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Modern Ghosts

Anime Movies you may not have seen

Tekkon Kinkreet Fantastically animated with a sandbox world type of feel. Two brothers, Kuro and Shiro, fight to keep control of the streets of Takaramachi from groups of warring gangs.

Guy flies drone into fireworks show


Better don’t mess with granny

A short history of the world I found

Native American Food

I am from Minnesota and belong to the Ojibwe tribe. I didn’t grow up on a reservation or anything but we did eat these foods when I was a kid.

Wish Me Luck

Two years ago I met this girl… She was very intriguing to me, though I couldn’t explain quite why. On the surface she was no different than any other woman, and yet, there was something I liked about her.

Cookie Monsters!!! …and other stuff I’ve baked.

I decided to try making homemade waffle cones; Then this sorta happened… These are stacked lemon bars topped with a honey meringue and buttercream dragon bees Delivered by hand.

make’em books

Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Roles

115 Useful Websites

For clickable links: http://dailyz

Cards “Games Of Thrones”

Anon gets laid

Bought a few boxes of “video game” stuff today while out at memorial day garage sales and wanted to share the unboxing.

Opening the three boxes. Lets see what we got… Wow that’s a lot of NES games. Close up of the NES games.

How to remove Permanent Marker

20 Interesting Facts About Japan


Fisheye Placebo by Yuumei

I probably won’t bother posting any of the other parts since the rest are available at Yuumei’s DeviantArt page so go there yourself lazy asses.