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Two In Three Britons Are Cutting Down On Sugar After Experts Warn It’s The ‘New Tobacco’

Two in three Britons are actively cutting down on sugar after warnings from health experts that it’s ‘the new tobacco’.

Baby Girl Born 13 Weeks Premature, So Tiny Her Forearm Slipped Through Her Father’s Wedding Ring Manages To Survive Despite All Odds

A moving first snap capturing the moment a dad cradles his 25-day-old daughter for the first time, shows she was so tiny her father’s wedding ring fit around her arm.

20 Facts About The Class Of 2019 That Will Hurt Your Soul

First off, they’ve never lived in the ’90s: They were born the same year Britney and her snake created history: The same year this couple bathed themselves in denim: And now some of them don’t even know who NSYNC is: The year they were born the Harry Potter cast looked like this: Texting took all da

Artist Drew Herself For 9 Hours To Show How LSD Affects Brain

User whatafinethrowaway, inspired by the “Nine Drawings” series which was the result of an experiment by the US government in the 1950’s, asked her friend to draw self-portraits while on LSD.

Amid Spiraling Evidence That Plastic Food Wrap Houses Tons of Toxins

Can we believe it that cling film actually make us sterile, or cause cancer? Since decades, holistic health gurus have warned about the toxic impact of plastic.

Tragedy As A 24-Year-Old Mother Dies From Cervical Cancer, After Being DENIED A Smear Test As She Was Under 25

A 24 year old mother, has died from cervical cancer after being refused a smear test as she was too young.

Weird Case of A Model Who Couldn’t Stop Losing Weight

Lisa Brown was troubled with a rare stomach disorder due to which she lost her weight drastically. Her weight was normal till age of 28, but after that, she realized something was wrong.

Story Shared By 4 Women About What Getting Skin Cancer Surgery Is Exactly Like

“It took eight hours for them to cut everything out.” Dermatologists recommend we must wear hats, slather on sunscreen, and have a skin cancer screening every year.

Girl With Patchy Skin Condition Vilified And Called Names Like ‘Dalmatian’ And ‘Ghost Face’ Gets Tattoo on Her Arm To Show Why She Looks Different

For years, Tiffany Posteraro wore many layers of clothing and thick make-up to conceal her skin. Tiffany suffers from vitiligo, a condition characterized by white patches developing all over the body, owing to a lack of melanin – the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their colour – in those areas.

‘Miracle girl’, Who Had Fifty Per Cent of Her Brain Removed and Almost Died After Being Shaken By Her Dad, Enjoys Life Three Years Later

A girl who had fifty per cent of her brain removed after being shaken when she was just eight-month-old, is now almost four and enjoying the childhood she nearly lost.

The ACTUAL Reasons Why Young Women Risk Their Lives By Skipping Smear Tests

The number of young women diagnosed with cervical cancer is gradually on the rise as many choose to skip their smear tests.

22-Year-Old Sales Assistant, Had Hole Burned In His Throat and Almost Lost His Life After Using Tooth Whitening Kit

Sales Assistant, Had Hole Burned In His Throat A sales assistant in a bid to get a smile like his favourite actor Channing Tatum, used a tooth whitening kit but ended up with a hole in his throat.

Check Out This Awesome Joke Titled: ”The Pregnant Blonde Neighbor”

Are you feeling down and want a good laugh? Well, check out this awesome joke titled, “The Pregnant Blonde Neighbor,” to get rid of your monotony.

Jobless Mom Who Weighs 26-Stone Is Going Blind After Taking 28 Cans of Red Bull Energy Drink daily

28 Cans of Red Bull Energy Drink daily Can Make You Blind A jobless mom who weighs 26-stone is going blind after taking 28 cans of Red Bull a day.

20 Amazing Facts From Past You Apparently Didn’t Learn In School

Amazing Facts From Past 1. Officially, the longest war in history was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly, which lasted from 1651 to 1986.

Size 22 Bridesmaid Who Was Left Shamefaced By Unflattering Wedding PHOTOS Sheds SEVEN STONE To Become A Bodybuilding Champ

A plump bridesmaid who was left shamefaced after seeing snaps of herself at her sister’s wedding has shed around half her body weight to become a bodybuilding champion.

A Cancer Patient, Aged 4 “Ties-the-knot” With Her Favorite Nurse In An Adorable Ceremony

Cancer Patient, Aged 4 “Ties-the-knot” With Her Favorite Nurse Fairy tales do come true. Meet 4-year-old Abby from New York.

Nursery School Teacher Cries Hard, White Tears Because of Strange Condition

A nursery school teacher suffers from a weird condition causing her to cry ‘crystal’ tears. Laura Ponce, who lives in Lins, Brazil, is troubled by a strange affliction, which means white plaques rise up in her eyes for weeks at a time.

A 17-Stone Mom-of-Two Reports How Quaffing NINE Cups of Green Tea A Day Helped Her Dump An Unhealthy Junk Food Habit

A morbidly obese woman has reported how she managed to shed a huge eight stone in just a year – by consuming nine cups of green tea every day.

You Can’t Imagine What Nails Can Tell About Your Health

Nails depict the internal condition of your body. Your skin, nails, and mouth depict a lot about the illness, deficiencies and disorders of your body.