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Bohemian Aliens - Will Play For Reese's Pieces

Bohemian Aliens by Burgernator They came together as the oddest quartet ever formed in the history of rock and roll, but when they let their voices unravel the rhapsody the entire galaxy came along for the ride.

Man Knocks Out Robber Who Interrupts His Marriage Proposal

(Photo: WCNC) All Nicholas Anderson wanted to do was propose to his girlfriend, Deanna. He worked out a plan with Brighton, who is Deanna's son.

Slang From The Front Lines Of World War II

We’ve all heard the standard slang from the World War II era, like calling Germans Jerrys or Krauts, but like any good slang the use of those words is a timely thing, and their meaning tends to fade away as years go by.

Why Did This Glass Break?

Redditor xclever_name_user writes "Pouring a beer last night at work and part of the glass just kinda fell out." He says that the edges aren't sharp at all but "smooth as butter." I've broken many glasses, but I've never seen one pop out a smooth section without further fracturing.

Insanely Expensive Versions of Normal Things

Summertime is a great time for munching hot dogs, but if they just aren't classy enough for your tastes, you can always try heading to Washington where you can get your hands on a $169 dog that features wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffle and caviar.  Food that fancy shouldn't exit your body

Man Calls Police to Arrest Cat for Stealing His Bacon

(Unrelated photo by Cara Fealy Choate) The emergency services dispatcher for the West Yorkshire Police answered the call.

An Upcoming Frozen Parody To Die For

Frozen parodies are a dime a dozen on the interwebs, and aside from a few purposely funny performances they’re pretty standard fare.

Pooping Is Logical: A Potty Training Book for Vulcan Kids

Potty training story books are an entire genre of young children's literature. But, sadly, most of those books are directed at human children and feature only human characters.

Classic Viral Videos That Put YouTube on the Map

"Charlie Bit My Finger" YouTube Link Considering the impact the existence of YouTube has had on the internet experience as we know it, it's hard to imagine that the service is only ten years old.

Nichelle Nichols Will Fly on a NASA Mission

(Image: CBS) Actress Nichelle Nichols played Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek television series. Now, at the age of 82, she's leaving Starfleet for service with NASA.

Just The Br'er Facts About Song Of The South

Song of the South is one of the most controversial animated films ever made by Disney, and because of the controversy the animated adaptation of Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus stories has never been released on home video.

Dead Fusion - Dragon Balls Don't Work In South Park

Dead Fusion by Akairos Kenny was getting used to being an immortal superhero when the Dragon fighter Yamcha arrived from outer space.

Owl Given Library Card

(Photo: University of Bath) Yoda is an owl with a job. A handler brings him to the library of the University of Bath to drive off seagulls that settle on the building and cause mischief for students and staff.

Things Kids Misunderstand

No matter how thoroughly parents think they explain the world to their children, they can’t cover everything, because it’s difficult to remember what a context-free life is like.

A Cone Is the Perfect Way to Eat Spaghetti

(Photo: Devon Knight/The Guardian) The Spaghetti Incident, a new restaurant in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, has devised an ingenious way to get people to buy its spaghetti.

NBC Explains KISS To The Viewing Audience Of 1977

(Image Link) KISS seems fairly tame by today’s standards, since Black and Death Metal have taken rock to far darker places than KISS ever could, but back in 1977 those four guys in the facepaint and crazy getups caused quite a stir.

Vintage Family Photos of Young Celebrities with Their Moms

Brooke Shields This collection of family photos capture moments between mothers, sons and daughters, many from show business or high-profile families that have one generation of celebrity after another.

The Most Embarrassing Moments In Iron Man's History

Iron Man is a wisecracker when he wants to be, super serious and soldiery when he needs to be, and generally a good tempered fellow.

Super Insects Unite!

Insects have superpowers -some more so than others. This is from the fairly new webcomic They Can Talk.

Every Day for the Past 2 Years, This Man Has Played "Taps" to His Neighborhood

(Video Link) It has become a familiar, even expected experience in a neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington.