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5 Things Hillary Clinton Can Mock About Thin-Skinned Trump to Make Him Go Bonkers at Tonight's Debate

Click here for reuse options! The size of various things seems to be a sore spot for Trump. Tonight, after 18 months of campaigning in the weirdest and most terrifying presidential election in recent American history, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will finally face off in the first presidential debate.

Robert Reich: Here's How Big Bank and Pharma CEOs Get Away With Fraud and Greed

Click here for reuse options! Hollering at them won't work; Congress needs to take action. Last week, Congress engaged in a bipartisan barrage of CEO bashing.

Paul Krugman Divulges the Part of This Campaign That Isn't Being Covered—And It's a Whopper

Click here for reuse options! Ummm, hello? Paul Krugman digs into the teeny tiny difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Monday's column.

10 Reasons You Should Start Foraging for Your Own Food

Click here for reuse options! Nature is teeming with edibles. You just need to look. In the past few years, foraging—collecting edibles in the wild—has become more popular as people have rediscovered the joy of connecting with nature and enjoying its bounty.

What Happens in Our Minds When We Say 'Donald Trump'—A Sound Symbolism Tour by a Cognitive Linguist

Click here for reuse options! Why we're thinking 'Thwimpie'—a spoiled brat named Little Donnie Thwimp.

Baltimore Man Dies After Being Beaten by Cops Following 911 Call to Take Him to the Hospital

Click here for reuse options! “They really were supposed to be there to get him to the nearest healthcare facility.” A 21-year-old man, who was beaten by police after they responded to a 911 call requesting medical assistance for him, died in a Baltimore area hospital on Wednesday, reports the Guardian.

What Jimmy Fallon and His Defenders Don't Understand About the Politics of Late-Night TV

Click here for reuse options! Fallon cozying up to Donald Trump on "The Tonight Show" is a political act—not to mention selfish and cruel.

White Supremacy and Trump Fever: The Toxic Combo That’s Killing People—White People

Click here for reuse options! Donald Trump is a deadly drug for white folks, promising an endless, self-destructive high.

Why Good Fats Aren't So Healthy When You're Stressed Out

Click here for reuse options! Another reason to keep the stress out of your life. If you're stressed, eating good fat might be just the same as eating bad fat.   Avocados, nuts, coconut oil, salmon, eggs—we know now that these “healthy fats” can improve our cholesterol levels, work wonders for our skin, strengthen our hair and nails, and help us shed excess weight.

Louisiana Cop Charged with Murder—But He Says He Shot 6-Year-Old Dead In Self-Defense

Click here for reuse options! Body cam shows the father with his hands in the air pleading for the officers to stop firing.

Behold the GOP’s Not-So-Secret Plan to Dismantle Government Services: Defund, Degrade and then Privatize

Click here for reuse options! While Trump dominates the headlines, House Republicans slash Social Security and drive the system toward disaster.

'A Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply': Experts Describe Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Click here for reuse options! A scary future for farmers around the world. It’s been about a week since Monsanto and Bayer confirmed their intention to say “I do”—ample time for media, lawmakers, consumer and farmer advocacy groups, and of course the happy couple themselves, to weigh in on the pros and cons.

Your Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Are Killing the Climate: What Are the Alternatives?

Click here for reuse options! As temps rise around the planet, people are buying air conditioners at alarming rates.

12 Ways Gary Johnson Is a Hardcore Right-Wing Radical

Click here for reuse options! His positions on marijuana and against war serve as a shield for a litany of radical-right positions.

Why Are Cops OK With Killing Black People? Because American History Teaches That We Aren't Fully Human

Click here for reuse options! Cops dehumanize African Americans in order to administer an oppressive system—and that makes it easy to kill us.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Invokes Holocaust to Defend Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Click here for reuse options! Shameless. On Wednesday, the Senate held a rare vote regarding the Obama administration’s plan to sell $1 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia.

How to Get Away With Murder: The Death of Terence Crutcher and the Drug War

Click here for reuse options! The drug war gives cops freedom to unfairly target people of color. Step one: Make sure you have a badge and the person you are murdering is black.

Low-Income Families Evicted From Silicon Valley Apartments so Building Can House Facebook Employees

Click here for reuse options! The effort is a heartless piece of rebranding. A low-income family in Silicon Valley, always prompt with their rent payments, recently received an inexplicable eviction notice.

Trump's Campaign Manager Gave a Hilarious Non-Answer About How He Is Preparing for the Debates

Click here for reuse options! When asked the obvious question on Fox News last night, Kellyanne Conway stumbled.

U2's Bono Says Trump 'Potentially the Worst Idea that Ever Happened to America'

Click here for reuse options! "It's bigger than all of us . . . really dangerous." U2 lead singer Bono appeared on “CBS This Morning” to discuss a bunch of topics with co-host Charlie Rose, and inevitably, Donald Trump came up.