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10 Things I Wish Every Guy Who ‘Doesn’t Want A Relationship’ Understood

wundervisuals 1. Just because you deny someone a title, doesn’t mean you can force them not to feel anything.

7 Labels Happy People Never Use To Define Themselves

sanjamarusic 1. Do not be defined by how big or how small your house is, or by how many or how little cars you have.

10 Things That Really Suck About Being A Sex Worker

Mayer George Being a sex worker can be a blast. Easy money that’s fun to make. Partying for a living.

17 Surprisingly Smart Horror Movies That Intelligent Horror Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

The Shining The Shining The Shining is a movie so smart there are other movies about how many philosophical layers are in it.

This Is The Problem With Changing Yourself To Find Love

Twenty20 / IgorSun Should you change to find true love? There is so much conflicting advice out there about whether or not it is right to spiff yourself up to attract someone into your life.

PSA: Memories Consist Of What You Actually Remember

Twenty20 / acsmercado It’s a Friday! Cue the beer mug emojis and frantic group texts about tonight’s plans.

23 Women Describe Their Worst Kiss Ever

mailenylopez92 1. his breath was so rank—I’m talking demons dancing on his tongue rank “The worst kiss I experienced was with a guy I was talking to in my freshman year of college.

15 Ways To Distract Yourself When You’re Rolling Solo On Valentine’s Day

Carmen Jost The second worst holiday for single people (New Year’s Eve being numero uno) is right around the corner.

20 Quotes To Read If You Can’t Let Someone Go

Twenty20 / samanthavaughan 1. “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” ~Deborah Reber 2.

9 Books That Will Help You Better Understand Black (American) History

You can never fit black American history in one month, but in the spirit of honoring it this month, why not tackle one or more of these nine books?

9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ruthlessly Revisit Your Past

Twenty20 larryreeves I have a habit of paying a visit to my past every now and then. I like to rummage through my old pictures, journals, diaries, scrap books, letters, notes & memos.

50 Self-Limiting Thoughts That Completely Destroy Our Potential (Without Us Even Realizing It)

eastlynbright 1. “Am I good enough?” 2. “God, they’re so much better than me.” 3. “I’m ‘above’ listening to this person.” 4.

20 Simple Reminders For Every Type Of Adventurer (From A Person Who Is Not Traveling The World)

Michael Hull 1. Traveling is not the only path to a life of self-awareness. You can sit in silence, read a challenging book, or talk to that person in the coffee shop that has a different worldview than you.

When Your Biggest Disadvantage Is Secretly Your Greatest Strength

Lurking inside each and every one of us is a dream—a desire to do something other than clock in and out of a safe job that doesn’t quite feel right.

Don’t Apologize For Not Being Married Yet (Or Ever)

Mischelle People are going to continue to ask you about your love life and they’re not going to stop.

34 People On How Many Sex Partners Is Too Many

Hot Legs! Sex High Heels 1. “My rule of thumb is you should be able to remember every person.” —Daisy 2.

The 5 Guys You Break Up With Before You Find The One

annebaek 1. The emotional one The funny part about this one is that throughout the relationship they seemed completely unemotional.

37 Men And Women Who Gave Their Cheating SO A Second Chance Reveal How Their Relationship Is Now

via Shutterstock 1. She Was Awesome For Confessing My girlfriend since high school (we were in college at the time) made out with a guy in Mexico.

22 Weird Ways You Know You’re (Kind Of) An Actual Grownup

Red Dress 1. You honestly don’t care whether someone went to a “good” school or has a “good” job. Instead, you care whether or not they’re a quality human who can make you laugh and stuff like that.

There Is A Place On The Mountain Called ‘Borrasca’ Where People Go To Disappear

via Flickr – Eric Kilby It’s a long story, but one you’ve never heard before. This story is about a place that dwells on the mountain; a place where bad things happen.