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Hack Like a Pro: Using Windows as a Hacking Platform, Pt. 1 (Exploit Pack)

Welcome back, my tenderfoot hackers! As most of you know, I am strong advocate for using Linux as a hacking platform.

How to Stay Alive & Emerge Victorious on Black Friday

The Black Friday shopping battle is just around the corner. At the end of the day, will you emerge empty-handed or victorious with an armful of shopping bags bursting at the seams?

10 Edible Thanksgiving Decorations That'll Get Your Family Even Fatter

Autumn is a time of year when everything looks, smells, and tastes good. The scents of cinnamon and spices are everywhere you go, and even the dead leaves that fall off the trees are pretty.

How to Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes on Thanksgiving

From choosing the right potato to the movement at which you mash your cut and boiled spuds, making the perfect mashed potatoes requires more attention to detail than you might think.

Get a Better Night's Sleep with These Free Android Apps

We spend over 30 percent of our lifetimes sleeping—yet it never seems like enough, does it? Distractions ranging from work issues to personal relationships keep our minds racing well after they should be shutting down for the night, and the onset of smartphones has only added to this problem with the instant information and easy entertainment that they offer.

How to Break Down a Whole Chicken Like a Pro

Here's a not-so-well-kept secret about the food industry: retailers love to take your money. And one of the ways they do that is by dividing food into smaller sizes and charging more.

How to Prep & Cook the Perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost here, so now is the perfect time to figure out how you're going to cook that Turkey Day bird for dinner.

How to Make Cold Compress Ice Packs at Home for Cheap

Having a store-bought cold compress on the ready is the perfect solution for minor bumps, bruises, sprains, and strains, but why spend money on bright blue ice packs when you can make your own right at home?

How to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey in Half the Time

I've never been a huge fan of the traditional roasted turkey at Thanksgiving. Different parts of the bird finish cooking at different times, so by the time the legs are cooked through, the breast meat is totally dry.

How to Trim Calories from Chicken Wings Without Trimming Flavor

Be it happy hour, a Super Bowl party, or just a gathering of friends, buffalo wings are a universal favorite.

Black Friday Deals: Smart HDTVs from $125, Tablets from $35, Speakers 55% Off, & More

There are going to be tons of great Black Friday deals on electronics in stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc.

10 Desk Hacks That'll Help You Get More Done at Work

There are many hacks for increasing productivity, but so many depend on tricking your own mind or behavior.

3 Deliciously Clever Ways to Save a Burnt Cake

We've all been there before. Preheated the oven, popped in the cake, and then became distracted by this, that, or the other...

3 Weird & Tasty Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Roasting turkey is a topic that inspires endless debate among cooks. How do you get the perfect mixture of juicy meat, crispy skin, and flavor?

10 Free Apps Every Windows 10 User Should Have

Windows 10 has proved to be immensely popular (free upgrades certainly don't hurt), and with back to school time, there's a good chance you have a new computer running Microsoft's latest OS.

10 Beautiful, Easy-to-Make Centerpieces for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but there's no need to spend a lot of time or money on a fancy centerpiece for the dinner table.

Android's Best Build.Prop Tweaks for Better Speed, Battery Life, & Customization

Android has a single text file named build.prop that determines tons of various system-wide settings on your device.

How to Record Streaming Music, FaceTime Calls, Skype Audio, & More for Free

Piracy, it can be argued, is the scourge of the internet. But when it comes to music, sometimes it's best to give a listen to a track or album before deciding to spend your hard-earned money on fully supporting it.

7 Reasons to Unlock Developer Options on Your Android

In case you didn't know, Android has an awesome hidden settings menu called "Developer options" that contains a lot of advanced and unique features.

Morning Coffee Not Strong Enough? Do This Instead

Like a strong-tasting cup of joe, but want more caffeine out of it? Start double brewing your coffee.