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My what big eyes you have

Conversation with a dog

Hello. YouTube link.

Swedish gentlemen demonstrate the bear dance

Together with soothing background music. YouTube link.

Chinese farmer has built a mechanical horse

A farmer has built a mechanical horse to replace the traditional kind in order to plough his fields. Su Daocheng, 60, from Shiyan, in central China's Hubei Province spent two months building the horse, which is 1.5m high, 2m long and weighs 250kg.

Politician's son blames bank robbery on delirium

The son of Gord Mackintosh, Conservation Minister in Manitoba, Canada, has pleaded not guilty to robbing a bank, arguing he was delirious after weaning himself off a prescribed anti-depressant.

Student who became dominatrix after car crash changed her personality awarded $1.5 million

Before the car accident, her teacher described her as a very bright student, in the top two per cent of her media-arts high school class in Burnaby, Canada, who dreamt of being a filmmaker or actress.

Terrified baby penguin given first swimming lesson

Zoo keepers had to teach a baby penguin who did not want to swim how to stay afloat. The penguin Chudi, hatched three-months-ago in a zoo in the central Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, had worried keepers because despite watching the rest of his family plunging into the water, he was clearly too scared to take the plunge himself.

Claims that beggars are being 'objectified' at art exhibition

Two Roma beggars are being paid to take part in an art installation that has them sitting and standing in silence at an art gallery in Malmö in Sweden.

Goats treated in ambulance following barn fire

When residents of Klokkarstua in Norway noticed a barn on fire they knew that there were animals inside the building.

Takeaway worker who hit customer over head with a pizza shovel let off with an admonishment

A takeaway worker who hit a customer over the head with a pizza shovel during a row has been admonished.

Woolly jumper

At the sound of the spoon

A tapped spoon elicits a Pavlovian-type response from the mouth of this dog eagerly awaiting his dinner.

Woman didn't think stolen truck was 'that stolen'

A Florida woman facing charges for theft of a pickup truck allegedly told deputies that she knew it was stolen, but didn’t think it was “that stolen.” Officers noticed the truck, which matched the description of a stolen vehicle in Crestview, parked in Destin on Jan.

Trucker pulling his own tooth caused accident that led to large traffic jam

Distracted driving was responsible for a miles-long traffic jam on I-20/59 East near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Sunday night and Monday morning.

Mothers seeks answers after son injured when tongue got stuck to frozen window on school bus

A mother from Petawawa in Ontario, Canada, is seeking answers after her son was dropped off at school following his usual morning bus ride with injuries he received when he got his tongue stuck on the window and his cries for help went unheeded.

Clumsy thieves broke into casino and stole an empty ATM

Two culprits broke into a casino in Calgary, Canada, on Wednesday morning and made off with an empty ATM.

Hero workman saved electrocuted colleague's life by hitting him with a plank of wood

A workman is lucky to be alive after he survived a massive electric shock on a construction site in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

The mystery of the Craster wellies

Something strange is afoot in a north Northumberland seaside village in what is being dubbed the mystery of the Craster wellies.

Wheelie-bin blown over by the wind

In a sign of just how windy it has been recently, a bin has fallen over onto its side on a street in Plymouth, Devon.

Man astonished by fried egg resembling a chicken

Simon Steer, from Culmstock in Devon couldn’t believe it when he cracked open an egg into a frying pan and it formed the perfect shape of a chicken.