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Star Wars, but All of the Lightsaber Sounds are Owen Wilson Saying Wow

    Star Wars, but all of the light saber sounds are Owen Wilson saying "wow" — Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) July 14, 2017   For the uninitiated, it all started with a simple observation: Owen Wilson says ‘wow’ a lot in his films.

Linkin’s Park’s Tribute to Chris Cornell and the Heartbreaking Story Behind It

    After the tragic death of Chris Cornell on May 18, 2017, close friend and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington gave a moving tribute to Cornell the following day with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel of the band’s song, ‘One More Light’.

The Shirk Report – Volume 431

  Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.

A Gang of Roving Goats Vandalized a Local Office and There’s Security Footage to Prove It

  Employees of the Argonics Inc. Colorado office arrived at work on Monday, July 17 to find the doors smashed but nothing taken, and security camera footage showed some surprising vandals…    

Haunting Abstract Images Made from Ultra-Long Exposures of Entire Films

  In a series entitled Photographs of Film, artist Jason Shulman creates haunting abstract images by taking single, ultra-long exposures of entire films.

1,000 Clay Figures Descend Upon G20 in Powerful Protest Performance

  On July 5th, 2017, one thousand clay figures descended upon the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany in a powerful protest performance entitled 1000 GESTALTEN.

Recording A Spotify Ad

  A behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Spotify ad.    

Bird Appears to Float Across Security Cam as Flapping Wings Sync with Frame Rate

  In this short but interesting video a bird appears to float across this guy’s security cam because the bird’s flapping wings happened to perfectly sync with the camera’s frame rate.

Layered Landscapes by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

  Nobuhiro Nakanishi is an artist and photographer from Fukuoka, Japan. He received his BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Tokyo Zokei University and his MFA, also in Fine Art Sculpture, from Kyoto City University.

If You’ve Never Seen a Military Police Dog in Action Check Out this Training Demo

  In this impressive training demonstration by K9 Lenin, we see a military police dog showing off its amazing crowd control/tactical CQB (close quarter battle) skills.

Wife Records 4 Years of Husband’s Snoring and Turns It Into Despacito Remix

  This guy sleeps EVERYWHERE!    

Jason Yang Breaks Down Half a Cow and Explains Every Cut of Meat in the Process

  Jason Yang, butcher at Fleishers Craft Butchery, breaks down half a cow into all the cuts you would see at your local butcher shop.

10 Truth Bombs to Drop at your Next Dinner Party

  1. There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way Galaxy   Photograph by Layne Lawson   In a September 2015 paper published in the scientific journal Nature entitled “Mapping tree density at a global scale” an estimate for the number of trees on Earth was approximately 3.04 trillion.

Palaces of Self-Discovery: Amazing Libraries Across Europe by Thibaud Poirier

  “Palaces of Self-Discovery” is a photo series of libraries across Europe by French photographer Thibaud Poirier.

BBC Captures Incredible Footage of Starving Polar Bear Ambushing a Seal

  The BBC Earth team tracks a hungry but determined polar bear as it seeks to ambush a plump seal. With the odds stacked against it, this scrawny bear will need to pull off an amazing manoeuvre if it’s to get a well-earned meal.

Just a Train Going Across the Wobbliest Tracks I Have Ever Seen

  As you can see, maintenance on this track has been deferred for a long time (decades apparently). The video above is actually sped up and condenses the 6 minutes it actually took the train to cross this wobbly section of the tracks into what you see above.

Trippy Negative Pencil Drawings by Liam York

  Liam York is a 22-year-old artist and illustrator from the UK best known for his interesting ‘negative drawings‘ that come to life when the blacks and whites are inverted.

Guillaume Néry Explores the Deepest Pool in the World on a Single Breath

  On a single breath of air, Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world, the 40m (140 ft) Y-40 Deep Joy Pool in Italy.

Picture of the Day: Neon Salesman’s Sample Case from the 1930s

Photograph by Marna Anderson   In this fascinating photo we see a neon salesman’s sample case from the 1930s.

A Bad Lip Reading of the Mayweather McGregor Press Conference

  The song at the end is low key amazing