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How Do They Design Transformer Toys?

Have you ever wondered how they design Transformer toys? Perhaps you are a child of the 80’s or a have small children who crave these toys.

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Reveals Unexpected Findings About Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is revealing extraordinary new photos of Jupiter that completely surprised physicist and astronomers about the nature of the giant planet.

Top 10 Monumental Glass Facade Structures Around the World

Romantic architecture designs coupled with intelligent engineering solutions often result in stunning structures that consume the public’s fantasy.

Get Ready for the Summer With This DIY Cooler That Follows You Around

Summer is just around the corner and sweltering heat waves are unfortunately inevitable. Although, next time you are out in the blistering heat, you may be able to protect yourself with a DIY cooler that follows you and your thirst around.

DARPA and Boeing Unveil Design for New Experimental Spaceplane

Watch out SpaceX, there is a confident competitor on the space horizon. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is designing the Experimental Spaceplane XS-1, along with The Boeing Company, which is a reusable, autonomous spaceplane aimed to fly towards the edge of space.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About

A successful engineer constantly searches for new information and techniques to employ more efficient and economic designs.

Researchers Engineer E. coli Bacteria to Produce Colorful Living Images

A team of researchers, led by Christopher Voigt, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has successfully engineered E Coli bacteria to emit colorful images.

Scientists Find Way to See Through Walls Using Ordinary Wi-Fi

As Wi-Fi transmit signals through walls to connect users to the online realm, who knew that their emitted electromagnetic light waves could also generate holographic images?

5 Cool Augmented Reality Applications in the Manufacturing Sector

Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer a science-fiction today. It is real, and manufacturers are betting big on this technology to unlock better productivity at the factory floor.

Google’s AlphaGo AI Defeats the World’s Best Go Player

Google’s computer program called AlphaGo was able to defeat the Chinese grandmaster, Ke Jie, in a game of Go with a two streak of wins out of the 3-set match. This is a significant milestone for its developer DeepMind and a big challenge for its human opponents to beat in the future.

The Surprising Reason Why Bows Were Replaced With Guns

If you have ever played a lot of wargames, like Civilization, or are a fan of history, you might ponder why bows were replaced with guns.

Bill Nye The Science Guy Was Politely Trolled Online by Scientists

As the world casually got on with their usual activities last weekend, the STEM community took a different avenue and flooded Twitter’s online traffic by tweeting about themselves using the hashtag #BillMeetScienceTwitter.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Return to His Old Dorm Room Where Facebook Began

After more than a decade ago, Facebook mastermind, Mark Zuckerberg, pays a visit to his old H-33 dorm room at Kirkland House, Harvard where the multi-billion social networking service started.

Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya: An Ingenious Engineering Solution

On the planet, there exist many places with conditions so harsh no man-made structure can withstand unruly forces.

Robot Co-Pilot ALIAS Successfully Flies and Lands a Simulated Boeing 737

Artificial intelligence is forecasted to take over the commercial and government aerospace community in the future as the development of an automated robot called ALIAS is achieving unprecedented avionics milestones.

This Wireless Desktop Could Foreshadow Our Future Without Cords

Wireless charging promises a cord-free future, one that offers freedom from being tethered to the end of a charging cable.

AI Neural Network Picks Hilariously Wrong Names for New Paint Colors

Finding the perfect background and highlight shades for painting your home often lead to days, or even weeks, of indecisive color hunting.

New Leaked Photos of iPhone 8 Reveal Dual Back Cameras

Apple iPhone’s 10th year launch anniversary in the fall of 2017 is expected to be celebrated by revealing a new premium model in a few months time.

Build Your Own Flamethrower Skateboard With These Simple Instructions

Getting bored of the usual ollies and kickflips as you skid around with that mediocre skateboard? Why not tweak that deck up with a flamethrower that would surely spark your usual path and leave a blazing trail behind you.

25 Extremely Embarrassing Architectural Failures

Welcome to our list of 25 incredible architectural failures throughout history. The following collection of architectural failures is an eclectic mix.