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8 Ways To Manage Your Time For Success

The first few months out of college are exhilarating. It’s summertime, you don’t have fall classes lined up and anything seems possible.

How To Determine If You’re With The Right Person

Most of us have somehow turned our new relationships into serious commitments, and we hope to God the other people don’t break our hearts.

How Hitting The Snooze Button Could Save Lives And Billions Of Dollars

A few days ago, a coworker’s iPhone alarm went off in the office and I felt myself cringe. It was the exact same alarm I use every morning — a sound I’ve grown to despise.

15 Things I’ve Learned From Job Searching

They say being unemployed is a job in itself, and I couldn’t agree more. You have to tailor your résumé to each job, craft clever cover letters (but make sure it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard), attend networking events, connect with industry professionals and colleagues from your alma mater, keep yourself busy with volunteering or a job, stay on top of industry trends and prep for interviews.

5 Ways Traveling All Over The World Has Become So Much Less Intimidating

All the unknowns and “what-ifs” of traveling across the world used to be some of the main reasons why people chose to stay safely confined to their comfort zones, never straying from the familiar.

Invest Now, Spend Later: Why You Need To Start Investing Immediately

There is a huge misconception that the best time to start investing is when you have a large amount of money.

7 Reasons Why He Didn’t Call You Back That Have Nothing To Do With You

When it comes to dating, it’s hard to not take small things personally. Whether over a breakup or a silly comment, it’s natural to take certain things to heart.

WTF is Sous-Vide Cooking? 5 Reasons You’re Missing Out By Not Using It

Sous-vide is a culinary technique that has changed the way people around the world cook and eat. Despite its use industrially for over 50 years, home cooks have just caught on in the past decade thanks to its safety, its easy use and the satisfying food it produces.

What 11 Food Labels Would Really Say If They Were Being Honest

Sometimes, I like to stand in the pantry and stare at my roommates’ food. But, I’m no thief. I don’t steal their food.

Google Maps Now Shows Your Location History in a Timeline

Want to see how much land you’ve covered? Google Maps is rolling out a new feature for Android and desktop called Your Timeline that will display your location history in a handy timeline view.

20 Mouthwatering Recipes You Never Knew You Could Make With Cheetos

If you have a weakness for cheese, there’s a good chance you’re probably a big fan of Cheetos. Let’s be real, there aren’t many things in life that can top a delicious bag of Cheetos or it’s Flamin’ Hot cousin.

How To Commit To A Fitness Plan And Follow Through

What happens when the person you’re trying to stay in shape for leaves, or your crush actually isn’t into a physically fit person?

How To Make Sure Every Photo You Take Is Perfectly Basic

Unless you’re one of those people who lives in a place where 65 degrees and cloudy is considered sweatshirt weather, there are only a few months out of the year when it’s actually enjoyable to be outside for extended periods of time.

3 Signs You’re A Commitment-Phobe And It’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Commitment-phobes get a lot of bad press. From Beyoncé telling us to put a ring on it, to Millennials complaining about hook-up culture fuelled by dating apps and social media, not committing is definitely not something to be proud of.

Optimistic People All Have One Thing In Common: They’re Always Late

I woke up at 6 am this morning, three hours before I’m supposed to be in the office, and was still 10 minutes late to work.

Puppies Sooo Cute It’s Ridiculous

These furry little mongrels will brighten your day with their flopsy, big footed, fuzzy, loveable selves.

Things You Never Knew About ‘Caddyshack’

‘Caddyshack‘ is one of the greatest comedies movies of all time, as well as one of best sports movies ever.

Hilarious Tinder Convo Describes Entire Relationship In 20 Messages

Well, that escalated quickly. We’ve all had weird Tinder conversations before. Personally, I’ve had two separate girls admit they were 9/11 conspiracy theorists within the first three lines of dialogue.

Science Says Junk Food Might Actually Be Making You A Complete Idiot

Put down that doughnut, Einstein. Researchers at Oregon State University say a diet high in fat and sugar leads to diminished “cognitive flexibility,” or the ability to adapt in changing situations.

3 Huge Reasons Why Quitting Should Never Be An Option

In the age of instant gratification, many people expect others — particularly Millennials — to give up at the first possible opportunity.