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To Attract New Hires From Out of Town, a Cincinnati Agency Created a Tinder Profile…for Cincinnati

Getting to know a new city is a little bit like going on a blind date. After arriving at this insight while trying to think of ways to recruit new talent from out of town, Possible Cincinnati had an idea.

This Maternity Line for Children Was Created to Highlight 7 Million Youth Pregnancies Each Year

Finnish agency hasan & partners teamed up with Paola Suhonen, a well known fashion designer in the country, to create a "Maternity Wear for a 12-Year-Old" campaign to call awareness to the problem of child pregnancies in developing countries and drive donations to child rights organization Plan International.

An Agency Helped Create This Incredible Music Video Celebrating Feminism in the Modern Arab World

Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou' Leila's vision of the Middle East today is an amalgam of varied and sometimes contradictory influences, from the historical to the political.

For Decades, Hollywood’s Ultimate Villains Were the Nazis. Will Recent Events Get Fists Swinging Again?

Stories need stakes, something that the protagonist is either trying to make happen or working to avoid happening.

HP Takes Its Newest Printer Back in Time to Blow Some Minds in 1983

Is color printing even legal? Does it cost as much as a horse? And could the office's fancy new all-in-one print-scan-copy-fax machine have an actual security guard living inside it?

With Names Like ‘Surge Protector’ and ‘Torpedo Tube,’ Free Condoms Are Finally Fun

Have you ever been to a Planned Parenthood, or any similar organization, to fish from their glass bowl of free condoms?

The Builder From Clash of Clans Has Jumped Out of the Game and Built a Statue in Brooklyn

Clash of Clans players finally have some answers about what happened to the Builder.

Cow Jokes Fall Udderly Flat in ‘Serious Meat’ Campaign for New Zealand Jerky

New Zealand comedian Tim Batt really milks his material, but this audience remains unmoooved. That's because Batt finds himself standing in a picturesque field, performing bovine-themed jokes for a bunch of actual cows, in these silly, short social videos from Portland, Ore., agency North for New Zealand Jerky.

Meet the World’s Worst Voice Assistant in This Brand’s Brutal, Funny Takedown of AI

Robots are everywhere. And it's a problem. They clean our houses (probably while stealing our data), sit around at home getting hacked by pushy brands, take our jobs and beat us at games.

This Crazy, GIF-Filled Beer Ad Pleads for a Break From the Insanity of GIFs

Are GIFs a major problem in the world? Probably not. But Brazilian beer brand Brahma urges its fans to break the cycle of repetition in a literally loopy ad from agency Santo and director Armando Bo (the Oscar-winning writer of Birdman).

These Outdoor Ads Call Out Shoppers by Name, but It’s Not Quite as Creepy as It Sounds

Has Cost Plus World Market been spying on you? When the furniture and decor retailer says with some specificity that it knows how and where you live, it's actually true.

Dentsu’s Clock, With Different Hands for All 1,440 Minutes of the Day, Is Designer’s Dream

Japanese stationery brand Hitotoki wanted to show audiences the joy in hand-crafting art, so it made a special clock with 1,440 different sets of hands--one for every minute of the day.

Droga5 Takes a Long, Strange Trip Through These Twisted Comic Ads for Luxury Vacations

You meet the strangest people on vacation. For example, the talky trio in Droga5 London's cheeky new ads for Secret Escapes, a members-only service that sells discounted luxury hotel accommodations and travel packages.

’25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant’ Is Lighthearted and Funny, Until It’s Not

"Being so big that I couldn't get myself out of the bathtub without help." "Strangers coming up to touch your bump." "Knocking things over with my tummy." "Cankles." These are some of the "25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant" Irish women initially identify in breezy, offhand fashion during the f

A Man Spraypainted Hate Tweets in Front of Twitter’s Office After It Failed to Delete Them

To properly vent his frustrations with Twitter's lax hate-speech policies, Israeli satirist Shahak Shapia went analog, spraypainting some of the vicious Tweets he's received--and reported to Twitter--right outside Twitter's German headquarters.

The Giant Chicken From KFC’s Marietta, Georgia, Store Springs to Life in W+K’s New Film

It's not every day you get to see a building in the shape of a giant chicken, let alone one that can get up and walk away.

10 Food Chains That Should Follow Dunkin’s Lead and Drop a Word

With word that Dunkin' Donuts is considering shortening its name to Dunkin', the rest of the food industry is surely doing some soul-searching about whether to follow suit.

How Movies Made From Stephen King Books Have Been Marketed Through the Years

If you watched the one trailer for this week's The Dark Tower, you saw text that informs the audience the movie is based on the best-selling series of novels from Stephen King.

Travel Company’s Weird Ad With Naked Flight Attendants Doesn’t Fly With Viewers (SFW)

A travel company in Kazakhstan is defending a bizarre ad campaign that's been widely panned across social media for featuring models posing naked as flight attendants to communicate that the brand's services add nothing to the price of a plane ticket (get it?

BBH Interns Staged an Adorable Facebook Live Event to Help Save Puppies

Tasked with building big-time buzz for a good cause on a budget of $1,000, four interns at BBH New York unleashed a doggone adorable Facebook Live event, produced in partnership with Social Tees Animal Rescue.