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The 13 Unwritten Truths Of Modern Breakups (That You Have To Deal With Whether You Know Them Or Not)

1. The person who cares less has all the power. They call the shots. They decide if texts go unanswered or not, or how “friendly” you’re going to be.

6 Things Single People Should Stop Saying (And What They Should Say Instead)

1. Stop saying: “What’s wrong with me?” Most of the time, there’s nothing really wrong in the classic sense — or if there is, it’s less about the fact that there’s anything wrong and more to do with the idea that you just haven’t yet found what is the most right.

5 Examples Of Recent Hypocritical Political Statements

Rena Schild / As the political, economic and cultural divide widens in this country, I’ve noticed more political incoherence among people.

5 Reasons Hawaiian Shirts Are High Fashion Items

Shutterstock I’ve been always into flashy, fun clothing. When I started Viceroy in February 2011, I discovered the world of tropical clothing.

Five Good Reasons I’ve Broken Up With Men

Eduard Derule / ( 1. Apples Once I found out that Jason not only ate Golden Delicious apples but preferred them, it was over.

This Girl’s Parents Were Right About Her Psycho Boyfriend

The last time we heard from Jersey girl Rachel Channing she was suing her parents for living expenses, private school tuition, and future college tuition because they made her leave home when she turned 18 saying she had to obey the house rules.

This Is About Girls And The Bathroom

Shutterstock Since women learned how to squat down and release the day’s (or, really, hour’s) liquid intake, we have taken this innocently natural action and warped it into something shrouded heavily in mystery.

This Incredibly Sleek Data Visualization Shows Us How We Move Around In Cities

Human released a data visualization video that compiled the activity of the population in 30 cities. It’s quite intriguing and at times, creepy (only because we’re being tracked).

3 Ways To Comfort A Mom In Distress

Shutterstock Becoming a mother, for me, has not been a natural process. I had wanted children since I was young; I always knew that’s what I wanted.

14 Quirks About Americans I’ve Learned From Traveling

Maridav / ( 1. Americans are finicky. We demand that things should be exactly to our liking.

Here’s Why We Need To Rethink Compassion

By almost all accounts, the recent conflict in Gaza and its high resulting death toll—which has risen over to over 600 in two weeks of fighting—has been tragic.

Here’s What Happens When A Regular Human Tries The Rock’s Hercules Diet

therock’s Instagram It’s widely known that The Rock undertook an incredible diet and fitness plan for his role as Hercules, sustaining the remarkable regiment for six months.

Coolio To Drop His New Single On Popular Porn Site

YouTube / Coolio – 1 2 3 4 (Sumpin New) Las Vegas, NV — Taking his giant headphones off, Coolio, with his well-marketed, carefully managed, easily recognizable hairstyle turned to the gaggle of reporters at his studio.

The Police Forced Me To Exit My Uber Ride

360b / ( Late Tuesday night my fiancée and I were making our way home from band practice on a long trek from Queens to our apartment in New Jersey.

Here’s What You Can Do After You Get Drunk Tonight Oh, hey. You’re home already? It’s alright, you can’t have an epic night every Friday, right?

Just Another Review: A Coffee In Berlin

Amazon / Coffee In Berlin There is a satisfaction that comes from watching a black and white film that is as aimless as the Sunday afternoon you choose to watch it on.

How To Go Out At The Top

image – Flickr / Brian Auer Jerry Seinfeld was asked by Howard Stern, “Why didn’t you continue the series?

21 Substitutes For Kale To Help You Through The Great Kale Shortage

Flickr/Mike They say that when telling people bad news you should just do it directly. I really agree; that’s the best way.

The One Most-Kissed: You, The Reader

image – iStockPhoto / encrier This Article Is Not About What You Think It’s About You. The readers. [In case you've forgotten who you are.] Without you there wouldn’t be a book industry.

An Open Letter To Taco Bell: This Is About “Taco Dinner Kits”

image – Flickr / Steven Depolo Dear Taco Bell: Last night my wife and I planned a taco night for dinner.