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Study: 1 in 6 Deaths Worldwide Caused by Pollution in 2015

Deadly Pollution We all know that pollution, in general, is harmful to human health. But a study published in The Lancet has shown the true magnitude of the threat.

The East Coast Hyperloop Might Actually Be Happening, According to Maryland’s Governor

Hyperloop Go! For the first time in the short history of the Hyperloop, a government official has stated that the fabled East Coast project — connecting New York City and Washington D.C.

New Zealand’s New Prime Minister is Promising a Zero-Carbon Nation by 2050

Going Zero-Carbon New Zealand’s new Prime Minister elect, Jacina Ardern, is not wasting time to commit to fighting climate change.

What Would We Find At the Edge of the Known Universe?

Take a moment to travel to infinity. The post What Would We Find At the Edge of the Known Universe? appeared first on Futurism.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Time has Many Variations

Time is not an invention, and it is far more than it seems. The post Neil deGrasse Tyson: Time has Many Variations appeared first on Futurism.

Should Humanity Fear the Singularity?

A shift is coming. Will we be ready? Will we survive? The post Should Humanity Fear the Singularity? appeared first on Futurism.

Elon Musk: The Second Boring Machine is Almost Ready

Elon Musk has announced via Twitter that The Boring Company’s newest invention for tunnel excavation is “almost ready.” This, the second boring machine, will be dubbed Line-Storm, a moniker inspired by the poem “A Line-Storm Song” by Robert Frost.

Blue Origin’s Breakthrough Means SpaceX Finally Has a Competitor

Sub-Orbital and Beyond Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos isn’t just out to get the e-retail industry with artificial intelligence, he’s also had his eyes on space tourism for a while now.

Stanford’s Ultra-Cheap Batteries Are Ushering in a New Age in Energy

Let’s Get Salty Researchers from Stanford University have developed cheap batteries as an alternative to expensive lithium-ion batteries that could better help us prepare for our renewable energy future.

A New Electric Motorcycle Can Go Over 200 Miles and Charges in Under an Hour

Quick Charge Zero Motorcycles makes some pretty fancy electric motorcycle models that can be used by both consumers and police units.

Bad DNA Tests Are Getting Innocent People Convicted

The Whole Truth Since the 1980s, DNA evidence has been used in various criminal investigations to prove a suspect’s guilt.

A New Calculator Tries to Tell You How Many Healthy Years of Life You Have Left

As the old saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. While death is inevitable, the quality of life you experience until death is often within an individual’s control.

This Week in Tech: Oct 14 – 20, 2017

The post This Week in Tech: Oct 14 – 20, 2017 appeared first on Futurism.

These Science Cartoons Depict Our Terrifying and Thrilling Future

The Future is Coming. . .Soonish The future is both thrilling and terrifying. It’s normal to feel both.

Bitcoin Breaks $100 Billion in Value, Soars Over $6000 for the First Time in History

Welcome to a new kind of currency, or rather, welcome to a new kind of financial system. Today, for the first time ever, Bitcoin surpassed the $6000 barrier, proving that cryptocurrency is, in all likeliness, here to stay.

See One of the World’s Best Parkour Robots in Action

This robot can probably outperform you in parkour. The post See One of the World’s Best Parkour Robots in Action appeared first on Futurism.

The Blackbird Can Shape-Shift Into Any Car You Want

Anything is possible with a little technology and innovation. The post The Blackbird Can Shape-Shift Into Any Car You Want appeared first on Futurism.

The US Constitution Is Being Undermined By Computer Code

How Does It Work? The US Constitution gives residents the right to due process. However, there are concerns that computer algorithms are now undermining its capacity to do so.

Here’s How The Latest Balding Cure Will Transform Lives

Balding Hair Today It’s thought that 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from complete balding or partial hair loss in the US alone.

Scientists Eradicated Smallpox. With Synthetic Biology, We Can Bring it Back.

Synthetic Smallpox Synthetic biology allows scientists to create life from scratch, and it could potentially facilitate the creation of everything from advanced biofuels to human organs.