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You'll Be Uncomfortably Surprised by This Honda Spec Ad That Just Got Leaked

There are lots of things to like about the Honda Fit. But one feature in particular might present some issues while you're out there cruising for hours on the open road, Whitesnake blasting and the wind blowing through your hair.

Life Alert's New Ad is Terrifying, and Viewers Are Not Happy About It

Life Alert now takes its marketing very seriously. Maybe too seriously. Rather than just have its old commercials be the laughing stock of anyone who's ever seen them, the company is doing its best to scare the living crap out of everyone who watches TV.

See the Painfully Funny Science Museum Ad That Was Too Violent for Canadian TV

The guy in this sublimely sophomoric spot for a Vancouver science museum should be in a world of hurt.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Are Telenovela Foes in This Insane Ad for Fox Sports

What would happen if football didn't exist? Well, for one thing, Fox Sports announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman would have very different jobs.

Belize Thanks Journey's Keyboardist for Visiting by Recording 'Don't Stop Beliezin'

You can't make this stuff up. Jonathan Cain, the keyboard player for Journey and writer of perhaps the band's biggest hit, "Don't Stop Believing," vacationed in Belize recently—and tweeted about what a fantastic experience it was.

DJ Samples Thousands of Sounds From GE Machines for a Track Called 'Drop Science'

GE doesn't just do whatever it is that GE does. It makes beats, too. Last year, GE brought you an electronica song featuring the sounds of shipping containers, as interpreted by Reuben Wu of Ladytron.

How Do You Advertise to an Ad Agency? Put Up a Billboard Right Across the Street

Here's one way to pitch your design shop directly to an ad agency: Buy a billboard right across the street from them.

This 99-Pack of Beer Is Real, It's Glorious, and It Will Get You Very Drunk

When you're preparing to party, naturally you need to make sure there's enough beer. And what's worse than grabbing a bunch of different six-packs and trying to accomodate everyone's annoying snobby beer palate?

New Yorkers Try to Quiet Union Square from a U.S. Open Umpire's Chair in Heineken Stunt

Chair umpires in tennis have a thankless job. Sure, they have real work to do, but they spend much of their time babysitting the crowd—and sometimes even babysitting the players.

Together at Last: Richard Branson and the Most Interesting Man in the World

What do you get when you bring together two of the world's most interesting men? A hotel ad, apparently.  To promote the upcoming reveal of the first-ever Virgin Hotel, located in Chicago, iconic billionaire Richard Branson has created an ad that also features actor Jonathan Goldsmith, best known as Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World.

John Malkovich Makes a Pretty Damn Good Vampire in This Fun French Ad

John Malkovich plays a vampire in this amusing, cinematic spot from Buzzman promoting French streaming video service Canal Play.

10 Brands That Got Creative With the Ice Bucket Challenge Without Calling on the CEO

You've seen the videos in your social feeds every day for a month. The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions for the ALS Association and is quite possibly the most successful viral charity drive of all time.  Your friends have done it, your family has done it, celebrities have done it, maybe you've even done it.

Nolan Gould Stars in the Cutest PSA Yet for Keeping Beaches Clean

Everyone can recall the palm-sweating bumbling of trying to kiss a date for the first time. But Toyota TogetherGreen, a partnership with the National Audubon Society that supports community-based conservation projects, is betting it's not as uncomfortable as knowing your carefree day at the beach may have caused irreparable harm to wildlife.

Houston Astros' Spoof of Viral Shopping Mall Ad Is as Bad as the Team's Record

When you have a .420 winning percentage, you come up with creative ways to put butts in seats. And Houston Astros pitchers Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh certainly didn't balk at the idea of giving advertising a shot in the form of this parody of last week's viral mall commercial from Missouri.  While the original spot was indeed bad on purpose, we're not sure what motivation these guys had in spoofing it.

New Agency Wants to Turn Every Ugly Craigslist Ad Into a Thing of Beauty

Craigslist is not a place where you tend to find beautiful, creative, compelling advertising. It's almost all amateur ads, after all, and created within a fairly limiting framework.

Nail Polish Invented by College Students Changes Color When It Detects Date-Rape Drugs

Here's the newest example of a clever invention that shouldn't have to exist. Undercover Colors is a line of chemically enhanced nail polish currently being developed by undergrads at North Carolina State University.

Gap's New Celebrity Ads Tell Us to 'Dress Normal.' What Does That Mean, Exactly?

See this Gap ad with Anjelica Huston? How would you describe her look? Stylish? Sophisticated? Exceptional?

Airbnb Posts Its Strangest Listing Yet, Inviting You to Spend the Night at Ikea

I love the smell of Hemnes in the morning. Some lucky Australians will soon wake up in an Ikea store in New South Wales after spending a night there as part of an oddball promotion with Airbnb.

Female CEOs Pose for Underwear Ads: A Step Forward or Back for Women in Tech?

Is it controversial to be a CEO in your underwear? Many brands have been changing the way they use models in their ads lately.

ModCloth Signs Pledge to Avoid Retouching Photos of its Models

Ever wish advertisers would just admit when they've airbrushed their models? Online retailer ModCloth promised to do so when it became the first retailer to sign the "Heroes Pledge for Advertisers." The petition, drafted by The Brave Girls Alliance, sets boundaries on image retouching in ads.