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Sunday Poem

There Is There is a creek. And there is an underground creek that can be located in old maps. And there is a human body such as that worn by Herodotus that can measure the creek by walking beside it.

gemze de lappe (1922 - 2017)

Want to understand how history is made? Look for the networks

David Marquand in Prospect Magazine: Niall Ferguson belongs to an endangered species. In an age of academic specialisation, when most historians devote themselves to learning more and more about less and less, Ferguson is a polymath.

patrick nagatani (1945 - 2017)

frank Corsaro (1924 - 2017)

Hung in Time: John Berger draws Tilda Swinton

Baggini’s consolations for a post-truth world

Hugh D. Reynolds interviews Juliana Baggini over at 3:AM Magazine: 3:AM: In the first chapter, Eternal truths, you write: ‘One of the problems we face is not the absence of truth, but its overabundance.’ You make a case for maintaining divergence into two streams of truth: revealed, religious truths, and those more grounded in science.

Rescuing Economics from Neoliberalism

Dani Rodrik in Boston Review: A journalist calls an economics professor for his view on whether free trade is a good idea.

The Trouble With Globalization

Dani Rodrik over at the Milken Institute Review: The logic of sustaining an open economy by compensating those who end up with smaller slices of the pie is impeccable.

"Despacito" Biology Parody

on richard wilbur

Patrick Kurp at The Quarterly Conversation: Robert and Mary Bagg have written the first biography of our greatest living poet, now age ninety-six, borrowing their title from Bogan’s prescient review of The Beautiful Changes, published seventy years ago.

how martin amis thinks

Kevin Power at the Dublin Review of Books: So, as of 2017, the Amis Canon is still in order, with only some mild fluctuations in market value to trouble us (Updike, down ten at close; invest heavily in Bellow futures).

Bob Dylan as Odysseus

Zoe Williams at The Guardian: Does Thomas ever hear a couplet that’s a little bit trite and panic that that’s the real Dylan and the genius is just an accident?

Saturday Poem

Relax —for anxious A. Bad things are going to happen. Your tomatoes will grow a fungus and your cat will get run over.

Hidden Spring: A grassroots alliance between Israelis and Palestinians

Emily Raboteau in Orion Magazine: IT WAS UNUSUALLY HOT FOR JUNE, and the heat was dry at the desert’s edge.

Can you really be addicted to sex?

Emily Bobrow in The Economist: Andrew was in his late 30s when he started feeling that his masturbation habit was getting out of control.

Daniel C. Dennett: A Difference That Makes a Difference

Daniel C. Dennett at Having turned my back on propositions, I thought, what am I going to do about this?

Notes on the Global Condition: Of Bond Vigilantes, Central Bankers, and the Crisis 2008-2017

Adam Tooze over at his website: In May 2009 as the scale of the fiscal shock became clear, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journalreported that markets were up in arms.

The idea of the humanities

Simon During over at Why is it just now that a need is felt for courses on the humanities as such, and why, too, are histories and defences of the humanities pouring from the presses?

The spread of populism in Western countries

Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli, and Tommaso Sonno in Several studies have addressed the issue of populism recently.