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Glove And Boots Dream A Little Dream Of Freddy Krueger

It's nice to have someone sing you to sleep before bed, but if the singer is the nightmare inducer himself Freddy Krueger you're probably better off staying awake or you'll never wake up again!

Scoreboard Surprise

Did you catch this during the National League wildcard playoff last night? Quite a few baseball fans who are also Star Wars fans did.

Awesome Cardboard Creations From Maker Faire

Cardboard is truly a maker's best friend because it's cheap, easy to find in large quantities and the perfect medium for making models of your creation.

Actors Explain What It’s Like To Die On The Walking Dead

When a new season of The Walking Dead approaches, AMC runs a marathon of the entire series to get fans excited, and newbies caught up on the story.

Nihilistic Password Security Questions

Why can't I just give the name of my high school mascot or my first pet? Why do I have to suffer every time I forget my password.

Ridiculous Mayhem: GTA 5 Ramp Truck Mod

A virtual world that resembles the real world gets boring after a while. I love it when someone comes up with a strange and different mod for the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Brilliant Ways Movies And TV Shows Have Snuck Stuff Past The Censors

Censorship is supposed to protect viewers from being exposed to things like nudity, gore, explicit language and disturbing situations, basically all the things viewers usually want in movies or TV shows.

The Gadget Orchestra Plays the Doors

We’ve enjoyed James Cochrane’s Gadget Orchestra a couple of times before, although it’s been a few years.

Marvel Superhero Firefighter Helmets

(Photos: FDNY) Soon, the Fire Department of New York City will celebrate its 150th anniversary. To mark the occasion, it will display and auction off at the local Comic Con 10 bespoke firefighting helmets that look like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and other Marvel superheroes.

Scoundrels - The Force Gets All Funny Around These Folks

Scoundrels by DeepFriedArt Bugs was planning on going solo until he met the furry behemoth named Gossamer, and together the two scoundrels have taken the stars by storm.

Ty Cobb and the Strangest Batting Race Ever

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

Tail-Mounted Sensor Tells You What Your Dog is Feeling

(Photo: DogStar Life) As previously noted, animal behaviorists have deteremined that the direction of a dog's tail wag indicates emotional mood.

The Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell wrote about the factors that all epic stories have in common, which he called the Monomyth.

Nazi Photos Documenting Belongings Looted from Jewish Homes

Furniture The images seen here are from the recent book Witnessing the Robbing of the Jews by sociologist Sarah Gensburger.

This Incredible Athlete Can Rollerblade on His Hands

He calls it handskating--no, extreme handskating. And it is. Mirko Hanßen possesses extraordinary coordination, balance, and upper body strength.

Life Goals

A plan like this starts to sound better and better over time, doesn’t it? I have a daughter who thinks this way.

Sunset Silhouette Selfies

John Marshall lives on Frye Island, Maine, which is a lovely spot in the middle of Sebago Lake. The sunsets on his beach are gorgeous and he takes full advantage of them with his silhouette art.

10 Funniest Death Scenes In Movies

When someone on a movie screen dies in a ridiculous and unbelievable way, we can’t do anything but laugh, as awful as that sounds.

How Societies Learn to Count to 10

(Photo via War Eagle Reader) The rabbits in the novel Watership Down can count up to four. Any number higher than that is "hrair", which means "more than four" but is often translated as "a thousand." This is not dissimilar to the way in which many technologically primitive human societies count.

Zack the Golden Retriever Buys His Own Ice Cream

YouTube Link Youtuber John Hubble's golden retriever Zack is the consummate shopper. Give that pup money and he knows just how to spend it — on ice cream, of course!