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Searching for the Fountain of Youth

Sam Anderson in the NYT Magazine (photo Dolly Faibyshev for The New York Times): For more than 100 years, Punta Gorda has claimed to have the Fountain of Youth: an artesian well that once drew such long lines of tourists that, according to National Geographic, the fountain’s handle had to be replaced every six months.

Professor Pinker and Professor Strunk

Geoffrey Pullum in the Chronicle of Higher Education: The voice on BBC radio was that of Professor Steven Pinker, fluent and engaging as ever.

David Graeber and Thomas Piketty: An exchange on capital, debt, and the future

From The Baffler: Moderators: You both appear to think that the prevailing economic and financial system has run its course, and cannot endure much longer in its present form.

Honey Buzzards GPS Track Animation

Based on real data (latitude, longitude and height) from the University of Amsterdam the animation initially shows the tracks of 12 birds, but then concentrates on a pair - male and female, as they migrate south in Autumn 2010 from the Veluwe forest in the Netherlands to warmer weather on the African coast (Liberia, Ghana and Cameroon).

An “Imminent Cure” for Diabetes? The Real Story Behind the Headlines

Wudan Yan in Hippo Reads: You may have read recent media stories stating that a cure for Type I Diabetes is “imminent” and wondered what the buzz was about—is a cure indeed imminent and, if so, what does this mean for modern medicine?

Thursday Poem

Mahayana Catholic Each morning I sit Stone still On a pillow And recite The Sutra on Loving Kindness, Then breathe.

The Caribbean Zola

Craig Lambert in Harvard Magazine: In the spring of 2012, Brown University hosted an extraordinary academic conference.

Azar Nafisi: ‘Books are representative of the most democratic way of living’

Viv Groskop in The Guardian: Azar Nafisi, 58, is an Iranian writer and professor of English literature.

Zero Hour

Joanna Scutts in Lapham's Quarterly: In The Burning of the World, his recently discovered memoir of the first few weeks of World War I, the Hungarian artist, officer, and man about town Béla Zombory-Moldován writes frequently about his attachment to his watch.

Everything and Moore

Tim Martin in Aeon (Illustration by Lee Moyer): Alan Moore is waiting when I get off the train in Northampton, a majestically bearded figure in a hoodie, scanning the crowd that pushes through the turnstiles with a look of fearsome intent.

Dear White People’s Missed Opportunities

Michael Collins in In These Times: Set in the present day, the film follows the lives of five black people on the fictitious Ivy League college Winchester as they navigate race, love and ever-shifting personal identities.

the Crippling Sadness That Overtook Evelyn Waugh

John Banville's 1995 essay at The New Republic: This was a very low period for Waugh. There was an urgent necessity for him to find a way of making a living, and eventually, with deep foreboding, he took a post as a teacher at Arnold House Preparatory School on the north coast of Wales.

The Grim Future if Ebola Goes Global

Maryn McKenna at Wired: It is not guaranteed, they say, that a successful vaccine against Ebola can be “developed, produced, and distributed” in time, and in large enough amounts, to throw a fence of containment around the disease.

Wednesday Poem

A Ball Rolls on a Point The whole ball of who we are presses into the green baize of a single tiny spot.

“The Death of Klinghoffer,” at the Met

Alex Ross at The New Yorker: The protest failed because it relied on falsehoods: the opera is not anti-Semitic, nor does it glorify terrorism.

Laughing ourselves to life

Howard Jacobson in New Statesman: If I were to give this essay a title, it would be “Waiting for Calvin”.

‘Data smashing’ could automate discovery, untouched by human hands

From KurzweilAI: From recognizing speech to identifying unusual stars, new discoveries often begin with comparison of data streams to find connections and spot outliers.

Wednesday Poem

A Ball Rolls on a Point The whole ball of who we are presses into the green baize of a single tiny spot.

Against Carceral Feminism

Victoria Law in Jacobin (image “Prison Blueprints.” Remeike Forbes/Jacobin): Casting policing and prisons as the solution to domestic violence both justifies increases to police and prison budgets and diverts attention from the cuts to programs that enable survivors to escape, such as shelters, public housing, and welfare.

Morality and Discourse in Serbia

Keith Doubt on Eric Gordy's Guilt, Responsibility, and Denial: The Past at Stake in Post-Milošević Serbia, in Berfrois (Belgrade, Serbia.