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VIDEO: Peace Prize Laureate Launches Campaign to Stop Killer Robots After Winning Ban on Landmines

From DemocracyNow!: In 1997 Jody Williams won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

The Future of Religion Is Bleak

Prof. Daniel C. Dennett, co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University and co-author, with Linda LaScola, of Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind, explains why the future of religion is bleak, at the Wall Street Journal: Religion has been waning in influence for several centuries, especially in Europe and North America.

We Stand to Lose Everything

Aaron Dames writes for Divided Core.   We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.

How Serious is a Lack of Domestic Rare Earth Minerals to National Security?

In this video from Gordon McDowell’s youtube channel, 3 advocates for Thorium as a nuclear fuel detail the clear and present danger from depending on China for practically all of our rare-earth needs.  This might be the foot in the door for Uncle Sam to take Molten Salt Reactor technology seriously.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Establishment-Friendly Edginess

Washington D.C. is, as the old saying goes, “like Hollywood for ugly people.” Lawmakers, policy wonks, and (lest we forget) lobbyists didn’t work their way inside the beltway just to sit around all day being prestigious, they like a bit of spectacle just like the rest of us.

Babies as young as six months using mobile media

SparkCBC (CC BY-SA 2.0) The American Academy of Pediatrics via ScienceDaily: More than one-third of babies are tapping on smartphones and tablets even before they learn to walk or talk, and by 1 year of age, one in seven toddlers is using devices for at least an hour a day, according to a study to be presented Saturday, April 25 at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San...

Congress’ Hare-Brained Scheme to Shoot Rain From the Skies

The headline sounds like the latest Snowpiercer-style geoengineering, but in fact it’s a history piece by Cynthia Barnett at Politico looking back at the original “Rain Maker”: In August 1891, Robert St.

Vines and Minds — The DMT-Nexus at Aya2014

Via The Nexian: This presentation was given by Raph Borges and David Nickles at the Aya2014 conference in Ibiza, Spain.

Evil Conspiracies

John Michell by Richard Adams (CC) When I was at school the history master warned us about conspiracy theories.

Are Corporations Finally Cutting The Crap From Our Food?

It seems that at least some giant corporations have finally understood that we don’t want crap in our food, whether the crap concerned is chemical additives, high fructose corn syrup or genetically modified organisms.

Summer Sessions: Short-Term Residences For Artists

Thought I’d share this for all you budding artists out there. via Summer Sessions: The Summer Sessions are short-term residencies for young artists organized by a network of cultural organizations all over the world.

Is LSD About To Return To Polite Society?

Amanda Feilding, the aristocrat and British champion of medical research into the use of psychedelics, is finally receiving recognition for her work, reports the Guardian: Imagine a family of drugs that could treat addiction, depression and post-traumatic stress: sicknesses of the soul for which modern medicine, in all its surgical wizardry, has few cures.

Melbourne Scuba Diver Films Stunning Spider Crab Migration Pyramid

Safety in numbers, folks! … Read the rest The post Melbourne Scuba Diver Films Stunning Spider Crab Migration Pyramid appeared first on disinformation.

Inoculating against science denial

Exposing people to weak forms of anti-science arguments can help them respond when they are hit by the real thing.

Political Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Witchcraft — The very name of this ancient religion has been one of the longest enduring means to induce a community to panicked frenzy.

TPP is “NAFTA on steroids” and FTAAP is the TPP on steroids

Christian Gomez talks about the illusion of a Trans Pacific Partnership vs FTAAP narrative. … Read the rest The post TPP is “NAFTA on steroids” and FTAAP is the TPP on steroids appeared first on disinformation.

The Fed’s Cold War Bunker Had $4 Billion Cash For After The Apocalypse

The 1970s fear of nuclear apocalypse has left us with some strange relics. Gizmodo uncovers the Culpeper Switch, where the Federal Reserve Bank stashed $4 Billion in cash so that even if Americans were stumbling around in a nuclear winter landscape, they’d still be in thrall to the banks: New York and DC are piles of ash, but at least your checks are clearing.

Liberation Through Unknowing w/ Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.

Author, musician, visionary artist (his art is on this show’s cover), and host of The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast, Martin W.

Confronting Western Views of Mental Wellness and Mental Illness

via Dr. John Read, PhD, at the recent ISEPP (Intl. Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry) Conference in Los Angeles, worked for nearly 20 years as a clinical psychologist and manager of mental health services in the UK and USA before joining the University of Auckland (New Zealand) in 1994.

Detroit’s Alter Road divide

A fence erected just past the Alter Rd and Brooks St intersection, preventing travelers by foot and vehicle from getting into Grosse Pointe Park by that road Michigan’s 8 Mile road became world famous with the rise of Eminem.