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10 Little Known Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities

You think you know a lot about your favorite celebrities? Think again. Here’s 10 shocking, strange, and very cool facts that I bet you didn’t know before reading this.

Jennifer Lawrence Facepalms Emma Watson

It seems destiny has afforded young adult readers a moment of sheer bliss: Two of the most badass chicks, Katniss Everdeen and Hermoine Granger, goofing off together.

Ryan Gosling Crushed Everyone’s Dreams By Getting Eva Mendes Pregnant

Get your pillow ready because you’re about to shed major tears: Radar is reporting that Eva Mendes is seven months pregnant with none other than Ryan Gosling’s baby.

‘Gangnam Style’ Gallops Past 2 Billion YouTube Views

We now live in a world where Psy’s 2012 mega-hit “Gangnam Style” has been watched 2 billion times — or almost six times the population of the United States.

Watch Rachel McAdam’s Amazing Audition Tape For “The Notebook”

It starts with a scene from the film, then segues into a very short-haired McAdams reading lines with Gosling.

11 Awful Life Lessons That Disney Films Taught Us

Warning: If you’d rather not have your childhood ruined, you should probably go find a hilarious puppy video.

The Teaser For ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1′ Is Finally Here

The first teaser trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1″ was just released, and it’s pretty creepy.

14 Celebrities You Never Knew Were The Same Age

Proof that Chuck Norris never ages. That’s not shocking. Some, you will find are incredibly surprising.

Ikea Built Something New: An Instagram Website

Ikea and its Russian ad agency have thought up a new use for Instagram. The furniture retailer launched an Instagram account that functions like a website.

22 Products That People Who Love Sloths Need In Their Lives

When you need to take your sloth obsession to the next level, get your hands on one (or all) of these awesome things.

Orlando Bloom Gives No ****s At The Beach

Want to be like Orlando Bloom at the beach? Here’s a step by step breakdown of how you can achieve beach fashion like the adorably sexy superceleb Orlando Bloom.

23 Popsicles That Will Get You Drunk

Summer + Booze + Cold treats = Love. Here’s 23 popsicle ideas that will make you the most popular person at the next get together.

Humble Beginnings: Brad Pitt Was In A Super-Cheesy Pringles Commercial In The 80s [VIDEO]

Every actor has to start somewhere, and Brad Pitt is no exception. Pitt appeared in a Pringles commercial from the 80s that some vigilant YouTuber recently dug up.

Rich Kid Flaunts Wealth On Instagram, Arsonists Set His Luxury Cars On Fire

A self-styled “rich kid of Instagram” (#RKOI) who boasted on social media about driving expensive cars has seen four vehicles he used, worth more than £500,000, destroyed in arson attacks in just one week.

Lance Armstrong Finds ‘Missing Testicle’ During Cards Against Humanity Game

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has discovered his missing testicle — well, sort of. Armstrong, who in 1996 had testicular cancer and subsequently had one of his testicles surgically removed, found a Cards Against Humanity card emblazoned with “Lance Armstrong’s missing testicle” over the weekend while playing the party game.

Zac Efron Continues To Prove He’s A Master Sexual Dancer

ALERT, ALERT. Zac is in Italy right now hanging out with a random group of friends, including Michelle Rodriguez.

The Latest Trend For Bridesmaids Is To Pull Up Their Dresses And Show Off Their Butts (Photos)

Ah, another photographical trend is born! Not too long ago, a certain Instagram trend was encouraging women around the world to take topless photos among scenic beauty.

12 Reasons Why Shane Is The Best Walmart Employee Of All Time

Redditor Ardentleprechaun works at Walmart and has a coworker named Shane. Shane has a sense of humor that endlessly frustrates the management, but if I met this comic genius in person I’d give him a high-five.  1.

Father Of Missing Boy Told His Son Was Actually Trapped In The Basement During Live Nancy Grace Segment

Charles Botheull IV was in the middle of a live interview with Nancy Grace when he learned his son has been trapped in his basement for the last 11 days.

Breakfast Sushi Is The Genius Food Innovation We’ve All Been Waiting For [HOW TO]

Imgur user fangorno used to look at his wife’s orders of sushi and think that they looked like scrambled eggs and bacon.