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Rocket Launches 100 KM Into Space and Lands Again

  Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5 kilometers) before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas.

Guy Creates Beautiful Sand Art in Under 60 Seconds

  Watch this guy make a beautiful temporary sand artwork in less than a minute!    

14-Year-Old Sets Rubik’s Cube World Record and Breaks 5 Second Barrier

  14-Year-Old Lucas Etter set the world record for fastest Rubik’s cube solve with a time of 4.90 seconds.

Miniature Sculptures Carved Onto the Tips of Pencils (21 Photos)

  Russian artist Salavat Fidai (featured previously) carves amazing miniature sculptures onto the tips of lead pencils.

Meta Wall Clock Turns Analog Clock Hands Into Digital-Like Display

  ‘A million times‘ is a kinetic sculpture that uses hundreds of small wall clocks to create a ‘meta-clock’ that displays the time using the hours and minutes hands of each clock in a digital-like display.

DIY Fire Tornado in Super Slow Motion

  The Slow Mo Guys make a fire tornado using 12 box fans, a metal bucket and some kerosene and film the entire thing in super slow motion (2500 and 1000 fps) using the Phantom Flex and Phantom Flex 4K cameras.

Guy Turns Old Tractor Into Badass Motorcycle

  Collectors Weekly member Rustfarm is an Ohio based mechanic that restores old motorcycles for a living.

Long Distance Couple Stays Connected With Creative Photo Project (15 photos)

  Danbi Shin and Seok Li are two artists in love. Recently the couple found themselves in a long distance relationship with Shin currently based in New York City and Li based in Seoul, South Korea.

Parents Put on Headphones and Try to Lip Read Their Son’s Baby Announcement

  The Whisper Game is a popular Jimmy Fallon routine where guests wear noise-cancelling headphones that play loud music and try to guess the phrases Jimmy is ‘whispering’.

You Won’t Believe the Glass Art That Emerges from This Flame

  Watch glass artist Satoshi Tomizu create something extraordinary.    

Picture of the Day: Lindenhof Park on Lake Constance

Photograph by Peter and Ute Grahlmann   Seen here is a beautiful single bench overlooking Lake Constance from Lindenhof Park which is located in Lindau, a Bavarian town and island on the eastern side of Lake Constance in Germany (the lake spans areas of Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

A World Champion Skydiver’s Story of Survival and What It Taught Him

  Above All Else is the true story of skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld and the event that would change his life forever.

The Engineering Guy Explains the Simple Elegance of this Nerf Gun Design

  Bill ‘The Engineering Guy‘ Hammack of the University of Illinois, explains the simple and elegant design of this Nerf gun firing mechanism.

Picture of the Day: Fingerprints of Water on the Sand

Photograph by NASA   [November 11, 2015] NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren took this photograph on Nov. 11, 2015 from the International Space Station, and shared it with his followers on social media.

Let This Drumming Prodigy Melt Your Face While Smiling

  Watch drumming prodigy Senri Kawaguchi put on an amazing performance to hype up Japan’s National Football Team.

What a Video Conference Call in Real Life Would Be Like

  Tripp and Tyler do the necessary video follow-up to their popular, ‘what a conference call in real life would be like‘.

The Shirk Report – Volume 344

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.

These Puns are Terrible and I Love Them (18 Photos)

  Monika aka arseniic on deviantART is an artist and illustrator based in the United States. In an ongoing series, Monika draws cute illustrations to accompany terrible puns that will make your eyes roll.

Meet Mr Trash Wheel, the Hero Cleaning Up Baltimore’s Harbor

  Since May 9, 2014, Mr. Trash Wheel has removed over: 6.76 million cigarette butts, 200,000 plastic bottles, 255,000 Styrofoam containers, 113,000 grocery bags, 173,000 chip bags and 4,000 glass bottles from the Baltimore Harbor.

Bereaved Husband Reads English Version of His Defiant Letter to Paris Attackers

  “I won’t give you the gift of hating you” – Antoine Leiris reads an English version of his powerful tribute to his wife, who died in the Bataclan during the Paris Attacks.