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Sundance review: 'Tokyo Idols' paints a creepy picture of J-pop super fans

PARK CITY, Utah — There's a scene in Tokyo Idols where Rio Hiiragi, a pop star trying to make it big, bikes to small provinces as a publicity stunt to meet her fans.

Celebrities share the empowering reasons they're marching for women today

Women are banding together to lead a  powerful march for equality, respect and peace in Washington, D.C.

Here's how the key CS:GO Major teams have performed recently

The ELEAGUE CS:GO Major is upon us, and it is set to be one of the most exciting tournaments to date.

Sundance documentary 'Legion of Brothers' reveals the heroism and horror of war

Immediately after the September 11 attacks, the U.S. government initiated a secret war in Afghanistan.  Fewer than a hundred Special Forces soldiers, building a coalition with the rebels of the Northern Alliance, faced off against the Taliban and the terrorist organization al-Qaeda and succeeded in driving them out of power by the end of the year — with minimal coalition casualties and without conventional, large-scale military operations.  Despite this victory, the U.S.

'House of Cards' dropped its season 5 teaser and it will give you chills

Netflix released a promotional clip for season 5 of its hit political drama House of Cards just ahead of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, stirring powerful fan reactions.

For the strategy vets at Creative Assembly, 'Halo Wars 2' is a fresh challenge

The most exciting thing we know about Halo Wars 2 right now? The Creative Assembly is making it. There are few development teams on the planet with more real-time strategy chops than Creative Assembly.

Who pulled the bigger crowd: Trump or Obama?

President Donald Trump is all about big crowds, especially when they are gathering for him. There is no doubt the new president would have been thrilled on Friday as hundreds of thousands of people poured into the National Mall in Washington D.C.

This 'Overwatch' player basically stole Junkrat's identity

It's not very often that someone using Overwatch's voice chat turns out to be helpful and entertaining.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are finally an official couple

On a day that has not been wonderful for many, the LGBTQ+ community just scored one minor win.  Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have officially joined a small – but important – group of queer superheroes in on-panel relationships, per The Advocate.

Donald Trump won't let go of his supposed Tom Brady bromance

Donald Trump just became the most powerful man in America. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on the cusp of his seventh Super Bowl appearance and third NFL MVP award.

It's Aaron Rodgers' NFL and everyone else is just playing in it

Perhaps you missed that final pass during Sunday's Packers vs. Cowboys playoff game.  Rodgers rolls left, eludes a deluge of defenders, buys all the time in the world — as he often does — and then hits a streaking Jared Cook running across the field, all with just seconds on the clock.

'Overwatch' players give touching tribute to friend who passed away

Willem Den Toom, Overwatch player and contributor at Too Much Gaming, passed away Jan. 15 and his friends paid tribute to him in one of his favorite games.

Livestream follows 'GTA' characters around San Andreas

A Twitch stream is following Grand Theft Auto V NPCs around today as they walk around the streets of San Andreas, crying hysterically.  Watch live video from bwatanabe on The last time we saw the San Andreas Community Cam — created as an art project by Brent Watanabe — it was following a deer in a slightly modded version of the game.

Amazing football street performer has all the right moves

All sorts of performers congregate around Piccadilly Circus to entertain the throngs of tourists and workday commuters.  SEE ALSO: This street performer dancing to the BBC news jingle is simply glorious This talented football trickster stood out amongst the crowd.

The internet can't get enough of this insane 'Super Mario Maker' level

An insanely difficult Super Mario Maker level has been making the rounds on the internet, and it's one of the most stressful 60 seconds of Mario imaginable.

Jaden Smith kicks off 'He Will Not Divide Us' performance art for the Trump presidency

Every resistance needs a good mantra. As Donald Trump takes office, Jaden Smith claimed a temporary space in Queens, NY, where he began repeating the words "He will not divide us" and invited anyone else to join him.

Abbi and Ilana prepare for the Inauguration Day worst in perfect 'Broad City' webisode

The latest episode of "Hack into Broad City" opens with Abbi and Ilana separated and terrified for their lives.

The biggest rivalry in 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' history

In one corner: Joseph "Mango" Marquez, the West Coast's greatest Super Smash Bros. Melee player, winner of the first Genesis tournament, recent winner of The Big House 6, an American hero and a certified Melee God.

NBC's 'Powerless' is the superhero comedy you've been waiting for

In a world full of superheroes, it's easily to feel powerless — which is precisely the premise for NBC's new superhero comedy.  Powerless stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, Ron Funches and Christina Kirk as employees of Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Industries (yes, Wayne as in Bruce, aka Batman) which develops products that are designed to keep regular joes safe when supervillains attack.  Hudgens stars as Emily, the optimistic new Director of Research and Development for Wayne Security.

Nope, 'Cursed Child' is not being made into a film trilogy

LONDON — On Friday, rumours of a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film adaptation began to circulate among the press.