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Simple And Easy To-Do Tweaks To Help In Weight Loss

With deficiency of water metabolism of the body slows down, and it sends a signal that’s wrongly interpreted as hunger by the brain.

Pill Found To Eradicate Baldness In Five Months: Taking 2-tablets Per Day Grow Back Hair On Alopecia Ridden — Soon To Become Standard Treatment For Condition 

A pill taken 2 times in a day that gets rid of baldness triggered by alopecia has been developed by scientists.

Woman Stopped Use Of Shampoo Two Years Back: Beauty Blogger Asserts Her Hair Has Turned Healthier After Dumping Products

A beauty blogger has not used shampoo on her hair since two years; asserts her hair are more healthier than before.

15 Most Mean Hilarious Cakes Ever

Baking truly is an art. That is awesome if a friend tells you to make a cake. You can make cakes like this if you are the master in cake making.

8 Foods that Make Eyes Healthier

A Father Cured Of Cancer By Cannabis Oil — Doctors Forecasted He Would Not Live Beyond 2 Years

A father asserts he has won a fight against cancer by using cannabis. Trevor Smith, 54, had bladder cancer, and in 2012 doctors declared that without a swift surgery to extricate his bladder, prostate and lymph nodes – followed by chemotherapy — he would be dead within two years.

Jobless Man, 50, Lost Life By Sex Toy —- It Got Stuck In His Body

A jobless man lost his life as a vibrator got stuck in his body and he felt too shy to see a doctor. Nigel Willis, 50, kept lying on the sofa for five days with the sex toy lodged inside; the agonising pain did not let him get up.

Family In An Instant! Mother Conceives Four Babies Within Nine Months — Triplets Born Weeks After She Gave Birth To A Son

Changing 175 nappies and whipping up 80 bottles of milk weekly is not very simple. But that’s a part of new mother Sarah Ward’s to-do list.

Girl, 2, Could Likely Turn Blind After A Ghastly Allergic Reaction triggered Sores And Blisters To Form All Over Her Face And Neck – Caused By Nurofen Given By Local GP

A toddler had a miraculous escape, after facing a horrible allergic reaction to Nurofen, her parents said yesterday.

13 Kitchen Tips That Will Turn Anyone Into A Top Chef

With these tips, you’ll be searing up the perfect steak, enjoying a nice side of rice, getting the most out of the lemons life gives you and more.

The Cause Of A Man’s Persistent Nosebleeds Was Found To Be Haphazard Teeth Growing Inside His NOSE!

A man from Saudi Arabia suffered persistent nosebleeds, but no one could point out the cause. As per reports the man having nosebleeds once a month since last three years, had a tooth growing in his nose.

9 Things You Need To Learn About Your Glutes