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U.S. Regulators Warn that Samsung Washing Machines May Explode

[Image Source: Samsung] Samsung sure does know how to make things explode. Regulators are now warning consumers that Samsung top load washing machines have the potential to explode.

The Design and Construction History of the Kremlin Stars

The Moscow Kremlin, is a huge fortified complex, which includes five palaces, four cathedrals and has been the center and official residence of the Russian Empire.

Listen to the Recently Restored ‘First Record of Computer Generated Music’

Researchers recently restored the first recorded electronic music, on a computer produced by Alan Turing, who was a genius pioneer, mathematician, cryptanalyst, logician and theoretical biologist as well and famous for breaking the Enigma Code.

Canada to Charge Provinces Based on Carbon Emissions

[Image Source: Wikipedia] Canada recently announced that by the end of October any of the provinces who do not adequately address carbon emissions will be faced with a carbon tax.

14 Trucks Work in Unison to Make a Giant Clock

14 Scania trucks recently demonstrated their precision and the test of time through a campaign in which turned all the trucks into one giant clock.

Scientists Confirm that Intelligence Comes from Your Mother

According to researchers, intelligence depends on a mother’s X chromosome, where the intelligence genes are located.

Talented Girl Drew Amazing Game of Thrones Map for her Brother

Lena is a skilled young girl who likes handy art crafts and DIY ideas. She is also a great sister, who drew an amazing Game of Thrones map as a gift to her brother.

Grandpa Built a Three-floor Dream Treehouse for his Grandkids!

Some grandfathers are incredibly awesome, and Jay Hewitt is absolutely one of them. He built a 40-foot-tall three-floor treehouse, which features a loft for sleepovers and a room for family meetings either.

Pamukkale: Amazing and Poetic Geological Wonder in Turkey

If we are talking about natural beauty, the Pamukkale is one of the most epic wonders. With its fluffy cotton pools and geologic heritage, it is beautiful from all angles.

Ride the Most Extreme Simulator Ever Aboard the High-Speed CableRobot

[Image Source: Fraunhofer] Simulations have made impeccable progress in the last few years, and CableRobot is sure to be the most extreme.

Elon Musk: Are you prepared to die? If that’s okay, then you’re a candidate for Mars

The man Elon Musk needs no introduction. The SpaceX founder is a shining star and inspiration to millions, he is well known for pushing the boundaries with his super-awesome projects.

Mirny: A Giant Diamond Mine that Sucks Helicopters In

Mir Mine, mostly known as Mirny Mine, is one of the larger man-made excavated holes in the world. It is based in the old Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, now Eastern Siberia, and discovered on June 13th, 1955 by Soviet geologists, who were holding an expedition in Yakut ASSR called Amakinsky.

Amadiya: The City of Magicians

Imagine a town, located on the top of the Kurdistan mountains at 1400 meters that has been the home of many civilizations and has an amazing history.

Magical Road Passage Disappears Twice in a Day

There are magical roads in the world, and the Passage du Gois is  really unique and magical in an incomparable way.

Happy 18th Birthday Google! …Or Is It?

[Image Source: Jdxyw] You may have noticed a celebratory flavor to the Google Doodle when you jumped online today.

What Dwells at the Bottom of the Ocean?

[Image Source: Edited/Schmidt Ocean Institute/Deep Sea Challenger] The oceans are immense, covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, accounting for 362 million square kilometers.

Construction Crew Discovers 10m Long Snake

[Image Source: YouTube] A recent video of a massive anaconda reveals what could be the largest snake ever recorded in history.

Bike Company Eliminates Shipping Damage by Printing TV on Box

When a custom bike company had problems with safely shipping their goods, they came up with a creative solution keep everything safe.

Wireless Power Allows this Drone to Fly Forever

Drones are advancements of the 21st century, but their flight time is hindered by battery life and weight.

The World’s Shortest International Flight Takes only 8 Minutes

The world’s shortest international flight is set to begin in November, and the trek will only take passengers 8 minutes.