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Vladimir Vorobjev: Moody Photos From 80s Russia

Vladimir Vorobjev was a photographer who worked mainly in the 80s. He wasn’t big or famous at the time and it was only after his death when his granddaughter went through his photos that they finally got published.

Animals Stuck in Odd Places But Which Don’t Seem To Mind

A Facebook page named “Animals Stuck in Odd Places But Which Don’t Seem To Mind” has been doing the rounds this week.

The Bird Life Of New Zealand

New Zealand’s bird life is particularly odd. Because the islands have been separated from the rest of the world by oodles of sea for lashings of time, evolution took them to a strange place.

The Bird Life Of Mozambique

The Republic of Mozambique, in the Southeast of Africa is home to 740 species of birds, 20 of which are globally threatened.

The Dark Side Of The Cover

I’d never really wondered what album artwork would look like from the other side. I’m assuming you hadn’t given it much thought either.

Kijong-dong: North Korea’s Deserted “Propaganda Village”

North Korea is no joke of course, but some of the stunts and propaganda they’ve come out with over the years just appears to childish.

Wild Animals Invade The Metro: Clarisse Rebotier

French photographer and digital manipulator Clarisse Rebotier has produced a series of photos called Animétro.

Art By Convicted Serial Killers

Here’s a collection of drawings and paintings made by convicted murderers whilst behind bars serving time for their crimes.

Belgian Blue Super Cow

Get a load of these guys. They’re massive aren’t they? The Belgian blue‘s monumental look isn’t due to steroids as many have presumed in the past, it’s due to a heritable trait called “double-muscling”.

Mixed Metaphors & Other Language Fails

I spend as much time as I can watching “reality” TV. Things like Come Dine With Me, Hotel Inspector, The Undateables, Four In A Bed, Inside Gatwick, Border Patrol etc.

Shoina: An Occupied Village Submerged In Sand

Shoina is a small Russian village on the banks of the White Sea. When it was built in the 30′s it was in a forest location, but in the 50′s the sand from the beach started to drown the town.

Baphomet: Who Is He? – Illuminati Guide

Anyone who’s ever read any of the internet’s dirge of tripe about the Illuminati will have probably seen the name Baphomet pop up.

The Sawfish: Weird, Rare & Deadly

The sawfish is one of nature’s oddest creations and now, unfortunately one of its rarest. They have the side profile of a shark and the mouth and gills of a ray.

Vintage Russian Circus Posters

In a time when moving freely about the country was a no no, the circus performers were one of the few groups of people with any semblance of freedom.

Spanish House Built Within A Rock

A Spanish designer has built what looks to to me to be a pretty much perfect abode. Nice views, no one for miles… oh no space for a drum kit… OK so it’s pretty much perfect.

Ningyo: Vintage Japanese Mermaids

In Japanese folklore they have a creature called ningyo. It’s closest relative in European tradition is the mermaid.

Interview: TOMZOO – A SciFi Art Wizard

Anyone who’s read any of my posts on “art” will know that I don’t really know anything about it. But I know what I like and when I find something I like, I look at it.

The Walls Of Merv: Turkmenistan

Merv is an ancient town with prehistoric origins. Remains have been found dating back to the 3rd millenium BC.

What Does Sochi Look Like After The Games?

… to answer the question in the title in one word: quiet. I found this bunch of photos taken from Sochi after the cuircus has left town.

Epiphany Bathing: Underground

I posted up some photos of people in Russia doing their yearly Epiphany bathing last week. Basically as part of the new year celebrations they get down to their underpants, go outside and dunk themselves in freezing cold baths, rivers and ponds. It looks awful.