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Reconsider Keeping A Second Refrigerator In Your Garage

(Chris Rief)There are times––say, a major food-oriented holiday––that it comes in handy to have a spare refrigerator to store a case of soda, a thawing turkey, or a half-dozen boxes of wine.

Maybe We Should All Just Stop Eating Sprouts

You can eat two out of three of these. (Amy Adoyzie)Sprouts are exactly what they sound like: the first sprouts from plants like beans or alfalfa, grown for a short time and then packaged for maximum deliciousness in a stir fry or on a salad.

Mobile Companies Leaping To Sell You A New Phone — With A New Contract — On Black Friday

(bryan bope)Is your phone getting old? Has it met with the unfortunate confluence of liquids, young children, and boisterous pets lately?

1-In-5 Shoppers Has Done Something Awful To Obtain A Coveted Holiday Gift

(Smacks Well)Because there’s this widely held assumption that people should get the thing they desire most during the holidays, and because a lot of people desire the same things, some holiday shoppers will cross that line between naughty and nice to make sure they check certain items off their shopping lists.

Some Workers Step Up, Love Working On Thanksgiving

(SA_Steve)While many commentators (this site included) have complained about the ascent of Brown Thursday and how the shopping frenzy has gradually devoured the holiday once known as Thanksgiving, perhaps we’re being unfair.

Senator Pressures Visa, MasterCard To Stop Serving File-Sharing Sites

(frankieleon) File-sharing and copyright infringement have been a bugaboo among lawmakers since internet speeds got fast enough to swap music in the late 1990s.

Ubisoft Admits Assassin’s Creed Is Broken, Offers Free Stuff To Apologize

As I argued a couple weeks back in the wake of the botched release of Assassin’s Creed Unity, video game publishers need to stop treating their biggest customers as guinea pigs on which to unleash broken games that will eventually be fixed via multiple patches weeks after release — or at the very least acknowledge this treatment and give these customers an incentive (lower price, free stuff, etc.) that doesn’t make them immediately regret spending $60 on a new game.

Sorry Camel, Fewer People Than Ever Are Smoking Between Every Thanksgiving Course

It’s been 78 years since Camel rans its full-page Thanksgiving ad encouraging smokers to enjoy a cigarette after every course of their holiday meal to aid with “good digestion.” Since then, food has apparently gotten a lot easier to digest — and people aren’t so keen about dying of lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease — as a new CDC report finds that fewer Americans than ever are aiding their digestion with cigarettes.

Warm Up For Black Friday: Here’s A Pop Quiz On The Best Deals

(Rich Renomeron)You can’t depend on retailers to tell you whether you’re really getting a good deal or not.

Where Do People Buy The Stuff They Used To Buy At Sears?

Pete KraynakMany American consumers have sworn off shopping at Sears and Kmart, their local stores have closed, or they have just forgotten that the chains exist.

Is Today Actually The Busiest Air Travel Day Of The Year?

(Ryan Keene)You hear it every year from people — Try to avoid traveling on the day before Thanksgiving because it’s the busiest day of the year.

Uber’s Latest Privacy Problems: “Ghost Texting” Drivers’ Contacts, Collecting Android Users’ Data

Controversial car service Uber, already under fire recently, has a new pair of privacy concerns this morning.

How Do You Ship A Turducken?

(Mighty June)When 31-year-old Danny Catullo took over the butcher shop started by his grandfather, he had the same thought that many digitally savvy young adults do when taking charge of a family business: how can I take this online and really rake in sales?

Sleep Inn Manager Accused Of Redirecting $873K In Credit Card Payments To Personal Account

A former manager at a Sleep Inn hotel in Michigan is accused of taking advantage of the chain’s credit card payment system to issue nearly $900,000 in bogus refunds to her credit card accounts.

Restaurant Sorry It Offended People With “Roofie Colada” Drink

There was no flunitrazepam in the Roofie Colada, but some customers were less than thrilled about the reference to the date rape drug.Here’s a suggestion for anyone running a business: When naming a product, you might want to think about not cracking a date-rape joke, as — amazingly — not everyone is amused by references to non-consensual forced intercourse.

Payday Lenders Now Outnumber McDonald’s (But Still Not As Many As Subway)

(DCvision2006)There are more than 14,000 McDonald’s locations in the U.S., meaning you’re rarely more than a few miles away from a Big Mac.

Totino’s Disturbs Us All By Using Terrible Stock Photos

Stock photos are images that photographers produce in case an advertiser or publication might need them one day and pay for the photograph.

Coke Charging Twice The Price Of Normal Milk For Fancy Milk: Claims It Tastes Better, Is More Nutritious

Milk. It’s what you put in cereal and eat with cookies. But would you pay twice the price you shell out now for a regular pint of milk for a so-called “premium” dairy beverage?

Mazda Recalls Nearly 100,000 Cars Because Adequate Tire Pressure Is Important

(frankieleon) Car manufacturers must meet a number of safety regulations when selling vehicles. One such mandate that the vehicle’s a low-tire pressure warning system works.

Dealership’s “White Friday” Deal: Buy A New Vehicle Now, Get A Refund If It Snows 6 Inches On Christmas

(Firehouse Designs)We’ve seen retailers make a big gamble for events like the Super Bowl (and lose millions in merchandise, in one case), but this might be the first time we’ve caught wind of a car dealership willing togive out free cars just to woo Black Friday shoppers.