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Minsu Kim’s Living Food based on synthetic biology

Royal College of Art graduate Minsu Kim has presented a project he calls Living Food where the meals on your plate move and behave like living creatures.

Dolfi is a portable ultrasonic clothes washing device

Germany-based Dolfi launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign earlier this week to raise $100,000 to bring its ultrasonic clothes washing device to the market and has already quickly captured enough attention to nearly double its target with over 3 weeks left.

Designer flexible solar panels for small devices

Solar energy doesn’t have to be boring as the VTT Technical Centre of Finland has found out. They have come up with a way of printing decorative graphics onto flexible organic solar panels.

Corner Packs delivery boxes make opening packages easier

We have all come across the issue of dealing with opening a shipping box. You have to get through all that tape and often staples that keep packages sealed nice and tight.

Top 20 most expensive cars from $115 million auctions

Two auction houses, RM Auctions and Gooding & Company, recently sold a large number of exotic and vintage car in the Arizona auctions to kick start the 2015 collector car season. Overall, Ferrari did extremely well claiming 8 of the 11 slots in the top 10 sale prices (two Ferraris tied for the tenth slot).

Googles Project Ara modular phone landing this year

There was a lot of talk and excitement about Project Ara from Google when it was in concept and now we hear that it is going to become a reality this year.

Modular paper sculptures intricately formed by artist

You will probably be aware of the Japanese art of paper folding, origami, however UK artist Richard Sweeney takes the art a notch further as he creates intricate and delicate 3D modular paper sculptures from a sheet of paper and the results are stunning.

Ponding washbasin looks to lower waste water

Water is a fundamental element for the planet, so much that it earned the name of “Blue Gold”. 70% of the earth is covered by water with about 97% percent of it being salted and from the remaining 3% 2/3 of it make glaciers: So the only drinkable water is just 1%.

Ridersmate alerts friends if you are in an accident

If you like to take off into the unknown on your motorbike, mountain bike or you like to go horse riding, there is always the risk of no one knowing where you are if you were to have an accident.

The Leatherman Tread offers 25 tools in a bracelet

So chances are you don’t carry your toolbox around with you all the time but there are times when having the odd tool at hand might come in very handy.

Samsung’s wearable brainwave reader detects imminent strokes

A group of engineers at Samsung has developed a prototype wearable device dubbed as the Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package (EDSAP) which can warn about impending strokes.

The 10 most expensive watches

Watches can be such an intricate beauty that it’s no surprise they can often come with pretty steep price tags.

This mouse is a fully working PC. Meet the Mouse-Box

The personal computer has seen significant decreases in size over the years. The switch from desktop to laptop was revolutionary and thesedays the majority of people carry around a personal computer in their pocket in the form of smartphone.

Skateboard plus bike equals Sbyke

What do you get if you cross a skateboard and a bicycle? The answer was found recently at the London Toy Fair and it is been dubbed the Sbyke.

Huge underground bike park opening in Kentucky USA

If you are a fan of riding around dirt tracks and hills on a dirt bike then you will wish that you lived in Kentucky in the USA (if you already don’t of course).

Top 10 most comfortable running shoes

There is a lot of science and technology that goes into making a pair of running shoes nowadays. They are designed to ensure that runners are as comfortable as possible while at the same time minimising any injuries due to wearing the incorrect shoes.

HoloLens from Microsoft: A computer for your face

The recent halt in production of Google Glass may be an indicator that the world just isn’t ready for augmented reality.

Top 10 most valuable precious metals

Rarity alone isn’t enough to qualify a metal as precious. It must also be naturally occurring, lustrous and ductile, possess a high melting point and low reactivity and, most important to anyone wishing to wear jewelry made from the metal, it must not be radioactive.

This kid’s Batmobile will have you green in envy

I’m not often an envious person but I do get kinda annoyed when I see kids who still haven’t teethed holding the latest tablet or smartphone.

Fan recreates working Homer Simpson electric hammer

If you are a fan of The Simpsons you may remember the episode where Homer Simpson is inspired by Thomas Edison to become an inventor.