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Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Plush Toys

Plushie lovers generally collect toys because they’re shaped like their favorite characters, or because they’re made by major brands like Gund and Steiff, but the plush works of Wood Splitter Lee are so cool looking they're sure to appeal to any and all plush collectors: Lee calls her creations plush sculptures for a reason- each one is meticulously hand crafted, with poseable skeletons and super realistic yet utterly adorable faces, and as you would expect each soft sculpture costs a pretty penny (from $180 to over $900).

Farmer Uses Elmo Doll as a Scarecrow

Do you want to frighten away animal predators and small children? Get yourself an Elmo doll and tie it by the throat to a wire fence.

Mimi the Baby Baboon

Oakland Zoo knew they had a photogenic girl on their hands early on in Mimi the baby hamadryas baboon's life.

Teenager Builds Backyard Roller Coaster

(YouTube link) David Chesney started building a wooden roller coaster in his backyard in Toronto when he was only 15.

Company Offers Space Funerals for Pets

Does your dog get exited about a trip in the car? Does your cat like the roam around the neighborhood?

Perseids Versus the Supermoon

YouTube Link This video by Science at NASA discusses an upcoming summer evening — August 10th — that sky watchers won't want to miss.

Octopus Protects Eggs for 4.5 Years

A female octopus lays eggs once in her lifetime and dies soon after. But until the eggs hatch, she guards them fiercely, to the point of not eating.

Springfield Is About To Become A Really Crowded Place

Cartoon universes are about to collide in Springfield as both Family Guy and Futurama are set to make appearances in the land of the Flaming Moe.

Working on Friday

It’s been a long week, but the closer we get to the weekend, the slower the workday goes! Why is that?

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Comic-Con Cosplayers The Worst Question Possible

Jimmy Kimmel is like many comedians in that he doesn't seem to have a filter, and when he decided to record a bit for his show Jimmy Kimmel Live at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 he went lower than most Comic-Con coverage has gone before.

Woman Finds IKEA Bags Stuffed with 80 Skeletons

Kicki Karlén was shocked when she checked inside an IKEA bag among a large number of bags in the basement of her church in Kläckeberga parish, Sweden, and saw a human skeleton.

Swan Puts a Sudden End to Zoo Selfie

YouTube Link A visitor to Great Bend Zoo in Kansas attempted to take a selfie with a trumpeter swan habitat in the background, and the swan apparently had an objection to that idea.

Independent Artists At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was bigger than ever in terms of attendance, and yet it was lacking the large Hollywood presence that has made the last few years unbearably crowded in the exhibit hall, which means there was plenty of room for independent artists to set up and share their graphic creations.

Silverware Solo Rocks the House

YouTube Link In a video he calls "I'm starving, man," the reason being "this happens every time I go to eat," YouTube user Aslam Hossein reminds viewers that music can be made with almost any ordinary item.

Last Year, Parents Named 262 American Babies "Kale"

(Photo: Connoisseur 4 the Cure) 257 were female and 5 were male. That makes it only the 827th most popular baby name, far behind the endless hordes of Noahs and Emmas.

Tickling a Fawn

(YouTube link) Justin Lewis is an electrical lineman in Kentucky. He and his crew were cutting trees and limbs one day and found a fawn hidden in the way of the tree fall.

The 30 Best Dr. Seuss Mashups

(Image: Bill Mudron) Theodor Geisel did not live long enough to illustrate everything, which is a shame.

A Five Story Leap Of Faith Into A Swimming Pool

When one of your friends has a pool close enough to jump into from the roof of the house people will take the leap, even if they’re just trying to show off, but would those same people attempt this insane leap?

14 Fantastic Windows We Long to Look Through

Generally speaking, the beauty of a window is that it allows you to look outside into the big, wonderful world.

A Fresh Start: Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Ctrl + Alt + Delete started as a trade secret. Then it became an icon. (Image credit: Flickr user StephenMitchell) In the spring of 1981, David Bradley was part of a select team working from a nondescript office building in Boca Raton, Fla.