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12 Bizarre Christmas Products

Christmas is the king of commercialized holidays, the one time of year when we buy-buy-buy and give-give-give, but some of the crazy holiday themed crap some companies come up with takes the spirit of giving straight over the top!

Office Christmas Party

(YouTube link) Back when I had an “office” job, Christmas parties were great, mainly because that was a bit of time we weren’t working.

Gamers Hold Massive In-Game Vigil for Dying Player

There are those who say that the online life is an empty one--that relationships that are mediated by an internet connection aren't real.

Rhino Calf's Big Bottles Bringing the Brawn

And now, for something ridiculously cute. This three-week-old greater one-horned rhino calf (the largest of the rhino species) is already a big boy.

Star Wars Landspeeder Cat Bed

Roxy's Dream is a maker of custom pet furniture--especially geeky pet custom furniture. The company is named for the owner's late cat, Roxy.

Orangutans are “Persons” in Argentina

A court case involving Sandra, a 29-year-old orangutan in Argentina may have ramifications for other apes, or even other non-primates.

20 Facts You Might Not Know about Patton, Both the Man and the Movie

General George S. Patton (1885-1945) was a great American general who led armies to victory in north Africa, Sicily, France, and Germany during World War II.

Creative Tip Jar Incentive Signs

Those who work for tips are at the mercy of their customers. Sometimes, particularly during slumps in the economy, it pays to do whatever you possibly can to put the public in the mood to part with their hard-earned money.

What Do You Want To Do Tonight? - A Mousy Mastermind

What Do You Want To Do Tonight? by Wirdou Doctor Horrible Brain is cursed, which doesn't seem surprising considering he chose to become a supervillain rather than finding honest work as a lab rat or trash picker, but his curse doesn't stem from his career choice.

Arcangelo's Lord of the Rings Pipes

Arcangelo, a woodworker from Italy, does amazing fantasy-inspired work. We've previously featured his pipe that looks like that of Thorin Oakenshield, a character in The Hobbit movies.

Hearing Impaired Girl Delighted That Santa Knows Sign Language

YouTube Link Six-year-old Sadie Adam has been hearing impaired since birth. In previous years, when Sadia visited Santa, any communication she had with him required a sign language interpreter.

16 Very Strange Christmas Ornaments You Can Buy

What in the world is this? It’s a watermelon, terrified because he is falling, no doubt thinking about the big mess his splat will leave on the floor.

The Repentance of Ebenezer Scrooge

(Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal/Zach Weinersmith) O Ghost of Christmas Future! I shall heed your kind counsel.

How Adopting a Pig Changed One Couple's Lives

Canadian couple Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted what they thought was a pygmy piglet and brought her to live with them.

10 of the United States' Most Intriguing Archaeological Mysteries

There are quite a few places where early Americans left their marks, but did not leave us any explanations.

Venus Flytrap Wearing a Santa Costume

This is Charlie, the star of a YouTube channel maintained by Kluna Tik. His owner feeds him and dresses him on camera.

Kangaroo Puts Quick End to Drone

YouTube Link We've seen Rambro the angry ram smash a noisy quadcopter drone that got too close up in his biz.

The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

In Poynter’s annual roundup of the funniest, weirdest, and most egregious errors and corrections, the top prize went to an incident in which a satirical website was quoted as real.

How One Little Addition Can Change The Entire Meaning Of A Photo

Ever since Photoshop came to town photos have become much less believable overall, because anybody can now erase, shape, edit, airbrush, color correct, clone stamp, warp, filter, soften via blur and add to any and all photos whenever they want.

Merry Cthulhumas! - Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

Merry Cthulhumas! by Captain RibMan That Great Old One with the squid for a face used to be a real sourpuss, hell bent on subjugating and eliminating mankind, but then he met a man named Santa who changed his entire outlook on human life.