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Trump Picks Climate Denier and 'Fossil Fuel Industry Puppet' to Head EPA (Video)

Click here for reuse options! The wishes of the oil and gas industry have come true with Scott Pruitt.

Meet Four Young Farmers Who Are Rising to the Challenge of Water Scarcity in the Western U.S.

Click here for reuse options! A new short film highlights the joys and challenges of being a young farmer in the arid West.

Trump Is an Eerily Perfect Match with a Famous 14-Point Guide to Identify Fascist Leaders

Click here for reuse options! Celebrated novelist Umberto Eco’s guide has breathtaking parallels to Donald Trump.

Michigan Election Officials Refuse to Recount Thousands of Ballots in State's Communities of Color

Click here for reuse options! Fifty-nine percent of Detroit's precincts disqualified. The Green Party’s best chance to overturn a statewide victory by Donald Trump has run into a swamp of dubious election protocols in Michigan, where Detroit officials said nearly two-thirds of the precincts cannot be recounted because of poor record-keeping on or after election night—presumably the rationale for a recount.

Weed-Infused Coffee Pods, Anyone?

Click here for reuse options! You can sip your weed instead of smoking it, at least in states where it's legal.

Bodystockings Are All the Rage: Here's What's Behind the Boom

Click here for reuse options! The lingerie world is experiencing a boom in fetish wear. For years, society has had fun eroticizing lady’s undergarments.

Moyers & Winship: The Speech Hillary Should Give Before Trump Takes Office

Click here for reuse options! America needs a watchdog, and Hillary needs to make the sales pitch. Imagine that a day or two before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Hillary Clinton, as the candidate who received the greatest number of votes — and after a period of personal reflection and evaluation — addresses the nation.

Woman Explains Why She 'Gave Up on Hope' and Voted for Trump

Click here for reuse options! Barack Obama didn't end poverty, so Carol Fraley voted for hate instead.

How to Debunk a Trump Hoax

Click here for reuse options! The president-elect gets his news from Alex Jones, but where does Jones get his news from?

If You Think You Can Start a 'Dialogue' with Trump's Supporters, Wake Up

Click here for reuse options! Those who elected Trump want to undo progress and harm black and brown people.

Will Trump Start a War on China?

Click here for reuse options! Like the renewal of post-Soviet Russia, the rise of China as an economic power is declared an “existential threat” to the divine right of the United States to rule and dominate human affairs.

Chomsky: Humanity Faces Real and Imminent Threats to Our Survival

Click here for reuse options! From climate change to nuclear war. On Monday night, Democracy Now! celebrated its 20th anniversary at the historic Riverside Church in New York City.

Right-Wing Confusion Runs Rampant in Their Invented 'War on Christmas'

Click here for reuse options! The American Family Association and Liberty Counsel have released dueling “Naughty or Nice” lists.

Fight for $15 Catches Nation's Attention With Surprise One-Day Strike

Click here for reuse options! Even though it still has a long way to go, Fight for $15 has reason to celebrate.

Van Jones Blames 'Hurricane Trump' on Unexpected Culprit

Click here for reuse options! In an interview, the CNN commentator says dialogue is still possible — and that liberal elitism really did enable Trump.

Hero Muslim Cop Assaulted, Suspect Charged Following Hate Crimes Unit Investigation

Click here for reuse options! The atack on NYPD officer Aml Elsokary and her son was the second Islamophobic incident in just a few days.

AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on Social Movements That Try Not to Offend

Click here for reuse options! Can you imagine if we told MLK to "knock off the identity politics thing?

Paper Owned by Trump's Son-In-Law Runs Alarming Op-Ed Calling for FBI Crackdown on Anti-Trump Protests

Click here for reuse options! From the outset, Jared Kushner's New York Observer has been an instrument of the Trump campaign.

Republican Elector Won't Vote for Trump—'He Shows Daily That He Is Unfit for Office'

Click here for reuse options! In scathing op-ed, the former firefighter urges other electors to rebuke Trump.

Colbert Dismantles Trump's Pick of Unqualified 'Coma Patient' Ben Carson as Housing Secretary

Click here for reuse options! Even the one thin pretext for this appointment turns out not to be true.