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Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America

The introduction to James Campbell's new book over at Princeton University Press: Voters are not fools.

Thinking About "Premature Deindustrialization": An Intellectual Toolkit I

Brad De Long over at his website: Let me back up and quickly sketch the argument that manufacturing matters, and manufacturing exports matter a lot for industrialization and economic development in the Global South.

The Radical Transformation of Patricia Hearst

Janet Maslin at The New York Times: One of the few unassailable facts is that Ms. Hearst was kidnapped and thrown into a car trunk at 9:17 p.m.

at the DNC

Nikil Saval at n+1: One of the things the Clinton Democrats lorded over the Sanders supporters, and indeed over Trump, was their superior and more committed chauvinism.


Michael J. Sanders at The Quarterly Conversation: A blue mannequin staring you full in the face from out behind the title and author printed in the same cyan font.

Deep Thinking About Immigration

James Ryerson in The New York Times: From Hobbes and Hegel to John Stuart Mill and John Rawls, the seminal figures of Western political theory are united in their almost complete neglect of the topic of immigration.

Le Carre is our greatest living author because he gets humans

Natasha Cooper in The Telegraph: Have we ever loved John le Carré as much as we do now? After the huge success of The Night Manager, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold will now be adapted as a television series.

Saturday Poem

Lot’s Wife They say I looked back out of curiosity. But I could have had other reasons. I looked back mourning my silver bowl.

Martha Nussbaum: Anger is the emotion that has come to saturate our politics and culture. Philosophy can help us out of this dark vortex

Martha Nussbaum in Aeon: There’s no emotion we ought to think harder and more clearly about than anger.

Poetry and Politics in Myanmar

Rachel Wong in The Point: After a landslide victory in Myanmar’s national elections last year, Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy came to power this February.

Researchers apply quantum theory and Einstein's special relativity to plasma physics issues

From Among the intriguing issues in plasma physics are those surrounding X-ray pulsars—collapsed stars that orbit around a cosmic companion and beam light at regular intervals, like lighthouses in the sky.

What can we learn from the world's "most humane" prison?

Summer with a Thousand Julys

Luc Sante at The Paris Review: I have it on the highest authority that summer will never end. It might get cooler, intermittently, but it will never stop being summer.

a new biography of charlotte brontë

Trev Broughton at the Times Literary Supplement: What Charlotte Brontë: A Life does with conviction is remember what many biographies forget: that this is a terrific story.

You're wrong about Leave voters

Julia Rampen at The New Statesman: He is an old man from a coastal town. He’s uneducated by modern standards, and worked for an industry that is now defunct.

Friday Poem

Equal opportunities A son and a daughter. The mother prefers the son to the daughter. The son will stand by his mother through the vicissitudes of life.

'An artful response to Trump'

Jill Abramson in The Guardian: In her convention speech, Hillary repeated a story she’s often told about her mother.

Gene editing: Running with scissors

John Harris in Nature: In Redesigning Life, molecular pharmacologist John Parrington has produced a veritable compendium of games that scientists like him can play with life itself.

Interview with Owen Flanagan, James B Duke University Professor of Philosophy at Duke University

Helen De Cruz in The Prosblogion: Can you tell me something about your academic position, and about your current religious affiliation/self-identification – please feel free to say something about your religious upbringing or history, or anything else that might be relevant to your current religious affiliation.

Physicists can’t agree on whether the flow of future to past is real or a mental construct

Dan Falk in The Atlantic: Einstein once described his friend Michele Besso as “the best sounding board in Europe” for scientific ideas.