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Can humans and robots work side by side in harmony?

Back in 1961 when the workers at the General Motors factory Ewing Township walked into the workplace and came face to face with a robotic arm that had been installed, little did they know that what they were looking at would be the future for workplaces and would become the norm.

10 Super Extreme Ads On Buildings

After seeing the Most Bizarre Buildings In The World it’s time we check out how buildings can be creatively used in advertising.

New Jaguar XF’s unbelievable world record high-wire crossing

Jaguar have pulled off quite the publicity stunt demonstrating the new XF’s balance, agility and light weight by performing a world record high-wire water crossing across Canary Wharf, London.

World’s most valuable guitar from Gibson and Coronet

The Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show isn’t where you would typically associate seeing a Gibson guitar; that is unless it’s the world most valuable guitar valued at US$2 million and it comes detailed in diamonds.

World’s smallest working power drill created with 3D printer

The world’s smallest working power drill has been created by a man in New Zealand but don’t expect the drill to make a hole in anything other than a layer of skin or tissue paper.

Internet Explorer brand being killed off by Microsoft

Microsoft has been dropping hints that they are going to kill off the Internet Explorer brand with its successor that currently goes by the codename of Project Spartan.

23 hammers to extend your toolbox

The hammer is one of the oldest tools ever used by mankind and is still part of any standard toolbox.

Beautification Robot That Will Do Your Makeup For You

Spending hours in front of a mirror doing your makeup could soon be a thing of the past. You know those crazy robots people create to do anything that us humans are too lazy to do on our own?

14 devices to help make your home smart

As technology develops, quality of life increases. The automation of mundane tasks and the ease of performing others allows more time for leisure.

Hybrid power helps drones fly longer

Drones have come into their own in the last couple of years and now instead of being just a plaything they are being used for many purposes including deliveries – DHL, Google and Amazon have all been working on their own versions of drones to deliver packages right to the doorstep of the customer.

NASA Developed Plane Flies On 18 Electric Motors

A unique experimental demonstrator at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center on February 26 is looking to change the future of electric motor aircraft. NASA presented an electric airplane model, called LEAPTech, developed in partnership with two private airlines, Empirical Systems Aerospace (ESAero) in Pismo Beach and Joby Aviation in Santa Cruz.

Ringtool multi-tool is simple yet hugely useful

The Ringtool by Brooklyn based Reductivist is a simple yet genius multi-tool device that was designed for cyclists but its uses extend far beyond bike maintenance.

Weapon of Mass Instruction Is A Drivable Library

The Argentinian designer Raul Lemesoff found an unusual and innovative way to lower illiteracy rates in the country.

Biggest automated freezer in the world almost complete

If you live in the region of Richland in North America you might be wondering what the huge thing is that is being built to the north of the city.

Anti-smelly wearable device technology patented by Google

Google is well-known when it comes to the search engine and its technology endeavors, including wearables, phones and head mounted cameras.

Awesome shotgun cutaway shows inner workings perfectly

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a shotgun looks like? Not many of us have one lying around to take apart and have a proper look but Larry Potterfield, the CEO of Midway USA, has made a video using a shotgun cutaway that demonstrates the inner workings perfectly.

In Germany, the walls urinate back on you

Public urination can be a nuisance to those living within the society, the main problem of course being the wretched smell that lingers at the spot.

17-Year-Old’s Device Purifies Water And Generates Energy

Creative inventions that could help improve life quality in a renewable and sustainable way are not only attractive but intriguing, especially when coming from bright young minds.

Finger mounted device turns any book into an audio book

Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory have shown off a prototype of a finger mounted device that can turn any book into an audio book.

City Of Science concept brings sustainability to Rome

Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a concept of the City Of Science which is his vision for the future of Rome.