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Elizabeth Warren's New Book is the Moment to Change 2014

This is the time to launch a campaign to define the terms of the debate. Conventional wisdom is congealing.

The Contemptible Heroes of the Irish Republican Army

Contemptible heroes fight for justice while swimming against the powerful currents of emotion on their own side.

Segregation Alive and Well in U.S. Schools

60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, segregation continues to define the public school experience.

This Man Is About to Die Because an Alcoholic Lawyer Botched His Case

What does it take for a condemned person to win a resentencing? The following story first appeared on Mother Jones. For more great Mother Jones content, click here to subscribe.  When people recount their alcohol consumption after a night on the town, or even a serious bender, they usually think about it in terms of drinks.

Despite Justice Sotomayor's Passionate Dissent, Right-wing Supreme Court Turns Another Blind Eye to Racism

Sotomayor tries but fails to ‘educate’ her race-blind colleagues. On Tuesday, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor did not sit idly by as a majority of the men on the court turned yet another blind eye to the ugly realities of how race distorts the lives of Americans as they upheld a Michigan ballot measure banning race-conscious university admissions.

WATCH: Martin Sheen Stars in Powerful New PSA Calling for Drug Sentencing Reform

The actor and his 'West Wing' alter ego have a clear message for Congress and President Obama. On Tuesday, Brave New Films released a new PSA calling on Congress to pass the Smarter Sentencing Act.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Rips Media's Sexism Over Clinton 'Grandma' News

'The news media has set the 2016 speculatron.' Jon Stewart tore into the searingly obvious media and Republican sexism surrounding the announcement that Hillary Clinton will become a grandmother later this year.

Airbnb’s Big Bait-and-Switch

The popular sharing economy pioneer responds to political pressure by purging its listings. Airbnb was in court in New York on Tuesday, battling with the state attorney general over the question of how much information about its “hosts” the company should be required to reveal to the state.

Chelsea Clinton's Pregnancy Gives Birth to New Right-Wing Conspiracies

A new kind of Birtherism. Exciting news from the American political scene: birtherism is back! No, not birtherism as in the nonsensical conspiracy theory about Barack Obama actually being born in Kenya, once so popular among political geniuses including Donald Trump.

The Dark Truth Behind The Popular Superfood, Quinoa

As the hype around quinoa builds, so do big questions about the problems with its production.  Quinoa is rising up the popularity charts as a food staple in U.S.

Surge of Attention to Crusading Economists Piketty's New Book Takes Us to the Big Question of How to Reduce Inequality

Finance is under-taxed, making a global wealth tax more timely than ever. Thomas Piketty's new book, “Capital for the 21st Century,” has done a remarkable job of focusing public attention on the growth of inequality in the last three decades and the risk that it will grow further in the decades ahead.

Stop Lamenting Capitalism's Crushing of Working Class Gains and Start Organizing! 

Long-time organizer and activist Jane McAlevey challenges the abandonment of organizing by progressives.

Game of Thrones, Terry Richardson and the Silencing of Sexual Assault

Appallingly, cultural tastemakers are helping rebrand rape as pre-consensual sex. On “Game of Thrones” this week, Jaime Lannister raped his sister Cersei while she told him, “no,” “it’s not right,” “please no,” and “not here.” When asked by television writer Alan Sepinwall if he viewed the scene as rape, director Alex Graves said, “Well, it becomes consensual by the end.” My first instinct upon reading this was to tweet something about a facepalm and move on.

Earth Day: Now About as Green as St. Patrick’s Day?

From epic day of citizen action to marketing gimmick in just 40-odd years. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m one of the last sentimentalists standing in this ironic age, but I’ll admit that I get a little misty eyed when I think about the first Earth Day.

The 1% in America Are Turning into a Ruling Oligarchy at an Astonishing Pace

At state and local levels, while the poorest fifth of Americans pay an average tax rate of over 11 percent, the richest 1% pay half that rate.

Girls Who Get 'Caught in a Bad Romance' Risk More Than Just Their Broken Hearts

A study shows that bad relationships cause girls real damage. The lesson? Teach young women to value themselves.

Three Reasons Why You Should Keep Gmail far Away from Your Credit Card Information

Google’s plot for world domination now includes your credit cards. Google wants your money. Or, more precisely, Google wants your bank account and credit card info.

Inside the Brutality of Egypt's New Regime: 2,500 Killed, 16,000 Political Prisoners, Torture Allegations Are Widespread

Since the coup that toppled Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's human rights record has gotten much much worse. After a recent CODEPINK delegation to Egypt ended up in deportations and assault, we have become acutely aware of some of the horrors Egyptians are facing in the aftermath of the July 3 coup that toppled Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.

It's a Little Creepy When Political Candidates Send You Mail Tailored to Your Religion

When we use campaigns to exaggerate differences among us, it becomes harder to use the time between them to bind us together.

Obama May Grant Clemency to Thousands Convicted of Drug Violations

The Obama Administration continues to rollback oppressive sentences for those with non-violent drug convictions An unnamed White House Official has told Yahoo!