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Grace and agility

Lillian the Bearded Dragon likes to ride shotgun

YouTube link.

Little Gerald is The Square Root Boy

Chelsea Mae S. Luzanta from Antipolo in the Philippines is a student at the University of Santo Tomas.

Parents who locked five-year-old son in boot of car to cure his fear of the dark given probation

A western Pennsylvania couple, accused of luring their five-year-old son into the trunk of their car with candy to resolve his fear of the dark, were granted probation this week.

Man accused of bar hopping on lawnmower charged with drunk driving

A Northern Colorado man has been arrested on suspicion on DUI while was driving a lawnmower. Police said Kenneth Welton was driving drunk from bar to bar along a very busy road in Garden City on a riding lawnmower.

Police investigate hugging incident at hospital

Police are investigating a non-aggravated assault that involved a recently discharged patient hugging a staff member unprovoked on Friday morning outside the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Cat with head stuck in bird feeder continues to elude residents desperately trying to free it

Residents of a neighbourhood in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, are worried about the well-being of a ginger-and-white feline nicknamed Butterscotch that has been spotted numerous times with a small bird feeder stuck on its head.

Spanish city cracks down on noisy domino players

Authorities in the southern Spanish city of Seville have taken the unusual decision to ban dominoes and dice games in outdoor cafe areas, as part of a wider plan to crack down on noise in the city.

New £6.5 million railway station delayed by newts

Newts have set back the start of building work on a new railway station in Derbyshire by four months.

Missing one-eyed snake could be hiding in coat sleeve

A one-eyed snake called Popeye is missing, presumed hiding, in Torpoint, Cornwall. Popeye is a three-foot-long python, but at just three-years-old it is still considered a "baby" by her 22-year-old owner, Charly Honey.

Are we nearly there yet?

Goat stuck in a hole gets a little help from friend

YouTube link. Eventual rescue.

Police seek store thief who wore clear plastic bag on his head as a disguise

Police in Belleville, Illinois, are asking the public to help them catch a man who robbed a convenience store on Friday morning.

Man who smashed window to break into shop had trouble breaking out

A man who broke into a shop in Canada ran head first into a glass door on his way out. The incident took place in the early hours of Thursday morning at Al Points Electric store in Brandon, Manitoba.

Man stole 30,000 bottles of iced tea and emptied them all down drain to claim £11 for recycling

A Chinese man is facing jail after he stole 30,000 bottles of iced tea worth the equivalent of £20,000 - and emptied all of them down the drain so he could claim £11 for recycling the plastic bottles.

Gas leak ruled out as the cause of manhole explosion in Dublin

A natural gas leak has been ruled as the cause of a manhole explosion in Dublin city centre on Friday morning.

Mouldy rolls ruined family barbecue

A barbecue host ended up in tears after unwittingly serving up burgers and hot dogs in bread rolls affected by mildew.

Man cleared of trying to film female workmates on toilet due to his phobia of diarrhoea and vomit

A man who hid his phone in a toilet with the intention of filming his colleagues has been cleared of three charges of voyeurism – after magistrates accepted he has an extreme phobia of diarrhoea and vomit.

Cat given ‘animal ASBO’ after allegedly terrorising entire neighbourhood

A cat called Rocky has been handed an ‘animal ASBO’ after allegedly terrorising an entire South Yorkshire neighbourhood.

Optimistic voyager and his dog rescued from leaking boat with no mast

A man who was trying to sail from Devon to Scotland without a mast, charts or radio has been winched to safety after the boat's motor failed.