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R2-D2 Airplane

Image: ANAGlobal This B787-9 Dreamliner jet is a collaboration between the Star Wars franchise and the Japanese airline ANA.

A Massive Collection Of Hilarious Protest Signs

(Image Link) Just because you’re out fighting for what you believe in doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with the whole thing, and there’s no better way to bring the funny to a protest than by making a funny sign.

Catholic Priest Watches New Star Wars Trailer

(YouTube link) Father Roderick Vonhögen is a huge Star Wars fan. He wrote a book called Geekpriest, and has a podcast.

The Goofiest Shoes in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’ve mentioned before my earnest wish to visit New York City if for no other reason than to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which must be the greatest art museum in North America.

Stayin' Derp - The Nonchalant Need Not Apply

Stayin' Derp by Bohsky It's easy to stay angry, happy, dopey or sleepy, but stayin' derp- now that takes skills.

14th Century Yoda

We’ve seen some pretty unusual things that pop up in medieval religious manuscripts. Now it appears that one features a certain Jedi master from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The Horror of Washing Dishes

(Books of Adam/Adam Ellis) You've had a long day. But the house is a mess, so it's time to get to work.

A Contender for the Most Demanding First Birthday Invitation Ever

Redditor razz32 obviously saw the entertainment value in this email invitation he received to the celebration (?

Man Pulls Driver to Safety from the Edge of a Cliff

(Photo: AP) According to witnesses in Lewiston, Idaho, Matthew Sitko began driving erratically, then lost control of his SUV.

The Day Charmander Took Over

If you went to reddit at all on Wednesday, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a post about Charmander.

Weightlifting Skateboards

Misha Petrick, an animator in Moscow, made these clever skateboard designs called Strongboards. They make effective use of the visual forms already present in overturned skateboards.

Official Teaser Trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

YouTube Link Here we have the official teaser trailer to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the release of which was moved up by three days after a blurry, pirated version was leaked yesterday.

Red Hot Ball Of Nickel vs. Jawbreaker

(YouTube link) YouTube member carsandwater continues to drop his Red Hot Ball of Nickel on random things to see what happens, this time on a large jawbreaker.

A Gallery of Passports from around the World

The investment company Arton Capital created a world passport index. It shows the covers of what appears to be every legally recognized passport in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Goalkeeper Cat

(YouTube link) Eberti Inacio recorded his son  Pedro Henrique playing soccer with their cat, Sid. Sid is a gifted goalkeeper!

Hayao Stars - Dreams Of An Animated Evening

Hayao Stars by Wirdou Miyazaki went through an impressionistic period that didn't appeal to fans of his animated features yet drove art critics around the world crazy with glee.

Three Friends Challenge Each Other to Find Their Dopplegängers

Harry, Niamh and Terence are three friends who have issued each other an interesting challenge: they have to find their dopplegängers, and everyone in the world is a possible candidate.

An Oral History of Airplane!

Has it really been 35 years since the movie Airplane! came out? Yes it has, and that means an entire generation of viewers needs to learn the history behind the groundbreaking film.

Silverback Gorilla Smashes Glass at Omaha Zoo

YouTube Link Frightened onlookers at the Omaha Zoo watched yesterday as one of the gorillas suddenly rushed the glass of the enclosed exhibit and smashed it.

Man Shoots Armadillo; Hits Mother-In-Law Next Door

A bizarre shooting incident Sunday night in Lee County, Georgia, was determined to be an accident. Larry McElroy fired a 9mm pistol at an armadillo in his yard.