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DeB, the world’s first device browser

In 1990 the web browser was invented and changed the world by enabling us to interact with the many web sites connected to the World Wide Web.

Click Your Heels To Escape Bad Situations With “Dorothy”

Remember the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy clicks her heels three times, repeating “There’s no place like home”?

10 unusual and unique places to stay in the UK

There are many stunning regions to visit and spend a night or two in the UK and there are many options for accommodation.

Electricity grows on trees in Israel thanks to the eTree

The old saying that money doesn’t grow on trees is unfortunately correct but when it comes to electricity growing on trees a company from Israel decided to make it reality.

Amazing Kinetic Sculptures by Bob Potts will mesmerize you

Bob Potts has had quite a mixed path of life; being in the Navy, working as a carpenter’s apprentice, subcontracting for various artists, toured as with a professional string band (with fiddle in hand), and even building experimental racecars.

House of wax is latest art installation of Alex Chinneck, hurry before it melts

If you want to see the latest art installation in London from Alex Chinneck then you better not hang around.

Space saving apartment gives a lot from a little

If you don’t have a lot of space then you have to make the most of what you have. An apartment in Paris offers little by way of space, but thanks to innovative design and planning it actually does offer quite a lot.

Google Nanobots Go Inside Your Body To Detect Cancer And Other Diseases

Google recently announced an innovative technology project on preventive medicine. The company plans to release a pill that, when swallowed, will release nano-particles capable of detecting diseases through the blood such as cancer and heart disease.

AeroMobil 3.0 flying car is the most advanced prototype yet

With the recent announcement of a real working hoverboard, the AeroMobil 3.0 flying car also looks to bring us into the science fiction dream so many have waited for.

The amphibious floating house that stands up to flooding

Anyone who lives near areas that are prone to flooding live in fear when the rain starts to come down day after day and the river starts to rise.

Check out the Batman-worthy Vapour GT

A sneak preview of the new Batmobile design for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has recently been revealed, but just as worthy of being the designated ride for the Dark Knight is this Vapour GT supercar design from Swedish design firm Gray Design.They say that it is much more than just a vapourware concept as they are going to sell it as a custom car.

3-D Printing 101: A quick guide to the world of 3-D Printing.

3-D printing is no longer out of reach for the home user. With the technology maturing, prices are beginning to come down from their atmospheric highs and into the range of the everyday user.

“Default” Tap Encourages Water Saving Habbits

We all know very well about the need of sustainable consumption of water. There are many different ways we can be more conscious about the environment, one of the easiest being how we use water in our own homes everyday.

Apple 1 computer fetches US$905,000 at Bonhams

An Apple 1 computer was recently put up for auction at Bonhams auction house and it stole the show to become the most expensive Apple computer to have ever been sold with the hammer being struck at US$905,000.

Researchers announce a battery that can charge in 2 minutes

Research scientists have announced a battery that is able to charge to around 70% of its capacity in just two minutes.

Amazon to take on Roku and Chromecast with $39 Fire TV Stick

Chromecast is Amazon’s top selling electronic device right now and so it’s no surprise that they’re attempting to take over some of the market share.

Epic Mystical Bridges Around the World

Who knew bridges could be so admirable and inspiring? Most of these architectural structures are just basic paths we go through every day without giving much attention to, but there are absolutely stunning bridges to be found around the globe.

Total opposites: Tallest Skyscraper to unique groundscraper

Typically designers and architects design new constructions to be the tallest, such as the tallest skyscraper in the world, which is what architects and designers in Azerbaijan are planning.

Ford cars of the future will automatically brake for pedestrians

Ford has revealed what they are calling a pre-collision assist technology, a system that will use data from radar along with cameras to detect pedestrians and then put the brakes on automatically in an attempt to avoid the incident or at least reduce its severity.

Man suffering from cancer gets new upper jaw thanks to 3D printing

3D printing is getting more popular than ever as we have heard about chocolate, homes, cars and musical instruments being printed out.