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12 Days of Cocktails Day 1: The Dead Rabbit's Irish Coffee

This is the time of year when the social calendar gets busier than usual and we may actually buck up and host a few get-togethers ourselves.

Celebrity Picks: David McCullough's Favorite Reads of 2015

It may not be an exaggeration to say that David McCullough is a national treasure. As the author of over a dozen lauded histories--including Truman, John Adams, and 1776--he has garnered two Pulitzer Prizes and two National Book Awards for four different books.

Wall Street Journal Columnist Jason Gay Talks "Little Victories"

Jason Gay is a nice guy. Really nice. He's also one of the best voices you'll find in journalism, funny and slyly wise.

Best Romances of 2015

As I look back at all the marvelous romances that were published in 2015, I have to say that this was a pretty great year if you like to read about people falling in love despite a whole bunch of obstacles that talented yet sadistic authors throw at them.

Celebrity Picks: Ellen Degeneres Lists Her Favorite Reads of 2015

You know Ellen Degeneres is funny, but did you that she has decorating chops, as well? With her new book, Home, Ellen lets her inner interior designer run wild,taking readers on a room-by-room tour of the houses she's bought and renovated over the last 25 years.

Best Books of 2015: Fiction

If you're lucky, you stuffed yourself silly this Thanksgiving. And for those of you not engaging in the bloodsport that is Black Friday shopping, today is a day to decompress.

Celebrity Picks: Mindy Kaling's Favorite Reads of 2015

"When I heard that Amazon wanted me to list three books I’ve read this year, I was like, oh boy, better go read some books, fast.

Christmas Romance Roundup – Part Two

Banish the Grinch with these five standout holiday romances that will make you laugh and make your heart grow three sizes bigger.

Celebrity Picks: John Grisham's Favorite Reads of 2015

If you don't know who John Grisham is, you probably arrived at this this blog by mistake. For almost 30 years (30 years!

YA Wednesday: The Best of 2015

Choosing the Best Young Adult Books of 2015 is one of the hardest lists to compile because there can only be 20 titles.

Celebrity Picks: Carly Simon's Favorite Reads of 2015

One of the books we most looked forward to this year is Carly Simon's, memoir, Boys in the Trees. It's not just stories behind her songs that fascinate--13 Top 40 hits including "Anticipation" and "You're So Vain," which topped the charts--but also her upbringing as the daughter of a co-founder of publisher Simon & Schuster, her folky early career in Greenwich Village, and the relationships with other famous artists of the era that make this such a compelling read.

Why Read This Post? Because It's There.

I don't climb mountains, because I am sure that I would die. I love reading about it from the comfort of my armchair, though.

“Go For It. But Don’t Give Up the Day Job” -- Author B.A. Shapiro on the Art of Writing, & Writing About Art

The disappearance of a young painter in New York City on the eve of World War II shapes B.A. Shapiro’s fascinating historical novel, The Muralist.

Celebrity Picks: Norman Lear's Favorite Reads of 2015

We have to admit, we're all kind of in love with Norman Lear here. It was already quite enough that he was the genius behind the curtain of some of our favorite--and groundbreaking--television shows of our, ahem, younger days: All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.  But when he came to our offices to speak about his memoir, Even This I Get to Experience, the deal was sealed.

Best Children's Books of 2015

As the year goes by, there are books that immediately come to mind when you think of the best ones you read.  In the case of children's books, the best of them cover a lot of ground (as they must)--picture books, chapter books, exciting nonfiction, and of course the novels...  We put together our picks for the top 20 children's books of 2015 across all ages, and then the top 20 for each kids category.  Circus Mirandus is our favorite children's book of the year and also our number one for ages 9-12.  It's a magical story of friendship, family, and the power of imagination so vividly described that I still picture scenes from it in my mind.  Below you'll find the number one book for each category and links to the rest--it's been a great year in children's books.

Celebrity Picks: Nathan Lane's Favorite Reads of 2015

We begin week three of our Celebrity Picks with Nathan Lane, whose iconic and often hilarious roles in The Birdcage, The Lion King, Modern Family, and The Producers, just to name a few, have made him a legend of stage and screen.

Anatomy of Success: Shonda Rhimes's "Year of Yes"

In her Year of Yes, TV creator/producer Shonda Rhimes reveals that for all her success – she’s the woman behind, among many other shows, Grey’s Anatomy, and now "owns" Thursday night TV – she was riddled with negativity.

Graphic Novel Friday: Winter Spooktacular

Here at GNF, every day is Halloween. While October may have come and gone like a bump in the night, there are plenty of spooky reads ahead in 2015 to scare away the visions of sugarplums and upcoming holiday cheer.

Celebrity Picks: Diana Gabaldon's Favorite Reads of 2015

Since the publication of Outlander--over 20 years ago!--Diana Gabaldon has enchanted readers with her somewhat unclassifiable tales of time-tripping romance in the 18th century Scottish Highlands.

"Steady, Steady, Steady": The Triumph of The Three-Year Swim Club

Is it just me, or does The Three-Year Swim Club have The Boys in the Boat written all over it? Like that 2013 bestseller, this book chronicles the quest for Olympic glory of an underdog American team.