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Google’s New Moonshot Project: the Human Body

A brave new world beckons as Google boldly goes towards a new frontier… From the Wall Street Journal: Google Inc.

Fecal Transplants Let Packrats Eat Poison

Bushy tailed North American woodrat. Eating shit could literally save your life!* Via ScienceDaily: Woodrats lost their ability to eat toxic creosote bushes after antibiotics killed their gut microbes.

Dinesh D’Souza’s Fantastic Summer Leads To Fall

How Dinesh D’Souza became Fox News’s conservative poster boy is still something of a mystery to me , but regardless the Republican Right is championing D’Souza more than ever as his fantastic summer leads into the Fall, when he may to prison.

Man Goes to Hospital for Circumcision, Wakes Up to Penis Amputated

Circumcision knive, Dem. Rep. of the Congo, workshop of the Mangbetu region; wood, iron; late 19th/early 20th century Yikes!

How The NSA hacks your devices

From The Register: “It’s not as bad as you thought – it’s much worse.” A leaked NSA cyber-arms catalog has shed light on the technologies US and UK spies use to infiltrate and remotely control PCs, routers, firewalls, phones and software from some of the biggest names in IT.

Columbus-ing Around: Columbus, The Borg, and the Great White Devil

A challenging new post over at Modern Mythology asks what we are actually talking about, when we talk about race: History is portrayed as a science.

Why are Americans Flocking to Fight for Israel?

Abby Martin breaks down recent developments in Gaza, including the targeted shooting of Al Jazeera’s office in the violence stricken Gaza Strip.

The Boom Festival: Awakening to Our Psychedelic Futures

Via David Nickles of The Nexian (The DMT-Nexus’ E-zine). David Nickles will be giving a talk entitled “Turn On, Tune In, Rise Up: DMT, Globalization, and Radical Psychedelic Engagement” in Liminal Village at Boom 2014.

Greenhouse: Browser App Shows Who’s Funding Politicians

Example I’ve already downloaded it myself. The app/extension will definitely enhance my reading experience online.

The Comforts of Blame

Attribution: Sure, Putin is a bad guy, but is he the head of the Illuminati, responsible for all the problems in the world – is any one person even capable of such?

Rula Jebreal Criticizes MSNBC’s Gaza Coverage…on MSNBC

A bit of background info: Jebreal is married to the son of Goldman Sachs mogul Arthur Altschul.

Epigenetic Tie to Neuropsychiatric Disorders Found

2D structure of neurotransmitter dopamine. Created with BKChem and Extensible SVG Optimiser Could this discovery lead to the end of “treating” mental illness through the endless prescribing of psychiatric drugs?

A Modest Urn for Modest People

Who doesn’t love a good Big Lebowski reference? via Oh Gizmo!: These Modest Urns by Archie McPhee are a novelty or joke at best.

Lilith Returns: Party At The World’s End

“We are on the side of man, of life and of the individual. Therefore we are against religion, morality and government.

The Newseum Publishes the Front Pages of Newspapers From Over 800 Countries Daily

The Newseum is based in Washington DC and publishes the front page of newspapers from over 800 countries daily.

Suicide Bombers Over Gaza In A World Coming Apart

For years, the term “suicide bombers” has been synonymous with terrorist attacks, especially in Israel.

Free Markets and Capitalism Are Not the Same Thing

Photograph shows stock brokers working at the New York Stock Exchange. 1963 Roderick Long writes about the problems with conflating the two at Bleeding Heart Libertarians: Left-libertarians differ from the (current) libertarian mainstream both in terms of what outcomes they regard as desirable, and in terms of what outcomes they think a freed market is likely to produce.

The Unbelievable Life and Death of Michael C. Ruppert

Michael C. Ruppert receives the full posthumous biography treatment at The Verge, where Matt Stroud writes “After decades of struggle, the notorious doomsayer finally found fame and recognition.

Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse

Our contributor Kowality Jesus (we don’t know his or her real name, s/he’s truly independent of disinformation) stirred up not a little controversy with the post Fukushima’s Real Threat: Undue Fear.

What kind of metal is this? Why, I believe it’s Thelemite!

Disinfonauts, I am pleased as punch to see that my favorite band, He Is Legend, are due to release their 4th full length album “Heavy Fruit” on August 19th.