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Batman Beyond

DC Comics unveiled this new Batman short by Darwyn Cooke at Wondercon. It features the voice of Kevin Conroy and plenty of easter eggs.  Like in the series "Batman Beyond," the short takes place in the future, with Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy, who has been portraying Batman for 22 years) semi-retired from being a superhero and his young pal Terry (voiced by Will Friedle, returning to the role for the first time since 2005) taking up the mantle of Batman.

The Most Elegant Ways To Tie A Tie

Tying a necktie is an artform in itself, but most of the more stylish knots are ignored by the office workers of the world in favor of a quick and easy solution to their company dress code.

Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt #26

It's been a great while since our last Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt, so it's with great pleasure that we announce that it's time we run another one!

Newborn Kittens Shipped with Cargo

How did two kittens wind up in a box of fiberglass equipment shipped from  L.A. to San Diego? No one knows, but they are now getting the best care available.

This Frozen/Game of Thrones Mashup Is So Good It Should Be a Feature-Length Musical

(Video Link) We've seen mashups of the Frozen song "Let It Go" before, but never with such high production values.

Cats Are Highly Evolved

Cat Evolution by Coconutman Cats are pretty cool customers, most kitties like nothing more than to lay around all day dreaming about conquering the human world and taking over salmon factories across the globe.

Frolicking Llama

This vine of a bouncy llama is fun even with the sound off, but to get the full effect, you need to turn it on to hear the DMX soundtrack.

This Piano Playing Nun Is A Total Drag

(Video Link) Unless you work in a piano bar, or a department store with its own eleganly dressed tickler of ivories, you’re probably not getting enough piano music in your life.

Bonobo Builds a Fire

(YouTube link) Watch a bonobo, a close relative of the chimpanzee, start a fire with a match. Once he builds the fire, he does the natural thing next -he toasts marshmallows!

The Scariest Inanimate Objects In Movie History

Inanimate objects have been imbued with a sinister energy thanks to the horror genre, and some of the scariest stories and movies of all time involve characters being terrorized by inanimate objects such as creepy dolls, haunted TV sets and mirrors that trap people’s souls.

The Sherpas of Everest

Friday, an avalanche on Mt. Everest resulted in the death of twelve Sherpas, and three others are missing.

This Pool Rocks

(video link) This is not a wave pool. This is a regular Olympic pool in Mexico City, recorded by Brandon Ramirez Urzua as a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Mexico on Friday.

Interactive Game of Thrones Map

With Google Maps technology, you can now explore the lands of George R.R. Martin’s world from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones.

I Am The One Who Knocks Clarice

Science of the Labs by Daniel Sotomayor You know what goes great with some fava beans and a glass of chianti?

Sharing Is Caring

(Image: Lunarbaboon) Of course we'll share everything! That's what families do. By the way: did the family pay for that pizza?

These Knockoff Products Seem Totally Legit

Most people have had a bad experience with knockoff products, thinking it'll be just as good as the original only to find that it just doesn’t live up to the original, and yet people keep buying knockoffs because they're cheap.

Princess Avengers

Is this a mashup we haven’t seen before? I would have never thought of it -combining Disney movie characters with the Marvel super heroes of The Avengers.

Something's Not Right About These PS2 Games

(Images Via azjabar) Gamers don’t always purchase games based on the look of the cover art, especially if they already know what to expect when they bring the game home, but the crazy cover art on these pirated Playstation 2 games spotted by Imgur user azjabar in an Iraqi market might make someone think twice before buying.

This Pile of Spaghetti and Meatballs Is Actually a Cake

Ann Reardon is the baker responsible for the Twitter and Instagram logo cakes. She made this birthday cake for her husband.

Fun With Dick And Bruce

Dick and Bruce by djkopet Being a superhero is part physical and part mental, but with a whole lotta imagination, and a buddy who shares in your love of superheroes, you can skip the whole training routine and go straight to fighting crime!