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ᚼᛒ: Harald Bluetooth and Your Phone

Have you ever wondered why your Bluetooth is called that, and where that symbol came from? Me neither, even when mine stopped working this morning.

We're in Love With These T-Rex Engagement Photos

There are some really beautiful engagement photos out there, but let's face it -most of them are pretty similar.

Hylian Warrior - Don't Judge Him By His Size, Because He's No Greenhorn

Hylian Warrior by ddjvigo He's the hero in green, the legend named Link who was busy saving the world before he was full grown, but lately he's been taking way too many breaks in-between adventures, leaving his loyal fans itching for more like full blown junkies.

Will Giraffe Milk Become The Latest Fad Superfood?

(Image Link) It seems like a new superfood is announced every other week, and that word "superfood" rolls off the tongue so smoothly people can't wait to share what they've read about the latest "superfood".

The 2017 Razzie Nominations

The Golden Raspberry Awards, affectionately known as the Razzies, salute the worst movies of the year.

Beautiful Waterfalls From Around the World

There are so many beautiful places in the world and waterfalls tend to always be on that list. Over on Travel and Leisure, you can see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

These Wolverine Knockoffs Are The Second Best There Is At What They Do

Wolverine is (arguably) the most successful knockoff character of all time, largely because the fine folks at Marvel worked hard to set their character apart from Lone Wolf/Timber Wolf, the DC character that inspired Wolvie.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The official name of the eighth episode of the Star Wars saga (which many are now calling 'the Skywalker saga') has been announced: Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

KFC Beijing is Introducing Facial Recognition Ordering

Are you afraid of future technologies using facial recognition software to track your every movement and action?

The Dark Side Of Star-Lord You Never Hear About

For many of us, the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy was the first time we encountered Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians and an all-around relatable hero with a sense of humor.

Israeli Artist Shames Those Making Light of Berlin's Holocaust Memorial

There's no single right way to behave at a Holocaust memorial, but as a general rule, visitors should be respectful -and practicing parkour, doing gymnastics, juggling and snapping selfies are all examples of disrespectful behavior.

The Hidden Room Behind Mount Rushmore

Sculptor Gutzon Borglum was responsible for the monument to four presidents carved into Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

This Dog Holds the Guinness Title for the World's Longest Tail

We recently introduced you to the new world's tallest dog and now it's time to meet the new holder of the "world's longest tail" Guinness title.

Believe In Pugcorns - They'll Cast A Spell On You

believe in pugcorns by NemiMakeit There are plenty of fake fantastic beasts out there, from the magical unicorns people claim to see prancing around the forest to those fire breathing dragons they see flying across the sky.

Real-Life Horror Movie Locations

The following article is from the new book Uncle John’s Uncanny Bathroom Reader. Looking for a theme for your next road trip?

Make Yourself Look Cuter Than You Really Are With Meitu

Apps like Snapchat and Instagram do all kinds of funny things with people's faces when their filters are applied to a photo, but most of these filters are silly and don't improve the look of the person in the photo.

A Photographer's Look Back at the 1980s Dancehall Scene

Ska and rocksteady started in Jamaica in the 1960s and eventually evolved into reggae, dub, dancehall and ragga.

Truck Driver Loses His Marbles

#Breaking A truck driver has lost his marbles... Literally, 38,000 pounds of them on I-465 SB at the 41mm No , for— Sgt.

This 9-Year-Old Boxer Chops Trees With Her Fists

Many adults put on a show and act real tough when they're out in public, using their macho attitude as a way to hide their social anxiety, but if a young kid was born tough they don't have to act- they just show off their skills.

Sir Ian McKelin Knows How to Protest

(Image via Twitter) The Women's Marches that took place across the globe yesterday weren't just attended by women.