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18 Ways To Wear Ultra Violet, The Color of 2018

Following a froggy-green 2017, last week Pantone revealed the color of 2018, a decidedly more wearable, uplifting hue of Ultra Violet.

Zara Will Single-Handedly Get You Ready For The Holidays

What's the one store that's always there when you need a last-minute look? Zara, of course. Just think how many times the retail giant has saved you from yet another stained blouse, nothing-to-wear interview, or spur-of-the-moment Bumble date.

'Power,' 'Woke,' & More Of The Most-Used Words In Fashion

As 2017 winds down, Lyst is taking a hard look back at the moments — and the fashion — that defined the year.

Here's Why Plant-Based Diets Aren't Just Another Fad

Not too long ago, the term “plant-based” felt like part of a secret language only dietitians and food bloggers understood, rigid in its dos and don’ts, and a challenge to sustain long-term (setting a reminder to soak your chia seeds overnight, anyone?

The Internet Thinks It Knows What Rihanna's Next Fenty Launch Will Be

First came an award-winning range of foundation shades that changed the game. Next, a limited edition holiday collection, including several shades of bright, glittery lipstick.

Affordable Food Gifts — For When You're All Out Of Ideas

Being an adult during the holidays can get complicated. The days of playing carefree giftee, dressed in snuggly footie pajamas with painstakingly penciled wish lists, are gone (RIP my L.L.

9 Not-Boring Holiday Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

There's no better time to try a new hair look than during the holidays. Whether it's taking the plunge with one of the rich, coppery hues of autumn's "fallayage" trend, or just accentuating your locks with a few seriously-extra hairpins, 'tis the season for showing off (and heavily documenting on Instagram) something special or new.

I'm A Dreamer — & Here's Exactly How I'm Fighting For DACA

America Uprising - Farm Workers There's quiet crisis of conscience haunting Congress's precarious fight to pass a spending bill by the end of December.

Did You Know Queen Elizabeth II's Tiara Broke The Morning Of Her Wedding?

For the royal family, the pressure of one's wedding day is at an all time high, because just about all of Great Britain is watching (and America, too.

You Need These Gym Playlists In Your Life

Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson. Sometimes getting motivated to exercise can be harder than the workout itself.

Feeling Jealous About Your Friend's Love Life? Here's What To Do

If you're single, you've likely encountered the kind of person who has seemingly mastered the art of dating.

The Party-Ready Beauty Products In Our Purses Right Now

We all know her — heck, we all Insta-stalk her. She's the girl at every party who, without fail, looks totally chic and put together without being overdone.

This Tattoo Trend Is More Personal Than Ever — & It Will Blow Your Mind

Getting a matching tattoo with your best friend or dedicating a piece of ink to a lost loved one isn't a new concept — but the latest way people are choosing to do so certainly is.

How To Really, Truly Get Over A Breakup

Illustrated by Aimee Sy Heartbreak doesn’t just hurt, it often feels impossible. So many questions come along with the pain: How can I move on?

I Made ALL My Skin Care From Scratch — & Here's What Worked

Beauty with Mi, hosted by Refinery29's beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan, explores the coolest new trends, treatments, products, and subcultures in the beauty world.

Here's A Little Dose Of Athluxury For When You Hit The Slopes

As ski season kicks off, finding suitable attire as a novice hitting the slopes for the first time can be daunting.

Instagram's Newest Hair Trend Is Anything But Minimalist — & We Love It

Long gone are the days when 'roots' was a dirty word in the hair world. For celebs going platinum, pink, and everything in-between, having an inch or two of their natural color is a given.

This Is The Only Running Playlist You Need This Week

If you ask us, no workout is complete without a killer playlist — and running is no exception. Whether you prefer the trails or the treadmill, the right songs can make the difference between a good run and great run.

These Are The Best Gifts Beauty Editors Are Giving This Year

As beauty editors, we spend the whole calendar year testing products to find out what's really the best of the best.

How This Model-Meets-Marathon-Runner Literally Stays On Track

Zappos Why I Move: Alex Mack When it comes to working out, the hardest part isn't necessarily pushing through that final treadmill sprint or that last bout of HIIT (though, our muscles might tell you otherwise).