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18 Strangest Life Ending Stories

Although there are many ways to die these 18 unusual deaths really take things to a whole new level. #1 My Goodness, My Guinness!

The Ground Runs Red As The Bloody Battle In Kiev Continues

Bloody battles in Kiev began again February 18, 2014, when at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of the opposition demanded to restore the constitution of 2004.

Renouncing All The Benefits Of Civilization And Become Daunshifterami

Family Siryk renounced all the benefits of civilization and become daunshifterami. They live near the village of Pidlisne Krasnoarmeyskiy the Zhytomyr region.

Iceland – Geothermal Valley Hverarond, Its Like Another Planet

One of the most amazing places in Iceland – Geothermal Valley Hverarond. Fetid mud and boiling springs, pools and holes in the ground, where constantly emitting steam sulfur deposits in the mountains and odors, all this is more like another planet.

Google’s Street View Reveals Murder, Mayhem And People’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Google’s Street View technology does more than capture mundane shots of city streets. As the platform has evolved, Google has offered striking images from exotic places like the Galápagos Islands, Mount Fuji and the Eiffel Tower.

The Winter Olympics Have Hit Their Toughest Obstacle Yet – A Big Burning Ball Of Gas

Sunny weather in the Russian resort of Sochi has melted ski and snowboard runs, leaving huge patches of grass exposed and making the athletes’ intricately-prepared runs treacherous.

Walking Away From Civilization To Live Among The Trees

Part warrior, part philosopher and part survivalist, Mick Dodge is not an easy man to define. One thing is indisputable: he lives his life on his own terms.

Black Hooded Daredevils Climb 650 metres To Top Of Skyscraper

Pair climb 650 metres to top of skyscraper and beyond, giving them an extraordinary view of fast-growing city.

Active Kickboxing Classes While In Her Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

31-year-old karate champion Green Crystal (Crystal Green), being on the eighth month of pregnancy, did not stop her active kickboxing classes.

Passionate Surfers Are Not Pulling From The Icy Waves

In the north of the United States(Minnesota) – the last place where you can surf, especially in winter.

Inseparable Friendship Of Man And A Tiger

The history of this unusual friendship of man and tiger began 6 years ago in the Indonesian province of East Java, in Malang.

Anarchy, Violence And Death Befall On Ukraine

The Ukrainian capital has been turned into a virtual war zone as tens of thousands of protesters continue to clash with police.

A Real Heroic Act By A Young Boy. Simply Stunning

In Bangladesh, a boy named Belal made ??a real heroic act by jumping into a river to save a helpless fawn that could have drown.

A Real Flower Withers, But This One Will Not. Just Like His Love For Her

With the help of his step-dad, who is a farrier, he decided to attempt to make a steel rose for his girlfriend as a Christmas present.

“God Dammit” Situations

A.K.A: goddammit Phrase used to ask god to damn something, usually a situation, and it in no way means that you want to damn god, only a retard would think that.

Incredibly Detailed Portraits

Incredibly believable portraits, computer-generated. Among these images there are no photographs:

These Russians

This weeks submitted photos of the casual moments of life in Russia. Only in Russia.

Project “Hands”

A very original idea came from a Spanish visual artists. By “hand” they are trying to raise the acute social problems of the country, at the same time, lifting the mood to his countrymen.

Protective Skulls Of The Ancestors

Every year in November Bolivians celebrate unusual holiday called “Day of the skulls” or “Natitas.” On this day the people of Bolivia bring to the cemetery for the dedication of the skulls, that their relatives keep at home.

Hot Tubs And Good Movies

The Hot Tub Cinema concept combines relaxing hot tubs with good movies and cool places. You can book a hot tub together with your friends to bathe in while watching a movie!