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So This 3 Year Old Boy Went Missing Recently. You’ll Never Guess Where He Was Found, LOL.

We’ve all seen this somewhat of an urban legend in movies, TV shows or cartoon. A child climbs inside one of those claw crane machines in an arcade to get a toy from inside and gets stuck.

This Woman Had No Idea Her Genius Creation Was Posted Online. But I’m So Glad It Was.

A reddit user uploaded these amazing pictures of a medieval chess set created by his mother that got a lot of people buzzing.

Can You Spot What’s Hidden In All Of These Photos? (Hint: You’ll Want To Kiss It When You See It)

Do you think you can find Momo? Momo is a border collie and his owner is graphic designer Andrew Knapp.

Imagine Running Through The Woods When All Of A Sudden… WHOA! What’s This?

The Socrates Sculpture Park in New York hosts many wonderful works of art, but one of the most impressive pieces you won’t be able to see at first glance.

What This Photographer Captured Is Extremely Rare. You’ll Probably Never See It Again.

Nature photographer Lassi Rautiainen discovered something in the wilds of Finland that’s both touching and surprising. He found a young, lone wolf.

This Has To Be The Most Epic Battle I’ve Ever Seen In Nature. It’s Unbelievably Breathtaking.

In the middle of Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, there formed an epic battle. Two vicious tribes clashed, starting a war that photographer Marc Mol was lucky to witness.

These Shocking Before And After Hybrid Photos Will Keep You Far Away From Drugs. Horrifying.

Not only can drugs destroy lives, they can destroy your body. Photographer Roman Sakovich created a series that illustrates that point so well.

Here Are 7 Unsolved Mysteries That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. The Twins In #6… BIZARRE.

It’s easy to become obsessed with the unsolved mysteries of this Earth. Most people like to think that anything can be figured out or solved… but that’s just not true.

You’ve Been Eating All Of Your Life… But I Bet You Didn’t Know These 20 Awesome Secrets.

Eating is awesome. Almost everyone on the planet can agree with that. But what most people don’t know are some of these awesome food hacks that will make your life so much better.

There’s Something Different About This Swimming Pool. You Might Not Realize It Til You Jump In…

Jeroen Bisscheroux is an artist that specializes in creating things that aren’t really there. … you’ll see what we mean.

Looks Like Your Average Flower Girl, Right? Wrong. This Will Hit You Right In The Heart.

Isabella Luckett is a 4 year-old with cerebral palsy. She can’t stand unaided. Because her legs are underdeveloped, she uses a wheelchair to get around.

A Girl Noticed Her ‘Friend’ Was Starving Her Dog. What Happened Next Surprised Everyone. Wow.

A beautiful and sweet pit bull was waiting by herself in a small, one bedroom apartment, surviving off of only cat food, when this Reddit user rescued her.

This Bully Just Got So Humiliated By A Judge. And He Deserves Every Bit Of It.

The man you see here bullies disabled children. He has terrorized his neighbor’s disabled children for years.

What This Farmer Does With His Pigs Will Probably Shock You… In The Best Way Ever.

Otchan is a pig farmer, but he’s unlike one you’ve ever seen before. He has over 1,200 pigs, but he doesn’t treat them as just swine to be sold and butchered.

This Guy Created Something AWESOME In His Backyard. Here’s How You Can Do It Too.

Leisha, the creator of popular DIY blog Homemade Toast, recently posted this awesome and handy guide on how to make a completely leak-proof water blob for the whole family to enjoy in the warm summer months.

So, There’s A Blind Gerbil Named Peppy. And You Really Have To See What Happened To Him, Trust Me.

This is a story about hope and friendship… and a gerbil named Peppy. Peppy the gerbil was found in a pet store, all alone.

See This Guy? What He Did Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor. The Last Few Pictures Are Insane.

She Ping is a beekeeper that is dedicated to his business of raising bees and selling honey. He is so dedicated, in fact, that he was willing to cover himself in thousands of bees to generate some buzz.

He Walked Outside One Day To An Unexpected Discovery. The Next 25 Days Were Amazing.

One morning, this Reddit user discovered they had a new neighbor. As they were cleaning up vines near their front door, they noticed a tiny nest inside of the foliage… the small bundle of twigs was home to a mother hummingbird.

These 28 Photos Exist For The Sole Purpose Of Making You Explode With Happiness. I’m Dying Here.

Finding happiness in life doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be simple as looking at a picture.

This Guy’s Bearded Dragon Is Absolutely Awesome. Except When You Get Closer… WHAT?!

20 year-old Taiwanese artist Zhongkai Xiang has a special passion. He spends hours manipulating seemingly mundane mediums (like straws, paper or cardboard) to create some pretty spectacular sculptures.