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'Zoolander 2' teaser is here to teach you about neuroscience

Inside Derek Zoolander's brain, Einstein's theory of relativity swirls, mocha frappuccinos float, synapses sputter and the word "Eugoogly" is very clearly defined.

Cilla Black, famed British singer and TV host, has died at 72

Cilla Black, a famous British singer, died on Saturday at her home in Estepona, Spain. She was 72. Her death was announced on Sunday by Spanish police.

7 reasons to be pumped for 'The Leftovers' Season 2

The Leftovers is still months away from coming back to TV, but this week's Television Critics Association press tour resulted in a fresh sneak peek at Season 2 of HBO's twisted tale of loss.

Art exhibit watches you breathe and builds you a light show

Tucked into a small gallery space in downtown Manhattan, there’s a big ball of light that knows how you breathe.

Ian McShane is coming to 'Game of Thrones' in a secret role

Ian McShane is heading to Westros The Deadwood fave has been cast in Season 6 of Game of Thrones, according to

'Fantastic Four' stars awkwardly laugh off offensive interview questions

Awkward celebrity interviews are basically a rite of passage for up-and-coming stars. Fantastic Four stars Michael B.

Bill Nye reads mean tweets about himself, hilariously shuts down science-hating trolls

Taking a tip from Jimmy Kimmel, scientist Bill Nye has decided to read mean tweets about himself The Science Guy read and responded to the trollish tweets to promote the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming documentary about his life Surprise, surprise — a lot of his mean tweets are from climate change deniers.

Dave Grohl responds to 1,000 rockers who played 'Learn to Fly'

You're not the only one who loved watching 1,000 people play the Foo Fighters' 1999 track "Learn to Fly." Dave Grohl loved it too The rocker posted a response video to the Foo Fighters Facebook page, thanking everyone in Cesena, Italy who participated in the event.

81 burning questions inspired by Disney's 'Descendants'

First of all: What exactly is Descendants, a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered Friday night?

Wrestling star 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper dies at 61

LOS ANGELES — "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, a pillar of professional wrestling in its 1980s heyday, who always wore a kilt into the ring because of his Scottish heritage, has died, TMZ reported Friday.

The only 'Little Women' remake question that matters: Who will play Jo March?

It's official: There's a modern, gritty take on Little Women in development at The CW, according to Deadline.

Actual queen Helen Mirren poses with not one, but three wax figures at Madame Tussauds

Most of us don't get wax figures from Madame Tussauds for our birthdays — but then again, most of us are not Helen Mirren In celebration of her recent 70th birthday, the Madame Tussauds wax museum in London unveiled two additional life-like wax figures of the great Dame, adding to the one they'd already presented in 2010 See also: Helen Mirren swore on live TV and everyone except the hosts loved it During the unveiling ceremony Thursday night, Dame Helen came face to face with three different versions of herself.

Starz is letting subscribers binge-watch two of its new shows

Starz is joining the growing list of networks offering entire seasons of a show at once, Netflix-style.

'Doctor Who' boss just blew up your theory about Maisie Williams' character

LOS ANGELES — All is not as it appears with Maisie's Williams' character on Doctor Who While executive producer Steven Moffat wouldn't say much about the Game of Thrones favorite's visit to the show, he did take time on Friday to bust a fan theory that emerged with the first trailer for the upcoming season: She's not someone from the Doctor's past.

Game of Thrones Risk: The easiest way to unexpectedly kill all your friends

Game of Thrones and the board game Risk are both things that appeal to a certain type of person — a segment of the population that's far larger than a lot of non-geeks may realize Both belong to the widest possible circle of casual geekdom.

Watch the Lollapalooza live stream here: Paul McCartney, Metallica, more

Hey, Jude, and everyone else: You can watch Lollapalooza from anywhere thanks to Red Bull TV's three-day live stream.

This 'Mad Men' auction is your chance to buy Don Draper's stuff

Ever wished to be a part of the action at Sterling Cooper & Partners? Now you can — if you're willing to pay.

7 PlayStation 4 games that are fun for the whole family

It can be hard to maintain a rigorous gaming schedule once you have kids. But rather than lament the lack of time you have to spend time with games, why not find titles that everyone in your family can enjoy?

Kyle Chandler brought back Coach Taylor for this very important PSA

Clear eyes, full hearts, SILENT PHONES. It's been more than four years since Kyle Chandler pulled down the blue ballcap and riled us up on Friday Night Lights, but this — this is too important.

Are you there, missing Judy Blume book? The author's on the case

Lost an irreplaceable copy of your favorite childhood read? Don't worry — the book's author herself might help you track it down.