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Kohl’s Expands New Same-Day Delivery Service To 6 Additional Cities

Less than a month after Kohl’s said it would join the throngs of other retailers dipping their toes in the world of same-day delivery, the company plans to expand its pilot service to six more cities just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.  The new cities are Boston, Brooklyn/Queens, Los Angeles, Miami, Northern New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

Comcast Tests Program That Proactively Calls Customers To Fix Problems

At times it can be difficult to schedule a service call with a cable/phone/internet provider when you notice an issue.

San Francisco & L.A. Block App That Helped Drivers Dispute Parking Tickets

Fixed is a smartphone app that tried to help drivers dispute parking tickets, but that aspect of the service is no longer usable in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Oakland after those cities blocked the company’s access to their parking enforcement websites.

Rich People Can Get A $25K Tax Break On $100K Tesla Model X

Are you a well-off small-business owner who really wants to buy an expensive electric SUV but don’t want to pay full price?

Allegiant Airlines Plane Is Second To Catch Fire At Las Vegas Airport In Two Months

For the second time in two months, a commercial airplane full of passengers caught fire at the Las Vegas airport.

Picture Vs. Reality: Shelf-Stable Breakfast Edition

When reader Nick bought his Bacon Scramble from Hormel Compleats, a line of shelf-stable prepared meals, he probably wasn’t expecting a colorful and beautiful gourmet experience.

Budweiser & Miller Inch Closer To Altar With Agreement On $104.2B Deal

Last week, leadership at beer giant SABMiller was not thrilled with Anheuser-Busch InBev’s official marriage proposal, saying it “substantially” undervalued the company.

Starbucks Launches “Green Apron Delivery” Pilot At Empire State Building

After months of will-they-won’t-they, Starbucks has officially begun tests of what it’s called the most-asked-for service: coffee delivery.

Playboy Learns Internet Exists, Getting Rid Of Nude Photos

Playboy magazine, for all its fame as a purveyor of airbrushed breasts and well-lit derrieres, has never really had much in the way of nudity compared to competitors.

Regulators Probing AB InBev Over Allegations Of Pushing Out Craft Brewers By Buying Distributors

Despite Anheuser-Busch InBev’s attempt in recent years to get drunk on craft beer by padding its portfolio with small brewers like Golden Road, Goose Island and Blue Point Brewery, among others, the beverage behemoth is in talks with federal regulators over allegations that its recent purchase of distributors is a calculated attempt to shut the door on increasingly popular craft brews.  Reuters reports that the Justice Department, along with California regulators, are investigating allegations by craft brewers that AB InBev pushes its recently acquired distributors to sever ties with the smaller beer companies.

Kombucha Makers Pushing Government Regulators For New Alcohol Content Tests

Whether you enjoy drinking fermented beverages or you think your friends are crazy for guzzling something that smells sort of like vinegar and dirt, you’re probably aware that kombucha tea is pretty popular these days.

GameStop Proudly Announces It Will Not Sell You Video Games On Thanksgiving

If you wanted to get away from your family this Thanksgiving and buy video games and/or video game accessories, you’ll have to do it somewhere other than GameStop.

County Ticketing Cars For Lapsed Inspections While They Are At Garage To Be Inspected

Talk about low-hanging fruit… If you’re on the hunt for cars that have lapsed inspection stickers, where are you most likely to find them?

Michigan Lawmakers Considering Ban On Products That Contain Microbeads

Although there’s yet to be a successful bill that bans plastic microbeads in beauty products nationwide, individual states are continuing to pile onto the bead-free bandwagon: soon after California passed legislation that prohibits the tiny plastic bits in consumer products, lawmakers in Michigan’s House are trying to push a similar bill, amid environmental concerns.

Facebook Testing A Dedicated Shopping Feed That Features Retailers’ Posts About Sales

Facebook is continuing its effort to push users to shop within the confines of the social network, announcing today that it’s testing a dedicated shopping feed that will feature deals and sales from different retailers’ pages.

Broadcasters Ask FCC To Halt Merger Of Time Warner Cable & Charter

While Time Warner Cable’s current merger à trois with Charter and Bright House is getting significantly less attention than TWC’s recent failed fling with Comcast, but these nuptials aren’t without their detractors.

Amid Growing Concerns About Employee Betting, DraftKings & FanDuel Have Best Weekend Yet

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Just ask the folks at DraftKings and FanDuel. Only days after the New York attorney general’s office launched an investigation into potentially unfair business practices at these fantasy sports betting sites — and as questions about the behavior of employees at these companies continue to be raised — they saw more action than ever before.

Scarcity Of Public Charging Stations In California Is Turning Electric Vehicle Owners Against Each Other

Electric cars are pretty popular in California right now, but there’s one major problem facing all those owners — there aren’t enough charging stations for all those new vehicles hitting the streets.

Alaska Airlines Makes Emergency Landing After Credit Card Reader Ignites In The Trash

An Alaska Airlines flight heading from Newark, NJ to Seattle was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday morning, after the plane reported smoke on board.

Google Bestows “Bug Bounty” On Guy Who Successfully Bought And Owned (For A Few Minutes)

We all know the old saying: ‘Tis better to have owned a major technological giant’s domain name briefly and lost it, than to have never owned a major technological giant’s domain name at all.