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Fitbit Sends Out Recall Notification That Resembles A Phishing Notice

When the Fitbit Force was recalled back in March, it looked like it should have been the easiest recall in history.

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Shop For Groceries With Addition Of Pantry Service

A month after announcing its first-ever price hike to its Amazon Prime subscription service, the online retailer is finally launching Prime Pantry, a new bulk grocery shopping addition to Prime that Amazon hopes will justify that additional cost for some customers.

FCC Chairman Insults Consumers’ Intelligence With Attempt To Defend Flimsy Net Neutrality

(Bill Bradford)Today, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler is walking around to the offices of his fellow commissioners and passing out freshly mimeographed copies of his proposal for new net neutrality rules.

Vermont Becomes First State To Pass A Bill Requiring GMO Food Labels

(Freaktography)Yesterday, Vermont’s House passed a bill that will make the state the first in the country to require labeling of foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Man’s Lawsuit Claims Infected Rodent From Petco Gave Him Rat-Bite Fever

(Dan Domme)Following a lawsuit earlier this year accusing Petco of selling an infected rat that led to a boy’s death, an Oregon man is now suing the chain claiming he got rat-bite fever from a rat he bought at the store.

New Jersey Thinks 4G And Wired Broadband Are The Same, Lets Verizon Off The Hook

Fewer New Jersey residents will be seeing vans like this, as the state has let Verizon off the hook for its obligation to provide access to high-speed Internet for all.

800,000 Baby Video Monitors Recalled Because Batteries Aren’t Suppose To Burn You

Keeping an eye on your baby while they sleep or play quietly in their room should be a painless task.

Elementary School Decides To Stop Giving Kids A Dose Of Mountain Dew Before A Big Test

(C x 2)If I learned anything from spying on my brothers playing Dungeons & Dragons in the basement with their friends, it’s that Mountain Dew is often the preferred fuel of choice for staying awake and making sharp decisions.

Your College Education Might Be A Better Investment For Goldman Sachs Than It Is For You

Americans have always viewed a college education as an investment in a student’s future, but there’s another sort of investment going on behind-the-scenes, and it’s nearly risk free.

Do Not Punch Children And Trash The Store When You Can’t Cash In Your Change Jar

We’ve all been there: you’re out of cash for some reason, and have to raid your change jar for spending money.

Proposed Regulations On E-Cigarettes Include Health Warning Label, Age Restrictions

It only took five years, but the Food and Drug Administration is ready to begin regulating electronic cigarettes.

Taco Bell To Break From Its Authentic Mexican Roots With New American-Inspired Taco Joint

As everyone knows, Taco Bell’s deeply authentic Mexican roots go back to the company’s humble beginnings in 1843 as Taco Campana, a family business selling flatbreads to hungry travelers outside of Hermosilo.

Google Street View Now Goes Back In Time All The Way To Ye Olden Days Of 2007

The Freedom Tower in NYC, then and now.Ah, those misty, water-colored memories of the time way back in 2007, when we had a different guy in the White House and the word “selfie” wasn’t the bane of social conversations yet.

Dunkin’ Donuts Profits Hurt By Crappy Weather, Moves Up California Store Opening

(The Consumerist)When the Northeast experienced exceedingly nasty winter weather earlier this year, do you know what people didn’t do?

McDonald’s Is Sending Ronald McDonald To Work On Twitter In A New Outfit

Let there be no doubt about it — just because there’s some “taco shop” out there using guys named Ronald McDonald to talk breakfast smack, the true Ronny McDonny has only one master and that is McDonald’s.

FCC Makes Mockery Of Net Neutrality With Proposal To Allow Internet “Fast Lanes”

(frankieleon)Recently installed FCC Chair Tom Wheeler apparently has no interest in actual net neutrality, as the new rules he’s proposing this week allow for Internet service providers to create so-called “fast lanes” for content companies willing to pay extra to more reliably deliver their data to the end-user.

Pour Out A Bottle Of Ketchup For 40,000 Pounds Of Fries Destroyed In Fire

(Waterville Fire Department)These fries are a little overcooked. In a Walmart parking lot in Maine, a tractor-trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen Burger King French fries caught fire, destroying the cargo, the truck, and the dreams of the fast food-loving people of New Jersey.

Gillette Wants To Sell You A Fancy New Razor That Works With Older Blades

The Gillette business model is now a legend selling an item inexpensively or giving it away for free, then selling customers a more profitable item that they need to keep that item going.

Sun Chips Bags Shrink From 10.5 Ounces To 7 Ounces, Price Stays The Same

Usually, we try to stay at the forefront of Grocery Shrink Ray news, letting you know when we learn that a company has reduced the size of a product while keeping the price the same.

Postal Workers Preparing To Protest Against Staples’ New In-Store Mailing Services

(Ron Dauphin)What’s a postal worker to do when a company that isn’t the United States Postal Service starts offering USPS products and using its own employees to sell those services?