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Dog Drives Toddler Around in Electric Car

(YouTube link) Oliver has a tiny electric car just big enough for himself, but he’s managed to squeeze in Daisy the dog, too.

16-Year Old Invents Wheelchair Stroller

(Image: Fox 2) Since she was 5 years old, Sharina Jones of Detroit, Michigan has used a wheelchair. When she recently became a mom, she found a new obstacle to overcome: it was impossible to use a conventional stroller while in her wheelchair.

Visit These Real-Life Literary Horror Houses

As we turn to our October habit of reading, watching, and re-enacting horror stories, you may wonder about those who wrote those stories, their inspirations, and their environments.

Viral Pinterest Photos That Are Fake

Most of you have probably never heard of the moon melon -unless you're a regular Pinterest user. In that case, you probably know that this Japanese melon will "switch flavors after you eat it -everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, etc." Of course, there's a reason most people haven't heard of it -it's not real!

11 Books That Scared Master of Horror Stephen King

Author Stephen King | Image: Pinguino It would likely take a well written and original horror tale to impress the master of that book genre, Stephen King.

Bobo Fett - His Performances Will Blow You Away!

Bobo Fett by Don Calamari Due to a clerical error the bounty hunting Fett once known as Boba has been forced to transform his look to fit his silly new name Bobo.

To Scale: The Solar System

Robert Krulwich addresses the problem of our human inability to understand the vastness of space. There are no words to adequately describe it, so he falls back on the poetic description in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Drunk Squirrel Thrown out of Bar after Causing £300 of Damage

(Photo: Peter Trimming) Some people are happy drunks. Others are friendly drunks. The squirrel in this story, unfortunately, is an angry drunk.

Pumpkin Spiced Salmon

This picture of pumpkin spice salmon was posted as an example of the trend taken too far. Then in the discussion at reddit, salmon lovers said this sounds pretty good, if you don’t put any sugar in the spices.

Amazing Street Drummer Uses Trash to Make Music

(Video Link) Dario Rossi is a drummer from Italy. He bills himself as the Techno Street Drummer because he plays techno music at a furious pace on city streets as a busker.

How Movie Titles Get Lost in Translation

International markets for Hollywood movies are more lucrative than ever, but the quality of the translations has suffered tremendously over the past couple of decades.

Amazingly Realistic Wax Sculptures Of Famous Characters

If you're gonna make hyper realistic wax sculptures of people you might as well use some of the most recognizable and beloved people, with those famous faces we love, as your inspiration.

Bipedal Bear is Back

YouTube Link In August of last year, Neatorama featured a video of a bear walking on two legs through the suburbs of New Jersey. Now it appears as if this celebrated bipedal bear is back in action, having recently been sighted in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

New Fashion: Carrying Models Upside Down

(Photo: Francois G Durand/WireImage) Never mind how it looks. This is what the cool people are wearing these days.

Petri Dish Art Competition Winners

The American Society for Microbiology held an art contest. Yes, scientists, specifically microbiologists, created artworks by growing microbes in an agar medium in Petri dishes.

A Craigslist Ad Worthy of Pulitzer Prize

(Photo of Boston by Glenn Beltz) Charley Locke of Wired suggests that this ad from the Boston missed connections section of Craiglist deserves a literary prize.

Bored Now - Willow Does Not Weep For The Life She Left Behind

Bored Now by Emilie Boisvert When Buffy arrived in Sunnydale a young girl by the name of Willow was transformed by the presence of a slayer in her life.

Five Facts About MMA Fighting Not Seen On TV

All forms of professional fighting have rules that were put in place to help fighters stay alive and ready for their next fight, and the only cheats you could ever sneak by would be small scale stuff.

How NASA and Ridley Scott Collaborated to Make The Martian

The making of the movie The Martian seems almost like a fairy tale, or more specifically, a Horatio Alger-type success story.

Disney Princess Hot Dogs

(Photo: Anna Hezel) From left to right, you see Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and Pocahontas. Brilliant! If you think that the Disney Princess meme had been exhausted, you're wrong.