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Roborace: First-Ever Self-Driving Car Race Finishes With a Crash

A unique addition joined Formula E’s Buenos Aires ePrix: autonomous racers. Two self-driving cars raced in the inaugural Roborace before the ePrix.

Colorful Snapchat Spectacles Can Finally Be Bought Online!

The elusive Snapchat (now Snap) Spectacles have only been on the noses of those lucky enough to spot the colorful vending machines.

5 Ways to Practice Public Speaking Like A Pro

No matter what type of presentation, you may intend to say things one way, but your audience may get something entirely different.

7 Things That Your Science Teachers Probably Lied to You About

Oftentimes teachers oversimplify things to help their students learn. However, sometimes they end up going too far and end up just spreading flat out lies.

It Is Happening! $400K Flying Car Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The Dutch company, PAL-V, is now accepting pre-orders for its PAL-V Liberty, “the first certified commercial flying car ever”.

20 Engineering Blunders You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. Flying Cars [Image Source: Imgur] We’ve been waiting for flying cars for years now, this must be where they’ve been keeping them.

SpaceX Successfully Launches Rocket from NASA’s Historic Moon Pad

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully lifted off on Sunday following an unsuccessful attempt on Saturday.

The Hottest Elements in Engineering in 2017

[Image Source: Pexels with Wikimedia (1), (2), (3), (4)] Engineering is nothing without chemical elements and the materials they make up.

This Insect-Inspired Robot Has People Totally ‘Bugging’

Some insects are already scary enough. Imagine a fleet of insect-inspired robots moving at you. An international team of engineers developed a six-legged robot that moves considerably faster than other robots.

15 Animals That Have Been Successfully Cloned by Scientists

Cloning is to some a glimpse of the future, to others a step too far. There can be no doubt, however, that this technology will have important ramifications for your future, for ill or good no one can yet tell.

Power Company Uses Fire-Spewing Drone to Clean Power Lines

A Chinese power company developed a unique way to clean off power lines. The company, based out of Xiangyang, China, uses a fire drone to throw flames at trash stuck on power lines.

Got 100 Grand to Spend? Which Car Should Engineers Buy?

Most engineers probably can’t afford to buy a 100 thousand dollar car, but we can dream right? If we set this as our budget and look at the market, which cars are the best for engineers?

From Engineers to Entrepreneurs: Why Millennials Must Build a Business ?

Why are millennials encouraged to build a business? Before diving into the question, let us first understand who and what millennials are.

Biomimicry: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Since the dawn of time, humankind has looked to nature for inspiration. From the tragedy of Icarus to modern building designs, biomimicry probably shouldn’t be thought of as a new concept.

Will We Ever Have a Supersonic Commercial Jet Again?

Ever since the final flight of the Concorde in 2003 due to skyrocketing costs, supersonic flight has only been available to the top military pilots.

Top 5 Best 3D Printers You Can Buy Right Now

[Image Source: Composite of Amazon Images Below] The 3D printer market can be hard to navigate. Do you want something cheap and small or would you like to sell your used Acura to purchase a desktop printer?

Geologists May Have Discovered a New Continent Called ‘Zealandia’

How many continents are there on Earth? Seven right? Well, actually it is, but only for geologists or is it now five?

Google CEO Responds to 7-Year-Old’s Letter Asking for a Job

Plenty of kids write letters or send messages to their heroes daily. However, few expect such interesting replies, if they even receive a reply at all.

This Tiny Ingestible Health Tracker Is Powered by Stomach Acids

Researchers from MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have designed and built a small voltaic cell which is sustained by stomach acid.

Engineering Team Seeks to Help Solve the Growing Refugee Crisis

The growing refugee crisis around the world has become not only a humanitarian crisis but an engineering one as well.