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Banana Republic’s “Startup Guy” Has Half-Tucked In Shirt, Cool Belt, No Female Counterpart

(via Valleywag)You know who dresses like this guy in a Banana Republic promo? Bradley Cooper, Jude Law and possibly Robert Pattinson.

FiOS Goes Symmetrical: Verizon To Offer Same Upload, Download Speeds

(frankieleon) FiOS users who get annoyed over how long it takes to upload your stuff to YouTube, rejoice!

Trade In Your Unwanted Gift Cards To GameStop For A – You Guessed Right – GameStop Gift Card

This is where you can exchange that uncool gift card for one more up your alley.Apparently, there are no shortage of unique business ideas over at GameStop.

Facebook Creates Save Feature, Because You Really Do Want To Read That Article Later – Right?

Here’s what the new Save feature looks like on Facebook’s mobile app. (Facebook) Have you ever happened across your high school bestie’s highly anticipated new baby-filled photo album on Facebook, but didn’t have time to scan through 200 photos?

Being In New Verizon Wireless Rewards Program Means Giving It Your Phone’s Location, Web Browsing Info

(AJENT.MSG)There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so it comes as no surprise that companies want a little something in return when they reward customers for staying loyal.

Comcast Memo: Rep From “Painful” Retention Call Was Doing “What We Trained Him To Do”

(chrisinphilly5448)A week after the posting of the neediest customer-retention call in Comcast history, the fallout continues, with the company’s Chief Operating Officer telling Comcast employees in a memo leaked to Consumerist that the incident was “painful to listen to,” but that the rep “did a lot of what we trained him…to do.” The below letter from Comcast COO Dave Watson was posted today to the Team Comcast employees’ site for all to read, and apparently to pass on to Consumerist.

The CFPB Has Only Just Begun Tackling Financial Services In Its First Four Years

We’re pretty sure this cat doesn’t work at the CFPB, but his bow tie gives off an air of authority – something the Bureau has been working toward for four years.

Lunchables Remove The “Lunch” Part, Get Right To Dessert

(The Impulsive Buy) Sure, Oscar Mayer’s P3 Protein Packs are nothing but healthy-ish Lunchables for adults, and that’s fine.

Shoplifter Tries To Steal From Macy’s, Leaves Shirt, Bra, And Purse Behind

(Nicholas DiMaio)The woman suspected of shoplifting last night at a Macy’s store in California may be a little confused about how this whole “shoplifting” thing works.

Spray-Painting Your Grass Green Is One Way To Avoid “Brown Lawn” Fees

(afagen)Desperate times call for desperate measures, and things are desperately dry right about now in California.

Police: Woman Tried To Smuggle Sex Toy Out Of Store In Her Kid’s Stroller

(marike79)It’s always a sign of questionable parenting decisions when bad consumers involve their kids in their nefarious schemes, and at the least, is likely to teach those future consumers all the wrong things.

Possible Listeria Contamination Leads To Recall Of Fruit, Fruit Pies

There have been no recorded illnesses yet from batches of yellow peaches and nectarines, white peaches and nectarines, black plums, and pluots that may be contaminated with the nasty foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.

Beware Scammy Facebook Pages And Fake Charities Taking Advantage Of Flight MH17 Tragedy

(Flyinace2000)It is a disgusting reality that when tragedy strikes, there’s always going to be someone out there trying to take advantage of it for personal gain.

Banks Can’t Get Away With Horrible Mortgage Practices Anymore, So Now They’re Doing It With Car Loans

(Misfit Photographer) Subprime loans: they aren’t just for mortgages anymore. The next big bubble of ill-advised loans to borrowers who can’t pay is coming due.

CFPB Now Accepting Consumers’ Prepaid Card, Debt Settlement And Title Loan Complaints

(Adam Fagen) Just in time for the fourth anniversary of its creation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced its expanding the type of consumer complaints it accepts to include prepaid cards and other nonbank products.

Director Richard Linklater’s Tip To Deal With People Texting In Movies: A Straw To The Brain

Straw to the brain, Linklater style.First of all, let’s be clear: Violence is never the answer, and you should not hurt your fellow human beings.

Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart, Get Coaxed Back With Coupon Codes

(Ben Schumin) When you’re shopping in a real-life store, fill up a cart, and then abandon it, that makes you kind of a terrible consumer.

FTC Halts Debt Collection Company That Allegedly Used Illegal Tactics To Collect $8.7M

(Quazie) And another one bites the dust – kind of. The Federal Trade Commission, along with the New York Attorney General’s office, received an order to temporarily halt a Buffalo-based debt collection operation that allegedly used lies and threats to collect more than $8.7 million from consumers.

New Minivan Feature Helps Parents Yell More Effectively At Their Kids

(C x 2)Sometimes it’s necessary to remind children very sternly that unbuckling their seatbelts in order to more effectively wallop their brother is not okay while you’re driving.

Whirlpool Threatens To Leave Energy Star Program If Class-Action Suits Continue

(bluwmongoose) When consumers purchase a big-ticket item with hopes that it will make their home more energy-efficient, and the product doesn’t live up to its promises, should there be an option for redress?