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20 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful To Have A Dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a good reason. They are the most affectionate and adorable companions a person can ask for.

Guy Sent Home For Wearing Shorts To Work Comes Back In A Dress, And Teaches Everyone A Lesson

It was a particularly hot day when 20-year old Joey Barge decided to sport a pair of shorts to work. As he documented on via Twitter, he was sent home, apparently because it was against their company dress code.

Life-Sized Cat LEGOs Are A Thing Now, And Feline Lovers Couldn’t Be Happier

If you like mind-teasing activities, and you also happen to love cats, this might just be perfect pastime for you.

32 Hilarious Tweets That Are So Real For Married People

Marriage comes with its fair share of ups and downs. While it isn’t for everyone, sharing life with one person within the bounds and commitment of marriage makes it more vibrant, sometimes sad, and definitely interesting.

24 Times Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Comebacks Were So Good They Sent People To The Burn Unit

The internet could be one of the vilest places in the world as it becomes an avenue for haters, trolls, and miserable people who yearn to speak their minds of negativity and inconsideration.

15+ Hilarious First-World Anarchists Who Couldn’t Care Less About Your Rules

Modern society is kept in order by a wide set of rules, written and not written, that prevent chaos from taking control of the world.

33 Pastry Chefs Who Are Definitely Nailing This Whole Decoration Thing

Mistakes just part of life, but they could also be extremely hilarious at times. If you are a pastry chef, one of the worst things you can do in your job is completely misunderstanding the message to place on the cake, and these decorators probably did the worst mistakes ever. From absurd misspellings, to literally observed instructions, this is as bad, and hilarious, as cake decoration can get.

24 Badass Parents Who Are Mastering Texting Way Better Than Their Kids

We use to think that parents are outsmarted by their children in things that involve technology and smartphones, like in texting perhaps.

24 Old School Struggles Today’s Kids Have No Idea We Had To Deal With

In this day and age, we are hardly surprised when some new technological advancement surfaces. We’ve become so accustomed to technology and the constant upgrade that few remember what it was like back then when the internet was young and phones didn’t fit comfortably in one hand.

24 Brilliant Inventions Every Lazy Person Will Love

Our lives are hectic and there are just certain things we don’t have time to do. You know, things like working out and making our own food, or even sleep.

Police Department Recruited New Police Puppies, And The Internet Is Falling In Love With Them

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, they are also great partners for law enforcement all over the world.

This Shelter Takes Dogs Out For “Puppuccinos” To Help Them Find A Forever Home

Kitsap Humane Society in Washington provides shelter for homeless pets and helps them find a forever home.

Little Girl Mistakes Bride For The Princess From Her Favorite Book, And Her Reaction Is Pure Perfection

The stars aligned for this lucky little girl as she saw her favorite fairytale come alive. During Scott Robertson and Shandace Lurma’s wedding back in February a little girl walked by and mistook Shandace as the Princess of her favorite book, and her reaction was one of the purest things a human can witness.

This Artist Drew SpongeBob And Patrick As A Real Humans, And People Just Can’t Unsee It

We all have cartoon shows that left an indelible mark in our childhood, and if you’re a 90s or a 2000s kid, SpongeBob Squarepants is almost certainly in your list.

Fed Up With Rude Customers Bar Owner Puts Out A Brilliant Sign, And Things Immediately Got Better

We all know that things like competition, target market, and expenses, are factors that affect how a certain product is priced, but have you ever seen a product price based on the attitude of the customer?

20 Of The Funniest “I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments That Ever Happened To People

Do you believe in destiny? If the answer is no, then you might need to hear the stories about how people get a cat.

‘The Simpsons’ Artist Draws Animal Comics After Work, And They Are Adorably Funny

If you like cute animals and witty conversations, you’d definitely enjoy Liz Climo’s comics. She is a talented character artist and storyboard revisionist from The Simpsons and she is now working on her own book.

‘The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes’ Only Employs Waiters With Dementia, And Every Order Is A Surprise

This peculiar pop-up restaurant located in Tokyo’s Toyosu district just started its trial opening in early June, and is perfect for those who aren’t craving anything in particular but are spontaneous enough to take in an unexpected serving.

27 Amazing Transformations Of Dogs And Cats Before & After Adoption

The most important thing a human can do in a pet’s life is bringing him home from a shelter, and this list of 27 heartwarming photos, compiled by Just Something, is the best reminder of the huge impact our choice can have on our furry friends’ life.

This Gecko Just Got His Mini-Me And He Can’t Help But Smile At It

We’ve featured many pets and animals stories here on Just Something, and we’re not gonna stop just yet, especially when we have cute posts like this one to share.