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Two NYPD Officers 'Assassinated' in Brooklyn Before Gunman Shoots Himself

NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the gunman's Instagram postings were “very anti-police” and were being investigated.

Anonymous Threatens to Release Sex Tape Pics of Rapper Iggy Azalea Over Remarks

The hacktivist group called Azalea a "trashy bitch" for her attack on fellow rapper Azealia Banks. Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have threatened to release still photos from a reported sex tape made by white rapper Iggy Azalea unless the performer apologizes for recent remarks.

My Night at the Cuddle Party

After seven years without a date, I was desperate to be touched. Desperate enough for weirdness like this.

New York Police Officers Shot Dead in Brooklyn

Local media said the shooter boasted on his purported Instagram account just hours before the attack that he would kill police officers.

4 Things that Should Happen Now That We Know the Truth about Witness #40, a White Supremacist

When Sandy McElroy was called before the grand jury, she had already been thoroughly discredited by the FBI.

Anti-LGBT Pastor Arrested for Grabbing Man’s Genitals at Indiana Park

The southern Indiana minister preaches against homosexuality. A southern Indiana minister who preaches against homosexuality was accused of soliciting gay sex at a park.

Put the Evil Bastards on Trial: The Case for Trying Bush, Cheney and More for War Crimes

The evidence for the prosecution is clear. Human decency requires putting the Bush administration on trial.

Amazon Publishes Thinly Veiled Rape Fantasy of #GamerGate Target Zoe Quinn

The 11-page Kindle download was the story of five players who decided to teach a female game developer "a lesson." A thinly veiled, 11-page-long fantasy about raping game developer Zoe Quinn, titled Roughed Up By #GamerGape, has been made available for purchase as an Amazon Kindle download.

My Drugged Life: I’ve Been on Antidepressants Since 10

My physician dad didn't want me to struggle like he did. Now I wonder: Can I ever live without these pills?

“This Is Not a War! It’s a 12-year-old Boy”—Crowd Erupts When Cop Beats Handcuffed Boy (VIDEO)

Shocked onlookers try to intervene, yell at NYPD cops and keep recording. The cell phone video of Eric Garner may not have resulted in a trial for the police officers who choked him to death, but New Yorkers are still recording incidents of police using over-the-top force against African Americans.

New York City Cops Seek Federal Court Approval to Mass Arrest Protesters Without Warning

A legal fight from Occupy resurfaces amid 2014's police brutality protests. As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio takes high-profile steps to try to curtail abusive policing—sympathizing with protesters over Eric Garner’s death and vowing to reform the notorious Rikers Island prison—the city’s Law Department is going back to federal court to seek new authority to make mass arrests at protests.

Paul Krugman Shows How Putin's Burst Economic Bubble Is the Essence of Crony Capitalism

This is what you get when all the oligarchs take the money overseas. Vladimir Putin's macho act has been admired by the likes of Pat Buchanan and Rudy Giuliani.

Amid Release of the Cuban Five, Time to Revisit the U.S.' Dirty Campaign Against Cuba

There is a long list of U.S. state-sponsored and CIA-led terrorist acts against Cuba. This is a big time for celebration in Cuba.

My Week in the Right-Wing Lie Machine: When Fox News and Montel Williams Declared War on Me

Or how the right-wing army succeeded in making American democracy duller and smaller. John Mellencamp first heard his 2003, antiwar, anti-Bush song on the radio while driving around his home state of Indiana with one of his sons.

The Shocking Revelations in the Senate Drone Report Coming Out 5 Years from Now

Let's travel forward in time when we get a Senate report on the drone program. It was December 6, 2019, three years into a sagging Clinton presidency and a bitterly divided Congress.

Ten Instructive Celebrity Drug Stories of 2014

Whether trivial or tragic, the travails of the famous have much to teach us about the harms of drug prohibition and media-driven stigma.

Indiana Church That Fired Gay Employee to Close After Falling Attendance

First United Methodist Church is shutting down following the forced resignation of its gay choir director.

What's Really Behind Republican Outrage Over President Obama's Cuba Decision

Prominent GOP-ers have profited handsomely doing business with regimes worse than Castro's. Listen carefully to the Republican leaders and presidential hopefuls roaring with outrage over President Barack Obama's courageous decision to normalize relations with Cuba; listen very carefully, because no matter how long or how closely you listen to them, there is one thing you will surely never hear.

The Heartbreaking Truth About My Mixed Race Family

It's one thing to confront a racist on the street. It's another to have one in your family. It was almost 10 years ago, and my little blond nephew couldn’t have been older than five when, during a game of making funny faces, I pulled my ears out from under my hair – which always smelled burned from the flat iron I used to tame my kinky curls – and puffed my cheeks out.

The Uniquely Awful Role of Sheldon Adelson in the Israeli Election

In America he's the biggest mega-donor. In Israel, he's the only one. As the contest for who will lead the nation takes shape, the classic right-wing charge of pervasive, hostile media bias was splashed in giant tabloid type across the front page of the daily Israel Hayom last Friday.