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10 Wonderful Examples Of Camouflage In Nature

If I could be any animal in the world I’d probably plump for a golden eagle or something along those lines.

American State Flags: Best Of The Best

I’m a fan of flags, I don’t know much about them though to be honest. I enjoy flags in a childlike, “oooh look at the shapes and colours” sort of a way.

Robots Playing 007 Theme Tune

Are robots soon to become more intelligent than us and take over modern society making humanity second class citizens?

Hollow Earth Theory: What’s All That About?

Hollow earth theory is sort of similar to the flat earth theory. It was very popular back in the olden days but has since been filed in the drawer marked “Nah… probably not” by the scientific community.

Herstmonceux Medieval Festival 2014 – Incongruous Photos

It’s that time of the year again folks; the event of the season has been and gone and the photos have been collated.

The Risley Act: Japanese Foot Juggling – 1904

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that anything impressive can have happened in the entertainment industry before the year 2000.

The Global Selfie Project #5

Here’s your fourth installment of the Global Selfie Project where we stare at people from around the world.

VIDEO: SpaceX Rocket Blows Up

SpaceX normally get viral videos by showcasing ultra hi-tech rocketry and uber-snazzy technology etc.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love (Part D)

Welcome to another installment of majestically Russian photography. As ever it’s a mixed bag from the length and breadth of the greatest nation on earth.

13 Particularly Unusual Deaths

There’s nothing funny about death really. But there is a lot of certainty to it. There’s not a person who’s ever lived that hasn’t had to face it and roll under it.

Vampire Squid: Photos And Information

The title of ‘vampire squid’ gives this creature of the deep pretty sinister expectations; and the way it looks certainly doesn’t help its case much either.

The Global Selfie Project #4

Here’s your fourth installment of the Global Selfie Project where we stare at people from around the world.

Embarrassing Nightclub Photos

Now, I know these photos of horrors from nightclubs are old. I think the newest ones on here are still a good clear 12 months out of date.

Mega Penguin: Tallest Penguin Unearthed

Paleontology doesn’t get reported in the media much unless they find the biggest or weirdest or most frightening thing EVER.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love (Part C)

Welcome to the third segment of Awesome Photos From Russia With Love. The basic idea is to hold each others hands and skip down a path paved with humorous photos taken in Russia, its surrounding regions and ex-Soviet countries.

Doctors Talk About Their Stupidest Patients

People can be pretty dense, and medicine is a complex subject, so it’s no surprise that there’s going to be a mismatch when the two worlds collide.

Famous Landmarks From Afar

We’ve all seen photos of the Arc de Triomphe (above) or the Pyramids from right up close. But here’s a series of photos from those iconic venues from a little bit further back.

What Can You Do To Save The Rainforest?

I know that this article comes to you about 15 years after the “SAVE THE RAINFOREST” brigade stopped holding placards and became recruitment consultants and herbal pharmacists, but it’s still a worthy cause.

The Global Selfie Project #3

Welcome to part three of the Global Selfie Project. If you’ve just joined us here’s the deets: I thought trying to find one selfie from every country in the world might be entertaining, and you know what?

Zhan Huan: Proving That Big Is Beautiful (And Creepy)

Zhan Huan (born 1965) is a big player in the modern wave of modern artists becoming more accepted and promoted in the traditionally traditional land of China.