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Is the End of Daily Insulin Injections for Diabetes Sufferers in Sight?

The End of Insulin Shots A new study reportedly shows that boosting the immune system can safely restore insulin production for up to a year—which might make it possible for those who suffer with diabetes to not require daily injections.

Physics in Action: The Magnus Effect

The Magnus effect is the commonly observed effect in which a spinning ball (or cylinder) curves away from its principal flight path The post Physics in Action: The Magnus Effect appeared first on Futurism.

Newly Sequenced Tardigrade Genome Reveals the Organism Is Far Stranger Than Anticipated

Tardigrades Tardigrades, also known as water bears, are known to be amazingly durable organisms. In fact, they are heralded as the most resilient organism that we’ve ever encountered—the most extreme of the extremophiles.

Scientists Grow Functioning Liver Cells in a Lab

Human Hepatocytes The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body, but more importantly, it is an essential component in metabolism, especially  when we are talking about drugs.

Own The Sky: Personal Jetpacks Have Arrived

The dream of personal flight just took a great leap forward. See the JB-9 jetpack in action. The post Own The Sky: Personal Jetpacks Have Arrived appeared first on Futurism.

New Chip Can Charge Your Phone’s Battery in Less Than 10 Minutes

Zero to a Hundred While the world has yet to see a battery that can power a smartphone for an entire day,  researchers have at least found a way for your devices to recharge faster and quicker than ever before.

Largest Animal Cloning Center Set to Be Built in China

What it Is Scientists from China have announced that they will establish a commercial animal cloning center in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA), a government-sponsored business development park.

Blue Neptune-Like Planet Detected 100 Light-Years Away

Neptune-like Exoplanet Before we jump into this one, you need to know why the sky is blue. Ultimately, our sky looks this color because of something known as “Rayleigh scattering.” In short, molecules in the air scatter blue light from the Sun more than they scatter red light.

You Can Now Print Holograms On Ordinary Inkjet Printers

Rainbow Hologram Chemists at ITMO University in St. Petersburg has figured out a way to produce holograms—similar to the strips that you can find on credit cards and IDs—using things that you probably already have in your own home: Paper, ink and an inkjet printer.

Airbus Seeks to Build Detachable Shipping Container Cabins

Flights of Fancy The future of  air travel may not be a super fast plane that gets travelers to their destination (which happens to be on the other side of the globe) in mere hours.

SpaceX’s Moves Forward With Its Hyperloop Prototype for 2016 Pod Competition

Hyperloop Test Track The hyperloop is a futuristic form of travel that, if implemented, will shuttle the passengers in pods traveling 1,126 km/h (700 mph) through a tube with air compressors, like something out of the Jetsons.

Mars to Gain a Ring In Exchange For One of its Moons

The Death of Phobos About 6,000 km (3,700 miles) above the Martian surface there’s Phobos, one of Mars’ two natural satellites.

This Week in Tech: Nov 20th – 27th 2015

The post This Week in Tech: Nov 20th – 27th 2015 appeared first on Futurism.

Coinbase Unveils a Visa-Branded Bitcoin Debit Card

Coinbase and The Shift Card San Francisco-based bitcoin wallet and exchange company Coinbase has just unveiled the Shift Card, which acts as the first U.S.-issued Bitcoin debit card.

Raspberry Pi Just Made a $5 Computer

Next to Nothing British tech company, Raspberry Pi just unveiled its newest model—a 6.5cm by 3cm, fully functional computer board that sell for only $5.

What’s Your ETA? Traveling Near the Speed of Light

The post What’s Your ETA? Traveling Near the Speed of Light appeared first on Futurism.

This Real Life Tractor Beam Can Levitate Objects Using Sound

Scientists have built a remarkable sonic tractor beam. It can lift and move objects using sound waves.

Fusion Energy: These Promising Projects Are Set to Revolutionize Our World

Fusion Power Fusion power would completely  revolutionize energy production on our planet. Indeed, it would reshape our entire world, allowing us to produce vast amounts of energy with little waste or cost.

Scientists Make Flatworms Grow Heads and Brains of Other Species

The Breakthrough Biologists at Tufts University were able to induce one species of flatworm to grow heads and brains that are characteristic of other flatworm species—and they did so without altering the genomic sequence of the flatworms.

Algorithm Beats Recruiters in Picking the Best Employees

Hiring Algorithm Having a hectic job is bad enough, but having a hectic job that you dislike is worse.