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How to be an Independent War Correspondent: Jeremy Scahill

Via We Are Change In this video Jeremy Scahill gives tips to Kenny of WeAreChange on how to become an independent war correspondent.

Lela and Raymond Howard’s Final Hours: A 500 Mile Trip To Nowhere And The Birth Of Fastball’s “The Way’

Photos used with permission of photographers (C) I’ve always been curious about the disappearance of Lela and Raymond Howard, an elderly couple who left their home in Salado, Texas for a 15 mile trip to Temple and whose bodies were discovered two weeks later and about 500 miles at the bottom of an Appalachian ravine.

Lawn Vegetable Farmers Fight the Law and Win!!!

Via We Are Change Grow Food Not Laws. In this video Luke Rudkowksi of WeAreChange speaks with Jason and Jennifer Helvenston, gardeners who were targeted by the state.

Questlove: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America

Uber-hip man about town Questlove writes the first of “six essays looking at hip-hop’s recent past, thinking about its distant past, and wondering about the possibility of a future,” for Vulture: There are three famous quotes that haunt me and guide me though my days.

Interview With Adult Swim Creative Director Jason DeMarco On Use of Illuminati Symbolism In Programming Block And More

PIC: Adult Swim/Cartoon Network/TBS (C) – fair use for purposes of story. If you’re a fan of the Turner Broadcast System-owned Cartoon Network’s adult-oriented evening programming block ‘Adult Swim’ then you might have noticed that images associated with secret societies pop up fairly regularly in the interstitial segments between the shows and cartoons: Owls, eyes in pyramids, hands shaking in a manner strikingly similar to the Freemason’s “apprentice grip”, and much more.

#MYNYPD – The Most Disastrous Twitter Campaign Ever?

New York’s Finest decided to use social media to buff up their new Bill de Blasio-mandated community-friendly image with a Twitter campaign.

One of America’s Most Famous Architects Was a Nazi Propagandist

That would be Philip Johnson, who once said “[t]he people with money to build today are corporations – they are our popes and Medicis.” Matt Novak details Johnson’s fascist beliefs, his Nazi sympathizing and hatred for Jews, whom he described as “a different breed of humanity, flitting about like locusts,” at Gizmodo: American architect Philip Johnson designed some of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century.

Phone Calls Force Police Department to Drop Charges

Via We Are Change In this video Carlos Miller of Photography is Not a Crime tells an interesting story about being threatened by the Boston Police Department.

Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Will Inevitably Connect

Pic: Quevaal (CC)  The Atlantic‘s Alexis C. Madrigal has assembled five links that indicate artificial intelligence and surveillance will evolve hand in hand.

Making the Rounds With Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer

PIC: DEA (PD) The Atlantic’s Roy Klabin accompanies drug dealer Carlo on his rounds. (A drug dealer is a person in your neighborhood… in your neighborhood…) Via The Atlantic: During the evenings I spent accompanying Carlo on his rounds, I learned that his customer base included people of all walks of life.

Sri Lanka Deports Tourist Over Buddha Tattoo

PIC: DOD (PD) A British tourist got into a little hot water with Sri Lankan authorities over her Buddha tattoo: Via The Independent: A British tourist is to be deported from Sri Lanka, after she was arrested at Bandaranaike International Airport in the capital Colombo for having a tattoo of Buddha on her arm.

Earth Liberation Front Activist Sentenced to Read Malcom Gladwell Book In Prison

Pic: Rebecca Rubin (PD) Eco-activist/terrorist/[your preference here] Rebecca Rubin has been sentenced to five years in prison for her role in a series of firebombings.

Florida Deputies Make Bloody Roadside Jesus Come Down From Cross

A Florida man “who has had a passion on his heart to do a representation public” (WTF?) was ordered to climb down from a gore covered cross erected by the side of a busy thoroughfare on Good Friday.

Ibuprofen Leads to Leaky Gut

So many people take ibuprofen or brand name versions of it like Motrin that it’s almost become the 21st century aspirin, doled out to any family member feeling sick, worried about getting sick, or about to undergo strenuous exercise.

Naked Woman Runs Onto Soccer Field And Scores [NSFW]

GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! (Obviously NSFW) The post Naked Woman Runs Onto Soccer Field And Scores [NSFW] appeared first on disinformation.

Pat Robertson: Jesus Said An Asteroid Could Destroy Earth Next Week

Pat Robertson uses “scientific explanations” for Biblical prophecies when they suit him. I hope that wherever they film the 700 Club is the pitcher’s mitt when Jesus winds up to throw that big cosmic fastball.

Arkansas Ex-Cop Dies After Trying To Set Corruption Blogger’s Hot Dog Cart On Fire

There’s something Coen Brothers-esque about this ridiculous chain of events. The post Arkansas Ex-Cop Dies After Trying To Set Corruption Blogger’s Hot Dog Cart On Fire appeared first on disinformation.

Steven Hawking And Colleagues: We’re Not Preparing Enough For Artifical Intelligence

PIC: Giasela Giardino (CC) “If a superior alien civilization sent us a text message saying, ‘We’ll arrive in a few decades,’ would we just reply, ‘OK, call us when you get here — we’ll leave the lights on’?

Meet the New Upgraded Asimo

Remember Asimo (not to be confused with Awesome-O), Honda’s strange little robot from a few years back?

You’re More Likely To Eat High-Calorie Foods If You Believe Obesity Is A Disease

PIC: PD In 2013, the American Medical Association recognized obesity as a disease. The decision had unintended consequences, among them that believing that it is a disease makes you more likely to eat high calorie food.