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Trump's Pick for Top Environmental Job Has Said Some Really Nutty Things About Climate Change

Kathleen Hartnett White's comments are pretty extreme, even for a fossil fuel-loving climate denier. From EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to Energy Secretary Rick Perry, President Trump has filled his administration with a rogue's gallery of fossil fuel-loving climate deniers.

Paul Krugman: Is Trump About to Tank the U.S. Economy?

The New York Times columnist assesses the dangers of ripping up NAFTA. Paul Krugman is the first to admit that the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has not been all it was cracked up to be.

Does John Kelly Have Even an Ounce of Shame?

The White House attacks a congresswoman—and proves he's as devoid of empathy as his boss. Ever since Donald Trump was asked about his curious delay in commenting on the deaths of four servicemen in Niger and, instead of answering, began to brag about how he was the only president to call all the families of fallen soldiers, this ugly story has been festering.

Fox News' Pro-Trump 'War Hero' Admits He Completely Fabricated His Service—Purple Hearts and All

The network has since retracted the fake news story. A pro-Trump Navy veteran who appeared on Fox News earlier this month has admitted that he lied about his service — including a completely false claim that he received two Purple Hearts.

A Texas City Will Only Give Out Hurricane Harvey Relief to Residents Who Swear Not to Boycott Israel

Texas is one of multiple states violating the First Amendment in this way. Dickinson, TX has opened up its application for city aid relief for some Hurricane Harvey victims, but not for all.

Lawrence O'Donnell Dismantles John Kelly's Disgraceful New Defense of Donald Trump

The MSNBC host was beside himself after Thursday's press conference. Late Thursday night, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell brought the hammer down on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for attacking a black lawmaker from Florida who has been standing up for the family of a fallen soldier.

Trump's Opioid Emergency Promise Was News to the Officials Who Have to Make It Happen

The president's latest announcement caught his administration completely off guard. It’s a fire drill in the Trump administration after Donald Trump promised on Monday that “next week” he’d make an emergency declaration on the opioid crisis.

Lupita Nyong'o Pens Powerful Op-Ed Detailing Her Sexual Assault at the Hands of Harvey Weinstein

The Academy Award-winning actress is the latest to step forward with allegations of abuse. Lupita Nyong'o On Harvey Weinstein: 'I Have Felt Sick In The Pit Of My Stomach' Oscar-winning actor Lupita Nyong’o has come forward about her shocking encounters with Harvey Weinstein in an op-ed published in the New York Times on Thursday, adding her name to the growing list ...

Wildlife Killing Contests Are Sick, Cruel and Have No Place in Civilized Society

Click here for reuse options! These gruesome events occur frequently across the United States. In October and November, participants in two gruesome wildlife killing contests in Nevada compete to claim the most coyote carcasses for cash or other prizes.

3 Drinks Flight Attendants Avoid When They're Flying

You might think twice about ordering these beverages when you're on a plane. Falling sick after a flight is not exactly news to regular travelers.

Why Fake Shrimp Is the Next Veggie Burger

Meet the world’s first plant-based shrimp. Who doesn’t love a good bit of shrimp? Well, apart from vegans, vegetarians, Kosher eaters and those unlucky few who blow up like a big balloon every time they go near the juicy sea critters.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Implicated in Rainforest Destruction for Japan's New National Stadium

As Japan prepares for the games, indigenous Malaysians suffer the destruction of their homeland. On the anniversary of the first Tokyo Olympics, Matu Tugang, headman of the Indigenous Penan community of Long Jaik from Sarawak, Malaysia, delivered an urgent plea to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to stop Japan’s use of wood from a company that is destroying their forests and their livelihoods.

Big Food Is Starting to Worry About a Millennial Generation That's Not So Into Animal Products

Click here for reuse options! Big Food is trying to figure out how to make people consume more animals.

4 Energy Cooperatives Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Consumers across the U.S. are organizing to create a multiclass, multirace clean energy system that addresses socioeconomic and environmental justice.

CNN's Don Lemon Has a Pretty Good Idea Why Trump Is So Furiously 'Jealous' of Obama

The president is obsessed with his predecessor. CNN anchor Don Lemon took issue with contributor Charles Blow's use of the word "inexplicable" to describe President Donald Trump's habit of blaming former President Barack Obama on false pretenses.

John McCain Scorches Trump's 'Half-Baked' Nationalism in Fiery Liberty Medal Speech

The senator doesn't mince words when it comes to this president's abhorrent ideology. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) earned applause from the crowd during his Liberty Medal acceptance speech when he sharply criticized the ideology of President Donald Trump.

Robert Reich and CNN's Erin Burnett Take Turns Debunking Trump's Favorite Economist

Stephen Moore tried to rewrite history on the economic recovery. It didn't end well. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich confronted conservative economist Stephen Moore over his pro-Trump tax lies.

‘Dead Serious’ Pennsylvania GOP Mayoral Candidate Determined to Enact ‘Narco Bunnies’ Plan to Sniff Out Drugs

You can't make this stuff up. While many police departments employ K-9 units that are used to sniff out explosives and drugs, one Republican mayoral candidate wants to see bunnies do the work.

Trump's Drug Czar Is Protecting Big Pharma's Opioid Epidemic

Click here for reuse options! Tom Marino wants to jail pot smokers, yet has a soft spot for the nation's biggest drug pushers.

FBI Targets 'Black Identity Extremists' Despite Surge in White Supremacist Violence

The Trump administration is coming dangerously close to labeling Black Lives Matter a terrorist group.