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Scientists Claim That They Have Discovered How to “Delete” Unwanted Memories

Memory manipulation has always been a hot topic in science fiction. Films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind let us live vicariously through characters who are able to expunge painful memories or implant them at will. Who doesn’t have an embarrassing moment, a horrible tragedy, or a loss that they’d rather forget?

We Finally Detected Gravitational Waves. Here’s Why Physicists Are So Ecstatic

Turns out, Albert Einstein was right about the existence of gravitational waves. 100 years after he predicted them, we finally found them.

First US Organ Transplant from an HIV-Positive Donor to Take Place

Researchers from the John Hopkins University will be performing the first ever kidney and liver transplant between patients diagnosed with HIV.

NASA Just Released Posters for Space Tourism

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) recently released awesome posters of our solar system, specifically designed at getting people to journey to the stars (or at least some nearby alien planets).

Physicists Just Created the Most Accurate Clock Ever Built, and It Redefined the Second

Optical Single Ion Clock German physicists have managed to build the most accurate timepiece in the world.

Media Square: Fling Content From Your Phone to Your TV

Samsung recently unveiled Media Square. This tech allows individuals to connect multiple devices to their TV in order to swap content.

This Week in Tech: Feb 5 -12, 2016

The post This Week in Tech: Feb 5 -12, 2016 appeared first on Futurism.

Want to Fly Like a Bird? You Can, Thanks to This Virtual Reality Device

The Birdly simulator lets you experience what it is like to soar above a city. The post Want to Fly Like a Bird?

This is the Largest Galaxy in the Known Universe

The post This is the Largest Galaxy in the Known Universe appeared first on Futurism.

Google DeepMind AI Finds Its Way Through a Doom-Like 3D Maze by ‘Sight’

A New Kind of Intelligence Google DeepMind has successfully navigated a 3D maze without cheating—it didn’t have access to the digital world’s internal code.

New 1-Terabit Internet Satellites Will Deliver High-Speed Internet to Remote Areas

ViaSat, a US-based satellite company, has teamed up with Boeing to build three new satellites that will provide high-speed Internet to remote areas around the world.

Microsoft May Be Running The World’s Biggest Turing Test

A New Friend to Talk To While most of us are aware of Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, its more unknown little sister, Xiaoice, is taking China’s social network by storm.

New Study Reveals that Bacteria Can “See”

To See is To Believe According to a new study, bacteria can actually see by using themselves as camera lenses to focus light.

Cryopreservation Breakthrough: We Just Preserved an Entire Brain Down to the Last Neuron

Five years ago, the Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF) offered a challenge to the world’s neuroscientists: Preserve a mouse brain (or a mammalian brain of equal size) for extreme long-term storage.

A New Era in Physics: Gravitational Waves Finally Detected

After months of speculation, and decades of continuous effort and hard work, scientists at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) have finally snagged their first confirmed gravitational wave detection.

LIGO Gravitational Waves Announcement: We’ve Found Them!

Note: This post originally contained a Live Stream of a LIGO conference, which has since ended. This video is a summary of that announcement.

A New Age in Physics: Scientists Confirm That We Found Gravitational Waves

Today, scientists at LIGO confirmed that we found gravitational waves. The post A New Age in Physics: Scientists Confirm That We Found Gravitational Waves appeared first on Futurism.

Watch Live Now: Gravitational Waves Announcement

Get the update from LIGO on the search for gravitational waves. The post Watch Live Now: Gravitational Waves Announcement appeared first on Futurism.

The Impossible Particle: Japanese Physicists Say They’ve Found The Tetraneutron

The Tetraneutron Recently, scientists in Japan uncovered the most convincing evidence to date of a tetraneutron, which is a particle with four neutrons but no proton—something that we shouldn’t see in physics.

NASA is Developing an Electric Propulsion-Powered Aircraft

Electric Propulsion NASA is looking into developing an electric propulsion-powered aircraft. This new kind of aircraft, if realized, would be practically silent, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than our conventional commuter aircraft.