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Robert Reich: Worker Pay Is Rising at the Slowest Rate Ever Recorded

Republicans have it completely backwards - higher wages can only help the overall economy. Worker pay is rising at the slowest pace ever recorded.

Scott Walker Is a Pastier Trump: The Wisconsin Governor’s Ethno-Nationalism Is Just As Egregious

He more likely to get elected -- and far more dangerous if he does. A few days ago, the Daily Beast published an article by self-styled Reasonable Conservative Matt K.

Bill Maher On Running For Office: Americans Would ‘Probably Elect a Pedophile Before An Atheist’

Maher also admitted that he has wrestled with the fact that many of his show’s younger viewers use Real Time as a primary news source.

Secrets Of the Extreme Religious Right: Inside the Frightening World Of Christian Reconstructionism

Be very afraid. As an unprecedented shift in public opinion brought about the legalization of gay marriage, a vigorous counter-current has been intensifying under the banner of “religious freedom”—an incredibly slippery term.

Bernie Sanders’ Secret Sauce: The Vermont Socialist's Improbable Rise To Prominence

The Vermont's Senator's unexpected journey. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is surging. In July, nearly 10,000 supporters gathered in Madison, Wis., to hear the 73-year-old socialist senator denounce the Koch brothers and corporate greed.

SC Cop Killed Teen With Two Shots To the Back During Weed Bust — And Didn’t Even Report It: Attorney

Not the way to handle a fatal shooting. Police shot and killed a South Carolina man during an undercover marijuana sting — and his family’s attorney said evidence shows the 19-year-old was shot twice in the back from near-point blank range.

Jon Stewart Just Announced His Final Three “Daily Show” Guests — And Things Are About To Get Wild

Who took the coveted spots? We’ve already seen a number of high-profile celebs stop by “The Daily Show” in the last few weeks to tip their hats to the soon-to-be retiree, Jon Stewart. JJ Abrams sat down with Stewart last night for an interview.

Jimmy Carter: American Democracy Has Been Subverted into an 'Oligarchy' with 'Unlimited Political Bribery'

"The incumbents, Democrats, and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves." The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines an 'oligarchy' as: "A government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes." Former President Jimmy Carter had some choice words for our form of government, post-Citizen's United, on my radio program this week..

Which 'Senior Official' Smeared Hillary Clinton?

Benghazi rears its ugly head again. In the aftermath of that famously discredited New York Times story about a "criminal referral" regarding Hillary Clinton's emails, a few important questions stand out, among many that remain unanswered.

Alec Baldwin: I'd 'Love to See Trump Win' (VIDEO)

The actor told Howard Stern this week that Trump is "exactly" what Americans deserve . Perpetually perturbed actor-producer Alec Baldwin sat down with Howard Stern Tuesday to formally announce his endorsement of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

The Latest Anti-Choice Move: Try to Take Custody of a Woman's Fetus

Alabama sought to prevent a prisoner from getting an abortion by terminating her parental rights in utero.

Paul Krugman: China's Leaders Have No Idea What They Are Doing

Another thing Donald Trump is totally wrong about. Paul Krugman turns his attention to China in Friday's column, and determines that despite Donald Trump's assertion that China is "eating our lunch," the country's leaders have no idea what they are doing.

Larry Wilmore on Cop Who Killed Sam Dubose: 'Basically Motherf*cker, You Just Lied'

Tensing would have gotten away with it had it not been for video footage. Larry Wilmore, once again, was forced by circumstance to discuss yet another police shooting of an unarmed black man, this time Sam Dubose who was shot in the head by University of Cinncinatti police officer Ray Tensing over a minor traffic violation.

Nevada’s New Voucher Plan Is Designed to Bankrupt Public Schools

Now they're pushing vouchers for upper-income families. Nevada is one of our nation’s 24 one-party, all Republican states. Writing for the Washington Post, Lyndsey Layton and Emma Brown note that, “In January, Republicans took control of the Nevada legislature and the governor’s mansion for the first time since 1929, generating the political momentum to enact the country’s most expansive voucher plan.

Bernie Sanders Draws Army of 100,000 Volunteers to First Nationwide Organizing Event

And this is from a man who is not taking corporate PAC money and is relying on small donors. Over 100,000 people came together for Bernie Sanders' first nationwide organizing event on Wednesday. Sanders spoke to this army of volunteers via a video livestream, telling them they are needed if he is to overcome the power of what he calls the “billionaire class” – the tight group of the wealthy and corporations that own both the economy and political system.

Jon Stewart Makes Surprise Return to Standup After Unannounced Set By Louis CK

Stewart accepted an invitation to go onstage at New York City’s Comedy Cellar, reports Gawker. One lucky comedy crowd was treated to an incredible twin-billing when “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart made a surprise return to standup Wednesday night following an unannounced set by Louis CK.

Bernie Sanders Draws a Line in the Sand: We Need Medicare for All, Not Cutbacks That Will Kill Our Seniors

The 50th anniversary of Medicare is a reminder that this program needs to be stronger to meet today's challenges.

10 Stunning Photos of Climbers Suspended from Bridge Blocking Shell Oil Vessel from Heading to Arctic

Greenpeace activists in Portland are blocking Shell’s icebreaker ship. Thirteen Greenpeace climbers remain suspended below the St.

Report: 40 Percent of NYC High Schools Do Not Offer Advanced Math and Science Courses

The numbers paint a grim picture of the instruction many students are receiving in STEM subjects. You need chemistry to become a registered nurse or an emergency medical technician.

The Anti-Sam Dubose Video: UK Police Subdue a Knife-Wielding Man Without Incident

British police show, once again, that lethal violence isn't a necessary go-to response. Wednesday afternoon, Hamilton County prosecutors released video of University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing shooting Sam Dubose, an unarmed African-American, point blank in the face, all because Mr Dubose let his car slowly roll away after committing the grave crime of not having a front licence plate.