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10 Concrete Examples Of White Privilege

James 1. When you stay in a hotel, you can expect the complimentary shampoo to work with the texture of your hair.

All My Life I’ve Been Told I’m Too Young To Fall In Love (Thank God I Met Someone Who Showed Me Otherwise)

Brittani Lepleyv All my life I have been told that I was too young to fall in love. Thank God someone came along and taught me otherwise.

Tips For Ladies On Their Periods

Shutterstock “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned,” or better yet than a woman on her period. The tell tale signs that you are nearing your period are not really hard to guess.

I Left College To Get An Education

Caesar Sebastian I left college to get an education. After two years of school, I felt dissatisfied with a Creative Writing major that hindered me from writing what I longed to write.

You Are Not My First Love

Brittani Lepley I know you were not my first love. You were not the one who helped me recognize what love felt like; not the one to share my firsts; not the one who made me relate the smell of freshly beaten coffee to a specific person.

This One-Eyed Lamb Trying To Walk Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

Usually lambs are adorable but this one-eyed wonder is anything but that. In the footage below a Turkish farmer holds his newborn cyclops lamb in his arms.

The Cost Of Freedom In Relationships

Image – Flickr / joestpierre A has been contacting me rather regularly, sneaking away to talk to me in cafes.

9 Things That Aren’t A Problem For Couples Who Trust Each Other

1. Having friends of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if you’re attracted to them). Everyone has friends when they enter a relationship, and no one should have to give up half of them because they’re the wrong gender.

It’s Gross To Let Trans Women Into Women’s Bathrooms While I’m Trying To Have Diarrhea

Shutterstock I support the trans* movement. In fact, I often tell my friends that I wish I was a man so that I could have a penis to cut off so I could be a woman again.

48 Hours In Charleston

Shutterstock There are some people that come into your life and then they go. There are some people that come into your life and inspire you, provoke you, make you think and make you wonder.

My Boyfriend Calls Another Woman “Angel,” It’s Okay, He’ll See That We’re Perfect For Each Other

Shutterstock It’s raining again. I forgot my umbrella so I’m soaked, but it’s okay because I’ll be inside soon where it’s dry and safe and warm.

39 Quotes From Men, Mostly About Women

1. “There is a problem with writers. If what a writer wrote was published and sold many, many copies, the writer thought he was great.

10 Small Things That Will Expand Your Consciousness In Big Ways

Did you know “ignorance is bliss” is actually a misquote? The entirety of the line is: “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” Unawareness is a major player on the team of ‘shit that causes us to suffer.’ Freedom is in realizing that we are not what we think or feel, but we are what observes the thoughts and feelings.

What Happens When The Nazis Are Brown?

ZouZou / ( Those colorful, calamitous cheerleaders of the caliphate are at it again!

I Tried This DIY Blackhead Strip Recipe And It Worked Better Than Anything I’ve Tried Before

Anyone who has tried them knows that Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are one of the most important inventions in human history.

Women Who Share Articles On Facebook More Intelligent Than Others

Shutterstock Are you a woman? Are you on Facebook? Are you already clicking ‘share’ on this article? If so, you may be a genius.

3 Proactive Steps To Becoming A Writer

As much as some of my haters despise the fact, I’m a writer who gets paid to write. I must be doing something right.

I’m Getting Married, Yet I Still Hate Weddings Two years ago, I won a prize at a Trivia Night in Edinburgh, Scotland after naming my team “All of my friends are getting married, and I’m just getting drunk.” My life plan barely spanned past my college graduation and included lots of travel and copious career choices that all made “saving the world” and “destitute” synonymous.

Watch A Black Family Be Made White With Insanely Convincing Makeup

This is from a French reality show about “living in the skin of a black person,” where people are transformed into a different race and then see the world through those eyes.

This Amazing Doctor Has Children Laughing Through Getting Their Shots

There are so many things that make a great doctor, but being able to make someone laugh while going through something unpleasant — especially if that person is a scream-prone toddler — is simply awesome.