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Students create hydroceramic wall that could replace the use of air conditioners

The use of air conditioners have become increasingly more popular in homes, offices, and pretty much everywhere else you go.

Flight MH370: How researchers uncovered what happened

On the 8th of March 2014, the world was sent into a state of shock. A Boeing 777 aircraft carrying 239 people lost communication with air traffic control, never to be found again.

Man killed by robot when working at Volkswagen in Germany

Man killed by robot is a heading that you might have thought would be in a horror film or book about robots taking over the world, but sadly it isn’t, it is real life.

Hadrian bricklaying robot can lay 1,000 bricks in one hour

In today’s world, robotics are moving along at a fast pace and robots are now seen taking over many tasks and jobs that humans used to do.

Air-conditioned clothes designed in Japan to beat heat

We all know and understand the benefits of having air conditioning in the rooms of our homes and offices, but what about air-conditioned clothes?

WWII bomb shelter 100ft below London tubes becomes subterranean farm

Sitting 100 feet below the London tube station in Clapham is a WWII bomb shelter and it has now been turned into a subterranean farm growing mini vegetables, salads and herbs thanks to chef Michel Roux Jnr.

Your childhood was a lie: Claw machines are rigged!

Remember those claw machines filled with plush toys that were very popular in the 90’s? Have you actually managed to ever score a prize?

Harvard’s Lung-on-a-chip wins Design of the Year

Lung-on-a-chip is what they call it – Harvard’s new innovation that won Design of the Year from London’s Design Museum.

Palestinian man designs DIY solar ovens to beat energy cuts in Gaza

One man living in Gaza turned his hand to helping out the community beat the energy shortages as he has designed DIY solar ovens that are affordable.

$2.3 million Vulcan hypercar may be next Aston Martin for Bond

A new vehicle from Aston Martin has been dubbed the Vulcan hypercar and the $2.3 million dollar car could be heading for an appearance in the next James Bond movie.

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run. Find out how!

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run. It also does not run on electricity. It was invented by a Dutch startup company called aQysta and won Europe’s best clean-technology innovation of 2014. It is called the Barsha irrigation pump.

These 3D printed metal faucets seem physically impossible to funtion

3D printers are increasingly being used to create new and innovative designs in everything from cars to home decor that defy the traditional manufacturing techniques.

The Homping Grill makes BBQs smoke free

Everyone loves a BBQ but there is one thing that can be annoying and that is the amount of smoke that plumes from them when lighting the charcoals in the grille.

Flytrex Sky delivers straight out of the box

Amazon are testing out delivery drones but it seems that Flytrex in Israel may be one step ahead as they are testing new delivery drones by the name of FlytexSky.

Lully device prevents night terrors

Is your child’s nightmare not letting you sleep at night? The solution to these sleepless nights might be Lully, a device that claims to stop nightmares.

Clothing is about to get smarter thanks to new conductive ink

We have smart cell phones, smart cars, smart homes, smart watches and soon there could be smart clothing.

Old Lady House turns out to be a masterpiece shipping container modern home

Adam Kalkin has designed a home with the name of the Old Lady House but it is far from being a cosy cottage for a granny.

New low cost graphene production a revolution

Graphene is often called the wonder material, however while it might have its wonders there is no getting away from the fact that it is has chemical vapour deposition that is time consuming and expensive to produce industrially.

This hair dryer art installation will blow your mind

Antoine Terrieux is a juggler and magician who developed an illusionism show based on the use of physics, combining air currents with a precision that only circus artists could manage to achieve.

Blade is world’s first 3D printed supercar and it’s green

With more people taking care of the environment, green cars are becoming more popular and a California company has taken advantage of this fact along with the latest technology and designed Blade, the world’s first 3D printed supercar.