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Puppy demonstrates DJ scratching skills

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Curious fox investigates camera

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Inquisitive 4-year-old boy banned from doughnut shop for asking customer if she was pregnant

An inquisitive 4-year-old boy asked a question that got him banned from a doughnut shop in Monroe, Connecticut.

School would like 75-year-old man to desist from repeatedly pooing on campus pole

A high school in Fort Smith, Arkansas, wants a man to stop defecating on a pole on their campus, a problem they say has been happening for years.

Prison visitor caught with veritable array of items up his backside

Correctional officers in Brazil were surprised at the amount of equipment that a visitor hid in his backside to try to deliver to an inmate in the prison at Ribeirao das Neves.

Armed bandits demand villagers supply them with 35 buckets of water a day or face death

Armed bandits are threatening villagers in northern India with death unless they deliver 35 buckets of water each day.

Spillage of fruit preserves caused traffic jam

Drivers in western Sweden were stuck in a jam after a van shed its load of preserves and juices which led to major traffic problems.

The whole of Middlesbrough smells of fish

There's something fishy going on in Teesside. Shoppers have been cutting trips short. And pets are being blamed for producing a noxious odour.

Other important recent news

Police appeal for witnesses after bus wing mirror damaged by jacket potato. Tesco apologise for sign apologising for incontinence caused by fridge breakdown.

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Licking in unison

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Chase quickly ended when man fleeing officers following traffic stop ran into police academy

A man who fled from a traffic stop in Mississippi unknowingly ran into a building where police academy training was in session.

Eager Beaver Bar ends weekly 'Lingerie Night' after patron attempted to kidnap bartender

After a regular Lingerie Night attendee at Eager Beaver Bar in Appleton, Wisconsin, was charged last week with attempting to kidnap a bartender, the weekly event has been discontinued.

George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles

A pine tree planted in 2004 near Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, in memory of George Harrison is to be replanted because the original tree died as the result of a beetle infestation.

German court rules that tantric massages should be subject to same 'amusement tax' as sex trade

Tantric massages provide sexual pleasure and are subject to the same tax levied on brothels and swinger clubs in a German city, a court ruled on Monday.

Aquarium has created special love nest for shy clownfish

After a bumper breeding season at the Sea Life London Aquarium recently with penguin, poison dart frog and seahorse births in a matter of weeks, aquarists have created a special aquatic love nest to encourage a couple of shy clownfish to pair up.

Vicious swan from Newcastle has caused boating to be banned on Edinburgh pond

Boating has been banned on an Edinburgh pond after a vicious Geordie swan moved in. The male bird and its mate, originally from Newcastle, have taken over Craiglockhart Pond and are rearing cygnets.

Would-be robber's attempted raid on cash depot thwarted when he knocked down the wrong wall

A court has heard how an inept robber's attempted multi-million pound raid on a cash depot in Swanley, Kent, turned into a “farce” when he knocked down the wrong wall with a digger.

One-eyed man unhappy with Specsavers for refusing to give him half-price eye test

One-eyed David Rainsford, who lost his right eye when he was 14 after being shot by a fellow pupil with an airgun at school, claims high-street optician Specsavers is discriminating against him by charging the same for an eye test as customers with both eyes.