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You Don’t Need A Vacation, You Need A Vocation

Harry Potter Do you feel like you need a vacation? Are the stresses of work day in and day out becoming too much for you?

You Are Nothing

Flickr / Kevin Dooley Boys are fragile. And you aren’t any different. You are defined by threads of illusion and doused in ego and fast and temporary words that lose meaning the moment they leave your tongue.

15 Completely Truthful Lies You Can Tell When You Don’t Want To Say You Watched Netflix All Day

1. “I did some organizing, got rid of some stuff I didn’t need anymore.” You reordered your queue, and deleted movies that you’ve seen from your list.

12 Signs Someone Is Basically Dead To You

Don’t Trust The B 1. You see their text and you roll your eyes and either forget to respond or send them a text 5 hours later like “omg babe!

19 Super-Creepy Brushes With The Paranormal

Flickr / 826 PARANORMAL Found on AskReddit. 1. The room behind the mirror. For two years my mum had a recurring nightmare in which the mirror at the end of the room, facing my parent’s bed, would turn transparent and there would be a man standing behind it.

12 Easy-To-Miss Signs A Shy Person Has A Crush On You

via Mudie Chatz 1. They make eye contact with you. Yes, it feels awkward, because they feel awkward. As a shy person, making eye contact with a crush is like staring into the Sun.

19 Classic Weird Kids From Your Middle School And Who They Are Now

The Sandlot The kid who: ate paste. Is now the adult who: eats a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich on the daily and feels fine.

8 Ways To Be Happier

The Fault In Our Stars 1. Understand It As Worthy Pursue it with the same ambition, care, and obsession you’d otherwise put into emotions and ambitions that make you feel worse.

21 Girls On The Dumb Things Guys Do During Sex (NSFW)

via Francesca Brom Found on AskReddit. 1. No foreplay. Just going in for the kill. Guys, seriously, we’re like ovens, we take time to warm up y’know?

10 Totally Ridiculous “Fights” Only True BFFs Have

Community 1. The “I don’t care where we eat.” Ahhh, the most benign argument that always starts under this false pretense of being sooooo chill and flexible.

I Slept With A Guy For Two Years Hoping He’d Commit, And This Is Where It Got Me

via Maritimoswim I slept with a guy from two years hoping that eventually he would commit to me and guess where it got me?

Life Is Short And Cardio Is Boring: 5 Reasons Why You Should Walk More

Shutterstock To some, walking is a luxury. To others it’s a chore. We lean on the convenience of rapid transportation so often that we forget the pleasure that can be derived from its absence.

21 Completely Underrated Britney Jams

Britney Spears Vevo Miss Britney Jean Spears is my most favorite pop star in the entire world. I’ve listened to Britney more consistently than any other artist since the mid-2000s and I don’t plan on stopping.

19 Signs You’re In A Marshall And Lily Relationship

1. You’re happiest when you’re together. How I Met Your Mother 2. The story of how the two of you met is seriously the cutest.

16 People On What They Regret Most

1. “As a kid, I hated garlic, and refused to eat anything with garlic in it. I was in college when I finally gave it a chance, and it was like a miracle exploded in my mouth.

719 Words On Why You Shouldn’t Read Anything Online Tomorrow

Daria Nepriakhina “Stop letting idiots people on the Internet inform how you live your life.” This is the mantra we should all live by in 2015 and it feels insufferably impossible because the Internet is rife with eye-roll-worthy clickbait titles that you can’t even knock for trying.

10 Graphs That Perfectly Sum Up Turning 25

1. Wisdom Accrued 2. Phrases Uttered 3. Can’t Wait To Hang Out! 4. Laundry Lyfe 5. Big-Time Challenges 6. Brain Rotting 7.

10 Different Types of Sex Every Long-term Couple Has

via Fotobigrafie 1. Connected sex It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, connected sex has lasting, transformative powers.

8 Reasons Your First Love Will Always Be Your Last (No Matter How Many Relationships You Have)

The Spectacular Now The longer we ride the train of time, the more people we encounter and the more romantic partners we acquire.

11 Rules the Fierce Women In My Life Taught Me

Single Ladies / YouTube All my life I looked up to men. For the most part they have treated me with respect and pushed along my dreams and curiosities.