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Couple Let Their Dog Film Their Snowy Wedding Day And The Result Was Magical

Addie an Marshall Burnette, a lovely couple from Tennessee, had the brilliant idea to attach a GoPro camera to Ryder, their adorable Husky, and let him film their winter wonderland wedding.

29 Times Teachers Had The Best Response Ever For Their Students’ BS. #6 Is Just Brilliant.

We have all been students, and we all agree it’s a hard job, but did you ever stop and ask yourself how hard it is to be a teacher?

Couple In Long Distance Relationship Connects By Creating Matching Photos Of Their Lives

We’re used to the idea that long distance relationships are sad and difficult. For those of you who may have experienced them, you know they involve countless hours on Skype, a lot of determination to synchronize and great communication skills to compensate the lack of physical presence.

27 Hilarious Struggles Technology Illiterates Will Understand. The #6 really made my day LOL!

It’s 2015 and you probably assume everybody knows how to use smartphones, laptops, social networks and all the modern stuff we use everyday.

26 Innocent Pictures Proving That You Definitely Have A Dirty Mind. I Had To Look Twice At #5!

Every day we see thousands of images and read thousands of words. To process such a huge amount of informations in a short time span we need to think very quickly.

He Found $500 In His Bank’s ATM Machine. But The Bank Was In Shock When He Did This. Just WOW.

What would you do in you found $500 in the ATM machine of your bank? This is exactly what happened to this man, who did something that left everybody at the bank amazed.

LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers With Extra Padding To End A Pain Parents Know Too Well

There’s a kind of pain all parents know too well: you are barefoot in the comfort of your home, walk towards your kids’ room, unaware of what’s going to happen.

35 Hilarious Business Names That Will Make You Look Twice

Name and logo of a business are extremely important, they are responsible for the first impression customers will get.

27 Times Quotation Marks Made All The Difference

In English writing, quotation marks are often used to indicate scare quotes to mean “so-called” or to express irony, for this reason you should be very careful when using them.

Dad Points His GoPro The Wrong Direction During The Entire Vacation In Las Vegas And It’s Hilarious

Camera sticks and GoPros are part of the indispensable gear for a traveler, and that’s why Evan Griffin‘s dad borrowed one from his son for his trip to Las Vegas.

The Best Irish Joke Ever. This Is A Must Read.

What happens when two people coming from the same nation meet at a bar in a foreign country? The answer is in this hilarious joke.

34 Photos Proving The World Isn't Such A Broken Place

If you ever feel like losing faith in humanity, always keep in mind there’s still hope, because there will always be people trying to make a difference in our little broken world.

The 30 Dumbest Sentences Found In Patients Hospital Charts. #3 Cracked Me Up!

We all know that hospital charts (or medical records) are folders containing a patient’s medical informations.

20 Times Animals Totally Got You

When they say it’s “a dog’s life”, they certainly don’t literally mean that you live like a dog or that a dog lives like you, but these 20 images are the proof that dogs and animals in general totally get you sometimes.

24 Hilariously Relatable Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Life

Sometimes life is simpler than you think, so simple you can perfectly sum it up in just one or two lines.

A Poor Man Was Rejected by A Rich Man’s Daughter. 10 Years Later, They Meet Again.

We are all looking for someone special in our life. When people are young they usually desire a good looking and funny partner, but growing up you start looking for a person you could create a family with, and more important and deeper characteristics become relevant.

4 Surprising Things You Didn't Know Your Tape Measure Could Do

We all use measure tapes from time to time, and we know they perfectly do their job. The thing we ignore though is that they have some secret uses that will simplify our life in some particular situations.

Dogs Annoying Cats With Friendship

In our collective imagination dogs and cats are extremely different. The first are believed to be more playful and ingenuous, dependent on humans and incredibly faithful, while the latter should be their craftier, more independent and Machiavellian alter egos.

The 10 Most Hilarious Teacher Comebacks Of All Times

We’ve all been students and let’s say it, we probably thought we were smart enough to fool some of our professors any day of the year.

16 Kids Proving The World Will Be A Better Place

Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. Nobody can teach you how to do it right, but there are definitely some tells that will make you understand you’re at least on the right path.