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You Deserve To Love Yourself Unapologetically

Sarah Loven No one can champion you quite like your own self can. No one wants you to succeed half as much as you do. No one fully knows your story; where you have been, the place you find yourself in now, and where you hope to go next.

9 Reasons Why I Unapologetically Believe In The Power Of God

Vil Son I usually don’t talk about my beliefs because the comments section of any well-thought-out article can be pretty brutal and I’m just now mastering the ability not to reply to stupidity.

10 Reasons It’s Easier To Love A Woman Whose Loved Before

A Nikon Girl 1. She will know when to say “I love you”. A woman who has loved before knows when she is starting to fall in love with you.

5 Myths About Adulthood That You Sincerely Believed When You Were A Kid

twinshenanigans As a 21-year-old, there are many aspects of being an adult that I don’t understand yet (like stocks and super delegates) but there are some significant, embarrassing realizations we all go through while emerging clumsily out of childhood.

No Matter What You Do In Life, Do It For You

CoffeeAndMilk I’m a person who is easily influenced by others. If someone is in a bad mood I tend to sync to their mood and find something to be upset about.

I Know That Change Means Losing You, But It’s So Hard To Let You Go

ClickFlashphotos I found a broken reflection of myself in a puddle on a busy sidewalk. I whispered.. “again?

Read This If You Feel Like You’re Falling Behind Your Friends In Life

The Devil Wears Prada Recently, one of my best friends articles went viral on Vice, another friend took a job with Sky news, and a third announced she was having a baby.

What He Means When He Says ‘I Need Space’ (And How To Deal With It)

Aaron Anderson Honestly, you haven’t been happier in any other relationship. You spend the majority of your time with him, thinking about him, or talking about him — it’s literally ridiculous how much you love him.

11 Ways Your Partner Is Subtlety Saying ‘I Love You’, If Their Love Language Is ‘Quality Time’

agatha According to the best-selling book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts there are five different ways in which people like to give and receive affection towards their loved ones.

This Is Why I Can’t Let Go Of You

Enrico Fianchini A few months ago I promised myself I wouldn’t write about you ever again. I decided that it wasn’t fair to hold on to you, even if it was just in the words I write.

11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date Someone Whose Love Language Is ‘Acts Of Service’

jane.hewitt271 According to the best-selling book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts there are five different ways in which people like to give and receive affection towards their loved ones.

Dear James: A Letter to Suburban Suicides I do not know you, and I will never know you. You made sure of that. We are from the same place, but we’re both gone from there now.

Remember When People Were Enough

Jordan McQueen Remember when just meeting up with your friends was enough? When we didn’t obsess over digital proof of a friendship and having a good time.

I Would Love To Love You, But I Can’t

Alexander Shustov I’d love to love you. Yes, I’d love to hold you tight and whisper in your ear that I do, I really do.

Girls Don’t Want Everything, They Just Want To Be Loved

AleksandarNakic Over the weekend someone said to me, “He can buy you whatever you want. You should go for him.” The first thought that came through my head was that is not at all what most girls want, and that is definitely not what I want.

I Am A Girl Who Wants Heartfelt Moments, Not Games

Hugo Coelho The idea of being in love makes your heart beat a little faster. It drives you mad. It makes you say ridiculous things, do things out of the norm, and makes your brain get flustered.

Don’t Become The Person Who Hurt You Don’t break someone’s heart just because you have been broken. Don’t become cruel because someone was cruel to you.

I Need You To See Who I Really Am, And Love Me Anyway

Jeff Isy I don’t always like who I am, and I need you to know that. Sometimes, I read too much into a harmless comment, I fixate on an interaction that’s really no big deal, or I say something unnecessarily childish.

I Think We Are Something, But I Don’t Know Quite What

Brooke Cagle I thought we had something. Something different and true and great. Something to start with, to build on and to carry with us for a while.

The One Sentence That Can Ruin Any Relationship Before It Even Starts

tanyuxasbest You’ve just had another guy flake. You’ve only known him several weeks. The two of you had started to build (what you thought was) a great connection.