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TiVo E-Mails Me Coupon Code, Reserves Right To Remove Discounts After Order

Seemed like a good idea at the time.When TiVo was offering a great price on their Roamio DVRs, reader Victor thought that his mother-in-law could use one.

Kickstarter Suspends Alleged AirBNB Squatter’s Second Game Campaign

In Palm Springs, California, a man booked a vacation condominium for 44 days, saying that he would be in town on a business trip.

United Fliers, Prepare To Be Bored By This Punishingly Long “Humorous” Safety Video

Even people who haven’t flown are pretty familiar with the basics of the safety spiel the cabin crew gives before takeoff — no smoking, buckle your seatbelt and keep it buckled, know where the exits are, don’t freak the f*#$ out when the oxygen bag thing drops, and if we crash into the water and manage to survive, you can float in the freezing water on your seat cushion.

Internet’s Organizing Body: Nobody Actually Owns Country Codes, Not Even Countries. Or Us.

(frankieleon)Does anyone actually own the internet? That might be the existential crisis of our age. We know companies own and operate websites, that other companies own the software that let us look at those sites, and that still other companies own and operate the physical infrastructure that allows us access to those sites.

CFPB Report: Typical Overdraft Situation Is Comparable To Small-Dollar Loan With 17,000% Interest Rate

(Lawrence Blanchard) If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of consumers who use a debit card you’ve likely found yourself on the receiving end of an overdraft fee when your account balance just wasn’t quite enough to make a desired purchase.

French Company Iliad Wants To Enter U.S. Market With $15B Offer For T-Mobile

(Christopher.V)Three years after T-Mobile USA’s parent company Deutsch Telekom failed to make a lasting match between its magenta-hued wireless provider and AT&T, it’s now receiving requests for T-Mobile’s hand from suitors closer to home, as French communications company Iliad has offered up a meager $15 billion for the company.

Zoo Visitor Claims She Lost Part Of Her Finger After Trying To Pet A Lion

( Here’s the thing about zoos: Despite the fact that those wild animals are behind bars, they’re still wild animals.

Comcast Makes Money Off Everest University Ads, Even As Schools Are Being Sold Or Closed

Earlier this summer, facing lawsuits and investigations from multiple state and federal agencies, Corinthian Colleges Inc.

United Airlines Forgets To Finish Letter About (SPECIFIC PROBLEM)

A few weeks ago, a passenger experienced some kind of problem with (MAJOR U.S. AIRLINE). She sent a complaint letter about this (SPECIFIC EVENT) and received a printed letter back.

Woman Who Changed Middle Name To “Skywalker” Denied A Passport On Copyright Grounds

(Enokson)It was the passport she was looking for, but British officials didn’t want to allow a woman to sign that official document using her middle name of “Skywalker.” The Home Office said the name is a no-go because it infringes on a trademark.

Contact Lens Makers Work Together To Make Sure You Pay More

(Angry JulieMonday) As anyone with bad eyesight could probably tell you, having options when it comes to the cost of contact lenses is extremely important.

Papa John’s Introduces Pulled Pork Pizzas For Some Reason

Sure, summer is a time for eating barbecue, but we’re not so sure that it should be a time for strange barbecue mashups in our chain pizzerias.

If You’re Not Cooking With Hot Lava Or Lightning, Just Quit Calling Yourself A Grillmaster Now

(Robert Wysocki on Vimeo) I’m not here to burst your happy grilling bubble, but come on — can you really consider yourself a master of the art of grilling if you haven’t tried cooking with hot lava?

Seattle Police Officer Reassigned After Review Finds He Wrote 80% Of City’s Marijuana Tickets

(БРАТСТВО) While marijuana has been legal in Washington state since the beginning of this year, it’s not like the streets are filled with people lighting up bongs and toking on pipes.

5 Things We Learned From The GAO Report On Broadband Caps

(Pam)Broadband data caps might not be affecting everyone just yet, but that could easily change as the current wave of ISP merger mania continues.

Why Do Criminals Love This Walmart So Much?

(Martin Buitron) The Walmart on State Route 436 in Casselberry, Florida is very popular. Unfortunately, it’s popular with a demographic that retailers shouldn’t want to attract: criminals.

Rental Car Companies Asked GM To Look Into Ignition-Related Crashes Years Before Recall

(So Cal Metro)It’s becoming harder and harder for GM execs to claim that the company was largely unaware of the problems with the Chevy Cobalt and other vehicles with an ignition problem that has resulted in at least 13 deaths, dozens of accidents and the long-delayed recall of millions of cars.

Wireless Carriers Are Victims Of Phone Cramming Too, They Just Make Billions Of Dollars Instead Of Losing It

(Kevin Loh) Opening your monthly mobile phone bill to find it significantly more expensive than it’s suppose to be can be infuriating.

Lands’ End Announces Science-Themed Shirts For Girls Because Boys Aren’t The Only Ones Who Like Science

Girls can now choose from decorative stars or a more realistic solar system, just like the boys. Somehow there are still retailers out there who are late to get the message: Yes, some boys like science.

Snack Foods Transformed Into Art At “Cheese Curls Of Instagram”

Can a picture of two cheese curls be pornographic? It sounds impossible, but the site Cheese Curls of Instagram has elevated what should be random, orange-coated lumps of snack food to fascinating sculptures just by propping them up in front of a blank background and giving us needlessly detailed captions.