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NASA just sent a wrench to the ISS… by email!

Barry Wilmore, International Space Station (ISS) Commander, recently needed a wrench that they didn’t have at hand on-board the ISS… so NASA emailed him one.

The SpaceLife Jacket for budding NASA moon walkers

The majority of us will never make the cut to be among the NASA astronauts who are chosen to walk on the moon but you can at least get a feel of what it’s like wearing a jacket worn by astronauts.

Amsterdam Light Festival visitors treated to ghost ship visuals

Visitors attending the Amsterdam Light Festival have been treated to some spooky goings on with an appearance from a ghost ship.

The Wireless Speaker Water Bottle

You probably guessed from the title that this is a water bottle with a wireless speaker on it – and you’d be right.

Top 10 Worst Disasters in Engineering

#10. Tacoma Washington Bridge Disaster The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of mile-long (1600 meter) suspension bridges with main spans of 2800 feet (850 m).

Derby the dog can lead normal life thanks to 3D printed legs

3D printing has been used for many things but there is no better use for the technology than when put to use to help mankind, or in this case animal kind.

The Alpine Rock cabin blends in with the landscape

There seems to be a trend going on for small houses lately and this one set in the Swiss Alps completely blends in with its environment (No, it’s not too small to see).

The 10 Greatest Feats of Engineering 2014

2014 has been a great year for engineering with many enormous milestones and achievements seeing succession and the near future already filled with exciting promises.

10 things that you won’t find in your Christmas stocking

Unless you are among those lucky enough not to have to ask the price of things when Christmas shopping, here are 10 things that you are not going to find in your stocking this year; either because they don’t fit, or probably just because you can’t afford them.

The X PlusOne drone can hover and fly 100kmh

Google’s Project Wing has been working on a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) drone that can deliver parcels that also switches to fixed wing for flight.

Pyro lets you shoot fireballs from your wrist and they’re taking orders for $174

The new Pyro Fireshooter by Ellusionist is a discreet device worn like a watch that lets the wearer shoot fireballs from their wrist at the push of a button.

The End of Sitting shows a new angle on office furniture

The End of Sitting shows off a new angle on office furniture and comes from visual artist Barbara Visser and Dutch firm RAAAF.

Sony announce module that turns any eyewear into Google Glass rival

Sony has announced that it is developing a module that can be clipped onto any pair of normal glasses and turn them into a Google Glass rival.

Scientists create visible and touchable 3D shapes in mid air with ultrasound

You may know of haptic feedback from your smartphone, press the touch sensitive buttons and you get a little vibrational feedback to let you know you’ve touched it.

How to Build the World’s Simplest Electric Train

The AmazingScience channel on YouTube has recently released a video of what they call the “World’s Simplest Electric Train” that is made up of just a battery, some magnets and a copper wire coil.

Chris New’s GIFs are simply stunning. Check them out here.

Chris New is a photographer/cinematographer/director who was born in Georgia but is now based in Brooklyn producing work for a digital branding firm in Manhattan.

Jaguar working on ghost navigation and transparent roof supports

Earlier on in the year Jaguar showed off their transparent bonnet concept and since, they have been loooking into making other parts of their car transparent.

New Aerial firefighter guzzles down water

When forest fires are raging it is essential to get a huge amount of water to the source of the fire as fast as possible.

Watch sulphuric acid destroy a sponge in slow motion

Sulphuric acid is certainly a liquid you don’t want to carelessly play around with. For those who don’t know,  is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid with the molecular formula H2SO4 that is corrosive to other materials including metal, living tissue or even stones.

Ping Pong Traffic Light Game Officially Installed in Germany

You may remember a video back in 2012 that featured some modified traffic lights that let those waiting for the green man to pass time playing pong with someone on the other side of the road.