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For Men Expecting Twins: A Quiet Word

On the 24th of January, 2017, my life changed significantly; I became the father of boy/girl twins. I’m a natural worrier and a perpetual over-thinker, so the build-up to this momentous occasion was fraught, sweaty and seemingly unending.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: April 2017

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Photos From Russia With Love. I hope you enjoy yourself whilst you’re having a browse.

VIDEO: How To Get Pedestrians Out Of The Bike Lane

Anyone who has ever cycled along a bike lane knows the emotional trauma that pedestrians can cause. They have a perfectly good section of pavement to use, yet they choose to infringe on the cyclist’s domain.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: February 2017

What’s going on in Russia this month? Well, I’ll tell you: LOADS. As ever, the motherland does not disappoint.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: January 2017

Welcome to 2017’s first installment of Awesome Photos From Russia With Love. It’s a bumper issue with the normal suspects: snow, booze and confusion.

Macau: Not The Las Vegas Of The Orient

Source: I first heard of Macau back in 2013; it peaked my curiosity because it had the second highest life expectancy on the planet, yet was the most densely populated as well.

Photographer Luc Kordas: Life In High Contrast

Luc Kordas has been taking photos for over a decade. In the early days, he focused on portraits and street photography; still today, that’s where his passion lies.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: Part Z

Christmas is gone, NYE has passed, January is upon us. As you’re all well aware, technically, January is the most depressing 31 days ever to be invented.

2016 Roundup: 8 Things You Probably Missed

As with all previous years, there were some seismic goings on in 2016. This year’s happenings, however, seemed slightly more seismic than others.

Lazer Horse’s Predictions for 2017

Last year, I published an article charting my Predictions for 2016. I am not a psychic, obviously – that’s not a real thing; neither am I an expert in geopolitics, as many of you may have noticed.

Bouvet Island: The Most Remote Island On Earth

Bouvet Island – southeast coast 1898  The views are stunning, the weather is dodgy and the nightlife is rubbish.

Amazons Of Ukraine By Guillaume Herbaut

I came across the following photo collection on a Russian website (where I often find my fix of strangeness).

VIDEO: Evangelical Pastor Tells A Bunch Of Kids Santa Isn’t Real

As far as I am aware, no one has either proved nor disproved Santa Claus. The debate rages on. True, there is no direct evidence for Santa, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t real.

Chinese Government Bans Weird Buildings

Over recent years, architects working on China’s skyline have been allowed to let their imaginations run wild.

China: Weird Photos Part 1

Over the years, we’ve covered a lot of interesting stuff from China. We covered stories about fake graveyards, towns designed to look like London and Paris, huge ghost cities, massive statues and so-called hell money.

Black Death Art: Paintings Inspired By The Plague

Triumph of Death by Bruegel the Elder The Black Death peaked in Europe around 1348. It killed indiscriminately, it killed swiftly, and it killed en masse.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: Part Y

Yes. I have more photos for you. If I do say so myself, this is quite possibly the best episode to date.

VIDEO: Feather Stars Look Like Magical Aliens

We’ve all seen a wide range of wildlife documentaries based on marine life. But the wonders truly are unending.

27 Hilarious Soviet Era Album Covers

I get a lot of mileage out of Soviet stuff on LAZERHORSE.ORG. I make no apologies for that, they did some pretty amusing things.

Raja Ravi Varma: A Royal Indian Master

Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906) is one of the most celebrated Indian artists. He won the hearts and minds of the Indian people, past an present.