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Lies Parents Tell Their Children

No parent sets out with the goal of lying to their kids. But many would probably agree that a well-placed white lie on occasion helps them to keep their sanity.

Mommy Dog Carries Puppy in a Bag

(Video Link) She's got a little doggie bag! This mother finds transporting her baby a lot easier with a simple plastic sack.

The 20 Weirdest Things Ever Sold on eBay

The auction website eBay launched on September 3, 1995. It’s hard the believe the auction site has been around that long, but there was a time I bought used Disney movies on VHS through the site, so it must be so.

Airships & Summons - Be A Player, Not A Pawn

Airships & Summons by Coinbox Tees When the pen and paper version of Final Fantasy hit the store shelves people weren't too impressed with the conversion, but along came an expansion book that got everyone on board the FF train.

Hero Saves Wife, Children, and Slab of Barbecue Ribs from Fire

(Photo: KMPH Fox 26) It was 3 AM. Robert Wright of Fresno, California was barbecuing a slab of pork ribs.

The Last Known Pictures Of Jim Morrison, Taken Five Days Before His Death

Jim Morrison's life came to an end far too early, his heart stopped by an apparent heroin overdose, but French law enforcement officials didn't perform an autopsy so we'll never know for sure how the Lizard King died.

Lip-Synching Cockatiel

A cockatiel named Patrick Jane shows off his lip-synching skills to the song “Dilemma” by Nelly and Kelly (Rowland).

Get Geared Up For Less During The NeatoShop's September Sale!

I'm sure you all know by now that the NeatoShop is the best place to go for geeky t-shirts, hoodies and all kinds of different embellished torso coverings, but did you know the NeatoShop is currrently having a sale?

Rogue Sheep Finally gets a Haircut

Sightings of a lone sheep in Australia were reported to the RSPCA, and a crew from the agency captured it Tuesday.

Fishing with a Drone

(Video Link) Derek Klingenberg is a farmer and all-purpose genius. He tends to his cattle. And he plays the trombone for them.

Unrealized Elvis Presley Film Projects

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website.

100 Years of Lingerie History in Three Minutes

YouTube Link Much has been said about history repeating itself, but when it comes to women in pretty lingerie, that may not be such a bad thing.

Elderly Woman with Dementia Warms to Her Great-Granddaughter

(Video Link) Sophie Flynn, 5, met her great-grandmother for the first time. Her parents, Sarah Miller and William Flynn, were worried about the encounter.

Taco Bell Fried Chicken Taco Shells: Now a Thing

Image: Redditor Cheez4444  Dear reader, I know you were sitting around anxiously awaiting information regarding the latest entry on the fast food wars menu.

More Than A Droid - A Robotic Force For Good

More Than A Droid by Dr. Monekers R2 constantly faces a frustrating dilemma in his droid life- everybody treats him like he's just another piece of machinery.

This Leech Specializes in Feeding on Hippo Rectums

(Photo: Wired) All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small. They are wonders to behold, including the majestic hippo butt leech.

Metaphysical Map

You are here …and here. This is, apparently, the directions to Schrödinger’s elevators in the Möbius building.

America's Oldest Military Unit in Continuous Operation Dates Back to 1771

(Photo: Connecticut National Guard Foundation) Pictured above are a few of the members of the First Company of the Governor's Foot Guard of the Connecticut State Militia.

Lincoln Park Zoo's First Red Panda Cubs Get a Checkup

The Lincoln Park Zoo welcomed their first-ever birth of red panda cubs, a litter of a boy and a girl named Clark and Addison, respectively.

Cop Houses Homeless Mother and Baby in a Hotel with His Own Money

(Photo: Prince George's County Police Department) Corporal Che Atkinson of Prince George's County, Maryland was at his police station doing paperwork when he learned that a homeless woman and her baby were in the lobby.