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Cersei got what was coming to her on 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones season 5 hasn't been the show's strongest — one might argue it's been the worst by far — but at least Episode 7, "The Gift," had a couple of fun scenes.

Full list of winners from Cannes 2015 unveiled

The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival has come to a close, and this year's winners were announced on Sunday.

Top 10 most annoying characters of this past TV season

As much as well-rounded characters can make otherwise non-outstanding shows watchable, annoying characters can easily break the best ones.

10 horror remakes that actually don't suck

At this stage, when we hear that one movie or another is being remade, we hardly bat an eye, so desensitized we have become to these rehashed versions of films we love.

Our hopes for one 'Orphan Black' romance may have just gone up in flames

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the most recent episode of Orphan Black. Things got explosive on Orphan Black tonight, and we're not just talking about all the drama.

Watching 3D movies is good for your brain, study says

Regardless of where you stand on the Hollywood's 3D trend, the option has added an artistic expansion to big budget films, as well as a welcome box office boost.

Douze points: The funniest Twitter reviews from Eurovision 2015

The 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest took place Saturday, offering the traditional jumble of caterwauling and key changes, silly outfits and sillier facial hair.

Meet 'Sweetie,' the 105-year-old Warriors fan who just wants an NBA title

OAKLAND, California — When the Golden State Warriors take on the Houston Rockets in Game 3 of their Western Conference Finals series on Saturday at 9 p.m.

How to survive in Destiny's tough new 'Prison of Elders' mode

Can you escape the Prison? Probably not, if you're reading this. Destiny's Prison of Elders, one of the new endgame modes added with the release of House of Wolves, aims to provide a level of challenge that's on par with the Vault of Glass and Crota's End raids.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen skip 'Full House' reboot

The Full House revival has the actors who played Uncle Joey, D.J. and Stephanie on board, but the famous twins who brought Michelle Tanner to life will not be part of the fun.

'Louie' hits the road in latest episode, and the road hits him right back

In Louie's world, it's all a disappointment — but that's okay. "The Road Part 1" follows our hapless hero as he embarks on the first leg of a U.S.

TLC to pull '19 Kids and Counting' after Duggar molestation allegations

TV network TLC will drop airings of 19 Kids and Counting from its current lineup, TMZ reported on Friday, following child molestation allegations against one of the show's stars, 27-year-old Josh Duggar.

Celebrate Pac-Man's 35th birthday with a 10-hour loop of his theme song

What better way to celebrate the 35th birthday of a gaming icon than by slowly driving yourself mad? Hit play now and see how long you can last as you read this brief history of Pac-Man.

Crunch time: Watch Mashable's live Hangout with top NBA analysts

It's crunch time for the NBA Playoffs, as just four teams still stand a chance of hoisting the championship trophy next month The Eastern Conference and Western Conference finals are both underway, and the drama, anticipation and stakes are all higher than ever.

For the first time ever, Destiny's weekend vendor sets up in the Reef

Every Friday is a holiday when you're a Destiny fan That's when Xur, Agent of the Nine, appears in a random part of the game's social spaces to peddle his rare weapons and armor.

First 'Wet Hot American Summer' photos are here and they're glorious

Camp Firewood is almost back in session The first photos from the Wet Hot American Summer Netflx series set have finally arrived — and everyone still looks gloriously stuck in the '80s.

'Tomorrowland': A movie that envisions a brighter future? Gee, imagine that

LOS ANGELES — Could the key to a better tomorrow be a simple matter of attitude? Is today’s media-fueled cycle of “observe, be outraged, repeat,” driving us toward a cliff?

A Bill Murray Christmas special is coming to Netflix. Thanks, Santa.

Christmas is going to be so chill this year Netflix picked up a Christmas special starring Bill Murray called A Very Murray Christmas, which will be co-written by the comedian and Oscar winner Sofia Coppola and Mitch Glazer (who also wrote the 1988 Christmas comedy Scrooged — starring Murray, of course).

This algorithm produces rap lyrics that rival human-generated rhymes

The ancient skill of creating and performing spoken rhyme is thriving today because of the inexorable rise in the popularity of rapping.

Why we're right to be cynical about that 'Mad Men' final scene

Warning: if you haven't seen the Mad Men finale yet — and why not? — this post is full of spoilers. Matthew Weiner is disappointed in you, people.