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The Trick to Making Opened Wine Last a Whole Week

As crazy as it sounds, there are times when bottles of wine go unfinished. I love a glass or three of vino, but am often guilty of not finishing the bottle.

How to Wash Your “Dry Clean Only” Clothes at Home for Cheap

Dry cleaning can be a pain the butt, not to mention super expensive, especially if you're wearing a lot of wool sweaters during the cold winter season.

How to Unroot & Restore a Samsung Galaxy S6 Back to Stock

There are several reasons that you might want to restore the factory firmware on your device—maybe you need to send your phone back for warranty purposes, or perhaps you're getting ready to accept an over-the-air update and need to unroot first.

How to Create & Restore Backups, Flash ZIPs, & More Without Tripping KNOX on Your Galaxy S6

KNOX is a major pain for Samsung owners who like to modify their devices. Its combination of hardware and software security measures make things rather difficult when you're trying to modify system-level files and functions without voiding your warranty.

The Best Way to Peel a Mango

For the longest time, I only ever did one thing with mangoes. I would cut off a chunk of the fruit, squeeze some lime over it, and eat it straight out of my hands as though it were a watermelon slice.

iPhone Messages App Keeps Crashing? Here's How to Fix It

If your iPhone is rebooting or your Messages app is constantly crashing, you might be the victim of a recently discovered iOS exploit.

Any Asshole with Your Phone Number Can Cripple Your iPhone

Thanks to a newly discovered iOS exploit, a text message can now ruin your day. It will literally cripple your iPhone, and the worst thing is that anyone with a phone that supports double-byte unicode can do it to you.

Weird Ingredient Wednesday: How to Train Your Dragonfruit

Even the most unadventurous eaters can usually be coaxed to take a bite of an exotic fruit (except, perhaps, the notoriously stinky durian).

How to Turn Your OnePlus One into an Android/iOS Hybrid

While its hardware may already be a little outdated compared to newer flagship phones, the OnePlus One is still a great value thanks to the dedicated community that continues to develop ROMs for it.

How to Prepare an Emergency Survival Kit for Earthquakes & Other Natural Disasters

Have you ever put together a basic survival kit for your home in case of an earthquake or natural disaster?

How to Cut Tomatoes the Right Way

Tomatoes are the perfect barometer for kitchen knives and knife skills. If you've ever watched an infomercial for a set of knives, you've surely seen the enthusiastic host waxing about how well the knives cut tomatoes.

How to Download & Save Any File Type onto Your iPhone

On an Android device, you can download almost any file type into a neat and tidy "Downloads" folder, and those files can then be accessed with an appropriate app, shared via email, or transferred over to your computer.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally Using Cloves

Fruit flies are nearly as frustrating as ants and equally impossible to eradicate—but there are a few ways to get rid of them.

Autocorrect Only Fixes Mistakes, but This Android Keyboard Helps Prevent Them

My reliance on autocorrect has made me a horrible speller. I take it for granted that it'll catch all my mistakes, but it only ends up making matters worse (especially when it inadvertently make correct words wrong).

Hacking SCADA

Welcome back, my hacker novitiates! Now, and more so in the future, wars will be fought hacker v. hacker.

Easy Ways to Find Time to Work Out During a Busy Week

Brought to you by Berocca® Video: . Sometimes 24 hours a day just isn't enough time to accomplish everything on your list.

Homemade Dog Treats: 3 Easy Recipes You Can Make for Your Pooch

Want to mix up the flavor profile of the food you are feeding your dog? Show your pooch some extra love with homemade dog treats recipes that are healthy, organic, and do not use any weird, overly processed chemicals in the ingredients.

Top 10 Free First-Person Shooter Games for Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Whether it's terrorism or brain-hungry zombies you're neutralizing, first-person shooters are an awesome way to immerse yourself within a new world and kill some time with your iPad or iPhone.

How to Remove Almost Any Stain Using Alcohol

There are countless methods and cleaners aimed at eliminating stubborn stains from everything to clothing, carpet, and furniture.

How Your Apple Watch Can Help You Find Your Parked Car

Everyone's forgotten where they parked their car at least once. Either you forget to take note of the section you parked in, or maybe it's more of a Dude, Where's My Car?