Today

(MurderBot Productions on YouTube)True: There are other ways to perform common, everyday actions apart from widely accepted methods.

What We Know About AT&T/DirecTV’s Proposed Wireless Broadband Service

Last fall, an AT&T exec claimed that if his company was allowed to merge with DirecTV it could deploy some sort of wireless data service that delivered around 15Mbps to rural customers, but since then there has been very little talk of what this service would actually look like or how and where it would be deployed.

Amazon Reportedly Adds “Ship To Cuba” Option In Preparation For Restored Diplomatic Ties

(Jeffrey) If it wasn’t enough that Americans traveling to Cuba might now be able to bring back Cuban rum and cigars from their travels, those in Cuba may soon be able to order goods from Amazon, or at least get things shipped to them.

California Suing Wine Bottle Maker Over Claims That It Uses Glass Containing Toxic Materials

(Ninja M.)While acknowledging that a California glass company isn’t necessarily posing any threat to consumers with its actions, state officials are suing a Modesto business that it says recycles hazardous materials illegally and includes them in new wine bottles.

Ad Watchdog Says Sprint Should Stop Calling Itself ‘New’ And ‘Improved’

(Will Middelar)Is Sprint really the U.S. carrier with an all-new network infrastructure and the most improved customer service in the industry?

Dick’s Sporting Goods Ditching Some Adidas Merchandise In Favor Of New Celebrity Line

Dick’s Sporting Goods wants you to show people your armpits just like Carrie.The Adidas section at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods stores might seem a bit smaller soon, as the company has decided to hitch its apple wagon to a celebrity star and turn the spotlight on its new line of women’s workout gear.

Chase Hit With $50 Million Settlement Over Robosigned Mortgage Documents

(Dan Coulter)The nation’s biggest banks have already been hit with billions of dollars in settlements over robosigning — the illegal process of signing and filing important mortgage documents without reviewing them for accuracy — so what’s a few million more?

Bank Of America To Pay $155K To Settle Claim It Discriminated Against Hearing-Impaired Customer

(Mike Mozart) Financial institutions have a somewhat checkered past when it comes to accommodating consumers with hearing disabilities.

Police In New Hampshire Town Issuing Tickets Good For Free Pizza And French Fries

This is what fries look like, sometimes. (Dyanna Hyde)I’m halfway out the door already: Police in a New Hampshire town are rewarding residents for good behavior by issuing them with tickets that are good for free pizza and French fries. Brand Sold For Maybe $15 Million-ish, Spinoff Still Sells Furniture

You may remember from when people were posting affiliate links from them to your Facebook feed almost constantly.

Dentist Who Claimed Copyright Over Patient’s Yelp Review Must Pay $4,766 In Damages

(catheroo)Way back in 2011, we told you about a dental patient who said his dentist had gone too far with a “privacy agreement” that preempted patients from publicly complaining about the doctor and claimed copyright on patients’ reviews.

Takata To Double Airbag Replacement Production To 900,000 Kits By September

(Listener42) After facing increased scrutiny by federal regulators in recent weeks regarding an investigation into the massive airbag recall and lack of new safety devices, Japanese auto parts maker Takata announced it will double production of replacement airbags in the next six months.

Report: Costco Has Plans To Sell A “Kirkland Signature” Chevy Truck

(JeepersMedia)Soon it won’t just be Costco brand toilet paper, vitamins, peanuts and other everyday items for members of the wholesale club, but Kirkland Signature trucks.

Coca-Cola Pulls Fanta Ad Suggesting Nazi Germany Was “Good Old Times”

In a recent video recounting the birth of Fanta soft drinks, Coca-Cola explains that its German operation had trouble getting cola-making ingredients to the country’s bottling plants 75 years ago, leading the bottlers to dream up a beverage they could make without Coca-Cola syrup.