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HoloLens Dev 101: How to Use Coroutines to Add Effects to Holograms

Being part of the wild frontier is amazing. It doesn't take much to blow minds of first time mixed reality users — merely placing a canned hologram in the room is enough.

This 2017 Lidar Bottleneck Is Causing a Modern-Day Gold Rush

One major component of Level 4 and Level 5 driverless cars is in very short supply. Venture capitalists and engineers from around the world are racing to fill the LiDAR production, price, and performance void.

Hide the Navigation & Status Bars on Your Galaxy S8 for Even More Screen Real Estate — No Root Needed

The Samsung Galaxy S8's almost bezel-less display is truly a sight to behold, especially when set to immersive mode.

Glowing Bacteria Can Help Locate Devastating Hidden Land Mines

Devastating and deadly, land mines are a persistent threat in many areas of the world. Funding to clear regions of land mines has been decreasing, but new research may offer a less dangerous method of locating hidden, underground explosives by using glowing bacteria.

How to Force All Music Streaming Apps to Use Your Favorite Equalizer

Most music streaming services will either use the stock Android equalizer or their own built-in equalizer.

Microbe That Causes Sepsis & Meningitis Has Mutated into a New Sexually Transmitted Disease

The ability of one microbe to adapt is giving it a whole new career as a sexually transmitted disease.

Use GSam to Its Fullest Potential to Monitor Battery Life, CPU Usage, & More

Figuring out exactly which apps on your phone are eating through resources and battery life can be a difficult task.

9 Ways to Cut an Onion Without Shedding Tears

Is it possible to cut or chop onions in the kitchen without stinging eyes and looking as if you just watched the saddest movie ever?

Use Substratum to Completely Theme Your Android Marshmallow or Nougat Device

Perhaps one of CyanogenMod's greatest features was its built-in theme engine. It wasn't perfect, but it got the job done and gave users a unique look.

PSA: Tapping Control Center with 3 Fingers Will Freeze Your iPhone (But There's an Easy Fix)

Bugs are usually bad news for phone owners, ranging from mild annoyances to downright dangerous. Sometimes, the patch released to fix the problem messes things up even more.

Malaria Eliminated in the US, but Causing a World of Hurt — Know What You Can Do to Protect Yourself When Traveling

While no longer native to the United States, hospitalization from malaria occurs in this country more than most would believe.

If You've Had West Nile Virus, Be Extra Careful About Zika Exposure

As summer mosquito season approaches, researchers are warning people with previous exposure to West Nile virus to take extra precautions against Zika.

Install Multiple Equalizers on Your Phone with This Magisk Module

DSP Manager, Dolby Atmos, ViPER4Android — how are you supposed to pick just one from the wide variety of Android equalizers?

Customize Your Navigation Bar on Android Nougat — No Root Needed

One of the biggest features to come out with Android O was the addition of a new System UI Tuner submenu that lets you customize the navigation bar at the bottom of your phone's screen.

Use the Puffin Browser to Play Flash Games on Android Without Wasting Data

Once upon a time, Flash games reigned as some of the best entertainment the internet had to offer. But then came the smartphone, which quickly overtook this genre with similar games that you could play no matter where you were.

How to Fix a Huge Dent in Your Car at Home Without Ruining the Paint Job

There are two options when it comes to a dent in your car — live with it, cringing each time it enters your view, or get rid of it.

Teeny Sponges Being Created to Float in Your Blood, Sop Up Bacterial Toxin & Prevent Flesh-Eating Disease

It's not the bacteria itself that takes lives and limbs during invasive flesh-eating bacteria infections.

How to Use Google's Reverse Image Search on Your Android Device

Considering that Google makes Android, it's rather strange that the operating system doesn't have a baked-in solution for doing a reverse image search.

The 4 Best Phones for Privacy & Security

Cell phones — particularly smartphones — are inherently bad for privacy. You've basically got a tracking device in your pocket, pinging off cell towers and locking onto GPS satellites.

A Wish List of Windows Mixed Reality Features That Could Change Everything for the HoloLens

"Necessity, not novelty," is a phrase I use often when it comes to HoloLens development. It would be fair to call it my mantra, or mission statement, as I prototype and explore software creation on this new frontier of mixed reality.