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12 Convincing Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

20 Foods Which Are Responsible For American Fat

Its not surprising that 2,200 peoples are dying everyday in America because of heart diseases. It only happening because of unhealthy foods.


Benefits for the babies include increased muscular and skeletal strength.

20 Awkward Pregnancy Photos

These Nervous Habits People Have Are Too Strange

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Smoking Marijuana – Does It Improve Memory? Little Amounts Of A Compound Detected In Cannabis ‘Probably Slow Down The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Disease’

Marijuana was thought of as has bad effects — impacting memory and thinking ability. Now the latest research points out that it in fact help with the effects of brain ageing.

Possibly Marijuana Could Be Used As Alternative Treatment To AVERT Schizophrenia: Increasing Pressure Put On Government To Legalise Cannabis For Medicinal Use

Medicinal marijuana has triggered an on-going, contentious debate, but now a compound detected in Marijuana could be put to test on young Australians to prevent and treat psychosis.

Artist Plays With Her Delicious Food

20 Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes