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Sustainable bricks made from plastic bottles

The alarming increase of plastic waste is a constant worry that affects the environment, wildlife and consequently, humans.

How to use the wasted energy to measure and control the light?

We live in an era of smart and environmentally responsible technologies; a trend necessarily becoming central in the lighting control industry.

Researchers find a way to identify gender from fingerprints

Fingerprints are commonly known to be used in popular American TV shows such as Crime Scene Investigation.

Are toxic algal blooms increasing due to climate change?

Algal blooms in the Great Lakes on the Canada-US border [Image source: NASA Earth Observatory, Flickr] The prevalence of toxic algal blooms is increasing all over the world and climate change appears to be one of the causative factors.

From plants to biofuel: An explanation of biomass pre-treatment

Bioethanol plant at Seal Sands, Teeside, UK [Image source: Nick Bramhall, Flickr] Renewable energy from biomass is now a key component of renewable energy development worldwide.

A tornado of fire was captured in Slow Motion

Manipulating fire can be fun, trust us, we know, and it’s even cooler when you can capture it on film or even better slow motion.

Researchers discover location of lost ancient island off the coast of Turkey

We all know the story and studied it in ancient history classes. The legacy of the ancient sea battle, Spartans versus Athenians circa 406 BC.

How some scientists turned plants into electronic circuits

Electronic plants? Really? Merging living things and technology is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Motion sensing lights help you find your way in the dark

If you have ever stubbed your toe in the dark trying to find your way, your cursing has been answered.

Interconnecting camping tents provide enough room for family and friends

Outdoor camping has been increasingly popular with travelers as a cheap alternative to hotels while staying in direct contact with nature. The design of the POD tents, developed by M2C Innovation, allows for a more comfortable camping experience, especially if you decide to take the trip with your family or a group of friends.

Chinese engineers rebuild Sanyuan Bridge in only 43 hours

A Chinese company demonstrated its developments in construction at unbelievable speed to rebuild the great Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing in less than two days.

Atmotube Air Monitor lets you know exactly what you are inhaling

If you live in a big city or any metropolitan area, you have probably ingested your fair share of air toxins, gas emissions, and carbon monoxide, and probably don’t even know it.

Dyson’s new LED lightbulb has a lifespan of 37 years

A hefty amount of energy goes into lighting our homes, workplaces and other public areas. According to United States Energy Information Administration, the number is actually around 15% of all energy generated in the U.S.

Photographer shows what it’s like to live in the coldest town in the world

Located in the heart of Siberia, the village of Oymyakon in Russia is considered the coldest inhabited place on Earth.

New Copenhagen Gate is a cutting-edge bridge unlike anything you have ever seen

Biking over bridges is difficult, while fighting the forces of incline and gravity you are also struggling to avoid pedestrians and other bikers.

“Tail Lights” are not just for just cars anymore

While it may seem like some parts of the world are advancing mobility at unbelievable strides, we forget that other communities are content with more traditional forms of transportation.

Party like it’s still prohibition with this moonshine distiller

Ok, so maybe the fact that it’s legal and you can get booze at pretty much any place around the corner takes away a little of the forbidden enticement.

The Pentagon – Made in China

On first look, this might probably seem like the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, The Pentagon, but there is actually more than meets the eye.

Largest diamond in over 100 years found in Botswana

African miners have just found the largest diamond in over a century. The stone, found in a mine in the central-northern region of Botswana, has over a thousand carats and weights a whopping 7.8 ounces, which is a bit more than 220 grams.

Crop circles are so Passé, check out this massive snow art

[Image Source: The Guardian] There is a lot to say in a footprint – when you are born, the nurse struggles with tiny delicate limbs and ink, jotting them down for identification purposes.