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What You Need To Know About Prison Reform In The United States

Alper Çuğun The United States is by cliché, patriotic definition the “land of the free, home of the brave.” However, the idea that we reside in the “freest country in the world” is simply not true.

23 Signs You’re Finally Over Him (For Good This Time)

Pexels You can feel it in your stomach as you look at yourself getting ready to head out. You’re heading to a new place.

You’re A ‘First Place’ Girl, Not A ‘Just In Case’ Girl When you suddenly realize your own worth, it won’t be so hard to finally close that door.

18 Hilarious Dog Memes That Will Make All The Sadness Go Away

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34 Awesome Butt Workouts So You Can Break The Internet With A Selfie, Kim Kardashian Style

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This Is What A Morning Text Really Means Good Morning Beautiful It’s really simple. It’s a few words. But more than words it’s letting someone know, ‘you’re the first person I want to talk to today.’ It’s letting someone know, ‘I want to be the first thing you see when you’re eyes open, if I can’t be there for it.’ It’s letting someone know, ‘You’re the first person I thought of before my eyes opened.

14 Wildly Successful College Drop-Outs Who Will Make You Reevaluate Starting School This Fall

Lady Gaga “Telephone” 1. Mark Zuckerberg ditched Harvard so you could “poke” your friends. The story is pretty well known—Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard back in 2004 to move to Silicon Valley and work on Facebook.

21 Men Share Exactly How It Feels When A Woman Cums And He’s Still Inside Her

Photo by – 1. “Like the best hug ever…. like her vagina wants to say “thank you for being here.” 2.

Stop Freaking Out About Adulthood, It’s The Best Stage Of Your Life If You Let It Be

olliealexander The Internet has given birth to a collective hysteria surrounding adulthood. It’s essentially everywhere you look.

Never Look For Healing In The Person Who Broke You

Bianca des Jardins Don’t even think about putting your heart back into the palms of the person who broke it.

If I Never See You Again, I Hope You Know What You Meant To Me If I never see you again I hope you know what you meant to me, I hope you know how much your words changed me and how much your stories touched me.

50 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Feel Loved

m___carty 1. I need you. 2. I’m thankful for you. 3. I love the way you ____. 4. My life has changed for the better because of you.

82 Generic White Gay Guy Names And What It Says About His Personality

Karina Carvalho 1. Todd: Works in retail, positions himself as a fashionista even though everyone knows he’s fleecing that Ralph Lauren employee discount.

32 Brutally Honest Truths You Have To Accept If You Want Lasting Love

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For The Girls With Broken Hearts, Don’t Be Afraid To Love Again

Tim Stief You are standing in front of a boy who inspires within you a love you never thought you would feel before.

You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Actually Gives A Damn About You

Franca Gimenez If he doesn’t like you, why do you like him? Although this occurs with both genders, I can only speak to the female side.

6 Things You Need To Know About Yourself Before You Can Truly Fall In Love

Kessy Silva What is your biggest dream? This can be realistic, or far-fetched; it can be your biggest desire, or a small inkling, but when you think about what you want for your life, what is the ideal, the goal, the place that you’re heading towards?

What It Means To ‘Stay Woke’ In America Even If You’re Rich And Privileged

Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram I’ve always liked Colin Kaepernick since he entered the NFL. His work ethic, commitment to the game, and heart for children, especially those with heart disease, speaks volumes of the man he has become.

It’s Time To Let Go, He’s Gone And He’s Not Coming Back

@theowlsdca He left you because he didn’t want to be there. I’m sorry that sounds so harsh, but the harsh truth is you don’t want to be with someone like him anyway.

3 Qualities To Search For In Your Partner If You Want A Love That Lasts

Nathan Walker Comfort. Compatibility. Carelessness. The three things that I believe are important in ANY relationship you may encounter, friendship or romantic.