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Check out this crossbow made just out of everyday office supplies

Working in an office can certainly be tiresome and tedious and it may leave you procrastinating and looking for outlets to pass the time and have fun.

Revolutionarily Simple and Eco-Friendly Tower Obtains Water From Air

On a trip to Ethiopia, the Italian architect Arturo Vittori was fascinated by the beautiful natural landscapes of the country but also greatly disturbed to realize that many communities don’t have water, electricity, much less a toilet or a running shower.

Extremely rare 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale is up for auction

Ferrari cars always sell well at auctions and last year a 1967 Ferrari 275 NART Spider went for the record sum of US$27.5 million.

Everyday problems fixed by simple and funny solutions

Sometimes we come across problems in life and they bug us as we wish there was an easy fix. Well some people who have been faced with problems have put on their thinking caps and come up with what are often simple and very funny solutions.

InkCase + provides owners of Android phones with an E Ink display

Los Angeles based Oaxishave have developed a Kickstarter project called the InkCase+ which acts as a second display for Android OS devices.

The ultra-realistic repainted dolls from Noel Cruz

Doll makers of today jump on the bandwagon when it comes to celebrities and pop stars and create a toy doll in their liking.

19-year-old Student Develops an Ocean Cleanup Machine That Could Clean The Oceans in 5 Years

In the past few decades, millions of tons of plastic have entered the oceans, damaging ecosystems and entering food chains.

Could lasers be the technology to save cinemas from recent decline

Although new films still seem to be breaking box office records and reaping in huge sums of money, there’s no denying that more people are turning to watching movies on their tablets, laptops and other devices rather than making the effort to get out into the cinema.

Sunny Jamaica is home to the largest hybrid renewable energy project in the world

Jamaica gets a fair share of sunshine and that sunshine is going to help provide power to what is said to be the largest wind-solar hybrid array in the world.

Vive helps band together friends to avoid social dangers

Most students have things in common; they study and work hard and they like to party hard in their free time.

Top 10 Apps For Savvy Travelers

Planning a trip can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful, not to mention we often end up caving in to paying huge amounts on touristic rip-offs rather than spend all our time researching for the best options around.

US Marines begin testing its Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector prototype

The U.S. marines have created a half-sized prototype of a half-tank, half-boat vehicle that they call the Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC). The vehicle has also begun testing last week during Rim of the Pacific excercises at the Marine Corps Training Area Bellows on Oahu, Hawaii.

The Funnell is a clever waterproof jacket and backpack in one

Everyone knows what a hassle it can be when you have to take a coat and umbrella just in case the weather turns and it decides to rain.

JIBO is the first family friendly robot

JIBO is said to be the first family friendly robot and it looks like a cross between the Apple iMac G4 and the Luxo Jr lamp from Pixar.

Daymak Beast: The on-road off-road solar powered e-bike

Fresh off the success of their Shadow ebike, Canadian based Daymak inc. have just unveiled their new project, the Beast: a solar powered street legal and off-road electric bike.

Bubble wrap offers surprising cheap alternative to test tubes

Bubble wrap is more known for wrapping and protecting lab equipment for delivery but now, the readily available material may have just got itself a lab promotion as researchers from Harvard University have discovered that it can be used as a cheap array of test tubes.

13-Year-Old Designs His own Google Glass

13-year-old Clay Haight just created his own Google Glass. Using an Arduino platform, designed to build electronic prototypes, the boy put together a 3D printed frame, LCD screen and a bit of yarn, creating his own smart pair of smart glasses.

The Rampant could be the most expensive surfboard at $1.3 million

Roy Stuart from New Zealand makes surfboards, and he has unveiled what could be the worlds most expensive surfboard.

The top 25 European Universities

The Centre of World University Rankings have just released their updated list of the top 1000 universities in the world.

Fuut: The under the desk hammock for your feet

There are numerous gadgets and gizmos on the market for the office that sit on the desktop and amuse you.