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The Bear Filled Wonderland Of Kurill Lake

Kurill Lake (or Kurile Lake) is situated at the southern end of the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. Kamchatka is a wild, wild outpost of Russia where few humans live and nature gets on with its business happily and without fuss.

5 Photographers’ Epic Images Of Icelandic

There is a wealth of incredible photographs of Iceland on the world wide web. It’s a big place with few peopple and a lot of spare beauty to go around; Iceland’s lack of humans and nippy temperatures mean it’s no surprise there’s a good photo or two to be had.

Pamukkale, Turkey – The Cotton Castle

Pamukkale hot springs in Turkey looks like an alien landscape, now, I know that’s not the first time I’ve used that comparison but you have to agree this place looks bonkers, right?

Russian Kamaz Truck Turned Into Luxury Palace

In many ways I’m old before my time, but I’m at peace with that fact. For instance, I don’t like socialising, I enjoy watching TV for hours at a time, preferably alone, and I love the idea of owning a caravan.

Best Corpse Paint Ever

For those not in the know, “corpse paint” is a term that describes a facial fashion mostly reserved for followers of black metal.

The Queen Mother Was Actually Pretty Cool

Recently I was called upon to do a short presentation about the Queen Mother; I won’t bore you with the details but it turned out to be a lot more interesting than I had thought it might be.

Awesome Photos From Russia: Bonus Collection

Russia has a lot going on. It’s lands are wider than the diameter of Pluto. It has the mega rich, it has ultra poor.

Derinkuyu: An Ancient Underground City

Sometimes I’m angry with myself for not knowing enough about the ancient world, but on other occasions I’m as pleased as punch that I know naff all about it, because that means I get to discover incredible historical things that I really should have heard of, and get excited about them.

Wine Festival In Armenia

Today’s random destination is Armenia. On the first Saturday of October Armenian mountain villagers get together to celebrate food and booze.

Zalipie: Poland’s Floral Village

About 100 years ago the residents of Zalipie, a small town in Lesser Poland Voivodeship decided to start painting their village, and paint it they did.

Gwanggyo Power Centre Is Going To Look Incredible

A Dutch architectural company called MVRDV won a competition to design Gwanggyo “Power Centre”, a brand new town in South Korea.

Loads Of Creepy Old Photos

FYI: The Barmaley fountain pictured below was originally built in Stalingrad in the 1930’s. The statue is of a circle of six children dancing around a crocodile.

Wedding Photos From Dagestan

Just when you thought my topics couldn’t get any less middle of the road here I come straight back at ya with some photos of a wedding in Dagestan.

Estonian Hotel Adverts: 1985

I guess Estonian hotel advertisements from the 80’s is a bit of a weird topic to choose. But I found these pics and I liked them.

The Wonderfully Weird Winghead Shark

Everyone knows that hammerhead sharks are one of nature’s strangest jokes, a head shaped like a hammer?

Morocco’s Kem Kem Beds: The Carnivore’s Lair

The Kem Kem Beds lie in the dusty, bone dry borders of South-East Morocco and Western Algeria. This region, now notable for its lack of life and moisture, was once a bustling riverine ecology filled with, I would imagine, sights, sounds and aromas that would baffle our modern senses.

Creepy Russian Horror Art From Moppaa

All I know about Moppaa is that he’s Russian, he’s a he, his birthday is on March 2nd and he likes making creepy and bleak images.

Olmec: Incredible Mesoamerican Art

The Olmec people, active from around 1500-400 BCE, weren’t the first “civilized” culture in the Americas but they  have got quite a few “firsts” up their sleeves.

Sailfish: Fastest Fish In The Ocean

Just from studying the cut of a sailfish‘s jib you can tell it’s a speed freak. From slender pointed schnozz to elongated tail, the sailfish is a lean, mean swimming machine.

NEVERCREW: Swiss Graffiti Double Team

NEVERCREW consists of Swiss born duo, Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi. They’ve been making their mark on the walls and buildings of Switzerland since 1996.