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Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

(Mike Mozart)There are two interesting developments that Nordstrom is trying right now: first, they’re remodeling and fancying up their stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, seeking to draw international tourists with world-class retail experiences.

Philip Morris International Uses Copyright Claims To Quiet Marlboro Critics

Earlier this year, John Oliver thrust Philip Morris International — the New York-based cigarette giant that markets Marlboro and other brands in hundreds of countries outside the U.S.

Net Neutrality Is Already Improving Internet Connections And It Hasn’t Even Gone Into Effect

(Steve)Though the FCC narrowly voted to approve the new Open Internet Order (AKA net neutrality) several months ago, the rules don’t actually kick in until June 12. Is Either The Future Of Retail Or A Doomed Wacky Scheme

This week, a new e-commerce site launched to about 10,000 beta users who signed up for a preview. The easy-to-remember name of this new site is, and its goal is to remove some of the inefficiencies of shopping online.

Owners Of Derby-Pie Trademark Fight To Keep It From Becoming Genericized

Not a Kerns Kitchen Derby-Pie. (sheesalt)First of all, what’s a derby pie? While many Kentucky Derby fans say it’s a pie made with bourbon, chocolate chips and pecans, one company says it’s a walnut treat made without bourbon.

IKEA Expands Crib Mattress Recall To Include Five Additional Styles

IKEA expanded a recall of crib mattresses to include the SULTANA brand. All recalls are important to take note of, but ones related to baby products are often of the greatest concern.

Judge Throws Out United’s Lawsuit Against “Hidden City” Airfare Site

Example Skiplagged listings for flights that don’t end in Chicago, but go through Chicago. As part of its settlement with Orbitz, Skiplagged will no longer direct people to purchase their hidden city fares through the travel-booking site.Last fall, both United Airlines and Orbitz sued travel-booking startup, which helped travelers find so-called “hidden city” tickets where you book a multi-stop itinerary with the intention of not flying all the way to the end.

Played With That Viral Age-Guesser This Week? You Just Gave Microsoft A Bunch Of Free Photos To Use

Time has apparently not been kind at all to those Cheerios… and the baby didn’t need the extra year of aging, either.

Delta Employees Will Probably Be Dressed Better Than You With Plan For New Designer Uniforms

(quinn.anya)Maybe you think of yourself as a snappy dresser. Maybe you prefer to wear housepants on a regular basis.

Community Furious That School Cafeterias Served Smelly 6-Year-Old Pork To Kids

You might not take your kids all that seriously when they complain about the gross mystery meat served in their school cafeteria, but the children in some schools in Hawkins County, Tennessee had a right to complain last week when they were served pork that had been sitting in the freezer since 2009.

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Dying To Buy A Cable Company You May Never Even Have Heard Of

Odds are (unless you live in central Florida) that you probably don’t know much about Bright House Networks.

Great, Now Hackers Are Apparently Hiding Malware In Job Applications Submitted Online

(Pixteca | Len & Pix【ツ】)Though we often think of all the stress in a hiring process as being on the side of the job seeker, businesses have a new potential part of the process to worry about: Researchers say hackers are infecting companies by slipping malware in along with resumes submitted through job posting website

Here Is A Ship That Could Carry 182 Million iPads

(Corey Templeton)As we learned during the contract dispute at cargo ports on the West Coast that finally ended this year, cargo ships are essential.

Report: Stick Of TSA Dynamite Used In Training Exercise Accidentally Left In LAX Museum Plane For 4 Days

(sfxeric)When you make a mess, you’ve got to clean up your toys. It’s a lesson many of us learned as kids, and one that a Los Angeles Airport law enforcement officials says police slipped up on after a stick of live dynamite used in a training exercise was left behind near the airport museum for four days.

Black & Decker To Pay $1.57M Penalty For Failing To Report Defects Of Lawnmower That Started On Its Own

Black & Decker has agreed to pay a $1.57 million fine for failing to report issues with two of its electric lawnmowers to the CPSC.

MillerCoors Sued For Selling Blue Moon As A Craft Beer

To some people, the term “craft beer” implies that the brew is made in limited quantities and implies some level of independence from industry giants like MillerCoors and AB InBev.

We Are Immensely Relieved That Many Subway Riders Will Offer A Pregnant Woman A Seat

(Gothamist)In a world of man-spreading, pole-hogging, door-holding and other public transit nuisances, one might expect that there are times when a pregnant woman can’t get a seat amidst a sea of suddenly oblivious passengers.

Driving Around With A Recalled Takata Airbag Is Scary For Consumers

(Jackie Vance-Kuss)Earlier this week, we shared the news that federal regulators are not thrilled with the speed at which cars with potentially dangerous Takata airbags are getting the repairs that they need.

New Report Alleges Some Lowe’s Flooring Also Has Formaldehyde Problem

(Mike Mozart)While Lumber Liquidators has been the target of lawsuits and federal investigations into allegations that the company’s China-sourced flooring contains exceedingly high levels of formaldehyde, hardware giant Lowe’s is now facing similar accusations from the hedge fund analyst who helped spark the Lumber Liquidators investigation.

Write An Essay, Win A Mortgage-Free Goat Cheese Farm With 85 Goats In Alabama

(WAAY-TV) If there are two things we’ve discovered people really and truly go bonkers for, it’s writing competitions that reap rewards of property for the winner goats performing jobs.