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Weird Ingredient Wednesday: You Should Be Adding Charcoal to Your Food & Here's Why

Charcoal is a famously prized substance when it comes to food and drink. Grilling aficionados swear by it, and its purifying properties make it the main ingredient in Brita filters (and its alternatives).

How to Use Android Wear with an iPhone

Google has finally released the iOS version of Android Wear, so if you own an Android smartwatch, you can finally connect it with your iPhone.

How to Add Background Music to Your Android's Home Screen

Newer gaming systems like the PlayStation 4 have a nice, subtle feature that goes a long way towards helping create a more immersive experience.

How to Read Your Own Palm Lines

Palmistry is the art of characterizing or foretelling the future through the reading of palm lines. Though there are certainly many variations and techniques when it comes to interpreting the meaning of palm lines, you can brush up on Palmistry 101 by getting acquainted with your four major palm lines: the heart line, head line, life line, and fate line.

Schedule Your Mac to Start, Shut Down, Restart, & Sleep Whenever You Want

Work, school, and everything in between keeps us pretty busy—so much so, that sometimes we run out of the house with our shirts on backwards, our headphones misplaced, and our computers running all day long.

YouTube Gaming vs Twitch: Which One Is Right for You?

Dropping upwards of $60 on a new game can really break the bank, and being a struggling college student leaves me having to decide whether to pick up the latest title or, you know, eat.

5 Delicious Things You Can Make on a Pizza Stone Besides Pizza

It goes without saying that a pizza stone is one of the keys to making a perfect pizza. The science behind pizza stones is relatively simple: the stone conducts and holds heat, which keeps the oven temperature steady even when a cold ingredient (such as an uncooked pizza) is introduced.

Clean Up Your Home Screen App Clutter in Just One Tap

Time takes its toll on your home screen. Before you know it, your clean app pages start filling up with social media, music streaming, video, and dozens of other kinds of apps.

How to Uninstall Malware from Your Android Device

Let's say you got a little careless while installing apps from unknown sources, and now your Android device has been infected by malware.

How to Protect Yourself from the Biggest Jailbreak Hack in History

Hackers have stolen over 225,000 Apple user's account information from countries all over the world—including the United States, China, and France—in what many are reporting to be the biggest known Apple hack in history.

Weightlifting Can Improve Your Memory, but Lazy People Can Do These 5 Things Instead

It's no secret that exercise is good for you, but you may be surprised to know that a good workout can actually boost your memory, too.

How to Make a Perfect Soufflé Every Time

At-home cooks tend to be scared of soufflés. Either they don't rise at all or they end up all sad and lopsided.

How to Disable Video Autoplay on Twitter (Android, iOS, & Web)

It's bad enough that we have to deal with autoplaying video advertisements all over the Web, so why do we have to be subjected to autoplaying videos on Twitter, too?

How to Uninstall Malware from Your Android Device

Let's say you got a little careless while installing apps from unknown sources, and now your Android device has been infected by malware.

Storm Spotting 101: How to Use Clouds to Predict the Weather

Is it possible to gauge what the weather is going to be like without checking your smartphone? By looking at the shape of clouds and how high they are in the sky, you can start getting a hang of predicting what the weather will be like in the next day or two.

How to Have a Netflix Party & Watch Movies with Friends Remotely

"Netflix and chill" may have started off as a funny pick up line, but I cannot tell you how many hours I've spent with dates and friends doing exactly that.

Veggies for Dessert: 3 Recipes That'll Make You Feel Good About Eating "Bad"

I think we've all had that childhood (or adult) desire to have ice cream for dinner. But veggies for dessert?

How to Properly Clean Your Smartphone or Tablet—Without Damaging It

I record close-cropped videos and take macro still shots with my smartphones on a daily basis, so as you would expect, I spend a lot of time cleaning these devices.

The Easy, Foolproof Method to Making Perfect Hollandaise Sauce

In an age where restaurants can charge $20 for eggs Benedict at brunchtime (if you're lucky enough to even get a reservation on a Sunday), many people long for a way to create this classic dish at home.

6 Easy Ways to Increase Battery Life on Your Android Device

Smartphones have otherworldly specs these days, so it's relatively uncommon that you hear someone complaining about display resolution, build quality, or general speed and performance.