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Artist Installs 100,000 Balloon ‘Cloud’ Inside London’s Covent Garden

Artwork by Charles Pétillon Photograph by Paul Grover   If you’re in London, there’s an amazing installation currently on display at Covent Garden (South Hall) until 27 September 2015.

Picture of the Day: Tsunami Cloud Over Sydney

Photograph by Jonny Ross   In this amazing photo we see a huge squall approaching Sydney. The photo was taken back in 2008 and the ominous cloud looks like some kind of terrifying tsunami.

In Case You’ve Never Seen Geese With Their Own Marching Band Before

  Meanwhile in The Netherlands.    

In Peru You Can Sleep Like a Condor, in a Floating Nest 1200 ft High

  1,200 ft above the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru you will find three transparent, hanging skylodges with incredible views and the unforgettable experience of sleeping on the side of a mountain.

Drones and Surfing Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jam

  Legendary surf spot Teahupo’o has been incredible this year. Check out this video from Surfing Magazine, filmed by Eric Sterman and Brent Bielmann and edited by Sean Benik.

Picture of the Day: Shades of (Mountain) Blue

Photograph by Luca Zanon   In this beautiful landscape photo by Luca Zanon we see numerous shades of blue making the entire scene look like some kind of natural gradient.

Chameleons Change Color to Stand Out, Not Blend In

  There’s a misconception that chameleons change their color to blend in to their surroundings but research shows the opposite is true.

Videographer Captures Amazing Interaction Between Seal and Diver

  Diver Gary Grayson has an unforgettable experience with a couple Atlantic Grey Seals while diving in the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Great Britain.

MythBusters Test ‘The Gun’ from the Breaking Bad Series Finale

  Adam and Jamie take on one of the biggest tv myths around, Walter White’s booby trap from the Breaking Bad series finale.

16 Eerie Night Time Photos of Empty LA Freeways

  Nobody Walk in LA is a photo project by artist Alex Scott. For the last two years, Scott has roamed the streets and freeways of LA in the middle of the night (typically between 2am and sunrise), to capture a view of Los Angeles most residents and visitors never see: empty streets and no cars.

Guy Records His Cat’s First Interaction with the Newly Installed Cat Door

  This guy spent a few hours installing a cat door for his cat Philo and recorded his first interaction with it.

An Aerial Tour of Iceland with Jakub Polomski

  Landscape photographer Jakub Polomski (featured previously) was recently in Iceland for two weeks this past July.

50 Fascinating Facts About Our Oceans [Infographic]

  The team at put together this ambitious infographic, culling 50 interesting facts about our oceans from the NOAA, NASA, National Geographic and more (you can see all of the sources here) Check out the image below and hopefully you learn something new about our incredible oceans, which cover rougly 71% of our planet’s surface!

Picture of the Day: This Surreal Uninhabited Island in Madagascar

Photograph by fulminic on reddit   On a return flight from Madagascar, reddit user fulminic flew over this uninhabited island and snapped this amazing photo.

The Shirk Report – Volume 332

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.

Artist Mixes Liquids to Portray How Emotions Blend and Ease

  “The Colors of Feelings” is an experimental, dreamlike video by Thomas Blanchard, who mixes paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon.

5 Year Old Reacts to Becoming a Big Brother

  When this mother breaks the news to her 5 year old son that he’s going to be a big brother, his reaction is positively heart-warming.

Mammatus Clouds Look Fascinating, Here are 18 Great Examples

  Mammatus cloud are known for their interesting appearance, as the clouds seem to have smooth round puffs (sort of like cotton balls), hanging from its underside.

Guy Plays Dr Dre Piano Mashup at a Random Bar in Arizona

  Listen to this guy’s piano rendition of Dr Dre’s classics, Still D.R.E. and What’s the Difference, at a random bar in Arizona.

Toddler Plays with Dad in Rain for the Very First Time

  Although she’s seen it from the window before now, this is the first time little Harper has played in the warm summer rain, and her reaction is what makes being a parent so special.