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It's a dog eat dog world

This is Sid the regal beagle. YouTube link. He also likes pizza. YouTube link.

Thieving baboon steals supplies from truck

A sneaky baboon purloins snacks from the back of a truck at Nagorogoro Park in Tanzania. YouTube link.

Man who stole entire cooler full of ice cream as store clerk slept arrested

Police in Florida apprehended a man on Wednesday suspected of stealing a Good Humor ice cream cooler from a gas station in Oakland Park, Broward County.

Burglar tried to make getaway on wheelchair he had stolen from victim

A 54-year-old man allegedly broke into a man’s apartment in Hillcrest, San Diego, early on Thursday and rode off on a stolen electric wheelchair, but was arrested nearby after being bitten by a police dog, authorities said.

Firefighters rescued man who got stuck in wall of his home while attempting to evade police

Steven Shuler, 44, from Monrovia, Indiana, tried to hide from police but ended up getting stuck between the walls of his home.

Dog rescued after 13 days under concrete slab

Lucy the miniature dachshund, who went missing on April 3, was pulled from underneath a concrete slab in her own backyard in Derby, Kansas, last Thursday after being trapped for 13 days.

Kangaroo thinks he's a dog

Two-year-old Dusty the kangaroo is convinced he is a dog. Ashley Stewart and his family farm at Wittenoom Hills, 60 kilometres north-east of Esperance, in Western Australia.

Swiss municipality bans tourists taking photos with St Bernards

The municipality of Zermatt in Switzerland decided on Thursday to ban the taking of tourist photos with St Bernard dogs in the mountain resort town in the canton of Valais.

Woman rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in baby swing at park

A 18-year-old woman playing with her toddler brother ended up getting stuck in a baby swing for more than an hour before she had to be freed by firefighters.

Jockey had a cracking finish

Australian jockey Blake Shinn finished a race while coming second, riding Miss Royale at Canterbury Racecourse in Sydney, with great style yesterday.

Three people arrested for possession of meth, heroin, ginseng and a squirrel

Three people were arrested on Tuesday after the Lawrence County Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a home in Bedford, Indiana.

Man foiled authorities by putting GPS monitor on cat

A man held on a drug charge may have fled Virginia, and possibly the US, after he put his court-ordered GPS tracking device on a cat and vanished.

Lost sea lion pup waddled into back seat of police car for lift back to the sea

At approximately 1am on Sunday, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were on routine patrol on Highway 1, just south of the town of Fort Bragg, California.

Englishman in Florida arrested after urinating in Hard Rock Hotel ice machine

A man from England has been charged after he was accused of urinating in an ice machine at Hard Rock Hotel, according to the Orlando Police Department.

Surprise as cow has started eating sheep

A family in Miti Mingi Village in Nakuru County, Kenya, is reeling in shock after its cow developed a liking for meat about a week ago.

Estate agent admits sending poo to rival but says it wasn't his

A real-estate agent in New Zealand has admitted sending poo in the post to a business rival - but says it wasn't his.

Farmer could face charges over 'pornographic' hay bale sculpture

An Australian cattle farmer who has erected a hay bale sculpture depicting a bull serving a cow has been ordered to take it down and could face obscenity charges.

Irish Coast Guards rescued boy from boulder

A frantic mother flagged down a passing tour bus after her son became trapped on top of a boulder in the Burren in County Clare, Ireland, on Monday.