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102-Year-Old Woman Sees Herself Perform On Video For The First Time. Her Reaction? So Sweet!

Alice Barker has been an important dancer back in the 30’s and 40’s, performing in the chorus line for giants like Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, but she never had the chance to see herself dance on video, until now.

Kids Have A Special Connection With Their Moms, And This Is The Final Proof. Just WOW!

It’s pretty obvious that moms and kids share a special bond, but how unique is this connection? Pandora made a beautiful experiment to prove that kids would be able to recognize their mom among a million people, by only using their touch sense.

Capitalism Explained In The Best Way Possible. It’s So Accurate It Hurts, LOL!

According to Wikipedia, capitalism is an economic system and a mode of production in which trade, industries, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned.

23 Brilliant New Words We Need In Our Dictionary Right Now. #9 Is Just Perfect!

We all know that language has changed over the centuries, with many new words being invented year after year.

Loving Dad Takes Adorable Photos Of His Son With Down Syndrome Flying And Melts Everybody’s Hearts

Alan Lawrence is an incredibly inspiring dad from Utah. He is father of 5 kids, one of whom, William, has Down syndrome.

Here Is How This Photographer Gets To See The Most Amazing Places, Spending Just $150 Per Month

Davide Vadalà is a talented Italian travel photographer, creator of, who manages to travel the world and see the most amazing places spending only $150 per month.

Here Are The 2015 A’ Design Award & Competition Winning Designs

Just like every April, here we are announcing the A’ Design Award & Competition winners. This year the competition has been incredibly close, with the awards being assigned to 836 winners from 83 countries in 89 different design categories.

This Little Boy Had To Say Goodbye To His Best Friend. His Reaction? Too Heartbreaking To Handle!

That little goldfish has been his best friend for a long time, they shared good times and bad times, funny afternoons, hopes and dreams.

If Celebrities Were 19th Century Military Generals, They Would Look Like This

Have you ever wondered what would you have looked like in a different era? UK artist Steve Payne from Replaceface had the idea to see what celebrities would have looked like if they all were Russian military generals from the 19th century.

This Is What These Words Really Mean. #3 Is So True It Hurts

In communication what you say is often as important as what you don’t say. We all have used a dictionary in our life and we all know words have a precise meaning, but in the meantime we often use those same words to explain concepts that differ very much from the original meaning.

18 People Who Are Bringing The Meaning Of “Having A Bad Day” To A Whole New Level

Unfortunately not every day can be better than the one before, and we all have to go through “those kind of days”, when it looks like the entire world is plotting against us and everything seems to go in the wrong direction.

8 Unmistakable Signs Your Cat Is Actually A Dog

What if your little feline furry friend, the one you love and purrs and slams every object on the floor wasn’t actually a cat… But a dog?

At First I Thought This Was A Normal Chameleon, Then I Took A Closer Look And… Just WOW!

This image of a chameleon is the reason why we should never believe our eyes at a first sight. In fact, if you look closer, this isn’t exactly what you thought it was: actually this colorful chameleon is made of two painted women!

29 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Totally in Love With Windows. #11 Made My Day, LOL!

Animals are unpredictable, and something they do things nobody can understand. In addition to that, they absolutely aren’t aware of how clumsy they look when they do such things.

26 Terrifying Easter Bunnies Photos That Will Hunt Your Dreams. #14 Is Totally Creepy!

Easter bunnies should joyfully symbolize a festivity, but as you will see in these 26 photos, things not always go this way.

She Bought This Old Bank To Be Her Home, And You Really Have To See How It Looks Inside Today. WOW!

The building you see here looks like an old bank, but as soon as you step inside you realize this is actually something very, very different.

The 22 funniest ways to announce pregnancy. #5 made my day… WOW!

Pregnancy is without any doubts one of the most important and exciting moments for a couple, and looking at how creative these 22 couples have been announcing their pregnancy, it looks like expecting a baby stimulates creativity too.

23 Hilariously Brilliant Last Minute April Fools Pranks. #8 Is Really Unforgivable, LOL!

April fools is here, and in the case you still haven’t played a prank here are 23 hilarious ideas that will help you devise the perfect unforgivable April fools moment.

Dozens of Stray Dogs Showed Up At Funeral Of Woman Who Used To Feed Them

Margarita Suarez has been a woman from Merida, Mexico, who used to fed more than 20 stray dogs that showed up at her door every single day of their life.

This Cat Thought He Was Super Sneaky. What He Did When He Got Caught Is Hilarious, LOL!

Cats are probably the sneakiest and craftiest pets, but they often underestimate humans. This cat thought he was just too smart to be caught in the act of stealing directly from a drawer, but unfortunately for him his human was recording everything on tape.