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YotaPhone 2 Cancels U.S. Version, Offers Limited Refunds Instead

It’s easy to understand why gadget fans were interested in the Yotaphone 2: it’s an Android smartphone with a regular touchscreen on the front and an e-ink display that can display widgets or function as a power-saving regular screen on the back.

Mozilla Displeased That Windows 10 Changes User’s Default Browser

Over at Mozilla HQ, they make web browsers that run on various platforms, including Windows. Over at Microsoft, they have their own new browser that is part of Windows, and they’d really like everyone to use it.

Sling TV Says Comcast-Owned NBC Stations Are Blocking Its Ads

(Sling TV)There’s a rumble brewing in telecom town: Sling TV is accusing Comcast of keeping its ads off some NBC stations’ airwaves.

Regulators Settle Charges That Reynolds, Lorillard Merger Would Be Anticompetitive

(MarteaDesignCo) A year after the No. 2 and No. 3 cigarette brands in the country first announced they were planning to go all-in on a $27.4 billion merger, regulators have approved an order settling charges that the deal would be anticompetitive for the U.S.

Investors Sue American Express After Loss Of Costco Agreement

(The.Comedian) Five months after American Express and Costco announced they would go their separate ways and end their exclusive relationship – essentially allowing members of the warehouse club to use other cards – shareholders for the credit card company have filed a lawsuit claiming it blindsided investors with the loss of the contract.

Just Because You Find $150K Sitting Around Doesn’t Mean You Get To Keep It, Buy A New Car

(Tracy O)One might think that the average adult would be aware that the playground rule of “finders, keepers” doesn’t apply to most situations in life that aren’t scavenger hunts.

United Airlines CEO: Checked Bag Fees Are Here To Stay, Just Part Of Doing Business

(Adam Fagen) Despite Southwest Airlines’ recent admission that charging for bags would be a financially irresponsible policy change, it doesn’t appear that other airlines feel the same way.

Converse Blows Up New Chuck Taylor Shoes To Show What’s Different

Maybe you saw a photo of Converse’s new version of their classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars and wondered what the big deal is.

N.J. Police Officer Smashes Window To Save Child Trapped Inside Hot Minivan

(via NBC News)If we’re going to hear stories of children being left in hot cars, we’re at least glad to report on those that end well.

Two For-Profit Schools Must Pay Students $2.3M Over Unfair Practices

(MeneerDijk) Hundreds of former students at Kaplan Career Institute and Lincoln Technical Institute in Massachusetts will receive redress from the for-profit colleges after the schools settled charges they engaged in unfair practices with the state’s Attorney General’s office.

Why Gasoline With More Than 10% Ethanol Will Make Your Mower Sad

(Misfit Photographer)Modern cars are designed to get around just fine with gasoline containing ethanol in their tanks, but not all gasoline that you buy at the corner gas station is healthy for other items that you own that use gas.

The Last Full-Service Dunkin’ Donuts Prepares To Shut Its Doors

(Consumerist Dot ComThough you might not even have been aware it existed, the last full-service Dunkin’ Donuts diner is preparing to close, and will be renovated to look like the rest.

Woman Sues Starbucks For $2 Million Over Drink Allegedly Tainted With Chemicals

(ronnyg) A Utah woman has filed a $2 million lawsuit against Starbucks and several employees claiming she was given a drink that contained a cleaning solution.

Police: Man Pretended He Was His Brother To Avoid $7,500 In Unpaid Tolls

(Alan Rappa)It’s a classic caper: passing yourself off as your brother or sister to squirm out of trouble when you’re caught doing something you shouldn’t.

Class-Action Suit Accuses CVS Of Overcharging Customers For Generic Drugs

(Chris Rief) The country’s second largest pharmacy chain is the latest party in a class-action lawsuit that accuses CVS of deliberately overcharging hundreds of thousands of patients for generic prescription drugs.

Walmart Customer With Tourette’s Claims She Was Kicked Out Of Store, Told Not To Return

(Mike Mozart) A Florida woman with Tourette’s syndrome is suing Walmart, claiming she was banned from the store, in violation of the American with Disabilities Act.

I Can’t Buy A Car Because Lexus Thinks I’m Dead

(БРАТСТВО) Dead people do not need cars, and they also have trouble making the payments. That’s probably why one woman’s credit score plummeted to zero when a lender accidentally put her down as dead.

Prisoners Will Soon Be Eligible For Pell Grants To Finance Education

(fblumongoose) Twenty years after passing a law that banned prisoners from financing higher education with federal grants while incarcerated, the government is ready to begin investing in the education of inmates.

American Airlines Plane Evacuated With Emergency Slides, Three Passengers Burned

(yooperann) An American Airlines flight pulling away from the gate at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday was evacuated with the use of emergency slides, resulting in minor injuries for three passengers.

Cable Companies Refuse To Reveal How Much They Make Off Of Set-Top Boxes

(Ryan Holloway)Sen. Ed Markey of Massachussetts and Sen. Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut recently posed a handful of questions to the nation’s cable and satellite providers about their set-top boxes — Are they required?