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Picnic Table Folds into a Bench

(Video Link) Isn't that clever? It's a simple mechanism--just fold and unfold. This table is apparently made by Decorações Timbó, a Brazilian furniture and interiors company.

54 Historic Photographs Colorized

Artists have been tinting black and white photographs for decades, as far back as 100 years ago. But modern techniques and the artists who know how to use them make old photographs more believable in color than ever before!

Starry Flight - The Serenity Found In Fine Art

Starry Flight by Twenty27 Designs Sometimes looking at a work of fine art can bring a sense of serenity to your mind, a sense that all is right in the verse and those reckless reavers are light years away.

105-Year Old Woman Throws out the First Pitch at a Baseball Game

(Photo: EPA) Agnes McKee, 105, of Oceanside, California threw out the first pitch on a game last Sunday between the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets.

How Superheroes Shave

Superheroes have to maintain their appearance, for the sake of public relations, so the guys gotta stay shaved unless a beard or moustache is part of their superheroic outfit/identity.

Ten Exotic Fruits You May Not Have Tried

Buddha's Hand Fresh fruit is delicious and refreshing, particularly during the hot summer months. There are so many varieties around the world that our grocery stores only have a fraction of them represented in their inventory.

SCAD Tower Free Fall

(YouTube link) Here’s the simplest idea for a theme park ride yet. In fact, it’s not even a “ride” at all, unless you count the elevator trip up.

Book Map

If you love books and maps, then Dorothy Collective (previously on Neatorama) has got the cartographical wonder for you: their Book Map features titles of over 600 books by literature's greatest authors - from Thomas Hardy to Virginia Woolf, and Tolkien to Kurt Vonnegut - in form of a street map in the style of a turn of the century London.

Circumrotation as Optical Illusion

YouTube Link This video presents an optical illusion of sorts in the form of white circles inside a larger red circle.

Bear with a Batman Logo on His Chest

(Video Link) He's the bear we deserve, but not the bear we need right now because it's just too hot. Rescuers saved this bear, who is named Georges when he does not wear the cowl of the bat, from bear bile farmers.

The Birth Of The Alphabet

Before there is a font there are letters and an alphabet, but where do letters come from? According to artist Andreas Scheiger they go through an embryonic stage before they become part of the written word.

I'm On Vacation

(YouTube link) Your trip to the beach, or the mountains, or a national park never goes perfectly. But that’s okay, because you’re on vacation!

Oral Alphabet

This novel sculptural piece by Takayuki Ogawa shows each letter of the alphabet in the form of a mouth shaped to pronounce that letter.

Training Is Coming - Animated Winter Tales

Training is Coming by a_man_oxford Winter may be blowing in cold, but those young viking dragon trainers know how to deal with the cold- they grew up in the North and never hid behind the wall when those icy white storms came rolling in.

Found: Cat Snake

A found pet ad was posted at Craiglist for Richmond, Virginia. If it’s yours, you should go get it. The accompanying text: Found (assuming) pet.

Give a Man a Fish - Twaggies Episode No. 4

We've teamed up with Dailymotion and will be bringing you a new, animated Twaggies short cartoon each month.

The World's Most Badass ... Vespa Scooter?!

Photo: C. Galliani/Wikimedia Quick, what does the word "Vespa" bring to mind? If you say "cute lil' scooter," you probably haven't seen this image above of the Vespa 150 TAP (for Troupes Aéro Portées), a Vespa scooter modified for use with the French paratroopers in 1956.

Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man

(Maximumble/Chris Hallbeck) He's Spider-Man. Did you think that was just a costume? Nah, man. He was bitten by an actual spider.

The Summit Scaling Subculture of Highpointing

Highpointing is a sport, or hobby, in which people aim to climb the highest point in different geographical areas, like the highest point in all 50 states, or the highest points in one’s home country or continent, or even the world.

One Simple Chart Shows 72 Uses For Common Household Products

People have been using common substances like citrus juices, oils and vinegars for cooking, as household cleaners and personal grooming products, for centuries, and many of the store bought products we buy everyday use these items as their core ingredients.