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How Do Animals Experience Pain?

My dog has a hard time telling me when he's in pain, and he tries to go about his business as usual no matter what's wrong with him as if admitting to pain would disappoint the alpha.

Why Can't Everyone Do the 'Asian Squat'?

The flat-footed squat is often called the "Asian squat" because it is common in Asia and essential for using a squat toilet.

An Amazing 3D Printer That Can Construct A Home In 24 Hours

It's hard to imagine 3D printers being used to build something as large as a house because most of us have only seen stuff printed by regular commercial 3D printers, which are extremely limited in terms of printing size.

What's That Smell?

Have you ever come up with a really good line, but you ended up using it too many times? It was only funny the first time.

10 Characters Marvel Wants You To Forget About

The Marvel Universe is home to some of the most iconic characters in comic book history, from Spider-Man to the Incredible Hulk to that eternal patriot Captain America, but for every good character there's five goofballs they'd rather we forgot all about.

A Different Kind of High School Yearbook

As far back as anyone can recall, American high schools have printed yearbooks to celebrate the accomplishments of their graduating seniors and other students, and to serve as a souvenir book with pictures of their carefree student days.

Cat Leaps Off Cabinet With Bed In Mouth, Lands Perfectly In Bed Like A Boss

Cats are the ultimate stunt critters, and their acrobatic feats never cease to amaze humans who underestimate the tiny panthers living in their house.

Lauren Ko's Geometric Pie Crusts

Just because Pi Day has come and gone, that doesn't mean you can't make a pie this weekend. Right now, I have inspiration and some blueberries in the house ready to go.

Tim Burton-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

The characters in Tim Burton's animated features aren't meant to look like real people because their proportions are based on comic characters not humans.

D.Pool - Never Too Fancy For Tacos

D.Pool by OneBluebird Art Having tried to refine and update his image by dressing like other superheroes, wearing body paint instead of a costume and dressing up like a sexy pin-up model, but alas none of these looks made him feel more professional.

Full Color Lightning Strike

Redditor captainford80 runs a towboat that pushes barges on the lower Mississippi River. He declined to give a more exact location where he took this picture of a storm about a mile away.

The Olympian Who Believes He's Always On TV

It's not uncommon for people with mental disorders like paranoia, schizophrenia and mania to feel like they're being watched at all times, but believing cameras are constantly recording your life so it can be televised is a rare disorder indeed.

Candid Camera Pranks Mr. Rogers

An entire generation of American children know and love Fred Rogers from his TV show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Darth Vader on Beach Day

Darth Vader is about as pale as they come, and as much as he enjoyed sunning himself when he went by Anakin Skywalker, he gave up on being tan, tone and sexy when he was forced to wear a breathing thingy to stay alive.

A March Madness Upset for the Record Books

UNREAL. UMBC becomes the first 16 seed to upset to beat a No. 1 seed!— NCAA March Madness (@marchmadness) March 17, 2018 The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament pits 64 college teams against each other to determine the national champion.

This Guy Built A Fully Functional Kitchen In The Back Of His Tiny Electric Car

When people say they've been living out of their car they usually just mean they've been spending way too much time on the road, because without the basics like a stove, a fridge and running water one can't truly live in their car.

Literal Meanings of Country Names

This world map is labeled not with country names, but with a bit of history of the country names. Someone at Credit Card Compare took the names of each country in the native language and found the original meaning of each name.

Drag Queen Elsa Helped Save A Police Wagon During A Blizzard In Boston

When Elsa stopped being a cold-hearted villain and changed her wicked ways she promised her sister Anna that she would become a chilly force for good, dropping the brooding bad girl act to become a hero.

A Unique Home in Detroit

A few years ago, you could buy a house in Detroit for $10 or so, as long as you paid the back taxes and either repaired it or tore it down.

Simply Hilarious The Last Jedi Comics By Rachel J. Pierce

The Last Jedi wasn't a particularly funny movie, but it did have plenty of moments that would have made audiences laugh had they seen it through a silly filter like that applied by cartoonist Rachel J.