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I Saw Jason Schwartzman At The New York City Scholastic Store

Everett Collection / It was around 1PM (Aug. 30th) when Devon and I walked up Broadway — we had grabbed a quick bite to eat at a dumpling place on Eldridge Street and checked out the Muji next to Duane Reade on Broadway and Grand Street, and was on our way to where I thought the second Muji was, on Houston and Broadway.

Why A Leaked Photo Is None Of Your Business (Even If It’s Of A Celebrity)

If you have been living under a rock, or you simply are not connected to much of anything on the Internet, then you have not heard about The Fappening.

Horror Movie Recommendation: Oculus: A Horror Rift In Time And Space

Oculus If you want an idea of where the future of horror lies then Oculus is a great introduction to just that.

The Problem With Jennifer Lawrence’s Leaked Photos

Over the weekend, an anonymous hacker started spreading word that they had acquired hundreds of nude photographs of more than a hundred actresses, reality stars, and models (plus one actor), all with varying degrees of fame.

20 Hilarious Jokes You Have To Read Immediately

The guy at Chipotle couldn't close my burrito. He looked up at me. I looked at him. I whispered, "It's not your fault." He wept in my arms.— Darin Ross (@luckyshirt) August 13, 2013 Every woman has her date bra and her fat pants and her crying shirt and her murder wig and her courtroom brooch.— rachel lichtman (@DJRotaryRachel) July 21, 2012 Sometimes I wonder if I'm pregnant and then I realize I would have to be like 19 months pregnant— Mary Kobayashi (@MaryKoCo) November 05, 2012 "No its cool.

Some Weird Wi-Fi Networks I’ve Connected To

sebastien bertrand For some reason, my iPhone asks if I would like to connect to a network called “HOME” whenever I am in one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods.

The Classic Psycho Stalker

image – Flickr / i k o Don’t get ahead of yourselves, this isn’t about serial killers (although sometimes these biddies may as well be one).

Fat Feminism: Can It Be Healthy? Where Does It Leave Health?

Shutterstock “This idea that it’s part of the sisterhood to accept someone that’s a size 22 or in contrast a size 6 is total bullshit,” was a statement made by Jenny Anderson in the Huffington Post in 2012.

I Wasted A Thousand Text Messages On You: The Cycle Of The Modern Crush

image – Flickr / Adam Fagen Having a crush is the most exhilarating thing in the world, aside from certain recreational drugs and / or small roller coasters.

10 Ways To Look At Your Twitter Avatar

iStockphoto / Kemalbas It’s Worth A Thousand of These Things The picture in question was sent to me by a publicity officer.

8 Naughty Limericks Based On Celebrity Scandals

DFree / On her Instagram page Kim Kardashian uploaded a shot of her ass again. Yes, that butt fills the screen, yet what’s truly obscene is the way she and Kanye are cashing in!

Why Girls Don’t Care If Guys Hate High-Waisted Shorts

Shutterstock The past few months my newsfeed has been overloaded with articles entitled, “Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts,” or “The 12 Reasons Guys Hate Girls Who Wear Peplum Tops” Yeah, Hi I don’t give a shit what you think of my outfit because guess what?

9 Ways You’re Getting Played

Ryan Lane / 1. You act out of guilt or false obligation. So there you are, going to the music festival with your friend Stacy.

Watch How Thieves On The Subway Can Steal Your Cell Phone

If you’ve ever wondered how thieves on the subway can steal your phone in the middle of a crowd, this footage taken on a Hungarian subway gives you the answer.

I Am Very Sensitive To Wi-Fi

sebastien bertrand For some reason, my iPhone asks if I would like to connect to a network called “HOME” whenever I am in one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods.

24 Things You’ll Typically Think The First Time You Do Bikram Yoga

1. First time doing hot yoga, LET’S DO THIS ISH. 2. Going to have Adriana Lima’s body soon, nbd. #hatazgonnahate 3.

4 Letters to People I’ve Had Sex With

#1 Everything was so… New? Sweet? Fresh? Innocent? Gullible? Maybe a bit of everything. For those few days I was lost in you and in daydreams of our future and everything was so exciting!


Tao Lin es un novelista, poeta, ensayista, escritor de cuentos y artista norteamericano. Ha publicado dos novelas, dos libros de poesía, una colección de cuentos y una novela corta, así como una extensa variedad de contenido en línea.

Pakistani Sexual Predators In Britain Show How Political Correctness Has Gone Mad!

The recent shocking unveiling of what had been going on in the British town of Rotherham is yet another of many examples that political correctness in western countries has gone way overboard in the current times.

5 Funny English Language Oddities

Shutterstock 1. Smart and Swell Some people use the phrase “that smarts” when part of their body hurts.