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How to Remove Recent Contacts from the iPhone's App Switcher in iOS 8

Apple introduced recent contacts for the app switcher (aka multitasking menu) in iOS 8, useful for quickly calling and texting your most-contacted friends and family.

How to Disarm a Manipulative Sociopath

There are a lot of manipulative people out there, but you don't have to let all of them push you around.

How to Install the Sony Xperia Z2 Camera on Any Android Phone for AR Effects, Motion Shots, & More

One of the most feature-packed camera suites out there resides on the Sony Xperia Z2. Along with the regular camera and video modes, it comes with Motiongraph, AR Effect, and Social Live.

How to Make the Notification Panel Translucent on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

There's a lot you can access from the Notification tray on your Galaxy S4. Quick settings toggles, brightness controls, and of course, notifications.

Beer: Why a Perfect Pour Isn't Enough

Beer, glorious beer! It can stop grilled meats from producing carcinogens, can make fried foods super crunchy, and it even saved civilization from total annihilation.

Do This for More Flavorful Beer at Home (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do with Pouring)

Beer, glorious beer! It can stop grilled meats from producing carcinogens, can make fried foods super crunchy, and it even saved civilization from total annihilation.

How to Enable the Hidden Debug Options for Select Google Apps on Your Nexus 5

Buried deep in the code of many Google apps is a set of debugging options. These options, which are designed for developers to help test the way their apps interact with Google's own, are normally hidden from view.

Hack Like a Pro: Digital Forensics Using Kali, Part 3 (Creating Cases in Autopsy & Sleuth Kit)

Welcome back, my tenderfoot hackers! In continuing my series on digital forensics using Kali, I want to introduce you to two complementary tools, both built right into Kali Linux.

How to Bypass Filters, Firewalls, & Open Hotspot Restrictions on Your Galaxy Note 3

Ever use an open hotspot on your Note 3, only to find out that it's severely restricted to what sites you can access?

Productivity Tips: 10 Mind Hacks for Getting Things Done Better & Faster at Work

It may sound irrational, but I bet a lot of you actually avoid doing any work at work—but not on purpose.

Taking Screenshots Is the Fastest Way to Save Full Web Articles for Offline Reading on Your iPhone

With just a swipe and tap of a finger, we can access enormous libraries of information on our smartphones like never before.

How to Disable Lock Screen Security While in Trusted Locations on Your Galaxy S5

With all of the personal data that's stored on our smartphones, it's of vital importance that we have some sort of lock screen security enabled.

How to Make Authentic-Tasting Soft Pretzels at Home Without Any Drain Cleaner

Certain ingredients that a professional chef works with in a restaurant-style setting may seem bizarre, dangerous, and even downright scary to a home cook, and for good reason.

The Fastest, Most Convenient Way to Share Your Exact Location with Anyone on Your Galaxy S4

Whether it's a chaotic family day meetup at the beach, barhopping with buddies, or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery, being able to share your exact location with others using your smartphone makes life easier and less stressful.

8 Super-Easy & Super-Delicious DIY Popsicle Recipes for the Best Summer Ever

So long as you have a popsicle mold, making your own popsicles is ridiculously easy and the possibilities are limitless.

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Your LG G3 to Play Web Games & Flash Videos

Google, like Apple before them, no longer supports mobile Flash, but clearly there's plenty of Flash content still available on the web.

How to Black Out YouTube’s Background for Better Battery Life on Your Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5's screen is truly a feat of modern technology. It uses what is known as an AMOLED display—an acronym for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emmitting Diode.

How to Patch the Glitchy Mic on Your OnePlus One to Use "Okay, Google" Commands Anywhere

Thanks to a recent back-end update to Google's Search app, every KitKat-running device can use "Okay, Google" from within any app—even the lock screen.

AppWererabbit: The Swiss Army Knife of App Managers for Your Galaxy Note 3

There are over 60-something Android apps cluttering my app drawer. While I'm constantly on the look out for new mods and apps to install, the default way of managing them is cumbersome and just feels unintuitive.

Dried Mushrooms: You’re Not Using Enough of Them & Here’s Why

For the novice cook, fungi can be weird because, well, they're fungi. However, if you've been afraid to get acquainted with mushrooms, you've been missing out.