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Saving Thanksgiving Dinner: How to Fix a Soggy or Burnt Pie Crust

How often do you make a pie from scratch? If your answer is "only during the holidays," you're not alone.

Saving Thanksgiving Dinner: How to Fix Lumpy or Too-Thin Gravy

It's bad enough messing up in the kitchen when it's just for you or your family, but when you're cooking for a big event with a lot of guests, it can be mortifying.

How to Prevent Cracks in Cheesecake (Or Fix Them in a Hurry)

There is something so satisfying about dipping your spoon into a perfectly smooth slice of cheesecake.

How to Store Thanksgiving Leftovers for Maximum Longevity

So by now you've stuffed yourself with enough cranberry-soaked turkey to last you until next year. Still, there's a formidable amount of leftovers and you're kidding yourself if you think you won't be craving them when you wake up tomorrow with a food coma/hangover.

13 Delicious Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

What's better than stuffing yourself during Thanksgiving dinner? Gorging on leftovers the next day, of course.

13 More Delicious Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Last year, I wrote a post on 13 Delicious Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers, and since I love leftovers so much, I thought I would follow up with 13 more ideas.

Mulling Spices: The Process for Making a Great-Tasting Giftable Drink

Nothing signals the end of fall and the start of winter like hot, seasonal drinks. And while pumpkin spice lattes may be the flavor of the day, and eggnog the Christmas favorite, one seasonal drink stands apart in my eyes: mulled cider.

How to Use Windows 10's Task Manager (Everything You Need to Know)

Task Manager got revamped quite a bit in modern versions of Windows. First introduced in Windows NT 4.0, it's become pretty popular among more advanced users.

Compound Butter: An Easy Flavor Hack

Butter is one of the most versatile ingredients in the world: its variety of uses range from brightening a morning piece of toast to finishing a beautiful rib-eye steak with decadent flair.

MagSpoof Digitally Clones the Magnetic Stripe of Any Credit Card

Samy Kamkar, the security researcher known for the MySpace Worm and his combination lock cracking skills (using an online calculator), is back—and this time, he's after your credit cards!

Turkey Day Hacks: 7 Alternatives to Traditional Stuffing

When it comes to Thanksgiving, some people live for stuffing, (or dressing, if that's what you call it).

How to Cook Easy 'Homemade' Chicken Noodle Soup with Only 4 Ingredients

One of the best things about cold weather is soup, and there's nothing more comforting than a great chicken noodle soup.

10 Ultra-Practical Uses for Your Hair Dryer (Besides the Obvious)

Hair dyers are pretty straightforward tools, but they can actually do way more than just dry your wet hair or defog your bathroom mirror.

How to Make a DIY Roasting Rack for Your Turkey

One of the golden rules to cooking a Thanksgiving turkey is to place it on a roasting rack before it goes into the oven.

How to Repurpose Your Thanksgiving Trash

After the turkey is carved and the leftover meat is refrigerated, don't get rid of the remaining carcass and bones just yet.

Prep Your Veggies Like a Pro with These Expert Hacks

Vegetables are perhaps the most important part of our diets, but often times they're an absolute pain to prepare.

5 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Thanksgiving Turkey

When I was 12, for some mysterious reason, my dad put me and my little brothers in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey.

How to Get Mac OS X's App Dock on Your Windows PC

The dock in Mac OS X is intuitive, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing, which is a stark difference from its clunky Windows alternative.

Weird Ingredient Wednesday: Zucchini Blossoms

Those ordinary green zucchini you see in the market are hiding a lovely, delicious secret: Actually, all summer squashes produce these delightful blooms, but the zucchini's are most frequently used for eating since they taste the best: fresh, clean, and zucchini-like, but with a little something extra.

8 Last Minute Fixes for Common Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters

Lumpy gravy? Gluey mashed potatoes? Dry turkey meat? So many things can go wrong when you are bestowed the honor (and burden) of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.