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5 Most Appalling "Christian" Defenses of Duggars

Did you think there was no way to defend Duggar? Think again. Since it was revealed that Josh Duggar had been accused of molestation and his reality-show star parents did little in response, there has been an expected backlash.

How to Turn a Hipster into a Capitalist Tyrant in One Evening

A new play, World Factory, asks the audience to run a clothing factory in China – and even the creators have been surprised at how people have behaved.

Why It's Almost Impossible to Take Republicans Seriously

The master 2016 narrative they’re going with – dishonesty – is as dangerous for them as they want it to be for Hillary Clinton.

Army Soldier Survived Two Tours in Iraq Only to Die Begging For His Life in Jail

Sgt. James Brown mysteriously died in 2012 after he reported to jail for a two-day sentence for a DWI.

The Secret History of Memorial Day

History books credit a Union officer with the idea of a holiday to remember the war dead. But the first people to honor those who died had far less power.

Robert Reich: Corporate Collusion Is Rampant and We All Pay the Steep Price

The big banks even referred to themselves as "cartels," but government will do nothing to stop them. Last week’s settlement between the Justice Department and five giant banks reveals the appalling weakness of modern antitrust.  The banks had engaged in the biggest price-fixing conspiracy in modern history.

Paul Krugman Debunks One of the Bigger Economic Hoaxes of Our Time

The techno-revolution will not be televised. Paul Krugman takes a walk on his snarky side in Monday's column.

Founder of Josh Duggar’s ‘Treatment Center’ Left After ‘Sexually Grooming’ Teens and Young Women

More disturbing revelations. The founder of a chain of Christian “treatment” centers Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sent their eldest son to for molesting five girls — including his sisters — resigned in 2014 under a cloud of accusations that he had “sexually groomed” and harassed young women and teens in his ministry.

Elizabeth Warren Is Winning: How the Progressive Icon is Remaking Politics — Without Running For President

Take a look at how the liberal superstar is changing the debate on trade if you want to see the party's future.

The FBI's Response To Another Killer Cop Set Free? More Surveillance of Protestors

FBI gives ominous press conference detailing their monitoring of #BlackLivesMatter. On Thursday, FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano gave a press conference about how his agency was preparing for the soon-to-be announced verdict for Michael Brelo, the white Cleveland Police Officer charged with two counts of voluntary homicide for shooting 49 bullets at two unarmed black victims, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, at least two of which were fatal shots for each victim and many of which were fired as he stood on the hood of their car.

This is Your Brain on Whiteness: The Invisible Psychology of White American Ignorance Explained

The contrast in media narratives about Baltimore and Waco are undeniable—but many white Americans are blind to them.

Is a Sex-Shop Coming to Saudi Arabia?

El Asira is a sharia-compliant sex shop, and may be opening its doors in one of Islam's holiest cities.

White America’s Waco Insanity: The Shocking Realities it Ignores About Racism & Violence

The response to the Twin Peaks shootout shows how privilege really works. Malcolm X, the famed Civil Rights leader and minister of the Nation of Islam, would have turned 90 years old this week.

WATCH: Virginia Cop Uses Pepper-Spray, Taser on Unresisting Black Man Having Stroke

He says he did nothing wrong. Saying he did nothing wrong, a Virginia police officer resigned from the Fredricksburg Police Department after body-cam video showed him using his Taser, and then pepper-spray, on an unresponsive black man sitting in his car.

5 Despicable Right-Wing Moments this Week You Might Not Have Heard About

You'll never guess who's really to blame for ISIS' recruiting success. 1. Fox Newsian:  American schools teaching multi-culturalism is why ISIS is so good at recruiting.

Cop Found Not Guilty After He Jumped on Hood of Car and Murdered Unarmed Couple

Officer Michael Brelo was found not guilty on all counts. Cleveland, OH — Cleveland cop Michael Brelo was found not guilty on all counts Saturday morning for the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Man Who Called Woman Concerned About Impact of Boston Olympics, "a F*cking Piece of Sh*t!' Turns Out to be Mayor's Cousin

Boston's Olympic bid is getting disturbing. Boston's bid for the 2024 Olympics has been met with notable resistance from local residents who are concerned that the events would come at a huge financial cost, an increased amount of surveillance, and further militarization of local police forces.

Taylor Swift is Not an 'Underdog': The Real Story About her 1 Percent Upbringing That the New York Times Won’t Tell You

Swift is the privileged daughter of plutocrats. She had a leg up. Over the last few years, Taylor Swift has become one of the two or three biggest pop stars in the world.

5 Ways Baltimore Police Were Out Of Control Long Before Freddie Gray's Death, From David Simon

To blame: the drug war and 2016 candidate Martin O'Malley (Editor’s note: David Simon is renowned for reporting on the hard realities of urban life.

Ten Reasons Why We Should Be Having More Sex with Ourselves

“As we get better at self-love, we get better at making love to others.” Back in 1995, Jocelyn Elders was fired as Surgeon General of the United States for suggesting that masturbation should (maybe) be taught in schools.