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The 10 Most Horrifying Fast Food Gimmicks of All Time

KFC's Double Down is back, and it's in disgusting company. It was incredible, really, that no one ever thought to do it before: a chicken sandwich in which the bread is replaced with chicken. A “stunt food“?

Killing Nature's Defenders: Study Finds Global Surge in Murders of Environmental Activists

Since 2004, the killing of environmental and land rights activists worldwide has tripled. A new reports finds the killings of environmental and land rights activists worldwide has tripled over the past decade.

How '420' Became the Big Day for Weed Smokers Across America

The little known origins of the 4-20 holiday This story originally ran on and has been reprinted with permission by the author, Ryan Grim.

Nevada Ranch Stand-Off Was One Big Promo for Rustic Right-Wing Millionaires

The right-wing media machine jumped at the chance to support Cliven Bundy's fight to graze his cattle on public land for free.

The 10 Most Obese States in America (And the Right-Wing Policies That Promote Poor Health)

Republicans promote policies that entrench poverty, and obesity and poverty often go together. Obesity is a problem all over the country, but the problem is worse in some states than in others.

Kathie Lee Gifford Is a Trojan Horse for Conservative Causes

The less-than-candid 'Today' show host lets her real right-wing flag fly on her podcast. “Today” personality Kathie Lee Gifford was recently admonished by NBC higher-ups for promoting her line of wines, the punnily named Gifft, on-air.

The 1% Wants to Ban Sleeping in Cars Because It Hurts Their 'Quality of Life'

Depriving homeless people of their last shelter in life is Silicon Valley at its worst. Across the United States, many local governments are responding to skyrocketing levels of inequality and the now decades-long crisis of homelessness among the very poor ...

Our Soldiers' Trauma from U.S. Wars Has Endangered the American Public

Deadly recipe for society: A privatized military means a hunger to profit from more wars, and the govt.

Why Is ABC Paying Laura Ingraham Lots of Money to Be a Racist?

In apparent effort to counter non-existent "liberal media bias," here's what ABC News will get from Laura Ingraham.

The Secret Anti-Abortion Law That's Sweeping America

Pro-lifers can't reverse Roe v Wade. So they're shutting down clinics with red tape and a smile. Don't believe the lie.

What Made the Chicago Teachers' Strike a Success? Their Commitment to the Community

The dramatically victorious strike showed it's possible for unions to fight back and to win. In a newly published book, Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity, Micah Uetrich offers a gripping profile of what has been called, "the most important domestic labor struggle so far this century.” In just 130 pages, Uetrich makes the case that, after a successful strike in 2012, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) achieved victory with their new contract through the powerful combination of thoughtful militancy, community engagement and massive member outreach.

Matt Taibbi: The SuperRich in America Have Become 'Untouchables' Who Don't Go to Prison

Taibbi discusses his new book, "The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap." AMY GOODMAN: Earlier this month, attorney James Kidney, who was retiring from the Securities and Exchange Commission, gave a widely reported speech at his retirement party.

Meet the Drug Rehab Celebrity Dispensing a Dangerous Brand of Intolerance

Bob Forrest gives the finger to opioid maintenance—and to the consensus of international scientific opinion.

The Rise of Corporate Democrats in California

California, the most progressive state in the U.S., still boasts a sizeable — and growing — corporate Democrat contingent.

Why the Christian Right Is Freaking Out Over a Honey Maid Graham Crackers' Ad

Family-positive marketing from Chips Ahoy, Oreos and Honey Maid has conservatives going crackers. Everyone has probably experienced a Honey Maid graham cracker sometime in their lifetime.

Washington in Libya: A Case Study in How Not to End Violence in a War-Torn Land

Sending more armed men is not the solution. To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from   here.

Why I Am Totally Hooked on the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

Televised celebrity trials are nothing new, but watching this male star sob and squirm is extraordinary.

Police Charge High School Student with Disorderly Conduct for Using an iPad to Prove He's Being Bullied

The teen sought proof that school administrators were ignoring his plight. So they had him arrested. Trigger-warning if you hate incompetent bureaucrats and the abuse of power.

Robert Reich: Happy Tax Day VIDEO—Why the 1% Pay a Much Lower Rate than You

The former labor secretary explains why the rich pay less, and how we can change it. It’s tax time again, April 15, when our minds turn toward paying the taxes we owe or possibly getting a tax refund. But what we don’t think about enough is whether our tax system is fair. The richest 1 percent of Americans are now getting the largest percent of total national income in almost a century.

Google Joins the Kochs in Pumping Funds into the Conservative George Mason University

A new article reveals the notorious university is deep in the pockets of the Internet search giant. Here’s how the free market works.