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This Stain- and Odor-Repellant Fabric Is a Dream Come True

Never worry about stains or odors again! The post This Stain- and Odor-Repellant Fabric Is a Dream Come True appeared first on Futurism.

Unbreakable: Watch a Spray-On Polymer Let Objects Survive a 148-Foot Fall

A video of a seemingly indestructible watermelon is making the rounds on the internet. The melon’s uncharacteristic toughness and durability despite being dropped off a tower and hacked at with an axe is due to a coating of LINE-X, a protective polymer with super strength.

Our Smartphones Should be Enhancing Our Lives, Not Taking Them Over

Does it seem like you are constantly checking the number of comments and likes you get? Does it feel like you spend ages composing witty tweets and snaps and instagrams and tumbles?

Explore Your New Kitchen With The IKEA VR Experience

Design your dream kitchen in virtual reality. The post Explore Your New Kitchen With The IKEA VR Experience appeared first on Futurism.

Doctors Treat a Fatal Condition Using Magnets to “Pull” Bacteria From Blood

Making Magnetic Bacteria Contract sepsis, and you’re almost as likely to end up six feet under as you are back on your feet again.

We’re Deciding Who Owns the Right to CRISPR Gene Editing

Berkeley and the Broad In 2014, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the patent to gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 to biologist Feng Zhang from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Not Just Meat: One Company is Now Growing Leather in a Lab

Mushroom Leather Apart from Modern Meadow, a company that grows leather in the lab, another start-up is giving leather makers a run for their money.

Missing Universe: Co-Decaying Dark Matter Disrupts What We Know About the Cosmos

Understanding Dark Matter Differently The search for the universe’s missing particles, supposedly taking up as much as 80% of the total mass of the universe, hasn’t really yielded definitive results.

Automation Is the Greatest Threat to the American Worker, Not Outsourcing

Unintended Consequences During his campaign, president-elect Donald Trump made a promise to keep jobs in Indiana.

Climate Change: New Research Verifies That Local Extinctions Are Already Occurring

Extinction Event in Progress It’s no secret that man-made climate change is leading us into a new mass extinction event that is expected to impact many animal and plant species.

Stanford University Is Meeting Their Energy Needs With a Massive, 200-Acre Solar Park

Campus Solar Park Stanford University inaugurated one of the grandest sustainable energy solutions to date with the ribbon-cutting of the 200 acre, 155,000-panel array solar park in Kern County, California.

We May Be Able to Treat Alzheimer’s With Light

Hope in Light In the United States alone, well over five million people are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Reprogramming Stem Cells Could Soon Lead Us to a World Without Paralysis

Increasing Efficiency Motor neurons are vital cells that facilitate muscle contraction and also affect sensation.

Remember, Remember: Scientists Transplant Embryonic Neurons to Erase Fear

Fighting Fear Fear is something basic and primal in all of us. And it can have a very real impact on our lives—just ask people with severe phobias or PTSD.

Now We Can See Inside Cells at a Nanoscale

Yale’s new nanoscope can see the structures *inside* cells. The post Now We Can See Inside Cells at a Nanoscale appeared first on Futurism.

Science Nonfiction – Super Materials

  The post Science Nonfiction – Super Materials appeared first on Futurism.

Why Haven’t We Found Aliens? An Analysis of the Problem [INFOGRAPHIC]

The post Why Haven’t We Found Aliens? An Analysis of the Problem [INFOGRAPHIC] appeared first on Futurism.

Scientists Say They’ve Discovered a New Quantum Material

An Unusual Behavior A very rarely occurring quantum behavior was observed by physicist Martin Mourigal inside a new exotic crystal, according to a study published in the journal Nature Physics.

Swarm Intelligence Accurately Predicted Trump as TIME’s Person of the Year

TIME’s Person of the Year Earlier this week, TIME Magazine announced its 2016 Person of the Year: President Elect Donald Trump.

New Nanocrystal Transforms Regular Glasses Into Night Vision Specs

Technology already exists that can improve our capability to see in limited light. However, these bulky night vision wearables usually use several lenses and require lots of power.