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Organize Your Mac's Dock by Adding Blank Spaces as App Icon Dividers

Terminal is powerful tool that every Mac OS X user should explore. With it, we've shown you how to save iPhone voicemails, extract and back up text messages, and even check for vulnerabilities in your system, all using commands issued from within Terminal.

How to Back Up Any Partition on Your Android Device

When installing flashable ZIPs and custom ROMs, we always hear the same old adage: "Make a full NANDroid backup first." Trouble with this is that you don't always need an entire system backup, since many mods only apply to specific folders on your device.

Scan Book Barcodes in Stores for Quick Access to Reviews on Android

Purchasing an actual book from a brick-and-mortar store is becoming increasingly less common for people to do, but it hasn't completely gone out of style just yet.

Why You Should Eat Cookies for Breakfast

Cookies for breakfast seem like a clear dietary no-no, but these three-ingredient breakfast cookies are easy, healthy, portable, and can be made in advance.

Tiny Apps Is a Complete Floating Multitasking Suite for Android

With Android devices getting bigger by the year, you'd think there would be a native multitasking solution by now.

How to Permanently Browse in Desktop Mode on Android

The majority of Android web browsers carry a "desktop mode" feature that makes mobile websites look like normal computer versions.

3 Tips to Better Tasting Beer

We are living in a golden age of craft beers. Originally invented by the ancient Egyptians, every culture now has its own tastes regarding beer.

Improve Your Mood to Increase Brain Power

We've all heard the cliches: always look at the glass as half full; a smile can change your entire day; and there's always a silver lining.

Save Your Pickle Juice for Pickletinis, Hangovers, & More

The next time you finish that last pickle spear, don't pour the leftover green juice down the drain. You can use your leftover pickle juice in cooking, in cocktails, and as a post-workout performance shot.

How to Make Your Own Sleep Salve

Having trouble falling asleep? Using coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, and essential oils, you can easily concoct your own DIY, nice-smelling sleep salve that will help you drift off to slumber with minimal effort.

Control Volume Directly from the Notification Tray in Lollipop

If there's one gripe I have with Android Lollipop, it's the new volume menu. When Priority mode was introduced, the stock volume panel was revamped to accommodate it, and somewhere along the way a bit of functionality was lost.

Convert Almost Any File Type Straight to Your Cloud Account

Converting files from one format to another can be a pain. Sometimes you have to download software that you'll only end up using once.

Jump to the Bottom or Middle of a Page on Your iPhone, Not Just the Top

When surfing the web in Safari, you can double-tap the status bar to quickly scroll back up to the top any webpage.

Turn Your Smartphone into a Wireless Mouse & Keyboard for Your Computer

While you can do a lot of things on your smartphone that were once only done on a computer, having a laptop is still necessary and critical for many tasks.

Food Tool Friday: Jaccard Beats All Other Meat Tenderizers

Meat tenderizers are absolutely necessary when dealing with leaner, tougher cuts like flank or skirt steaks.

Tutanota for Android, iOS, & Web Keeps Your Emails Private with End-to-End Encryption

In the wake of the NSA scandal and celebrity-photo hacks, lots of people scrambled to find more-secure ways to send text messages, share emails, and surf the internet.

Get Lollipop-Style Status Bar Icons on Android Jelly Bean or KitKat

Android Lollipop promises tons of new features and functionality when it comes to a device near you, but as we wait, it's almost painful to see the screenshots and demo videos from Nexus devices and how downright pretty the new operating system looks.

Get Amazon Prime for Only $72 or Just Binge-Watch “Transparent”—This Saturday Only

An Amazon Prime subscription offers free two-day shipping and discounted rates on many Amazon products, while at the same time granting users access to Amazon's Instant Video library.

Lock & Unlock Your Mac Automatically Based on Your iPhone's Proximity to It

Leaving your computer unattended, whether at home, work, or a coffee shop, even for just a short while, is enough time for someone to steal it or look at your personal files.

How to Make Your Own Pesto Plus

Among the many gifts that Italy has bestowed upon the world, culinary and otherwise, pesto stands alone.