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Smile for the camera

Munchkin the shih tzu teddy bear goes sledging

YouTube link. Previously. And.

Elephant breaks sprinkler to make a fountain

Faa Sai, a formerly abused elephant now retired at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, decided that the sprinkler pressure wasn't strong enough, so she breaks the pipe to make her own fountain.

3D-printed prosthetic legs enable Derby the rescue dog to run for the first time

Derby the dog was born with a congenital deformity characterised by small front legs and no front paws.

Man arrested for allegedly shoplifting during 'Shop with a Cop' event

A Florida man faces allegations of retail theft, accused of shoplifting from a Walmart at a most inopportune time.

National Park to remove all bins in bid to stop overflowing rubbish

All rubbish bins at Litchfield National Park in Australia's Northern Territory will be removed in an unusual tactic to stem overflowing rubbish at the popular tourist destination.

Police question thinking behind Irish tourist's positioning of kayak on roof of his car

A senior police officer in New Zealand is astounded that a tourist drove along a busy road with a kayak tied to his roof crossways, endangering other traffic.

Sheep rescued from roof of house by firefighters reacted with stoic composure

Firefighters in Austria were called out to rescue a sheep stuck on the roof of a house on Sunday afternoon.

Dog walkers warned after dog treats with fish hooks in them found at popular exercise spot

Dog owners at a popular area for exercising pets in Devon are being warned to look out for fish hooks planted in dog treats and scattered on the ground.

Police unable to help man whose neighbour put photo of Cliff Richard in window overlooking him

A Brighton man phoned police after his neighbour posted a photo of a grinning Sir Cliff Richard in a window overlooking his dining room.

Bringing home the bacon

Maru gets comfortable in a small plastic box

Showing great determination in the process. YouTube link.

Dog that ate homework on the mend

A high school student from Magnolia in Texas had a good excuse for being late with her Advanced Placement homework.

Tourists' trip to campsite toilet ended with them and their van tumbling into river

A couple of Welsh tourists in New Zealand will be walking to the loo in future after an attempt to drive to a campground convenience in Puketi Forest went disastrously wrong.

Naked cyclist ticketed for not wearing a helmet

A naked cyclist in New Zealand has been ticketed by police for not wearing a helmet, not for his lack of clothing.

Hot tub and sex doll found inside prison cell

Authorities in the Philippines discovered illegal drugs and entertainment facilities in some of the cells of high-profile inmates at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa on Monday morning.

Police raced to home with sirens blaring after teenager mistook mud crab for an intruder

A teenager in Brisbane, Australia, has been left red faced after mistaking a wandering mud crab for an early morning intruder.

Lifeboat used to rescue teenage girls stuck in thick mud

Two teenage girls who became trapped in thick mud were rescued from an incoming tide on Saturday afternoon.

'Smug' traffic warden gave Santa's sleigh a parking ticket

A 'smug' traffic warden slapped a ticket on a car delivering Santa’s sleigh. Father Christmas’s favourite mode of transport was about to go out collecting money for charity in Hinckley town centre, Leicestershire.

Carol singing polar bear probed over noise

A six-foot mechanical polar bear that dances and sings Christmas carols is being investigated after a council received a noise complaint.