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Is Voluntourism Selfless Or Selfish?

image – Flickr / Paul Every so often posts come up on my social media outlets showing some of my acquaintances posing with cute ethnic children in foreign countries.

8 People You’ll Meet In An Office

Shutterstock 1. The Hot Young One: No matter which office I’ve temped at, there was always that one, young hot guy that I couldn’t help but fantasize about banging on the conference table.

A Recipe For Lasting Relationships

Pixelbliss / ( So you’ve picked up the girl. Awesome. You wanna keep her, right? Well, the relationship game is a little different than the pickup game.

12 Ways To Live To A Ripe Old Age As A Black Person In America

There’s a lot of black people dying in America. What makes this sad is that the majority of these deaths were easily avoidable.

7 Reasons Why Going To College In America Made Me Fat

Lada Hunt / ( I recently spent a year at an American university. America has a reputation for being one of the fattest countries in the world, and I was worried about putting on weight while I was there.

5 Crucial First Date Mistakes

CREATISTA / ( Living on a college campus for the past four years has left me in a dating desert.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall For An Army Man (And 1 Reason Why You Should)

kasha_malasha / ( At times, military men can be a total pain in the ass, and I swear you’d want to summon all the positive forces in the universe to stop you from whipping their asses out of frustration.

Are You In Dating Purgatory?

Shutterstock Purgatory, among other things, means the place in the afterlife between heaven and hell.

The 10 Most Important Milestones In Your Life

Shutterstock Several milestones must be reached in order for us to achieve self-actualization. Our life’s milestones will almost always help us grow, or change who we are as a person in some significant way.

“ALS Is So, So Scary You Have No F*cking Idea”

I haven’t lost it at a YouTube video like this, ever. If you watch one video about the ice bucket challenge, it should be this.

Is Your House Haunted? Tell Us Your Story And We’ll Investigate It.

Paranormal Activty 4 This post is a call for submissions of sorts — I’ve been looking for a paranormal research group I can follow along with to live blog an investigation for Thought Catalog.

Why Your ‘Number’ Shouldn’t Matter

Shutterstock “So, how many people have you had sex with?” This is not a question anyone is ever supposed to ask.

A Letter To My 11-Year-Old Self

racorn / ( As the school year begins and I am faced with the challenge of shaping the minds of 32 young, bright-faced 11-year-olds, I reflect back to what life was life for me as a 5th grader.

6 Ways Not To Lose A Guy During Football Season

Shutterstock I am a girl who loves her football because of many reasons (none being the tight uniforms).

¿Cuáles Son Las Preocupaciones Del Posthumanismo En El Siglo 21?

Para entender el posthumanismo, es necesario entender a sus antecedentes. El humanismo es un movimiento filosófico, intelectual y cultural europeo que acompañó el pensamiento Renacentista y que, en el siglo XVIII, se asoció a los principios de la Ilustración, la Reforma Religiosa y la Revolución Francesa.

If Cities Could Be Boyfriends

Shutterstock “Each city has it’s own personality” I’ve lived in London, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Paris (soon to be)– each with its own own personality and each being the best relationships of my life.

What Does Hispanic Look Like?

“You don’t look Hispanic.” I think I’ve heard that sentence more than any other in my life except maybe for “Why are you here?

¿Cómo Se Deben Ver Los Latinos?

—No pareces latino. — Creo que he escuchado esa frase más que cualquier otra en mi vida, quizás con la excepción de — ¿Por qué estás aquí?

15 Men Talk About Why They Catcall Women

Shutterstock 1. “I’ve never done this and I’ve never seen one of my friends do it. It’s gross.” 2. I don’t do it when I’m alone, but when I’m with a group of guys I feel pressured to do it.

6 Ways You Can Mix Prints Without Looking Insane

There’s a way to do it, and a way not to do it, but no set guidelines. If this sounds confusing it’s because it is — well, sort of.