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Smile for the theodolite

Sintha the dog likes to go skiing with her human

She particularly enjoys riding on his shoulders and taking in the view. YouTube link.

27-year-old woman impersonating 65-year-old boyfriend thwarted by falling off fake moustache

A 27-year-old woman who posed as her senior citizen boyfriend to withdraw cash from his account was given away when her fake moustache started peeling off.

Police found weed in tub labelled 'Not Weed'

A 21-year-old Nebraska motorist was arrested on Saturday night after a police officer discovered his marijuana stash inside a plastic tub labelled “Not Weed.” Jordan Meier was travelling with three passengers at around 9pm when a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over his 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo on a Lincoln street for a traffic violation.

Penguins harassed by tourists with selfie sticks

A colony of little penguins in St Kilda, near Melbourne, Australia, is under threat from snap-happy tourists who are taking flash photos of the birds using selfie sticks.

Out-of-control cats overrun Japanese island

A Japanese island which is home to just 22 people is being overrun by cats. The felines were originally brought to the island of Aoshima, off Ehime prefecture, to deal with mice that were damaging fishing boats.

Students unhappy about ban on strawpedoing

Students banned from strawpedoing have accused their union leaders of running a “draconian nanny state”.

Mystery giant dead python found in Lancashire

One of the world’s biggest breeds of snakes has been found dead by the Leeds and Liverpool canal in Lancashire.

Investigation after lizards dumped in the Dales

An investigation has been launched after three lizards were found dumped in freezing temperatures at a remote location in the Yorkshire Dales.

Poison pen letter left in kidnapped parrot's cage

A woman has made a desperate plea after her pet parrot was kidnapped and a poison pen letter threatening to kill it left in the cage.

Another one will be along in a minute

Here are some baby opossums munching fruit

YouTube link.

Farmer's valiant attempt to save frozen newborn goat by baking it in oven was sadly unsuccessful

When farmer Dennis Albaugh from West Milton, Ohio, discovered a newborn goat nearly frozen to death on Thursday morning, he was willing to try just about anything to save it.

Man told police officers that all the items in his vehicle were his except for anything illegal

A Florida man pulled over for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs told deputies that all the belongings in the vehicle were his, except for any illegal items.

Man fined for throwing horse poo over politician

A veteran protester in New Zealand has been found guilty of throwing a bucket of watered-down horse manure over former ACT leader John Banks last year.

Stick and axe wielded in dispute between men over not sharing Doritos

An argument over Doritos escalated to the point where a man threatened another with a stick before his companion then threatened him with an axe, police in Australia's Northern Territory say.

Street brought to a standstill when man dressed as Superman attacked his car with a pole

A man wearing a Superman costume stopped traffic on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday afternoon.

Swearing workshops help boost awareness of sign language at Australian festival

Barry Priori, a profoundly deaf sign language instructor for Deaf Can: Do, a service provider for Adelaide's deaf and hearing impaired community, wants to get more people interested in sign language.

Bus passengers get wet after fronts of shelters are removed so motorists can see adverts better

A Birmingham city councillor says bus passengers are being soaked, splashed and left windswept just so transport chiefs can make money from advertising.

Lonely 50-year-old monkey has successful first date following the death of her partner

Daisy, a lonely 50-year-old monkey, has gone on a successful first date following the death of her partner.