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Washington in Libya: A Case Study in How Not to End Violence in a War-Torn Land

Sending more armed men is not the solution. To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from   here.

Why I Am Totally Hooked on the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

Televised celebrity trials are nothing new, but watching this male star sob and squirm is extraordinary.

Police Charge High School Student with Disorderly Conduct for Using an iPad to Prove He's Being Bullied

The teen sought proof that school administrators were ignoring his plight. So they had him arrested. Trigger-warning if you hate incompetent bureaucrats and the abuse of power.

Robert Reich: Happy Tax Day VIDEO—Why the 1% Pay a Much Lower Rate than You

The former labor secretary explains why the rich pay less, and how we can change it. It’s tax time again, April 15, when our minds turn toward paying the taxes we owe or possibly getting a tax refund. But what we don’t think about enough is whether our tax system is fair. The richest 1 percent of Americans are now getting the largest percent of total national income in almost a century.

Google Joins the Kochs in Pumping Funds into the Conservative George Mason University

A new article reveals the notorious university is deep in the pockets of the Internet search giant. Here’s how the free market works.

Society Is Starting to Wake Up to Rampant Street Harrassment of Women

A growing and vocal movement is fighting to empower the women who have to deal with public harrassment on a daily basis.

How Organic Food Is Breaking Down All Class Boundaries

One of the most harmful myths about poor people is that they could care less about what they eat. A man who applies pesticides to Iowa fields for $14 hour might not seem a likely organic enthusiast.

Unlike the US, Here's 6 Countries That Are Experimenting How to Make Workers' Lives Better

France curbs after-work emails, while a Swedish city experiments with six-hour work days. Workers in the United States are typically pushed to the edge and stressed out.

The New Economic Events Giving Lie to the Fiction That We Are All Selfish, Rational Materialists

The commons lies at the heart of a major cultural and social shift now underway. Jeremy Rifkin's new book, “The Zero Marginal Cost Society,” brings welcome new attention to the commons just as it begins to explode in countless new directions.

Let Them McMansions! The 1% and the New-Fashioned American Excess

We have sprawl, wars over oil, stagnant wages and longer hours because your boss wants this ugly house.

If You Can ‘Speak’ with Your Money, Then Why Is It Illegal to Ask For It?

McCutcheon bolsters the conservative ideal of money-as-speech, so why don't our laws protect the poor for asking for pocket change?

TurboTax Maker Linked to 'Grassroots' Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing

Intuit and its allies are continuing to work against proposals for what’s known as return-free filing.

Meet the Twisted 'Pioneer' of the Right-Wing War on Women

Charles Keating was best known for his shady financial dealings, but his politics were even more destructive.

Scandal and Financial Crisis Are Only Making the 1% Even More Wealthy and Powerful

Why the lack of accountability is one of the biggest drivers of inequality. Wall Street is a place where memories are short, profit is amoral, and money is the only thing that settles all the scores.

Paying for America's War Machine Is a Terrible Waste of Tax Money

It’s time to redirect our resources to meet human needs. It’s time to bring the war dollars home. On April 14, the eve of tax day and ironically (or appropriately) Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, the Pentagon plans to launch a brand new weapon system, one that uses electric pulses to project a 40-pound missile the distance from New York City to Philadelphia at a speed of 5,600 mph.

Why Is This Blog Post Different From All Other Blog Posts?

Ma Nishtana -- Let's not fool ourselves again about the true situation humanity is in. There are two ma nishtanas -- one adorable, and one ironic.

Behind Closed Doors, the Pentagon Is Talking About America's 'War' in Africa

The U.S. is making a terrible mess. Is anyone paying attention?  To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from  here.

How Buying Organic Fertilizer at a Gardening Store Can Lead to Armed DEA Agents Bursting Through Your Door

Agents followed Angela Kirking home and snooped through her garbage because of where she shopped. Angela Kirking, a 46-year-old face paint artist, woke up at 5am to four U.S.

Silicon Valley Could Force NSA Reform, Tomorrow — What's Taking So Long?

Time for Internet companies to call out the NSA, on every homepage. With Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras triumphantly returning to the US to accept the Polk Award with Barton Gellman and Ewan MacAskill yesterday, maybe it's time we revisit one of their first and most importantstories: how much are internet companies like Facebook and Google helping the National Security Agency, and why aren't they doing more to stop it?

7 Right-Wing Absurdities This Week: Colbert Causes Conservative Meltdown Edition

Apoplexy after Stephen Colbert takes CBS late-night reins from Letterman. 1. Various conservative clowns: Stephen Colbert will single-handedly destroy America.