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A Cocktail, Inside an Iceball, Freed by a Hammer

  Here’s a twist on getting hammered :P Cocktail chemistry explains how to make an ‘ice ball cocktail’ in this informative video.

Hand Cranked Wood Toy Performs Amazing Cup and Ball Routine

  Can you guess how it works?    

Picture of the Day: The Inside of an Empty Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Photograph by Patrick Rodwell / Boeing   Seen here is the inside of an empty 787-8 Boeing Dreamliner that was delivered to an undisclosed customer in 2014.

Raw Video Captures 565 ft Crane Collapsing in Manhattan

  Strong winds caused a 565-foot tall crane to collapse in lower Manhattan this morning. Tragically a person sitting in their car was killed and three others were seriously injured by falling debris.

This is What Happens When You Ski Down a Mountain and Swing Your Phone Like a Lasso

  Pro skier Nicolas Vuignier skies down a mountain while swinging a phone over his head and captures an epic 360, slow motion, selfie video in the process.

The Shirk Report – Volume 355

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.

The Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop at 130,000 FPS

  Destin of ‘Smarter Every Day‘ explores the mystery of Prince Rupert’s drop using an ultra high speed camera capable of recording the phenomenon at an incredible 130,000 frames per second.

Artist Turns Drywall Into Art with Nothing But Joint Compound

  Bernie Mitchell is a drywall contractor that puts his creativity to work designing, constructing, sculpting and finishing specialty features in shoreline homes and cottages.

Please Photoshop This Blue Crab Showing Off His Claws (21 Photos)

  If you’ve never visited the subreddit r/PhotoshopBattles, let this post entice you to visit. Each day, users submit photos for others to interpret, manipulate and recontextualize; all for the lols.

Dad Gives Son a GoPro During a Game of Hide and Seek and Discovers His Secret Weapon

  “If you have a toddler and a GoPro, strap it to their head and play hide and seek. It’ll be the best thing you did.

Picture of the Day: Canary Islands Sunset

Photograph by LUKAS FURLAN Website | Facebook | Instagram   Last September, photographer Lukas Furlan rented a car, packed a sleeping bag, and explored the beautiful Canary Islands of Tenerife and La Gomera for two weeks; documenting his adventure and sharing the experience on Behance.

This Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You (16 Photos)

  Hello world, meet Manny, a rescued gray tabby from northern Arizona blowing up on Instagram thanks to his super strong selfie game.

Inside the Eye: Nature’s Most Exquisite Creation (10 Photos)

  “If you ask what animal eyes are used for, they’ll say: same thing as human eyes. But that’s not true.

The Most Entertaining Video on Japan’s History You Will See

  A wildly entertaining and informative history lesson by Bill Wurtz    

Guy Goes Paragliding Through Aurora Borealis in Norway

  Watch Horacio Llorens’s incredible night time flight through Aurora Boralis in Trømso, Norway    

Picture of the Day: JR Going Big in Lille, France

Artwork by JR   Seen here is a huge wheatepaste artwork JR put up last fall on the façade of the La Voix Du Nord building in Lille, France.

Artist Turns Fallen Branches Into Beautiful Furniture (14 Photos)

  Sebastian Errazuriz is a Chilean born, New York based artist and designer that is highly regarded for his original and provocative works on a variety of areas and disciplines.

This Pastry Chef’s Instagram Videos May Cause Hunger

  Garry Larduinat is the executive pastry chef at New York’s Francois Payard Patisserie. Originally from Limoges, France, Larduinat says his favorite ingredient is passion fruit and his favorite thing to cook is a French macaron.

Thermal Imaging Camera Shows How and Where Human Body Loses Heat

  Using the military spec Selex Merlin thermal imaging camera, Oli Martin vividly shows how the human body loses heat when exposed to the blistering cold of the Scottish highlands.

10 Amazing Drawing Illusions by Howard Lee

  In each clip something has been drawn by artist Howard Lee. Can you spot it? Can you identify the real object?