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Couple Disclose How They Turned Super-Toned From Unfit To Look Stunning on Their Wedding Day in Just 16 WEEKS…

An overweight couple who were feeling ‘down’ vowed to reshape their bodies in the run-up to their wedding in just four months.

Yes, Your Heart Is Indeed Hurting When You Undergo Emotional Pain Says Science

Everyone know those feelings we have when we’re tense, or scared? We know those kinda burning, throbbing, or empty feelings that we’re unable to explain, though, we know why–not how– we’re feeling them?

Everyone Today Is Talking About Female ‘Coregasm’ – But What Is It ‘in reality’?

What’s your stand on the ‘coregasm,’ do you think it’s possible? Wait, what is it you ask? Yeah, let’s get to that first.

10 Facts About Belly Buttons Which Will Leave You Shocked

Anyone for some belly button cheese? 1. Your belly button is one of your very first scars. Your belly button is created from scar tissue left over from the umbilical cord that connected you to your mother’s placenta.

Would You Go For A ‘Lunch-Hour’ Hair Transplant? What Happened When One Man Underwent £7,000 Procedure

Would You Go For A ‘Lunch-Hour’ Hair Transplant? I never thought I’d be the sort of man to undergo a hair transplant.

‘I didn’t choose to become a woman, I GREW into one naturally': Charli Was Born A Boy But Owing To An Extremely Rare Condition Developed Breasts At 13

An Extremely Rare Condition Developed Breasts At 13 Charli Darling was 13, when he discovered he was different from other boys his age.

5 Acne Triggers That You’re Probably Unaware Of

There are some unsuspecting triggers behind common skin flare-ups that lead Aesthetician Jill Kibildis at Heyday, a new facial concept shop offering quick and targeted treatments for the on-the-go New Yorker, is sharing with the world.

15 Times Nature Didn’t Do The Human Body Any Favors

Everyone knows that the human body is an intricate, fascinating, mysterious, and beautiful thing. And everyone knows that we should treat our body like a temple—with respect and love just as we’d give to family and friends, right?

Bearded Woman Who Shaves 3 Times A Day is Left Devastated After NHS Turned Down Laser Treatment on Her Skin

A bearded woman who shaves 3 times a day has been left devastated after the NHS declined life changing laser treatment on her skin – because the procedure is ‘too cosmetic.’ Mother-of-two Cheryl Howe, 32, removes hair from her face, breasts and stomach daily because of a lifelong condition which affects her hormones.

You Can Try These Survival Tips When You’re Choking, Bleeding To Death or Having A Heart Attack

We often face situations like we’re alone and start to feel a crushing pain in the chest, or we accidentally slice through a finger while chopping vegetables.

6 Reasons Why You Would Want To Eat Frozen Fruit In Summers

Summer brings with it some of the greatest food, and along with it come beautifully ripe fruits. Keep them in the freezer for some hours or pick up a big bag from the store and you’ve got the perfect treat with the potential to cool you down on a hot summer day.

Do You Know! There A Link Between Schizophrenia And Smoking?

The connection between psychosis and smoking tobacco has been noticed for a long time. In U.K for example, 42% of cigarettes are smoked by people with mental health problems, and in the United States, 80% of those with schizophrenia smoke, compared to a national average of 20%.

20 Bizzare History Facts You Maybe Didn’t Learn In High School

History is surely a pretty broad subject. Often, it has to be broken up into many different classifications to make it more manageable.

If You’re Fan Of Bananas, Then You Must Know These 10 Shocking Facts

Eating bananas daily helps keep many health issues at bay. It’s loaded with Vitamins, Proteins and other key minerals that are essential to fighting ailments.

KFC Has Come up with a game changer – “Chizza” – A Pizza With A Fried Chicken Crust

This is a next-level food mash-up. If you love pizza but hate the bready crust then Chizza is the thing that can satisfy your sense of taste.

10 Facts About The Human Body That Will Leave You Amazed

Because we permanently hang out with our own bodies — we tend to take them for granted. However, if you stop and mull over everything your body does, you just might reckon how great it is.

Are You Know What Happens Inside The Uterus When A Women Is Pregnant

Happens inside the uterus when a women is pregnant. You might have seen many women pregnant in your lives; mothers, sisters, friends, strangers, maybe even you.

Do You Want YOUR Man To Wax Away His Hairy Chest?

Waxing as far as I know is something that women usually just do before a holiday. Till this week, i.e., when I had my decidedly hairy torso stripped of every last hair, returning me to the smooth, pinkish and, in reality, rather blubbery form that I recall from about 40 years ago.

20 Things You Should Avoid Doing Before Bed

1. Sneaky sleep saboteurs Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for your mood, your energy levels, and your well-being.

20 Ab Exercises That Help Burn Fat

1. A new kind of crunch Try out this two-in-one abs-and-obliques move invented by David Barton Gym owner David Barton.