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Coca-Cola Will Pull Some Products From Shelves In Vermont Instead Of Adding GMO Labels

The date when food items that contain ingredients from genetically engineered plants or animals must be labeled to be sold in Vermont is almost here, and lawmakers haven’t managed to strike down the law yet, so food companies will have to print or add the information to items shipped to Vermont.

Window Blind Trade Group Agrees To Set Standards, Keep Kids From Cords

You might not think of window blinds as something dangerous, but they pose a risk to children, who can entangle themselves in the cords and be strangled.

Visa Sues Walmart In Response To Lawsuit Over Security Of Debit Card Authorizations

Last month, Walmart sued Visa, accusing the card network of pushing the retailer to use a less-secure method of verifying debit card transactions.

Sam’s Club Forgot To Tell Some Employees About Their Clever Costco Promotion

Last Monday was an important day in retail history, and we’re not being sarcastic: it was the day that Costco switched its credit card acceptance policy from only accepting American Express to only accepting Visa.

FDA Wants Proof That Antibacterial Hand-Sanitizing Products Are Actually Effective

While you may have a personal choice of antibacterial hand-sanitizing product to wipe, slather, and squirt your way to germ-free mitts, there’s one thing all those products all have in common: they should actually work.

Monsanto Looking At “Strategic Options” After Rejecting Bayer’s $62B Bid

A month after Monsanto deemed a $62 billion proposed merger bid from Bayer “financially inadequate,” the Missouri seed and pesticide giant is reportedly looking at its options after receiving less-than-stellar earning numbers.  Reuters reports that Monsanto is in talks with Bayer and other companies regarding “alternative strategic options” that could include a merger.

Major Wireless Carriers Offering Free Calls, Texts To Turkey After Istanbul Airport Attack

In the wake of a suspected terrorist attack at Istanbul’s airport that killed 41 people and wounded 239 more, the U.S.

Rumor: Verizon To Announce Rollover Data, “Unlimited” No-Overage Option on July 1

Remember back when candy bar phones and flip phones were the hot new thing, and all the wireless providers jumped into the fray trying to offer you rollover minutes to come sign up with them?

Taco Bell Customer Allegedly Shoots At Store Over Forgotten Sour Cream

It’s understandable that a customer may be a bit ticked off when their bag full of tacos doesn’t include everything they asked for at the drive-thru.

There Were 3 Other IKEA Dresser Toddler Deaths Dating Back To 1989

While dressers and chests in IKEA’s Malm family have drawn attention this week for being recalled after the deaths of three children were linked to them, those aren’t the only deaths that dressers from IKEA alone have caused: other models of dresser are linked to an additional three deaths of children age three or under, and the first one was in 1989.

Xbox Fitness Users Ticked Off That Microsoft Is Rendering Purchased Content Unusable

If you’ve bought workout videos to use with Xbox Fitness, better get those squats and lunges in now: Microsoft announced it’ll be phasing out the app over the next year, ticking off customers who paid for content in the process.

Burger King’s “Slightly Congealed” Mac N’ Cheetos Underwhelm Customers, Food Reviewers

It’s been exactly a week since Burger King made every cheese lovers’ dreams (or nightmares) come true by shoving glowing, orange-ish mac and cheese inside a hollow, fried giant Cheeto.

Adidas, Kanye West Planning To Open Stores Dedicated To Yeezy Products

Rumors that musician/shoe designer/famous person Kanye West would release his next line of Yeezy footwear without partner Adidas have proved to be wrong, and then some: West and Adidas have instead announced an expanded partnership, including retail locations that will be dedicated solely to the Yeezy product line.

Chipotle Adding Spicy Chorizo To The Menu So Customers Forget About All That Other Stuff

In the more than 20 years that it’s been in business, Chipotle hasn’t changed its menu very much. That’s why it’s notable that the burrito eatery is slowly rolling out a new protein, just over two years after introducing braised tofu that they had to bribe everyone to try.

Amazon Selling Android Phones At A Discount, If You Like Ads

In the market for a new phone, but don’t want to pay retail? Amazon is offering $50 off unlocked Android smartphones, but that discount comes with a slightly big catch: the e-commerce giant gets to pre-load the device with its own apps and send ads to the lock screen anytime it wants.

It’s True: Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back For All Those People Who Forgot They Hated It The First Time Around

For better or worse (mostly worse), I’ve always been a big fan of soda, so when I was a senior in high school in Florida in the early ’90s, I was over the moon that my area would get to try Crystal Pepsi before some other parts of the country.

Californians Will Vote On Legalizing Recreational Pot In November

California residents may no longer have to complain to their doctors about raging headaches in order to get their hands on legal marijuana soon, as an initiative to legalize the use of recreational pot in the state will be on the ballot this November.

Toyota Recalls 1.4M Vehicles For Airbag Issues That Aren’t Related To Takata

After nearly two years of telling you about cars being recalled because of shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags, it’s almost a refreshing change of pace to report on an airbag recall that has nothing to do with the auto parts maker.

How Well Do You Know Companies’ Former Names?

Maybe you know that David Bowie was born David Jones, or that the St. Louis Cardinals were previously the St.

Uber Will Start Tracking Driver Behavior Through Its App

The next time your Uber driver takes a turn too fast or slams the brakes at the last second, Uber will know.