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The Cure to Soggy Salads Is Dressing with Whipped Cream

Salad isn't very exciting—and neither is salad dressing. You're either eating rabbit fodder drenched in a too-sour vinaigrette or too-heavy, leaf-wilting dressing like Thousand Island or French.

All the Apps You Need to Install on Your New Galaxy Note

Whether you made the switch from iOS, or you came from a different Android device, there's a lot to learn about your new Galaxy device.

How to Turn Off iMessage Read Receipts Per Person in iOS 10

With iOS 9.3.5, as well as all of the versions prior to that, you had two choices when it came to message read receipts—either on for everybody, or off for everybody.

How to Turn Off iMessage Read Receipts in iOS 10

With iOS 9.3.5, as well as all of the versions prior to that, you had two choices when it came to message read receipts—either on for everybody, or off for everybody.

Bioimplants Will Bring Augmented Reality Straight to Your Brain

We're already glimpsing the future when we look at mixed reality through a headset, but is the real evolution of this technology something that will exist as part of our bodies?

You Don't Need a Stone Oven to Make Kickass Pizzas

Making pizza at home is fun and easy—until you get your creation into the oven. Then all of a sudden, your crust gets soggy and your toppings ooze off into one big mess.

Make Flavor-Packed Dill Bread a Cinch with Pickle Juice

Pickles are insanely versatile: we eat them on their own as a snack, as a tasty zing on burgers, and some of us even like them in a sandwich with peanut butter.

Play with Thousands of Colorful Particles with This Simple but Awesome Vive App

Want proof that user experiences matter? Look no further than the HTC Vive and Omnipudding's particle generator, GPU Cubes VR, which lets you interact with thousands of colorful, cubic particles in a black void.

Prepare Your Phone for a Trip Abroad with These Tips

So you're finally ready to head out on that big trip you've been planning for months, huh? It's an exciting time, but there are plenty of things you'll need to prepare before you head out.

This Advanced Diver's Helmet Takes AR to the Depths of the Ocean

The headsets of tomorrow offer some amazing possibilities in both gaming and work, but what we've seen so far only begins to scratch the surface.

Brew Your Own Ginger Beer Like a Boss

Step aside, ginger ale; ginger beer is here, and it's delicious. Ginger beer is made by fermenting a combination of ginger simple syrup, yeast, and water, which gives it its robust flavor and sparkling quality.

Switching from iOS to Android? Here's Everything You Need to Do

Smartphone manufacturers do their best to keep you tied down to their ecosystem, but the reality is that there's not much keeping you from switching.

The Specs That Really Count When Buying a Phone

When shopping for a new smartphone, you'll encounter comparisons and spec sheets that are filled to the brim with values like mAh, GB, and GHz.

This Smart App Makes HoloLens Room Scanning a Game All on Its Own

Complex games in mixed reality require a pretty detailed scan of the room, and getting this process right can be both time-consuming and annoying.

Get iOS 10's New Wallpaper on Any Phone

In usual Apple fashion, there are new wallpapers to go along with their new operating systems, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

This Hack Lets You Cook Everybody's Omelets at the Same Time

If you spend weekend mornings sadly turning your omelet attempts into scrambled eggs rather than enjoying a perfectly flipped omelet, reach for a resealable plastic bag.

10 Reasons You Need to Switch to Google Inbox

Gmail has been the email standard for quite some time now, and for good reason: it's a free service provided by one of the largest tech companies in the world that offers users an amazing feature set to manage, send, and keep track of all their important emails.

The Easiest Way to Add Widgets on Your iPhone in iOS 10

iOS 10 has a lot of great new features and functionality for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, but the new widget system is definitely a highlight.

5 Ways to Turn Watermelon into Sweet & Savory Pizzas

If you love sitting poolside with a slice of watermelon, then I've got a real treat for you. Picture yourself cooling off with a slice of juicy watermelon topped with fresh ingredients like soft cheeses, herbs, and fresh summer fruits.

There's a Cute Cat Game Hidden in Android Nougat's Quick Settings

Okay, so that headline definitely got your attention, but what the hell do cats have to do with Android Nougat?