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Dushanbe Flagpole: The Biggest In The World

The Dushanbe flagpole is the tallest on earth, it rises a proud 165 metres from the the dusty Tajikistan soil.

Depressing New Estate Built In Samara, Russia

I got these pictures of a newly built estate in Samara (the 6th largest city n Russia) from a Russian site (as per usual) and the general feeling was that this is a bit depressing.

Alternative Medicine In Kazakhstan

Do I think alternative therapies work? Yes, of course they do, the placebo effect is like a magical immune system tornado.

MH17 Conspiracy Theorys

If something happens on the news, anything at all, the masses scream “CONSPIRACY“! So MH17 has drawn its own theories of course.

World’s Best Chiropractor’s Advert?

Thanks to Sam Orchard for pointing me in the direction of this teeny, tiny nugget of joy. I can’t be 100% sure this is real but I think it is?

Norway’s Epic Troll Wall

Norway’s troll wall is the tallest vertical rock wall in the whole of Europe. This awe inspiring lump of stone rises more than a kilometre into the pristine skies of Scandewegia.

VIDEO: Octopus Walks On Land

I don’t know much about octopus, but I didn’t think they walked on land, did you? The following octopus video comes from Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach, California.

VIDEO: Chinese Tourists Dance In Red Square

I think heartwarming is the wrong word, but I definitely felt a warm feeling in the area surrounding my internal organs when I watched this clip.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love Pt A

The awesome photos from Russia with love series has made a move from it’s birth place in the womb of Sick Chirpse and migrated to Lazer Horse.

Sexy Swimwear Edition (Click Bait)

My website stats are atrocious today. I just can’t understand why hoards of people aren’t clicking on my recent and accessible posts about medieval Persian clothes or German WWII prototype aircraft?

Medieval Persian Dress

I know, I know, medieval Persian dress is a pretty random topic for a post. But here’s what’s going on: last year we went to the Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle.

St Petersburg: A Rooftop View

I nabbed these photos off a guy called Anton (Avisman). I can’t find much out about the chap, other than the fact that he hangs out on the rooves of St Petersburg a lot and is more than adequate with a camera.

Wonderfully Strange German Prototype WWII Aircraft

I’m right next to Farnborough at the moment, the place where they have the international airshow. This means I’m seeing and hearing a variety of different planes on a daily basis.

Tony “Doc” Shiels: Monster Hunter Extraordinaire

I wrote a post about the Owlman of Mawnan yesterday, if you didn’t catch it, it was about this human sized owl with glowing eyes that appeared in Cornwall in the 70′s.

Photos From Russia’s Art Scene In The 90′s

I found a collection of black and white photos taken at various venues throughout Moscow, Russia in the 90′s.

Wind Farms On Fire

There’s been a bit of a fuss in the news recently about wind farms catching fire on a whim. Scientists expect the odd flare up, you’ve got wind, oil and plastics –  a recipe for a fast growing toxic blaze. According to a recent study by Imperial College London these turbines are catching on fire ten times more often than is publicly reported.

The Cornish Owlman Mystery

I’m a fan of owls as many of you may know. They’re mysterious, they can swoop through the air pretty much silently and they can catch a mouse in pitch black thanks to their amazing hearing.

The Dog Bear / Bear Dog Conundrum

I heard the Octobass on this wonderful Octobass article, and it reminded me of the sound that a Sea Lion type creature had made on a TV programme I watched recently.

Samuel Silva: A Ballpoint Wizard

Samuel Silva was born in Portugal and now lives in London; and he’s drop-dead amazing with a ballpoint pen.

Wild Cats Pt5: Margay

The beautiful margay lives in dense forests from Argentina to Mexico and is on the “near threatened” list of animals.