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Obese Woman Who Lost 200lbs – Now Flaunts Her New Body on Tyra Banks’ Show

A young woman, native of New Zealand, who made headlines for losing 189lbs in just one year – and then silencing those who called her a liar by sharing pictures of her excess skin – has at last revealed her new figure after a nine-hour surgery to remove.

What ACTUALLY Happens To Your Body When You Consume Varied Kinds of Sugar?

Sugar is our body’s worst enemy! Experts say that the white grains of sweetness poured in your coffee, or sprinkled on your breakfast pose the greatest threat to our waistlines.

Seven Products You Use In Your Home That Can Cause Cancer

A majority of people live under the presumption that their home is a safe place from all the dangers that are hidden out there.

18 Things You Must Do To Make A Woman More Comfortable During Her Period

Commonly, men are unaware of female body functions. And this lack of knowledege on subject make them uncomfortable with us during pregnancy and periods.

Scientists Discovered These 6 Indicators Of Loneliness

These 6 common behaviors point to loneliness, however, a lot of people don’t realize it. Loneliness tortures 1 out of every 5 Americans, and can be damaging to your physical health.

Therapies You Can Try To Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute Every Night

It’s a stark reality that we’re a society of sleep-deprived citizens. As per a recent Gallup report, a massive 41 per cent of Americans aren’t getting the needed 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Teenager Who Drank Too Much Green Tea Develops Hepatitis

A teenager was shocked when she found that the severe inflammation of the liver she developed was because of the green tea she had been drinking to lose weight.

Here’s A Visual on What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Eating A Big Mac

We’ve seen the infographics which show the changes taking place in our body after drinking a can of Coke, Diet Coke and Red Bull.

Cocaine Can Rot Skin and Turn Ears BLACK: It is Now Routinely Being Cut With Cattle De-Wormer Which Eats Away At Flesh

Doctors since eternity have been warning about the health problems connected with cocaine. Now experts are warning it can in fact make a person’s skin rot.

A Photo Series of An Obese Woman Who Lost 160LBS That Bares Her Ugly Excess Skin & Captures The Dark Side To Weight Loss

If you succeed in losing plenty of weight you not only feel good about yourself but also gain admiration of others.

Mother Posts Devastating Photo of Herself Weeping While Cradling Her Newborn Baby To Throw Light on The Realities of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum bodies have lately become a hot topic of discussion, however, one mother has turned the conversation to postpartum emotions with a powerful, raw image.

7 Essential Do’s And Don’ts At The Time of Pregnancy You Must Know

If you want your coming child to be fit and healthy then pregnancy is all about a lot of care. The nine months require the care from the side everyone she is sharing space with, not just from the mother’s side.

‘Your Child Eats What You Eat': In A Startling Ad Campaign Babies Are Shown Suckling on Breasts Painted To Look Like Unhealthy Treats To Warn Moms About The Dangers of Their Bad Food Habits

In a creepy new ad campaign babies are seen suckling on breasts that have been painted to look like a variety of unhealthy treats.

This Curvy Yogi Is By Far The Most Inspiring Human Being On The Planet!

Most Inspiring Human Being Curvy Yogi Every single body on this earth is a yoga body. Meet Valerie Sagun, a young yogi who lives in San Jose, California.

A Bunch Of Active Female Soldiers Had Themselves Photographed Breastfeeding Their Children In Uniform

The photographer, who’s herself a veteran and mother, disclosed that she wanted to show women that they can be “amazing mothers and soldiers at the same time.” A bunch of active Army soldiers allowed themselves to be photographed while breastfeeding their babies in uniform with the hope to “normalizing” breastfeeding.

This Bone-Boosting Drug Can Devastate Your Jaw: Women Who Have Been On Drugs For Osteoporosis Run A Risk of Painful and Disfiguring Condition

Women who have been on drugs for osteoporosis, the bone-thinning disease, are at a great risk of developing a painful and disfiguring jaw condition.

19 Really Impressive Make-Up Looks To Try This Autumn

1. The autumnal glow is a legit thing. 2. And definitely just not for the summer. 3. It’s a warm glow.

Tragedy of The Newly Married Girl Who Dreamed of ‘Living Happily’ With Her New Husband For Many Years….But Died From A Rare Kind of Cancer Only Six Weeks After Her Big Day

A cancer struck mother has died only six weeks after being treated to the wedding of her dreams, after £20,000 were raised for the nuptials via an internet campaign.

Bullied By Classmates For Being Ginger A Teen Dropped to Six Stone. But Now…..

Jasmine Green, who lives in Bedford, England is now gradually getting back to her life after encountering troublesome days.

Woman Loses 112 Pounds By Quitting Coca Cola

”I was most certainly an addict of Coke.” A 27-year-old Coca-Cola addict was able to lose 112 pounds after, quitting the soda.