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Hillary Is a High-Ranking Member of the DC Power Elite — and That's Why She Can't Comprehend Bernie’s Revolution

The American Dream is sliding off the cliff and Hillary is still talking about women’s empowerment — a cry that was fresh 40 years ago.

Muslim Man Beaten to Death With Shovel by Construction Worker He Hired: Police

Police responded to a 911 call of a man being attacked with a shovel, and when they arrived found the victim covered in straw.

Why South Carolina Is Arguably a Lot More Important for Republicans Than Iowa or NH (VIDEO)

No Republican has ever become President without winning South Carolina. In the last four decades, four out of seven Republican candidates who won Iowa, went on to lose the GOP nomination.

Rumors of the Suicide of the Liberal Church are Exaggerated: A Response to Chris Hedges

Hedges offers an instructive example of an all-too-common genre: radicals who, in effect, echo right-wing talking points about the dysfunctions of the Protestant left.

Being Mentored by Henry Kissinger Isn't Something a Presidential Candidate Should Brag About

Sanders has berated Clinton for saying she appreciates the foreign policy mentoring she got from Henry Kissinger.

John Kasich Is a Right-Wing Trojan Horse: Why the GOP Establishment’s Newest Pick Should Make Everybody Worried

Although he comes across as reasonable, there are plenty of reasons to believe the Ohio governor is anything but.

IRS Gives Up and Grants Karl Rove's Dark Money Group 'Social Welfare' Certification

Every fake political front group is freed to throw the mud. In a major decison that will open the floodgates to anonymous big-money political attack ads for the rest of the 2016 presidental election, the Internal Revenue Service has caved into pressure from the GOP-led Congress and declared that political front groups can masquerade as charities under the tax code.

The Top 10 Most Inhuman Henry Kissinger Quotes

Ten quotes illustrate his megalomania and indifference to the deaths of untold numbers of civilians. Henry Kissinger's quote released by Wikileaks, "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer," likely brought a smile to his legions of elite media, government, corporate and high society admirers.

Why the Panic Over Dem Super Delegates Is Rooted in Lazy Reporting

Some Sanders supporters are convinced that the super delegates backing Clinton is evidence that the game is rigged.

Why You Might Want to Reconsider Buying Flowers on Valentine's Day

The cut-flower industry exacts a high price from the environment. Valentine’s Day has come around again.

Reality Check for Democrats: Would Martin Luther King Be Supporting Bernie?

Civil Rights leader was a harsh critic of capitalism. Corporate mainstream media have sanitized and distorted the life and teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., putting him in the category of a “civil rights leader” who focused narrowly on racial discrimination; end of story.  Missing from the story is that Dr.

The Top 10 Most Inhuman Henry Kissinger Quotes

Ten quotes that illustrate his megalomania and indifference to the deaths of untold numbers of civilians.

Twitter Falls in Love With Sanders for Outing Himself As "An Old" and Clinton for Embracing Yellow

Makes you wonder how many Twitter users were "doing marijuana" when they saw Big Bird on stage. Twitter seemed to enjoy Thursday night’s Democratic debate despite it being largely substantive, as opposed to the freak show that the GOP has been putting on every week.

Russia and US Lead Agreement on Partial Syria Ceasefire 'Within a Week'

Diplomatic meetings in meetings agree on key points, including delivery of humanitarian aid – but no end in sight to Russian airstrikes.

Clinton and Sanders Clash on Race, Immigration and Who's Friends with Henry Kissinger

Candidates traded barbs on inequality and the justice system, eyeing Latino and African American voters ahead of contests in South Carolina and Nevada.

A Scrambling Hillary Clinton Stirs Up Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorsement

Outside Washington, voters are waiting and watching. Thursday’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the Congressional Black Caucus PAC—hours before the next Democratic debate—was “rushed” by its 20-member board to boost Clinton after her 22-point lost to Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary.

Election's Secret Theme: Letting Women Know Who's Boss

Between Trump's misogyny and Sanders's demeaning of Planned Parenthood, this presidential contest is all about the role of women in society.

FDA Puts the Brakes on Genetically Engineered Salmon Until Labeling Requirements Are Established

In December’s congressional spending bill, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski succeeded in including a provision directing the agency to develop a label for the GE salmon.

Bernie Meets with Sharpton, Ben Jealous and Ta-Nehisi Coates Endorse, and Michelle Alexander Attacks Hillary Clinton's Record (Video)

The tide appears to be turning against the Clintons' long and close relationship with many African-American voters.

Chomsky Interview: ‘The U.S. Is One of the Most Fundamentalist Countries in the World’

Chomsky says today's Clinton Democrats are yesterday's moderate Republicans. Like beauty, fundamentalism is in the eye of the beholder.