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New App Lets Your Kids Become Astronauts

For just $3, your child can have the entire universe at her fingertips with Cosmolander. The Cosmolander app, available on Android and iPhone, can inspire the young and the young-at-heart, as well as educate users on our solar system.

See How Painkillers Work in Your Brain and Body

Have a headache? Down a painkiller. Back ache? Pop an aspirin. Shoulder hurting you? Take an Advil. These instances happen daily as we thank our painkiller of choice for literally killing our aches.

Colorful New Maps Capture the Veins of America

A beautiful new map surfaced online detailing the interwoven rivers and streams throughout the United States.

16-Year-Old Goalkeeper Woke Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

High school goalkeeper Reuben Nsemoh got kicked in the head while playing soccer. He stayed in the coma and woke up speaking fluent Spanish – a language he’d never spoken before.

Archaeologist Discover Ancient Battle Site of Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists dug up the remains of an ancient tower of Jerusalem, frozen in time before the Roman army bombarded its walls.

The Most Popular Modern-Day Scams and How to Protect Yourself

It seems like scammers compromise more and more accounts each day. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to not fall victim of a scam.

WaterSeer Collects Drinkable Water From Air Without External Power

Over 2.2 billion people around the world don’t have clean water. Even for the undrinkable and polluted water, they have to walk for kilometers away to stay alive.

Accelerating the Future of Aircraft with Electricity

It seems as though it’s becoming a daily occurrence for companies to launch initiatives to create the greenest technologies.

Linux Bug Could Cause Linux Users to be Hacked in Seconds

[Image Courtesy of Wikimedia] Linux has a new animal to deal with now, and it’s not nearly as cute as its mascot, Tux the penguin.

Winners of 2016 Aga Khan Awards Announced

The legendary Aga Khan Awards in Architecture were just announced in a ceremony in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As one of the most important architecture awards in the world, Aga Khan 2016 recognized six winning projects of this year.

Best YouTube Channels for Coding and Programming

[Image Courtesy of Pixabay] Coding and programming are quickly becoming the most important job skills of the future.

Obama Vows to Send Humans to Mars by 2030

[Image Source: Wikipedia] Even though he’s on his way out, U.S. President Barack Obama vowed to play a vital role to help send people to Mars within the next 15 years.

This Projector Has a Perfect Image on Any Screen

[Image Courtesy of Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory/YouTube] A team of researchers at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Tokyo designed a projector that can make the image work on absolutely any surface.

This Week in Science and Engineering: Oct. 17-23

Welcome to This Week in Science & Engineering, your weekly recap of everything major that happened in the wonderful world of science!

Hyundai Issues Another Recall Following Reports

[Image Courtesy of Hyundai] Next time you’re driving down the highway, check your rear-view mirror. Hyundai recently recalled its midsize cars as the sunroofs seem to be flying into traffic.

Self-Driving Mercedes Will Kill Pedestrian Before Driver

Mercedes-Benz announced its self-driving cars will put driver safety first – even if that means killing a pedestrian.

San Francisco Company Crafts Skunk-Smelling Bike Lock

If bike thieves value their sense of smell, they’ll find another profession. Two San Francisco entrepreneurs created the SkunkLock, a steel U-lock that releases a nauseating and vomit-worthy stench should anyone attempt to cut the lock.

Epic Fail or Brilliance: Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted by scholars

Normally, autocomplete strays far from a user’s intended meanings. However, one scientist used iOS autocomplete to craft a nonsensical academic paper on nuclear physics that has been accepted for a conference.

The Mysteriously Missing Mars Rover

On Thursday evening, scientists with the ExoMars mission anticipated confirmation that their latest rover had a successful touchdown on Mars.

Artist Creates Ocean Treasures from the Sea’s Materials

Debra Bernier creates amazing sculptures using shells, clay, and driftwood collected from the beach. She ascribes meaning to materials that are often overlooked. The Canadian artist retells fairy stories or inspiring, ethereal works in her collection “Shaping Spirit.” [Image source: Debra Bernier-Facebook] “When I work with driftwood, I never start with a blank canvas.