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30 Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

A look on the bright side of the environment, sustainability, renewable energy, food safety, food security, organic food systems and animal welfare.

Heroic Cops Protect Community by Raiding a Group of 90-Year-Old Women Playing MahJong

As hundreds of thousands of rape kits collect dust and remain untested, cops are quick to raid a group of elderly women playing mahjong.

I Filed Suit for the Laquan McDonald Police Video. Its Mundanity Shocked Me

The lack of sound in the recording and the perfunctory way the officers moved and behaved made a horrifying act seem normal.

Records Reveal Minnesota Priests Raped Hundreds of Kids for Decades — and Church Buried the Evidence

Files include psychiatric assessments of the five men, records of abuse allegations and the abbey’s responses dating back from the 1960s.

The Unprecedented Nightmare of Donald Trump: He's Actually a Fascist

The bizarre spectacle of Trump's candidacy has one word on everyone's mind: 'Fascism.' Over the past week or so, something unusual has happened in American politics: political figures, mainstream scholars and commentators are describing a leading contender for president of the United States as a fascist.

8 Ways to Deal With Your Conservative Relatives' Fox News Talking Points

Fox spends 364 days a year misinforming your loved ones. Do your part one day a year setting them straight.

Trigger Happy: Will Turkey’s Downing of Russian Jet Backfire on NATO?

Leaders of NATO countries will want to prevent further Russian-Turkish hostilities. Turkey must have been eager to shoot down a Russian aircraft.

Seriously? New York Subway Cars Decorated With Nazi Symbols

New York's transit authority bizarrely decides to accept advertising for Amazon's "The Man in the High Castle," then yanks.

AlterNet Comics: Tom Tomorrow on How Ass-Kicking American Jesus Would Deal With ‘Refugee Terrorists’

John Kasich even proposed a propaganda bureau to spread 'Judeo-Christian values.' Tom Tomorrow on How Ass-Kicking American Jesus Would Deal With ‘Refugee Terrorists’ Photo Credit:  Tom Tomorrow

Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-raq’ Is an Urgent, Angry and Sexy Midlife Masterpiece

The filmmaker is back at the top of his game with this incendiary look at life in a gang-ravaged Chicago.

The Real War on Cops: Police in This City Are Killed Every Other Day

Police are prey where powerful, murderous gangs have declared a very real war on cops. Buffeted on one side by a surging crime rate, and by growing public hostility on the other, the police find themselves besieged and bloodied.

Chicago’s Call for Peace Over Laquan McDonald Video Doesn’t Extend to Police Dept.

The National Director of the Black Youth Project 100 explains why she declined a meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

My Mom Fled War Too: Finding Compassion for Syrian Refugees

Like refugees everywhere, my mom gave her children the gift of a better life — and an understanding of what it means to risk everything for it.

Ben Carson Tells Anti-Choice Group: Abortion Is Like Slavery, Not ‘an Issue of Women’s Rights'

The former neurosurgeon noted that he change his mind about abortion after realizing it was like 'slavery.' Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson asserted on Monday that abortion was not an issue of women’s rights, and that supporting a woman’s right to choose was like supporting slavery.

Why the White Supremacists Who Shot Black Lives Matter Protesters Aren’t Called Terrorists

The media accepts that ‘people who resort to violence are left-wing or Arab or both.’ The script has gotten familiar by now: Ideologically driven Muslim or foreigner does something violent and awful, and they are dubbed a terrorist.

WATCH: Colbert Roasts 'NostraDonald' as Well as Trump's False Memories

Who could have predicted the totally predictable? Why, the Donald, of course! Donald Trump is not funny (at least not intentionally so), but boy does he make Stephen Colbert's job easy.

5 Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories as Crazy as Donald Trump's Lie About Muslims Cheering 9/11

The right wing is full of paranoia. Donald Trump claims thousands of Muslims in New Jersey rejoiced as the Twin Towers fell during the 9/11 attacks.

Chicago Officials Release Graphic Video Showing White Officer Killing Black Teenager Laquan McDonald (VIDEO)

State’s attorney says the officer's actions as seen in video of shooting of Laquan McDonald ‘were not justified or the proper use of deadly force.' Video footage showing the killing of a black teenager by a police officer was publicly released on Tuesday, on the same day that a white Chicago police officer was charged with murder in the shooting death.

Coke Adds Fraud: Exposing the Beverage Giant's Shady Research Practices

One of America's once-most-trusted brands funds research downplaying the link between sugary drinks and obesity.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian War Plane on Syria Border

Russia insisted the jet was all the time inside Syrian airspace and condemned the downing as 'a very serious incident.' Ankara (AFP) - NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border on Tuesday, threatening a major spike in tensions between two key protagonists in the four-year Syria civil war.