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Did Beyoncé Photoshop A Thigh Gap?

I’m not sure what a thigh gap is and/or why it’s taking the world by storm. It’s not a fashion trend- it’s an unrealistic body type girls and women alike are striving to obtain.

Celebrities Take On The Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival has become one of Americas most desirable go-to fests. It signifies the compilation of every type of music, person, gender, and age all wrapped up into one drug-filled bundle.

The Most Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Every year in Japan, people flock to different cities to witness the blooming of the pink sakura, or cherry blossom trees.

Awesome Harry Potter Paraphernalia

These are some wonderful Harry Potter goodies.

Nicki Minaj Posts Nude, Make-upless Selfies

I’m not sure why she did this, but it’s awesome. Nicki Minaj blows up her Instagram with the following naked, make-up free selfies.

25 Regrettable Celebrity Tweets

The following 25 celebrity Tweets are a compilation of stupid, hilarious, and just bizarre. 1. When #Craig #David didn’t #quite understand how #best to use #hashtags.

Rolling Stone Cover Blunder [VIDEO]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the hottest comedians today. Rolling Stone needs to brush up on their American history.

25 Regrettable Celebrity Tweets

The following 25 celebrity Tweets are a compilation of stupid, hilarious, and just bizarre. 1. When #Craig #David didn’t #quite understand how #best to use #hashtags.

15 Things We Learned In Miley Cyrus’ Rolling Stone Interview

Prepare yourselves for 15 shocking, funny, sad, and even a little bit awesome things we learned about Miley in her Rolling Stone Magazine interview.

New Zeland’s Hot Rugby Team Dances Shirtless

It doesn’t get much sexier than a large group of attractive men with accents and abs… dancing… in the rain.

James Franco Should Never Use The Internet

You know how they say nothing is private anymore? Well, apparently James Franco never got that memo. He began “private” messaging a girl on Instagram sometime after 12 a.m.

The 22 Worst Celebrity Baby Names… Ever.

Fame must really go to your head. Check out the 22 worst ideas these celebrities have ever come up with.

23 Words That Mean Something Different In Florida

While the rest of the country desperately awaits the arrival of summer, Floridians have their own version of winter.

Navy SEAL Was Shot- Tracks Down Assailants Then Drives Himself To The Hospital

Navy SEAL Chris Heben was shot in the stomach in a parking lot at 5 PM yesterday by “3 gangbangers” according to his Facebook.

32 Workout Tees So Bad They’re Good

You probably won’t make a lot of friends at the gym, but everyone will know where you stand! The post 32 Workout Tees So Bad They’re Good appeared first on Poplistic.

Top 10 Most Epic Sports Speeches in Movie History

The Top 10 Most Epic Speeches in Sports Movie History! Guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye and send a shiver down your spine.

Apple reportedly releasing two phones this year–with major changes

There’s a very bullish note on Apple this morning from ISI. It says, “the ‘mother lode’ of all Apple upgrade cycles” will happen this year when Apple releases two new iPhones with big screens.

22 Reasons Why St. Patrick’s Day Is The Greatest Holiday Ever

1. You can have something like this for breakfast and no one will judge you, because you’re just being patriotic.

20 Strangers Were Ask To Kiss For The First Time On Camera. The Result Is Pretty Special.

20 strangers were asked to kiss for the first time on camera, and it’s fantastically awkward and adorable.

It’s Official: A Larger Pizza Is A Scientifically Better Deal

Remember your 120-pound pothead roommate in college who used to get so baked that he would order a large pizza even though putting away a medium-sized pie was damn near impossible for him?