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Living with a serious disability can be pretty difficult. But, many people out there never let the daily challenges of their handicaps hold them back from accomplishing incredible things.

Silence Is Golden: The Pros And Cons Of Being The ‘Quiet’ Friend

If I had a dollar for every time my mother yelled at me for being too quiet, I’d be well off. This is to the quiet ones; the ones who are unapologetically shy.

You’re So Addicted To Cheese Because It Has The Same Effects As Opium

I don’t know if there’s anyone I’ve met who is more of a cheese addict than my dad. I mean, the guy lived in Argentina until the age of 16 and grew up in an Italian household.

Getting Good Deals While Shopping Gives You The Same Feeling As Sex

Science just confirmed what I’ve suspected to be true all along: For some, shopping is borderline orgasmic.

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose To Travel With Friends

  I’m currently reading an incredible collection of travel essays called, “An Innocent Abroad,” and I was struck by one of the pieces entitled, “The Paris Tattoo,” by Ann Patchett.

This Is What It Would Be Like If Crossfitters Took A Yoga Class (Video)

CrossFit and yoga might both be disturbingly cult-y exercise trends, but that’s really one of the only things they have in common.

49 “Friends” Quotes Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Day

How You Doin’? “Friends” was a staple on Thursday nights and generated so many good lines it’s hard to pick what was best.

Spending Money On Experiences Will Make You Happier Than Saving Ever Could

When I was a teenager, I made a weekly effort to count the money in my piggy bank, which was really a piggy bank only in spirit.

Couples Who Cuddle More Are Happier And Have Deeper Connections

One of the most important things I look for in a relationship is someone who will make the perfect cuddle buddy.

People Who Have Sex Every Day Are Healthier, Happier And More Creative

There are only a few things I can do on my darkest days to make them seem a tad brighter; this small list includes things like crying for a solid hour on the phone with my mom, eating Chipotle and having sex.

People Who Sleep Naked Are Healthier, Happier And Have More Sex

My first night of freshman year in college was an absolute nightmare. It wasn’t because I moved into my dingy dorm room in the midst of a huge storm, or even that the twin-sized cot I was expected to sleep in was gross and way too small (although those factors certainly didn’t help my situation at all).

This Is The Real Story Behind Hillary Clinton’s Trip To Chipotle (Video)

In a world where a presidential candidate unceremoniously eating lunch becomes a global news piece, political strategists need to consider even the most minute, banal detail in order to win their candidate the presidency.

11 Best Butts on Game of Thrones

source: HBO We’ve been through a lot with Game of Thrones, especially when it comes to all the insanity of the fourth season.

Female Nipples causing an Internet Storm [NSFW]

Photo: Jared Polin from Fro Knows Photo In an attempt to drive social change and gender equality, nipples are being revealed.

Hilarious Wine Recommendations We Actually Understand

I like to drink wine, but saying that I think it’s good or bad basically exhausts my vocabulary on the subject.

12 Sleeping Positions & What They Say About Your Relationship

What does your sleeping position say about your relationship? Do you spoon, snuggle, barely touch, intertwine, or something else?

17 Essential Products Every Pizza Lover Absolutely Needs

1. This multi-functioning keyboard. Created by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. The post 17 Essential Products Every Pizza Lover Absolutely Needs appeared first on Poplistic.

Celebrity Suburbanizing: Shockingly Normal Make-Unders

Ever wonder what celebrities would look like had they lived a… well, more suburban, life? Well, wonder no more thanks to the wonderfully pedestrian vision of New York City artist Danny Evans — and more than a whiff of Photoshop.

Quadriplegic Flew An Airplane Simulator Just Using Her Mind

In an amazing project at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a quadriplegic flew a fighter jet simulator by way of signals from her brain.

50 Differences Between Tea Sippers vs. Coffee Chuggers They say the world is divided into many groups, ethnicities and races, but in reality, there are just two distinct groups: tea drinkers and coffee drinkers.