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Ethics and The Stanford Prison Experiment

by Grace Boey Kyle Patrick Alvarez's latest award-winning film, The Stanford Prison Experiment, depicts a real-life psychology study from 1971 that went horribly wrong.

The Fascination of Braids

by Carl Pierer Fig. 1 Braids are fairly simple to picture. A few interleaved strands of string, say, gives a complex and mesmerising object.


Sughra Raza. Catwalk Theater, Johannesburg, August 2014. Digital photograph.


by Shadab Zeest Hashmi The sun burnishes the walls every day for just over three quarters of an hour out of the fourteen I spend at my shop; the mannequin assumes a buttery glow then, her organza scarf liquefies in the golden light.


by Mathangi Krishnamurthy The bell clangs loudly and I shuffle back into class trying to avoid the boys running in at dangerous speeds.

On appreciating systems

by Charlie Huenemann How wonderful it would be to be a systematic thinker! One marvels at the Aristotles, the Aquinases, the Descarteses, the Kants, and the Hegels and the Marxes (well, the Karl Marxes anyway), the Freuds - those who know how to approach anything, how to incorporate any material into a systematic empire, those who can see the universe as fulfillments of their own plans.

Guns in America are a matter of political philosophy not public health

by Thomas R. Wells The proponents of gun control in America are losing the argument and will continue to do so.

You like 3QD, so please read this!

Robert Pinsky and Abbas Raza It is time for 3QD's summer subscription drive. As you know, we are able to run the site only because our regular readers support us through subscriptions or one-time payments.

Of Polymaths and Multidisciplinarians

Jalees Rehman at the website of Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings: The German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) is also a front-runner in the pantheon of polymaths because of his interests in geology, paleontology and optics.

Justice and Warfare in Cyberspace

Lisa Lucile Owens in the Boston Review: There was a moment during the First Gulf War when ideologues argued that warfare technology had reached a tipping point.

The Nobel Prize Is Bad And We Should Feel Bad

Matthew Francis in Forbes: The Nobel Prizes are not the final say in good science, and Nobel laureates are not necessarily the best scientists — much less the wisest human beings.

Samson François

harold feinstein (1931 - 2015)

Magali Noël (1931 - 2015)

The Social-Network Illusion That Tricks Your Mind

From the MIT Technology Review: One of the curious things about social networks is the way that some messages, pictures, or ideas can spread like wildfire while others that seem just as catchy or interesting barely register at all.

Sunday Poem

Secret I shall make a song like you hair . . . Gold-woven with shadows green-tinged, And I shall play with my song As my fingers might play with your hair.

Bring Us Your Genes: A Viking scientist’s quest to conquer disease

Adam Piore in Nautilus: In the ninth century there was a Norwegian Viking named Kveldulf, so big and strong that no man could defeat him.

What Every American Should Know

Eric Liu in The Atlantic: Is the culture war over? That seems an absurd question. This is an age when Confederate monuments still stand; when white-privilege denialism is surging on social media; when legislators and educators in Arizona and Texas propose banning ethnic studies in public schools and assign textbooks euphemizing the slave trade; when fear of Hispanic and Asian immigrants remains strong enough to prevent immigration reform in Congress; when the simple assertion that #BlackLivesMatter cannot be accepted by all but is instead contested petulantly by many non-blacks as divisive, even discriminatory.

How I Would Vote in the Greek Referendum

Joseph Stiglitz in The Guardian (Photograph: Sotiris Barbarousis/Sotiris Barbarousis/epa/Corbis): Why are European Union leaders resisting the referendum and refusing even to extend by a few days the June 30 deadline for Greece’s next payment to the IMF?

Stravinsky’s Illegal “Star Spangled Banner” Arrangement

Timothy Judd over at his website (via Rick Perlstein): Did the Boston Police really arrest Igor Stravinsky in 1943 for adding a dominant seventh chord to theStar Spangled Banner?