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Raw Tuna and Other Wild Parfaits from Japan

(Photo: Tokimeki Rukuki) Japan is hardcore about its frozen desserts. We've previously seen a parfait that is topped with not a cherry, but an entire slice of cake.

Ellen's Appearance on Game of Thrones

(YouTube link) Ellen Degeneres returns to her standup roots for a guest appearance on the HBO show Game of Thrones.

Fun Custom Furniture Pieces By Straight Line Designs

Whimsical home furnishings abound these days, but furniture design is still generally kept on the straight and narrow, functional without being too outlandish looking.

Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves

(Image Via Lo Siento Studio) (Image Via Cecilia Uhr) Sometimes all it takes to sell a product is a clever name, a likeable mascot or an eye-catching package design.

Dog Testifies in French Murder Case

(Cell Phone Reception t-shirt now on sale at the NeatoShop) Be good to your pets. They may finger your killer someday.

How Sloths Breathe Upside-down

Sloths spend a lot of time hanging from tree branches, often upside-down. In other animals, this would cause the liver and intestines to press down on the lungs and make breathing difficult.

A Time-Lapse Stop Motion Trip Around The City Of Light

(Video Link) The City of Light is full of so much beauty that it has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated, but this time lapse stop motion short by Mayeul Akpovi called Paris In Motion Part 4 does a great job of showing off the finer points of Parisian beauty.

The Fifth Element - 8-Bit Cinema Edition

(Video Link) Cult classic sci-fi flick The Fifth Element is beloved by fans for its original sense of humor, vibrant characters, and truly unique twist on the sci-fi genre, but when TFE gets an 8-bit makeover the whole thing becomes even more far out!

What Is It? game 324

It's once again time for our collaboration with the wonderfully entertaining What Is It? Blog. Do you know what the pictured item is?

Hilarious Israeli Airline Safety Video

(Video Link) When you take a flight your life is in the hands of the airline, the pilots and the onboard staff, and normally you trust that they are going to get you where you need to go safe and sound.

The Beautiful Bond University Architecture Building

Most colleges try to have some impressively beautiful buildings, but if there's one department that really needs a stunning home, it's the architecture department -and the new design at Bond University of Queensland, Australia is truly impressive.

The World's Fastest Elevator Will Shoot You Up and Down at 45 MPH

(Unrelated photo via ume-y) The fastest elevator in the world is in Taipei. It moves at 38 miles per hour.

Fingersnapping Super Mario

(YouTube link) I can snap my fingers as well as the next person, but I never knew until today that you (or at least some talented people) can make snapping fingers play different notes.

Playing Golf with 15-Inch Holes

(Photo: Rick Limpert) It's not miniature golf. Far from it--you play on regular golf courses. But Big Hole Golf, as the sport is called, uses holes that are 15-inches across.

To The Bar Princess!

To The Bar Princess by Retro Review Getting kidnapped by a giant fire breathing turtle with a spiked shell can turn you into a bit of a lush, and when your moustachioed beau spends days leaping through the levels to save your royal behind you have a lot of time to drink peach wine and think about how your life is one big game.

Humans Are A Dog's Best Friend

(YouTube link) Ze Frank takes on the persona of a Bassett hound to explain how dogs and humans relate to each other.

The World's Longest Conveyor Belt is 61 Miles Long

(Photo: jbdodane) Western Sahara, a territory currently ruled by Morocco, looks like a desolate place.

Stinky Candles

Would you light a scented candle that boasts of car exhaust smell? How about gasoline, chlorine, body odor, or fish?

50 Years Ago Today: The Only Losing No-Hitter Game in Baseball History

(Photo: cocicoco) The Major League Baseball team of Houston, Texas is the Astros. Before that team adopted its space-themed name, it was known as the Colt .45s.

New Art from Hanksy

The New York parody artist Hanksy has been busy, bringing us more great pun art in several locations.