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Cat Rescues Woman Bitten by Venomous Snake

(Photo: Denise Thynne) Man's best friend may be a dog, but this woman loves her cat especially well right now.

Dream Big - Alien Aspirations

Dream Big by Ursulalopez Life is an experiment in making something of yourself, but in order to become someone big you first have to dream big.

Seventeen People Who Ruined Thanksgiving

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be quite an ordeal, especially when you've decided to cook the entire thing by yourself, but recipe writers and those pretty little pictures on the box are mighty encouraging.

The Gävle Goat is Back!

Hi friends! Soon I´m back om my feet, and we shall se each other again! #sharegavle#gavlegoat— Gävlebocken (@Gavlebocken) November 26, 2015 Sweden is celebrating the beginning of the Christmas season in the tradition way -with the Gävle Goat!

Why Does Germany Have So Many Different Names?

(Video Link) In the English language, we call the country Germany. In French, it's Allemange. In Danish, it's Tyskland.

Let’s Talk Turkey

A few facts about turkey, from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids.  Ben Franklin despised eagles and lobbied hard to name the turkey our national bird.

Thank You For Wearing A Friend

If you love Golden Girls, you might be disappointed with the amount of licensed merchandise put out by the network that owns the rights to the show.

How to Make a Bread Cornucopia

Instructables member Carley Jacobson, who previously showed us how to make a bath pouf Halloween costume, knows how to set a great Thanksgiving table.

The Wildlife-Attracting Boat

Steve, Jake, and Chris went on a fishing trip near Phillip Island off the coast of Australia. They didn’t catch many fish, but they had a great time.

LEGO Apartment Is My Lifelong A Child's Dream Come True

(Photo: Hey! Cheese Photography) HAO Design developed this apartment in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The furniture is made of enormous LEGO blocks.

Mad Max vs. Black Friday

It's a brutal world out there when you're shopping for Black Friday specials! You'll need someone skilled in the art of combat, like Mad Max to help you make it through the stampeding crowds, as retailers parcel out a limited supply of TVs and the hottest toys.

German Engineering Tested in the Most German Way Possible

The Germans are rightfully known for their masterful engineering capabilities. This 1986 video by the national army demonstrates this.

PRESIDENTIAL PARDON - If You Hunger For The Truth Don't Follow This Man

PRESIDENTIAL PARDON by ALIENBIKER23 The President agreed to grant a pardon to whoever won the Hunger Games because he felt sure it couldn't be done, but that bold beauty Katniss was unaware of any such limitations.

Adopt A New Best Friend This Black Friday For Free

While many people will be out fist fighting over the best discount sweaters, you can meet a new best friend and take him or her home for free.

The Hottest Toy This Christmas: The Teddytaur

(Photo: Steiff Shop) I'm laying down a marker here: the toy that every child will want this Christmas and that parents will be desperately hunting for through stores on December 24 is the Teddytaur.

Thanksgiving Movies and Marathons

You’re off work for Thanksgiving, and you’ve watched the parade, maybe the Westminster Dog Show, and you’re not really into football.

Greatest Dad Ever Attaches Leaf Blower to Son's Toy Car

(Video Link) The key phrase that a father must say in this scenario is: "Don't tell your mother about this." Jarrad Provost of Fredericksburg, Virginia attached a leaf blower to his son Roman's Power Wheels battery-powered toy car.

Ten Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes That are Incredibly Easy to Pull Off

Crown Jewel Turkey for Dummies | Image and Recipe: The Crepes of Wrath Has someone communicated a late request for you to bring a dish to Thanksgiving?

PSA: Don't Text and Dad

(Video Link) Put down the phone, fellow fathers. Right now, you're supposed to be watching your kids.

Ten Of The Most Gruesome Medieval Torture Techniques

Medieval torture techniques are some of the most brutal of all time, and whether they were encouraging a prisoner to talk, punishing a sinner, or simply carrying out a death sentence Medieval torturers were encouraged to perfect their deadly craft.