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How to Remove Vocals from Any Song to Make a Karaoke or Instrumental Track

Finding an instrumental or karaoke version of a song can be pretty easy, unless you're dealing with a song that isn't popular.

The Hacks of Mr. Robot: How to Send a Spoofed SMS Text Message

Welcome back, my rookie hackers! As most of you know, Mr. Robot is probably the best hacker TV show ever!

How to Prevent Windows 10 from Auto-Updating

In a bit of a strange decision, Microsoft has made it to where some users don't have a choice in the matter of applying failed automatic updates.

Bottled vs. Tap: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose City Water Over Plastic

There is a huge myth that most Americans believe, and it might be the marketing triumph of the 20th century.

How to Disable Adaptive Brightness on Windows 10 for Maximum Screen Brightness

You're smashing your keyboard to increase your screen brightness, yet it won't go any higher, but you know you've been able to set it higher before.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Cortana Voice Commands in Windows 10

Cortana, Microsoft's voice-activated personal assistant, originally launch on Windows Phone, but is now built directly into Windows 10 complete with "Hey Cortana" voice search (take that, Apple).

How to Get Your Computer Ready for the Windows 10 Update

The day has finally come, and after quite a bit of hype and buildup, Windows 10 is now officially available.

Weird Ingredient Wednesday: Liquid Nitrogen, the Trendiest Element in Modern Cooking

If you've ever turned on an episode of Iron Chef or Top Chef, chances are you've seen a contestant in gloves and goggles, yielding a canister that looks far more fit for a chemistry lab than for a kitchen.

45 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Master Windows 10

Windows 10 is officially here, and frankly, there's a ton of new features in Microsoft's latest operating system.

How to Make an Easy No-Sew Pet Bed for Your Cat or Dog

Want to treat your furry best friend to a new pet bed? All you need are two identical pieces of fleece, batting, and a pair of fabric scissors.

10 Free Texting Apps for Android That Are Way Better Than Your Stock SMS App

Texting has become the king of communication—gone are the days where everyone called each other. These days, it's down-right weird when someone calls first.

How to Set Different Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors in Windows 10

Windows 8 had an easy "Set for monitor" option that allowed you to use different wallpapers on a multi-monitor setup—an option that is seemingly absent from Windows 10.

How to Get Song Lyrics for Apple Music on Your iPhone

My all-time top songs are the ones that speak to me on a deeper level, and it's through the lyrics that artists are able to make that connection.

How to Cut a Cooked Steak the Right Way

There is no greater food to master than steak. If you can make a steak that's only marginally better than your neighborhood Applebee's, you'll still have friends waiting outside your door for steak night.

Tell Your Friends: How to Protect Yourself from Android's Biggest Security Flaw in Years

Researchers at the cyber security firm Zimperium have recently uncovered a vulnerability in roughly 95% of Android devices that has the potential to allow hackers to take total control over your phone with a simple picture message (MMS).

How to Remove Live Tiles & Resize the Start Menu in Windows 10

The Start menu is finally back in Windows 10, but a lot has changed since we last saw it in Windows 7.

These 6 Flavors Turn Crunchy Chickpeas into Snacking Gold

Whether you call them chickpeas, garbanzo beans, or Egyptian peas, these little morsels are one of my favorite snacks—when properly seasoned, that is.

How to Use Instagram in Any App from Your iPhone's Keyboard

In the U.S., smartphone users spend more time on Facebook and Instagram than on any other app. If this sounds surprising for any reason, it shouldn't.

9 Surprisingly Toxic Foods You Should Never Eat

Tin cans have resin linings that contain bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been linked in animal lab testings to a number of ailments that include reproductive problems, heart disease, and obesity.

Skip Scented Candles: Make Scented Light Bulbs with Flavored Extracts Instead

Do you ever walk into a nice boutique, a friend's house, or a fancy restaurant, and think, “I wish my house smelled like this”?