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Visiting Europa: Why NASA Thinks We Might Find Alien Life (infographic)

NASA really wants to go to Europa, and anyone who knows anything about exobiology really wants NASA to go to Europa.

Meet One of the Most Powerful Quasars in the Known Universe

Artist’s rendition of quasar via NASA Meet S5 0014+81, one of the most powerful things in the known universe.

Abiogenesis: 7 Scientific Theories for the Origin of Life… and One New One!

Can science explain the origin of life? Previous source. Since its inception in 1924, the Primordial Soup Theory has gained a firm following in scientific circles.

Soundscapes of America: Now, We Can See Noise Pollution (graphic)

If you’re having trouble sleeping, maybe it’s because you live on the East Coast: whether you have neighbors or not, America east of the Mississippi is the noisier half of the continent.

Time Just Got a Lot More Accurate

The strontium-based atomic clock – (Photo by Hidetoshi Katori) Time keeps on slipping, the song says, but thanks to researchers at the University of Tokyo, it is slipping a little bit less than it used to.

Photographer Captures Amazing Images of Nearly Frozen Ocean Waves

This winter has been pretty cold. And as we all know, things tend to act a little strange when it gets really cold out.

First Human Head Transplant May Take Place in 2 Years

Image Credit: Sebastian Kaulitzki / Shutterstock There are a number of transplants that take place each day.

Could There Be Another Planet on the Other Side of the Sun?

Image via NASA   If you’ve read your share of sci-fi, and I know you have, you’ve read stories about another Earth-sized planet orbiting on the other side of the Solar System, blocked by the Sun.

Amazingly Large (and shockingly ancient) 12 Billion Solar Mass Black Hole Discovered

Artist’s impression of a supermassive black hole at the center of a distant quasar. Scientists believe they have discovered one whose mass is 12 billion times that of our sun’s.

The Strange Magnetic Bubbles At The Edge Of The Solar System

The sun’s magnetic field spins opposite directions on the north and south poles. These oppositely pointing magnetic fields are separated by a layer of current called the “heliospheric current sheet.” Due to the tilt of the magnetic axis in relation to the axis of rotation of the Sun, the heliospheric current sheet flaps like a flag in the wind.

Colonizing the Moon: The Costs and Complications (infographic)

Mars One recently announced that they have narrowed down the candidates for the potential colonization of Mars to just 100 individuals.

The Fight to Save the Ash Tree, and Why it Matters

~maja*majika~/Flickr   A pathogen is the name given to anything that causes disease within a living host, and it roughly translates from Greek to “producer of suffering.” Common types of pathogen include; bacteria, viruses and fungi.

13 Terrible Predictions About Technology

Technology is almost always controversial. We never know whether or not it is really feasible until it is created.

Everything You Need To Know About Neutron Stars (video)

Neutron star comparison. (source) Neutron stars are remarkable, and also terribly bizarre. Imagine our Sun being compressed to the size of Chicago, and you begin to understand just how remarkably bizarre neutron stars are.

New Developments in the Fight to Vanquish Cancer

Cancer is often considered a four letter word (though it obviously has a lot more letters than that).

How the Moon Was Made (Infographic)

The mystery of the moon’s formation is one that has captivated scientists for as long as human beings have been able to contemplate the stars.

Tianzi Mountains: Amazing Images of the Mountains That Looks Like Skyscrapers

The Tianzi Mountains are probably one of the most spectacular places on Earth. They are located in the Hunan Province of China, and they look like enormous, natural skyscrapers towering over the forests.

10 Mind-Blowing Images Of Growth Explosion in Cities

There is an issue with modern living. It’s not climate change, habitat destruction, air pollution, deforestation, or a mass extinction event.

Are We Alone? NASA’s Search For Life On Europa & How They Hope To Find It

Europa, as seen from Galileo – (NASA photo) NASA’s 2016 budget has a significant boost for the exploration of Europa, and it’s no secret why: The sixth moon of Jupiter is also considered one of the likeliest places in the Solar System (apart from Earth) to host large bodies of liquid water, and, for that reason, one of the likeliest places to find signs of extraterrestrial life.

Wireless Electricity Arrived? Scientists Say They’ve Made Wireless Electricity

Decades ago, Nicola Tesla dreamed of a world where electricity was free and available to everyone everywhere.