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The Diatomist

A short documentary by Matthew Killip, an English filmmaker now living in New York, about Klaus Kemp, one of the last practitioners of the Victorian art of Diatom arrangement.

Scotland decides

The background to today's Scottish independence referendum as depicted by the Taiwanese Animators. Comes complete with dodgy Scottish accent.

How does a sheep cross a cattle grid?

It's easy when you know how. YouTube link.

Pedicab driver arrested after being found passed out with snake wrapped around his neck

A pedicab driver was discovered in downtown San Diego early on Tuesday morning passed out with a live snake wrapped around his neck.

Woman charged with lit cigarette and spatula attack on buttocks

An woman from Easthampton, Massachusetts, was charged with assault and battery on Tuesday for allegedly burning a Westfield woman’s right buttock with a lit cigarette and striking her left buttock with a spatula.

Skunk with head stuck in beer can rescued

A skunk found with a beer can stuck on its head outside a fraternity house in Ohio has been rescued. Police in Oxford responded to the unusual call to find the mammal blindly banging into shrubs outside the house.

Health concerns after thieves steal 1.3 tonnes of potentially deadly cheese

Investigators in Liechtenstein are probing the theft of 1.3 tonnes of cheese that was set to be destroyed because it contained dangerous bacteria.

Booby trap covered traffic officer in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding

A traffic officer in Austria got more than he bargained for after a booby trap covered him from head-to-toe in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding, police said on Tuesday.

Stuck deer rescued from metal railings

A roe deer has been rescued after it got stuck between the metal railings of a fence in Inverness. A member of the public spotted the animal in distress at Cradlehall Meadows on Wednesday.

Giddy up

Kitten and weasel are best friends

YouTube link.

Here's a screaming albino hairy armadillo

YouTube link.

Man wearing only white boxer shorts attempted doggie door garden shears break-in

A man faces breaking and entering charges after he allegedly tried to force his way into a Southwest Albuquerque home using garden shears and wearing only white boxer shorts.

Former restaurant employee charged after allegedly rubbing testicles on customer’s pizza

Police have charged an 18-year-old former employee of a pizza business in Georgetown, Texas, in connection with rubbing his scrotum on a customer’s pizza.

Domestic disturbance was couple engaged in noisy 'romantic situation' on living room floor

Responding to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance, a Florida police officer discovered that the purported combatants were actually involved in a noisy “romantic situation with one another on the living room floor.” When the officer arrived early on Sunday morning at the Bradenton residence, the couple “came outside and were both smiling and adjusting their clothing,” noted Officer James Savaglio.

Mystery over five-foot conger eel in a crate dumped at aquarium reception

Aquarium staff are mystified after a crate containing a giant eel but no water was left at their reception.

Taunting neighbour dropped his shorts, danced around naked and rubbed buttocks against car

An abusive neighbour hurled insults at a terrified Polish family and angrily shouted "Come on, come on" before dropping his shorts and exposing himself to them.

Baker in court for head-butting sausage roll machine when it stopped working properly

A baker has been prosecuted for head-butting a sausage roll machine in anger when it stopped working properly.

Council bans 'hardcore' house name

A homeowner has been blocked from officially registering his house under a new name because it was "potentially offensive".