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The Downfall of Domino’s Mascot: The Noid

The bizarre and tragic story of Domino’s successful (unsuccessful?) marketing campaign in the 1980′s.

The Hidden Systems That Have Frozen Time and Stop Us Changing The World

A tremendous essay from filmmaker (The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self) Adam Curtis for the BBC is a must read for all disinfonauts: If you are an American politician today, as well as an entourage you also have a new, modern addition.

USA Today Whips Up Fear of Ebola In United States

With a headline that Ebola is “only a plane ride away” from the United States, the lowest common denominator newspaper USA Today sounds increasingly like a British tabloid: The growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa serves as a grim reminder that deadly viruses are only a plane ride away from the USA, health experts say.

ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke with Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII.

Fake Birth Control in Peru

This is frightening. The organization, Prosalud Interamericana, worried that emergency contraception pills being sold in Peru were not, in fact, birth control pills at all.

Natural News: A Truly Deadly Brand of Pseudoscience?

What do you make of Mike Adams and his Natural News site, disinfonauts? Big Think has a very negative take: If there was an award for the single greatest hub of pseudoscience on the internet, the website Natural News would well and truly take the crown tin foil hat.

EPA to Host Four Public Hearings on Climate Change Reduction

Smokestack of Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Facility waste-to-energy plant. And yet another battle in the climate change arena.

Oldest Medical Report of Near-Death Experience Discovered

What an amazing thrift store find. Cover of the book “Anecdotes de Médecine,” by Pierre-Jean du Monchaux (1733-1766) Credit: – Book contributor: Fisher – University of Toronto.

Massachusetts Monks Brew ‘Trappist Ale’ to Pay for Medical Costs

St. Joseph’s Abbey is the only monastery in the US that brews “Trappist Ale.” The other monasteries are located in Belgium (6), the Netherlands (2), and Austria (1).

Furniture That Looks and Feels Like Human Flesh

I don’t think I’ll be buying the chair and stool anytime soon, but I’d definitely be willing to try it out if ever given the opportunity.

Big Pharma’s Latest Trick: Testing Meds on Homeless People

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston, MA Are the massive pharmaceutical corporations known collectively as “Big Pharma” now the world’s worst corporate villains?

Genetic Engineering and Our Obsession with Beauty

“But once we learn how to democratize movie-star looks through genetic engineering, will we be satisfied?

The Sixth Extinction Is Here — And It’s Our Fault

If it’s sounds serious, it is. The Sixth Extinction is a very real and massive loss of bioversity on Earth, happening right now, reports James Temple at re/code: The Earth appears to be in the early stages of the Sixth Extinction, the latest in a series of mass biodiversity losses that have punctuated the history of life on the planet, according to a paper published in Science this week.

British MP Stands up for #Gaza 100,000 show up

In this video Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change talks to British MP Jeremy Corbyn about the current situation in Gaza and how to deal with Israel.

Colorado Symphony Orchestra Partners with the Cannabis Industry

Sativa Bud The Colorado Symphony Orchestra has a new program: “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.” via Alternet: July 3, 2014  |  After watching their audiences shrink in recent years (and donations along with them) the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) decided to capitalize on the state’s burgeoning industry that’s been raking in cash by the bundles in the last six months: recreational marijuana.

The Worst Psychological Torture? Solitary Confinement

“Why Solitary Confinement Is The Worst Kind Of Psychological Torture” by George Dvosky at io9 outlines how solitary confinement came into use with the best of intentions, but is now understood to cause, in some cases, irreparable psychological damage.

“Fanbots” to Fill Seats for Korean Baseball Team

“Fanbots” will allow fans to attend the Hanwha Eagles’ games via robots. The robots will electronically show the faces of cheering fans.

Should We Have the Right Not to Work?

This is the logo used for egalitarian/ equality beliefs. Similar to the well known anarchy “A”, a capital “E” inscribed in a circle is used in political imagery to show a belief in the equality of different types of people.

Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City?

In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Berlin, Germany to cover the expanding and growing resistance moment.

SOLVED: Porcelain Dolls Mysteriously Appearing on Doorsteps in California

“This is another doll that was owned by my great aunt. I had her re-strung at the NY Doll Hospital. I was told that she is a German doll from about 1900.