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Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi... All the Words You Need to Know to Understand Microbes

All fields of study have their own language. For people interested in learning about microbes, the language can sometimes be downright difficult—but it doesn't need to be.

Get the Pixel's 'Zero Shutter Lag' Camera with HDR+ Features on Your Nexus

Everyone's been raving about the Pixel's top-notch camera, and the acclaim is well-deserved. The main difference between Google's new camera software on their Pixel phones and the older software on their Nexus devices is that the Pixel has almost no perceptible lag between tapping the shutter button and the image being captured—even with HDR+ mode enabled.

HoloLens Dev 102: How to Create an ImageTarget with Vuforia & Set Up the Camera System

Now that we've set up Vuforia in Unity, we can work on the more exciting aspects of making physical objects come to life on the HoloLens.

Rock Harder on GarageBand with a DIY Pringles Can Drum Kit

Damn right, you don't just eat 'em. When you're done with your next Pringles can, you can turn it into a kaleidoscope, a pinhole camera, and even a solar hot dog cooker.

This Insanely Fast Robot Solved a Rubik's Cube in Just 0.637 Seconds

In December of last year, Australian Feliks Zemdegs broke the human world record for solving a Rubik's Cube with a time of 4.737 seconds.

How to Get Motorola's Active Display Features on Your Pixel or Nexus

Regardless of what they call them—be it Pixel or Nexus—Google's line of smartphones have a cool feature called "Ambient Display" that wakes your screen in a low-power black and white state when you receive a notification.

We Know You Want To, but You Really Shouldn't Be Kissing Your Pet on the Mouth

If you live with pets, you know where their tongue has been, yet you let them kiss and lick you all they want without even thinking twice about it.

HoloLens Dev 102: How to Install & Set Up Vuforia in Unity

In this first part of our tutorial series on making physical objects come to life on HoloLens, we are going to set up Vuforia in Unity.

The Crazy, Hyper-Realistic Tattoos from Artist Steve Butcher

Looking to get seriously tatted up? Your best bet is probably to head Down Under. Meet Steve Butcher, a New Zealand native who is changing the tattoo game in a big way.

Watch 79 Million People Legally Immigrate to the US Over 200 Years

Immigration and immigration policy are some of the biggest discussions happening in international and domestic politics right now.

How to Get the Pixel's Navigation Buttons & Google Assistant Animation on Your Nexus

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL have an exclusive set of navigation buttons that you can't get on any other device without some tinkering.

Cold, Dry Air Could Signal a Flu Outbreak a Week Before It Happens—Here's How to Protect Yourself

Most of us equate feeling cold with catching a virus—but we've also heard plenty of debunkers proselytizing that being cold isn't what gives you the flu.

HoloLens Dev 102: How to Make Physical Objects Come to Life on HoloLens with Vuforia

It seems to me you can't swing a dead cat near an augmented reality developer without hearing the word Vuforia escape their lips.

PSA: If You're Having Auto-Focus Issues on Your Pixel, It's Probably Your Case's Fault

According to multiple users on Reddit, the Pixel and Pixel XL's camera can have some serious auto-focus issues if you're using a certain type of case with Google's new flagships.

3D Modeling Comes to Mixed Reality on the HoloLens with Verto Studio 3D

3D modeling is usually a very long and complicated process. Manipulating the thousands to millions of vertices, faces, and triangles to the correct shape you want is just the first part of the process, and can take a good while depending on the level of detail needed.

This Paper-Thin Foldable Battery Is Powered by Bacteria

In the perpetual search for a renewable and convenient energy source, our bacterial friends have once again stolen the limelight.

The Next Big Antibiotic Could Come from the Gut of an Insect

No one can dispute the evolutionary success of bugs. The oldest insect fossils were found encased in crystallized mineral silica in Scotland in 1926, and they're between 396 and 407 million years old.

Proof of Concept: Music Everywhere Uses HoloLens to Help Piano Students with Improvisation

Students from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center have been working on an augmented reality system to help teach music in a project called Music Everywhere.

Fecal Transplants to Cure Infections—A Modern Take on a 1,700-Year-Old Idea

Bacteriotherapy sounds a lot more amenable of a term than "fecal transplant," yet they're both treatments that use bacteria itself to cure or treat infections.

New Coalition Investing Millions to Stop Outbreaks Like Ebola & Zika Before They Explode

Responding to the rapid emergence of dangerous pathogens around the world, a new initiative to prevent or contain pandemics was announced in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday.