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17 Women On What They Wish They Would Have Known About Dating In Their Twenties

Zhora 1. “I wish I would have known that men will tell you you are “crazy” and that your feelings are “crazy.” But they are just doing it to diminish their culpability.

Love Leaves (But It Always Returns)

Love left and came back with new eyes, with new hands. Love left and came back with a voice I did not recognize, with a heart I did not expect.

15 Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Can Handle An Independent Woman

Leo Hidalgo 1. He appreciates the fact that you have a life outside of the relationship. It’s not threatening to him—in fact, he admires this about you.

I Haven’t Thought About You In A While

Twenty20 / cburtonsiller It took a long time for me to leave the thought of you behind. It was an effort, not an occurrence.

Freedom From Fear: Why We Need Gun Control

A common side effect of living abroad is thinking about how much you miss your home country, as much as you might love the country in which you are currently residing.

When Our Thoughts And Prayers Are Not Enough: School Shootings In America

YouTube / ODN What do we owe our fellow humans who we walk alongside every day? Buddhism teaches being in harmony with all things and all people.

This Is What It Means To Be Basic I don’t care if you’re on a first name basis with your favorite barista at Starbucks, or if you can recite every episode of friends at the drop of a hat.

10 ‘Witches’ Who Were Famously Killed For Their Alleged Crimes

Flickr /// Stephanie 1. Hypatia (370-415 AD) Who she was: A Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, Hypatia is thought to be the first person killed by a Christian lynch mob in history.

All Women Are ‘Real’ Women

Twenty20 / kirstylee152 I’m sure a lot of us have had that “I’m not like other girls” mindset. “I like pizza and fart jokes and drinking tea,” we say to ourselves.

11 Questions You Should Never Ask A 20 Something Woman On A First Date

Twenty20 / rosslynn 1. Are your boobs real? When a woman catches you looking at her boobs on the first date, that’s one thing, but asking this question, just don’t.

21 Tiny Thoughtful Habits Of Any Man Worth Marrying

Leo Hidalgo 1. He knows your breakfast order by heart. Whether it’s a toasted whole wheat sesame bagel with scrambled eggs and cheese and freshly squeezed orange juice or just black coffee.

Another Day, Another Mass Shooting in America

Silvia Sala Yes, you heard correctly; there has been another mass shooting in the United States of America.

The TV Ghost of Berks County

Traveling for three months at a time was part of my job and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to book hotels that I have always wanted to stay at and eat at places that I could not afford.

A Letter To My Father Nearing The Anniversary Of His Death

Johan Larsson Hi Daddy, Because I always answered the phone that way, and thank goodness, I still remember our voices on the line.

13 Things I Say On Tinder And What I Actually Mean

1. “Sorry, I didn’t see your message.” I did. I saw it, decided to think about what my response should be, and then completely forgot to actually reply.

I Am Not A Virgin (But Don’t Tell My Mother)

bezikus I am not a virgin. (But don’t tell my mother.) At the age of five, I gave myself to Jesus. I did not know what giving myself to Jesus meant, but, being young and naïve, I did it anyway.

The Courage To Say ‘I’m Happy For You’

Franca Gimenez You kiss me and pull me onto the bed. I hold you like I never want to let you go, and kiss you like I’ve never kissed anyone else.

21 People Reveal Their Weirdest Family Traditions

Twenty20, danielhalis 1. “Fuck pillows—my brother and I used to bury our teeth for the tooth fairy.” — Noah, 22 2.

I Have HPV

Franca Gimenez I have HPV. There I said it, doesn’t seem so hard to type it. It turns out it’s a lot harder to tell a potential partner.

An Honest Note To The People We Love(d) Who Could Never Love Us Back

Twenty 20 / NickBulanovv We are coming of age in a time where love and life are on display – and the scrutiny seems almost inescapable.