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The True Adventures Of Bill Hitler

Hitler's older half-brother, Alois, lived in England in 1911, where he produced a son named William Hitler.

Masters Of The Universe - Do You Still Have The Power?

Masters of the Universe by Russ Jericho Nowadays He-Man is considered "so retro", but to 80s kids that cartoon show was like nothing we'd seen before, and it represented our pop culture loving future.

The Rise of Slime Videos

Videos of people playing with slime is a definite trend on Instagram. The prettier the slime is, the better.

An Honest Trailer for The Social Network

I never saw The Social Network, since I already knew the outline of the Facebook story, and thought it had to be boring.

Indoor Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Those lucky nature lovers who have a green thumb make growing and caring for plants look easy, but what can a brown thumb do to turn their bad luck with plants around and bring some living green into their homes?

Prom Detail

If you have to go to the prom, you may as well get a souvenir from that memorable evening. These cops took advantage of the amenities, including having their portrait made.

Iconic Comic Book Images Recreated In The Movies

Every time a director helms a new superhero project they put their own spin on that hero's origin story, but no matter how far they stray from the source material they still include some nod to the original.

What Makes a Genius?

The May 2017 issue of National Geographic features an in-depth look at What Makes a Genius. Author Claudia Kalb and photographer Paolo Woods bring us examples of genius, from Leonardo da Vinci to jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, with an overview of the scientific research into what makes those kinds of people different from the rest of us.

Rian Johnson's Photos From The Set Of The Last Jedi

Hot on the heels of that amazing trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi comes these cool set photos shared by writer/director Rian Johnson, photos which show the filmmaker's process and what he saw on set.

Mad Max Toddler Cars

Ian Pfaff, of Glendale, California, has a two-year-old daughter named Junior and an infant son named Benji.

Wives Who Have Turned Pranking Into An Artform

(Image Link) Most of the spousal pranking stories you see online involve husbands pranking wives, which is usually more of a jump scare scenario than an actual prank and therefore has become a bit of a cliche.

Herding Kittens

How do you take a photograph of ten kittens? They are all from one litter, so they need a family portrait.

Sacred Geometry Yoga - The Path To Living In Harmony Lies Within

Sacred Geometry Yoga by VeganDawn The body is a temple but the mind is a universe, where thoughts, ideas and beliefs collide to form new galaxies within.

I'm Not Weird You're Weird

The line between normal and abnormal has become far too thin, and some people are so afraid of being seen as different and strange they worry about doing normal stuff in public in case they're seen.

Disney-Themed Biker Gangs

You probably never thought about it, but how much overlap would you think there is between bikers and Disney fans?

A Pizza Inside A Burger Inside A Pizza?

We've featured a lot of pizza/burger combinations in the past, including a burger made inside a pizza, but this pizza inside a burger inside a pizza might be the pizza/burger mashup to end all others.

Italian Hand Gestures

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Newly-Observed Atmospheric Phenomenon Named "Steve"

The Alberta Aurora Chasers Facebook group shares pictures its members take of the Northern Lights. Last year, they noticed a phenomenon showing up in some pictures: a purplish ribbon in the sky.

Ridiculous Myths About The Middle Ages That Need To Die

Thanks to pop culture people assume everyone but the royals smelled like crap in the Middle Ages, knights were heroic figures who kept the kingdom safe for common folk, and scientific progress went boink thanks to the church.

Tip or Gift?

Here's an idea that probably deserves some study. Tips are taxable income, but cash gifts are not (unless the gift is over $13,000 in one year).