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7 Crucial Sex Tips Every Freshman Woman Should Take To College

1. Finding friends is more important than finding people to hook up with. Way more important. Far too many women squander their first year of school stressing over who they’re gonna hook up with, and when, and how many times, and how popular he is, and how many sport$$$ he plays, etc., because they’re convinced that the point of college is to hook up—it’s not.

10 Struggles Of Being In A Relationship When You Hate Anything Cheesy Or Romantic

You’re The Worst It’s not that you don’t love spending time with your person. There’s just something about having that fact congratulated via bouquets of roses that makes your inner Grinch want to throw those roses right across the room.

5 Of Our Favorite Thought Catalog College Instagrams

Today, the Thought Catalog homepage is dedicated to college. Last week, we asked you to show off your school spirit by Tweeting or Instagramming your favorite “college” photos.

This John Green Video Will Get You Massively Excited To Start School Again (Even If You’re Dreading It Right Now)

“But yes, your teachers may be stupid. So are you, so am I, so is everyone (except Neil DeGrasse Tyson).

7 Things I Wish I Knew As A College Freshman

Amy Gee 1. Skip School For The Right Reasons Here’s a news flash: Most of your college courses won’t matter.

17 College Classes That Might Actually Help You Survive In The Real World (Unlike Calculus)

Leo Hidalgo 1. Sociology 171: How To Make Friends Sober 2. Communication Studies 10: How To Say No To Things You Actually Don’t Want To Do 3.

5 Questions Anyone Taking Out A Student Loan Needs To Be Able To Answer

Brittani Lepley 1. Is this your only option? Everyone should exhaust all available resources before applying for a private loan.

Here’s What You’ll Actually Remember About College Once It’s Over

vollygda You’ll remember that one Professor who changed the way you thought about everything. The one who challenged you, enraged you, encouraged you and eventually helped you realize all that you’re capable of.

10 Ugly Truths About College Life No One Warns You About

Twenty20, anniepersson 1. During college you’ll experience some of the best moments of your life, and the worst.

25 Thoughts Of A Residence Hall Director On Move-In Day

Shutterstock / Nagel Photography 1. Why do you have so much stuff? Don’t you realize you have a roommate that has to fit in your room, too?

When You Go To College And Your Depression Tags Along

ashim It is junior year of college and things are starting to be okay. I am learning how to stand alone without a constant security blanket.

Today On Thought Catalog: We’re Talking About College

Good Morning Thought Catalog Readers, Today on TC our staff and contributors are exploring the topic of college.

13 People On What It Was Like To Have Sex With One Of Their Friends’ Parents

(YouTube) Found on AskReddit. 1. “I was 16 at my friend’s house. Whilst they were outside drinking beer through a hose I was inside my friend’s mum’s bedroom just chatting.

What Wes Craven’s Death Means For Horror Fans Like Me

A Nightmare On Elm Street The year was 2003. I was 16 years old and my best friend was throwing a birthday party at her house.

19 Jaw-Dropping Outfit Choices From The 2015 VMAs That Will Make Your Monday Way More Interesting

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

5 Great Ways To Get The Most Out Of College (And End Up With A Job!)

Flickr / Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism I’m the epitome of the millennial who didn’t use college to their advantage.

10 Struggles Of Being A Feminine Feminist

Sophia Sinclair 1. People assume that to be a good feminist is to embody masculine qualities. That the goal of feminism is to empower women by inspiring them to behave more like men.

14 Men Explain What It Is About Their Girlfriend They Know Makes Her The One

maximontesde 1. “Every day when I wake up she inspires me to be a better person. When I met her I was a mess.

7 Signs You’re Passing Up The Nice Guy You Think You Don’t Want

Twenty20 / luzaichalyssa You can’t force a connection with someone that you know just isn’t there, but sometimes you overlook a person before a connection has any chance to begin.

30 Things Every Woman Who Was Raised By A Feminist Dad Understands

1. Growing up, your dad was always the Chill Dad. Not really because he was exceptionally lenient, but because he didn’t do the whole “You Are My Daughter, I Must Control Protect You By Being Strict With You In Ways I Probably Wouldn’t Be With A Boy” thing that so many of your friends’ dads pulled.