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Burglary Victim Finds Himself Standing Next to Suspect at the Police Station

(Photo: ABC) A burglar in Melbourne, Australia stole two expensive surfboards from Ross Moresi, who is pictured above.

Geoff Beattie’s Rich Dark Fruit Cake

Geoff Beattie stills lives in the Queensland, Australia, house where he grew up. Now 68, he’s had an eventful life: wooing his wife, Elaine, over her father’s objections, building a dairy farm, and raising children.

Summer Movies 2014: Hits and Misses

Believe it or not, despite how many massive movies came and went this summer, movies in general did not do as well this summer as projected.

The Galaxy Beard

Redditor delpaint often does arty things with his glorious beard. This one is called the Galaxy Beard, and it came with a long-term contract of sorts.

Let This Guy Be Your Guide To An Ugly LSU Frat Brawl

When a bunch of frat boys started brawling their yuppified brains out on the LSU parade grounds one intrepid reporter dared to film the fight with his smartphone, adding his own comedic reactions to the tragic scene: (YouTube Link) His name is Skinny Vadamalez, and he just happened to find himself ringside for the Greek letter organization battle of the month, which gave birth to a brief yet hilarious video he called "When White People Fight".

Krispy Kreme Makes a Box of 2,400 Donuts

(Photos: Krispy Kreme UK) Be a pal and pick up a box of donuts while you're out, okay? This one will do nicely.

Logic Power - A Vulcan Revolutionary

Logic Power by Chibi T-Shirts Spock had always been a fan of revolution, especially when it involved people fighting for their basic rights against an unjust ruler, but there was something about Earth's 1960s that really captured his imagination.

Dog Throws a Tantrum When Told It's Time to Go Home

(Video Link) It's been fun swimming, but now it's time to go home. But your 4-year old isn't ready. She wants to keep playing in the water.

Trailer For Tim Burton's Upcoming Movie Big Eyes

Tim Burton is known for his kooky creature creations, his dark and quirky sense of humor, and the touch of classic cinematic style he adds to every film, and since he's always reinventing himself fans will always find something new to love about his movies.

7 Incredible Natural Phenomena You May Have Never Seen

Image Credit:Rolf van Mellis Weather is a fairly compelling spectacle. Not just weather itself, but some of the weirder weather phenomena that occurs throughout the world.

Salvador Dali's Illustrations For The Twelve Signs Of The Zodiac

Salvador Dali wasn’t known for being a particularly spiritual person, although he believed that he was a reincarnation of his dead older brother.

Angry Swan Supervises Cygnet Rescue

(YouTube link) Have you ever heard the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished"? Simon Cowell of Wildlife Aid got a call about a cygnet (baby swan) stuck in a chain link fence along the Thames.

Meet The Suitsy - A Business Suit And Onesie Hybrid

Folks who have to wear a suit to work on a daily basis know what a pain it is to put on their suit piece by piece, only to take it all off again as soon as they get home.

Los Angeles Lawyer Thought Phony Pictures of Her Hanging With Celebrities Would Boost Biz

Los Angeles-based attorney Svitlana Sangary, on a website advertising her legal services, filled a page with bad Photoshop jobs of herself standing side-by-side with President Obama, George Clooney and Barbra Streisand, among other celebrities.


(YouTube link) This annoying cat wants in, and he won’t take no for an answer! The dialogue is in French, so check the subtitles.

Horse Meat Sushi

I've never eaten horse before, but I'm always game for unusual meats. Horse as sushi? Sure, why not! Casey Baseel of Rocket News 24 informs us that we may associate sushi with raw fish, but the term actually refers to rice mixed with vinegar.

Baby Elephant and Pal Enjoy a Mud Bath

YouTube Link Older female elephant Faa Mai and baby Dok Mai share a joyful moment playing in the mud together at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Metallic Shield - Superheroes And Super Spies

Metallic Shield by Alecxps If the super secret agency known as SHIELD ever had to choose a color to represent their agency chances are they'd choose either black or metallic silver.

A Collection Of Unusual And Easy To Make Halloween Costumes

(Image Link) Taking pride in your costume on Halloween doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on a custom made or professional grade costume, nor does it mean you have to be a talented costumer to create something that looks amazing.  All you really need to create the costume of your dreams are some inspirational images, a few construction guidelines and the right supplies.

The Scariest Music Video You Have Never Seen

Music videos often come across like they want to be bubble gum. They want to be easily accessed and enjoyed by all.