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Prayer Won't Stop Gun Violence, Gun Reform Will

There's a correlation between the politicians who only share their thoughts and prayers after gun violence and taking money from the NRA.

Oregon Shooter’s Mother Was a Gun Hoarder, Feared Confiscation

Mother was a supporter of Open Carry laws that allow citizens to carry weapons without having to conceal them.

Law Firm Representing Kim Davis Declared a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Liberty Counsel and its leader, Mat Staver, are behind "religious liberty" campaigns in many states.

Sanders Blasts The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Vows to Try to Defeat It in the Senate

A TPP agreement has been reached. What's next? Over the weekend, 11 nations reached a final agreement in Atlanta on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a wide-ranging deal that would expand corporate rights across member states to the detriment of worker rights, the environment, and public health.

Cop Charged with Felony After Video Shows Him Smashing in Suspect’s Face with a Shotgun

This isn't the cop's first controversial violent encounter. Owasso, OK — Owasso police officer, Mike Denton, was fired in 2011 after body cam and surveillance footage showed him stomping on a handcuffed man’s head and then repeatedly elbowing him in the face.

Krugman: Today's GOP Is Further to the Right than Cheney—Yikes!

When it comes to energy policy, Republicans are wed to Big Oil. Here's a sentence no one ever expected to utter: Today's GOP is further to the right than Dick Cheney.

Here Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its California Pot Legalization Initiative

The long-anticipated measure from the Golden State's broadest marijuana reform campaign is finally out of the gate.

The Pope’s Billionaire Entourage: How the 1 Percent Embarrassed Themselves Before the Pontiff

Kenneth Langone and his ilk will pay handsomely to hear him speak. They just won't follow his actual teachings.

Generational Warfare Bites the Dust - Hollywood Abandons the Boomers vs. Millenials Plot Line

Four recent films show how young, old and in-between might not get each other, but need each other more than ever.

WATCH: Infuriating Video Exposes Cops Who Think the 1st and 2nd Amendments Are Crimes

The entire unconstitutional interaction was captured on video. Bald Knob, AR — In August, a Bald Knob man was found guilty of “illegally carrying a weapon” after lawfully open carrying his sidearm.

Don't Stop With Killing Cadillac Tax – Volkswagen's System of Profiting Off the Sick Must Go Too

A Gallup poll last December found a third of Americans putting off care due to cost. To unpack the hubbub over the fraudulently named “Cadillac tax” let’s lift the covers off the corporate ideology of both the tax and Affordable Care Act it funds, and ask again, why do we continue to cling to a healthcare system premised on profiting off the sick?

Trevor Noah’s Triumph: His Dazzling Donald Trump Take-Down Was No Rookie Move

The end of Noah's first "Daily Show" week gave us no moment of Zen and Noah's best news analysis to date.

Trump Calls Mass Shooters 'Geniuses in a Certain Way'

Comments come days after nine killed at Oregon community college. Three days after a gunman killed nine people at an Oregon community college and then shot himself dead, the Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, seemed to accept the inevitability of mass shootings in the US.

Ben Carson’s Destructive Lies: 4 Racist Assumptions Endorsed & Magnified By Black Conservatives

The neurosurgeon-turned-candidate has eagerly joined the GOP in its campaign against racial justice. Through the first few months of campaign season, one thing has become indisputably clear: The Republican Party is the United States’ largest white identity organization, and openly uses white racial resentment — along with old fashioned racism — to win the support of white voters.To wit: The Republican Party’s leading 2016 presidential candidates include open racists and nativists such as Donald Trump, as well as “dog whistle” racists such as Jeb Bush, who channel Ronald Reagan by way of “Southern Strategy”-inspired narratives about “welfare queens” and lazy blacks who want “free stuff” from white people.

'You're My Favorite Victim' Woman Reports Rape to NYPD, Cops Show Up and Sexually Assault Her

The victim is suing the city. New York, NY (RT) — A 25-year-old woman is suing the NYPD, after two of its officers charged with investigating her rape case got her drunk in a hotel room and sexually assaulted her.

Bernie Sanders Holds Boston's Largest Democratic Primary Rally Ever

The event made history, topping the size of the Boston's biggest Obama rally. On Saturday evening, Bernie Sanders finally took his campaign to Boston, Massachussetts, having canceled an earlier appearance there because they couldn't find a space large enough at an affordable price.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Ben Carson's Idea of a Tithe-Like Tax Plan Scares Me

“You’re arguing with a politician as though facts matter to what a politician says." ile astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson largely refused to rip Ben Carson during Friday’s episode of Real Time, he did admit to feeling uncomfortable with one of the Republican candidate’s proposals.

Why the Media Judged Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham's Book Deals So Differently

Schumer's lauded for leaning in "like a boss" while Dunham was pilloried for thinking she was worth millions — why?

5 Right-Wing Idiocies this Week: O'Reilly's Dangerous Gun Violence Delusion

Fox News dished out some extra crazy talk this week. The week began with an attempted massacre of Planned Parenthood in Congress and ended with another horrific mass shooting in Oregon.

Secrets of the GOP Science War: How Spin-Masters and Pundits Confuse Conservatives About Facts

Conservatives have become much less trusting of science. A cynical right-wing campaign is behind that When scientists announced the discovery of water on Mars recently, Rush Limbaugh drew the obvious conclusion: It was all part of a conspiratorial plot: LIMBAUGH: If there was once all that water on Mars, and there is a lot of water here on earth, what’s going to happen to our ocean?