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Weekend Reading

Here are the books the Amazon editors will be buried in this weekend. What about you? Adrian Liang: I’m 100 pages into Elizabeth Percer’s All Stories Are Love Stories, and the writing is so good, it makes my stomach hurt.

The Best Mysteries & Thrillers of February

Here are some standouts from our Best Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense of February. There are some notable debuts on this list--names to watch for years to come.

Epic Reads: Science Fiction and Fantasy Series You Can’t Put Down

Binge-watching TV has become “a thing,” but sci-fi and fantasy readers know that binge-reading started a long, long time ago.

Kat Martin and Rebecca Zanetti Launch Two New Blockbuster Romance Series

Authors Rebecca Zanetti and Kat Martin are both launching new series this month—Zanetti with her Scorpius Syndrome series featuring a band of post-apocalypse survivors in LA, and Martin with her BOSS Inc.

A New Harry Potter Story Coming Soon

Not long after the opening date for the movie adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was announced, we have more news from the world of Harry Potter.

"It's the Mustache": An Excerpt from "Becoming Burt Reynolds"

Who says social media invented celebrity? Way back in the 1980s and 90s, the world was awash with celebrity impersonators--and foodies, too.

Partners in Crime: Phillip Margolin and Anthony Franze on "The Advocate's Daughter"

Before he was the author of seventeen New York Times bestselling novels, Phillip Margolin spent a quarter century as a renowned criminal defense attorney, handling thirty homicide cases and arguing before the United States Supreme Court.

The Best Literature & Fiction of February

Editorial Director Sara Nelson says that our top pick for Literature & Fiction this month, A Doubter's Almanac, "is the kind of epic story we’ve read before--it’s almost Biblical--and yet [Ethan] Canin makes it all seem new." (Yes, biblical.

No Country for Old Men

If you cared about the Super Bowl, or at least watched it, who you picked likely came down the Tale of Two QBs: the ascendant, freshly anointed MVP Cam Newton vs.

Katarina Bivald: "There Should Be No 'Should's' about Reading"

Katarina Bivald’s novel The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a funny, fresh story of a Swedish former bookseller named Sara who comes to America to visit a pen pal and decides, once she’s here, to open a bookstore.

What Can Be Sweeter? Theo Chocolate Love...

Chocolate is really one of the best things about Valentine's Day, and Seattle has one of the premier chocolate makers in the country.

Weekend Reading

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! But before the boisterous beer-fest commences, we plan on indulging in some quality quiet time with these, weekend reads.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of February

It’s a smashing month for new SF and fantasy. Don’t miss Pierce Brown’s searing trilogy finale, Charlie Jane Anders’ sci-fi and fantasy mash-up, and more gripping stories that will expand the horizon of your imagination.

Writing in a Dictatorship: Anjan Sundaram on "Bad News"

Weeks after finishing Bad News: Last Journalists in a Dictatorship* I remain captured by the paradoxes Anjan Sundaram puts forth, whether familiar or staggering (and there are both here).

Amazon's Best Books of February: Part One

February is the shortest month, but there’s no shortage of great books. Here, our first installment of the Best Books of the Month: I loved our spotlight pick, Ethan Canin's A Doubter's Almanac, because it’s about...well, everything.

Loitering: A Conversation with Essayist and Author Charles D'Ambrosio

The absolutely best thing about my job is that there's always the possibility I will stumble upon a great writer.

YA Wednesday: Ruta Sepetys on "Salt to the Sea"

Salt to the Sea, our spotlight pick for the best young adult books of February, is another exceptional work of historical fiction from Ruta Sepetys.

Spring into Binge-Reads: Five Series to Obsess Over

Sure, stand-alone romances are fine—but to truly immerse yourself, you need to surrender to the binge-read experience.

A Books Post for Groundhog Day

For the record, Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow today (Feb 2nd, for those who are reading this late), which means that we'll have an early spring.

PEN Literary Awards Shortlist for 2016

PEN named the finalists for the PEN Literary Awards. The finalists must be works published in 2015, and they are grouped in eight literary categories.