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How The New McDonald’s CEO Could Improve Restaurants Worldwide

(yarnzombie)For years now, we’ve referred to Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed as “curiously Australian,” since it’s unexpected and exotic for a Tex-Mex fast-food joint to be run by someone from the other side of the planet.

Cablevision Sues Verizon, Claims “Fastest WiFi” Ads Are Misleading

(Alec Taback)Competing companies often call each other out for exaggerations in ads and other marketing sleight of hand, but Cablevision has decided to let the legal system settle its dispute with Verizon over claims of who has the “fastest WiFi available.” Meanwhile, Verizon says the lawsuit is a marketing ploy to sell Cablevision’s WiFi phone service.

Campbell Soup Reorganizes, Focuses On Non-Soup Food

(Jennifer Snyder)People aren’t buying as much canned soup as they used to. Whether it’s because meals with a cream of mushroom base have gone out of style or people have left for other brands, Campbell’s canned soups aren’t selling like they used to.

Chipotle’s Non-Burrito Pizzeria Concept Expands Eastward

For the last couple of years, Chipotle has been playing around with pizza at the few Pizzeria Locale eateries it has in Colorado.

Olive Garden Revamps Menu, Invites Food Snobs To Come Whine About It

(David Buchwald)Olive Garden has never pretended to be a center of fancy cuisine or healthy eating. Its selling point the quantities of food available, including and especially breadsticks coated with garlic salt.

China’s Ministry Of Commerce Pledges To Crack Down On Counterfeit Items Sold Online

(Pamela Greer)After another Chinese government agency scolded e-commerce giant Alibaba and its eBayesque subsidiary Taobao over its mismanagement of its business and for selling or allowing bogus goods to be sold to the public, the country’s Ministry of Commerce has pledged to crack the whip on the online industry and try harder to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods.

Video Game Simulates The Singular Thrill Of Assembling IKEA Furniture

Unlike many of my friends, I enjoy assembling IKEA furniture — to a point. I have been known to utter a few Scandinavian profanities after a few days of shredding my fingers with an allen wrench.

3 Things We Learned From A Guide To Ordering Craft Beer

(afagen)While craft beer has been enjoying increasing popularity in the last few years, not everyone is confident enough to stride into that new beer hall down the street and roll a beer order right off their tongue like a beer sommelier fresh from beer sommelier school.

Facebook Launching “Place Tips” So You Always Know Everything About Where You Are

(Adam Fagen) When creating a post on Facebook, users can already tag their location to let the world know where they are.

“Nacho Cheese” Is Whatever You Want It To Be

The little-known “Stadium Nacho,” which is a refined blend of cheddar and Romano cheeses, with an insouciant hint of brand marketing for Madden NFL.

Two Big Reasons The New Broadband Standard Is Bad News For The Comcast Merger

None of the big ISPs are happy about today’s FCC vote drastically increasing the bare minimum that qualifies as “broadband.” But even though executives at Verizon, AT&T, and plenty of others are probably muttering aloud rude words in the C-suite right now, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have good reason to be more worried than most.

Shoplifting Suspect Calls 9-1-1 On Walmart Security Guards Following Him Around

(genebob) It must have been very unnerving for a man in Georgia when he noticed that two tough-looking men were following him around as he left Walmart.

CT Tax Commissioner: Walmart Tax Refund Service Just A Lure To Get You To Shop At Walmart

(Ron Dauphin) Walmart recently announced a service that allows consumers who use certain participating tax preparers to pick up their refunds at a Walmart store.

People Wait In Line For Hours To Feast Upon Sliders Upon Opening Of Las Vegas’ First White Castle

(White Castle on Twitter)You think you love White Castle sliders, but do you love them enough to wait in line for hours to get your hands on one (or 12, as the case may be)?

Toyota Recalls 57,000 Avalon, Prius Vehicles For Fire Risk, Airbag Deployment Issues

(stellarviewer) For the third time this week an automaker has recalled tens of thousands of vehicles because of a potential fire risk.

Dish’s “Reverse AutoHop” Will Cut Out Everything But The Commercials From The Super Bowl

(Brady O’Brien) Aside from the scrumptious gameday food, you could argue that for many people the best part about the Super Bowl is the commercials.

Kate Spade Saturday Stores And All Jack Spade Men’s Locations Shutting Down

Popping up no more. (Bex.Walton)Following the downfall of Piperlime, discerning shoppers with an eye for a bargain will no doubt be screaming “WHYYYYYYYY?

FCC Votes To Make 25 Mbps The New Minimum Definition Of Broadband

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, speaking at the FCC open meeting on January 29, 2015. As expected, the FCC voted this morning to approve a new standard for defining what qualifies as broadband internet.

No More Posting Of Nude Photos For Operator Of Revenge Porn Site

In this post from 2012, the site’s operator boldly declares that the site is completely legal, and that he is indemnified.

3-Year-Old Slips, Falls Into Grease Pit Outside Denny’s

(Joe King) Outside of a Denny’s restaurant in Wisconsin, there are two plastic manhole covers that don’t look like they’re a portal to anything particularly dangerous.