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This Dog's Road Trip Stretching Routine Might Be the Best Reason to Buy a Citroen

Citroen puts on the dog once again in this commercial with an anthropomorphized mutt who charmingly works out the muscle kinks and stiffness of a long drive when its owner pulls in to a desert gas station.

Stunning PSA Shifts Time to Undo the Killing on a Syrian School Playground

Martin Stirling already directed one powerful PSA about Syria—Save the Children's incredible spot from last spring, which imagined if the crisis were taking place in London.

Old Spice's Man-Robot Sits Down with Drew Brees, and It's Awkwardly Amusing

If watching Drew Brees talk to a hyper-awkward robot for six minutes is your kind of thing, then Old Spice has an ad for you.

Naomi Campbell Loses Her Arms on the Cover of W's October Issue

W magazine has just released five different covers for its October issue, each featuring a woman dubbed one of "The New Royals" by the oversized fashion glossy.

People in Japan Are Making Tiny, Adorable Beds for Their Wallets and Purses

Here's an odd slice of weird from Japan. As seen on Japanese blogs, people are putting their purses and wallets into tiny beds before going to sleep themselves.

Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Wet, Mr. Darcy Style, for Charity Campaign

There are moments in cinema when a collective wetting of panties results in an advertising ripple heard through the decades, as marketers struggle to give the people what they want.

Woman Gets a Giant Reebok Tattoo, and Her Very Own Ad to Go With It

When Reebok urges its most die-hard fans to get a big tattoo of the brand's logo, it means a big tattoo.

See How Droga5 Actually Made the Insanely Intricate Sets for Moto's New Ads

Who needs CGI when you can build your own outlandishly complex ad props by hand? Clearly Droga5 is up to the challenge, as illustrated by the behind-the-scenes video just released by the agency to recap how it created four new spots for Motorola Mobility.  The ads—for the Moto X and Moto G smartphones, Moto 360 smartwatch and Moto Hint wireless earbud—slowly reveal their interconnected prop designs, showing the complete set in the closing frames.

Bryan Cranston Acts Out Baseball's Greatest Moments in Fantastic Ad For the Postseason

As the Baltimore Orioles became the first Major League Baseball team to clinch a division last night, baseball fans, fairweather and hardcore alike, are gearing up for the most exciting time of year—the postseason.  And TBS, which plays a major part in bringing the games into our homes and sports bars, has tapped Bryan Cranston to star in this amazing tribute to baseball's big dance.  Clocking in at almost six minutes, this extended ad is a delightful watch as Cranston impersonates some of the game's great players in a comically earnest one-man theater show—citing his muse to be everyone's favorite cartoon rabbit: "You never know when inspiration will hit you ...

Strange Prada Storefront in the Middle of Nowhere Can Remain, Texas Decides

It's the world's oddest Prada store. And now, it looks like it won't be torn down. Prada Marfa, an art installation 26 miles northwest of the West Texas town of Marfa—featuring a fake Prada storefront containing luxury goods—is not an illegal advertisement and can remain on its site off U.S.

Awesome Beer Cans Show the Pantone Color of the Brew That's Inside

If you always suspected that a pale ale would rate a shimmering, golden 604C on the Pantone color system, have a pint on me.

Blake Griffin Slams Poetry, Not Basketballs, for Vizio

Slam poetry nights can be awkward, but Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin makes it look easy—his specialty in any environment—in a new series of videos for Vizio.

Costumed Man Sexes Up a Giant Ear in Very Strange Ads for Headphones

After an inexplicable quite period, we have a resurgence of giant ears in advertising, thanks to this incredibly silly McKinney campaign for Sennheiser's Urbanite headphones.

Expedia Has an Idea for Parents Who Travel Too Much for Work

Parents, Expedia wants to offer you a consolation prize for all the heartbreaking time you have to spend traveling for business rather than being at home with your kids.

Here's How Samsung Gloatingly Responded to Apple's Larger iPhone Screens

This Samsung ad, which debuted over the weekend, teases the October release of its Galaxy Note 4—and also, more mercilessly, teases Apple for being late to the phablet game at its iPhone 6 event last week.  Called "Then and Now," the minute-long clip reminds viewers that Samsung was the first company to popularize larger-size handsets.

Sydney Art Director Is Called 'Australia's Biggest Wanker,' but Is That Really Fair?

Jarryd Zankovic, a senior art director at Play Communications in Sydney, Australia, earned the karmic wrath of Reddit, which seized upon a douchey (though apparently tongue-in-cheek) interview with him in marketing magazine B&T and declared the 28-year-old to be "Australia's biggest wanker." They made fun of his grooming regimen, his 30-40 pocket squares, his drop-crotch pants, which he says are necessary due to the large size of his wang.

12 Ordinary People Who Beat Major Brands to Their Own Twitter Handle

You know when you try to find a brand on Twitter, and you just assume the handle will be the brand name?

Why This BBDO Creative Director Is Lying on the Ground and Licking a Screen for You

You can be proud of your ads. But re-enacting them in real life? That can get awkward. Carlos Moreno, though, takes one for the team in the video below—a promo for the Bessies, which is a big ad awards show in Canada.

4 Things Marketers Should Know About This Season of Dancing With the Stars

By David Schwab, managing director of Octagon First Call Entering its 19th season tonight, ABC's Dancing With the Stars features a new judge (former pro dancer turned actress Julianne Hough), a large crop of new pros, and of course, a brand new cast.

This Brilliantly Designed Alarm Clock Wakes You By Brewing a Cup of Coffee

Tired of being awoken by talk radio or the dulcet default chimes of your smartphone? Maybe you'd like a nice cup of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe instead?