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Cop Ruptures Man’s Spleen as Fellow Officers Take Pics and Laugh

Robert Liese was in jail for being unable to pay a $60 bar tab. Orlando, FL — An Orlando cop has been arrested after surveillance video showed him violently kneeing a handcuffed man.

President Obama Attempts to Defend the Administration's Latest Drone Disaster

A former adviser has called on officials to release further details of the hostage killings. Barack Obama has insisted the US was not “cavalier” in its assessment of the risks to civilians as the accidental deaths of two hostages in a drone strike against al-Qaida overshadowed a planned pep talk for intelligence chiefs.

Shocking Video Shows Teen's Horrifying 3-Year Incarceration at Rikers Island

Kalief Browder was arrested on charges of stealing a backpack. Ten days before his 16th birthday, Kalief Browder was arrested in the Bronx on charges of stealing a backpack.

The GOP’s Pathetic Money Groveling: Why the Republican Nomination Will Go to the Highest Bidder

The entire 2016 field is already cozying up to billionaires. If there’s one thing the Republican field’s disgusting groveling for cash should show us once and for all, it’s how much money it takes to buy a nomination.

2016 Gets Even Dumber: The New York Times Worries that Jeb Bush's Weight Loss Will Doom Him

The paper of record asks the burning question of whether a thin man can win over fat America. Jeb Bush is rapidly losing weight, and the New York Times is on it. The former Florida governor has lost 30 pounds since December on the Paleo diet, the fad du jour where you eat only things cavemen ate, like rocks and dirt and the flesh and brains of your vanquished foes from the nearby heathen tribe.

Liberland: Hundreds of Thousands Apply to Live in the World's Newest—Very Tiny—Libertarian 'Country'

Who can resist the allure of no taxes and no government interference in people's private lives? Accessible only by car via miles of winding, dusty Croatian roads, Gornja Siga – current population zero – is an unlikely testing ground for a plan to shape the world’s political future.

WATCH: Swedish Cops on Vacation School NYPD Cops on How to Subdue People Without Hurting Them

It can definitely be done! This week, four vacationing Swedish police officers, Samuel Kvarzell, Markus Asberg, Eric Jansberger and Erik Naslund, happened to be on a New York City subway train when a fight broke out among two apparently homeless men.

WATCH: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reveals Jon Stewart's Inner Geek in Amazing Daily Show Interview

Yeupp, the Daily Show host even has a favorite element. Rockstar astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson revealed how, not only has it become officially cool to be a science geek, but some of the coolest pop culture figures—Jon Stewart anyway—started out as geeks.

Paul Krugman Vents: Zombie Ideas Have Eaten Republican Brains

How else to explain how these false economic ideas live on and on and on? Paul Krugman has a little fun in his Friday column, using an extended zombie metaphor to express a rather serious point.

While Hillary Was Secretary of State, Foreign Corporations in Favor of TPP Paid Bill over a Million Dollars

Could Clinton's silence on the matter be due to a serious conflict of interest? The Trans-Pacific Partnership has divided the Democratic Party, with most Democrats in Congress and activists in the country opposing the agreement as party elites such as Barack Obama are supporting it.

Video Contradicts Police Claims About Black Man Who Died in Jail Cell After Arrest For Sagging Pants

Louisiana police reportedly used a stun gun on 38-year-old Ervin Leon Edwards. A newly released video – which contradicts police reports – shows a black Louisiana man lying facedown and unresponsive in a jail cell where he died after officers shocked him with a stun gun.

David Petraeus Gets 2 Years Probation for Sharing Classified Info With Mistress -- Why Don't Whistleblowers Get Off So Easy?

The Justice Department had previously said that Petraeus acknowledged giving sensitive information to his mistress.

Cities And States Paying Massive Secret Fees To Wall Street

Currently, about 9 percent -- or $270 billion -- of America’s $3 trillion public pension fund assets are invested in private equity firms.

Body Cam: Cop Ignores Dog Sign, Hops Fence in Response to a Burglar Alarm, Kills Homeowners Dog

The deputy insists the dog came right at him and that he was “defending himself” for her dog running at him.

Scott Walker's Dismal Record: Let's Look at What GOP Candidates Failed to Do as Governors

They were supposed to show off the GOP's deep bench. Instead, they highlighted incompetence. What do Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal all have in common?

"Running While Black": Protests Swell Over Death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore Police Custody

The 27-year-old African-American man died Sunday from spinal injuries, one week after Baltimore police arrested him.

Cop Facing Manslaughter Charges Allowed by Court to Take a Caribbean Vacation

A judge's decision suggests yet more special treatment for the wealthy former insurance executive. Robert Bates, the Oklahoma volunteer sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed an unarmed man earlier this month, is heading to the Bahamas on vacation with the blessing of a local district court.

Clint Eastwood Claims He Didn’t Threaten to Kill Michael Moore, Though 'It Isn’t a Bad Idea'

The curmudgeonly director addressed rumors that he threatened to shoot Moore back in 2005. During a panel at CinemaCon this week, Clint Eastwood addressed longstanding rumors of a feud between himself and director Michael Moore.

Jon Stewart: The Difference Between Atlanta Cheating and Wall Street Scandals Is Who Got Punished (Video)

The lesson is, crime doesn't pay -- unless you work on Wall Street. Jon Stewart compared the “eerie” similarities between the Atlanta teacher cheating scandal with fraud on Wall Street, and discovered that the only difference between the two seems to be who was actually punished.

Amy Schumer Is Making Genius Feminist Comedy (Video)

On the season three premiere of her notorious comedy show, the comedian skewered misogyny in way that's smart, funny, and brilliant.