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Fake Comcast Rep Convinces Customer To Delete Anti-Comcast Tweets

(YayAdrian)Complaining to a company on Twitter can often be a pointless endeavor, like trying to have a phone conversation in the front row of a Motörhead concert, but something inside us hopes that our gripe will be heard, which is why pranksters have repeatedly been able to trick Comcast customers into believing the company is proactively calling them in response to their Tweets.

Lawsuit Says Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Products Are Dishonest About “Natural” Claims

The Honest Company, co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, built its billion-dollar reputation on the fact that its products are created using natural, nontoxic elements.

Wendy’s Brings Back Pulled Pork Sandwich To Close Out Summer Of Fast-Food Pulled Pork

For a while, it looks like this might be the Summer of Pulled Pork. Or like pulled pork would be the new bacon.

New Spotify Privacy Policy Aims To Provide “Plain Language” Explanation For Collected Data

(Steven Depolo) Just weeks after Spotify ticked off many of its 75 million active users with an updated, potentially invasive privacy policy, the music streaming service has once again revamped the terms, this time including an introduction that provides clear reasoning and examples of data collected.

Two Vehicles Crash Into N.J. Wendy’s In Second Car Accident At Restaurant In 3 Months

(CBS New York)They say lightning never strikes twice, but no one ever said cars can’t come crashing through the window of a single Wendy’s more than once.

Disney, Lucasfilm, Sanrio Form Legal Alliance To Take Down Makers Of Counterfeit Marvel, Star Wars, Hello Kitty Cake Frosting

This is one of the allegedly infringing cake frosting sheets the defendants are selling on eBay.We’ve all seen local bakeries and supermarkets selling cakes decorated with the images of trademarked cartoon/movie/comic characters and not many people seem to care that the decorator may not have permission to use these images.

Longtime L.L. Bean President And Founder’s Grandson Dies At Age 80

The flagship L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine doesn’t close. It literally does not have locks on its doors.

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Sues FCC To Stop Efforts To Block Obnoxious Robocalls

(Jenn and Tony Bot) Consumers hate getting endless robocalls on their landlines and cell phones, and with good reason: they’re incredibly annoying.

Pilot Flying As An American Airlines Passenger Caught On Video Texting During Takeoff

(via Charlotte Observer)Where there are rules, there will inevitably be people who break them. But it’s still surprising when someone who’s tasked with enforcing those rules is instead doing exactly what they usually tell others not to do.

E-Book Prices Increase, Sales Slump After Amazon & Publishers Finalize Contracts

(Micah Baldwin) Just three months after Amazon tied up its bevy of contracts with top publishing houses, it looks like those deals might not be working out well for several companies, as they’ve reported declining e-book revenues in recent months.

The Backyard Barbecue Isn’t As Popular As It Used To Be

(jpmarth)Though visions of hamburgers and hotdogs may be dancing through your head as we approach the Labor Day holiday weekend, the heyday of the backyard barbecue has come and gone, some say, partly because of the high price of beef.

Corinthian Students Continue To Wait For Debt Relief As Department Of Ed. Reviews More Than 7,800 Claims

The tens of thousands of students seeking debt relief from the federal government after for-profit education chain Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Kraft Adds 335K More Cases Of Cheese Singles To Recall Over Packaging Choking Hazard

(Jeepers Media)After recalling 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles out of concern that consumers could choke on parts of the film covering individual slices, Kraft Heinz has expanded the recall to include 335,000 more cases of cheese for the same packaging reason.

Here are seven of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness.

eBay Seller Who Sued Customers For Bad Feedback Orderd To Pay $19,250 In Legal Fees

(Kazuhisa OTSUBO)You may remember that back in 2013, an eBay seller filed a lawsuit against a customer who left him accurate negative feedback, claiming that he hadn’t actually read his own suit when the company’s actions led to Internet backlash.

Waze Accused Of Stealing Map Data From Competing Traffic App

How do you catch someone who you think is stealing your map data? Just put locations on the map that don’t exist, and then look for those locations to show up on the alleged thief’s maps.

Soft Drink Companies Fund Fitness Programs, Ungrateful Governments Campaign Against Soda Anyway

(JY O’Reilly)Soft drink companies have an important message to get across to the public: their products can be part of a healthy lifestyle when used occasionally, and when you burn off that Mountain Dew with regular exercise.

Pitfalls Of Big Data: Test Prep Company Charges By Geography, Ends Up Charging More By Race

(Saechang) Many teenagers’ parents want to give their kids every possible advantage when it comes to the SATs.

N.Y. Bill Seeks To Outlaw Smoking In Hotel Rooms

(NoNoJoe)Although it’s illegal to smoke in most indoor spaces in New York — office buildings, bars, restaurants, retail establishments, etc.

Man Masquerading As Walmart Employee Walks Out The Door With Four Big Screen TVs

Surveillance video shows a man posing as a Walmart employee stealing four large Samsung TVs. Walmart already has a long list of workers vying for the title of “worst employee,” but it’s a thief posing as an employee at the big box store that might take the cake: walking in the door, grabbing four big screen TVs and simply walking back out the way he came.