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Dog Born without Legs Gets New Ones Made from Toys

Turbo is a Chihuahua puppy who was born without front legs. His owners brought him to a veterinary office in Indianapolis, Indiana when he was a month old.

Ten Facts About Seinfeld

YouTube Link The Movies Insights YouTube Channel created another of their ten facts videos; this time around, the focus is on Seinfeld.

Ping Pong Table Shaped Like Easter Island

Do you have $3,995.95? Now discounted from an original price of $12,000 is this one-of-a-kind ping pong table by artist Cyprien Chabert.

Rollie the Armadillo at Play

YouTube Link YouTube Channel Animal Moments posted this adorable video of Rollie, a southern three-banded armadillo, playfully pouncing on his little pink pig toy.

Superheroes in the Shower

(Image: Dragonarte) "Bruce, you stink. You really need to shower." "I'm not Bruce. I'm The Batman." "Yes, we know.

Tyrannosaurus Attacked by Flamingos

This statue of a fossilized T. rex stands on the Google “campus,” which is what they cll their office complex.

Scorpion: Get Over Here! - He's More Than Mortal

Scorpion: Get Over Here! by Ottyag There are three words you never want to hear from a kombat fighter, especially if you're the one battling against him-those three words are "Get over here!

6-Year Old Limbo Skates under 39 Cars

When he was 3 years old, Gagan Satish's parents gave him a pair of roller skates. He showed remarkable proficiency with them.

11 Movie Titles That Became Part of the Lexicon

Our language and how we use it owes a lot to the movies. The title of a movie that many people have seen can serve as shorthand for a concept that might take a couple of hours to explain otherwise.

Game of Thrones Season Four Blooper Reel

YouTube Link If you're a fan of blooper reels, as I am, you're sure to enjoy the season four bloopers that the Game of Thrones YouTube Channel posted today.

Human Error

Human Error is a fascinating ongoing image series by artist Victoria Siemer, a graphic designer in Brooklyn also known as Witchoria.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Preview

(YouTube link) As happens every year at Comic Con, the first full-length preview of the new season of The Walking Dead was unveiled.

Sequined Spider

I should never say never. Because yesterday, I would have sworn up and down that I'd never call a spider a "beautiful creature." But today is a new day, and this beautiful creature is called the sequin (or mirror) spider.

Kitten Whips Strange Rival Cat

(YouTube link) The rival cat doesn’t defend himself at all, because he’s ceramic. But that doesn’t make the battle any less important to this kitten!

People You See at Every Nerd Convention

It's day two of Comic Con International: San Diego, and to celebrate,  Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly bring you the fourth installment of “People You See At Every Nerd Convention.” The jacked dude only there to rock shirtless cosplay.

Triple Concerto for Faucet, Water Pipes, and Fiddle

(YouTube link) Does your plumbing make noise sometimes? That could be a curse, or a blessing in disguise when you’re looking for a little musical inspiration!

And Suddenly: A Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time! Neatorama and the Neatoramanauts Facebook page have teamed up with The Hidden Triforce to bring you more good stuff!

Engage In Science - The Scientific Trek Will Be Televised

Engage in Science by Jimiyo If you dream of exploring the cosmos, whether with your mind or body, then you must engage in science!

How a Jewish Doctor Duped the Nazis

During World War II, the German military faced a threat worse than the Allies: typhus. The disease was killing soldiers and weakening the German forces on the Eastern front as they faced the Soviet Army.

Theremin: How Science Fiction Got its Sound

(YouTube link) Bill Hammack, the Engineer Guy, explains how that weird electronic musical instrument the theremin came about.