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The L.A. Locations Where Famous Horror Films Were Shot

Horror movies are rarely set in Los Angeles, preferring to use fake city names like Springwood and Cuesta Verde, and yet the vast majority of them are filmed within a hundred miles of Hollywood.

Batman vs. Darth Vader

(YouTube link) It’s the ultimate showdown of badass fictional characters in black! Never mind the odd crossover of the Disney and DC universes -at least there’s no problem with the style of music for these two.

Classic Authors' American Houses on Google Maps

Mark Twain 351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut  It's often said that writers' desks are important, in that they reflect their approach and routine.

Is Your Flight Delayed? Siberians Laugh at Your Misery

This sounds like a setup for an “In Mother Russia…” joke, but it happened at the Igarka airport above the Arctic Circle.

Ten Facts About R.E.M.

Formed in 1980, R.E.M. enjoyed a lot of critical acclaim and success — particularly for a band whose roots were firmly in the alternative genre — before they disbanded in 2011.

Black Friday: Then and Now

(YouTube link) When did people start losing their minds over Christmas shopping? Maybe it was a gradual process.

Neverball - The Lightning Rat Guide To Grunge

Neverball by Wirdou There were all sorts of fun games going on when Ash and his friends showed up at the Poke Master Mega Block Party, like pin the tail on the snorlax and bobbing for Poke balls, but Ash knew Pika would only want to do one thing- take a dip in the pool!

Optical Illusions Accidentally Created By Animals

(Image Link) It’s only natural to see optical illusions in the world around us, and nature likes to unintentionally serve up some real mind-benders that force you to take a second look in order to wrap your mind around what your eyes are seeing.

Seth Rogen’s Jewish-Canadian-American Thanksgiving

(Funny or Die Link) Canadian filmmaker Seth Rogan grew up in a family that didn't observe Thanksgiving.

Ten TV Episodes People Pretend Never Happened

When TV show creators get multiple seasons of a linear storyline under their belt the issues of continuity and retaining world integrity arise.

Tombstone: The Greatest Western Ever

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

Ten Of The Most Outrageous Things Benjamin Franklin Ever Did

Benjamin Franklin has gone from sainted Founding Father to controversial figure, ladies man and America's original superstar thanks in part to the Isaacson biography Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, but how much of this information is overblown?

Teddy Bear on a Treadmill

(YouTube link) Munchkin is an adorable Shih Tzu puppy who dresses like a teddy bear. He was a hit at Halloween with his costume, but watch him walk on a treadmill!

The Internet Has No Love For Grandpa Joe From Willie Wonka

The internet is full of cute cat pics, hilarious memes, and hate. How can these seemingly incongruous elements exist in one place?

Don’t Assume Anything

Sometimes you think you know what’s going on when you really have no clue. People with children can babysit as well as anyone, even if you define that as caring for a baby that’s not yours.

Hauntingly Beautiful Paintings By Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

If we could actually capture the appearance of a spirit on film, like those ghost show guys claim to be able to do, we might end up with a result that resembles the hauntingly beautiful paintings of Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen.

Babysitting Monkey

Inexperienced babysitters really do need a little supervision the first time they interact with infants.

Walker Grimes - Collect Them All, If You Dare...

Walker Grimes by StationJack Kids will be kids, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, so when kids started looking for fun stuff to collect local living artists were happy to comply.

Plush Toys Inspired by Childrens' Imaginations

The smiles and lights in the eyes of the kids shown here are the result of their youthful imaginings materializing into soft, huggable form.

“YMCA” by The Bottle Boys

(YouTube link) The Copenhagen musical group The Bottle Boys play us a tune we all know and love, and let us in on one of their secrets to making bottle music look so easy -when we all know it’s not.