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How to Get New Transition Animations on Your Nexus 5

Transition animations are an essential element of any mobile operating system. They give the user a sense of what's happening on the screen, where the apps are coming from, and where they're going.

Linux Foundation Offering Free Linux Intro Course on August 1st (Normally $2,400!)

To spread awareness and familiarity with the Linux OS, on August 1st the Linux Foundation is temporarily offering a free online course and certification program on edX that usually costs around $2,400 on their own training website.

Ingredients 101: Heirloom vs. Hybrid Tomatoes… Ready, Fight!

If you've been to a farmer's market during tomato season, chances are you know that heirloom tomatoes are pricier (and funnier-looking) than their hybrid counterparts.

Canvas Fingerprinting: How to Stop the Web's Sneakiest Tracking Tool in Your Browser

Canvas fingerprinting is the web's trickiest privacy threat, but it's not impossible to stop. With all the media attention it's gotten lately, it's time we lay out exactly how to detect and prevent this invasive tracking technique.

How to Theme Android L on Your Nexus 5 with New Colors & Icons

Google's upcoming Android release hasn't even received a name or version number yet, but the third-party development community is already having its way with the firmware.

9 More DIY Ways to Painlessly Remove Splinters from Your Skin

Got a stubborn splinter lodged into your finger? There are a number of ways you can remove it easily using materials found around your home.

How to Scoop Frozen Ice Cream Without Breaking Your Wrist

Just when you begin to doubt the future of humanity, advances in ice cream scooping science continue to develop.

How to Show Someone a Photo on Your iPhone Without Them Swiping Though All of Your Pics

When showing someone a photo on my iPhone, I inevitably get that friend or family member that swipes left or right, trying to sneak a peek at other pictures in my Camera Roll.

Hack Like a Pro: How to Crack Passwords, Part 3 (Using Hashcat)

Welcome back, my greenhorn hackers! Continuing with my series on how to crack passwords, I now want to introduce you to one of the newest and best designed password crackers out there—hashcat.

On the Fence About Something? Anonymously AskInternets for the Answer

There will always be a time when you're not entirely sure what you're doing with a certain subject. But the days of weighing the pros and cons yourself are coming to an end.

How to Turn Any Photo You Want into a Custom Emoji Icon on Your iPhone

The biggest hurdle faced when text messaging (besides more convincing lies) is accurately communicating our emotion and tone.

Care Inspires Care, Celebrating Our Caring Impact Together

This story is brought to you by Johnson & Johnson. With the FIFA World Cup™ as the international stage, Johnson & Johnson looked to make the world a more caring place through Care Inspires Care™.

Ingredients 101: Why Properly Rinsing Rice, Barley, Farro, & Quinoa Is So Damn Important

Many lazy cooks skip rinsing off their grains before they cook 'em, but that's a big mistake for a few reasons.

How to Secure Android Apps with Mathematical Expressions on Your Galaxy S4

Security is a priority for many when they first set up their mobile devices. Nobody wants to have a stranger or nosey friend go through their phone and discover risqué photos or embarrassing text messages.

Theme Your Nexus 5 with Flat System Icons & Translucent Pull-Downs

Yes, I know. Nexus owners aren't exactly the biggest Apple fans out there. That "Pure Android" experience was one of the main reasons we bought our Nexus devices.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Even More Video Games

Although your friends might roll their eyes every time you talk about playing Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, or Candy Crush Saga, your excessive gaming habits might actually be making you healthier than everyone else.

Attention: Your Galaxy Note 3 Can Be Used as a Heart Rate Monitor

Your heart is constantly work for you, yet you think nothing of it—and Samsung wants to change that. They stuck a dedicated heart-rate monitor on the Galaxy S5, they're putting one in the upcoming Note 4, and they're bound to slap one in every Galaxy device thereafter.

How to Make Google Now Obey Your Every Command on the Nexus 5—Even Without Root

It seems like custom Google Now commands are a dime a dozen these days. With Commandr for Google Now giving non-rooted users their first taste of custom voice commands just a couple weeks ago, you may wonder why we're covering this subject again.

Why You Should Always Order Large—At Least When It Comes to Pizza

Check it out: you save more dough (ba dum bump) when you order a large pizza than with any other size.

How to Prevent the Screen from Waking When Plugging in Your Galaxy S4 to Charge

Much like the high volume warning, there are various minute features on Android that users either hate or just find annoying.