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Tapdeck Is a Beautiful Live Wallpaper That Adapts to Your Taste in Photography

One of the many unique features that sets Android apart from other mobile operating systems is its live wallpaper system.

17 Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

Smell some mint leaves or drink peppermint tea the next time you feel the urge to snack on unhealthy junk food or overindulge during a meal.

Bring Android's Command Prompt into the 21st Century with Material Terminal

Deep down, Android is a fork of Linux, which is a desktop operating system that started out as entirely command prompt-based.

Try Out the New Photos App & Diverse Emojis with the Yosemite 10.10.3 Public Beta

Apple just recently launched its 10.10.3 Public Beta for Mac OS X Yosemite, and while it comes with mostly bug fixes for 10.10.2, it also includes a brand new Photos application that's meant to replace iPhoto and Aperture, as well as the inclusion of more diverse emojis.

12 More Delicious Reasons to Dust Off Your Waffle Maker

Your waffle maker might just be the most underutilized tool in your kitchen. This one appliance can make bacon, eggs, hash browns, cupcakes, falafel, mac and cheese, and cinnamon rolls much more quickly and with less mess than traditional methods.

Hack Like a Pro: Digital Forensics for the Aspiring Hacker, Part 5 (Windows Registry Forensics)

Welcome back, my aspiring hackers! As I mentioned in earlier posts, the best hackers (or at least those not behind bars) have a keen understanding of digital forensics.

How to Change Your Android's Screen Resolution Without Root Access

When I first received my HTC One M8, I was in love with the 5-inch screen size, but the icons and font just seemed too big, wasting valuable screen real estate.

Switch Apps Directly from the Keyboard on Any Android Device

With intelligent grammar check, accurate predictive text, swipe gestures, and plenty of themes, it makes sense that Ginger Keyboard has well over a million downloads on the Google Play Store, making it one of the more popular keyboards available for Android users.

How to Get Back Lock Screen Customization in Android Lollipop

Beginning with KitKat, I've been used to customizing every aspect of my Android phone, but with the release of Lollipop, there is quite a bit of catching up that developers need to do.

How to Make Tater Tots Even More Delicious

Tater tots have a bad rap as a soggy cafeteria staple, but bake them at home and they crisp up nicely in the oven.

How to Theme Android Lollipop with Custom Colors

If you're an Android fan, you probably made your choice in mobile operating systems based on the insane level of customization options that Google's software offers.

Customize Your Android's “Share via” & “Open with” List for Less App Clutter

When opening a link or sharing a photo, your Android device will bring up a list of possible applications that you can complete the action with.

Your Illustrated Guide to Gluten-Free Substitutions

Whether you know you have gluten sensitivity or simply want to see how you feel if you cut wheat products completely out of your diet, going gluten-free is actually not as difficult as you would think.

Pop Rocks Recipes: Add Some Fireworks to Your Food

If you're a child of the '70s, then you'll probably remember Pop Rocks, those fizzy little candies that created such a buzz.

Float Videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, & Other Media Sites Anywhere on Android

We've previously covered an app called YouTube Floating Popup Player which let you watch YouTube videos anywhere on your Android device, but it has since been removed from the Google Play Store due to infringement of certain policies.

Fall in Love by Looking a Stranger in the Eyes

Eye contact is key in conversations, job interviews, and honesty, and it can help you access others' thoughts and spot heavy drinkers.

How to Force Apps Like Netflix to Show the Screensaver on Your Nexus Player

For some odd reason, the Netflix app likes to disable the Nexus Player's built-in screensaver. It doesn't use its own, it simply keeps your screen on indefinitely, which of course can lead to screen burn-in.

Here's Your Official Look at the New HTC One M9

Today marked the official unveiling of the HTC One M9 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The newest HTC flagship will be released by the middle of March globally, and come in gold, gunmetal, pink, and silver.

How to Make & Use Breadcrumbs at Home (Bread Optional)

Using breadcrumbs in the kitchen is the perfect way to add crisp and crunch to the usual salad, entrée, or dessert.

Prevent Binge-Watching by Disabling Netflix's Sneaky Auto-Play Feature

Netflix is an enabler. It creates a joy around binge-watching and couch potato-ness, and the major contributor to this epidemic is its built-in "Post-Play" feature.