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If You’ve Ever Wondered How Bullying Affects A Child, You MUST Watch This Now. Powerful!

Like a lot of kids, poet Shane Koyczan suffered at the hands of bullies while growing up. But how he channeled that pain is both heartbreaking and powerful.

What Happens When You Put A Big Red Push Button In A Quiet Town Square? This..This Happens!

To launch the TV channel TNT in Belgium, the company came up with a hilarious publicity stunt.  They placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town.

Young Drummer Throws Up Mid-Performance…Keeps Going, LIKE A BOSS!

Even a drummer this good gets “nerves” sometimes.  This young man is seriously dedicated to his drumming to be able to keep going like that.

This Random Guy Pretends To Be A Celebrity…And All Of New York Falls For it.

Okay, maybe not ALL of New York fell for it, but at least the thousands of people featured in this video did.

Is This Father An Epic Parent Or Does He Go Way Too Far? You Decide.

Tommy Jordan’s daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on Facebook just how upset she was with her parents and how unfair her life here is…and block her parents from seeing it.

This Goth Teen Has A Voice That No One Has Heard…And The Reason Why Made Me Tear Up

At first glance, he may look like a goth punk rocker.  But after you hear his voice, you’ll be blown away.

This French Bulldog DOES NOT Want To Go To Bed…And He’s Ready To Argue All Night

If you are (or ever were) the parent of small children, you can definitely relate to this one. As his owner tries to get him to go to bed, this Frenchie makes a convincing argument why he should be able to stay up.

This Lady From North Dakota Wants The Deer Crossing Signs Moved…But You’ll Never Believe Why.

At first her logic seems sound, but then you think about it and…whoa, can’t stop laughing. PLEASE tell me this woman does not have children!

Watch This Short 3-Minute Video…You’ll be A Better Person Because Of It.

Every now and then a commercial comes along that really tugs at the heart.  This is definitely one of them.

Guy Tries To Do A Cannonball Into A Frozen Pool…Painful For Him, Funny For Us!

We came across this awesome video of a German dude clad in tight swim trunks hoping to make his friends laugh by doing a cannonball into a frozen pool.

Ever Had A Job You Hated? Now This Is How You Quit With Style.

Marina Shifrin was working for what she described as “an awesome company that makes news videos.” That is UNTIL she made a video of her own.

This Company Is Re-Inventing The Way We Shave…And Their Approach Is Absolutely Hilarious.

Dollar Shave Club is an insanely simple way of purchasing something we all buy anyway.  For a small fee each month, the company sends you razors of your choice at a big savings over supermarket prices.

This White-Haired Grandma Walked Into A Music Store. What Happened Next Blew My Mind.

This Grandma has definitely got the beat! The white-haired lady in this video, simply referred to as “Mary, the Grandma Drummer,” sits down at a drum set in a local drum shop.

This Heartwarming Magic Trick Performed For The Homeless Will Make You Smile

I love magic tricks. I also love to see people doing awesome things to help out the homeless. Put those two things together and you have, well, and explosion of awesomeness.

Woman Loses Everything In Violent Tornado…Then This Happens And A Miracle Is Caught On Video.

Barbara Garcia survived the massive tornado that struck an Oklahoma City suburb last Spring.  According to Garcia, she prayed two prayers during the devastating twister.

Meet Chis P. Bacon: This Inspirational Pig In A Wheelchair Will Seriously Melt Your Heart.

Let me introduce you to Chirs P. Bacon (get it?). Chris was born without the use of his hind limbs and was set to be put down before vet Len Lucero stepped in and built him a specially-designed wheelchair.

Two Men Show How Animals Eat Their Food. I Cried From Laughing So Hard

Do you remember that scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphy’s mom suggests his brother eat his mashed potatoes like a pig?

This Elderly Couple Is The Living Definition Of True Love. Grab A Tissue And Watch.

Do marriage vows seem to mean as much today as they used to? If you’ve heard anything about the increase in divorce rates, you may wonder.

This Young Teens Amazing Last Second Shot Blew My Mind. I Had To Watch It Three Times!

Matt DeMember made the shot-of-a-lifetime during the last second of a church-league basketball game between two 8th/9th grade teams in Fredrick County, Maryland.

Underwater Base Jump Is Both Beautifully Stunning and Absolutely Terrifying.

We came across an amazing video of champion freediver Guillaume Nery base jumping the world’s largest underwater sinkhole, plunging a staggering 663 feet to the ocean floor on a single breath.