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Jello Submarine

Artist Henry Hargreaves has given us plenty of food art in the past, and now he a new project to unveil- Yellow Submarine, a series of The Beatles in Jello!

Illustrated Idioms

Countries that speak English as their primary language share many idioms, since they make sense to all English speakers regardless of nation or region.

Daddy Becomes the Flower Girl

(YouTube link) No wedding is absolutely perfect, and if it were, it wouldn’t be personal or memorable.

Inside Riker's Island Through the Eyes of the People Who Live and Work There

Riker's Island | Image: Tim Rodenberg The following article on Riker's Island jail in New York City is a lengthy yet absolutely fascinating read if you want to know the gritty truth about what goes on inside.

Ant-Man as '50s Monster Movie

Have you seen the latest trailer for the new Ant-Man movie? (YouTube link) Well, this isn’t it (this is).

Ginger Pride Festival To Be Held In Plymouth, England In 2016

(Image Link) Ginger used to be seen as a derogatory term for redhead, and is probably still considered rude by some, but those who are tired of being bullied because of their hair color are owning the name and declaring Ginger Pride.

The Bizarro Life of Cartoonist Dan Piraro

Longtime Neatorama friend Dan Piraro is the mad genius behind the comic Bizarro. His comic panels are surreal, often political, and have no recurring characters.

How To Put A Rubik's Cube Inside A Bottle

Completing a Rubik’s cube in under a certain amount of time was a pretty big deal back in the 80s, but nowadays we know better than to get all excited about toy cube based skills.

Are You Patriotic Enough for the Independence Dog?

Hot dogs are an American tradition and I'm willing to bet that almost any of you who went to a Fourth of July barbeque probably had the option to eat one, even if you chose not to.

Population Of 1! - Careful With That Axe, Villager

Population Of 1! by Yashanyu1 Don't let that villager's cute little face fool you- he's not the nicest boy in animal town, he's a psycho who really belongs up in Silent Hill!

Hardhome Visual Effects Breakdown

Visual effects and digital postproduction company El Ranchito Imagen Digital shows us what they did to make one battle scene in the Game of Thrones episode entitled “Hardhome.” There is a terrific amount of work to make every little detail of a fantasy world mesh together to create a seamless sequence.

15 Workout Tank Tops That'll Make You Look Good While Working Out

Gym of the Warrior by berserk7 Summer's here - are you beach bod ready? Well, you got to work out to look good, but you can also look good while working out!

Pinocchio the Blind Shelter Cat Met Feline Pal Jiminy Cricket, and All Was Right With Their World

YouTube Link Pinocchio was found abandoned at an airport as a kitten. Both his eyes were badly infected and they had to be surgically removed.

14 Great Works of Spock Cosplay

(Photo: j0be) He is imminently logical and fascinating. He's the interstellar man of mystery. He's Spock, the half human, half Vulcan science officer on board the USS Enterprise.

Nine of the Weirdest Cults in the World

Image: The Richest One lesson humankind surely has learned by now is never to underestimate the power that a cult with even a seemingly insane belief system can have over lonely people who feel they have no purpose, self worth or sense of belonging.

The Steepest Residential Street in the World

(Photo: Oyvind) A 529-foot stretch of Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand has a gradient of 1 to 3.41.

How Milk Became a Staple

Cheese and butter go back a long way as methods of preserving milk. But fresh milk was considered baby food, or a boost for growing children, through most of history.

50 Years of Frank Herbert’s Dune

(Image: Universal Pictures) In 1959, struggling writer Frank Herbert journeyed to the sand dunes of Oregon to research a story about a government plan to stabilize those ever-shifting sands.

7 Of The Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes In Comic Book History

Superheroes rarely have time to carry on sexual affairs, so they often find the chance to hook up in the middle of a situation that requires some superheroing.

100 Days of Rainbows

Day 78/100: Summer is here! YES!