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10 creative ways to use kitchen utensils as decor

Do you have old flatware and other kitchen utensils you no longer use, but can’t really let go of? Maybe you can simply find other uses for them.

Samsung starts testing their “see-through” Safety Truck in Argentina

Last year, Samsung introduced the innovative concept of a truck with screens on the back that allows drivers to see the road ahead, reducing accidents on the roads.

Why are all aircraft windows round?

One might wonder why all aircraft windows are round in shape. It is just because it looks good or is there a scientific explanation behind it?

Curtin University team found meteorite older than Earth

The oldest object currently on Earth is a meteor that may be older than the planet itself. This is what was said by Australian researchers from the Desert Fireball Network, an initiative of the German government with the Curtin University, which monitors the skies of the region, looking for meteorites.

Research shows the brains of gamers work differently

A study conducted by the University of Utah in the United States, monitored 186 South Korean boys and showed that the brains of compulsive video game-players differ considerably when compared to the brain of non-gamers.

Elon Musk plans to create a vertically launching electric plane

Elon Musk can be seen as a man ahead of his time. He’s behind some of the most innovative projects of recent years – like Tesla’s electric and autonomous cars and SpaceX’s reusable space rockets.

15 websites that make you smarter

Most of us spend hours online scrolling through numerous web pages and reloading the same social media sites 500 times in a row.

Evaluating the Earthship – an effective sustainable building concept, or not?

Brighton Earthship [Image: Dominic Alves, Flickr] Earthships are green buildings constructed using a variety of recycled materials and which also use natural processes, such as solar energy, rainwater and plants, for the various utilities such as heating, power and water.

What it Takes to Move Mountains

Road construction, mining, tunnels, and product manufacturing may all sound unrelated, but one company does it all.

Artist envisions apocalyptic world after natural disasters

Russian visual artist Evgeny Kazantsev doesn’t have a crystal ball, but he predicted the future of the planet with illustrations that could be considered completely surreal, if it wasn’t for the natural disasters we’ve already experienced so far.

10 weirdest gadgets you would never need

It’s okay when technology is advancing everything around us – the smartphones turn into smartwatches, robotics is accelerating every day with robotic hoovers, kitchens and everything else appearing in our lives.

Anthony Howe’s kinetic sculptures are absolutely hypnotizing

The artist and sculptor Anthony Howe lives and works in a rural area of ​​Eastsound in Washington, surrounded by many trees, wind and other natural elements that inspire his incredible kinetic sculptures.

They say faith can move mountains – Atlas Copco knows it takes more

Atlas Copco has more than 140 years of experience with creating different very successful solutions to move mountains.

This lego-like house can be built in four days with just a screwdriver

A French company, Multipod Studio, has developed a prototype for PopUp house, a special type of house that can be built in a way very similar to the way Lego houses are being built.

Climate change: The false hope of Geoengineering

In February 2015, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) announced that man-made climate change has now advanced so rapidly that options for planetary-scale intervention, in other words ‘geoengineering’, must be considered.

Incredible Bridge Transforms Into a Tunnel

Connecting Denmark and Sweden, the Øresund Bridge is incredibly unique and well engineered. The  combined roadway and rail line bridge runs nearly 8 km where it then transitions into an underwater tunnel for the remaining 4 km.

Largest Solar Farm to be Switched On

In an effort to reduce their reliance on foreign energy and greenhouse gases, Morocco is building the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant.

See How Education Changed This Man’s Life

College education is becoming even more of a necessary attribute to a person’s success in today’s world.

See How Education Changed This Man’s Life

College education is becoming even more of a necessary attribute to a person’s success in today’s world.

15-year-old develops test that detects Alzheimer’s disease 10 years before symptoms appear

Mental confusion, memory loss, aggression and depression. These are not symptoms of age, but of Alzheimer’s disease, which affects about 1% of the world population between the ages of 65 and 70 years old.