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Possible Mini-Security Breach At California Target Store

Back in January, postal inspectors discovered a scheme to duplicate the credit cards of Target customers and rack up purchases on counterfeit cards.

Going Shopping? Here’s Where You’ll Find September Deals

(the justified sinner)Do you plan to spend your Labor Day weekend shopping? If so, there are certain things that you’ll find great deals on as the calendar flips from August to September.

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Do you have a slightly older computer that would work with a slightly old anti-virus software? If so, stop by your nearest big-box store.

New York Not A Fan Of Comcast’s Plan To Take Over TWC Service In New York

(Consumerist)We’ve known for months that the FCC and the Justice Department are hard at work combing through the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, but they aren’t the only ones.

Not The Cheese!! Kraft Recalls American Singles For Possible Premature Spoilage

Obeying the correct storage process for ingredients is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating ooey-gooey cheesy deliciousness.

Important Breakfast News: McDonald’s Bundt Cakes And More Pumpkin Coffees

It’s the last official week of summer, but did you think that America had reached peak pumpkin yet? Of course it hasn’t.

Denny’s Is Selling A $300 Breakfast Because Everyone Wants Champagne In The Morning

(Joe King) Not all Denny’s locations are created equal. That’s especially true of the chain’s new New York City Financial District location that’s selling a $300 breakfast complete with a bottle of bubbly.

City Bills Landowner $944 For Non-Existent Water Service For Vacant Lot

This luxurious 0 BR 0 BA home in the up-and-coming Sharswood area of Philadelphia apparently has been running up some expensive water bills.There are vacant lots all over the place here in Philadelphia, and a number of them are sold at auction by the city’s Housing Authority.

The Only Thing College-Like In These College Themed Hotels Is A Painting Of A Red Solo Cup

A new brand of hotels aims to bring consumers back to the days of college.Have you ever wanted to go back to college – you know, to relive the glory days when you received your first taste of freedom?

TSA: Please Leave Your Ammo-Filled Bibles And Hot Sauce Grenades At Home

There are a lot of things you aren’t allowed to bring into the cabin of a plane: throwing stars, shoe knives, and toy guns belonging to sock monkeys.

We Live In A World Where Your Insurer Doesn’t Care That It Charges Two Prices For One Drug

The Oxford Prescription Drug List says that asthma drug Montelukast is an inexpensive Tier 1 drug, but makes no mention that it’s pulverized form is a Tier 2 drug at twice the cost.

Can’t We Just Get Along? Yet Another Flight Diverted Because Passengers Argue Over Reclining Seat

(frankieleon) There appears to be a new trend taking over the skies, and it’s one we certainly can not get behind.

Sketchy Online Retailer With $250 Fee For Complainers Is “Down For Maintenance”

For the last few days, we’ve been following the story of sketchy online retailer Accessory Outlet, which was recently sued over its bizarre policy of penalizing customers $250 for even threatening to publicly complain about a purchase or file a chargeback request with their credit card issuers.

5 Little-Known Ways To Save Money On Amazon

(Stephen Woods) Online shoppers often end up buying things on Amazon by default. They have the best price, and hey, I have a Prime membership anyway!

Pedigree Recalls Dog Food Because Feeding Fido Metal Fragments Isn’t A Good Idea

Pedigree recalled a number of bags of its adult dog food because of possible metal fragments. If you live in the south and you’re getting ready to scoop out a heaping serving of Pedigree for your adult canine, you may want to double-check the package.

Company Sends John Hodgman His Order In Box Covered With Photo Of John Hodgman

(via John Hodgman’s Instagram)It’s one thing if you’re a celebrity and you turn on the TV and see your face.

Bank Of America Doesn’t Want To Pay $1.27B For Countrywide’s “Hustle” Mortgage Scam

(frankieleon)Between settlements, fines, legal fees, and loan reductions, Bank of America’s tab for its part in the mortgage meltdown is well over $50 billion, including last week’s record-setting $16.65 billion deal.

Shopping Healthier & Without Lists, Millennials Are Changing The Supermarket Game

(Ben Schumin) Grocery shopping used to be a rather easy experience: you’d look in the cupboard, make a list and drive to the store to collect your goods.

Coffee Companies May Have Already Cracked DRM On Keurig 2.0

(Ryan)When we say that someone has cracked the DRM on something, usually it means a pirated song, game, book, or movie is about to make its way through the less-than-legal back channels of the internet.

Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are eleven of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness.