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Carbon Engineering Aims To Reduce Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere

[Source: Carbon Engineering] With carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rising, the world looks for a solution other than increasing the time it takes to get to work, the grocery store or the next family vacation.

Samsung design a monitor to wirelessly charge smartphones

Smartphone owners have made use of wireless charging for many years; however the technology has needed a special charging pad.

New storage chip from Intel is 1,000 times quicker than flash

Intel has come up with a new storage chip and they say that it is tougher and faster than what any of the competition has to offer and it is in production.

Naturally Occurring Nuclear Reactor found in Oklo Africa

While Americans pride themselves on being able to unlock the secrets of the atom for military purposes as well as sustainable energy, it seems that the mother nature is still able to solve even the most complex problems well before us.

Turkish firm boss shared $27 million with his employees after selling company

The leading Turkish firm in online food ordering,, was bought by Berlin’s billion-dollar takeout food service Delivery Hero last May in a $589 million transaction.

BauBax travel jacket makes crowdfunding history

Introduced as the Swiss Army knife of travel gear, the Baubax jacket started a crowdfunding campaign with a US$20,000 goal, and has managed to raise over US$2.8 million in only 3 weeks.

World’s most powerful rocket comes closer to lifting off

The Space Launch System of NASA has taken a step closer to becoming certified for lift off with a manned spaceflight as it has passed its critical design review.

Faraday Future electric concept car has futuristic design

A tech start-up company based in California by the name of Faraday Future designed a concept for an electric car that has a futuristic design.

A look at the new super-thin Solar Paper Charger

Have you ever run out of battery life at the worst possible moment? Or perhaps you have a power bank that just run out and you wished that only if it could have lasted a little longer.

20 Temporary Swimming Pools To Cool Off Your Summer

One of the best ways to enjoy warm summer days is by chilling in the water, and swimming pools are a great and easy way to do so. Unfortunately, not everyone has a permanent swimming pool at home.

The Watch Spider is made from parts of an old watch

We have seen people make some incredible things from spare things that they have laying around the house but we have never seen a spider made out of old parts from a watch before.

Supercomputer made from old PlayStation consoles

A physicist has taken old PS3 consoles and made them into a supercomputer that offers 3,000 times more power than the typical desktop computer and he is using it so that he can study black holes.

Russia is making a new airship and it does not need a runway

Russia has initiated the design and development of a new airship that can carry up to 200 people at a speed of up to 105 mph.

Build an air conditioner using common household items in 15 minutes

The summer this year is bringing very high temperatures in many different countries and this has made the electricity consumption go through the roof, mainly because of air-conditioning use. How about making an air conditioner yourself with easy-to-find items and without spending much at all?

Vortex Bladeless is a wind generator without blades

Those wind turbines with huge blades used to generate energy might have it’s days counted thanks to a Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless. The company has designed a tower that dispenses the propellers, but is made of the same material, and oscillates in the wind taking advantage of what is commonly known as vorticity to generate electricity.

Australian students build robot that destroys international agility competition

A group of engineering students have built a robot by the name of Pepper that has managed to take five awards at the international agility competition.

Student designs concept airport built above city

We have seen some weird and wonderful airports been built around the world but none is stranger than this recent concept airport from Alex Sutton.

Adidas created a shoe from recycled garbage reclaimed from the ocean

Adidas has partnered up with Parley, an environmental organization that aims to end pollution of the world’s oceans, to create an ecologically-beneficial shoe made almost entirely of recycled plastic waste reclaimed from the ocean. The prototype footwear, made almost completely of plastic and illegal deep-sea gillnets, was presented at the General Assembly for the United Nations in New York.

Stunning concept home built into cliff

There is something about the edge of a cliff that is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Standing over the edge looking down gives you chills in both a good and bad way.

The huge sun mirrors of Rjukan shed light on the town

Rjukan is a small town that is located in Norway and there are many mountains in Norway. As the town is situated at the bottom of a rather deep valley at the bottom of the Gaustatoppen Mountain it means that for around 6 months out of the year the town is put in the shade.