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This Museum Asks Visitors to Trade Their Selfie Sticks for Pencils and Paper

(Photo: Rijksmuseum) You’re at the Rijksmuseum, a world-renowned art and history museum in Amsterdam.

PSY’s New Songs

Will lightning strike twice for PSY? His new album 7 Things You Need to Know is out today. Two videos have been released from the album, and they both have some elements that made “Gangnam Style" so popular.

Meet New York's Homeless Fashion Photographer

New York City has a homeless population made up of around 60,000 people who are virtually invisible to those who pass them by every single day, and their invisibility gives them a different view of city life.

Milton's Revenge - Have You Seen My Stapler Spell?

Milton's Revenge by MannArt Milton had been relocated, ignored, handed more paperwork than he could ever possibly handle, ignored again, and made fun of, but the worst blow of all came when somebody stole his stapler.

Government Surveillance and the Third Amendment

The Third Amendment to the US Constitution gets less respect than the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Five Of The Eeriest Interruptions In Broadcast History

Back in the day Max Headroom, Vrillon from Ashtar Galactic Command and a disgruntled guy calling himself Captain Midnight were all able to hijack television broadcast signals to share their message, cryptic as they may be.

The Daily Life of Darth Vader

D. Vader has a 365 project on the photo site tookapic, where he adds a selfie every day. It began on October 19th, so there will be plenty more to come before the 365 days are up.

Archival Footage Of British Soldiers Tripping On LSD

We now know how risky it can be to try and do anything dangerous while on LSD, but back when the drug was still young it was tested on all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, from relaxed in a room to soldiers in the middle of a war.

My High School Teammate, Kobe Bryant

  View image | In 1996, the news was full of how the NBA was considering drafting some hotshot kid right out of high school.

Reese's Peanut Butter Trees Simply Didn't Shape Up This Year

The Reese's Peanut Butter candy empire began with a cup, but nowadays that chocolate peanut butter goodness comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny round bites to pumpkins and trees.

How to Avenge a Guy in 10 Days

What if Marvel made a romantic comedy? It could star the cast of The Avengers, since there are plenty of them!

Get Free Worldwide Shipping During The NeatoShop's Cyber Monday Sale!

Beardy Baby by Boggs Nicolas When Black Friday started to sound like something out of the Dark Ages, and internet sales began to soar, the stores introduced a new holiday sale for the 21st century- Cyber Monday, the most futuristic sounding sale of them all.

8 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Winter can make our homes seem dark and oppressive but if you don't want to deal with a drab, cold-looking house, there are some things you can do.

The World’s Greenest Burgs

Let's look at some cities that take environmentalism seriously, courtesy of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids.

Teddy Bear Picnic - What A Terrible Day To Be A Toy

Teddy Bear Picnic by Dooomcat When the teddy bears came to the teddy bear picnic they were expecting to eat gummy berries, sip on chamomile tea and discuss any new rips, tears, repairs or button eyes they might have.

Anime Recommendations and Open Thread

(The No Face t-shirt on sale at the NeatoShop) Every few months, after watching more anime than is probably a good idea, I make viewing recommendations and ask Neatorama readers to suggest their own.

10 Unsung Heroes Behind the Original Star Wars Movie

While we often think of Star Wars as George Lucas’ baby, it took a whole lot of different people with money, power, and/or talent to get that first movie to the silver screen in 1977.

One Inmate's Perspective on Cooking in Prison

Uncle Paulie slices garlic for a prison feast in Goodfellas | Image: Warner Bros. When one thinks of inmates cooking in prison, an image that often comes to mind is the scene in Scorsese's Goodfellas, in which the gang on the inside gathers to cook a large, delicious meal complete with wine, Italian bread and the works.

Amazon Prime Air

They’ve been talking about it for months, and it looks like Amazon is serious about its drone delivery system called Prime Air.

The 365 Challenge: Artists Who Make Something Every Day for an Entire Year

(Photo: Cameron Butler/Washington Post) This is Devon "Bosco" Farr. He's a manager at BookPeople, an independent bookstore in Austin, Texas.