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Newspapers 'slut-shamed' Asia Argento so badly over the Weinstein saga that she's leaving Italy

The Italian actress and director Asia Argento was one of the first women to speak up out about an alleged rape by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

David Letterman gleefully explains why he gave Conan O'Brien a horse

Not only does David Letterman look sort of like Santa Claus these days, but he's also handing out random presents to people.

We just got our first look at Lego's rad Women of NASA set

Next month, you'll be able to buy a little bit of space history in Lego form.  Starting on Nov. 1, space fans of all ages will be able to buy Lego's Women of NASA set featuring four essential women who made space science history.

Björk reveals more details about alleged sexual harassment by a 'Danish director'

Icelandic pop star Björk was one of the women who publicly denounced episodes of sexual harassment by a "Danish director" in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein saga.  Now, inspired by the global success of #metoo hashtag, through which women are sharing on social media their personal experiences of sexual harassment and assault, Björk gave a more "detailed description" of the director's alleged harassment.  SEE ALSO: Björk shares her experience of sexual harassment by a 'Danish director' "It feels extremely difficult to come out with something of this nature into the public , especially when immediately ridiculed by offenders," she said in a long Facebook post.

It took Harvey Weinstein to bring down Amazon's Roy Price. That's just sad.

Amazon Studios is no hero for pushing out its chief, Roy Price, after he was accused of sexually harassing a producer.

'Tetris' is playable in certain Russian trucks, and for a very specific reason

This is basically the car version of the Konami Code, right? There's an incredible Easter egg tucked away in the computer brains of trucks produced by Russia's Gorky Automobile Plant.

Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid sexual harassment accusation

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios since its founding, resigned Tuesday according to several media reports — less than a week after his alleged sexual harassment of a female producer resurfaced in the press.

America's sweetheart Molly Ringwald was harassed because men are garbage

Harvey Weinstein is far from the only older, powerful man in Hollywood under a spotlight right now. Though many of the rest haven't been named, the onslaught of women in entertainment sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault is indicative of a deeply ingrained and troubling problem.  In a guest column for The New Yorker, actress Molly Ringwald shares her own experience with Weinstein, who did not exploit her sexually but seemed "volatile." She goes on to describe the multiple men who harassed her over the years – in casting calls, behind the scenes, on set, even in print.

Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon speak out about sexual harassment in Hollywood

Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon revealed their own struggles with sexual assault and harassment during the Elle Women in Hollywood awards.

The next big Star Wars game is in trouble

Game development studio Visceral Games is being shut down, its publishing parent EA announced today. Visceral's upcoming Star Wars game will change hands within the EA umbrella.

Here are 9 things you probably didn't know about the classic 'Scream' films

It's that time of year, when we turn our attentions to Things about blood, guts and gore. This is our super-sized, 100th episode spectacular of Things You (Probably) Didn't Know, and it's all about Wes Craven's Scream films!

Custom PC mod is basically a dancing hologram

Throwing LED lights into your custom-built gaming PC just doesn't cut it anymore. You gotta outfit it with a see-through screen that makes it look like it has holograms inside of it.

Here are all the best jokes about the new Star Wars movie title

We know: You love Han Solo. But the generic title of his standalone prequel movie — Solo: A Star Wars Story — left many fans feeling colder than a carbonite freezing chamber.  Still, you can always count on Twitter to smuggle in the jokes.

Bob Weinstein is now facing sexual harassment allegations of his own

First Harvey, now Bob. The other Weinstein brother is now facing sexual harassment allegations leveled by Amanda Segel, executive producer of The Mist, a Spike TV series.  SEE ALSO: Bob Weinstein on Harvey: 'He should never be allowed back, ever.' Segel alleges that Bob Weinstein pursued her romantically on and off throughout the summer of 2016, while the series was in production.

Erika Sanchez joins MashReads with her lauded debut novel 'I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter'

Growing up with strict familial expectations is hard, especially with a seemingly "perfect" older sibling.

There's a $200 Super NES machine and oh god do we want it

Welcome to 2017, where people are excited to spend hundreds of dollars on decades-old gaming hardware.

9 surprising facts about the classic 'Scream' movies

It's that time of year, when we turn our attentions to Things about blood, guts and gore. This is our super-sized, 100th episode spectacular of Things You (Probably) Didn't Know, and it's all about Wes Craven's Scream films!

'Game of Thrones' actress Lena Headey shares her own horrifying Harvey Weinstein experience

Harvey Weinstein's reputation and empire keep unraveling, and the women affected by his decades of alleged sexual harassment and coercion continue to come forward.

It's official: the Han Solo movie is finished and has a name

After an extended, troubled production with a very public change of directors, the untitled Han Solo movie has wrapped — and it's no longer untitled.

The new WWE game is a hot mess of wonderful glitches

Sometimes glitches in games are a pain in the ass that ruin the whole experience. And sometimes they're so funny they actually add value to the game.