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Photos Of Japanese People Sleeping In Public

In the UK, and most other Western countries, if you see someone sleeping in public, you assume they are either drunk or homeless.

Dallol, Ethiopia: Unearthly, Deadly And Super Hot

Which is earth’s hottest region? People, most regularly, mention the area that has clocked up the highest recorded temperature – Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley, California – reaching a dirty 56.7 °C (134 °F).

5 Weird Incidents that Involved Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a game that needs no introduction. Almost everyone is playing it, even when it’s raining outside, just so they are able to catch Pokémon.

Weird Examples Of Russian Food Art

I found a collection of Russian food art online today. So I’m dumping it here. Simple as that.

Distressing Video Of Diver Panicking At 15m Depth

I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to diving and deep water – it spins me out. I’m terrified of what lies below and, also, I’m not a massive fan of drowning.

Beautiful Old Pictures Of Birds

Here at Lazer Horse Towers we’re all big fans of birds. Whether it’s the strange bemused stare of the potoo, or taking photos of birds hanging out with plastic dinosaurs, we like to get involved with our feathered friends.

Brighton Pride 2016: The Aftermath

Brighton’s first Pride event took place in 1972, it was, at that time, a gay rights demonstration. Since then, many battles have been won, and Pride is now a huge celebration.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part V

I decided recently to stop posting collections of daft pictures from Russia. I figured that you guys must have had enough by now.

Turkmenistan’s Annual Melon Day: What You Need To Know

I decided to write about Turkmenistan’s Melon Day after a friend brought it to my attention. It sounded like something I should know more about.

Pokemon Cosplay: Best And Worse

You can’t have missed the Pokemon Go phenomenon that is currently sweeping the known universe. Today, purely for “research purposes.” I downloaded the Pokemon Go app myself.

Mammoth Tusk Hunters Of Siberia

In a lot of people’s brains, “mammoths” are stored in the same slot as “dinosaurs” In reality, mammoths appeared on earth around 5 million years ago, a solid 60 million years after the last of the dinosaurs wheezed their final breath.

Rare Birds Caught Nicking Knickers Off Skinny Dippers

Red kites were, not so long ago, a very rare site on our windy isle. But, recent breeding programs have enabled them to become one of Britain’s few natural success stories.

Mosh Pit Generator Turns Into Dystopian Zombie Fight

Some time ago, I posted an article here about a mosh pit simulator. It was a fascinating but sensible affair, created for scientific purposes as part of a proper, grown-up thesis.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: Parliament Edition

With all the drama that surrounds Westminster at the moment, I thought it might be a nice idea to have a break.

8 Amazing Pigeon Facts / Pigeons Are Underrated

Of all the bird species, the feral pigeon must be the one that gets the most stick (apart from, perhaps, the herring gull in coastal areas).

Things That Look Like Trees That Aren’t Actually Trees

“Nature abhors a vacuum,” so we’re told. Nature also abhors a mess; it likes order and patterns. It likes things to match, it likes things to be symmetrical, and it likes things to resemble trees.

Incredible Solar-Powered Furnace In Uzbekistan

The sun is really hot, and it rains that hotness down on earth all the live-long day; why not use that power?

Nyctosaurus: What The…?

The dinosaurs reigned on earth for around 66 million years before being unceremoniously extinguished.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part U

Funny pics from Russia? Thats what you want?

VIDEO: Woodpecker Vs. Snake

Woodpecker vs. snake? Yup. It’s not a battle I expected to watch this morning, but that’s the internet for you; a surprise at every turn.