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What It Feels Like To Have Writer’s Block

I can’t even begin to tell you the things that one considers during writer’s block. It all starts off seemingly inoffensive.

I Can’t Love You, But Dammit, I Do

image – Flickr / Sophia Louise I love you, really. But I can’t. I’ve been in love before you, you see.

What It Feels Like To Be Haunted By The Man Who Assaulted You

zeldman Phone vibrates. I see the text with his name: “good to see you chose to wear shoes today”. Frantic glances around me.

To The Boy Who Loved Me But Cheated Anyway

Sons of Anarchy: Season 6 It’s a tale as old as time, just not the one Disney told us about. Boy loves girl.

If You Wanted Me, I’d Leave You Alone

Annie Hall If you pretended you wanted me, you know, I’d probably go away. Don’t you know that by now?

12 Fun Fall Sex Tips That Will Change Your Life

Ah, Fall. The season when babies are born, dolphins swim upstream, and winter starts flipping out ‘cause it’s “not ready yet.” It’s also the season where lovers young and old are like, hey, let’s do some sex.

10 Ways You Benefit Every Time You Fail Rejection. Failure. Nobody strives for them. No athlete sets out for last place; no entrepreneur’s goal is bankruptcy.

43 Things My Mom Taught Me

shutterstock 1. A bad day can be cured with a comfy blanket, a trashy romance book, and a phone call with your best friend.

22 Pieces Of Advice For Every Girl Trying To Find Her Place In The World

Shutterstock 1) Go places. See the world. You’ll be glad you did. 2) Date boys who make you laugh. Date boys who are happy and who share that happiness with you.

Get Over Avoiding Talking About Your Ex

image – Flickr / Thomas When we first begin the courting process, we always tend to cover small tidbits of our previous relationships.

27 Unfair Things Ambitious Women Have To Deal With

Scandal 1. There’s this silent and latent worry we carry that we might be in the percentage of women who are being paid less than a man who is doing the same job as us.

10 Terrifying Facts About Witches That Will Make You Believe They Actually Exist

San Diego Witch Fire via Flickr – Dan Tentler Producer’s Note: The below originally appeared on and appears here with the permission of the original poster, arnarkusaga.  — Witchcraft in the Middle Ages The original Christian view of witchcraft in the Middle Ages was that it wasn’t real and could do no serious harm because it didn’t exist.

How To Make It Through This Mercury Retrograde Alive

andreasivarsson For a week, my iPhone has been dying with 45% battery left. Saturday, I almost lost a package in the mail.

Go Home, Taylor Swift: On ‘Welcome To New York’

Taylor Swift / Instagram It is a trope as old as the city itself: a wide-eyed kid from some small town gets off the train, plane, or out of the car their parents dutifully drove up from that small town, and their eyes grow wide and they take a deep breath and they say to themselves, “I am home.” And whether a montage or a musical number follows, the wide-eyed, small-town kid takes on New York City.

Was Giving You $10 A Mistake?

image – Flickr / Christian Senger From his top bunk I could feel him trying to climb in and out of his non-existent sheets.

9 Sex Tips To Get Ridiculously Good In Bed

image – Flickr / Sergio Fabara Muñoz At the ripe old age of 28, after seven years of marriage, I suddenly found myself single again.

Uncle David’s Box Of Birthday Junk

As far back as I can remember, my Uncle David has always shipped me a box of junk on my birthday.  I use the word “junk” loosely – the boxes have included everything from a masturbating monkey (not really junk), to a CD of “Timeless Jewish Songs” (Jewish junk), to an expired coupon for a free game of bowling (definitely junk).

21 Absolutely Hilarious Tweets To Brighten Your Day

after 13 long years congress approved a bill that will finally let the bodies hit the floor — wolf pupy (@wolfpupy) June 16, 2014 I have no idea how people propose…sometimes I feel afraid to ask for extra ketchup.

These Cute Panda Bears Don’t Want To Take Their Medicine And Decide To Roughhouse With The Zookeeper!

Okay, this is one of the cutest things I’ve seen so far today. The zookeeper tries valiantly to feed the panda bears medicine, but these cubs won’t have it.

15 Stupid Things White People Really Need To Stop Saying To Black People

Dear White People 1. “Can I touch your hair?” You might as well just throw peanuts at us. This isn’t a petting zoo and (thankfully) we’re not in cages.