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6 Sane and Silly Things People Do With Old Boats

Boats are engineered to weather it all, but after too many years of wear and tear on the water (or more likely, in the driveway), many boats aren’t worth the expense and hassle of upkeep.

5 Big Design and Decorating Ideas for Your Tiny Home

The tiny home trend continues to gain steam as more and more people opt for a simpler, smaller, and more affordable lifestyle — something that’s definitely at odds with our collective recent history.

MIT Engineers Develop Structural Vibration Visualization Method

The vibrations emitted by buildings and rigid materials are invisible to the naked eye but may indicate instability or structural damage depending on how often they happen. Detecting this problem usually requires very specific equipment that can be quite expensive.

High tech RV inspired by 4 year old

The Kirivan happens to be one of the most high tech mobile homes ever to be designed and it was designed from inspiration of the designer Bran Ferrens young daughter.

The X-Easy is a combined yacht and beach house concept

If you have quite a few spare millions hanging around and you are debating on whether to spend them on a beach house is a tropical location or a yacht so that you can tour exotic places you might want to look at the X-Easy concept.

The Signify bathroom sink mixer tells you how much water you use

CAN YOU INSERT THIS VIDEO PLEASE WALLY ( The Signify is a smart bathroom sink mixer that is in the working prototype stage at the moment and designed by Anthony Weston.

4 Classic Dodge Models We Still Love Today

Dodge is a car brand that is almost synonymous with American pride. Dodge has a long history of superior parts and powerful design, and even as the brand has grown and changed through decades of auto industry turmoil, it has continued to produce high-quality vehicles beloved by drivers everywhere.

The Offbits robot builder kit from spare parts

Robots are cool and who doesn’t fancy building their very own robot? With the Offbits robot builder kit you can do just this if the Kickstarter project goes to plan.

Swimmo is the personal swimming coach smart watch

Swimming is one of the best ways of keeping fit but keeping track of the number of laps you have swam during a training session can be difficult.

MIT Creates Solar-Powered Water Desalination System

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in partnership with the Indian company Jain Irrigation Systems have created a method that turns sea water into drinking water. Their new method earned them the Desal Prize and US$140,000 in a USAID competition. The goal was to create a sustainable and inexpensive desalination system to provide clean water to rural communities in developing countries.

Researchers Send Message Using Vodka as a Medium

Researchers at the University of York used vodka to transmit a chemical message from across the room using vodka, a desk fan and some sensors.

Sylvain Viau turns ordinary cars into hover cars

French designer Sylvain Viau has taken photos of ordinary cars and edited them so that they take on the appearance of hover cars from the future.

Top 10 headphone choices for 2015

If you love listening to music then choosing the right headphones offering the best sound is essential.

Audi have made e diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and water

Yeah that title almost sounds too good to be true huh? But we’re not joking; Audi are reporting that they have invented a carbon-neutral diesel fuel made solely from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources.

Top 10 Most Frightening Airport Runways

Everyone says that airplanes are the safest means of transportation. However, no matter how safe and convenient it is, flying is still scary and challenging to many people. Now imagine if these people were to land at any of the airport runways we are about to show you, where the pilot’s skills are really put to a test.

Honda Jet takes design from women’s shoe

When you think of the name Honda you automatically think of them designing and building motorcycles and cars.

The top 10 most expensive places to land a private jet

Most of us don’t have to worry about how much it costs to land a private jet at your chosen airport as we take commercial flights.

HemoLink sampling device could put an end to needles for blood testing

At the mere mention of having to have a blood test some people feel faint. This is due to the fact that they cannot stand the sight of needles.

Oomi home system makes your home smarter without a smartphone

There are many smart home systems already on the market that you wouldn’t think there would room for a new one.

30 Hilarious And Bizarre Engineering Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, right? But learning from other people’s mistakes is what makes a good worker stand out.