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Image: Yanayacu Biological StationI got myself a guest post! When it comes to big, googly eyes, few can match your average squid, let along a particularly googly-eyed squid.

Four New Carnivorous Sponges

Just when you thought it was safe to step into the bathroom, researchers introduce four new species of carnivorous sponge to the "Known to Science" list.

Blind Cavefish

Image: H. Zell Astyanax mexicanus"Look, ma! No eyes!" Thus spake The Eyeless One, Pallid Wanderer of the Underdark, He Who Sees Without Sight, the one they call...

I'm the tall one

Check out another view of that day foraging with Monica Wilde over at Little Outdoor Kylie. Turns out that hat is her thing, haha!

Hidden Miracles of the Natural World

Small... Smaller... Really, really tiny! Video: TED Hot on the heels of Daniel Stoupin's latest effort, Louie Schwartzberg, assisted by his glamorous mane of hair, shows us some sights too slow, fast or small for the eye to see.

Ochtheran Mantis Fly

Image: TonyATTACK OF THE KILLER HOUSE FLIES! OK, not really. They're actually Shore Flies, so they can still ruin your day at the beach.

Burton's Snake Lizard

Image: Matt Lialis burtonisWhat do you think of when you hear the word "gecko"? Feet, yes? Big eyes and big, sticky feet.


Image: Dr. Steve O'SheaThe most unique and mysterious cephalopod you've never heard of! Now that belemnites, ammonites and the rest are extinct, there are 7 main groups of cephalopod alive today: Image: Michael Vecchione There are almost zero pictures of living SpirulaThere are 6 species of Nautilus, with their coiled shell and dozens of tentacles.

Conch Flippin' Easy

Image: divemasterking2000Remember Neil the upside down snail's epic, heart-rending struggle to turn himself right-side up?


Image: j4mieThe tree that ensures all else shall die! Hi! How are you? Mmm, hmm... mmm hmm... But enough about you.

Slow Life - Nebulae of Flesh

Good ol' Daniel Stoupin has done it again! In his last pair of videos, Stoupin got us to take a close look at pond water so we could watch the frantic escapades of water fleas and mosquito larvae.

Skeletons of the Sea

Yeah... so these are definitely my favourite crustaceans in all the world, ever. It's our old friend, the Skeleton Shrimp!

Noble Sea Pen

Image: riandreu Pinna nobilisForget blood from a stone. Try silk from a tooth... It's the Noble Sea Pen, a magnificent clam found only in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Pink (K)night

Image: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, INDEX-SATAL 2010George Matheson is a humble government clerk in a Russian novel by day.

Spectacled Lizard

Image: Esteban Alzate Bachia bicolorHere we go again! The tempestuous, on-again-off-again relationship between lizards and their own legs continues.

Turbellarian Flatworm

Image: Richard LingFlatworms! They're flat worms. So they're Flatworms! Proof at last that biology isn't all "deoxyribonucleic acid" and "atrichous izorhiza"!

Paradoxical Frog

Image: Wikipedia Pseudis paradoxaIt's the amazing, shrinking frog! The Paradoxical Frog spends approximately every moment of its life in ponds, lakes and lagoons in the eastern side of South America.

Ensign Wasp

Image: Muhammad Mahdi KarimUh oh... someone's been playing around with the shrink ray. There are over 400 species in the Evaniidae family, found all over the warmer parts of the world.

Pygmy Pipehorse

Image: Steve ChildsLook! It's a DRAGON! Yet it looks like nothing more than a piece of knotted string or a random piece of algae-covered muck.

Anthuriums of Anguish

Image: Reinaldo AguilarFor many, the word Anthurium means just one plant: the Flamingo Flower. It's one of the most popular tropical plants in the world; add a Heliconia and a palm leaf and you're instantly teleported to the Caribbean.