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Jared Leto Chops Gorgeous Locks For New ‘Joker’ Role

Jared Leto just cut off all his hair, all for the love of Batman. He will be the latest Joker in the dark series and Jokers don’t have man buns.

These Girls Are Twins — One is Black and One is White

Twin sisters, one of which was born white, the other black, have revealed they have had to produce their birth certificates to friends in order to prove that they are in fact related.

John Stewart Blasts Fox News in Vine

It seems Jon Stewart’s tolerance of Fox News has finally reached its limit. Responding to Fox News’ criticism of “dishonest editing” on the The Daily Show, Stewart challenged them to a “lie off.” Immediately holding nothing back, Stewart called them out on 50 lies in a six-second vine.

Have You Ever Noticed There Are Actually Two Types Of Popcorn?

First things first, you can’t make just any type of corn pop. You have to use – yep – popping corn, a type of corn that, crucially, has a hard outer shell.

68 Totally Free Date Ideas That Are Still Insanely Fun

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, your wallet may be broken but it’s still important to keep the love alive.

16 Dogs That Don’t Know How Big They Are

The Great Dane is the largest breed of dog, but we’ve found that there are many others that are similar in size.

Best Photos Of The Week

The post Best Photos Of The Week appeared first on Poplistic.

These 29 Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape

There’s an easier way to be a better you. These 29 diagrams show smarter ways to get in shape — including quick workouts, smoothie recipes, pre-workout snack ideas, yoga, how to become a runner, and more.

Josh Duhamel And Wife Fergie Plan To Have More Kids

Josh Duhamel says he and wife Fergie plan to have more children. The 42-year-old actor revealed as much in an interview with Access Hollywood on Wednesday.

This Beck/Beyoncé Mashup Is The Ultimate Post-Grammys Anthem (Listen)

There was a lot of fuss about Beck’s win over Beyoncé for Album of the Year at the Grammys. For now, it seems the dust has settled, and people are just about ready to move on and find another source to fuel their faux outrage.

32 Essential And Inexpensive Tools Everyone Should Own

You don’t need to be a handy man or DIY woman to own a good set of tools. These 32 essential tools are sure to be needed sooner than later.

HOT U.S. Presidents When They Were Young

Presidents are, in general, old stodgy dudes who spend a lot more time reviewing budgets and meeting with world leaders than doing push-ups or caring about their hair.

5 Financial Resolutions Every 20-Something Should Make For 2015

When I was about 9 years old, we took a family trip to the middle of nowhere for the huge Y2K New Year’s event.

John Stewart: Moment Of Zen – What He Leaves To Future Journalists

Last semester, my journalism professor was leading a broadcast news lecture when he turned to the class and told us to be wary of improvising onscreen, particularly in live shots.

32 Common Misconceptions

 1. The concept of the sugar rush is a myth. The hyperactivity you feel after ingesting sugar is just a placebo.

A Pitbull-Dachshund Mix Exists And No This Is Not A Joke

This is REAL, folks! And it may be the greatest thing we see in our lifetimes. And. It’s. Up. For. Adoption!

20 Australian Models You Need To Be Following On Instagram

You’ll want to double tap these Australian models for many reasons. We explain them all. 1. Samantha Harris Why you should follow: Born in Tweed Heads, Sam is Australia’s top Indigenous model.

Wicked Pissah of a Forecast for Boston, as Another Major Snowstorm Takes Aim

Forget the “Blizzard of ’78,” “the Perfect Storm,” or the other tempests that have roared through New England’s history books.

29 Times Cats Continued To Be Complete Jerks

These are presented in case you have forgotten how RUDE these cute fluff buckets can really be. I mean, is this really necessary, felines?

37 Cats With Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite heartthrob would look like as a cat – and haven’t we all- then we’ve found the perfect Tumblr for you.