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A land of confusion

Little fella and cat pursue laser pointer

YouTube link.

Meanwhile in Bang Phli, Thailand

Meep meep. YouTube link. Alternative link.

Man fleeing police following hit-and-run incident stopped to play with cats

Candace Noonan was getting her son ready for school at their home in Boca Raton, Florida, when a complete stranger walked up and opened the back sliding door.

Widow claims husband died on flight due to his hairy chest

A man flying from Los Angeles to Albuquerque died of a heart attack. His wife thinks his hairy chest had something to do with his death, however.

Firefighters returned to finish mowing lawn of man who'd suffered heart attack

For the firefighters and EMTs of Station 4 in Baytown, Texas, it was another normal assignment: rushing to a 911 call to help save someone's life.

Court granted man divorce over wife's excessive demands for sex

A man, who sought separation from his wife alleging that she was aggressive and autocratic with an insatiable appetite for sex, has been granted a divorce by a family court in Mumbai, India.

Exclusive school investigated by police over 'turkey slapping' incident

The Kings School in Parramatta, Australia, is the subject of a police investigation after allegations of indecent and physical assault were made by a group of boarding students.

Funeral horse pulling hearse died mid-procession

A grieving family were further distressed when a horse pulling a relative’s hearse dropped dead mid-procession.

House currently inhabited by well fed pig for sale

A small detached house in Britannia Road, Ipswich, seemingly occupied by a portly pig, has gone on the market.

Smile for the camera

Peacocks respond to keeper's whistle

Filmed in Guilin, China. YouTube link.

Man plays Glenn Miller's In The Mood on three ukuleles

Well, two ukuleles and one bass ukulele, to be precise. YouTube link.

Man claims unusual compulsion causes him to break into homes to take hot showers

An accused burglar in Kentucky said he wasn't looking to steal anything, he just wanted a hot shower.

Woman hospitalised after being peed on and bitten in flying fox attack

A woman in Australia's Northern Territory has been hospitalised after a freak bat attack. Debbie “Hammie” Riley, 55, had just returned to her donga near Roper River when a bat flew straight at her and latched on to her leg.

Japanese government urges the public to be prepared and stockpile toilet paper

The Japanese government is calling on its citizens to be prepared for the worst-case scenario should a major disaster hit the quake-prone archipelago by stockpiling toilet paper.

Young duck rustlers punished after being caught stealing birds from village pond

Duck rustlers in China were made to endure an unusual punishment when they were caught stealing the birds from a village pond.

Racing cyclists hospitalised after mistaking washing detergent for sports drink

Six cyclists in Norway were sent to hospital on Friday after drinking a soap detergent they thought was a sports drink.

Man jailed for possessing Bart Simpson porn

A man who possessed cartoons showing TV character Bart Simpson performing sexual acts has been jailed at Carlisle Crown Court.

Constipated drink-driver crashed into car full of elderly people

A constipated drink-driver crashed into a car full of pensioners during a police chase after he became desperate to use the toilet, a court heard.