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‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Coming to BlizzCon 2014!

Earlier this month, Moon director Duncan Jones tweeted out this, in response to another tweet about the lack of World of Warcraft updates: @WMF_Official Well, if you look at the calendar, you HAVE to think there would be SOMETHING in the next month… ;) — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) October 7, 2014 Then a few days later, BlizzCon released the schedule for November and “Warcraft Movie” is listed for the Main Stage at 2:15pm on the first day of the convention!

‘Final Fantasy’ Designer Creating New Line of Batman Figures [Pics]

DC Comics’ Batman turned a whopping 75 years old this year. As part of the commemoration, video game company Square Enix — most famous for the Final Fantasy series — is releasing a new line of Batman action figures created by FF character designer Tetsuya Nomora.

Google To Promote Piracy-Free Media Sites… At A Cost

Google has announced tweaks to downgrade the position of links to piracy websites in its results. But the way it is doing so is still upsetting legitimate content providers.

“Let’s Get Physics, Y’all” [Parody Music Video]

Okay, so, like, girls, science is, like, so NOT basically basic, am I right? Luckily, comedian Megan Amram has written, like, a book or something that helps our brains or whatever understand science-y things.

Drive-Thru Alien Chestburster Prank [Video]

The perfect way to freak people out at drive-thrus. [MagicofRahat | Via]

Roundtable Rival: Lindsey Stirling’s Amazing New Steampunk-ish Music Video

Check out Lindsey Stirling’s amazing new music video for “Roundtable Rival,” a song part of her brand new album, Shatter.

‘Conan’ Previews What Christian Bale-As-Steve-Jobs Might Be Like [VIDEO]

With rumor mill abuzz with news that Christian Bale might play Steve Jobs in a movie about Apple by writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Newsroom) Conan — naturally — showed just to what that movie may be like.

What If WALL-E Was a Christopher Nolan Film? [Interstellar Parody]

Here is what WALL-E would look like if it was directed by Christopher Nolan. [Bobby Burns]

Superhero Origins: Jubilee From X-Men

In the Marvel universe, anyone can end up a superhero, even a seemingly ordinary mall rat such as Jubilee!

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save up to 47% on Films in Amazon’s Iconic Directors Sale

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 47% off on movies from iconic directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese, and more!

Hear: The App That Let’s You Anonymously Talk… and Stalk!

By Kazzie Ch – Robot Sucré Guest Blogger What if I were to tell you that you could listen to people’s conversations without feeling totally weird about it?

Disney Releases ‘ Tomorrowland’ Teaser Trailer

In case you missed it, Disney recently released a 2-minute teaser trailer for their upcoming sci-fi film Tomorrowland, based on the Disney theme park of the same name.

Overstressed? Why Not Try this Infectious Disease Stress Ball?

Stress balls are an awesome way to help relieve your stress, but they’re kind of boring. Fortunately, thanks to these infectious disease balls from Thinkgeek, that’s no longer the case!

The Most Amazing “League of Legends” Cosplay Photos You’ll See Today [Picture Gallery]

Another great photo by the always amazing Lexa One! And have you seen those costumes? They’re just perfect!

The Game of Thrones Theme Performed by a Cello Orchestra [Video]

Check out this beautiful cello cover of the Game of Thrones theme as performed by Cellocyl, a club of cello players located in Castilla de Leon in Spain.

Sir Ian McKellen (As Gandalf) on The Importance of Studying [Video]

Gandalf is very passionate about education, isn’t he? :) Sir Ian McKellen came to visit Chew Valley School on 17th October 2014.

Seasons and Superheroes [Comic]

[Source: Nebezial on Deviantart]

Stan’s Rants: Stan Lee on SuperHero Potty Breaks [Video]

Calling for more realism in comic books, Stan Lee thinks more scenes should be dedicated to the mundane parts of the life of superheroes, such as bathroom breaks!

A Fun Science Experiment: Exploding Elephant Toothpaste [Video]

Anthony and Tara teach you how to make a very exciting exothermic reaction with hydrogen peroxide. It will also keep your pet elephant’s teeth clean.

The Skyrim Theme (Dragonborn) Performed on Wine Glasses [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Skyrim theme performed on wine glasses by Youtuber Dan Newbie. Check it out!