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College Students Trade In Textbooks, Stuck Waiting For Cash

(Ben Balter)For college students, it’s a wonderful thing to find a store willing to pay more than a pittance to buy back the textbooks you’ve been pretending to read all semester.

Gulf Coast Health Officials Warning Swimmers After Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills 10, Hospitalizes 32

(tjean314)It’s not only brain-eating amoebas swimmers in warm waters have to worry about: Health officials in Florida are warning swimmers in the Gulf Coast about a flesh-eating bacteria in that ocean that so far has killed 10 people and hospitalized 32.

Aggressive Recruiting At Military Bases Pays Off: For-Profit Schools Received $1.7B Of Post-9/11 GI Bill Funds

(Hammerin Man) The Post 9/11 GI Bill aims to further the education of United States servicemembers and their immediate family members, but a new government report reveals that most of those funds are going to further increase the bottomline at for-profit colleges.

Sex Manual Returned 54 Years Late After Failing To Save Library Patron’s Marriage

(via Biblio File) When you’re turning to a sex manual from the 1920s for help in your failing marriage, well, let’s just say you can’t blame a book if it can’t be revived.

Verizon’s Plan To Throttle Heavy LTE Users Is “Deeply Troubling” To FCC’s Wheeler

(northernplateguy)Last week, Verizon announced that it was extending its “Network Optimization” policy, which throttles speeds for the top 5% of data users, to include LTE data for the first time.

Target: You Must Pick One Discount With Your Wii U. Only One

Silly Justin: he thought that because Target advertised two different promotions for the Wii U he bought, he would get to take advantage of both of them.

FCC Chair Asks Time Warner Cable Why It Treats Dodgers Fans So Badly

For Dodgers fans in L.A. without Time Warner Cable, going to see a game live may the only way to catch a game.

Leaving Your Child In A Hot Car: “If You Think It Cannot Happen To You, You’re Wrong”

By this point in the summer, we’ve written more than a few times — unfortunately — about children who have died after being left in closed cars on hot days.

EA To Offer $5 Monthly All-You-Can-Play Old Game Buffet For Xbox One Owners

(Of Corgis & Cocktails) Disc-based video games aren’t doomed yet; there are many years left to go before their seemingly-inevitable demise finally comes.

Restaurant: Kids Can Eat Here If They Can Sit Quietly Without Special Seating Or A Stroller

(ChrisGoldNY) Restaurants that have tried to tell parents in the past that children or babies aren’t welcome inside have faced backlash for coming out and saying so in the past, but one restaurant has instead decided to just make it really difficult for anyone with a small child or infant to eat there.

Capital One Sends Customer A New Orange-Juiceless Keyboard So He Can Pay His Bill

(MaskedKoala on imgur)We are living in a digital world, which means many things we used to do offline, like paying bills, are now handled online.

Virgin Mobile Debuts $12 Single-App Data Plans

(Mr.TinDC)Do you love having access to social media on your smartphone, but don’t bother to venture outside of Facebook?

Police Arrest Man Who Left Hospital Untreated Because You Can’t Wander Around With Tuberculosis

( on Flickr) While you might think that your health is your own gosh darn business — and it is, to some extent — when you’re wandering out there in the world with an infectious and potentially fatal disease, your health is everyone’s business.

Uber Passenger Complains Of Spider Bite In “Filthy” Car

On Friday, the state of North Carolina received its first complaint against the app-based ride-sharing service Uber.

Flower Power: FTD Buys ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries And More For $430M

Maybe someone should send FTD a bouquet of flowers to celebrate its recent expansion. Then again, the company probably has enough flowers now that it’s agreed to buy Provide Commerce, the company behind ProFlowers.

Airline: Sorry A Flight Attendant Told PassengersTo Flush Their Drugs Before The Plane Lands

(John Kittelsrud)Australian discount airline Jetstar is busy apologizing after a crew member got on the PA system and told passengers they might want to flush any drugs they had on them before the plane landed in Sydney.

Radio Shack May Run Out Of Cash, Fail To Turn Itself Around

( in June, we learned that part of Radio Shack’s turnaround plan is to start in-store repair counters for mobile devices as a bid for relevance and an attempt to offer at least one thing that no other retailer does.

Everyone Wants To Be The Guy Who Bought Two $1M Lottery Tickets In Three Months

(Lisa Brewster)How many $1 million dollar lottery tickets have you bought lately? None? Then you’re right there with the rest of us lagging behind an Indiana man who somehow managed to win not one million-dollar jackpot, but two in a span of only three months with his lucky buys.

Hynudai Recalls 880,000 Sonatas Because When You Put The Car In Park It Shouldn’t Continue To Move

(Great Beyond) One would assume that when shifting a vehicle into park that means all forward and backward motions of the vehicle have ceased.

Wells Fargo Customer Learns $6,700 Lesson: Stop-Payments Don’t Guarantee A Payment Will Be Stopped

(Hammerin Man)We’ve told you before about the idiotic loophole in some banks’ stop-payment policies that can allow a supposedly blocked check from being cashed after six months, but here’s a story about a Wells Fargo customer who got written confirmation from Wells Fargo that it had stopped payment on a check that had already been processed.