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Top secret space plane lands after two year mission

A top secret space plane has returned from a nearly two year mission in orbit landing at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on October 17th.

The Most Bizarre Aircrafts to Ever Take Flight

Airplanes as we know them have pretty much the same basic shape in a more general way of speaking, however, several aircraft designers decided to take another road to create more eccentric models.

Professor takes up residence in dumpster for a year

How far would you go for the good of the environment? Perhaps you recycle or ride a bicycle to work instead of taking the car to do your bit but would you consider moving into a dumpster for a year?

Apple CarPlay makes its first appearance on infotainment system from Pioneer

Apple unveiled their CarPlay in March earlier this year and Apple fans who own their own vehicle would definitely have taken an interest in the coming tech.

Spira charges a mobile phone in style

All phones need charging at some point in time, with some needing a charge more often than others. Now thanks to Spira, the time your phone is spent charging has just become more exciting as the phone becomes an interactive work of art.

Watch: Enormous Horse-Dragon Robot Takes On Gigantic Spider

In something like a scene out of a Transformers film, an enormous horse-dragon robot and a gigantic mechanical spider have been battling it out in downtown Beijing.

The New Biggest Ship In The World

The position of greatest ship in the world now belongs to a new vessel; the Pieter Schelte built by DSME and Allsease, an absurdly big ship that is able to lift and carry an entire oil platform by itself.

Living in the S-House is like living inside a goldfish bowl

Tokyo is well-known for its many quirky, unique and unusual designs for homes, however, there is one from the Japanese architect Yuusuke Karasawa that stands out above the rest, the S-House.

Football pitch lights powered by footballers thanks to Pavegen

UK company Pavegen installed their first order three years ago and their tiles make use of the kinetic energy generated by pedestrians.

Can’t Cook? Maybe A Smart Pan Could Help!

Having trouble cooking and counting calories? The Smartypan teaches the recipe step by step and even monitors the amount of calories in the dish.

The Chopi Chopi megayacht is a luxury floating mansion on the ocean

The Chopi Chopi from CRN shipyard is a luxury megayacht that was recently shown off at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show and it has stunning proportions that are more in common with those of a mansion than a typical superyacht.

Researchers create electrical generator that is one atom thin!

When you think of electrical generators you would normally imagine loud cumbersome devices that chug on fuel to produce electricity.

Zaha Hadid to create first large scale project in wood, the Sleuk Rith Institute

When you think of projects undertaken by Zaha Hadid you immediately think about flowing structures that have been designed in materials such as concrete.

Earity are the wireless earbuds with voice control

Headphones are a great way to listen to music on the go but let’s face it, the cords that come with them are nothing but a pain.

Australian students break world speed record for electric vehicle

A team of undergraduate engineering students at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have built a solar electric vehicle called eVe which has gone on to claim the title of the world’s fastest electric vehicle over 500 km.

Carpenter from Russia carves intricate wooden motorbike

What happens when you have a Russian carpenter that has plenty of time on his hands due to a shortage of work?

3D printed heart helps to save the life of a baby

A baby of just two weeks old with congenital heart defects has undergone a lifesaving operation which was able to be performed thanks to a combination of 3D printing and MRI technology.

Robot snake learns to tackle sandy hills by copying sidewinder

Robots offer a way of entering dangerous places where humans cannot venture unassisted such as nuclear disasters.

$1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope begins construction in Hawaii

An enormous 30 m telescope has begun construction atop the volcanic peak of Mauna Kea in Hawaii at an expected cost of a whopping $1.4billion.

Riverside 66 has a stunning 350m curved glass façade

Architects Kohn Pedersen Fox have huge plans for the redevelopment of Tianjin river banks in China with the Riverside 66 mega-structure which features a curved glass façade of 350 meters.