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Gin Wong, Visionary Architect Who Inspired The Jetsons, Dies at Age 94

Influential Los Angeles architect Gin Wong, who is responsible for some of the most iconic buildings built in California in the post-war era, died this month, leaving a rich legacy.

This Incredibly Cool Music Video Features Real-Life Robots As Band Members

Nigel John Stanford taught a bunch of robots how to play musical intruments for his latest music video.

This Tesla-Powered Kit Car Just Ran A 9-Second Quarter Mile

A company in Canada put together a car fitted with Tesla's Ludicrous Mode and took it to the track.

This Shocking Video Shows A Robot Getting Attacked With A Baseball Bat on the Streets of Moscow

The MTI designed robot, AlanTim, has been hit across the head by a baseball bat by an unknown attacker.

Facebook Investor Yuri Milner Predicts Consumer Internet Will Continue to Boom for the Next 20 Years

Tech mogul and investor Yuri Milner spoke at TechCrunch's Disrupt SF conference about the importance in investing in consumer internet.

This Ancient Multi-Bladed Throwing Knife Is Designed to Inflict the Maximum Damage to the Enemy

The History Channel has created a television program that returns ancient weapons, like the kpinga, to the status they deserve.

9 of the Most Interesting Grills You'll Ever See

Burning meat over a fire has been essential for our development and man's ego. There is a wide variety of interesting grills out there and we thought we'd compile a few for comparison.

The U.S. Navy Plans to Use Xbox 360 Controllers for Its Most Advanced Submarines

In an announcement that its classic submarine technology will be replaced with Xbox 360 game controllers, the U.S.

Stanislav Petrov: Unsung Hero Who Helped Avert Nuclear War Dies at 77

Stanislav Petrov’s heroic and unorthodox decision to de-escalate tensions between the US and the Soviet government during the Cold War have earned him an important place in history.

Facebook Experts Are Providing Educational Videos and Blog Posts on Artificial Intelligence

With the development of its blogs and videos presenting Artifical Intelligence, Facebook is hoping to capitalize on the steady momentum it has been gaining in the past few years in AI research and development.

This Body Camera Is Made For Those With Serious FOMO

The FrontRow is a body camera meant to be worn all day, aimed at the social media loving millennial sect.

Scientists Have Found A Fungus That Feasts On Plastic

Researchers in Pakistan discovered a fungus that eats plastic, such a find could mean very good things for the future of our environment.

London's Brand New £14.8 Billion Railway Gets Its Permanent Track

London's Crossrail is a step closer this week after the completion of the permanent track, keeping the project on time for the first trains to run in December 2018.

Scientists Uncover New Information About the Theories Behind Why We Age

The work of scientists in Mainz, Germany published to explain ideas behind why we age is shedding new light on the subject as well as disproving some existing theories.

Light Gets Stored as Sound for the First Time Ever

Australian researchers just brought the world several steps closer to light-based computers. The team needed to slow down the speed of light just long enough to transfer data.

This Flying Car Will Go On A 90-Day Journey Around the Globe

Pal-V will fly their concept vehicle, dubbed 'the Liberty', around the world in 90 days. The journey will start and end in San Francisco.

The Manufacturing of Plywood: 1950s and Now

Plywood is created by a complex process of layering timber veneer with glue. In this video from the Victoria and Albert Museum, two methods of creating plywood are shown.

This Stunning Luxury Cabin Was Built Using Locally Sourced Materials

This stunning dwelling called the “Back Country House” was designed by LTD Architectural. The design studio aims to create buildings that ‘reflect the character of the people who live in them and place in which they live.’

This Honeycomb-Like Structure Can Cool An Entire Building Without Electricity

Created by Ant Studio, these honeycomb-like structures are a nod to ancient cooling techniques.

The 10 Most Expensive Materials on Earth

Here are ten of the world's most expensive materials to date.