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Berndnaut Smilde’s Lovely Indoor Micro Clouds

Berndnaut Smilde is a Dutch photographer who makes miniature clouds and then takes photos of them as they hang, jauntily in the mid-air.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo & His Fruity Faces

Giuseppe Arcimboldo is famous for making portraits out of fruits, vegetables or whatever took his fancy.

Headbangers: Jacob Ehrbahn’s Intimate Photographic Study

Jacob Ehrban, an award winning photographer, recently visited a few metal festivals, including WACKEN, the largest open air metal festival in the Universe and COPENHELL the largest metal festival in Denmark.

Dominican Republic: Some Lovely Regional Flags

Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation after Cuba. It harbours around 10 million people, and around 10% of the population live in the capital Santo Domingo.

A Glorious Display Of The Regional Flags Of Italy

If you’ve visited LAZERHORSE.ORG before, you may have noticed that we have slightly more than a passing interest in flags.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part O

As part of my never ending quest to bring you the best images from Russia, I present you Section “O”.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: Social Media Special Edition

Here’s another addition of Awesome Photos From Russia With Love. Today’s gaggle of amazingness comes from social media networks across Russia and other ex-Soviet countries.

The Damascus Goat Looks Really Strange

The Damascus goat is a relatively rare breed of goat that hails from Syria and other Near East countries.

RAD Photos From The California Skate Scene In The 70’s

The post RAD Photos From The California Skate Scene In The 70’s appeared first on Lazer Horse.

Dimitri Tsykalov Makes Fruit, Veg & Meat Into Flesh & Bone

Dimitri Tsykalov is a Moscow born artist who lives and works in Paris. He’s a more than able sculptor using the traditional medium of wood, but he also has some impressive skills in the art of food sculpting.

Clouds Casting 1000 Mile Shadows From Space

NASA’s International Space Station has brought us earthlings some of the most awesome photographs of our planet ever taken.

Beautiful Long Exposure Photos Of Fireflies By Yume Cyan

Yume Cyan recently spent some quality time in the forests around Nagoya City, Japan. Yume took along a camera, set the aperture to low and the exposure to long.

Great News: North Dakota Legalises The Use Of Armed Drones By Police

You would have thought that a country with a police force that’s forever in the news for killing or maiming innocent people might want to keep a low profile as far as new weapons were concerned.

20 Comedy Balconies

If, like me, you weren’t aware of just how hilarious a balcony could actually be, you’ll like the following images.

Clarisse d’Arcimoles: The People Of Burma

Burma, or Myanmar, is a country which has been closed off to the world at large for decades. The military junta and corrupt regime finally ended in 2012; the people are still crushingly poor but things are changing.

Impressive Design Flaws, DIY Errors & Fix-IT Fails

Everyone loves a spot of DIY, well, actually, it seems to me that most people absolutely hate it… well, I do any way.

Exquisite 16th Century “Catacomb Saints” – Bones & Jewels

Paul Koudounaris is an author and photographer from LA with a sly eye for the macabre and a PhD in Art History from UCLA.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part N

Welcome. You know the drill. Here’s a collection of awesome photos from Mother Russia. If you want to do some revision before we start here are some previous posts: AWESOME PHOTOS FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE PART A AWESOME PHOTOS FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE PART D AWESOME PHOTOS FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE PART G AWESOME PHOTOS FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE PART I Get your laughing gear around these.

Brilliant “Re-Directed” Art By David Irvine

David Irvine finds paintings in charity shops and lying around on street corners; then he breathes new life into them.

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is generally recognised as one of the most pivotal moments in European history.