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The 11 Best Naughty Holiday Sweaters

These Happy Holidays sweaters take on a whole new meaning. Naughty Christmas sweaters have never been naughtier….

Photos From Behind The Berlin Wall

Harald Hauswald is the co-founder of Ostkreuz, one of the most important and well respected German photographic agencies.

21 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes For Everyone

Shouldn’t we all be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and skip the work? Here’s how to win Thanksgiving without having to do too much of anything.

24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow Is Near Buffalo, New York

If you haven’t heard, or are living in a place of denial that this could even happen, there’s an insane lake-effect snow event happening in and around Buffalo, New York.

Grandmas Smoke Weed For The 1st Time (Great Reactions)

Just when you were starting to think Grandma was just quiet and never had an edge, she goes ahead and pulls the bong out and rips a huge tube.

Guy Fieri Without His Trademark Hair Will Forever Change You

This is Guy Fieri (pronounced “geye fee-air-ee”). You know him for his trademark hair and trademark goatee.

21 Pics of Celebs Then and Now That Are Jawdropping

Never give up hope of looking like a superstar. Years ago, these stars certainly didn’t look like they do now — it shows what a good makeup artist, exercise routine, and hair specialists can do.

26 Life-Changing Things You Need To Know About Costco

What??! These are mind-blowing! And we’re heading to the samples right….. now. 1. In most states, you don’t actually have to be a member to buy booze.

Lorde Tweeted The Perfect Burn To Diplo After He Insulted Taylor Swift

Yesterday Diplo, a DJ and Katy Perry’s rumored boyfriend, decided to wage war on the most powerful group of people online: Taylor Swift and her Swifties.

Robert Pattinson Sports Strange New Haircut… With A Rectangle In The Back

Cosmopolis hunk Robert Pattinson went to the Go Go Awards, a real thing that actually exists, overnight in Los Angeles, and brought with him his exciting new haircut Robert Pattinson’s new haircut.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Just Had The Best Response To Kim K

You might think the whole brouhaha surrounding Kim Kardashian and her nude magazine cover is decidedly low-brow.

27 Pictures Taken At The Perfect Moment

Sometimes pictures are taken at exactly the right moment. These pictures are absolutely, perfectly, magnificently timed.

The 29 Most Beautiful Places In America

America, the Beautiful. These incredible pictures will make you realize how much magnificence you have in your own back yard.

The Best Pizza in Every State in America

There are things in America that you can find no matter where you are. The kindness of strangers. A building with Donald Trump’s name on it.

17 Funny Gym T-Shirts For When Your Workout Just Isn’t Gonna Happen

1. So you’re not the fastest runner… Get it here. The post 17 Funny Gym T-Shirts For When Your Workout Just Isn’t Gonna Happen appeared first on Poplistic.

Here’s When You Can Buy The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is coming…. but when? Probably not when you expect. When Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch in September, he teased an “early 2015″ launch date.

Soon you’ll be able to pay for Burger King with PayPal

The mobile payment battle has entered the fast food phase. PayPal announced Monday that it will soon be integrated into Burger King’s apps so customers can purchase meals from the fast food chain via the payments service.

Teenagers Just Turned This Guy Named Alex Who Works At Target Into A Huge Meme

On Sunday afternoon, Twitter user @auscalem posted a photo of a guy named Alex working at Target. rims YOOOOOOOOOO  10:05 AM – 02 Nov 14 Then she quickly explained that it wasn’t her photo.

Uber Passengers Need To Smarten Up (About Surge Pricing)

Stories have been popping up about Uber passengers who woke the morning after Halloween drunken haze, home safe in their beds, with a huge bill from the night before.

Google Reveals Plans For Project Ara (Modular Smartphone)

Google’s Project Ara has reached an important milestone. A new video shows off the most advanced prototype of the modular smartphone yet— one that actually boots and is able to launch an app.