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Birds of Prey May Be Deliberately Spreading Fires

(Photo: Ed Dunens) Witnesses in Australia have seen black kites and brown falcons carrying burning twigs to dry areas, then dropping them, spreading wildfires in the Australian bush.

People Obey Silly Walk Sign

It’s been a couple of years since the art collective Kreativiteket put up a street sign in  Ørje, Norway, referencing Monty Python’s “silly walks” sketch.

Heroic Dog Throws Himself in Front of a Bus to Save His Human

(Photo: Lou Young/CBS 2) Audrey Stone, 62, is legally blind. Figo, her Golden Retriever, is her guide dog.

Rey’s Stunt Double

The requirements are pretty stiff to make it in Hollywood as a stunt double. You have to be strong, athletic, and graceful.

This Year’s Oscars Gift Bag Includes $275 Toilet Paper and a Vampire Breast Lift

(Photo: National Cancer Institute--original is NSFW) Everyone was a winner at this year’s Academy Awards!

Ghibli Elemental Charms - Protection From Poor Production Values

Ghibli Elemental Charms by IdeasConPatatas The studio known as Ghibli has spent decades producing eye candy in the form of animated features, and now the studio has decided to work its magic in another way- by making elemental charms that fans can carry around for protection.

Two Drunk Irishmen Moving a Couch is Strangely Entertaining

YouTube Link When these two obviously inebriated Irishmen decide to move a couch in their impaired state, it might not be the most intelligent decision.

Pig Escapes from Farm in New Hampshire, Tries to Vote

(Photo: @matthewr1960) On Tuesday, voters in New Hampshire lined up to cast their votes for candidates in the primary election.

How The Force Awakens Should Have Ended

The folks at How It Should Have Ended have turned their eyes upon Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it’s about time.

Art Museum Offers a Replica of a Van Gogh Painting on Airbnb

It's like stepping inside the actual painting! The Art Institute of Chicago is conducting an exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh paintings that depict bedrooms.

An Aerial View of Curaçao

Jürgen Horn and Mike Powell took their very first helicopter ride to see a bit more of their temporary home in Curaçao.

When This Developmentally Disabled Basketball Player Landed a Basket, Everyone Reacted Perfectly

Robert Lewis, who has Down Syndrome, is the team manager for the basketball team of Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennessee.

America's Oldest Shopping Mall Is Now An Apartment Building

When the economy goes bust retail stores are often hit the hardest, because people who don't have a lot of extra money to spend tend to stay away from malls.

Cadbury Creme Eggs Restaurant Opens

(Images: Cadbury Creme Egg) What animal lays the Cadbury creme egg? I don't want to know. I am satisfied that it is a wonderful animal.

A Tiny Safari

A bunny rabbit goes on an African safari to see the wildlife. But since he’s a bunny, what he sees (with his hilarious fake arm and binoculars) are hamsters dressed as various wild animals.

If More Internet Companies Built Physical Shops

(The Very Near Future), a company which was founded as an online retailer, recently built its first brick-and-mortar store.

METROID: OTHER Y - She's Way More Super Than Mario

METROID: OTHER Y by OhHeyDJ Samus was tired of running, tired of having to jump and spin her way across every planet she visited, so she decided to look into buying some transportation.

The Worst TV Neighbors

American family sitcoms always have a wacky neighbor, since he is so useful in bringing in zaniness when the family starts to seem almost normal.

Ripley The Toucan Thinks She's A Lap Dog

I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of toucans is largely based on Toucan Sam from the Fruit Loops commercials and that little plaque in front of their cage at the zoo that tells you where they're from and what they eat.

Matt the Radar Technician Tattoo

Had a lot of fun with this one! Thanks @suannegalloway #2dink #minot #nd #northdakota #starwars #kyloren #adamdriver #matttheradartechnician #colortattoo #inked_fx #tattoosnob #starwarstattoo #nerdytattoos #snl #forceguys_n_ink #bishoprotary #neotradsub #neotraditionals #skinartmag #tattoorevuemag A photo posted by Bill DeNovio (@billdenovio_tattoos) on Jan 25, 2016 at 12:47pm PST First there was the skit, then the t-shirt, then the action figure.