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Want Without Ads? That’ll Be $3.99/Month

With billions and billions of ad dollars going unearned by websites each year because of the increase use of ad-blocking technology, it’s no wonder that some publishers are fighting back.

The Pilot Of NBC’s ‘Superstore’ Was Filmed Inside A Real Kmart

What happens when a TV production team wants to make a show set in a big-box discount store, but can’t build an entire store set because they’re only filming a pilot episode?

Consumer Group Sues DOT For Failure To Create Searchable Database Of Safety Defects

More than three years ago, Congress instructed the Department of Transportation to create a publicly accessible, and easily searchable, website featuring communications between regulators, automakers, dealers, and consumers about safety defects.

FAA: There Are Now More Drones Registered Than Piloted Aircraft

What’s that in the sky — is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a swarm of drones, blacking out the sun as they rise as one to push other aircraft out of the sky.

4 Things We’ve Learned About Getting The Best Valentine’s Day Flowers For Your Money

Every year, after the major flower-giving holidays, readers send us photos of what they ordered and what they actually received.

More Than 100 Crashes Caused By Confusing Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge Gear Shifters

For most vehicles, shifting into “Park” seems to be a simple task. But for thousands of people who own Fiat Chrysler cars, that’s not the case.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Damaged In “Extreme” Storm Turning Around, Heading Back To Port

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship is turning around and heading back to where it started in New Jersey, after the vessel was damaged in an “extreme” storm that forced passengers to take cover in their cabins overnight.

Don’t Like Your Papa John’s Pizza? Tell The Company Why, And Get Another One For Free

What’s a pizza-loving person to do when the pie they ordered turns out to be a disappointment? After you’ve flung the offending pizza against the wall, that is?

Chipotle’s Closed Today, But You Can Get A ‘Raincheck’ Free Burrito… Or A Deal From Competitors

Burrito lovers have had weeks to prepare for the hours-long closure of Chipotle restaurants today, and in that time several competing fast Mexican chains have promoted special offers for the lunchtime crowd.

Is Amazon Doing Anything To Fight Latest Wave Of Fake, Paid-For Reviews?

Since Amazon began allowing customers to post reviews on product pages, various waves of bogus reviewers have attempted to game the system by posting fictitious or dishonest write-ups.

Jack In The Box Promotes New Burger By Giving Away A Million Of Them

If you’re introducing a new fast-food product, the best way to get it into the public’s hands is to give it to them for free in a massive taste test.

Two Reasons Anyone Who Remembers The Recession Had A Problem With Quicken Loans’ Super Bowl Ad

Last night, in the middle of ads for opioid-induced constipation and prescription drugs to relieve diarrhea, Quicken Loans dropped an ad bomb that magically transported viewers — however briefly — back to the mortgage-fueled glory days of 2004, when every part-time wedding photographer owned three houses and had credit cards with six-figure spending limits.

Police: Drunk Uber Passenger Stole His Driver’s Car, Crashed It Into Curb

It’s one thing to hail a car to take you somewhere, but it’s an entirely other, illegal thing to call that ride and then take the car yourself.

Target Launches Gender-Neutral Home Decor For Kids

Target’s gender-neutral approach to children’s toys is seeping into other aspects of the retailer’s business.

Volkswagen May Buy Back, Replace Emissions-Cheating Diesels In U.S.

While owners of Volkswagen’s emission-cheating vehicles in the U.S. continue to wait for news on how the company plans to fix their cars, one lawyer working for the automaker says he’s preparing a generous compensation package for affected consumers.  Reuters, citing German Publikation Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, reports that Kenneth Feinberg, the same lawyer who recently handled General Motor’s ignition switch compensation plan, is at work putting the finishing touches on VW’s attempt to win back customers.

Struggling University Of Phoenix Parent Company To Go Private

Between its sinking stock price, sagging enrollment, and the hot spotlight of federal investigations, the nation’s largest for-profit education chain has decided to go private.

A Stop Payment On A Check Only Lasts About Six Months

When you write a check and it’s lost, stolen, or you have some other reason to do so, you call your bank and ask for a “stop payment” on it, usually incurring some kind of fee.

Citi Now Blocking DraftKings, FanDuel Transactions In New York State

With the legality of daily fantasy sports [DFS] sites like DraftKings and FanDuel currently tied up in legal limbo for New York residents, Citigroup confirmed today that it is now blocking its customers in the state from transacting any business with either site.

We Can Blame Ron Johnson For The Wave Of ‘Perpetual Sale’ Lawsuits, Maybe

In the last few years, consumers, usually based in California, have been filing lawsuits against retailers and their outlet stores alleging that “suggested” and “original” prices on items are pretty much just pulled out of the air.

British Airways’ Female Flight Attendants Can Now Wear Pants

A long-running fight between British Airways and cabin crew staff has come to an end today with the decision that recently hired female flight attendants are no longer forced to wear skirts on the job.