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Mine’s the Red One

Mine's the red one!!— Nick Dempsey (@nickdempsey1) August 23, 2016 Silver medalist Nick Dempsey posted pictures of the British Olympic team’s flight home from Rio.

Fantastic Swords - By The Power Of Our Magic Blades!

Fantastic Swords by Rocky Davies It seems many of the totally radical heroes of the 1980s had one thing in common- their mighty sword, which allowed them to channel their awesomeness and cut the bad guys down to size.

Names For Emotions People Feel But Can't Explain

Humans are so emotionally complex we feel emotions we can't even describe very well, so all of our complex emotions tend to get lumped into generic categories such as anger or sadness.

Processionary Caterpillars

Photographer Dirk Nienaber watched a a group of processionary caterpillars make their way across Perth, Australia.

Michelle Kingdom's Embroidered Narratives

Aside from being one of the most time consuming of the needle arts, embroidery is also (arguably) the most personal way for a textiles-based artist to express themselves.

Angry Desert Rain Frog Squeaks With Displeasure

Man, it must really suck to be the little Desert rain frog in this video by Dean Boshoff, because the ornery little critter is so cute even his scream of displeasure sounds like a squeaky toy!

10 Incredible Homes Made from Mud

While it could be argued that any brick home is “made from mud,” that’s not what this is about. These homes are made from cob, which is an ancient combination of clay-rich soil, water, and straw.

A Huge Collection Of Clever Movie Easter Eggs

Movie easter eggs are fun to hunt with your eyeballs and often so deliciously geeky that you want to share them with friends.

Graphing Calculator: A Game Boy For Math

Neatorama is proud to bring you a guest post from Ernie Smith, the editor of Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter that hunts for the end of the long tail.

An Honest Trailer For The Jungle Book (2016)

Screen Junkies takes a look at the CGI/live action version of The Jungle Book, which will be available on DVD and Blu-ray next week.

The World’s Largest Pearl

A pearl retrieved off the coast of Palawan Island in the Philippines appears to be the biggest natural pearl ever found, much bigger than the current record holder known as the Pearl of Allah.

Guardians Trailer

A supernatural force is threatening the nation, so a secret government agency must locate and assemble a group of mutants with super powers to save the day.

Bill Hicks - I Don't Mean To Sound Bitter... - He's Gone But His Message Lives On

Bill Hicks - I Don't Mean To Sound Bitter... by Dan Avenell It seems no one really knew how bad it would hurt to lose Bill Hicks, and to those who say "his candle burned brightly for a shorter time" I say he should have been born with a longer wick.

Guy Uses Sign To Assure His Mom He's Okay While Traveling Around The World

When people start traveling around the world at a young age they discover one big thing about their lives- all that travelling makes their mothers worry.

Meteorite or Meteorwrong?

Is that neat rock you found a meteorite? Probably not, but to be sure, you might want to use this handy flowchart by Randy L.

Fan Hilariously Nitpicks Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has been out for a few weeks now, so chances are fans who wanted to see it on the big screen already have while the rest of us who are waiting for the DVD no longer care about the hype.

The History Of Mac And Cheese

Young people might be forgiven for thinking that Kraft invented macaroni and cheese. Thomas Jefferson enjoyed it on a diplomatic mission to France- so much that he championed its adoption in America.


We all have to deal with our responsibilities on a daily basis, and even people who consider themselves irresponsible have a personal responsibility to maintain that irresponsibility.

Danny Thompson Continues His Father’s Speed Legacy

There have only been 12 people in the world who have gone over 400 miles an hour in a piston-powered car.

How Different Majors React When Their Party Is Busted By The Cops

Officer, I've diagnosed you with over 20 different disorders from my Psych 101 textbook. Are you sure you want to arrest me, or are you just projecting because of your relationship with your father?