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Hydrogel: The Future Of The ‘Smart Band-Aid’

Engineers at MIT have found a way to prevent hydrogels from dehydrating. The post Hydrogel: The Future Of The ‘Smart Band-Aid’ appeared first on Futurism.

These Cities Are Setting the Standard for Clean Energy Worldwide

The Green City Some of you might have heard of Burlington, Vermont. It’s a relatively small city that borders Lake Champlain on the state’s western coast.

Dasvidaniya! Russia Successfully Tests New Weapon That Can Blow Away Any Type of Armor

Explosions and gunfire—once the hallmarks of modern warfare—will soon be a thing of the past. Military initiatives are focusing their efforts on the development of a new weapon that relies on electromagnetic conductors: the railgun.

Scientists Have Made a New Kind of Invisibility Cloak

Bending Light Concealing objects in direct light is already a difficult feat. While there is ongoing research into invisibility cloaks of some form or other, researchers at the Public University of Navarre (NUP/UPNA) and the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) are taking a not-so-straightforward approach.

There’s A Lot of Good Virtual Reality Will Usher In—Literally

  Technology for Good There’s a lot of good that technology brings to the world—convenience, ease, accessibility, even social good.

Learn Geology and Chemistry in Virtual Reality

This e-learning app brings new meaning to interactive learning. The post Learn Geology and Chemistry in Virtual Reality appeared first on Futurism.

What Could You Create With Smart Thread?

This color-changing thread has endless possibilities. The post What Could You Create With Smart Thread?

Meet the Person Whose Life Is Being Changed by Universal Basic Income

The Reputation of UBI Lets face it. Getting money each month just for being alive sounds pretty great.

Top That! Tesla Sedan Beats Faraday Future’s 0-60 Record By A Millisecond

Before it even hit the production line, Faraday Future’s 0-60 acceleration rate has been topped by Tesla Motors.

This Barrier Converts Shock Energy Into Rotational Energy

Hit this barrier and it will put you right back on the road. The post This Barrier Converts Shock Energy Into Rotational Energy appeared first on Futurism.

Company Raises the Price of a Drug That Fights Infant Epilepsy by 85,000%

Drug Deterrent Pharmaceutical companies are supposed to make medicines accessible for all. Granted, they have to make a profit, but that profit shouldn’t come at the expense of people’s lives, as was the case with Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

Is That Ship From “Passengers” Really Possible?

A Vision of the Future? Though essentially a love story [spoiler!], the film Passengers is set inside the starship Avalon, a futuristic interstellar spaceship carrying more than 500,000 passengers for a 120-year journey to a distant, habitable planet called Homestead II.

Cloud Technology Is Making The Roads Safer

Connect your vehicle with the cloud. The post Cloud Technology Is Making The Roads Safer appeared first on Futurism.

Autonomous Rovers Will Soon Be Exploring Mars

They stay fresh for up to three weeks after being sliced, bitten, or bruised. The post Autonomous Rovers Will Soon Be Exploring Mars appeared first on Futurism.

This Device Hugs the Heart to Make It Pump Blood

Researchers at Harvard University and other participating institutions have invented a robot that literally hugs your heart to keep it pumping blood.

Obama Has Left Behind A Lasting Legacy In Science, Tech and Innovation

As the old aphorism says, it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. Assessing the legacy of Barack Obama will be easier in a few decades when we can see the long-term consequences of his presidential decisions and initiatives.

Meet the Near-Supersonic “Hyper-Tube Train”

The idea that we need a more efficient form of mass transit stems from a rapidly growing population and a steadily declining environment as a result of our dependence on gas-guzzling, CO2-emitting modes of transportation.

Self-Driving Cars Could Give Over 2 Million People Access to Jobs

The Promise of Self-Driving Tech The list of the potential benefits of self-driving technology is long.

Key Researcher Suggests People “Have Senses That They Don’t Recognize”

  Hearing Things That Aren’t There Imagine coming home to freshly-baked cookies straight out of the oven, the enticing aroma luring you in.

All Mentions of Climate Change Were Just Deleted From the White House Website

A Troubling Start Today, there were updates to the official government website, and climate change is not mentioned on any of the new White House pages.