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26 insanely creative ideas for your dream home. I want them all, especially #6.

Have you ever thought about how your dream home would look like? Are you a minimal style fan or would you fill it with all the fanciest kinds of amenities?

15 dumbest patients to ever walk into a doctor’s office. I laughed so hard at #12.

The world is beautiful and funny place because each individual has his peculiarities and nobody can really be like someone else, and you can be sure that people like doctors during their career have the opportunity to know pretty much every kind of people.

This man uses his rake to create incredible sand art. Just zoom out and… MIND BLOWN.

Some people are just one of a kind, they have an incredible talent and are able to do something no one else can do, and Andres Amador is certainly one of these people.

19 hilarious photos of men and cats that will make you cringe. The #6 is probably the worst ever!

There’s nothing wrong about men posing with their cat, until pictures like these come out. Some of these images are so weird they are hilarious.

The 20 funniest drunk text fails ever. #11 had me in stitches!

Drinking and texting aren’t two things that get along together, and the 20 following texts sent from people who went a bit too far with alcohol are the hilarious proof.

25 amazing places you must poop at least once in your life

There’s a place where every man and every woman are the same, a place everybody must visit several times a day, a place that keeps a person’s darkest secrets.

Meet Little P, the most adorably sad cat of Instagram

Little P is without any doubt one of the cutest cats of Instagram. This Scottish Fold has more than 4,000 followers on the social network as we write, and no wonder with that adorable sad look on her face she’s quickly becoming an internet celebrity.

15 Funny Bears Trying To Act Just Like Humans. The Last One Is Something You’d Never Expect

You can found many articles here on Just Something talking about funny animals, we’ve obviously talked about funny cats and dogs, but also stylish alpacas, curious giraffes and others.

23 of the worst advertising placement fails ever. The fifth one is hilarious

There are usually a lot of people working on a single advertising campaign, and every little detail about the its look, launch and placement is decided well in advance.

A ‘Pool Pawty’ At A Doggy Daycare Center Is The Funniest Thing A Puppy Can Wish For!

Who said that only humans can have a party? Looks like the dogs you see in these images are having the time of their lives ‘pawtying’ in the bone-shaped pool of the Lucky Puppy doggy daycare center in Maybee, Michigan.

What This Guy Was Caught Doing With The Dog Is Hilarious… I Can’t Stop Laughing, LOL!

This guy thought to be alone with his dog, so he decided to do something you would never, ever expect.

20 Cleaning Hacks That Will Revolutionize The Way You Clean Your House. Thank Me Later For #16!

If you are like the most part of people there’s a good chance you find house cleaning pretty boring. The 20 following hacks will hopefully help you clean your house faster and in a funnier and more creative way.

This Lady Got Fed Up Of Mortgage, And What She Decided To Do About It Is Just Incredible!

Macy Miller from Idaho realized what probably is a million people’s dream: she got rid of mortgage and got her dream house, all at once.

These are the 23 meanest office pranks EVER. The last one is pure evil! LOL!

Having a 9to5 job can be boring at times, but there’s a way to fight boredom that never gets old: pranking the colleagues.

This Man With Dwarfism Wore a Hidden Camera To Reveal The Shocking Cruelty He Faces Every Day

Jonathan Novick is 22 years old, lives in New York City and has dwarfism. Sick of all the cruel jokes, harassments and mockeries he finally decided to do something about it, and show the world how it’s like to live a day in his shoes is like, so he wore a hidden camera and spent a day walking around New York.

Something Really Special Happens When You Cover Half Of This Dog’s Face. This Is Just Amazing!

This dog’s name is Braveheart and he has a very particular feature. Braveheart is part husky and part labrador, but he is not like any of the other mixed breed dogs you’ve ever seen before.

This Montecarlo Property Is The Most Expensive Home In The World. I Can’t Believe Its Price, WHOA!

It’s well known that Monaco is an extremely expensive place, home of casinos, luxury yachts, clubs and obviously some of the most expensive homes in the world, but what we are going to show you today now goes probably beyond the imagination of each and everyone of us.

These May Look Like Normal Pictures, But Just Look Twice and… WOW!

Sometimes things are just not as they seem and trust me, this time you will hardly believe your eyes.

A Guy Got His Sandwich Stolen. What Happened Next Is The Most Hilarious Office Note War Ever, LOL!

A guy got his sandwich stolen for the umpteenth time, and left a note asking the thief to stop it once and for all.

This powerful comic about depression, inspired by Robin Williams, could really make a difference

Thousands of tributes have been popping out all over the web since Robin Williams’ passing. All of them were heartfelt and moving, but not many really tried to make a difference about depression.