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Something's Not Right About These PS2 Games

(Images Via azjabar) Gamers don’t always purchase games based on the look of the cover art, especially if they already know what to expect when they bring the game home, but the crazy cover art on these pirated Playstation 2 games spotted by Imgur user azjabar in an Iraqi market might make someone think twice before buying.

This Pile of Spaghetti and Meatballs Is Actually a Cake

Ann Reardon is the baker responsible for the Twitter and Instagram logo cakes. She made this birthday cake for her husband.

Fun With Dick And Bruce

Dick and Bruce by djkopet Being a superhero is part physical and part mental, but with a whole lotta imagination, and a buddy who shares in your love of superheroes, you can skip the whole training routine and go straight to fighting crime!

Butterfly Street Art Project - Swarm The World

Street art comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but the most dynamic evolution of outlaw art is the introduction of dynamic mediums beyond paintings, posters or stencils.

Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco

(YouTube link) This is a music video for Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 in E-Minor, or at least a few minutes of it.

Finally! Shopping Center Introduces Passing Lane

(Photo: Meadowhall) I'm a fast walker. When I'm moving around, I'm trying to get at my destination, not enjoy the scenery.

Game of Thrones Three-Eyed Crow

In the TV series Game of Thrones, a three-eyed crow appeared to one character in a dream. Allis Markham is a taxidermist who runs the blog Prey.

Beware The Claw Machine, For It Craves Children!

(Video Link) Kids and claw machines- what was once a novelty grade emergency has become an epidemic. Across the globe unsuspecting children are being swallowed up by ravenous claw machines no longer satisfied with mere quarters.

Fanesca: Ecuadorian Easter Soup

Fanesca is a traditional soup recipe for Easter in Ecuador. It is only made for Easter because the preparation is time-consuming, with a lot of ingredients, and the recipe makes a large batch.

Sensational Stories From The Bat Cave

In honor of the year-long celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary, Fast Company asked some past and present Batman insiders to share remembrances of the Caped Crusader.

Adventure Time's BMO Becomes a Reality

(Video Link) BMO is a character on the cartoon Adventure Time. S/he/it (BMO's gender is either undetermined, non-existent, or non-binary depending on the fan theory you subscribe to) is an electronic console that serves as a VCR, a computer game platform, a toaster, and more.

Spoofing the Son

You would be forgiven for first thinking this is one of those “30 years later” photo recreations, but no.

Don't Be Hatin' On My Regeneratin'

They See Me Regeneratin' They Hatin' by AmdyDesign When those robots see me rollin', regeneratin', they always get all fired up because they hatin'!

11 Weird Varieties of Scotch Eggs

The Scotch egg is a delicious staple of British pub food. Traditionally, it consists of a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage crumbs, then deep fried.

The Cats of YouTube

(YouTube link) Artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick drew illustrations of the most popular cat videos of the past few years and animated them to make this video.

An Up Dollhouse

For a few weeks, artist James Hance (a Neatorama favorite) has been working on a dollhouse for his daughter Maddy.

Bagvertising - Creative Shopping Bag Designs

Shopping isn’t supposed to be a boring chore, it’s supposed to be fun and the whole experience should make people feel good about their purchases.

This Week at Neatorama

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, everyone! I hope the weather is looking as good for you as it does where I live -the sun is shining, the dogwoods are blooming, and the tomato seedlings can stay outside 24 hours a day.

Caleb Cole Wears Other People's Clothes

Photographer Caleb Cole is having a bit of an identity crisis, and he’s trying to work through it by becoming other people.

Cats in Shades

(YouTube link) The Shironekoshiro cats, the most laid-back cats in the world, enjoy a little springtime outside with their fashionable sunglasses protecting their eyes.