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Here’s What Co-Branded Sprint-RadioShack Stores Will Probably Look Like

Yesterday, the sale of 1,740 remaining RadioShack stores to hedge fund Standard General was approved by a bankruptcy court.

One Year After Merger, Men’s Wearhouse Announces Layoffs At Jos. A. Bank HQ

(Xurble)It was a little over a year ago that Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank ended months of contentious courtship and merged, with Men’s Wearhouse acquiring the smaller clothing chain for $1.8 billion.

Bankruptcy Court Approves Sale Of 1,740 RadioShacks To Standard General

(Phillip Pessar)The Great RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction Standoff may be over. The 94-year-old electronics retailer declared bankruptcy in February, and then closed around half of its stores, selling their leases.

Flight’s Inaugural Journey Delayed After Firefighters Accidentally Spray Plane With Foam

(Aero Icarus)Picture this: You’re all hyped up and ready to fly across the ocean as part of an airline’s inaugural journey to a destination across the ocean, everyone is cheering, the excitement is building and then suddenly foam is spraying everywhere.

More Police Departments Institute Safe Zones For Craigslist Trades

(Kenny Louie)We often share stories of trades and sales that originate online, are completed in person, and go terribly awry, like.

Delta Letting Some Customers Pay To Track Their Pets’ Whereabouts During Cargo Transport

(Belinda Hankins Miller) Generally it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on your loved ones when traveling, that is unless they have four legs and can’t fit under the airline seat in front of you.

JetBlue Cancels Passenger’s Ticket For Flight He Wasn’t Even Supposed To Be On

Anyone who has traveled frequently enough has likely had to deal with your flight being canceled or rescheduled and all the havoc that can ensue trying to keep the rest of your itinerary from being completely screwed up.

Authorities In Five States Suing Magazine & Newspaper Subscription Service Accused Of Fraud

(Chodhound)The attorneys general of five states have filed a lawsuit against a company they say is peddling magazine and newspaper subscriptions it isn’t authorized to sell, and charging highly inflated prices for them to boot.

Virginia’s Got The Fastest Broadband In The U.S., But South Korea’s Still The Speed Fiend’s Place To Be

Akamai’s top 10 worldwide best average internet connection speeds for the end of 2014. It’s that time again!

For-Profit College Enrollment Is Down Following Scandals & School Failures

With increasing scrutiny from lawmakers, regulators, consumer advocates and the general public, the past five years have been hard on a for-profit college industry that had enjoyed years of happily feeding at the federal student aid trough.

Amateur Uber Drivers Can Stay On French Roads For Now

(ChrisGoldNY)We need some kind of global scoreboard to keep track of which Uber services are legal in which municipality.

CFPB Releases Mortgage Toolkit Aimed At Making The Home Buying Process Easier

(Steven Hoang) In January, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report suggesting that many homebuyers spend more time looking for a TV than shopping around for the right mortgage.

Time Warner Cable Hates Dodgers Fans, Tells Them To Switch To Cable Companies They Can’t Get

(Atwater Village Newbie)Baseball season is only days away, and the L.A. Dodgers are fresh off a 94-win division title season.

Amazon Introducing The Dash Button, A Branded Gadget That Reorders Household Products With A Push

(Amazon on YouTube)Reaching for another roll of paper towels in the pantry only to find you’ve run out just when little Timmy has flung yet another bowl of pureed peas against the wall is annoying, as is realizing your roommate hasn’t bought toilet paper during your moment of need.

Police: Man Called 9-1-1 A Dozen Times Claiming Bar Overcharged Him For Beer

(kevindean)Will calling emergency services repeatedly about a bar bill summon the cops? Sure, but they won’t be helping to sort out whether or not you were overcharged for a beer, they’ll be charging you with abusing the 9-1-1 system, an offense that can bring up to a year in jail and a fine that is the equivalent of many, many beers.

You Can Now Turn Any Google Map Into A Pac-Man Game

Pac-Man eats his way through the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia.Have you ever looked at a Google Map and thought to yourself, “It would be flippin’ awesome if I could play Pac-Man on this street grid”?

Entrepreneur Claims Heinz Copied His Idea With “Dip & Squeeze” Ketchup Packets

We’re sure you’ve had that feeling when you see a new invention trotted out by a big company, that moment of, “Hey, I totally had that idea first!

Study: People Try Apple Pay Once, Don’t Go Back

(Colin)The prospect of using our phones in place of wallets is exciting to absent-minded people everywhere, but how well is adoption of mobile payments going in the real world?

Court Awards Pizza Hut Customer $2,400 For Denture Damaged While Eating “Excessively Hard Croutons”

(Not the Pizza Hut in question. SchuminWeb)While the human mouth gets to have all the fun of tasting, chewing and eating delicious food in all its various incarnations, it can also be the portal to pain when something isn’t right.

Starbucks Finally Gets Around To Selling Yogurt-Based Cups, Smoothies, Parfaits After Two Years

The unlikely partnership between Starbucks and Dannon parent company Danone that Consumerist first reported on back in 2013 is finally coming to fruition with the launch of an exclusive line of yogurt-bases smoothies, parfaits and fruit cups at 4,300 of the company’s coffee shops.