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Rarely Seen Photographs From Inside Studio 54

Studio 54 made a name for itself by being the kind of place where anything goes, and the trendy New York nightclub was known for playing host to some of the most famous faces of the day.

The Top Killers For Each Season Of The Walking Dead

AMC Imgur userMorbidMalignant made a series of infographics that give credit where credit is due in terms of zombie and people killing on The Walking Dead. The carnage fest is such fun to watch that viewers may have lost count, so these graphics are a handy guide to the slaughter.

This Shaolin Monk May Be Truly Indestructible

Some monks sit and read old bible scripts all day, some sit in silence and pray for the world’s sins, and then there are those monks who train both their bodies and their spirits to become mighty enlightened.

A Few More Things About Abraham Lincoln

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

VHS Cassette Case Art for Modern TV and Movies

Dig that old VCR out of your closet and plug it in. We’ve got a dusty, worn copy of the classic 80s TV show Breaking Bad.

Fear The Beard - A Guide To Hirsute Heroes

Fear The Beard by Butnyes Moustaches are manly but not that scary, but as soon as they become part of a beard the whole hairy look becomes utterly terrifying, that is if you're a villain.

Finally R2-D2 Gets A Chance to Kick Butt

Poor little R2. Not only are his words eternally censored, he's also stuck rolling around on some wheeled legs that are useless in the heat of battle.

A Titanic Collection Of Attack On Titan Theme Song Parody Videos

Attack On Titan is one of the most deliciously dark anime series ever created, and fans of the show have been creating mashups and parodies based on the show’s epic theme song since well before it made its way to the U.S.

Janye Cobb Hat Dress

The bold and brassy Jayne Cobb from Firefly famously wore a ridiculous orange beanie hat because “a man walks down the street in that hat--people know he's not afraid of anything.” Jayne would have done better to wear this crocheted dress by cosplayer Laura of Rebel Among The Stars.

Cute Cosplay Kimonos by Darling Amy

We love cosplay, but let's face it -sometimes you just want to dress up girly without applying a ton of uncomfortable accessories.

Mama Dog Saves All 9 Puppies from Forest Fire by Burying Them in a Hole

(Photo: Megavision) Last week, there was a huge forest fire near Valparaiso, Chile. A mama dog found a way to save all 9 of her young puppies.

Han Burgundy is My New Hero

I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but Han Burgundy, aka Ron Solo, is kind of a big deal. People know him.

Play the Catcordion!

A cat is a musical instrument! Matthew Serge Guy’s cat in particular is highly playable. Open the Catcordion in another tab or window.

9 Swashbuckling Secrets About Disneyland's Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates Of The Caribbean is one of Disneyland's most popular rides, and even though the story inside the ride has been whitewashed and given a Depp makeover in recent years it's still a fan favorite.

Artoo In Love

(YouTube link) Spring, when a young droid’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love! R2D2 falls head over heels for a pretty postal service drop box.

#This_Generation: Our Relationship With Technology

Just when we think our dependence on technology has reached its zenith, another development drives the point home. UK-based Ajit Johnson works with the idea of our society's perpetual plugin with this series of posters called #This_Generation.

Howl's Moving Castle - Adventures In Magical Real Estate

Howl's Moving Castle by Coconut_Design Howl separated himself from human society long ago, and yet he still exists in our world, his strange castle moving across the country still constantly forced to contend with civilization.

Howl's Moving Castle - Adventures In Real Estate

Howl's Moving Castle by Coconut_Design Howl had separated himself from society long ago, and yet he still existed in our world, his strange castle still moving across the world still forced to contend with civilization.

An Honest Trailer for Interstellar

(YouTube link) I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Interstellar yet, but I don’t mind spoilers, and this Honest Trailer certainly has them.

A Toilet Seat Inspired by the MacBook Air

(Photos: Pinkhouse, Tim Malabuyo) It’s sleek, elegant, surprisingly durable, and you use it in the lobby of a Starbucks.