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22 genius people who took laziness to a whole new level. #12 went a bit too far, LOL!

When we say somebody is lazy, we usually say it in an negative sense, indicating people who don’t want to do anything, and in the few occasions they do somethingthey try to do it in the quickest and less difficult way possible.

26 dogs recreate the cutest photos from their puppyhood. The last one made my day, Awww…

Recreating childhood photos is a very popular trend online these days, but who said it must be just a human thing?

10 of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time reveal their secret morning rituals

Getting the day day off to a good start is the first rule you should observe whether you are a student, an employee, an athlete or even a world class entrepreneur.

Forget about coffins: these burial pods will turn us into a tree when we die

Some things have never changed for centuries, becoming part of the human culture. We grew up knowing that once we die we will be buried in a coffin or alternatively be cremated and become ashes.

15 adorably curvy pregnant animals looking almost ready to pop

Just like it happens for humans, being pregnant involves very important changes to an animal’s body and appearance.

25 WTF dog photos that make no sense at all. #7 had me in stitches LOL!

Context can be incredibly important to give the proper meaning to a picture, and while we are sure there must be a rational reason for each and every one of these photos, we must admit that at a first sight they really make no sense at all.

This is the hilarious Romanian answer to the “Rich Kids of Instagram” account, and it’s totally genius

Instagram is teeming with accounts of rich kids from all around the globe bragging about their privileged life, and one account in particular, called Rich Kids of Instagrams posts so many pictures of these rich guys showing their VIP lifestyle to the world.

Woman told this chimp she lost her baby. What the chimp did next was heartbreaking. Just WOW.

Next time someone says animals don’t have human feelings, just show them this. Washoe was taken from the wild when she was a baby, right after her mother was killed.

22 place names you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong your entire life

Some mistakes are so widespread they are not considered as errors anymore, and one of the most common mistakes people make everyday is mispronouncing the names of places, even the popular ones.

These twins are already born, but they might not know it yet. And it’s just amazing.

These newborn siblings almost don’t realize they’re born, and during their bath they mimic life in the womb, and they can’t seem to stop hugging.

Nominate your best designs to A’ Design Awards 2015

The nominations deadline for registering to the A’ Design Awards is near. You can register your works to one of the most relevant international design contests here.

21 sneaky cats acting just like ninjas. #7 really made my day, LOL!

Cats are without any doubt among the stealthiest and quickest animals in nature, and cat owners know it all too well, but the 21 cats featured in this post brought their proverbial agility to the next level.

These laughing seals are the funniest thing you’ll see today

If you are having a bad day, these laughing seals will change your mood in the blink of an eye. And there is even a bonus at the end of the page.

20 brilliant life hacks every lazy parent should know. I know you’ll thank me for #9!

Being a parent is not easy, and even the laziest people will have to roll up their sleeves and work hard to get to the end of each day.

A’ Design Awards 2015 – International Call for Entries

It’s that time of the year, again! If you are creative, an architect, a designer, a photographer, you should consider registering to the A’ Design Awards, one of the most relevant and prestigious international design contests.

The 19 craziest inventions people actually buy for their kids. #5 is totally hilarious, LOL!

It’s not a secret that parents are always looking for new ways to make their children happy or to simplify their parenting life, but if you ever bought one of these 19 crazy inventions, chances are you went a little too far.

Dad has been tattooing his son’s doodles on his own arms for 7 years. The results are just amazing

Nowadays parents are used to capture the childhood of their sons day after day, collecting precious memories that will remain imprinted on paper or hard disks for life.

The 22 funniest ways to announce pregnancy. #5 is totally brilliant… WOW!

Pregnancy is without any doubts one of the most important and exciting moments for a couple, and looking at how creative these 22 couples have been announcing their pregnancy, it looks like expecting a baby stimulates creativity too.

No, this is not an abandoned plane in the woods. Take a look inside, it’s just amazing… WOW!

What would you think if during a walk in the woods you saw a Boeing 727 aircraft parked right in the middle of the forest?

Using just a pen and a knife, this artist turns bananas into amazing pieces of art

Here at Just Something, we can never get enough of funny and unusual art. Stephan Brusche is a Dutch artist based in Rotterdam who creates a kind of art we’ve never seen before.