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The Space Revolution is Being Led by More than Musk and Bezos

Age Of Space Startups Anytime you think about the modern space race and the billionaires who are trying to make it happen, chances are that Elon Musk of SpaceX and Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin pop into your head.

Flying-car Company Aims to Make On-Demand Air Taxis Happen by 2025

Flying Cars This past April, German company Lilium Aviation enjoyed a successful flight test of its full-scale prototype flying car.

An Electric Revolution: New Study Shows Fluid-Like Motion of Electrons in Graphene

Be Like Water In graphene, electrons move in strange ways. Their unusual and fluid-like behavior was observed by scientists at the National Graphene Institute, leading to a new wave of studies related to the physics of conductive materials.

An Investor Wants Tesla and Uber to Merge, With Musk as CEO

Better Together Noted tech investor Jason Calacanis has called for a merger between Uber and Tesla, arguing that the two companies are on a “collision course.” Calacanis was an angel investor for popular the ride-sharing app, and owns the Tesla Model S with the serial number 00001, thanks to an early interest in Musk’s automotive company.

These Six Startups From Y Combinator’s Demo Day 1 Are Ready to Transform Our World

A Room Full of Ideas Great ideas, given the proper support, can change the world. That’s one of the reasons seed funding provider Y Combinator helps innovative startups acquire the financial resources they need to put their ideas into action.

New Concept Could Help Slow Global Warming

This concept for solar sails is intended to be a way to help slow global warming. Large solar sails would collect sunlight in order to both power its journey and shade the Earth.

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope May Unveil the Secrets of Dark Matter

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Since the 1998 discovery that the universe is expanding, physicists have been searching for ways to account for dark energy, the placeholder-term for the unknown force behind this expansion.

A Computing Pioneer Says It’s Never Too Early to Teach Kids to Code

Starting Early Dame Stephanie Shirley, one of the UK’s most respected pioneers in computing, says that children as young as two should be introduced to the basics of coding.

Report Suggests Solar Energy Capacity Will Rival Nuclear Power by the End of 2017

Sunny Forecast Solar energy has been on the rise, and based on new data from GTM Research, it could rival nuclear energy in terms of global capacity by the end of 2017.

Here’s Why Bitcoin Rose More than $1,000 in Two Months

Outstanding Performance So far, 2017 has been an eventful year for Bitcoin. The platform recently endured a hard fork that saw it split in two and come out seemingly unscathed.

Al Gore: “Climate Denial That’s Ongoing Didn’t Happen by Itself.”

Climate denial didn’t happen by itself. Al Gore explains how the coal industry took a page from the tobacco playbook to keep fossil fuels relevant.

Why Is It So Hard to Build an ICBM?

To hopefully put your mind more at ease, take a look at what goes into designing and building ICBMs. The post Why Is It So Hard to Build an ICBM?

Watch: How Exploring the Universe Opens Up New Realities

What is it about adventure that pushes our capacity for innovation? The post Watch: How Exploring the Universe Opens Up New Realities appeared first on Futurism.

We Don’t Want AI That Can Understand Us – We’d Only End up Arguing

Machine Intelligence Forget the Turing test. Computing pioneer Alan Turing’s most pertinent thoughts on machine intelligence come from a neglected paragraph of the same paper that first proposed his famous test for whether a computer could be considered as smart as a human.

Large Near-Earth Asteroid Will Pass Earth by This September

NEOs Within Earth’s orbit, there are literally thousands of what are known as Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), more than fourteen thousands of which are asteroids that periodically pass close to Earth.

Will Wireless Connections Between Autonomous Vehicles Make Them Safer?

Life-Saving Automation With vehicular deaths in the United States spiking – new data shows a 14 percent rise over the past two years, the first such rise in 50 years – the search for solutions is urgent.

Cyborg Bacteria Could Be the Key to Commercially Viable Artificial Photosynthesis

Cyborg Bacteria Although most life on Earth relies upon photosynthesis as its source of energy, the process has a weak link: chlorophyll.

12 Unique Photos of The Eclipse You Really Need to See

If you’re currently residing somewhere in the continental United States, chances are you were able to glimpse at least a partial solar eclipse today as the Moon passed in front of the Sun (and we hope you used eye protection, too).

You Could Wear Your Screen on Your Sleeve…

FlexEnable is a flexible touch screen that can conform around curves. Is the future of screen displays flexible?

Experts Warn That Autonomous Cars Could Make Us Reckless Drivers

Giving Cars Control The integration of autonomous cars into society appears inevitable. A number of companies and organizations, including Tesla and Apple, are already testing them on roads, and others, such as GM and Uber, are looking for ways to merge self-driving cars and the growing rideshare industry.