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'Halloweenify' Your Photos with Google+ Auto Awesome

With Halloween fast approaching, social media sites are abuzz with ghosts stories and pictures of cool costumes.

Android Lollipop—All the New Features You Need to Know About

We've already seen the visual changes that Android 5.0 will soon bring to the table, but Google spent just as much time altering things under the hood.

24 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Are you one of those people that waits until the last minute to come up with a costume for Halloween?

Shoot 4K Video with Manual Focus & More on Your Nexus 5 (Lollipop)

One of the biggest under-the-hood changes in Android 5.0 is a new, robust Camera API. When Lollipop makes its official debut, this API will allow developers to hook into your phone's camera sensor like never before.

How to Make Candy Corn Vodka Cocktails for Your Halloween Bash

Do you like candy corn? Do you like vodka? Well, then this candy corn vodka cocktail will be a huge hit at your Halloween party (at least, with you).

These 6 Cheap & Easy DIY Masks Are Perfect for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

With only a day left until Halloween, a full and detailed costume is too much to throw together for most people.

How to Use the Much-Improved Face Unlock Feature in Android Lollipop

I think it's safe to assume that most of us appreciate a little privacy and security when it comes to our mobile devices, which is exactly why we have lock screens that require unique passwords, patterns, or PINs.

Bee-Do, Bee-Do! 5 Awesome DIY Minion Halloween Costumes from 'Despicable Me'

Last summer, Universal Pictures released the sequel to the popular 2010 animated film Despicable Me, bringing back everyone's favorite characters—the Minions.

How to Craft a Realistic Rocket Raccoon Costume for Halloween

This year's biggest film certainly didn't come as a surprise: with another incredible comic book creation, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy wowed audiences more than any other movie.

How to Make an Easy, Last-Minute Polygon Mask for Halloween

Halloween is coming fast. It's one of those things that always seems to sneak up on you before you're prepared, so if you don't have tons of free time to make your own kickass costume, you might have throw together something a little more last minute.

Quick Tip: Make Your Halloween Treats Glow in the Dark with Tonic Water

If you're throwing a party for Halloween or making homemade goodies for trick-or-treaters, there's no shortage of spooky foods and drinks you can cook up.

10 Creative Women's Costumes That'll Keep You Covered This Halloween

Halloween is a night to dress up as any character you'd like—but for women, that typically means wearing something skimpy or downright absurd.

10 Truly Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Don't Totally Suck

With only a few days left until Halloween, your options might be rather limited if you still don't have a costume.

9 Insanely Lazy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using Only What You've Got

I'm one of those types of people who waits until the very last minute to find a Halloween costume, and thanks to last year's attempt at buying one at a local costume shop the day before Halloween, I will just settle for the things I have lying around in my house from now until eternity.

How to Prevent Carved & Uncarved Pumpkins from Rotting

Pumpkin carving and decorating is a favorite pastime during this time of year. After you've carved an amazing design or face into a pumpkin or two, you want to show it off through your window or set it out on your porch for the neighbors to see.

These Free Printable Masks Are About as Lazy as Halloween Costumes Can Get

You told yourself you wouldn't be one of those lame people who throws on a mask and shows up at costume parties, but here we are a day before Halloween and you still have nothing.

That Was Fast—Nexus 6 Sells Out in 60 Seconds

If you were eagerly refreshing the Nexus 6 order page this morning for a chance to snag the latest from Google and Motorola, we hope you were quick to purchase.

Hack Like a Pro: An Introduction to Regular Expressions, Part 2

Welcome back, my hacker novitiates! A short while ago, I introduced you to regular expressions. Regular expressions are a language that is particularly useful for finding complex text patterns in streams of data.

The Fastest Way to Change an App's Notification Settings in Android Lollipop

Notifications sometimes come in bulk on Android—especially after booting up. While some of them are helpful or informative, most can be immediately dismissed as soon as they come in.

Automatically Disable Distractions on Your Mac for a Productivity Boost

Getting things done isn't easy when you're bombarded with alert sounds and notifications all day long on your Mac.