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Ford Employees Are Using Exoskeletons, and They May Change Manual Labor Forever

Ford’s exoskeletons protect employees from repetitive motion injuries and decrease fatigue. The post Ford Employees Are Using Exoskeletons, and They May Change Manual Labor Forever appeared first on Futurism.

Nanoscopic Hyperlensing Made of Natural Crystal Allows Us to See Viruses on the Surface of Cells

Hyperlensing Nano-vision Research from Vanderbilt University and other participating institutions have devised a new lensing technology that allows scientists to see living cells in their natural environment.

New Research Says There’s a Genetic Limit to How Long We Can Live

Humanity’s Threshold There’s a limit to the human lifespan and physical abilities, and a multidisciplinary team of researchers say that we may have already reached this threshold.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Issues Guide on AI Ethics

AI Ethics The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has published a second draft of its guide to ‘Ethically Aligned Design.’ As artificial intelligence and autonomous machines become a greater presence in day-to-day life, this document should help ensure that their development is carried out with the proper care and consideration.

In a Dystopian Move, the SPCA Is Using a Robot to Scare off Homeless People

A Dystopian Present In a controversial move, the San Francisco SPCA, an animal advocacy and pet adoption group, is using an autonomous security robot outside of their facilities in an explicit attempt to keep homeless people off of the sidewalk.

Welcome to The Future, A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Genetic Code

People all over the world are starting to learn the secrets encoded in their DNA. They want to learn about what diseases they might some day have or what diseases they might pass on to their children.

A Top Manufacturer Is Taking a Chance on In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint Sensors Tech developer Synaptics has officially partnered with a company to begin mass production of their upgraded optical in-display fingerprint sensors.

Coinbase Halts Ether and Litecoin Trading as Crypto Market Approaches $500 Billion

Cryptomania has propelled two lesser-known cryptocurrencies to record highs Tuesday, forcing one exchange to halt trading.

The World Bank Will Stop Fossil Fuel Financing Beginning in 2019

In a move sure to be celebrated by opponents of fossil fuel-based energy, the World Bank has just made a huge announcement at the One Planet summit called by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Tesla Just Got Its Largest Electric Semi Pre-Order From a Major Worldwide Brand

Pepsi’s Invested in EVs Tesla finally unveiled their electric semi-truck last month, after several delays, and it’s in a prime position to radically change the trucking industry as we know it.

Your Future Coffee Could Be Bought Using Amazon Stock

Having Money Doesn’t Mean You Can Use it How we store value and pay for things has evolved over time.

Worried About Doomsday? You Can Rent This Bunker for $1000 Per Year

Apartments for the Apocalypse The current state of the Earth, in terms of national and global politics, environment, and other factors, has many justifiably scared (or at least leery) of what the future holds.

Your Future Coffee Could Be Bought Using Amazon Stock

Having Money Doesn’t Mean You Can Use it How we store value and pay for things has evolved over time.

Prepare Yourself for the “Tsunami of Data” Expected to Hit by 2025

Data Tsunami Our internet-connected devices could be impeding climate change efforts, according to an update to a 2016 peer-reviewed study on power consumption, as reported by Climate Home News.

Georgia Tech’s New Prosthetic Arm Enables Amputees to Control Each Individual Finger

Prosthetic Functionality Is No Longer Science Fiction When Jason Barnes was electrocuted in 2012, doctors were forced to amputate his arm from the elbow down.

A Power Plant Joining the Grid in 2018 Burns Natural Gas with No Emissions

Trending Renewable A welcome new energy trend has emerged in recent years: traditional fossil fuels appear to be on the way out, while renewable sources of energy are on the rise.

Electric Car Range May Soon Triple, Thanks to New Research

Battery Breakthroughs As increasingly more companies and governments move to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, it is becoming apparent that electric car ranges must be further increased.

Edible Food Packaging May End Plastic Waste for Good

Casein-based food packaging isn’t just edible — it’s also more efficient than other types of packaging.

We’ve Finally Recorded the Earth’s Mysterious Song

A Humming Planet Like a permanent undertone to the dissonance of busy urban centers or nature’s own harmonious melodies, the Earth itself hums a low-frequency tune.

In the Future, the Meat You Eat Won’t Come From Living Organisms

Meat 2.0 Meat is getting a makeover. For the past few decades, meat alternatives have grown from simple soy-based patties that little resemble meat, to plant-based burgers like the increasingly popular and increasingly controversial “Impossible Burger” that give the real thing a run for its money.