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I Stopped My iPhone's Auto-Correct Fails—So Can You

We've all had that moment where auto-correct mistakenly "corrects" a word or phrase that we're type. Whether it's because of obscure words, a different language, uncommon names, or curse words, auto-correct has a way of messing things up—even when its intentions are good.

Rotate Any Orientation-Locked App on Android

Some apps have a nasty habit of ignoring your Android's auto-rotation settings and locking the display into either portrait or landscape orientation.

The Definitive Guide to Ad Blocking on Android

The Play Store is loaded with just about any app you can imagine. While many are free or have a "lite" version of a paid app for download, often enough, these freebies have intrusive ads cluttering up your screen.

How to Get the Strongest Wi-Fi Connection on Your Android Every Time

If you work at a large office or have a multi-story home, you're probably familiar with Wi-Fi range extenders.

Quickly Close & Switch Apps on the Fire Phone

Aside from a collection of new features, like Carousel Pinning, the latest update to the Amazon Fire Phone also ushered in Quick Switch functionality, allowing for quickly switching between or closing recent apps.

How to Say "No" Without Sounding Like a Jerk

A work acquaintance you don't know very well invites you to his backyard barbecue and you don't really want to go.

You'll Love These 10 Clever Beauty Hacks (Using Household Items)

Break out the office supplies and kitchen utensils, because improving your morning makeup routine is about to get a lot easier.

Mod Stops Rapid-Fire Texts from Blowing Up Your Phone

Everyone has that one friend who just can't help but send multiple texts in rapid-fire succession, when they just as easily could have been consolidated into one easy-to-read message.

Finally, an Easy Way to Share Large Video Files from Android

Sharing files has always been one of Android's greatest strengths. A system of "share intents" allow apps to freely exchange data with each other, making it possible to take a picture with your favorite camera app, then send it over to your choice of photo-sharing apps, for instance.

The Fastest Way to Get OTA Updates with a Custom Recovery on Your Nexus 5

If you have a custom recovery installed on your Nexus 5, you're able to flash custom ROMs and lots of other cool Gadget Hacks.

How to Make Money from Your iPhone Photos

While the majority of photos taken on phones are used for personal reasons, mediums like Instagram and Flickr offer a means to show them off to the world.

Painlessly Restore Apps & Settings After Flashing a New ROM

Restoring data is not always the easiest thing to do when you flash a new ROM on Android. Google can back up your contacts and Wi-Fi passwords, and various tools can back up your apps and data, but the rest is usually lost in-between ROM flashes.

DIY Pedal-Powered Phone Charger for Your Bike

Being healthy and active will help you live longer, but finding the strength to work out? That's hard.

Encrypt & Hide Sensitive Files on Android with Andrognito

We live in a time where privacy is rare and our files can be easily accessed by just about anyone. Having your phone protected by a passcode is great, but if someone figures it out, they can easily access anything on your phone.

Get Text Messages in Facebook-Style "Chathead" Bubbles

When Android 4.4 was released, the massive changelog led to some awesome new features getting lost in the virtually endless list of new tweaks.

Search All the Content Spotlight Can't in Your Non-Apple Apps

Spotlight is awesome for finding items in the stock Apple apps, but what if you want to search through the rest of the apps on your iPhone?

Get “Do Not Disturb” on Any Nexus Device

Oddly enough, stock Android does not come with a "do not disturb" function out of the box. Samsung has their own version built into to TouchWiz called "Blocking Mode," and Apple has had their "Do Not Disturb" feature since iOS 6, so why is stock Android so late to the game?

How Skittles Shots Changed the Way I Think About Alcohol

A couple months ago, I attended a Pokémon-themed party. Everyone dressed as their favorite Pokémon or trainer, Poké balls flew around the backyard, and more importantly, there was a lot of Poké booze.

11 Green & Inexpensive DIY Solutions for Cleaning Your Toilet

In addition to unclogging your toilet using common household items, you can also clean and disinfect your toilet for cheap without ever having to use expensive and chemically-toxic toilet cleaners ever again.

VLC: The Best Android Media Player You're Not Using

In 2012, VideoLan published a beta release of their wildly popular desktop media player, VLC, for the Android platform.