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An Interesting Stream of Water

At first glance, you might think this water is frozen, but it’s flowing. After it’s disrupted, it goes right back to the exact shape it had before, and it looks like its not even moving.

Ranch Day

@HVRanch Check this out! South Dakota student dresses up for 'Ranch Day' in a literal and wonderful way— argusleader (@argusleader) September 22, 2016 Brandon Valley High School in Brandon, South Dakota, held spirit days during homecoming week, in which the students were encouraged to dress up in a different theme each day.

An Animated Crime Movie Starring Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of Disney's most famous features, and even though the fairy tale has been adapted a million times our mind always goes back to the Disney version whenever Snow White is mentioned.

How All 50 State Capitals Got Their Names

It doesn’t matter so much that the 50 cities on this list are state capitals, because any list of town name origins contains some interesting stories.

These Disturbingly Realistic Masks Seem Appropriate For The 2016 Election

(Image Link) No matter who you're voting for or what your political beliefs may be you have to agree on one thing- Hillary, Donald and (formerly) Bernie aren't the most attractive candidates who've ever run for president.

Biggy Pop

Biggy + Muppet Iggy = #BiggyPop #Biggy #Muppets #Cockatoo #Moluccan #cockatoosofinstagram #Birds #birdsofinstagram #Pets #Iggy #IggyPop #BreakIntoYourHeart #PostPopDepression #FF A video posted by BiggyPop (@biggypop) on Sep 30, 2016 at 3:53am PDT Iggy Pop has a cockatoo he adores named Biggy Pop.

Frida Guy - Art History Is A Lie

Frida Guy by Katie Clark Art Not all of the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens appreciate fine art, but the little Shy Guys are huge admirers of art, and their paintings and sculptures fill the halls of Bowser's castle.

Nature Is All About Balance

There are some beautiful sights to behold if you can manage to detach your eyeballs from the various screens in your house and take them outside, because nature videos ain't got nothin' on nature live.

Salsa Tequila

Americans may get the impression that Europeans speak all European languages, mainly because they often learn several languages.

Heavenly Photos Taken From An Airplane Cockpit

Flying a plane seems like a nerve-wracking experience, especially when people are relying on you to fly them safely to their destination, but one of the rewards is that heavenly view pilots get to see from the cockpit.

The $21,000 Airplane Seat

Casey Neistat makes videos about his life that make the rest of us wonder why we even bother. He recently managed to get an upgrade on his Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to New York City.

Underrated X-Men Who Are Secretly Awesome

(Image Link) There have been so many mutants on the X-Men roster it's hard to keep track of them all, and minor league mutants like Jubilee and Shatterstar are often overshadowed by A-listers like Wolverine and Jean Grey.

Get A Tattoo, Get Free Burgers For Life

Like burgers? Live in Australia? Well, you could get free burgers for life from Cafe 51 if you get a burger tattoo.

10 Secrets of the White House Calligraphers

In 2013, pundits criticized the Obama administration for spending nearly $280,000 a year on three White House calligraphers.

Jack Russell Terriers vs. Garden Hose

(Facebook link) In this cute video frmo Mark Hughes, five Jack Russell terriers are getting their pool filled.

How an L.A. Printer Kept the Art of the Album Cover Alive

As music media became digital in the ‘80s with CDs, and later on with MP3s and now streaming, many audiophiles missed the rich analog sound of vinyl albums.

The People Who Slowly Turn to Bone

Stone Man Syndrome is a very rare condition in which a person’s tissues turn to bone. Ratherm when the body tries to repair anything, it uses bone tissue, even when that's not appropriate.

Nyarlathotep - Can I Play With Crawling Chaos?

Nyarlathotep by Azhmodai You know what they say- the harder a god's name is to pronounce the more messed up and wicked the god, which is why Nyarlathotep has such a fearsome reputation.

Guys Taste Test A $4 Burger And A $777 Burger To See How They Measure Up

Foodies are paying a fortune these days for basic burgers they believe to be "gourmet" because they're made with upscale ingredients that make them worth the inflated price.


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