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Sitting pretty

Flamenco dancing turkey

Vimeo link. YouTube video without the music.

Blackbird attacks a multitude of people

Filmed back in June at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. YouTube link.

Raccoon rescued after getting head stuck in metal drain cover

A raccoon was rescued from a metal drain cover and released back into nature on Sunday. The adult male raccoon was found with his head struck in Soquel, California.

Man hit on head with baseball bat after fighting off one-legged man wielding prosthetic limb

A man in Seattle suffered a large cut and bruising after a man hit him over the head with an aluminum baseball bat only seconds after he'd fended off another man wielding a prosthetic leg.

Police arrested strip club patron who complained he didn't get sex after paying for a private dance

A man from Montana found himself in jail when he called police to complain that he didn't get sex after paying for a private dance at a strip club.

Man on supervised release from prison attached electronic tag to rooster then went selling drugs

A Brazilian inmate on supervised release put his electronic monitoring bracelet on an unsuspecting rooster, which he locked in a chicken coop, and then sneaked off to sell drugs.

Inebriated woman wandered into stranger's house, took a shower, then got into her bed

A pensioner in Baden-Baden, south-western Germany, had an unexpected house guest when a 57-year-old woman wandered into her home before falling asleep naked in her bed.

Slow loris confiscated during drugs raid in the Maldives flown to Britain to start a new life

A vulnerable slow loris has been flown more than 5,000 miles from the Maldives to start a new life at Monkey World in Dorset.

Stolen cupcake-carrying nun scarecrow found - Update

A cupcake-carrying nun scarecrow which was stolen from outside its owner's home has been found. The "Cupcake, Vicar?

A moment of quiet contemplation

Vaseline proves to be effective squirrel deterrent

YouTube link.

Pool party

YouTube link. LiveLeak link.

Don't you yell at your mother

YouTube link. Original Vine.

Man posed for new mug shot wearing t-shirt with photo of his old mug shot

A 19-year-old man from Maine last week posed for a jail booking photo while wearing a t-shirt with a reproduction of the mug shot taken of him after a June arrest for drunk driving.

Woman licked then kicked in face by giraffe after climbing over fence at zoo

A Californian woman had a close encounter with a giraffe at a Wisconsin zoo on Saturday afternoon. Amanda Hall, of San Luis Obispo, climbed into the giraffe’s pen at the Henry Villas Zoo in Madison.

Owl flew into 10th floor apartment and killed pet canary in cage

An Idaho couple say an owl flew into their 10th floor apartment, opened a bird cage and killed one of two canaries inside.

Teenager addicted to snake venom arrested for possession of cannabis

A teenager arrested by an Excise team in Kerala, south India on Sunday with 50 grams of cannabis (ganja) has admitted to taking snakebites regularly for getting a high.

Junior boxer visited by police accusing him of frightening horses by skipping down country lane

Junior boxer James Wignall received a visit from police officers for skipping in the street. The 16-year-old said he was “staggered” after officers accused him of frightening a neighbour’s horses as he trained in the country lane outside his home in Croston near Chorley, Lancashire.

Grandmothers banned from shopping centre in dispute over kitchen roll say it's ruined their lives

Two grandmothers that have been banned from a town shopping centre say it has “ruined their lives”. Lillian Clarke and Margaret Yates, from Hinckley, Leicestershire, say they are disgusted with the way that they have been treated by some of the staff in the Britannia Centre.