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Lorikeet plays with ball in a bucket

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Man says he found snaggletoothed rat's head in his chilli

A diner at a Golden Corral in Florida says he received an unwelcome surprise in his chilli. Billy Wilson, says he frequents the Golden Corral for their healthy options and friendly staff.

Man arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting haunted house patrons

Authorities in Wisconsin have charged a man they say sexually assaulted patrons inside a Mount Pleasant haunted house.

Police seek cat burglar caught on camera

Police officers in Laredo, Texas are searching for a cat burglar of sorts. Surveillance video captured a man walk onto a man's front law and steal his giant inflatable Halloween cat.

Man who contacted local newspaper about sign he'd found surprised it became headline news

A New Zealand man is looking for the owner of a sign he believes has gone walk-about from a city business.

Leading runners led astray during half marathon forced to beg for money to get train back

Former Asian medalists Suresh Kumar Patel, Inderjit Patel and Soji Mathew got the shock of their lives on Sunday while leading in the Bengaluru half marathon in Karnataka, India, when the pilot vehicle reportedly missed a U-turn, leading to the trio being forced to abandon the race.

Man is first to be convicted in Britain of possessing illegal images of cartoon children

An animation fan has made legal history as he was convicted of having illegal pictures of cartoon children.

Blind darts team prepares for inaugural match

Cornwall's first blind darts team is preparing for its inaugural game. The four wholly visually impaired teammates will make their first appearance at the Dolphin Inn in Grampound on Thursday.

Woman freed from olive oil tin by firefighters

Firefighters in Rotherham, south Yorkshire, had to free a woman from a tin of olive oil after her hand became stuck.

Bath time

Extremely well trained protection dog

Canine Protection International trainer John Hadley demonstrates naked protection dog training to client Tom Stangle.

Missing rafter found sleeping in garbage can

Officials looking for a man who disappeared on a rafting trip across the Long Island Sound say they found him sleeping in a garbage can in Connecticut.

Firefighters used liquid soap to rescue woman from chimney of man she'd briefly dated

Crews rescued a woman on Sunday who was trapped in a chimney for several hours overnight. According to the Ventury County Fire Department, firefighters had to slowly chip away at the bricks in order to remove the woman from a chimney in Thousand Oaks, California.

Police helped boy with homework after responding to call about suspected burglar

An 11-year-old boy in Stockholm, Sweden, ended up getting help with his homework by the police after he rang them up saying he was concerned a burglar was breaking into his house.

Mystery clown is scaring children by lurking silently in streets and shops and stroking people

A mystery clown is scaring children in Portsmouth, Hampshire, by lurking silently in streets and shops and stroking people.

Racehorse shot dead after it was hit by Frenchman who drove like a grandmother

A Frenchman, with a reputation for driving 'like a grandmother', has been fined £500 after his careless driving resulted in the death of a £25,000 racehorse.

Urine and yogurt attack on police Hawkeye CCTV van not caught on camera

A man is said to have urinated on a police CCTV van before letting the tyres down and splattering the windows with yoghurt - but it was not caught on camera.


Teddy probably isn't the world's brightest dog

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