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The End of 'Walking Dead' Episode 2 Will Haunt Us Forever

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of The Walking Dead season 5. Look, The Walking Dead is a gross show.

'The Good Wife' Season 6, Episode 5: From Scandal to Spotlight

It's no secret that Alicia Florrick is one of the most complex, interesting female characters on television.

'Once Upon a Time' Put a Cool Twist on 'Fantasia' In the Latest Episode

Romance was in the air on Once Upon a Time Sunday night, but per usual, there was magic and darkness lurking close behind it.

'Doctor Who' Episode 9 Recap: Terror in Two Dimensions

This recap contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Doctor Who, "Flatline." Don't say we didn't warn you.

St. Louis Rams Trick Play Is Fun for Everyone (Unless You're From Seattle)

There's just something about a well-executed trick play. When it goes wrong, it's a disaster. When done right, it's beautiful.

New 'Call of Duty' Trailer Shows Futuristic Mayhem

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare may still have a three weeks left until its release, but publisher Activision is giving eager fans the high-octane launch trailer now.

Snapchat Freaks Out Users With First Ad for 'Ouija'

Snapchat ads have officially arrived The photo sharing app's first advertisement was a 20-second trailer for the upcoming horror movie from Universal Pictures, Ouija.

Oscar Watcher: Take a Flyer on Likely Academy Favorite 'Birdman'

LOS ANGELES — Our Oscar Watcher series continues this week with Birdman — and yes, we've been throwing around the words "must see" a lot here, but trust You must see this for two reasons: 1.

The New York Mets Prophesied This World Series on June 28

The San Francisco Giants will join the Kansas City Royals in the 2014 World Series thanks to Travis Ishikawa's incredible walk-off three-run homer against the Cardinals on Thursday night.

Finally, a Game That Lets Us Become Bread

Simulation games have given us the opportunity to do things we never thought possible — to inhabit jobs and roles much more important than our own.

What It's Like to Hang Out in Taylor Swift's Living Room

Taylor Swift is the queen of hospitality In the months leading up to the release date of her upcoming album 1989, Swift invited hundreds of fans to private listening parties held in the living rooms of her many homes.

Batman and Villains Pop in 75th Anniversary Gallery of Mondo Art

LOS ANGELES — There are so many cool new Batman 75th anniversary Mondo posters here, you could hang them from the ceiling and call it the ultimate Batmobile.

Bono Wears Sunglasses for Glaucoma, Not for Fashion

Here's one way to get everyone to stop talking about that messy iTunes situation: Bono has revealed that he always rocks sunglasses because he has glaucoma Let's all take this opportunity to apologize to Bono for the years of eyewear-related jokes See also: U2 Takes Us Behind the Scenes Of Its Surprise Album The U2 frontman discussed his chronic health issue, a disorder where damaged optic nerves make eyes sensitive to light, on The Graham Norton Show.

'Lost' Actor Will Play Mysterious New Role in 'Game of Thrones'

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who played Mr. Eko in Lost, Simon Adebisi on Oz and Algrim in Thor: The Dark World, has joined the cast of HBO's Game of Thrones for the series upcoming fifth season.

Collapsed Bench Results in Greatest Team Photo Ever

Derry City FC is a pro soccer team in Ireland that just took possibly the most excellent team photo of all time — completely by accident When the squad went to take its season group shot on Thursday, seven players and a coach were supposed to be sitting on a bench in the front row.

Fitz and Olivia Reunite in Explosive 'Scandal' Episode 4

If you're smelling gun powder in the air, that's because war is here. In Thursday's explosive episode of Scandal, "Like Father, Like Daughter," Jake's life is at stake, as well as the reputation of President Fitz's daughter Episode 4 introduces sexual terms, including "Eiffel Towering" and "Going to Paris," which I'm afraid to look up.

Missing Actress Misty Upham Found Dead in Ravine, Reports Say

SEATTLE — Police in the Seattle suburb of Auburn said Thursday that they believe they have found the body of missing actress Misty Upham, known for her roles in August: Osage County, 'Frozen River and Django Unchained.

PlayStation TV: Tiny Package But Gaming Power Needs Some Tweaks

Sony unveiled its pocket-sized set-top box in Japan last year, and since then us Western gamers have been clamoring for our own version of the PlayStation TV.

Studio 54: The Star-Magnet of the 1970s

From the moment it opened in 1977, nightclub Studio 54 at 254 West 54th Street, New York City, was a magnet for stars.

LeBron Denies Forgetting He's on the Cavs, But This Vine Doesn't Lie

LeBron James has a message for all you "non-basketball people." That message? He remembers that he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers now — he's "coming home," in case you missed it — and is no longer a member of the Miami Heat James has to clarify all this because it looked like he had a senior moment when his current and former teams met for the first time.