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20 of the funniest costumes twin kids can wear at Halloween

Thinking about a new Halloween costume for a kid every year isn’t an easy task for parents, but having to dress up two twins is even more difficult.

20 adorable animals trying to look tough but failing miserably. #12 made my day, LOL!

These animals try so hard to look tough, but the more they try, the more they look adorable. Cats, dogs, hippos, birds, lions and many more: these 20 images of inconscious cuteness won’t scare you at all, but will make you want to cuddle one all of these animals instead!

Photographer takes breathtaking maternity photos of underwater mermaid moms

There aren’t many things in this world more beautiful than a “mom-to-be”, and Florida-based photographer Adam Opris knows it so well.

30 hilarious photos proving that puppies can sleep wherever they please. #8 is the best ever LOL!

Just like human babies, puppies spend most of their time sleeping. Rest is crucial for their correct development and they can be asleep for almost 18 hours a day.

Interactive dancing traffic light entertains pedestrians waiting for the green light. Brilliant!

Traffic lights are boring, they’ve always been. You just have to stand there while waiting for the green light, and there isn’t a way to make the wait a little funnier.

This guy let his wife doodle on his beloved car. What she created made my jaw drop, whoa!

Everybody knows that men are usually extremely jealous of their car, and I don’t think that many of you would ever let your wife or girlfriend doodle on your car, even if she was an extremely talented artist.

18 street ads that will make you look twice. #4 is totally brilliant!

Among all the traditional kinds of advertising, such as tv commercials, web ads, magazine ads and billboards, there is a genre of ads that never fails to make me look twice: the street advertising.

16 times bad parkers finally got what they deserved. The last one is epic, LOL!

It happened to each and everyone of us so many times: after searching for so long for a free parking spot you finally find one but… It’s way too small, because somebody parked like he is the owner of the street.

This girls played a song on his mobile phone. Her horse’s reaction is priceless, LOL!

Horse lovers know that the relationship between a rider and his horse is something really special, but we’ve frankly never seen something like this before.

This Guy Can Transform Himself Into Any Celebrity He Wants By Using Makeup

Using just wigs, colored contact-lenses and some (a lot of) makeup, Filipino actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros is able to turn himself in basically every Hollywood celebrity.

This Dog Enjoys His Bath Time Just Like Humans Enjoy a Spa… LOL!

If you are a dog owner, you know for sure how hard it is to convince a dog to take a bath (at least for 99% of dogs).

90% Of People Can’t Pronounce This Whole Poem. You Seriously Have To Try It!

Try to read the following poem out loud, and if you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world.

Stay At Home Dad Leaves Hilarious Post-Its For His Wife All Around Home

Quitting a job to stay at home raising a child isn’t a women-only thing: sometimes men do it as well, and Chris Illuminati is one of them.

These Indoor Cats Don’t Go Outside Very Often, But When That Happens Their Reaction Is Hilarious!

Cats are known for being the strongest and most independent pets, many of them come and go from home whenever they want and are always able to find their way back.

Looks Just Like The Image Of A Child, But What Happens Next Is Mind Blowing. WOW!

Doesn’t happen everyday to see something that really blows our minds, but believe me, this one will not leave you disappointed.

This Kid Called 911 Asking For Help With Math. Then His Mother Finds Out and… Hilarious!

When you’re a kid, in some cases it’s not completely clear what you are allowed to do and what you are not, so this 4 year-old kid called 911 asking for some help with his math homework.

What This Artist Does With His Dog Is Brilliant. The Last Picture Made My Day!

Jimmy Choo is the name of the cute Bull Terrier you see in these pictures. His owner is Rafael Mantesso, who is both an illustrator and the editor in chief of a gastronomy marketing site.

The 24 Most Hilarious Fan Art Illustrations Ever Made. #6 Is So Bad It Hurts, LOL!

The internet is a place where people can freely express themselves, their ideas, their skills and their preferences.

This Looks Like A Guy Normally Walking His Dogs, But Take A Closer Look And Your Jaw Will Drop!

Ok, it looks like this guy is just walking his dogs, just like every other person in the world would do, right?

Photographer Captures What Happens Underwater When Our Puppies Take A Bath

Many of you probably remember the work of lifestyle pet photographer Seth Casteel, who in 2012 became an overnight internet sensation thanks to his beautiful photo series Underwater Dogs, which also became a New York Times best-seller book.