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Mueller Is already in Possession of McCabe’s Bombshell Private Memos on Trump Meetings: Wall Street Journal

McCabe had already turned over the memos to the special counsel. Special counsel Robert Mueller already has in his possession the contemporaneous memos written by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

New Book Unmasks Hidden History of How U.S. Corporations Gained Legal Personhood and Civil Rights

Click here for reuse options! Corporations have fought a long battle to win rights once granted only to individuals.

27 Women Who Have Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Misconduct

Click here for reuse options! From sexual harassment to rape, the accusations are more numerous than you think.

The Racist Origin of the Second Amendment and the Rise of Black Gun Ownership

Many people of color are faced with uneasy support for a civil right that began as a way to oppress them.

'Like He Didn't Exist': Texas Paper Edits Grieving Gay Son out of Mom's Obituary

Newspaper publisher claims he can't publish anything "contrary to God's Word." A local newspaper in Texas removed references to a gay couple in one of the men's mother’s obituary, citing "religious and ethical reasons," Fox News 4 reports.

The VA Is the Closest Thing We Have to Single Payer—Now Trump Wants to Privatize It

The VA has problems, but more "vouchers to veterans" won't help. Aaron Hughes, who was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq in 2003 and 2004, now has a serious, very rare lung condition.

Republicans Prioritize Airline Employees' Poor Judgment With Pets Over Young People Dying From Gun Violence

Congress says WOOFF on guns. On a day when American students and their supporters marched to demand stricter gun laws and to memorialize 17 people brutally killed at a Florida high school, the news broke that Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana intended to file an animal protection bill.

Stunning Critics, Oklahoma Turns to 'Experimental' Use of Nitrogen Gas to Kill People

The American Veterinary Medical Association has deemed the use of nitrogen gas as unacceptable for euthanizing animals.

Bush Is Gone, but the Neocons Are Back

Click here for reuse options! Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signals a coming confrontation with Iran.

New Report on CIA Nominee Gina Haspel May Rescue Her: But It Shouldn't

It seems Haspel did not oversee the torture of Abu Zubaydah. She’s still implicated in the CIA’s Bush-era crimes.

'Red Alert Time': Trump's Personal Lawyer Calls on DOJ to Kill Mueller Probe

John Dowd initially claimed he was speaking on behalf of the president, but later walked that claim back.

Facebook Spies on Its Own Employees via Its ‘Rat-Catching Team’

"Get on their bad side and all of a sudden you are face to face with Mark Zuckerberg's secret police."   Silicon Valley's tech giants are famously secretive — after all their proprietary products and services are worth billions — but a new report alleges that Facebook goes to Orwellian lengths to keep its workers from talking out of turn, even about their working conditions.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Celebrity-VillainDivorce: Forgive Yourself for Staring

Yes, it’s news! Celebrity culture and politics are ruled by the same principle: Live by the sword, die by the sword The New York Post broke the news that Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.

Why Can't We Talk About the T-Word with Trump's CIA Pick?

Click here for reuse options! How torture became unspeakable yet defensible in Washington. The key to defending the practice of torture is never to use the word.

Is NYC's Progressive Mayor Turning into a Charter School Cheerleader?

De Blasio has closed many public schools in New York City. Unlike Bloomberg, he does not boast about it.

Remembering Courtlin Arrington: The Victim of a Recent School Shooting Largely Ignored by Media

Parkland wasn't the only recent school shooting. Wednesday’s nationwide student walkout occurred one month after 17 students and staff were shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

8 Students With Different Reasons For Stricter Gun Laws

“All of these students will be voting in the next four years. We will be in the driver’s seat.” On Wednesday, one month after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students from more than 3,000 schools across the country walked out of class to show support for stricter gun control. In the past month, teens have been outspoken about their frustration with politicians’ inaction.

Teachers Deserve a Raise—Here’s How to Fund It

Huge tax cuts for energy corporations have left state school budgets broke. Teachers are ready to revolt.

Inside the Trump Circus of Corruption

Ben Carson’s furniture! Ryan Zinke’s “cone of silence”! Ivanka’s double-dealing! And that’s only the beginning.

America's Phony Middle East Wars

While we meddle overseas, our homeland crumbles. Overseas, the United States is engaged in real wars in which bombs are dropped, missiles are launched, and people (generally not Americans) are killed, wounded, uprooted, and displaced.