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Another Armored Truck Opens On Highway, Causes Cash Blizzard

(frankieleon)It might seem like a miracle if you’re driving down the highway and find yourself in a blizzard of cash.

Verizon’s Go90 Mobile Streaming TV Service To Launch With Tiny Beta Test

(Eric Hauser) It’s been almost a year since Verizon first announced it would launch a streaming TV service and the company is just now getting around to naming it — Go90 — and providing details on its eventual launch.

Consumers Put Robocall-Blocking Devices To The Test

(Jenn and Tony Bot)While we wait for phone companies to get around to offering services that help consumers block unwanted prerecorded robocalls, there are already several options available for people to use now, but not all of them may be up to the task.

eBay Shutters Same-Day Delivery Service eBay Now

(Erik Gunther) Three years after eBay launched its rapid delivery venture, eBay Now, the company is nixing the service as other e-commerce companies and retailers like Amazon, Uber and Whole Foods continue to dip their toes in the fast-delivery market.

New York Unveils Billion Dollar Overhaul Of LaGuardia Airport

(Ashi Fachler) It’s out with the old and in with the new at New York’s LaGuardia Airport… well, in four years, that is.

Get Your Halloween Costumes And Plastic Pumpkins While They’re Still On Shelves

Time keeps moving whether we like it or not, and it’s almost the end of July. The patriotic party decorations and inflatable pool rafts have all sold, the school supplies that took their place in stores’ “seasonal” sections are starting to move, and they need something to fill that empty space on the shelf.

WA State Attorney General Orders Non-Delivering Kickstarter Campaign To Pay Up

Last year, the Washington state attorney general tried something that no government had ever tried before: it sued the people behind a Kickstarter campaign that never shipped the merchandise that it promised.

In 1998, Kmart Invited Customers To Come To Kmart And Shop Online

Back in 1998, home broadband connections were rare, Amazon was only four years old, and shopping online was kind of a novel and weird concept to most Americans.

Unsanitary Growing Conditions Leads To Partial Import Ban On Mexican Cilantro

(Renee Rendler-Kaplan) Bad news for cilantro lovers: U.S. officials have implemented a partial ban on imports of the herb after health officials linked hundreds of illnesses to cilantro growing in feces- and toilet paper-covered fields in Mexico.

Yet Another Uber Passenger With Service Dog Allegedly Left At The Curb

Divit is a guide dog, who has been trained to keep his owner safe and independent and to have impeccable manners in public.

Wendy’s Finally Begins Testing Antibiotic-Free Chicken

(Photo: Consumerist)More than a year after Chick fil-A began its transition away from drugged-up chickens, and months after McDonald’s announced its plans to eventually go the antibiotic-free route, Wendy’s — the one major burger chain with ads that tout its better, more natural ingredients — is finally dipping its toes into the no-antibiotics pool.

Owners Of Nike+FuelBands Eligible For $15 Check Or $25 Gift Card Under Class-Action Settlement

Owners of Nike+Fuelband fitness trackers are eligible for a partial refund after Nike and Apple agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that claimed the companies misled consumers about the accuracy of the wearable device.

Someone Is Planning A Drive-Thru Grocery Store In Silicon Valley: Maybe Amazon

(Great Beyond)A real estate developer has filed building plans for an 11,000-square foot grocery pickup facility in Sunnyvale, CA, but won’t say who their client is.

Google Removing Google+ Requirement For YouTube, Other Product Interactions

(Bill Binns) Just a week after Google said it would ship its Google+ Photo platform into the ether, the company announced more plans to distance its social network venture from its other products by ditching a requirement that tied user activities to their public profiles.

Critic Publicly Calls Out Movie Company For Editing His Negative Review Into A Rave

While the words “A comedic masterstroke” were indeed in Dowd’s original review, the rest of the sentence makes it clear that he thought the film was anything but.Everyone knows that when a movie trailer or poster is peppered with single-word review quotes — “Wow,” “Thrilling,” “Meh” — there’s usually a good reason why the full sentence from the reviews aren’t being quoted.

Man Arrested After Making It Through Security, Boarding Plane Without Ticket

The Transportation Security Administration is investigating a disruption – that included a visit from the local bomb squad – at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport Sunday night after authorities say a man boarded a flight without a ticket.

Court Says Sheriff Crossed Line By Convincing Visa, MasterCard To Sever Ties With

First, an Illinois sheriff convinced Visa and MasterCard to stop doing business with online classifieds site, claiming the site was a storefront for sex traffickers.

Telemarketers Took Millions From Senior Citizens In Medicare Card Scam

(bclinesmith) There’s now one less unsavory, immoral, disrespectful group scamming senior citizens of their savings, as federal regulators took action against the operators of a scheme in which telemarketers pretended to be Medicare representatives in order to bilk millions of dollars from older consumers.

Luxury Accessory Counterfeiters Change Their Methods, Brands Must Catch Up

(Christine)It used to be pretty easy to spot counterfeit luxury goods online: when a handbag that normally costs, say, $3,000 is available for $50 on a website that popped up overnight, that’s usually a pretty good hint.

Want ESPN Without Having To Buy Other Channels? Maybe In A Few Years

As some cable and live-streaming services take a step back from offering costly sports-filled channels in their bundles, the parent company of the biggest sports network on cable is looking at other ways to continue its dominance, namely by selling direct to consumers.