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This Hexacopter Build Video will Make You Want to DIY Your Own Drown

YouTuber Constructed shows off his latest multirotor build in this inspiring video. The DIY enthusiast pours hours (and money) into the impressive machine.

Facebook Working on 'Harry Potter' Inspired Moving Profile Pictures

Facebook have teamed up with Tel-Aviv University to develop software that can turn your still image into an expressive video.

These Life-Saving Shelters are Made From Thousands of Plastic Bottles

An Amsterdam-based company is making temporary structures that can be adapted to a myriad of uses in poor communities susceptible to flooding.

If You Want To Keep Your Online Privacy, This Is The VPN You Should Use

VPN Unlimited has been rated one of PC Mag's top VPNs for good reason.

This Drone Attempted to Help with Thanksgiving Dinner and Failed Miserably

Autel Robotics put their X-Star Premium to the test getting it to help prepare a tasty Thanksgiving Dinner.

How Artificial Intelligence is Saving Veterans' Lives Despite AI Controversy

The wide proliferation of Artificial Intelligence has led to a new problem: autonomous weapons that can attack on targets without human intervention.

50 WWII Aircraft Units Were Just Unearthed in Turkey

The Focke-Wulf 190 was one of the greatest fighters of WW2. Could there be 50 or so buried in Turkey?

This Jogging Stroller Lets You Take Your Kid on Your Fitness Adventure

The kidRunner is a pram with a difference. Designed to strap on to your waist as you run, you'll never have an excuse not to fit in a jog.

This GoPro Got Swallowed by Lava and Survived

Environmental exploration guide Erik Storm left his GoPro in the path of some slowly creeping lava and the GoPro continued to record despite the high pressure and heat of the lava.

Elon Musk's Boring Company Cited for Alleged Workplace Violations

The company has since said they're working on remedying the violations but also called them "general" and "non-serious."

10 Worst Shark Tank Ideas and Pitches of All Time

Let’s recall some of the most horrible ideas pitched ever on Shark Tank!

Tinajin's New Public Library Looks Like a Moving Sci-Fi Cave

MVRDV and TUPDI architects have designed and built this stunning library in record time. The luminous structure holds more than 1.2 million books.

A Prehistoric, Dinosaur-Era Shark Was Found off the Coast of Portugal

A rare frilled shark was caught off the coast of Portugal recently. The deep sea creature continues to mystify scientists.

Nuclear Clouds Over Europe Declared Safe by French Nuclear Safety Institute

A French institute for nuclear safety declared the recent clouds of nuclear radiation over Europe safe.

New NASA Tool Tells You Exactly Which Melting Glaciers are Your Biggest Threats

NASA's JPL developed a tool that shows coastal residents how distant glaciers from Greenland and Antarctica can impact local sea levels.

A Mystery Aircraft Seen Over Oregon Still Has No Explanation

Seen last October, the craft was white and flying above 30,000 feet in the air next to numerous airliners whose pilots, reported the sighting.

Devel Just Debuted a Prototype of the Insane 5,000-HP Devel Sixteen

Though it has yet to hit the road, the tests of the supercar's massive engine have proven to be shocking.

This Revolving Lens Kit Will Upgrade Your Smartphone's Camera

Three high-quality lenses, an adjustable LED, and a selfie mirror all on one device.

Tesla Reveals the Roadster, a 'Hardcore Smackdown to Gasoline Cars'

Tesla has announced it will make the fastest production car ever made, the Tesla Roadster. Production is expected to start in 2020.

Tesla Reveals Largest Supercharger Station in the U.S. Suitable for Semi Trucks

Tesla has revealed its largest Supercharger station in time with the release of their Semi truck. The station has solar panels on its roof and a waiting lounge for drivers.