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Stories You Might Have Missed Because You Were Too Busy Being Awesome

We post a lot of stories during the week, and we know that most of you have jobs, families, lives, hobbies, nagging itches and other more important things to do than read every single thing we write.

Lululemon’s Sheer Pants Lawsuit Nightmare Is Over

(ronnyg)Our long translucent-hindquarters nightmare is over. Earlier today, the judge in a federal class-action lawsuit brought by Lululemon shareholders released her final opinion, which dismisses both lawsuits brought against the company and its executives for allowing see-through pants to be sold in stores, not warning shareholders about the issue, and also not telling shareholders about the imminent firing of the company’s CEO over the issue.

Kill Time Before Easter Weekend With This Video Of Cadbury Creme Eggs Being Made

Not all of us — and certainly not all of you — will be celebrating Easter this weekend. But it is a spring Friday afternoon and just about everyone likes chocolate.

Why Won’t Those Jerks At Sprint Unlock My iPhone? They Can’t

(Consumerist)You might remember that late last year, American wireless carriers adopted some voluntary standards for the unlocking of devices so they can be used on other carriers.

Aereo CEO: Don’t Blame Us Because We Built A Better Antenna

Next Tuesday, lawyers for the nation’s broadcast networks and streaming video startup Aereo will square off in front of the U.S.

National Animal Cracker Day & 15 Other Food “Holidays” That Have No Need To Exist

(Eric Spiegel)I found out yesterday that today, April 18, is apparently National Animal Cracker Day. Those who follow we writers of Consumerist on Twitter may have already heard of my reaction upon discovering this news.

Detergent Pods Shouldn’t Be This Hard To Figure Out

Lauren is upset with Procter & Gamble, the makers of Tide. While detergent pods are a boon to been laundromat customers and people who dislike measuring things.

Spirit Airlines CEO: Consumers Complain Because They Don’t Understand Us

(Adam Fagen) They say you get what you pay for, so if you’re flying cheaply, should you expect a lower level of customer service?

Barnes & Noble Might Have Smaller Stores, Still Won’t Price-Match Own Website

(bclinesmith)It’s pretty intuitive that you don’t need a lot of retail floor space to sell e-books. Even a display of e-reader gadgets doesn’t take up as much room as shelf after shelf of books.

NJ Driver Sues Because State Rejects Her “8theist” License Plate

(Alan Rappa)A woman in New Jersey claims the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission is biased in favor of Christians after rejecting her request for a vanity plate that reflected her atheist beliefs while allowing plates that express a driver’s Christian identity.

Uber To Tack On $1 “Safe Rides Fee”

Getting a ride via UberX, a service that pairs up those in need of a lift with pre-screened drivers in the area willing to give them that lift, is getting slightly more expensive, as the company adds a one dollar Safe Rides Fee.

Craft Store Michaels Confirms Data Breach Affecting 2.6 Million Credit Cards

(Michael Ocampo) Three months after craft retailer Michaels announced it may have been the victim of a data breach, the company confirms the worst: nearly 2.6 million consumers’ credit cards are affected.

Disney World Proposes Raising Starting Wages To $10/Hour

(Alan Rappa)While lawmakers in D.C. argue over whether or not to raise the federal minimum wage, Walt Disney Co.

Volkswagen Recalls 26,000 New Vehicles Because Bursting Into Flames Is Not Cool

(Chauncer) Brand new isn’t always better. That certainly seems to be the case with more than 26,000 new Volkswagen vehicles being recalled.

Make Your Own Peanut Butter Eggs At Home

The Reese’s seasonal peanut butter cup empire is now a year-round operation with hearts, pumpkins, and even footballs, but it all began with the humble peanut butter egg.

Lawmakers Don’t Want You Wearing Google Glass Behind The Wheel Anytime Soon

While it’s true as some say that life is a highway, life shouldn’t be lived through Google Glass when you’re driving, say lawmakers in a smattering of states.

Verizon Brings Fake Grassroots Campaign To New Jersey To Claim Support For Not Bringing Real Broadband

(AJENT.MSG)New Jersey might not be that large a state, but its geography and its dense population make it easy to understand how running a broadband connection to 100% of residents could be a cumbersome and expensive project.

It’s Florida Customers’ Turn To Pay Sales Tax On Amazon Purchases

(Flyinace2000)There’s good news and bad news for Florida: yes, there is an Amazon distribution warehouse in their fine state now, which means faster delivery of the stuff they impulsively ordered at 3 A.M., and also gives some people jobs.

Facebook Ups The Creep-Factor By Allowing Users To Find ‘Nearby Friends’

The stalking capabilities associated with Facebook just increased. The social network has always allowed your friends to follow your every move – where you ate last night and who you’ve been photographed with last week.

Chipotle Hiking Prices For First Time In Three Years Because It’s Just So Popular

(stirwise)Chipotle knows you like it, there’s no need to be coy. And because its popularity is growing, the company seems pretty confident customers will still come back for tacos and burritos once it raises prices for the first time int three years.