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19 People Share The One Thing They Wish The ENTPs In Their Lives Understood

erzagracekrasniqi 1. “You intimidate and frighten me, because you are expressive, comfortable with people, rational and come up with lots of possibilities for any conceivable situation.

Bah, Humbug!: 25 Scrooges, Grouches, And Grinches On Why They Hate Christmas

Flickr /// FionnKidney 1. FUCK CHRISTMAS! “Fuck Christmas! It’s a waste of fucking time Fuck Santa He’s just out to get your dime.” —Eric Idle 2.

I Lost Him To The Ocean

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida I read something in the paper and it made me think about you. This is what it said: Our lungs contain 300,000 million capillaries.

18 Things Only Online Shopping Addicts Understand

ashleyartidiello 1. You have your credit card(s) memorized and can recite all sixteen numbers, plus the expiration date and CVV code, in a matter of seconds.

Quiz: Should You Go Out Tonight Or Nah?

Take This Quiz: Should You Text That Person You’re Thinking Of Texting? Take This Quiz: Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex?

17 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Be A Functioning Adult Without Your Best Friend

Master of None 1. Because you would never get through your work day without their heinous, purposely unflattering, quadruple-chin Snapchats.

12 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Social Media

Social media is an incredible tool: we’re able to connect, share, learn and of course, evolve, faster than ever before in human history.

21 Things You Definitely Saw At Your Hometown Bar

1. The New Yorker who walks in like they are God’s gift to this shithole bar, ordering top shelf booze, wearing a fur vest, and generally being too good for whatever is going on.

Quiz: Should You Text That Person You’re Thinking Of Texting?

Take This Quiz: Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex? Take This Quiz: Which Type Of Personality Should You Date?

7 Humbling Things You Learn When You’re The Last To Move On From A Relationship

michellesimone 1. You cannot love someone into loving you back. You cannot tell yourself that if you promise to love them forever, and wait as long as it takes, and do whatever you must, that it will result in them reciprocating the gesture.

10 Biological Sex Deformities (With Photos)


20 People Share The One Thing They Wish The INTPs In Their Lives Understood

gotphotos_101 1. “The inside of your brain is like a messy desk, and that’s awesome. You have to wind your way through piles of unrelated material, but what you find at the end is pure gold.” –ENTP 2.

5 People Share The Sacrifices Their Parents Made For Them

1. “I was no stranger to the fact that my father had injured himself in the war, leaving him mobile but unable to use his hands or upper body properly.

Here Are All The People Applauding The Planned Parenthood Shooter

Twitter / The Denver Post As you might be aware, this afternoon and early evening there was an active shooter in and around the area of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood.

Always Uncertain: 12 Counterintuitive Traits Of Genuinely Smart People

williekessel You’re probably smarter than you think you are, if you seldom assume you’re smart at all.

My Grandfather Worked At An Insane Asylum And I Found His Personal Logs Dating Back To 1902 (Part Four)

Boston Public Library Read Part One Here. Read Part Two Here. Read Part Three Here. I’m sorry if there are typos in this.

9 Men And Women Reveal The Most Embarrassing Places They’ve Been Caught Masturbating

Twenty20 / marioes 1. “It was in my grandmother’s bathroom. My girlfriend at the time was uncontrollably sexting me, and she sent me a video of herself that I knew was meant to be watched in private.

24 People Reveal The Secret To Excellent Anal Sex

lurikothe 1. “It’s not a hole. It’s a human being. The better you connect the better it will be.” — Rob, 36, New York 2.

How To Be Grateful Even When You Have 1,000 Reasons To Hate Everything

Twenty20 / kim.schaffer If you didn’t learn in childhood that life is never perfect, you will most likely learn it in adulthood.

30 Quotes About How Your Real Soulmate Is Often Your Best Friend ToddMakesFotos 1. “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” —Candace Bushnell 2.