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I Grew Up in a Family of Crack Addicts. So Why Did I Fear Being Taken Away?

Photo Credit: Psychonaught/Creative Commons via Alternet: Growing up in a household with 15 people – four of whom were strung out on drugs and sobered up only by drinking 40-ounce King Cobras malt liquor and pints of E&J brandy (known around my home as “Erk & Jerk” or “Easy Jesus”) – meant that by the time I was five years old, I was accustomed to the acrid smell of burning  crack cocaine.

Curious Signal Could Be Dark Matter Pouring From The Sun’s Core

via io9: This could be historic: Astronomers from Leicester University have detected a strange signal in the X-ray spectrum that appears to be a signature of ‘axions’ — a hypothetical dark matter particle.

[Rap News] The Singularity – feat. Ray Kurzweil & Alex Jones

“Today we travel into the pure world of sci-fi to investigate the much vaunted, mysterious potential future event known as ‘The Singularity’.

Ebola Conspiracy Theories, Through a Mainstream Lens

It’s always revealing to see the spin that the establishment places on conspiracy theories and this week it’s the turn of the New York Times, reacting to theories about the Ebola scare: The spread of Ebola from western Africa to suburban Texas has brought with it another strain of contagion: conspiracy theories.

Musical Transcription of Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh from Jurassic Park

h/t Laughing Squid. Tumblr user, Evan Kent, created a musical transcription of Jeff Goldblum’s laugh from Jurassic Park.

Why Aristotle Deserves A Posthumous Nobel

via The Daily Beast: Shortly before his death in 1882, Charles Darwin received a letter from a physician and classicist named William Ogle.

Secret space plane lands at US air force base after unknown two-year mission

“The US air force’s first unmanned re-entry spacecraft landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Sex Is Only For Rich People

An interesting hypothesis, brought to you by the Washington Post: America has decided: Sex is for rich people.

The Feminist Who Could Change Nigeria

via The Atlantic: In this clip from The Supreme Price, a new documentary by filmmaker Joanna Lipper, human rights activist Hafsat Abiola laments the structural obstacles that have plagued Nigeria for more than five decades.

ASAPScience: Your Brain on MDMA

What does MDMA actually do to your brain? The post ASAPScience: Your Brain on MDMA appeared first on disinformation.

An Italian Couple Get Stuck Together During Intercourse “Due to Suction”

By Patricia Gavra via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0) h/t io9 via The Local: Il Mattino reported that the amorous couple were making the most of a warm day, and a practically deserted beach, when they decided to take a dip in the ocean at Porto San Giorgio to express their love.

Satan’s Hollow – The Portal from Ohio to Hell

This video by a YouTube channel called ‘”Believe’ A Paranormal Experience” follows two young men on a pilgrimage/road-trip across country to visit paranormal places.

Cave Unicycling

These extreme unicyclists explore underground caves on their unicycles. Read the entire write-up over at the Atlantic.

The Polar Vortex Will Be Back

via Accuweather: Though parts of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic had a gradual introduction to fall, winter will arrive without delay.

New Theory May Explain the Symptoms of Autism

By hepingting via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0). via Psyblog: People with autism often display a complex and confusing range of symptoms, including hypersensitivity to sound, problems interacting with others and repetitive behaviours.

Tornado Clusters are on the Rise

By Jmos® via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0) via Live Science: Tornadoes are touching down in clusters more often than 50 years ago, a new study reports.

“Broken Windows” Policing in the Classroom

“Women’s School Jail.” Library of Congress via Jacobin: When police grappled Eric Garner into a chokehold and left him to die in the street on July 17, it wasn’t just one Staten Island cop that incited protest.

Leonora Carrington’s Surrealist Paintings

“I WARN YOU, I REFUSE TO BE AN OBJECT.” “In my opinion it is not good to completely admire anyone, including God.” The post Leonora Carrington’s Surrealist Paintings appeared first on disinformation.

Panic over Ebola echoes the 19th-century fear of cholera

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. By Sally Sheard, University of Liverpool On October 19 an inspector sent north from London to Sunderland reported a long-awaited arrival: the first British case of cholera.

Question of the day: When (if ever) is it okay to fight fire with fire?

By dren88 via Flickr (CC by 2.0) I’m curious what the Disinfo community thinks about “fighting fire with fire” and/or “stooping to one’s level.” Is this type of reaction ever justified?