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This Watch Ad Came to Life on a Bus Shelter to Reveal It Was Selling Something Better

Imagine you're waiting for the bus, and the guy in the watch ad next to you suddenly starts talking to you.

Forget DIY. French Yellow Pages Makes a Good Case for Pros in ‘Don’t Do It Yourself’ Ads

We're in maker culture now. And in maker culture, where there's a YouTube video for pretty much any activity you want to take on, you can do almost anything on your own if you put your mind to it.

The Boss Baby Is the Latest Movie to Sell Itself by Winking at the Competition

Next week, The Boss Baby hits theaters. The latest Dreamworks Animation release features Alec Baldwin voicing a briefcase-wielding, suit-and-tie-wearing baby who's sent undercover to a family to try to foil the plans of Puppy Co., which is working to out-cute the baby industry.

Kids Leaving Home? Try This ‘Child Replacement Program,’ Says Fun Pedigree Campaign

Empty nesters literally go to the dogs in Pedigree's cheeky "Child Replacement Program," which encourages parents to adopt Fido after their kids move out.

This Awesome Traffic-Jam-Beating Car Is a Sneaky Ad for Something Else Entirely

A car that conquers any traffic jam by rising up, having its wheels spread wide and rolling over all the other vehicles?

This Agency Sent a House to Sea for a Lovely Ad About the Choppy Waters of Life

To illustrate the personal aspects of taking on a massive home improvement job oneself, Leroy Merlin--a kind of French Home Depot--has released "Life's Adventure." Created by BETC Shopper, this is Up meets Life of Pi, with a couple's uprooted fixer-upper home taking to the seas as they begin the lon

Adobe’s Latest Comedy Shows How Great Customer Service Isn’t So Great for Bank Robbers

Doubling down on the notion that data helps drive great consumer experiences, Adobe introduces its latest software suite with "Heist," an amusing spot in which a bank's customers (and staff) aren't enjoying themselves at all.

This Funny Down Syndrome Ad Will Change the Way You Feel About ‘Special Needs’

Able society is weird about people with disabilities. Eyes dart away. We're overly helpful, not helpful enough.

Anger Meets Art: How a Cuban Immigrant Dreamed Up Der Spiegel’s Shocking Trump Cover

SOUTHAMPTON, Bermuda--Edel Rodriguez was just a kid when he fled Cuba and came to the U.S. as a refugee in the 1980s.

This Pop Singer’s New Music Video Is Actually a Powerful Message About Domestic Violence

Let's talk about flowers. Flowers are living things that, to thrive, generally require a few nice things--fertile soil, sunshine, water, a friendly community of bees or other pollinators to move things along.

Santa Clarita Diet Keeps Mispronouncing ‘Realtor,’ and Now It’s Brilliantly Trolling Fans Who Complain

Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet is a brilliantly dark comedy with two stomach-turning caveats: It's super gross, and it can't pronounce the word "Realtor." Sure, it's common for normal people to mispronounce the word as "real-a-ter," but this is a show about Realtors, and yet they don't seem capable of saying their own job title.

Cats, Husbands and Babies Are All Better Online in These Darkly Comic Ads for WiFi

It's a great paradox of the internet that it makes a lot of real-life things seem better than they actually are.

Planning on Having a St. Patrick’s Day Hangover? These Ads Show How to Quickly Recover

Whether you're Irish or not, pub crawls and green beer for everybody! A new campaign from Blowfish, a hangover cure, isn't encouraging anyone to overindulge today on St.

For St. Patrick’s Day, This Agency Made Metal Bar Coasters From Wrecked Cars

Bar-coaster creativity has a long and proud tradition. Here's the latest interesting twist on it--coasters made from the metal from real car wrecks, reminding bar patrons of the perils of drinking and driving.

W+K’s Easter Egg Hunt for Milka Chocolate Is Hunger Games but With a Soft, Gooey Middle

While we're on the subject of the modern merits of literature, Milka has released its first cross-European Easter campaign, "All for One," a name inspired by The Three Musketeers.

This Airline Partnered With Uber to Turn an Ordinary Taxi Ride Into a Flight Abroad

Wake up, go to work, come home. Wake up, go to work, come home. It's an invariable grind that's almost impossible to see past.

Swiss Brand Cheers Its Country’s Skiers by Carving Fan Tweets Into a Giant Snowfield

The execs at Swiss telecom provider Swisscom and agency Heimat wanted to find a unique way to cheer on the country's athletes at this year's FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

YouTube Gets Ad Agencies to Delightfully Cram Classic Books Into Six-Second Videos

A puppet of a cockroach lies on its back, flailing its arms wildly. A mouse cursor hesitates over an order on the website "Poison Depot" before changing it from one bottle to eleven.

Tituss Burgess and Sasquatch Hit the Sauna for R&B Duet in Latest From Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Jack Link's, makers of Squatch beef jerky (as well as the suggestively named Hot Squatch), premiered their first-ever music video on Funny or Die, because I guess that's what that website does now.

In New Ads, Ohio Lottery Winners Feel Like a Million Bucks Even After Winning a Lot Less

Sometimes, winning as little as $50 can make you feel like a million bucks. And that's a good thing, because the odds of scratching an Ohio Lottery instant game ticket and finding a seven-figure payout are mighty slim indeed.