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'Goat Simulator' Hops Onto Mobile to Eat Your Cans

Mobile gamers can now experience life as a hyper-destructive goat. Goat Simulator became available early Wednesday for iOS and Android devices after developers decided to debut the mobile version before its official release date on Thursday.

Pro Daredevil to Walk Tightrope 50 Stories Above Chicago River on Live TV

Legendary daredevil Nik Wallenda has announced he will walk a high-wire 50 stories above the Chicago River between two skyscrapers in November, to the pleasure of white-knuckled Discovery Channel viewers “This is going to be the most incredible tightrope walk of my career,” Wallenda said in a statement.

Adrian Peterson Barred by Vikings Until Child Abuse Case Resolved

The Vikings have indefinitely suspended running back Adrian Peterson from the team until the legal matters surrounding his alleged child abuse are resolved The team announced early Wednesday that Peterson had been placed on what is known as the "exempt/commissioner's permission list." So not only will Peterson not play, but he will also be required to stay away from all team activities See also: NFL Star Adrian Peterson Deactivated After Indictment in Child Injury Case Peterson is currently under indictment for child abuse for an episode in which he punished his 4 year-old son with a tree branch, also referred to as a "switch." Peterson was deactivated by the Vikings in the most recent game on Sunday, but was reinstated early this week.

10 Incredibly Realistic Minecraft Creations

Uncharted territories and new worlds lie beyond the pixelated screen of Minecraft. Players of the video game often take to building lifelike creations, inspired by both reality and fiction alike.

'The Mindy Project' Season Premiere Could Make Anyone Love the Show

The Mindy Project returned with a new season Tuesday night on Fox, several long months after the show finally got main characters Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina) into a proper relationship together And the wait was well worth it From the start of the episode, the show stayed true to this couple's long-held truth: Mindy and Danny aren't a so-called perfect couple — he's sometimes what she'd consider a bore and she's sometimes a lot of personality to handle — but they're always ridiculously fun to watch.

Reports: Selfie-Taking Doc's Unauthorized Biopsy May Have Killed Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers' cardiac arrest may have been triggered by an unauthorized biopsy that the comedian's personal physician — who apparently took a selfie in the operating room — performed on Rivers' vocal cords, CNN reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources close to the investigation.

Giancarlo Stanton Posts Gnarliest Instagram Pic After Face Fights Fastball

The fastball won the battle but Giancarlo Stanton's face will win this war Stanton, shown above, is an MLB star for the Miami Marlins who took a fastball to the face last Thursday.

NFL Union Appeals Ray Rice Suspension, Wants Roger Goodell Off the Case

The NFL players' union is appealing Ray Rice's indefinite suspension from the league, the union announced on Tuesday night Rice was originally suspended for two games by the league for knocking his then-fiancée out in a casino elevator in February.

Sponsors Begin Backing Away From NFL During Public-Image Crisis

Explosive child-abuse allegations surrounding one its biggest stars, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, last Friday were the last thing the NFL needed after a rotten week.

Tim McGraw's Live-Streamed Show Will Feature New Music

Country behemoth Tim McGraw will show off new music from his just-released 13th studio album, Sundown Heaven Town, on Tuesday night during a live-streamed concert.

Whitney Houston's Legacy Gets a Tune-Up With New Album

Whitney Houston's incomparable voice will make a comeback in a new album of live performances from throughout her illustrious career.

The Story Behind Those Nude-Looking Women's Cycling Uniforms

The pubis-flaunting, almost pornographic-looking uniforms worn by a women's cycling team from Colombia in a race last weekend have now become a topic of widespread and incredulous Internet mockery — and they were reportedly designed by a member of the team itself.

Tony Stewart Isn't in the Clear Yet; Case Headed to Grand Jury

Police are done investigating the death of sprint car driver Kevin Ward, Jr., who was struck and killed by Tony Stewart's car in August when he walked onto the track.

Fame Is Hard: Why Minecraft's Creator Is Opting to Disappear

"I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing it for my sanity." Those were the final words of Markus Persson's blog post explaining why he wouldn't be going on with Mojang after it was purchased by Microsoft.

Panic! at the Disco Nails Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in Rowdy Cover

A shirtless Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco channeled his best Freddie Mercury in the rock band's superb live cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Urie, whose range lends itself well to taking on Mercury's vocal acrobatics, performed the Queen classic with the rest of the group during its Gospel Tour, which ended in August.

Lupita Nyong’o and Elmo Are Comfortable in Their Skin

Lupita Nyong’o visited Sesame Street to talk with Elmo about skin and self-love Before meeting the Oscar winner, Elmo wasn't even aware he had skin underneath his red fur.

Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres Have No Idea How 'Let It Go' Goes

Kristen Wiig and Ellen Degeneres have somehow managed to skate along in 2014 without knowing the words to Frozen's "Let It Go." But yesterday on Ellen, that ended.

Sony Is Stalking a Reboot of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

It's been 17 summers since Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the run from her past and a murderous stalker seeking revenge in I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Sony knows what the low-budget slasher did at the box office ($125 million worldwide).

Netflix Falls For New Judd Apatow Series 'Love'

Netflix and Judd Apatow have fallen madly in Love. The streaming network has picked up two seasons of Love, a new half-hour comedy series about modern relationships created and written by the creator of Girls and writer/producer of countless films including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, in 2016.

The Greatest Disney Villains Ever

Disney villains are almost more infamous than the heroes YouTube stars Lee Newton and Shannon Coffey join Monumental host Elliott Morgan to debate which villains are the greatest in Disney's history See also: If Michael Bay Ruined 'Up' Every Tuesday on Monumental, a rotating group of panelists will debate and decide the top four — or "Mount Rushmore— of a familiar topic in pop culture.