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Bomb Sniffing Dogs Identify Prostate Cancer With Over 95% Accuracy

Man has been capitalizing on dogs’ remarkable sense of smell since ancient times, making use of them to detect illegal substances, missing people, explosives, wildlife, blood and even things like banned electronics in prisons.

Muscle-Building Diet Supplements Having Creatine Could Prompt Testicular Cancer, Experts Warn

Muscle-building diet supplements may elevate the risk of developing testicular cancer. A new study has discovered a relationship between those pills and powders having creatine or androstenedione and a higher risk of the disease – by up to 65 per cent.

9 Queer Facts Regarding Marijuana

Marijuana is NOT Hemp! 1. Can you SPOT the difference? (Hemp is on the right). While both marijuana and hemp are weeds, have almost identical leaf shape, and are subspecies of the Cannabis sativa plant, they are in actual fact pretty different.

The Most Vital Vitamin Females Need and You Haven’t Heard Of

I have never written an article about a single nutrient however this one needs to be brought to public notice, because it’s truly a game changer.

A Deadly, Beautiful American War Veteran on the Mission to Kill Bad People, Now Fighting for Animals

(Kinsa Johnson Stayed In Afghanistan For 4 Years) A sturdily built ex-army woman, who stayed for 4 years in Afghanistan, is now fighting for animals.

Makeup Has Been Used In Some Form or The Other In Just About Every Recorded Society In History. Let’s Look Back And See The Changes That Have Happened In Makeup Throughout Time.

Ancient Egypt (c. 3150 – 31 BC) Eyes -Lined with kohl; often wore green or blue eyeshadow Lips – Popular lip colors included orange, red, blue-black, and magenta Hair -Braids framed the face In Ancient Egypt women used to line their eyes with kohl, a substance made of soot, metal, and fat.

25 Happenings Throughout History That Appear Too Bizarre To Be True

Maybe you don’t believe in coincidences; maybe you think there’s some larger, possibly nefarious mechanism at work making weird things happen the way they do!

Sheridan Smith’s Tears Over Heartbreaking Cancer Role: Star Unfolds Agony of Playing Her Dying Friend in Touching New BBC Drama

Drained, worn out and hairless, even down to her missing eyebrows, Sheridan Smith’s physical transformation is agonizing to see.

Anne Frank Believably Is In The Mass Grave — Holocaust Survivors Identify A New Site Close To Concentration Camp Which May Have Diarist’s Remains

A burial pit discovered close to the site of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp possibly have the remains of Anne Frank.

13 Signals You’re a Better Mom Than You Suppose

Clue: It’s all about the small victories. 1. Your kids today remind you to say “please” and “thank you.” 2.

A Sneak Peek Into The Scary Stories Behind 8 Oldest Brands of The World

With all these amazing new breweries and booze distilleries emerging around the country, it’s time to pay homage to the older, more established breweries and liquor companies who, regardless of having their metaphorical lawns crowded with whippersnappers, carry on doing what they’re doing and staying cool.

Cancer Vaccines Personalized to Patient’s Individual Tumor Pass Preliminary Tests

Customized cancer vaccines designed for a patient’s individual tumor have displayed success in a small study, helping the immune system in combating cancer in a better way.

13 Foods That Are Awesome Gas Fighters

Passing gas is a reality that no one can deny — in actuality, most people do it between 12 and 25 times a day.

‘Lazy’ Obese Man Takes The Yoga Route To Shed Weight — Documents His Odyssey With Inspirational Pictures

A man who calls himself —- ‘lazy and depressed’, from Richmond, Virginia, is documenting his attempt to shed weight with yoga.

We Present 16 Scary Facts About Flying That’ll Keep You On The Ground Forever

Of course, it can be argued that the most terrifying part about flying is being in a giant, metal tube hurtling through the atmosphere in defiance of God.

3 Awesome Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Gets you feeling calm and relaxed in just 15 minutes Everyone is prone to getting stressed. Luckily we can overcome stress with the help of some simple yoga poses that anyone can do.

TV Is Indeed Trying To Kill Us: Warn Researchers

A new research has shown an increased negative health effects of TV time. Luckily, health experts say there’s one thing you can carry out to make your viewing habits healthier.

17 Questions Asked By People In Their Twenties, Replied by People In Their Thirties

Some pertinent questions posed by twentysomethings that their older thirtysomething friends answered.

The Shocking Fate of 9 Legendary Corpses

Eva Perón’s Body Was Kept on Her Husband’s Dining Table Eva (Evita) Perón of Argentina was famous throughout the world for using her position as First Lady to improve the lives of the poor and fight for women’s rights.

Weight Loss — of Such Proportion Clearly Gives One An Electric Shock!

Weight Loss: Amber Rachdi, now 24, from Troutdale in Oregon, weighed 11 stone when she turned 5 — equivalent of an average adult woman.