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To The Extent That Obvious Attempts At Viral Advertising Can Be Art, This Is It

(GE on YouTube)While I am not one to wax on about lightbulbs, I do desperately adore actor Jeff Goldblum.

Bad Transcription Means 1-800-Flowers Card Implies Dead Grandma Had Diarrhea

(jenzwick)Douglas, a reader of the New York Times’ “Haggler” column, decided to send flowers with a lighthearted message to his grandmother’s funeral instead of attending.

California Governor Signs Statewide Ban Of Plastic Bags

(Taber Andrew Bain) How many of you, faithful readers, have a closet full of reusable bags that without fail you forget each time you venture to the grocery store?

PSA: Don’t Let Your Dogs Pee On Garbage Bags Because People Have To Touch Those

(il_kap)Just a friendly reminder for those in a doggie daze who might just be so relieved that Mr. Fancypants McCuddlebutt is actually going No.

Guy Ruins It For Everyone Else By Panning For Gold For 18 Months To Make Fiancee’s Wedding Ring

(Matt McGee)Hear that sound? It’s the clink of the bar being set incredibly high for the rest of us folks, after a very dedicated fellow spent 18 months panning for gold in the Scottish mountains, all so he could make his fiancée a wedding ring.

Hong Kong McDonald’s Batman Burger Does Nothing To Remind Us Of The Caped Crusader

There’s nothing the Justice League can’t make appealing, right? If you’ve seen the new Batman-themed burger being sold at Hong Kong McDonald’s restaurant, then you’d know that statement is indeed false.

Man Doesn’t Notice Coyote Lodged In Front Grill Of Car

(Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation)When a train conductor in Wisconsin pulled in to work last week in his car, he had an unexpected decoration on his grill.

Authorities Claim Alleged Thieves Used Drones To Case Victims Before Robbery

(WLNY-TV) So far we know that drones can be used for any number of activities from delivering medicine in Germany to improving sight-seeing near the Space Needle.

Viagra Airing TV Ads Targeted At Women For The First Time

“Hey, ladies, talk about ED before you guys go on vacation.”While Viagra is a medication taken for men, they’re not the only ones who could benefit from its use.

New Zealand Woman Claims Plane Dumped Feces On Her House

Years ago, I lived in an inexpensive and terrible apartment under the flight path for the local airport.

Ever The Unpredictable Scamp, Microsoft Goes With “Windows 10″ For Next OS

(Paxton Holley)While Microsoft is often seen as embodying the more straight-and-narrow side of home computing, you can’t fault the company for its utterly insane approach to picking names for its Windows operating system.

California Governor Vetoes Weak-Kneed Antibiotics Bill

(John Abella)Considering that 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used on farm animals, and that most of those drugs are used primarily for growth promotion, you’d think we’d be happy to see a state like California introduce legislation that appears to ban the use of antibiotics to get fatter cows, pigs, and chickens.

Transferring Funds To Prisoners Is Big Business For Some Financial Companies

(Rick Drew) Life isn’t supposed to be easy for prisoners, but should the punishment extend to their families?

Hey Kids, Let’s Not Trick-Or-Treat In This Completely Black Bodysuit

( there’s one problem with kids, it’s that cars can easily see them and avoid hitting them, especially at night.

Several Varieties Of Bravo Raw Dog And Cat Food Recalled For Possible Salmonella Contamination

These Bravo products are being recalled because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Your Car From 1999 Or After Doesn’t Need A Tune-Up

(Razor512)Most people who drive learn the essentials of driving, traffic, car maintenance, and road rage skills from their parents.

Lay’s Confirms Those Bright Green Chips Are Meant To Look Like That

(via Reddit)Imagine you open up a bag of Lay’s Barbecue potato chips and, among the expected rust-colored discs of fried tubers you find a pair of bright green chips that look like some sort of St.

Failure To Read Hotspot Fine Print Could Lead To Signing Away Rights To Your Firstborn Child

(pedestrian photographer)How carefully do you read those terms and conditions that pop up when you use a WiFi hotspot you’re unfamiliar with?

FCC Repeals Sports Blackout Rule, But Blackouts Will Continue

((april))Calling the NFL on its bluff to move its broadcast games to cable, the FCC voted unanimously this morning to repeal the outdated sports blackout rule that prevented the airing of certain games that weren’t sold out.

Media Companies Afraid To Show FCC Their Comcast Contracts Because Rivals Might Learn Their Secrets

(frankieleon)It’s no secret that media companies are pretty worried about the repercussions of letting Comcast and Time Warner Cable merge.