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8 Thanksgiving Side Dishes, Ranked From Best To Worst

Twenty20 / wettografie Cornbread stuffing The Holy Grail of Thanksgiving sides, cornbread stuffing is proof that something good came out of the (admittedly horrifying) Thanksgiving origin story, and that something truly incredible can be made out of slightly stale bread.

‘H’ Is For Hard: A Sexting Alphabet

Last night I was awakened with a story idea, and the little bird of inspiration wouldn’t be satisfied until I woke my ass up and wrote it down on my phone to revisit in the morning.

Happy Thanksgiving: An American Indian Perspective

YouTube / National Congress of American Indians Wind, smelling of wood smoke rattles the yellow leaves off the peach tree.

16 Signs Your Partner Will Make An Incredible Parent Someday

spooner 1. They validate your emotions. They do not correct how you “should” feel about something, even if it is in fact the product of a misunderstanding.

Facts Over Fables: 7 Truths About Thanksgiving Everyone Should Know

Wikimedia Commons / Jean Leon Gerome Ferris History, they say, is written by the victors. And in the context of history, it seems that it is also true that if you repeat a lie enough, people will come to believe it, and so will you.

A Sex Chair Saved My Marriage

Twenty20 / Dariakova My husband and I have been married for five years (together for eight), and we have two kids under the age of three. As you can probably imagine, our sex life has had its ebbs and flows.

15 Women On The Most Romantic Thing A Man Has Ever Said To Them

pixabay 1. ‘I HATE THAT I WASN’T THE FIRST GUY TO KISS YOU’ “My boyfriend told me that the thing that he hates most in life is that he wasn’t the first guy to kiss me.” —Audrey, 22 2.

31 Funny Thanksgiving Tweets You’ll Be Thankful You Saw Today

1. when your fam at thanksgiving asks if you're dating anyone or if you need help in that area — C.J.

15 Truths Sarah Dessen Taught Us About Life, Love, And Letting Go

Jess.xn 1. “If you didn’t love him, this never would have happened. But you did. And accepting that love and everything that followed it is part of letting it go.”  2.

9 Types of Guys You Run Into At A College Tailgate

Twenty20 / threetails 1. The friend who’s visiting This is the new guy from out of town who is wearing your school’s sweatshirt not because he went there, but because his friend loaned it to him so he wouldn’t look entirely out of place.

Depression Is Not Beautiful

marjramos I get sucked under the waves of varying ferocity with no sense of direction. I don’t want help and I refuse to get better.

14 Things Every Anxious-Type Needs To Know About Surviving Holiday Air Travel

Twenty20 / jawnboyd Holiday madness is officially here. Cue: Stress. If the mere idea of this season makes your blood pressure rise and you’re getting on a plane to go somewhere, you might feel like you’re in survival mode.

Why Cultural Appropriation Is Actually A Good Thing

Brian Tomlinson Cultural criticism is taboo. In polite company, all cultures are created equally. None is better or worse than any other; they’re just different.

22 People Share The One Thing They Wish The ENTJs In Their Lives Understood

928CLIQ 1. “I am incredibly jealous of your natural, effortless leadership and your ability to take charge in a group.” –INFJ 2.

This Syrian Refugee Came To Europe With Nothing But What He Did Next Is An Inspiration

via Imgur The man pictured here is Alex Assali. He fled Syria in 2007 under threat of his life after coming to the attention of the Syrian government for criticizing Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad online.

15 Unspoken Rules Of Flying Every Traveler Should Know

Swissmediavision 1. This is your chance to read all of those horrifying celebrity rags with stories about one Kardashian being pregnant by another Kardashian’s husband.

The Real Reason Men Cheat That Has Little To Do With You

Twenty20 / 928CLIQ Being cheated on is one of the most painful, shattering experiences, one that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Your Job Can Be Amazing — If You Let It Be

Twenty20 / beautiful_account Not too long ago, I was traveling and came across a rude flight attendant.

You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Have These 21 Ridiculous Fights

Twenty20, prozipix 1. When one person asks how they look and the other replies a little too honestly instead of going with a trusty affirmation like “You look amazing!

7 Things You Realize When You’re The Girl Who Doesn’t Care About “Having It All” (But Having The Few Things That Matter)

dustontodd When people think of “having it all,” they don’t think of having everything they want – they think of quantifiable success: the proof that you’re happy, loved, successful.