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Rock Out in the new line of Converse with a Built in Wah Pedal

To many people’s surprise, the oldest, most popular, and overall best selling basketball shoe of all time is not owed out to Air Jordan’s or Nike, nor Reebok, New Balance, or Adidas.

THE SHAMAN: An 8WD All-Terrain Behemoth

[Image Source: Avtoros] Engineering is about creating devices that are more efficient, practical, and safer to use.

SanDisk: Get Extra Storage for your iPhone

The iPhone-Android debate is one that has been ongoing for years, with users bitter-battering about technological downfalls of the counterpart.

Filming Car Commercials Won’t Require the Car in the Future

Car commercials typically take forever to shoot to get the perfect angles and lighting, but that may soon be a thing of the past.

Scientists Test Out Cockroach Trap by Using a Sumo Wrestler

Traps for bugs and pests have changed a lot in recent years, and modern chemical engineering has brought some pretty innovative and effective traps to the market.

Meet The Solar-Powered Sea Slug That’s Half Animal, Half Plant

When we think of animals and plants, we have a pretty good way of dividing them into two distinct groups: one converts sunlight into energy and the other has to eat food to make its energy.

Exoskin: The Pneumatically Powered Changing Interface

Exoskin is one of the world’s leading programmable material that gives life to inert materials in everyday objects.

You Can Have Your Own Personal IoT With MESH

IoT is a buzzword that you can’t really escape from in the present day. If you’ve heard the word, but still aren’t sure what IoT means here’s a short definition from the MESH website: “IoT is an abbreviation for the ‘Internet of Things’.

First Ever Ocean Plastic Cleanup Device Being Tested This Week

[Image Source: Ocean Cleanup] Modern oceans have become polluted with millions of tons of plastic, killing wildlife and harming the environment.

Interesting Facts About the Man Who Broke the Enigma – Alan Turing

[Image Source: Wikimedia] Alan Turing is the father of modern computer science and cryptology, and his rolls in WWII have immortalized him into history.

Boston Dynamics New Mini Dog Robot is a Little Too Lifelike

Boston Dynamics has been at the cutting edge of robotics for some time now, and their new robot called SpotMini takes everything to the next level.

Engineer Creates Palm-mounted Ice Man Liquid Nitrogen Gun

Colin Furze has done it again, and this time, he has joined the X-Men by turning himself into a real-life Ice Man.

U.S. Presidents are Much More Likely to be Left Handed

Are you right or left handed? Only about 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, although it varies slightly by geographic region.

Engineers Build World’s Biggest Nerf Gun Shooting Darts Over 40 MPH

Nerf guns are one of the most fun toys out there, whether you are playing target practice or having a battle with your friends.

Can You Solve this Math Question for 10-year-olds?

It seems as though the internet is going crazy over a tricky puzzle again, and this one isn’t as easy as you may think.

Tiny Device Helps You Remember Where You Parked!

[Image Source: PARTO] If you are like the rest of us, then you can probably relate to losing your car in a sea of concrete, and having no idea where to even begin to find it.

Revolution in the Pythagoras’ theorem?

The Pythagoras’ theorem has changed. Better yet, our understanding of it has changed from two dimensions to three dimensions.

Intelligent Robot Escapes From Lab Again, Researchers Might Scrap It

According to The Mirror, A robot named Promobot IR77 has escaped from a Russian lab for a second time and researchers are considering scrapping the program on which it’s based.

Understanding the Insane Supercomputer Behind F1 Cars

If you thought you made a lot of decisions throughout your day, be prepared to think again. F1 racecars require top of the line equipment to win each race, and the ECU supercomputer behind Honda’s F1 race car is no different.

The Fascinating Engineering of the Olympic Class Ships

You probably know about the Titanic, but it was actually just one in a trio of state of the art ocean liners back in the day.