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Bud Light Preps for a Special Sunday Night as It Tries to Make Ads That Break Into Culture

Bud Light is expressly trying to generate cultural buzz with its new "Famous Among Friends" campaign, and it sees this Sunday as its next big opportunity to do so.

The Makers of the ‘Bite Size Horror’ Ads Tell Us All About Their Wonderfully Spooky Creations

Halloween advertising has been a treat this year, thanks to Fox Digital Studio and Mars candy brands, which teamed up for a wonderfully creepy series of two-minute "Bite Size Horror" films that have been airing on Fox television networks.

Svedka Vodka Uses Retargeting to Make Creepy Halloween Ads That Follow You Around

Ad retargeting is more trick than treat, right? Regardless, Svedka Vodka looks to leverage the unloved online marketing practice for a Halloween "Banner Ad Curse" campaign, created by Toronto agency Bensimon Byrne.

Kansas City’s Mayor Reviewed Scores of Amazon Products in Sneaky Pitch for Company’s HQ2

Sly James, the mayor of Kansas City, Mo., is courting Amazon's much-coveted second headquarters in a highly tailored medium--the site's own product reviews section, where he's been leaving 5-star reviews for scores of items his office recently purchased.

TBWA Handled a Heartbreaking Assignment Beautifully in These Ads for Children’s Hospice Care

Dying children are hard to talk about, so one pediatric hospice care provider has created a poignant new campaign asking people at a loss for words to donate instead.

A Gold-Pooping Dragon Stars in Squatty Potty’s Latest Scat-Happy Long-Form Comedy

Squatty Potty knows some fantastic beasts and where to find them. That would be on the toilet, of course.

These 6 Short Films, All Shot on LG’s V30 Phone, Premiered at the New York Film Festival

In Hollywood, when something's a hit, there's usually a sequel. Cue LG, which has been following a similar script to showcase the cinematic video features of its new V30 smartphones.

Bud Light Made the Ultimate Idiotic Lifestyle Ad for Millennials, and It’s Spot On

What if a real-life commercial looked, sounded and felt like an SNL skit? It's happened before, both purposely and accidentally, and it's happening now in the U.K.

Nike’s Joyful Season-Opening NBA Ad Has Some Seriously Sweet Moves

The world's top sports stars are visually phenomenal, so their ads should be, too. Nike has always embodied this belief, with the best example being 2008's "Take It to the Next Level" soccer spot directed by Guy Ritchie, still one of the most visually stunning commercials ever made.

LeBron James Is Out for Revenge in This Epic Nike Ad Voiced by Idris Elba

LeBron James is ready to get back to work. Actually, he's been ready since his Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA title to the Golden State Warriors in June.

A Pair of Irish Whiskeys Come to America With Evocative Ads Full of History and Heritage

There once was an underdog chestnut colt that ran in a prestigious stakes race in Ireland and won despite 100-to-1 odds.

These ‘Bite Size’ Horror Films, From Mars Candy Brands, Are the Best Halloween Ads in Years

Viewers watching various Fox networks over the past week have been visited by some strange and chilling advertising just in time for Halloween.

Blade Runner 2049 Is a Good Movie. Why Wasn’t It a Box Office Hit?

For the second weekend in a row, Blade Runner 2049 underperformed at the box office. While it was the top movie in its opening frame of Oct.

British Fashion Brand Jigsaw Bucks Xenophobia With Pro-Immigrant Ads

A British fashion brand is meeting anti-foreign sentiment in that country with a campaign celebrating immigration and diversity.

Axe Made a Product Scent Called Leather + Cookies, and Has a Weird Ad to Match

Way back in the 1970s, a team at Ogilvy came up with the timeless phrase "Two great tastes that taste great together." That classic bit of copywriting described the irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut butter in Reese's cups.

Watch Two NFL Players Melt Down While Trying to Eat Paqui’s Hellishly Spicy Chips

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the NFL that didn't involve concussions, criminal behavior or angry tweets from the president.

Tile’s First Major Ad Campaign Tells the Epic Story of a Beloved Lost Panda

If your beloved anthropomorphic plush panda bear ever goes missing, don't sweat it. Tile's got you covered.

LA Metro Got Some Crazy Ads From the Maker of Halo Top’s Robot Spot

Mike Diva is going mainstream. The YouTube director, known in part for his insane fake Japanese commercials (including a famous Donald Trump ad spoof made during last year's election), is getting some plum real ad gigs lately.

Nike’s Striking Ad With Rex Tso, the Unbeaten Hong Kong Boxer, Isn’t About Winning

Some of our favorite sports ads aren't so much about winning as gritting your teeth against adversity.

Jean Paul Gaultier Designed Some 10€ Coins, Including One With the Eiffel Tower in a Corset

Remember the '90s, when the 50 State Quarters program was enacted and every transaction became an opportunity to exchange the glorious crags of Colorado for a fat Georgia peach?