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Homespun Advice

Grandpa is a wise old man. He gives good advice when it’s to his advantage, because he’s spent a lifetime figuring other people out.

Stay Cool - Carbonite Is Simply The Coolest!

Stay Cool by Cory Freeman Design Humanoids are always asking Han how he manages to look so aloof at all times, trying to glean his secret so they can earn a few more cool points, but Han ain't saying much at the moment.

People Dressed as Pool Balls Re-Enact a Perfect Break

(Video Link) The long-running Japanese TV show Masquerade asks contestants to re-enact scenes with low-tech visual effects.

Colin Furze Builds the Ultimate Doorbell

Crazy inventor Colin Furze was tired of missing deliveries to his house, since he orders a lot of parts through the mail.

Speed Dating for Anime Fans

(Photo: Danny Choo) Good news, my otaku brothers! There may be opportunities beyond our dakimakuras! Yes, you love your waifu.

Tornado in a Jar

Oliver is five years old. He’s had a YouTube account for a month or so, and this is his first science video, in which we learn how to make a tornado in a jar.

Unaltered Images That Seem Like They're Photoshopped

(Image Link) People cry Photoshop when they think something's wrong with an image, but if they'd spent less time crying fake and more time Googling they'd see many of those supposed fakes are actually the real deal.

Stepping Back 100 Years

Believe it or not, this picture was taken this morning at the Waterloo train station in London. A friend of redditor Raimon86 snapped it on the way to work.

How on Earth Do These Optical Illusions Work?!

(Video Link) Kokichi Sugihara, a world-recognizedexpert on crafting optical illusions, has really outdone himself.

10 Incredible Innovations at the New Shanghai Disneyland

Disney’s newest theme park opened in Shanghai, China, just two weeks ago. It’s a showcase of innovation and technology, all 21st-century from the ground up.

How to Dad

(Video Link) How do you convince a baby to clean your house? It's really easy because before they hit the terrible twos, babies will do pretty much whatever you ask of them.

Ten Medical Innovations of World War I

The Battle of the Somme began 100 years ago today, July 1, 1916. The global toll was over a million dead and wounded in the battle that lasted for months.

Strong Is The Force, Of Course! - Luke And The Little Green Man

Strong Is The Force, Of Course! by djkopet With a wave of his hand the little green man sent Luke floating into the sky, and as he dangled there he couldn't help but stare at that tiny little guy.

Rolls-Royce Unveils Their Futuristic Self-Driving Concept Car

(Image Link) Rolls-Royce put themselves in a rather precarious position by setting their price point so high few can afford their cars, and by making their cars so luxurious customers have come to expect interior perfection.

10 Genius Acts of Awesomeness

Making the world a better place can be tough. But as these tenaciously altruistic moves prove, sometimes all you need is a great idea.

Typographic Graffiti Shifts during the Day

The artist Daku created this unique mural in New Delhi. The front of this building is covered in letter forms perpendicular to the wall.

The Weirdest Ways Paleontologists Have Found Fossils

(Unrelated photo by Wilson Hui) How did the Urinator montanus get its name? The paleontologist Jason Poole was on a dig in Montana in 1999.

How to Be a Canadian

Happy Canada Day! To help you know Canadian culture better, the comedy group IFHT explains what it means to be Canadian, from poutine to toques.

130 People Using a Single Pair of Skis Simultaneously

(Image: Guinness World Records) As a teambuilding exercise, the Finnish energy firm St1 had 130 employees wear and use one pair of skis.

The Enterprise Studio Model, Restored and on Display

The original starship USS Enterprise from the 1966-68 series Star Trek has been sitting neglected at the Smithsonian Institution for years.