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The Creepy Deaths At My Factory Made Me Look At The Soda Industry In A Whole New Light

arjun karkhanis “Well, if you want me to start at the beginning, I’ll uh…tell you a little bit about the job.

We Don’t Seek Happiness. We Seek More Experience, More Of Everything.

韓 承燁 There comes a point in our lives when the contents of the boxes that we’ve contained our story inside start spilling into each other.

The 5 Problems Facing NYC & What You Can Do About Them Today

On September 23rd, leaders of the world are getting together for tea and cookies at the UN to talk about Climate Change.

6 Ways You Can Avoid Insanity After Graduating College

GIRLS / The summer following my graduation from a competitive program in a somewhat-dying/constantly-changing industry was probably one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.

I Got Sucked Into A SimTower Black Hole And I’m Still Recovering From It

Back in 1998 – or was it 1999? — my mom bought be a Sim deluxe pack, which included Simcopter, Streets of Sim City, SimTower, and Theme Hospital.

When It Comes To Love, Give Yourself The Advice You Would Give Your Daughter

What advice would you give your (hypothetical) daughter about love? Think about this for a second. Most of us who aren’t parents, cannot remotely imagine what it’s like to be a parent.

8 Unforgettable Quotes From “Invisible Cities,” By Italo Calvino

1. “Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist.” 2. “The traveler’s past changes according to the route he has followed: not the immediate past, but the more remote past.” 3.

Five Rom Coms And How They Ruined My Life

Friends With Benefits via I love romantic comedies. I’ve seen almost all of them. Yes—all of them.

9 Ways To Become The Most Loathed Girl On Facebook

Masson / ( 1. Post the details of your workout every day. OK, we’re all fans of staying active and healthy here, but unless you are seriously accomplishing something hugely inspirational (like, you used to weigh 200 pounds and now you’re 125), we DO NOT care that you just ran three miles.

When Did It Become OK To Cheat?

BlueSkyImage / ( I know of guys who would hit the clubs behind their girlfriends’ back and start hooking with up other girls.

10 Ways To Get The Girl

Olga Iutina / ( Girls can be tricky and mysterious, so I thought I’d lend a helping hand to you gentlemen in need of some guidance.

The Terrible 10: The 10 Worst Types Of Guys You Meet At Bars

maradonna 8888 / ( 1. The Desperate Guy Perhaps he is trying to up his number or get back at an ex who hooked up with his best friend.

5 Dumb Things Men Have Said To Me On First Dates

Johan Larson / ( 1. “Are you sure you want to eat that?” I eat a salad for lunch every day—the same salad, in the same Tupperware, with the same toppings.

6 Signs You Live In Melbourne, Australia

Neale Cousland / 1. You wear the “Melbourne uniform” every day None of your friends from outside Melbourne wear black better than you.

5 Practical Realities Of Getting Over Your Unrequited Crush

1. You have to delete their number. Unfriend them on Facebook, stop following them on Instagram and Twitter, remove them from Snapchat, do whatever it is you have to do to detangle them from your life.

A Brutally Honest Breakdown Of What It Really Costs To Overhaul Your Wardrobe

For those who have not been following my budding financial journey, and I will assume that is all of you, allow me to explain: I have always been terrible about spending money, never planning out my budget, and consistently finding myself surrounded by impulse purchases that I don’t even particularly enjoy.

10 Common Pieces Of Love Advice That Are Bullsh*t

1. “You just have to put yourself out there.” People in relationships LOVE to tell single people this.

16 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Lives In A Different Time Zone

Shutterstock 1. You’re rarely ever online at the same time so when you find that magical space and time where you’re both actually online and able to chat you chat it the fuck up.

Where Are All The Black Students: On The Lack Of Diversity In Academia

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who attends UC Berkeley. The both of us, not being politically correct in most of our talks, were joking about how UC Berkeley is basically a second Asia.

“Human Rights” is a Sham

United Nations Headquarters, New York City In the modern political lexicon, there is hardly any term that is as perfect an example of Orwellian newspeak as the much-repeated buzzword “human rights”.