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Big Ag Spending Millions to Defeat GMO Labeling Campaigns

Industry giants spend more than $25 million to defeat mandatory labeling ballot initiatives in Oregon and Colorado.

Inside the Fascinating and Terrifying Science of Ebola

Scientists are racing to find a cure, a vaccine and an answer to the question of how Ebola mutates. By now, educated people in America know more about Ebola than they ever thought they would.

How Web Camming Is Transforming the World of Internet Porn

Web cam models enjoy all sorts of job benefits that aren't available to traditional sex workers. Alice* spent a month and a half working at a BDSM dungeon in New York City.

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Open the Door to a White House Run?

After months of insisting that a 2016 bid is off the table, the Massachusetts senator sounds a different note.

VIDEO: Louis CK Crashes Brad Pitt's Hilariously Awkward 'Between Two Ferns' Interview

Comedian saves the day with awful ISIS and Ebola jokes. In a hilarious turn, Brad Pitt appeared on Zach Galifianakis's send-up interview show 'Between Two Ferns,' and true to form, the host hurled one insulting question after another at Pitt (or Bradley Pitts, as Galifiniakis introduced him.) In the middle of this excruciatingly squirmy chat, Louis CK barged in to "liven things up," and provide some comic relief.

Right on Cue: Five Craziest Right-Wing Reactions to New York's First Ebola Case

Wait, so how is this related to Obamacare? New York had its first Ebola patient when a doctor returning from Guinea tested positive for the virus Thursday night.

Bullied 14-Year-Old Fights Back and Gets Severely Injured—Now HE Faces Assault Charges

Eri Martin's ordeal continues at the hands of law enforcement. 14 year-old Eric Martin of Henrico, Virginia had reportedly been bullied for years at school, hounded with homophobic slurs and constant harassment.

Krugman Dismantles the Right's Hysterical Fear of Actual Democracy

What's really behind the fight against non-existent voter fraud. Plutocrats, they all think alike. Take the leader of Hong Kong, Paul Krugman writes in his column Friday, who accidentally blurted out the truth when he expressed his opposition to the pro-democracy demonstrators' demand for open voting. “You would be talking to half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than $1,800 a month.

My Strip Club Bullying Nightmare

For me, working in a strip club was a lot like "Mean Girls." And when I became a porn star, it only got worse When I was 18, I began working at a local strip club that had four walls and a stage.

Department of Homeland Security Executes Panty Raid in Kansas City

What's their job again? Birdies is a self-described "intimate apparel apothecary and swimwear boutique" located in Downtown Kansas City.

Noam Chomsky: The One Big Thing America Needs to Do to Turn Itself Around

We could start by actually living up to our own laws. The following is the transcript of part 2 of a Democracy Now!

Memo to Anti-Vaxxer Jenny McCarthy: Research Points to a Very Different Culprit for Autism

Scientists are getting closer to finding what causes this increasingly common condition. Could autism be in the air we breathe?

WATCH: Little Foul-mouthed Princesses Rampantly Drop the F-bomb . . . for a Damn Good Reason

"F*ck that sexist sh%t!" If you can't stand the idea of little angelic girls cursing, you better not watch.

All Eyes on Kansas: The Battle for Marriage Equality Boils Over, Putting Conservatives on the Defensive

Inside Kansas' struggle for equality in law, politics and religion. Tom Witt had planned an ambush. The burly director and lobbyist for Equality Kansas who moves and talks more like a Marine drill sergeant than laid-back Kansan, had spent days working to pack a state Senate hearing room with surrogate parents, babies on their laps, their grandparents and doctors.

Why Oregon Is About to Be the Poster Child for How to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

25 percent of tax revenues will go to mental health and substance abuse agencies. At the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Portland last month, the atmosphere was that of a winning NASCAR pit crew during the victory lap.

Menaces to Society: Keene State and the Danger of Drunken Young White Men

As the Keene State protests showed, some people feel the freedom to (literally) piss on people. Guess who they are.

Nothing's Wrong with Renee Zellweger's Face—Something's Wrong With Us

All the actress did was pull back the curtain on our hypocrisy by letting herself be seen in public past a certain age.

Research Behind Dr. Oz-Endorsed Diet Supplement Was Bogus, Authors Admit

“America’s doctor” promoted spurious weight-loss products to his audience. A research paper that touted the weight-loss benefits of an extract from green coffee beans has been retracted by the researchers that published it.

I Was Forced From My Home and Am Living In Constant Fear Because of Relentless Death Threats From Male Gamers

This is what happens when you stand up to the misogyny of gaming culture. They threatened the wrong woman this time.

Why Is Big Coal Pretending to Be the Savior of the Developing World?

These countries deserve something much better than the old, dirty energy that we in North America no longer want.