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Emma Thompson Says It's "Too Sad" To Do A Love Actually Reunion Without Alan Rickman

Of all the intersecting relationships featured in Love Actually, the one that left fans with the most lingering questions was the one between husband and wife Karen and Harry, played by real-life longtime friends Emma Thompson and the late Alan Rickman.

Nick Viall Is Randomly Friends With That Other Lord Of The Ring, Elijah Wood

One's got his pick of Neil Lane engagement rings. The other is the owner of the One Ring. Perhaps it makes sense, then, that Nick Viall of The Bachelor and Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood would be real-life pals?

Republican Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump's Rollback On Trans Rights Is A "Disaster"

Like inauguration performer Jackie Evancho, Caitlyn Jenner has discovered this week that working with President Trump doesn't guarantee having your voice heard.

This City Just Took A Major Step Towards Abortion Rights

In a landmark decision last week, Planned Parenthood was defunded, which further pushed women’s reproductive rights into a threatening place on the progressive matrix.

Nashville Star Opens Up About Death; Twitter In A Glass Case Of Emotion

Major spoilers ahead. If you're not ready, look away immediately! By now, in this golden era of stellar television, most hardcore viewers watch their beloved shows under a black cloud of dread.

Justin Bieber Is Trying To Trick The World Into Thinking He's Good At Basketball

Justin Bieber would very much like the world to know how good at basketball he is. The only problem is that he's not particularly good at basketball.

Main Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Site Cleared Of Protesters

For nearly a year we’ve seen the words “keystone pipeline” and the hashtag #NoDAPL trend on and off across social media.

The Trans Lifeline Just Got So Many Donations That Its Server Crashed

Donald Trump's assault on civil rights has occasioned record donations to non-profits dedicated to preserving equal rights for all.

Teen Mom 2 Star Kailyn Lowry Is About To Have Her Third Child

Kailyn Lowry, the 24-year-old mother of two who became famous on 16 and Pregnant and now stars in Teen Mom 2, is expecting her third child.

Sandra Oh Talks About The Possibility Of Returning to Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh will probably be asked about returning to Grey's Anatomy until the show goes off the air. Though she was already a prolific actor before her star turn as Cristina Yang, Grey's kicked her career to another level.

You Could Get This "Bite Sized" Too Faced Set For Free At Sephora

From desserts to bath bombs, everything's more fun when it's bite-sized, and makeup is no exception. So we were beside ourselves to learn from Hello Giggles that Sephora is now selling a Bite Sized Beauties Set full of miniature makeup from Too Faced.

We Love This Nike Ad Featuring Muslim Women Athletes In Hijabs

A feminist Nike ad has managed to tick off a lot of people with bad opinions about women. The ad, which is good, opens with a woman running in a hijab and a Nike-branded tunic.

This Is The First Miss World Contestant To Compete In A Wheelchair

On Sunday, Justine Clarke became the first Australian woman in a wheelchair to compete in the Miss World Australia contest.

Twitter Rallies Against Removal Of Transgender Bathroom Protections

Yesterday the Trump administration revoked federal protections that allowed trans teens to use the bathroom of their gender.

These Girl Scout Cookie Doughnuts Are Absolute Perfection

They say you can have too much of a good thing, but that platitude just doesn't apply when you're talking about Girl Scout cookies.

Sara Bareilles' Oscars Tribute Will Be A Beautiful Bummer

As reported by ET Online, Sara Bareilles is slated to sing during the Oscars In Memoriam segment and her performance might move you to tears.

Beyoncé Has A Snapchat & Everyone Is Freaking Out

We guess it's a big week for universe-shaking discoveries. First, we found out that there are seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a distant sun.

This Woman Discovered Something Very Alarming About Your iPhone's Lock Mode

Your smartphone's lock mode is the grown-up version of a security blanket. Behind that passcode and thumbprint, your photos, personal info, and everything else you store on your device is safely tucked away, right?

Who Will Fail To Replace Beyoncé At Coachella?

Beyoncé made everyone's day a little bit worse when she made the totally understandable decision that she will not be performing at Coachella while pregnant.

Could Your Workout Be Hurting Your Sex Life?

The movies would have you believe that sweaty, intense workouts lead to sweaty sex. But like many things perpetuated by TV and the big screen, that's just not the case.