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Big Hair Pageant

Poor Steve, he put so much effort in his coiffure. But when you’re born with one big hair, there’s no competition.

Silverware Solo Rocks the House

YouTube Link In a video he calls "I'm starving, man," the reason being "this happens every time I go to eat," YouTube user Aslam Hossein reminds viewers that music can be made with almost any ordinary item.

Beauty as Duty

In England during World War II, clothing and fabric was rationed, woman had to register for wartime jobs, and money was scarce.

Adam Savage's 'Alien' Spacesuit Lets Him Go Incognito At Comic-Con

Cosplayers put a lot of time, energy and skilled effort into constructing their costumes, often spending weeks if not months putting their outfit together, building accessories and getting the overall look just right before hitting the Comic-Con floor.

50 Words That Sound Rude But Actually Aren't

Once while giving a driving lesson, I told my daughter to quit pussyfooting around. She became highly offended that I would use such language, and didn’t learn a thing that day besides that her mother has a vulgar vocabulary.

Ninja Warrior Phenom Tackles Assassin's Creed Experience At SDCC

People were lining up under the hot California sun all weekend long just to take a crack at Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Experience obstacle course, but something tells me nobody tackled the course quite like Kacy Catanzaro.

Reverse Dog Shaming

(Image: redditor: drain65) We've seen dog shaming--where humans place signs in front of their dogs, calling out their disgraceful behavior in the first person.

Wholock: The Musical

(YouTube link) If you were going to mashup Doctor Who and Sherlock, you may as well make it a musical.

Hide Your Conditioner Like A Pro -Literally

Central air conditioning is pretty much amazing -but the compressor units are one of the biggest eyesores on the backside of your house.

The Holy Grail Redux

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research. by Steve Nadis Cambridge, Massachusetts In an earlier paper ("In Search of the Holy Grail," AIR 2:2), I presented the first rigorous analysis of the meaning of the "holy grail" -- a term that is ubiquitous in science journalism and academic prose, ascribed, at one time or another, to just about every "big" scientific question in virtually every major discipline.

Walmart: Home of Faux Ice Cream

YouTube Link Dan Collins, a disc jockey at KIKN Radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, got a tip that Walmart Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches don't melt.

The Garbage Dress

Robin Barcus Slonina is an artist who creates novel items of clothing from unusual materials, such as a bikini made out of poker chips and a dress made of wiffle balls.

Dog Plays Waltz on Piano

(YouTube link) Bella the German Shepherd plays piano, with the help of Dani Rosenoer. The ridiculousness of the piano playing dog is enough to make me laugh, but wait until Bella has a treat and then has to make sure every little crumb is found and consumed!

Creative Writing Prompt: "Oh God Where Is My Gun!"

That's the title of this compelling painting by Vitaly S. Alexius. There's more context available. But I'd like to leave it at just the title.

Magic Numbers

(YouTube link) Check out this amazing method for learning how to multiply! Well, it’s an amazing story for learning, specifically, what 4 x 9 is.

Thrift Store Paintings With Added Touches

Toronto, Ontario-based artist David Irvine thinks green in his life and in his art. In fact, his art, which is sold under the name "The Gnarled Branch," is based on the idea of repurposing and transformiing objects that might otherwise end up in landfills.

Brilliant Pediatrician Knows How to Make a Toddler Laugh While Getting Shots

(Video Link) Dr. Michael Darden is a highly trained pediatrician and allergist. But he's more than just a man of science.

Why Are Cans Shaped That Way?

The metal can is an amazing work of food packaging. They are tough, long-lasting, and convenient. But how did we come to agree on the cylindrical shape of food cans?

Watch This Dog Faint from Excitement after Reuniting with Her Owner

(Video Link) Rebecca Ehalt moved to Slovenia. For two years, her dog, Casey, lived with her parents in Pennsylvania.

Next Level Cosplay

Look who showed up at Comic Con! Or are they just the best cosplayers ever? Underneath the clothing of Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega are actor and Elliot Branch and Dave Cobert, who both appeared in the short Killing Tarantino (NSFW) as the characters who inspired Pulp Fiction.