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Cute origami crane drone is flapping its wings around CEATEC

Drone might be fast, useful, fun.. but cute definitely was never a way to describe them; that is, until now.

UK startup company wants to use drones to plant 1 billion trees

A UK startup company called BioCarbon Engineering has a very ambitious plan: to contribute to the reforestation of the planet by making use of drone technology.

Photos of China’s latest glass bottom bridge will make you queazy

Disclaimer: even those who don’t suffer from vertigo will take a hit by some of these visuals. Central China’s recently released another high altitude glass bottom bridge to tourists and is the longest glass suspension bridge to date.

Moonspike is a crowdfunding project that plans to take your photos to the moon!

You’ve probably seen dozens of crazy campaigns on Kickstarter, some of which we have shared here with you like a wizard wand or a Bluetooth speaker that sets your music on fire. This one, however, stands out for being the first crowdfunding campaign that aims to launch a rocket into space.

Australian company attempting to commercialise potential breakthrough solar technology

Calcium titanate, otherwise known as perovskite [Image source: Edumol Molecular Visualisations, Flickr] An Australian manufacturing company has embarked on an attempt to commercialise a new solar cell that is potentially cheaper and more efficient than current solar cells.

The foldable Gi Flybike is everything we wanted from an E-Bike

Bike lovers rejoice! As the folding electric smart bike of the future is here. Lightweight and minimalistic, the Gi FlyBike folds up in just one second.

The art of bending NEON

The concept of neon is already an incredible feat, considering what you are witnessing; which is electricity ionizing a combination of gases (including Neon) in a closed tube to expel a phosphorescent light.

Animated video of Pluto’s Moon, Charon created from NASA’s images

This year has been hot for exploratory endeavors. We have found flowing water on Mars,  a GIANT black hole that literally laughs at the sun, and received some visual insight on the moons orbiting the furthest (dwarf) planet in our solar system.

Inevitable and Vital Role of Engineering in Search for New Sustainable Civilization

What is engineering? Engineering is the practical application of science and math to solve problems, and it is everywhere in the world around you.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo turns video game into stunning reality

The first automobiles to be called Bugatti came under the Automobiles Ettore Bugatti emblem, made by their namesake, starting back in 1909.

Robotic arm creates art from eye movement

We are so used to the natural movements of our bodies that we often forget to think about what life is like for those people who have physical limitations to these same movements.

Disney wants to turn coloring books into 3D characters with augmented reality

Children nowadays are far more tech savvy then most of us will ever learn how to be, and their minds are constantly  stimulated by their electronic games.

Google shows off prototype of its first self-driving car

[Image source:] Google’s prototype of their very first self-driving car, is not impressive at first sight.

Nameless Paints seek to reshape how children learn and think

The latest innovation in children’s creative studies was originated by a culture that is constantly challenging itself to rethink standards in branding and push boundaries in design.

BAIC opens its first electric vehicle (EV) research and development centre outside China

The BAIC EV150 (Pic: BAIC) Chinese company Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co (BJEV), part of BAIC International Corporation, has opened its first research and development center outside China, the BAIC EV R&D Center in Silicon Valley, California, which opened officially on August 21st.

Polyphonic Playground creates fun in sound frequences

Just when you thought playgrounds where just for fun and games, Studio PSK repurposes the playground atmosphere for an array of sonic amusement.

Ice Crystals melt expelling an incredible light show

No, none of these shots have been photo-shopped or altered and no, you are not tripping on LSD. The incredible video below captures time-lapsed footage of ice crystals as they begin to melt.

British architect transforms public bathroom into a beautiful home

The British architect Laura Clark made a grand renovation on a property by transforming an abandoned public restroom into an incredible private home.

Treatments for malaria and parasitic diseases take the Nobel Prize in Medicine

The Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology 2015 was awarded today to scientists William C. Campbell (Ireland) and Satoshi Omura (Japan) for creating a new treatment to combat diseases caused by roundworm parasites and to Youyou Tu (Chinese) for developing a new treatment for malaria. The first two winners will share half of the 8 million Swedish Krona prize (US$ 963,000), while Tu will get the other half.

Check out +8,000 photos taken by astronauts in NASA missions to the moon

We have seen images of NASA’s Apollo missions before, but we have definitely NEVER seen anything like this.