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Barack Obama Does “Uptown Funk”

(YouTube link) Fadi Saleh of the YouTube channel baracksdubs has been working steadily to edit the president into singing songs for years now.

Child Illustrates 80s Pop Music

Lost in Your Eyes, Debbie Gibson Little Sam Burnett firsr heard Devo's song Whip It when he was about two years old, and he couldn't get enough.

Facehuggers - Misguided Feline Affection

Facehuggers by Matt Parsons Everybody is always talking about those xenomorphic facehuggers that look like alien bugs, but what about the furry facehuggers that we've let into our homes?

Florida Woman Tells Police She Knew Truck Was Stolen, But Not “That Stolen”

(Photo: Scott Davidson) There are degrees of stolenness. Something can be just a smidgen stolen. Something else can be fairly well stolen.

Why Children Need to Be Quiet

(vimeo link) Children make up a particularly gullible audience, so its very tempting to impress them with whatever nonsense you want to concoct, and sometimes those tall tales have a positive effect.

This Cup Lets Astronauts Sip Espresso in Zero Gravity

(Photo: Portland State University) Italy plans to send an espresso machine to the International Space Station later this year, which has prompted this innovative cup design.

10 Unsettling Urban Legends from the Battlefields of History

Tales born in the confusion of battle can sometimes grow and change considerably by the time they get to you, particularly stories from long long ago.

What Inevitably Happens When 5 Guys Have a Bubble Wrap Factory All to Themselves

Admit it: you would do this, too. Monday was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, one of the more under-appreciated holidays on the American cultural calendar.

A New Face for Violet

Almost-two-year-old Violet Pietrok’s facial bones didn’t fuse together prenatally, leaving her with a syndrome called Tessier Cleft.

New Guinness World Record: Man Takes 1,449 Selfies in One Hour

(Photo: Patrick Peterson) I have never taken a selfie, so I am very, very far behind Patrick Peterson, a cornerback on the Arizona Cardinals football team.

NeatoMail Exclusive Hoodie Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our latest NeatoMail exclusive giveaway: Neatoramanaut Carmen has chosen this awesome "Periodic Mario Table" by Zarkan - wise choice and perfect for the chilly winter weather we've been having!

Homemade Gas-powered Horse

(YouTube link) Su Daocheng is a farmer in a China and a self-taught mechanical genius. He built this gas engine-powered horse to help him plow his fields, but I honestly don’t see him getting a lot of that done, at least in this version.

"Dead" Cat Claws out of Grave 5 Days Later

(Photo: Tampa Humane Society) Someone in Tampa, Florida hit Bart the cat with a car. He was lying, apparently lifeless, in a pool of his own blood in the road when his owner, Ellis Hutson, found him.

Walking With Rob And Stan - After Con Apocalypse

Walking With Rob and Stan by Chip Skelton Wade had finally started hanging out with the comic book in crowd when the zombie apocalypse swept through the nerd con like a bad stench.

“If You Are Eating Chocolate, How Do You Know When to Stop?” – Being Black in China

(Video Link) “Why are you black?” If you’re a black person visiting China, you may get asked this question.

Auschwitz 70 Years On

View image | Seventy years ago, on January 27th, 1945, the Soviet army liberated the Auschwitz network of concentration camps.

Cartoons Paused At Just The Right Moment Makes Them Seem Oh So Wrong

Have you ever sat around pausing movies or television shows hoping to land on just the right moment so you can have a good laugh at the out-of-context hilarity on the screen?

The Mother ‘Hood

(YouTube link) A large number of apparently first-time parents gather at the neighborhood park to defend their baby care choices by snarking at those who have selected a different path.

A Tiny Violin Shop inside a Violin

(Photo: Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniature) During her lifetime, Tucson, Arizona philanthropist Pat Arnell has collected a wide array of ornate, high-quality miniatures.

Doc or Crock: 6 Recent “Documentaries” That Have Been Accused of Being Fake

You remember that “documentary” about Megalodon that headlined Shark Week a couple of years ago, don’t you?