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The Glass Slipper

If you've ever worn transparent plastic shoes, you know how weird and sweaty they can be. Imagine if they were all that and liable to break into dangerous shards, and you can see that a glass slipper is not the best choice in footwear.

Dogzilla - Kaiju Kartoon Show Go!

Dogzilla by Vahlia The Land Of The Rising Sun wishes their artists had come up with Jake the dog because they're dead tired of being stomped into oblivion by Zillas and Ras so a stretchy dog would be a refreshing change of pace.

How the Star Trek Punch Became the Worst Fight Move on TV

Captain Kirk fought the alien Gorn in the Star Trek episode "Arena" in 1967. It was a lame fight, often called the lamest fight ever.

An Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman

Screen Junkies wades into the water to dare give us an Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman. Let's be honest, they liked the movie as much as the rest of us did.

The Strange Post-Fame Lives Of Famous Celebrities

Very few actors stay in the business of show for their entire lives, and even many Hollywood lifers have been known to take a year or ten off to pursue interests other than acting.

Bringing Smallpox Vaccination to the New World

Smallpox is considered to be a leading factor in the European conquest of the Americas, as the accidental introduction of the disease wiped out entire populations of existing New World civilizations.

Scottish Man Comparing Water (With Subtitles)

The water wars are heating up on grocery store shelves around the world, as waters from different regions battle it out for your bucks claiming you can taste the difference in quality and price.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Mythos Figure From a Movie Not Yet Made

There's still no official announcement of an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, although people connected with the project have talked about it.

A Colorful Map Showing The Top Baby Names Of 2016 By State

When a baby name is trendy it spreads through neighboring families like a virus, making the kids with truly original names stand out in a classroom full of Taylors, Logans and Zoes.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie District 9

The 2009 movie District 9 was Neill Blomkamp's first feature film, an expansion of his short Alive in Joberg.

These Animals Look Like They're Posing For The Cover Of Their Band's New Album

Animals don't have to pretend to be cool or put on airs when they're hangin' with their buds because they were born too cool to care, and they look cooler just sitting there not posing for a pic than any human ever could.

Insanely Realistic Disney Cosplay

Jonathan Stryker is a cosplayer who transforms himself into all kinds of characters, but last month, he staged his "Disney week" on Instagram.

Vindicators Tee - Crocu-Whaaaaaat?

Vindicators Tee by zerobriant When heroes reach totally super cool status they live on forever thanks to all the merch created with their image emblazoned upon it, and after a while people forget whether those heroes ever actually existed at all.

Declare Your Love Of Science Fiction With A NeatoShop T-Shirt

Space Unicorn by Steven Rhodes It's a great time to be a science fiction fan, because with all the new sci-fi franchises being created and all our old favorites coming back better than ever we'll never run out of great stuff to watch and read and play!

Ducks Amok

(Image: @Sarahsumbrella) There seems to be a problem with wildlife in Britain, with ducks invading, and even scarecrows getting in on the action.

The Epic Heels of Zombie Peepshow

Some women like functional flats and some prefer fancy heels, but it takes a special kind of girl to appreciate the wildly over-the-top heels made by Etsy seller Zombie Peepshow.

Skunk Research Review

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Here Comes the Sun

As we approach the autumnal equinox on Friday, the Southern Hemisphere is approaching the spring equinox.

Toons Discover Household Things

Manik n Ratan is an artist in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some his works are whimsical drawings of little people and little monsters that incorporate real-life household objects.

7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride was released on September 27, 1987, which means it will soon be 30 years since it hit theaters.