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WATCH: Stephen Colbert's Incredible Bill O'Reilly Take Down

"Bill, Papa Bear . . . you're a f*cking egomaniac." In case you haven't noticed, Stephen Colbert and Bill O'Reilly are engaged in quite a late night spat.

The American Family Is a Myth: Why Our National Moral Panic Must Stop

As a kid, I thought I'd be married with three kids by now. But now I see "family" as something totally different.

Florida Officer Tases 62-Year-Old Woman In the Back Just for the Hell of It

No charges have been brought and the officer is currently on paid leave. After police arrived on the scene of her Tallahassee, Florida, neighborhood, 62-year-old Viola Young asked them why they were there.

16-Year-Old Jailed Without Trial for 3 Years After Being Accused of Stealing a Backpack

Kalief Browder did not go home for 33 months, even though he was never convicted. We look at the incredible story of how a 16-year-old high school sophomore from the Bronx ended up spending nearly three years locked up at the Rikers jail in New York City after he says he was falsely accused of stealing a backpack.

Why Are America’s Poorest Toddlers Being Overprescribed ADHD Drugs?

Against all medical guidelines, preschool-aged children are diagnosed with ADHD and treated with stimulants.

The Classic Nuclear American Family Is a Myth—And There's Nothing Wrong With That

Wringing our hands over the 'end of marriage' won't help anything. In about two months, I turn 34. The other day I remembered that I was supposed to be on baby No.

5 Facts About the Creepily Close Ties Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Doctors

Payments from pharmaceutical companies reach hundreds of thousands of doctors. This story was co-published with The New York Times.

Where Are the Best and Worst Places in the World to Grow Old?

People are living longer than ever. But the quality of their older years varies vastly depending on where they live.

How Corporate Executives Are Purchasing Our States—One Governership at a Time

Corporations are secretly funneling millions into the "dark money" vault of the RGA. Some people have a myriad of recurring nightmares about being publicly embarrassed, such as rising to give a speech and realizing you know nothing about the topic -- then realizing you're naked.

How Fox News Picks and Chooses Who Gets Labeled a 'Terrorist'

We never hear about domestic, anti-government terrorism when it's committed by non-Muslims. Fox News is increasingly fixating on the gruesome workplace beheading last week in Moore, Oklahoma by a recent Muslim convert, suspect Alton Nolen.

Someone Needs to Tell Maroon 5 There's Nothing Sexy About Sexual Harassment

The new video featuring singer Adam Levine as a ‘crazy’ sexual predator isn't 'edgy.' This actually happens every damn day.

Dog Bites, Workplace Accidents and 4 Other Things That Killed More Americans Than Terrorism Last Year

Our country has blown the threat of violence from terrorists way out of proportion. With the Middle East grabbing headlines, many Americans are concerned about terrorism.

New Mexico Police Officer Jokes About Shooting a Citizen in the Penis -- Kills Him Two Hours Later

A damning police car dashcam video surfaces. On March 16, Albuquerque police opened fire on homeless camper James Boyd in the New Mexico foothills.

Anti-Rape App Might Actually Backfire and Make It Easier to Rape

Trying to get people to communicate better in bed isn't necessarily the problem. ave such mixed feelings about the “teach people about consent” approach to rape prevention.

It's Crazy to Blame Fat People for Ruining Air Travel

The experience of air travel has always been dismal -- yet there are entire blogs devoted to hating overweight people on planes.

America's 'Death Instinct' Spreads Misery Across the World

War and national security are used to justify the surrender of citizenship, the crushing of dissent and expanding the powers of the state.

10 Best Movie Masturbation Scenes

From "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" to "Wetlands," the most memorable autoerotic moments on the big screen.

The Massive Failure of American Intelligence

It has a terrible record of getting anything right in a timely way. To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from here.    What are the odds?

I Played Japan’s Best-Selling Dating Simulator -- and Loved It

These anime novels are being customized for American women, and could give "Fifty Shades" a run for its money Don’t ask how I ended up an accidental stowaway on a pirate ship — long story.

Fox Host Tells School to ‘Stand up’ to Atheists

Outrageous on-air advocacy made by the network. Fox News host Anna Kooiman asserted on Sept. 28 that secularists had been wrong to object after an Ohio marching band wore “Salvation” T-shirts at a school-sponsored event.