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Cordyceps: The Most Brutal Of Fungus

Cordyceps are a group of around 400 different fungi species. The majority of this legion of fungus are insect parasites (entomopathogenic) and destroy their victims in the most blood-curdling and brutal way.

Deviant Art Collection #1

I spend quite a bit of time on Deviant Art, if you’ve not visited the site before I recommend it. In a nutshell, it’s a place for budding (and fully fledged) artists to post their work and receive critique and, if they’re lucky, commissions.

Red Crab Migration Of Christmas Island

Christmas Island sits 2,600 kilometres (1,600 mi) northwest of Perth, Western Australia and 500 km (310 mi) south of Indonesia, this relative isolation allowed an interesting and specialised selection of flora and fauna to develop flourish, including a wonderful selection of strange land crabs.

Video Compilation: Dancing At Indian Weddings

Although Western weddings are comparitively drab when sat next to an Indian marriage, the dancing involved in both camps can be pretty major.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love Part G

Welcome to part G of the Awesome Photos From Russia With Love series. If this is your first time here, it’s lovely to see you.

Dinamo2713’s Weird “Soft-Vore” Photography

Sometimes, after a long and meaningless day in the office I relish the idea of coming home and learning about something interesting on the world wide internet.

Poirot Gets A Manga Makeover

Whilst “researching” the article I recently posted about Star Wars manga comics I happened to stumble across a manga version of Poirot.

Star Wars Manga Version

Japan has a rich tradition of taking Western ideas, giving them a little twist and a liberal portion of extra weird.

Rare Giant Squid Fossil

The fact that we have any fossils at all is pretty miraculous. The normal state of affairs in nature is for an animal to die, get colonised by insects and microorganisms and be eaten to bits and its body constituents returned to the life cycle.

Creatonotos Gangis Another Weird Insect

None of us here will be surprised to find another oddity of nature, our green and blue planet is rammed full of weird stuff.

Odeith: Portuguese Anamorphic Graffiti

Odeith is a Portugal born graffiti master with a penchant for anamorphic and 3D art. He first picked up a spray can in the 80’s and by the 90’s he was spraying his artistic seeds far and wide across the walls of Portugal.

Venus Figurines: Widely Distributed & Strangely Similar

So-called Venus figurines are small carved items portraying exaggerated female forms; they have been found widely distributed throughout Europe and across into Siberia.

VIDEO: Owl Doing Breaststroke

If a large raptor swoops down to catch itself a water based morsel, it faces the prospect of a bit of a soaking.

Lyon’s Festival Of Lights

Each December the people of Lyon bung up a load of lights as a way of thanking Jesus’ mother Mary for saving them from the plague.

The Global Selfie Project #8

Here’s your eighth installment of the Global Selfie Project where we stare apologetically at people from across the earth.

Baroque Painting At Its Best & Most Sinister

I always start my art based articles with the following premise: “I don’t know anything about art”. I’ve done quite a few art posts over the months so you might think I would actually, by now, know a little bit about art or artists.

QUICK RECIPE: Super Simple Chilli Sauce

I’ve tried a couple of chilli sauce recipes over the last few months. The first one I made had the look and feel of untreated slurry with virtually no flavour at all, and the other had the colour and consistency of spring water matched with the power and venom of a chemical weapon.

North Korea In Pictures

I’ve had a bit of a fascination with the closed state of North Korea for some time now. I’m intrigued by the mechanics of keeping an entire nation of people on their knees and in the pitch dark.

Erik Söderberg’s Mesmerizing GIFs

Erik Söderberg is an artist who works in a variety of media and enjoys achieving a 3D vibe. Here’s what he has to say about these wonderfully confusing visuals: In early 2011 I was exploring the relations of geometry, nature and the human being in a series of 25 pictures that I called Fractal Experience.

The Blue Angel: Glaucus atlanticus

Glaucus atlanticus, variously known as the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug is a quite wonderful looking chap.