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Massive Russian Sinkhole Opens Up This Week

This week a huge sinkhole has opened up in the Russian town of Solikamsk. Apparently no one was injured despite an entire house being swallowed whole.

The Wolves Of Paris

In 1450, like many other cities of the time, Paris was protected from outside forces by a city wall. This wall, however, had fallen into disrepair over time and had developed multiple breaches.

5 Amazing Chinese Cities to Visit in Winter

Most foreign travellers do not consider China their preferred winter destination because it does not offer specific winter activities.

Most Incredible Octopus Changing Colour Video EVER

Octopus are masters of disguise. I covered some of their skills in a post about the best camouflage in nature a little while back, but I have to add this to the mix.

What Creature Needs A Mouth Like This?

Yes, it looks like the Sarlacc Pit of Return of the Jedi fame. What a mad looking mouth. What sort of a creature would carry around weaponry like that in its mouth and throat?

VIDEO: Alka-Seltzer + Water Droplet In Zero Gravity

The International Space Station (ISS) has been whizzing around planet earth for years now. It’s constantly manned by astronauts and/or scientists.

Beautiful Photos Of Mosques In Iran

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji is a 24-year-old physics student who lives in Babol in Iran’s Mazandaran province.

Pictures Of Frozen Things You Wouldn’t Normally See Frozen

Here’s some pictures of things that you either don’t see frozen very often or things that look weird when they are frozen.

Photos From A Sloth Sanctuary

The following pictures were taken at a sloth sanctuary in Coast Rica, the biggest sloth sanctuary in the world (I think).

Yōkai: Supernatural Japanese Monster Art

Yōkai are a group of supernatural Japanese monsters, kind of similar to our notion of ghosts. The kanji (or symbol) that describes the Yōkai is made up of two other symbols meaning “bewitching; attractive; calamity” and “apparition; mystery; suspicious”.

Unusual & Impressive Weather Records: Temperature

On this shiny blue ball we call home life has developed and thrives in the thinnest of margins. If we were a touch closer to the sun or a touch further away life would have either been burned to a crisp or frozen solid.

“In the animal world. Homeland must know the heroes in the face.”

So. I just found a video of some youngsters in the Russian city of Perm vandalising a lift in an apartment block in the Russian town of Perm.

The People Of Dagestan In 1933

Dagestan, if you were wondering, is a republic of Russia, located in the North Caucasus region. Its capital and largest city is Makhachkala, located at the center of Dagestan on the Caspian Sea.

Notes On Duck Herding Throughout The World

That’s right, you heard me. Duck herding. This article started out as a showcase for the clip below which appears to show a Russian farmer shouting at ducks, who in turn gaggle together and do as he commands.

Andean Condor: The Biggest Wings In The World

I know, I know, the wandering albatross normally gets the prize for the biggest wings, and that’s not really too far off the mark.

Patrick Seymour’s Perfect Voodoo Lines

Patrick Seymour is a digital artist from Quebec, Canada, and he loves lines. Not just any sort of lines though, perfect ones.

Ku-On: Sci-Fi Manga From Jakarta

Ku-On, real name Mike Ariesta, enjoys sci-fi and manga based creativity it seems. I found him whilst digging around on Deviant Art.

João Pedro de Almeida: Phantastical Photography

I was wandering through Deviant Art today, looking for something new to post up, as I often do. I came across the following images by photographer John-Peter and spent a good while soaking up his stuff.

Okefenokee Swamp

Okefenokee Swamp is worth reading about for the name alone. Okefenokee means “land of trembling earth” in Native American, the swamp consists of 438,000 acres of swamp that straddles Georgia and Florida, it’s the biggest black water swamp in North America.

Walter Potter’s Strange Taxidermy

If you ask me (and most other people on this planet) taxidermy is all strange. It is a bit odd stuffing corpses for a hobby, but like I always say – whatever.