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Groupon Posted This Product On Facebook. When They Started Replying To Jokes, Things Got Hilarious!

This product, designed to protect your bananas, was advertised by Groupon on their website and Facebook page.

21 Super-Sized Dogs Who Just Don’t Realize How Big They Are

Raise your hand if you like puppies. Ok, we know this is quite obvious, everybody in the world likes puppies.

This Artist Is Blind But Creates Incredibly Beautiful Paintings. The Way He Does That? Just Amazing!

John Bramblitt is a talented artist, but not just talented like many others. He is truly one of a kind.

The 18 Worst Wedding Cake Fails Ever Made Are Straight Out From A Bride’s Nightmare, Especially #6!

Planning a wedding is a stressful process for a couple, especially for the bride. You spend month planning even the tiniest detail hoping that everything will be perfect on that special day.

This Man Found A Box In The Snow. Nothing Could Prepare Him For What Was Inside It.

Animals need love and attention, need a warm home and somebody taking care of them. Unfortunately, not all the animals are lucky enough to find a loving human to give them what they need and deserve, and they are often subject to unbelievable torture.

The Way This Dad Entertains His 5 Kids Made Me Laugh So Hard. LOL!

This man, father of 5 kids, decided to entertain them in the funniest way ever. I couldn’t help laughing at what he did, and truth be told the effort he put into making all this is really remarkable.

23 Hilarious Photos Of Celebrities Without Teeth. The Last One Cracked Me Up. LOL!

The web is having fun these days by photoshopping A-list celebrities, removing all of their teeth. Their smiles play a huge part in the charming image of them we all have in our mind, and without their shiny white teeth they just look a lot weirder and older.

30 Amazing Couple Tattoos That Will make You Look Twice. #5 Is Just Brilliant, WOW!

Tattoos are an incredible form of art and can have incredibly deep meanings, especially when they are dedicated to a loved one.

They Always Told Us Not To Crack Our Knuckles, But What Really Happens When We Do It?

We’ve always been told not to crack our knuckles and joints, but nobody ever told us exactly why. Is it really that armful for us or is it just an urban legend?

16 Amputees Who Lost Their Limbs But Not Their Brilliant Sense Of Humor

Losing a limb is obviously a great physical and psychological trauma for a person. Accepting a whole new dimension is an incredibly difficult process for people having to go through an amputation, but hopefully some of them manage to transform their loss into strength, beginning a new life and finding new incredible opportunities.

15 Times Dogs Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park. Their Reactions Are Priceless

If you ever had to bring a dog to the vet, you already know that somewhere along the way, no matter the breed, age or character of the dog, he realizes you are going to the worst place e could ever imagine.

This Man Created A Sanctuary For Orphaned Kangaroos Whose Mothers Have Been Hit By Cars

We often talk about people spending their life trying to help animals by creating shelters to save them from a sad fate, but this is the very first time we hear (and write) about a sanctuary made just for orphaned kangaroos.

Stray Dog Was Kicked Away By A Driver. He Returned With His Friends To Get An Unbelievable Revenge.

What goes around comes around, that’s what they say, and it looks like that’s what really happens. A man in in Chongqing, China kicked away a stray dog to park his car right where the dog was sitting before he arrived, but he couldn’t imagine the dog had a particularly vindictive attitude.

He Was Abandoned By His Parents When They Saw What He Looked Like. Today He Is A True Hero.

Jono Lancaster was abandoned when he was a baby. Right after he was born his parents were told he had Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder that affected the way his facial bones developed while he was in his mother’s womb, so they gave him up for adoption.

20 Hilarious Photos Proving That Puppies Are Basically Furry Drunk People. #9 Made My Day LOL!

Do you know the difference between puppies and drunk people? According to these pictures, the only thing that differentiate them is that puppies have a fluffy fur.

These Parents Tattooed Their Legs With Daughter’s Birthmark. The Reason They Did It? So Inspiring!

If you are a parent, I know you would literally do everything for your kids, but the story of these two British parents really left me without words.

They Stumbled Upon These Pipes In The Woods. Beneath Them They Made A Terrifyingly Awesome Discovery

Two friends spotted these two weird looking pipes while walking in the woods of Northern Germany. As a kid, one of the two guys used to come and play in this area, but just like all the other children he was never allowed to get near the pipes.

A Woman Is Sticking Powerful Feminist Messages Written On Period Pads All Around Her City

If you take a walk around Karlsruhe, Germany these days, there are some good chances you will spot some period pads sticked on poles.

20 cats recreate the cutest photos from their kittenhood. #9 is just too cute to handle!

Just like humans and dogs did before (see here and here), cats wanted to recreate the cutest photos from their kittenhood too.

Meet Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull. He’s 173 lbs, and still growing! WOW!

The amazing dog you see here is only 17-months-old and is probably the world’s biggest pitbull. He weighs 173 lbs (78 kg) and his name is – guess what – Hulk!