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Celebrities aren't reading your stupid Instagram comments, but we are

Oprah might not see your crazy spam on her Instagram account, but comedian Brooks Wheelan does. Or at least, when we asked him to.

'Scandal' Season 4, Episode 10: Possibly the most intense episode ever

One way to describe Thursday's return of Scandal is heart-poundingly intense. It gets our hopes up and plays ping-pong with our emotions One moment Olivia is dancing with Jake, plotting a grand finish atop a piano; the next, she’s gone.

How USA Network's most ambitious drama 'Dig' yet came to be

With the upcoming addition of new conspiracy-thriller Dig to its roster, the USA Network is looking to prove it's done some major growing up.

Full 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 trailer leaks online

Stay calm, Game of Thrones fanatics; the moment has arrived HBO screened the final two episodes of Season 4 of GoT Thursday night in IMAX theaters, capping off the viewing with a special airing of the first full trailer for Season 5.

Super Bowl or son's birth? Seahawks star could face tough choice

Playing in a Super Bowl — not to mention having a chance to win two in a row — is among the most incredible experiences of a man's life So is the birth of one's first child Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman could face a choice this Sunday See also: Super Bowl XLIX preview: The battles (and balls) to watch Here's the situation: Sherman's girlfriend, Ashley Moss, is pregnant.

Blizzard of 2015 caused flurry of illegal downloads

When a major winter storm comes to town, what do you do? Hunker down, make sure you have enough emergency supplies, look for a cuddle buddy on Craigslist — and then illegally download some TV content.

Eddie Murphy expected to return to 'Saturday Night Live'

If Eddie Murphy was among the cast members you hoped would return to help the show celebrate its 40th season — he was on our list — then here's some good news today: Speaking to TV One’s News One Now, the actor said he was expected to return for the three-hour 40th anniversary broadcast.

Amazon and Netflix made big Sundance plays and lost. Here's why

PARK CITY, Utah — Amazon Studios won’t be coming out of its first Sundance Film Festival with a sexy indie title to get the ball rolling on Amazon Original Movies.

A brief but passionate #TGIT catch-up guide

So you've never watched #TGIT and now all your friends are doing it You stopped watching Grey's Anatomy a long time ago — sometime around the time Izzy Stevens had sex with a ghostScandal seemed just up your alley but, ugh, life.

13 things Katy Perry revealed at her Super Bowl halftime show primer

PHOENIX — "I'm just here so I don't get fined," Katy Perry quipped when asked if she has romantic eyes on anyone during Super Bowl week, mocking Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch's recent go-to reply to media The always quirky Katy, speaking to reporters Thursday, brought a welcome dose of humor to the NFL's halftime show press conference, and you should expect her to bring that lighthearted quality to the field for her 12-and-half-minute performance on Sunday See also: 9 artists who might join Katy Perry at the Super Bowl halftime show "I'm going to play on my strengths, which I think are humor, incredible joy, and I think my songs are anthemic," the 30-year-old entertainer said.

Switchfoot looks back on early-2000s hype

Welcome to Throwback Tunesday, where Mashable amplifies the echoes of music past. With genre trends and throwbacks, we synthesize music and nostalgia.

Controversial promo tweet for ABC's 'Fresh off the Boat' criticized by show's creator

Someone tweeting for ABC's forthcoming comedy series Fresh Off the Boat is in hot water The official account for the show, about an Asian-American family that relocates from their home in the Chinatown section of Washington D.C.

Roll on: Seattle pot shop preps 12,000 joints for Super Bowl

They smoke two joints in the morning. They smoke two joints at night. They'll smoke 12,000 goddamn joints if the Seahawks win on Sunday night A Seattle-based marijuana retailer says it's prepping 12,000 doobies for Seahawks supporters hoping Marshawn Lynch can power the team to victory this weekend in Super Bowl XLIX See also: Super Bowl XLIX preview: The battles (and balls) to watch The medical-marijuana retailer, called Solstice, is planning to use the joints for its so-called "12th Pack" promotion, a 12-pack of joints named after the "The 12th Man," as loyal Seahawks supporters are known.

Live stream: George Lucas and Robert Redford at Sundance

PARK CITY, Utah — Call it the Star Wars and the Sundance Kid panel. Starting at 8 p.m. ET (6 p.m. in Utah), George Lucas and Robert Redford will participate in the second of two "Power of Story" panels at Sundance, and you can watch it all right here.

Super Bowl host city will lose 'couple million dollars' hosting the event

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The entire world will be watching Glendale on Sunday, as it hosts the Super Bowl and the legions of fans who are shelling out big bucks to see the big game.

Shailene Woodley is a CGI warrior in 'Divergent' sequel trailer

The trailer for Insurgent, the second installment in the Divergent series, has star Shailene Woodley shattering glass walls, blasting through building debris and generally wreaking havoc on a CGI world The minute-long Super Bowl pre-game trailer offers little information about the film's plot, but, at the very least, we see Woodley tackle Kate Winslet — that's good enough for us.

'Ted 2' trailer puts a new twist on marriage equality debate

LOS ANGELES — You may kiss the bear. But first you're going to have to prove in a court of law that he's human.

Disney to debut series starring princess 'inspired by Latin cultures'

Disney Junior is adding a little diversity to its princess lineup — for real this time.

Short film proves 1981 really was 'A Most Violent Year'

LOS ANGELES — A Most Violent Year isn't just the title of a stylish drama coming out this weekend — it's the dark truth about 1981, the year in which the film is set.

Andy Murray's fiancée Kim Sears lets the f-bombs rip

LONDON — Andy Murray isn't afraid of dropping F-bombs during particularly hectic tennis matches, but his fiancée Kim Sears is normally a bit more classy.