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The World's Weirdest Flowers

Have you ever noticed that the seed pods of a snapdragon flower looks just like a string of human skulls?

Leonard Nimoy Once Gave Wonderful Advice to a Struggling Mixed-Race Teen

The internet is in mourning right now. Most of us never actually met Leonard Nimoy. But we feel his loss.

Cat Patrols House Via Dump Truck

YouTube Link Cats cruisin' around the house in remote-controlled dump trucks: becauseRoombas are so 2013.

Pool Table Gravestone

(Photo: The gravestone for Leon and Sharon Gossett in Floral Hill Cemetery, Iroquois County, Illinois looks like a pool table.

World's Largest Airplane, Developed by Paul Allen

YouTube Link In a story that brings to mind The Aviator Howard Hughes, Paul Allen's project, the largest airplane in history, has materialized.

Perfect Date - Solo No More

Perfect Date by Wirdou Han knew just where to take Leia on their first official date- to watch the Death Star slowly crumble into a billion pieces.

Genius Invents the Ultimate Computer Workstation

(Photo: unknown) Who is this kid? I don't know. But he has earned the respect of all humanity for devising the perfect way to use a touchscreen interface.

Why People See a Different Colored Dress

(YouTube link) Now that everyone is arguing over the color of a dress, AsapSCIENCE steps in to explain how people perceive and interpret colors differently.

Leonard Nimoy, RIP

(Image: CBS) American actor Leonard Nimoy, best remembered for playing Spock on Star Trek, died today at the age of 83.

Dogs And Babies So Cute You'll Want To Eat Them All Up!

Animals and children possess the power of inherent cuteness, a built in ador-ability that can soften the hardest hearts and elicit an "awww!

How to Say Selfie, Photobomb, Emoji, and Other Internet Slang in Sign Language

The ASL sign for "duck face." Languages are never fixed, but constantly changing and adapting as new words enter into common use and the new meanings attached to old words.

21 Facts About House of Cards

Image: Netflix Ever since House of Cards Season One premiered on Netflix streaming service February 1, 2013, the series has been a hit.

13-Year Old Drinking Prodigy Accepted into College

(Video Link) Colleges and universities are always on the lookout for young athletes with prodigious talent.

Strangers on a Beach: The Origins of Tom Ripley

Patricia Highsmith's most memorable supervillain was inspired by a chance encounter. But how fictional was he really?

Table for Two

Artist Shani Ha placed this unique interactive art installation at a street corner bistro in New York City.

Guitars Capable of Making the Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve Parsecs

Doni’s Custom Guitars has made two fully functional guitars out of Millennium Falcon models. The Han Solo Guitar is a standard six-string electric guitar, and what they call the Rebel Bass Guitar is a four-string bass.

Spiders Are Amazing - The Spectacular Arachnid Dude

Spiders Are Amazing by Barrett Biggers Most spiders surround themselves with webloads of food and a collection of hollow carcasses, but there's one spider who has chosen to use his arachnid abilities for good rather than food.

The Cutest Guinea Pig Cosplayer Ever

Chikuwa is the cutest guinea pig in Tokyo--and the best cosplayer, too! She dresses like her favorite characters, such as Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, Chun-Li from Street Fighter, and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

The Horrible History Of The World's Most Notorious Mental Asylum

The word “bedlam” means chaos to modern ears, and that meaning came from the British asylum known as Bedlam, short for Bethlehem Royal Hospital.

Parents Get Bright Red Tattoos to Match Their Daughter's Birthmark

(Photo: Michelle Rawlins) Honey-Rae Phillips of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, was born with a string of bright birthmarks stretching from her right foot up her leg and that side of her body.