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Miley Cyrus Flashes Underboob In Rap Video [VIDEO]

Miley Cyrus continues her ongoing marriage to the world of hip-hop and rap with her latest starring role in rapper Big Sean’s just-released music video for his song “Fire.” And in sticking to her recently developed penchant for wearing as little clothing as possible, Miley took this opportunity to show off that most rare but exciting of celebrity real estate: her underboob.

24 Celebrity Portraits Made From Objects

Just face it, you may never be as creative as the following 24 artists who made celebrity portraits from random stuff!

10 Of The World’s Longest Bridges

(Travel Leisure) – If you ever find yourself in Hunan, China, rent a car and drive the Jishou-Chadong Expressway: 18 tunnels under the Wuling mountains that culminate at the Aizhai Bridge, a gut-churning 1,150-foot-high suspension bridge over the Dehang Canyon.

26 Celebrities Who Prove That Hair Matters

Bangs. A decision every woman (or man, I suppose) has made in their lives. If you were thinking about it, here’s 26 pictures of celebrities that took the leap.

19 Moments Rihanna Proved Her Love For Weed

Today is 4/20. To some that means just an average Sunday. To others that means Easter egg hunts and Church.

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Ride Through Rome

When a disgustingly cute and obsurdly endearing couple get together, hop on a Vespa, and tour one of the most romantic cities in the world, this is what you get.

14 Female-Driven Movies You Must See This Summer

A new, progressive trend in the film industry seems to be films that show multifaceted female characters.

The 10 Most Lucrative Kardashian Business Ventures

Meet the family America hates that they love. The following 10 reasons are what has boosted their fame and wealth.  1. Khloes’ X-Factor Gig – $1,000,000   2.

Did Beyoncé Photoshop A Thigh Gap?

I’m not sure what a thigh gap is and/or why it’s taking the world by storm. It’s not a fashion trend- it’s an unrealistic body type girls and women alike are striving to obtain.

Celebrities Take On The Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival has become one of Americas most desirable go-to fests. It signifies the compilation of every type of music, person, gender, and age all wrapped up into one drug-filled bundle.

The Most Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Every year in Japan, people flock to different cities to witness the blooming of the pink sakura, or cherry blossom trees.

Awesome Harry Potter Paraphernalia

These are some wonderful Harry Potter goodies.

Nicki Minaj Posts Nude, Make-upless Selfies

I’m not sure why she did this, but it’s awesome. Nicki Minaj blows up her Instagram with the following naked, make-up free selfies.

25 Regrettable Celebrity Tweets

The following 25 celebrity Tweets are a compilation of stupid, hilarious, and just bizarre. 1. When #Craig #David didn’t #quite understand how #best to use #hashtags.

Rolling Stone Cover Blunder [VIDEO]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the hottest comedians today. Rolling Stone needs to brush up on their American history.

25 Regrettable Celebrity Tweets

The following 25 celebrity Tweets are a compilation of stupid, hilarious, and just bizarre. 1. When #Craig #David didn’t #quite understand how #best to use #hashtags.

15 Things We Learned In Miley Cyrus’ Rolling Stone Interview

Prepare yourselves for 15 shocking, funny, sad, and even a little bit awesome things we learned about Miley in her Rolling Stone Magazine interview.

New Zeland’s Hot Rugby Team Dances Shirtless

It doesn’t get much sexier than a large group of attractive men with accents and abs… dancing… in the rain.

James Franco Should Never Use The Internet

You know how they say nothing is private anymore? Well, apparently James Franco never got that memo. He began “private” messaging a girl on Instagram sometime after 12 a.m.

The 22 Worst Celebrity Baby Names… Ever.

Fame must really go to your head. Check out the 22 worst ideas these celebrities have ever come up with.