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Burst Water Main In Dudinka Ruins Resident’s Lives

The town of Dudinka, Russia recently had a pretty major burst water pipe during a cold snap. The leak was left unattended, which I suppose is fair enough, you don’t want a total soaking when it’s freezing.

5 Minerals You Didn’t Know You Used Everyday

One things for sure, modern life is complicated. There’s a load of stuff that we use each and every day that we hardly even notice anymore.

Gyandromorphs: Half Male, Half Female

Gyandromorphs are animals which have done a genetic woopsie whilst building their bodies and accidentally made part of themselves male and part female.

Physiologus: Medieval Animal Art

Woodpecker The Physiologus is an ancient text, written somewhere between the 1st and 4th centuries AD.

Cool Infographic Showing Relative Sizes Of Sea Creatures

Source:LiveScience The post Cool Infographic Showing Relative Sizes Of Sea Creatures appeared first on Lazer Horse.

The Handsome Moustache Toad

The Emei moustache toad or Taosze spiny toad (Leptobrachium boringii) is found in the Sichuan, Guizhou, and Hunan provinces of China. They only breed in slow-flowing streams surrounded by forest, cultivated fields, and grassland.

Haley Morris-Cafiero’s Wait Watchers

Haley Morris-Cafiero‘s Wait Watchers are a series of photos designed to punch a hole in those punching holes.

Jean Bourdichon: An Unsung Master Of The Middle Ages

Jean Bourdichon (1457 or 1459 – 1521) was a miniature painter and manuscript illuminator at the court of France between the end of the 15th century and the start of the 16th.

Emma Fay’s Amazing Wildlife Body Painting

Emma Fay has an impressive talent. It’s a bit odd and perhaps not all that useful (that’s a bit rich coming from me), but it certainly is a skill.

Nicky Bay’s Incredible Insect Photography

Nick Bay has been photographing insects for many years and has honed his craft: he manages to make creepy crawlies look… dare I say it… beautiful.

Trilobite Beetle: An Asian Alien

Known as the trilobite beetle, or trilobite larva, the genus Platerodrilus are a funny looking bunch.

Amusing & Moving Chinese Street Photography By Liu Tao

I’ve become quite fascinated with China recently. I couldn’t tell you exactly why, it’s just sort of crept up on me.

Lake Baikal: Deepest, Biggest, Oldest

Lake Baikal sits proud and alert in wintery Siberia, and as lakes go it’s a mighty impressive chap, earning itself the nickname “the Pearl of Siberia”.

Life-Sized Chrome T-Rex In Paris

I don’t know why no one has bothered to tell me this before, but in 2013 a life-size model of Tyrannosaurus Rex was installed atop the platform of Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches by the River Seine in Paris, France.

Chrysopelea: The Flying Snake

Snakes and spiders are almost unanimously feared amongst all disparate populations of earth. In England and other cooler climbs our fear is wasted energy, but for many who dwell in the warmer sections of the world that fear is justified, those things can kill, or at least hurt.

Prince Charles Photoshopped For Your Pleasure

Although Photoshopping someone into different situations isn’t a new thing, the following images prove that it can still be rip-roaringly funny.

Man Howls Into The Woods, The Woods Howl Back

This video really put the willies up me good and proper. There’s a chap sitting in a chair in the woods with a gun, that’s pretty scary on its own, but that’s not why this clip is scary.

Foxfire: Putting The “Fun” Back In Fungus

Panellus stipticus, Mt. Vernon, Wisconsin (long exposure) Foxfire is nothing to do with foxes or fires, just to get that straight from the start.

Coffin Found On Mars?

The Mars Curiosity rover sends back to earth amazing images of Mars’ barren landscapes. It’s difficult not to feel amazed as you stare at crystal clear images of a land more than 30 million miles away.

Giant Isopods: The Woodlouse Of The Sea

You don’t get to see these weirdos in real life too often, not because they’re from an alien planet, but because they live in the deep and are rarely caught by fishermen.