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Florida’s New Diverging Diamond Interchange Eliminates Risky Left Turns

[Image Source: Florida DOT] Driving is one of the most dangerous activities we do on an everyday basis.

How to Make Your Shoes Look Brand New

Many of us have our favorite pair of shoes, but when you wear them all the time, they are bound to get dirty and start looking worn out.

Haptic Feedback System Perfectly Mimics Water Movements

[Image Source: Tangible Media Group] A new haptic interface has been designed that mimics the physics of waves and water, but only uses a system of responsive controlled blocks.

Chinese Cloud Computing Firm Designed in Hyper-Futuristic Style

Cloud DCS is a major player in the cloud and data services market in Guangzhou, China with big-name clients like Alibaba.

Russian Man Creates Real Half Life 2 Scanner Drone

[Image Source: Valplushka] If you are a lover of video games, then you are going to love the real life version of the city scanner drone from Half-Life 2 created by a Russian enthusiast.

Tesla’s Gigafactory is Nearing Completion – Opening in July

Were you one of the almost 400,000 people who preordered the Tesla Model 3? Well, the Gigafactory where your car will be manufactured is almost complete.

EU Wants All Scientific Papers to be Open Access by 2020

Scientific papers contain some of the most recent breakthroughs in Scientific technologies, but for the most part, you have to pay to read them.

Beyond Siri: Viv Will Soon Become Your Best Digital Friend

What happened around 2008 with the appearance of smartphone apps is about to happen again, but this time, with artificial intelligence.

North Korea Launches Facebook Clone Called ‘Best Korea’s Social Network’

North Korea is normally pretty shut off from the rest of the world, but it appears they have launched their own version of Facebook, only for it to get quickly hacked.

SpaceX Lands on Drone Ship for 3rd Time Successfully

Elon Musk and SpaceX have been making history recently, and their Falcon 9 rocket has successfully landed on a drone ship for the 3rd time.

Man Builds Stunning Exact Mechanical Replica of Pong

Pong is by far, one of the most classic video games in the entire world, and digital versions of it still exist across the internet.

Why Does Flying Cost So Much Money?

Most of us have probably flown on an airline in our lives, some more than others, but the one thing that overarches every flight is the incredibly high cost.

Can You Crack This Sequential Code?

Most engineers love to solve puzzles and show their superior math skills over worthy adversaries. Not to mention, working on solving riddles and puzzles can keep your brain sharp, and maybe it will even help you ace that next test.

Scientists Discover Evidence of Mega Tsunamis on Mars

In late last year, NASA announced that liquid water flows on Mars on occasion, which could mean big things for the future of human life on the currently desolate planet. The discovery was found after the team followed streaking in the surface minerals of the planet, and eventually, it led NASA to find evidence of hydrated minerals.

SpaceX Falcon 9 is Returning to the ISS this July

Every since NASA ended their shuttle program back in 2011, they have enlisted the help of private space organizations like SpaceX to resupply the International Space Station.

Ancient Building Techniques Join Wood Without Glue or Nails

Before there were complex wood glues and screws, Japanese craftsmen used a series of interlocking joints to connect wood for structures and beams.

Mars Emerges from an Ice Age – It’s Time to Nuke It

Colonizing Mars is the goal of many independent space agencies at the moment, and the planet appears to be warming up.

How Do Stealth Airplanes Fly Undetected?

You have probably seen images or even videos of the B-2 bomber, but what is the technology that allows it to fly under the radar?

World Trade Center Transportation Hub Skyrockets Over Budget

[Image Source: Flickr] When the World Trade Centers were brought down in 2001, the subsequent rubble also destroyed the subway system underground.

Man Has Spent His Whole Life Creating Giant Caves by Hand

Have you found your passion? One man has, and he has spent the last 25 years of his life hand digging massive caverns in the high desert of northern New Mexico.