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Artist Mixes Liquids to Portray How Emotions Blend and Ease

  “The Colors of Feelings” is an experimental, dreamlike video by Thomas Blanchard, who mixes paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon.

5 Year Old Reacts to Becoming a Big Brother

  When this mother breaks the news to her 5 year old son that he’s going to be a big brother, his reaction is positively heart-warming.

Mammatus Clouds Look Fascinating, Here are 18 Great Examples

  Mammatus cloud are known for their interesting appearance, as the clouds seem to have smooth round puffs (sort of like cotton balls), hanging from its underside.

Guy Plays Dr Dre Piano Mashup at a Random Bar in Arizona

  Listen to this guy’s piano rendition of Dr Dre’s classics, Still D.R.E. and What’s the Difference, at a random bar in Arizona.

Toddler Plays with Dad in Rain for the Very First Time

  Although she’s seen it from the window before now, this is the first time little Harper has played in the warm summer rain, and her reaction is what makes being a parent so special.

Jane Long Colorizes Old Photos and Adds a Surreal Twist to Them

  In an ongoing series entitled Dancing With Costică, Australian artist and photographer Jane Long colorizes old black and white photos and adds a surreal twist to them.

Picture of the Day: Castle Ruins of Aggstein, Wachau, Lower Austria

Photograph by Uoaei1 on Wikimedia Commons   Aggstein Castle is a ruined castle situated on the right bank of the Danube in Wachau, Austria.

Elders Offer Life Advice to their Younger Counterparts (Age 7 – 93)

  People of all ages offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts in this WireTap farewell video, from CBC Radio One.

Just a Shiba Inu Chilling in a Random Bush in Japan

  Twitter user @yamamochi223 recently shared a series of photos that show a Shiba Inu casually hanging out in a bush beside a random sidewalk in Japan.

23 Highlights from the 2015 Photo Shanghai Art Fair

  Photo Shanghai is Asia’s premier art fair dedicated to photography. Oragnized by the World Photography Organization, Photo Shanghai is back for its second year and runs from September 11 – 13 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

Whale Watcher Captures Unbelievable Close-Up of a Breaching Humpback

  A whale watcher in the Bay of Fundy, just off the coast of Brier Island in Nova Scotia, captured an incredible close-up video of a humpback whale breaching just meters from the boat.

The Solitary Trees of Northern California in Infrared

  San Francisco-based photographer Nathan Wirth recently shared a portfolio of infrared photographs on Behance in a project entitled, Infrared Silence – Three.

Picture of the Day: Cat with Mystic Eyes

Photograph by Keith Kissel   Heterochromia iridum is a difference in coloration of the iris and is a results of the relative excess or lack of melanin (a pigment).

A Breathtaking 4K Aerial Tour of Iceland

  Compilation of drone footage from a recent 8-day trip to Iceland by Blue Racer Productions. All footage was shot on the DJI Phantom 3.

A Chilling Visualization of Every Nuclear Detonation from 1945 to Present

  Since 1945 there have been a staggering 2,153 nuclear detonations on our planet. The team at Orbital Mechanics put together this chilling visualization that shows where every detonation occurred in chronological order.

3D Sidewalk Paintings by Nikolaj Arndt

  Nikolaj Arndt is an artist and professor who has been painting amazing 3D sidewalk artworks since 2009.

Sneaky Crow Toys With Big Dog

  Watch this sneaky crow toy around with a big dog in a park. What a little prankster!    

This Crazy Hand Drawing is Freaking Me Out!

    Artist Natalie Nakles recently completed this freaky hand drawing using only pens and markers. The video above really shows how creepy it looks when placed against a black background.

How Old School 80s Graphics Worked

  The iBook Guy gives a great overview of how computer and video game graphics worked on 80s machines like the original Nintendo and Commodore 64.

The Jefferson Grid Shows One Square Mile of Land from Above (15 Photos)

  The Jefferson Grid is a fascinating Instagram account that shows one square mile of our planet (sometimes the grids are larger/smaller) as seen on Google Earth.