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Cat among the pigeons

What's the weather like out there?

YouTube link.

Man almost died trying to rescue parrot from tree

After realizing his roommate's pet parrot was missing a Florida man nearly died trying to get it back.

Man wearing zebra-print dress robbed bank

Police in Rochester, New Hampshire, are looking for the man they say robbed a Bank of New Hampshire on Thursday.

Squirrel in police car allowed to go free

On Thursday, a small passenger hopped in to a police car in Michigan. A squirrel made itself at home in the back of a Grand Rapids Police Department squad car.

Police to pay man compensation after his confiscated alcohol was replaced with water

Swedish police say they will pay a man 16,000 kronor (£1,370, $2,200) in damages after much of the alcohol they confiscated from him was stolen and many of the bottles they returned were filled with water.

Wife beat up man for asking for more chapatis

Asking for more chapatis from his wife for dinner proved to be a costly affair for a fireman in Sabarmati, Gujarat, India.

Sword man told to avoid politicians

A man who threatened to kill Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson with a samurai sword has been ordered to keep away from politicians.

Police investigate more than a mile long trail of human blood

A trail of blood more than a mile long is being investigated by police in Hull, East Yorkshire. The force is urging the injured person to make contact with them or seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Concorde nose droops after 37 years following restoration

Volunteers have restored a Concorde enabling its nose cone to "droop" for the first time in 37 years.

It's the weekend

Leopard and cub cross river

A leopard and its cub cross the Sabie River at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. YouTube link.

Wildebeest migration time-lapse

Footage shot by British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas over five days in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania, showing thousands of migrating wildebeest crossing the Mara River while moving south into Tanzania from Kenya.

Stolen chicken wing led to man being knocked unconcious by pool ball and stabbing

Police officers in Collier, Florida, say a man who stole a chicken wing from another diner was knocked out when another patron threw a pool ball at his head.

Homeowner surprised by salamander pile-up on doorstep

The St. Louis office of the Missouri Department of Conservation received a call last week from a homeowner who found a pile of ringed salamanders trapped in an outside stairway.

Taiwan's Meat-shaped Stone is returning home

One of Taiwan's more unusual national treasures is returning home after an exhibition drew thousands of visitors in Japan.

Terrified woman called SSPCA to report rubber snake

A terrified woman called the Scottish SPCA after finding a stray snake, only to discover it was made of rubber.

Woman suing drum shop over claims cymbal strike caused tinnitus

A woman is suing a drum shop for £20,000 damages after she claims she developed tinnitus when a cymbal was struck as she was visiting to buy earplugs for her son.

Blind man claimed guide dog misled him when he harassed family about inheritance

A blind man convicted of harassing his family in a furious doorstep row over £100,000 inheritance claimed he had literally been led up the garden path when he was taken there by his guide dog.

Police investigation after thieves stole garden shed but left all the contents

Devon and Cornwall police are investigating the ‘unusual’ theft of a complete garden shed. The shed's contents were first taken out before the thieves made off with the structure itself.