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'Robo Recall' is a free VR game about killing robots as a robot and it's out now

If you've ever wanted to know what's like to be a robot and mercilessly kill other robots by a variety of means, Robo Recall is available to play for free on Oculus Rift.

Don't get too excited about the possibility of "President Oprah"

So, there have been a few headlines going around on Wednesday claiming Oprah Winfrey is "rethinking" entering the race for president at some point in the future.

Our picks for the top 10 best film performances in cinema history

With so many different types of performances on screen, and so many iconic portrayals that exist up and down the spectrum of emotion, it's impossible to actually rank them.

Pro tip: How to be the best (and beat the best) Bastion in 'Overwatch'

Being a pro gamer isn't easy. Mastering top competitive games takes hundreds of hours of practice — but also knowledge.

Casey Affleck responds to sexual harassment allegations: 'There’s really nothing I can do about it'

Casey Affleck's Oscar win wasn't meant to excuse and absolve his 2010 sexual harassment allegations — but it sure felt like that for some.

Alec Baldwin is co-writing a parody Donald Trump memoir and Trump probably isn't so thrilled

Alec Baldwin is taking his President Donald Trump impersonation to the literary world. The actor and novelist Kurt Andersen are co-writing a satirical book called You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J.

'Beauty and the Beast' director reveals Disney's first openly gay character

Beauty and the Beast could make major strides in representation when it hits theaters in a few weeks, with one of the first known LGBTQ characters in a Disney princess film.

This isn't a Nintendo Switch review, but it'll help you decide about buying one

Nintendo Switch is, at this point, a Zelda machine. Let's be clear: the new hybrid console — out on March 3 — is brimming with potential.

The Oscar for best performance of all time goes to...

With so many different types of performances on screen, so many iconic portrayals that exist up and down the spectrum of emotion, it's impossible to actually rank them.  So we decided to look at them categorically: comedy next to drama, big next to small, classic next to method etc.

10 seriously impressive Lego superheroes from the massive exhibition

If you grew up binge-reading DC comics under the duvet and building Lego medieval castles in your bedroom — like the writer of this article — then you'll be pretty excited about this new exhibition opening in London today.

What one video game developer organization is doing to combat Trump’s immigration ban

The International Game Developers Association was one of the first in the games industry to speak out against Trump's immigration ban.

Brad Pitt goes back to the front in Netflix's 'War Machine'

Brad Pitt is back on the battlefield, but this time he's not killing Nazis. In the first trailer for Netflix's War Machine, Pitt plays Glenn McMahon, a general during the war in Afghanistan based loosely on General Stanley McChrystal.

Here's how to be an extra with Hugh Grant for the 'Love Actually' sequel

Love Actually sure had a lot of characters, and now you can be one of them. In partnership with Red Nose Day, the Love Actually sequel (creatively dubbed Red Nose Day Actually) is casting for extras to join Hugh Grant in an upcoming scene.

'Hitman Go' mini-doc takes you behind the scenes of one of the best mobile games

The story of Square Enix's mobile Go games starts in 2014 with the release of Hitman Go. The board game-styled puzzlers — which have since expanded to include games based on Tomb Raider and Deus Ex as well — all work for one simple reason: they distill the essences of the series they're based on into increasingly elaborate puzzles.

Cinema just can't resist pranking its audience after that Oscars mix-up

The world collectively cringed Sunday night as they watched the biggest screwup in the history of the Academy Awards.

'India's Spotify' launches artist originals to take on Apple Music

The audio and music streaming landscape in India is heating up. Slowly yet surely.  Saavn, termed "India's Spotify" by Billboard, just rolled out its Artist Originals (AO) program that will conceptualize, produce and distribute new music with independent artists from India and South Asia.  SEE ALSO: Inside Apple Music's plan to take over the Indian market The AO program boosts Saavn's original programming such as podcasts and audio shows.

Things get freaky real fast in the 'Alien: Covenant' official trailer

It starts out all love and smiles, sure. The cheery crew of the Covenant — which is entirely made up of couples — are enjoying a meal together (remember that from the original Alien?

Weapons and ammo in 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' are confusing, so here's a guide

So you want some tips for hunting robot dinosaurs, huh? There's a great science fiction story buried deep within Horizon: Zero Dawn, and we'll be thrilled to talk about it when spoilers are less of an issue.

The Rock looked ready to whoop some ass at the Oscars because he WAS

The face says, "Do I need to kick some ass and save the day — right now, in real life?" And that's because, well ...

New 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' trailer is all that and Kurt Russell

Spoiler alert: Kurt Russell is Star-Lord's dad — and his hair is glorious. The third (and by far biggest) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.