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Mysteriously Closed Walmarts Will Reopen In October Or November As Planned

(Mike Mozart) You may remember that this past spring, Walmart abruptly closed five stores in four different states to repair mysterious plumbing problems, leaving employees to find new jobs or maybe transfer to other nearby Walmarts.

Why Don’t Device Manufacturers Just Start Leasing Phones To Consumers?

(William Hook)When phone carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile are happy to rent phones to customers, and Apple is the one phone manufacturer with its own network of stores to sell phones directly to consumers, what’s there to stop Apple from just leasing phones to customers directly?

Lawsuit Claims Operators Of Two Adult Subscription Sites Sent Unsolicited Texts Linking To Porn

(afagen)No one likes getting spammed, but when you’ve got unsolicited text messages blowing up your phone with links to porn, it’s a lot harder to avoid than the pitches for fake Rolexes and male enhancement drugs that end up banished to your email’s spam folder.

Fox News Anchor Sues Hasbro Over Toy Hamster With Her Name

Harris Faulkner, an anchor on the Fox News cable network, is a human and has been on TV for decades. Yet the toy company Hasbro sells a tiny plastic hamster as part of its Littlest Pet Shop line which is named Harris Faulkner.

Analysts Say McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Could Drive Up Egg Prices, Exacerbate Shortage

(NYCandre) Before McDonald’s big announcement on Tuesday that it would roll out all-day breakfast across the country starting next month, we wondered if the fast food giant would scrap its plans because of egg shortages caused by the recent avian flu outbreak and the high egg prices that have resulted from it.

NCR Confirms Technical Issue Resulted In Duplicate Charges For Some Shoppers At Multiple Retailers

(crazyBobcat)If you shopped at a grocery store, drug store or a big box store last Friday and found you’d been charged twice or multiple times when paying with a debit or credit card, you’re not alone: NCR confirms that a technical issue affecting retailers nationwide that use its payment processing service may’ve resulted in multiple for a single transaction for some customers.

Company That Paid YouTube Users To Promote Xbox One Settles Charges Of Deceptive Advertising

(Katherine McAdoo) When Microsoft teamed up with Machinima to launch a promotion that paid affiliated YouTubers for shilling for the Xbox One console in January 2014, we questioned whether any potential negative publicity and regulatory hassle would be worth it.

I Signed Up For Samsung’s “Ultimate Test Drive” And All I Got Was A Defective Phone With No Way To Return It

(frankieleon)A few weeks ago, Samsung announced a new promotion called “Ultimate Test Drive,” wherein iPhone users (and only iPhone users) could sign up to receive a Galaxy smartphone and try it out for a month, for just a $1 processing fee.

Police Put Up Signs To Remind Motorists How Stop Signs Work

Can a financial incentive make people change their driving habits? One police department in Pennsylvania is taking a slightly passive-aggressive approach to preventing accidents with signs that remind motorists how stop signs work.

Mass. AG, Lawmakers Call For More Assistance For Former Corinthian College Students

(fblumongoose) Ever since for-profit education chain Corinthian Colleges Inc. closed its Everest University, WyoTech and Heald College campuses, leaving tens of thousands of students with millions of dollars in loans, consumers advocates, legislators and others have urged the Department of Education to relieve former students of their debt burdens.

Arby’s CEO Apologizes After Florida Police Officer Was Reportedly Refused Service

(Nicholas Eckhart)The CEO of Arby’s has apologized to a Florida police department after an employee at a local restaurant reportedly refused to serve a uniformed officer.

Philadelphia Sues, Fines Uber $300K Over Allegations Of Operating Illegally

After 10 months of driving the streets in Philadelphia, Uber now faces a lawsuit and $300,000 fine for providing ride-hailing services in violation of city regulations.   The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Taxicab and Limousine Division’s lawsuit [PDF] — and proposed fine – – is just the lasted municipal attempt to rein in Uber’s quick expansion across the country, sometimes with or without permission.

Hackers Swipe 225,000 Jailbroken iPhone Users’ Account Information

Cats are notorious for not heeding warnings about potential dangers of jailbreaking iPhones. (J)Jailbreaking your Apple device, or using illicitly obtained software to customize it in ways that Apple never intended and install unauthorized apps, is something that most users thought was against the rules but innocent, even if it does void your Apple warranty.

Taco Bell Testing Taco Shells Made Out Of Fried Chicken Because Why Not?

(Redditor Cheeze4444)Everyone who’s anyone in the fast food world knows that fried chicken is hot right now (pun intended), prompting chains that might not be known for serving it to jump on the chicken bandwagon.

Hulu Finally Offers Ad-Free Option For $12/Month

The rumors are true — you can now get Hulu (well, most of it) without the ads. You’ll just have to pay more to avoid all those obnoxious, repetitive commercial interruptions.

Bar Says City Sanitation Workers Demanded Booze To Pick Up Trash

Any good bar goes through a lot of cans, bottles, cardboard pretty quickly — not to mention all the trash that can accumulate — so it’s important for bar owners that this detritus be hauled away in a timely manner before it becomes a nuisance.

Hollywood Studio Suing 16 Users Of Popcorn Time Over Alleged Online Piracy

The movie Millenium says 16 Popcorn Time users illegally downloaded.Often when we hear about Hollywood seeking to snuff out online piracy, it’s the sites or services that distribute that content that are the targets of any legal action.

Amazon Adds 11 Brands To Dash Button Ordering

Amazon announced an expansion of its Dash ordering gadget. Users of Amazon’s ordering gadget, the Dash button, have been able to quickly restock their supply of Kraft Mac & Cheese, Tide, Cottonelle, Bounty and 14 other products for about five months (or one month if they didn’t receive an invitation early on).

Internet-Connected Video Baby Monitors Are Basically The Most Hackable, Least Secure Thing Ever

(Mr. Seb) The implacable march of technology has, in many ways, made parents’ lives easier. But in other areas, it’s added a whole new layer of complication.

Home Depot Website Glitch Provides Two Ratings For Some Products

(ralph) While researching products on a retailer’s website, other customers’ reviews and ratings of those items can be helpful.