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Why California of All Places Is Suddenly at the Epicenter of the Fight to Protect Captive Elephants

The California Senate passed a bill that could make the state the second in the nation to ban the use of bullhooks on elephants in traveling shows and circuses.

DEA Wins the Battle but Is Losing the War on Marijuana

With a number of states moving toward legalization, stubbornness at the federal level may have little impact.

Lakoff: Pay Close Attention—Trump Means Exactly What He Says

Trump is swaying millions with his calculated rhetoric. Editor's note: This analysis is a followup to Lakoff's previous piece, Understanding Trump,

Real Washington Corruption? Not Hillary's Latest Emails, but Bush-Cheney Ties to Iraq's Wartime Profiteers

Right-wingers upset with Bono conveniently forget about the Carlyle Group and Halliburton. The latest flurry of right-wing consternation over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State has crossed over into the ludicrous.

They Want to Destroy Leslie Jones: Harassment Targeting 'Ghostbusters' Star Exposes the Ugliness Driving the New Right

The attacks against Jones lay bare the resentments fueling what is euphemistically known as the "alt-right." Even for someone who has been researching and writing about misogyny for over a decade, it is hard to comprehend the level of obsessive hate that had to go into the attack on actress Leslie Jones.

We Desperately Need a Vision for a New Economy That Serves All

Caring, innovative state legislator David Bly explains what is necessary for a better future and why.

Private Prisons Are Not the Problem: Why Mass Incarceration Is the Real Issue

Yes, the "prison-industrial complex" is bad—but the real problem is that too many people are in prison.

New Study: Nice Guys Have More Sex

So much for the old adage about finishing last. Some say life has a way of compensating good behavior.

What Your Back-to-School List Reveals About Our Underfunded Schools

The lists are longer because schools can't afford to pay for basic supplies. “You can exhale now,” the headline in Salon reassures, because “kids have more money than ever to spend on school stuff this year.” The reason for Salon’s celebratory tone is that a national survey every year by the National Retail Federation finds that preteens preparing for a new school year have a record-breaking average of $80.31 in personal spending money.

Move Over Cigarettes: Ramen Is the New Major Currency in U.S. Prisons

The disturbing implication is that food has gone from being a basic good to a luxury one. Needless to say life in prison is stressful.

Amber Heard Was the Perfect 'Victim'—and Perfect Still Isn't Good Enough'

She did everything by the book, from documenting Depp's rage to donating her settlement — and she's still doubted If the internet loves a “perfect response,” Amber Heard has certainly delivered.

Donald Trump Has a Big Racist Problem—or Does He?

When Trump repudiates his racist followers, we’ll know he’s serious about changing his tune. Soon after Donald Trump’s August 17 announcement of a new campaign leadership team came word that he would reconsider his position on creating a “deportation force” to remove undocumented immigrants, and make a concerted pitch to African Americans for their support.

Police Surround Woman at French Beach, Force Her to Remove Her 'Burkini'

French authorities wrong-headedly think the burkini ban will curb terrorism and promote secularism. Tuesday in Nice, France, four male police officers clothed in bulletproof vests were photographed surrounding a woman on the beach as they forced her to remove items of clothing.

Trump Illegally Pumped Up His Own Book Sales With Campaign Donations

So, this is how the Donald earns his bestseller status. Now we know how Donald Trump manages to write so-called bestsellers.

Colbert Perfectly Calls Out Trump Lapdog Rudy Giuliani for His Bogus Conspiracy Theory Peddling

Giuliani called on viewers watching Fox News Sunday to google 'Hillary Clinton illness' and Stephen Colbert did.

How a Proposed $10 Billion Dairy Industry Merger Will Impact Your Glass of Milk

France's Groupe Danone stands to dominate the organic dairy market. The French dairy giant, Groupe Danone (Dannon in the U.S.) has announced the proposed acquisition of WhiteWave Foods for approximately $10 billion.

From Booster to Adviser: Sean Hannity Has Erased His Final, Albeit Microscopic, Sliver of Impartiality

Hannity is reportedly consulting Trump — another egregious offense to journalism committed by Fox News.

Study Finally Reveals How Long It Takes for Women to Get Abortions

It's time to remove harmful waiting periods. This article was originally published at Revelist. There's finally an answer for one of the world's most-burning questions: How long does it take for a woman to get an abortion?

Watch: Guy Takes Magic Mushrooms, Attempts to Assemble Ikea Furniture

"It's wood. It's metal. You gotta put it together. The interconnectedness of man and nature, self-actualization, self-awareness.

Idaho Firefighter Says He Was Canned After Blowing The Whistle on Chief Driving Truck While Intoxicated

He is suing the fire department. A fire district is being sued by a former training captain who claims he was terminated after he reported that his supervisor drove a firetruck while intoxicated.