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Puppies attempt to befriend cat

The cat doesn't appear to be entirely happy about this. YouTube link.

More than 300 chinchillas removed from home

Officials in Waukesha, Wisconsin, removed more than 300 chinchillas from a home that’s being described by authorities as “unlivable.” Police were called out to the home on Sunday for a welfare check.

Quadruple amputee dog walks again thanks to prosthetic legs

A dog has been learning to walk with the four prosthetic legs fitted after he was maimed by frostbite.

Mystery over sparrows being killed by someone adorning them with trinkets around their necks

Sparrows are being killed in Wellington, New Zealand, by someone putting trinkets around their necks, the SPCA says.

One woman killed and several people injured by rhinoceros on the rampage in Nepalese town

A rhinoceros that escaped from a nature reserve charged into a town in southern Nepal on Monday, killing a woman, injuring several others and chasing panicked people through the main market and a hospital.

Officials say monkey attacking train drivers is seeking revenge for death of sibling

Over the past week a monkey in the West Champaran district of Bihar, east India, has attacked three train drivers.

Intoxicated Good Samaritan found attempting to give kiss of life to inflatable dinghy

A good, but very drunk, Samaritan spent the night in prison after police found the man trying to breathe life into an inflatable dinghy in Brittany, western France.

Drunk defendant ordered to pay compensation after falling down and smashing court toilet

A defendant who drank vodka to calm his nerves before appearing in court ended up knocking back too much and fell down the toilet.

Dog chasing cat got head stuck in car engine

A dog that chased a cat under a car got its head stuck in the engine. Woody the Bedlington Terrier got himself jammed in the workings of a neighbour's Vauxhall Corsa after the pursuit in Plymouth, Devon, on Friday evening went horribly wrong.

Feet warmers

Capybara have a hot tub party on a cold day

Video has no sound. YouTube link.

Police pursuit involved stolen car with 'We support our local police' written on back window

The driver of a stolen car in California with "We Support Our Local Police Dept." written on its back window did his best to evade Buena Park and Anaheim patrol officers while speeding through local streets on Friday afternoon.

Man set house and car on fire following dispute over a picture

Police officers in Hardin, Kentucky, were dispatched to multiple fires early on Saturday morning. The first was reported as a vehicle that was stuck in a large creek bed fully engulfed in flames.

Strange animal caught in trap turned out to be an unusual-looking raccoon

When an Oglethorpe County man made a call to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources recently to report he caught an animal he could not identify, it prompted a visit from a wildlife expert.

Hemp smoothie maker ordered to amend advertising implying that it could get you high

Popular New Zealand salad and sandwich chain Habitual Fix has been ordered to pull advertising for its top-selling hemp smoothie because it made it sound like the drink could get you high.

Helicopter dispatched during police pursuit of suspected wine-drinking cyclist

A police helicopter was dispatched on Thursday afternoon to monitor events as a man was arrested on suspicion of riding a bicycle while drinking a bottle of wine in Llanelli, South Wales.

Police appeal for information following theft of five tonne sculpture

A five tonne copper and bronze sculpture has been stolen in a raid on the Watts Estate in Guildford, Surrey police have said.

Kitten started house fire before saving owners by meowing until they woke up

A six-week-old kitten accidentally started a fire by knocking over a scented candle in a bedroom, but then saved the day with loud meows.

Firefighters surprised to find £90,000 in cash under bed at house they were due to set fire to

A stash of £90,000 in banknotes was found under a bed at a derelict property in Christchurch, Dorset, the day before firefighters torched the site during a training exercise.