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Top 9 Herbs That Help Cleanse Kidneys

Prescription drugs cause around 106,000 deaths in a year —– a Journal of the American Medical Association report says two-hundred and ninety people in the United States are killed by prescription drugs daily.

Say Bye-Bye to Hair Dye — A Device Is In The Offing That Would Work As A Straightener. It’s A Chemical-Free Way Of Changing Color Of Your Tresses

Dyeing hair is a tedious and expensive process, plus can cause damage. So for the modern, fast moving women this invention can be a big relief.

You May Want To Go Wash These Items Also In Order To Avoid Germs

Everyone of us wants to be healthiest person forever. We take special care of some items. But there are more things which should be cleaned also.

Mother Of Two Discovers Lump After Seven Year Old Gave Her A Hug

Michaela Dawson was diagnosed with breast cancer. As her son Josh climbed on to mother’s lap and pressed into her chest.

Studies Indicate E-Cigarettes do Pose Health Risks

Electronic cigarettes are in fact one of the most unsafe cigarettes like menthols, filtered cigarettes, and slims.

A Fitness Model Devastating Bowel Disease With A Colostomy Bag

A bodybuilder Blake Beckford suffers with ulcerative colitis. The painful condition led him to having his colon removed and being fitted with a colostomy bag but Blake Beckford has now become a fitness model.

These 25 Tricky Photos It’s Hard To Tell

Take a look at these amazing works of food masterpiece art and scope out some of the recipes to see if you can top these chefs.

Mother Of A Two-Year-Old Girl Gives Her A Daily Dose Of CANNABIS

This seriously ill little girl endures up to 60 seizures a day, but a daily dose of cannabis amazingly helps ease her condition.

Deadly Diseases Caused By Smoking Cigarettes

Impotence Today number of deaths caused by smoking. Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is the constant inability of a man to maintain an erection for sexual purposes.

Meditation Does Affect Your Health and Mind

In the morning as you slowly unroll out of a nice, warm bed — your brain is already filled-up with the tasks ahead.

The New Treadmill Workout You’ve Got To Try – In Place Of High-Intensity Interval Training

Fired-up Pilates zealots. Gym cardio. Aqua cycling. Fitness classes now-a-days come in a variety of bells and whistles.

Surgeons Find 5-Inch Sex Toy Lodged In Vagina Of A Woman

A Scottish woman had a a five-inch sex toy settled inside her for 10 years and she did not even knew about it.

20 Random Interesting Facts You Have Never Heard

Hangju Zheng: Age 20 Years And Weight 250 kg

See These Bizarre Beauty Products From Around The World

20 Most Embarrassing Parenting Fails

Funny examples of bad parenting. …

These Are 20 Delicious Things To Eat On Memorial Day