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Everything I Learned About Having Great Sex From My Crappy Migraines

Cristian Newman Migraines and sex… Since I’m a sex educator and a chronic migraineur, you can imagine I think about those two things quite a lot.

I Can’t Wait For The Day When I Am Bored Of You

I wrote a list of things I like about you and it said things like ‘the smell of his skin relaxes me’ and ‘perfect dick’ and ‘the best kisser in the entire world, probably.’ Below it I wrote a list of things I don’t like about you.

If A Woman Can’t Orgasm – Is It A Man’s Fault?

Pexels A question I often get asked from men is – “my girlfriend/wife has a hard time orgasming during sex – why?

18 Women Reveal How They Initiate Hot Sex In A Way Their Man LOVES

@NickBulanovv 1. Touching and kissing. Usually we’re in bed, and he’s the little spoon, so I just let my hand wander south of the equator while kissing his neck.

I Was Accused Of Embezzlement And My Only Way Out Was Becoming A Submissive At The Chateau

@NickBulanovv Carla Lewis was waiting patiently in the red leather armchair in front of his desk. She stood immediately when he entered the room putting down her china cup and saucer on his desk as he made his apologies.

17 Horny Men On The Absolute Sexiest Underwear A Woman Could Wear

Twenty20, jakestrongphotog 1.  “Crotchless underwear. If she put that under a dress and then walked around in public with me, I’d be hard the entire time.

Here Are All The New Shows + Movies Coming To Netflix In November 2016

The biggest news of the year (for those of us who never left Luke’s, at least) is that the Gilmore Girls special premieres on Netflix on November 25th — just in time to take a nice long Thanksgiving weekend and rewatch your favorite season of the series.

Why Empathy Is One Of The Sexiest Skills You Can Possess

João Silas Empathy is one of the sexiest skills you can have. In my mind, good sex is less about how many Kama Sutra positions you’ve memorized and more about how you show up emotionally in the relationship.

Even Though It’s Over For You, It’s Not Over For Me

Unsplash, Everton Vila Even though it’s over, I can still feel you here. When I close my eyes at night I can still feel your hands interlaced with mine and I swear I can feel your arms around me.

How To Break Up Without All The Heartbreak

Twenty20, @rodrigodaibert She said, “When I can’t sleep, I want you to stay up with me.” “I can’t do that.

What I Actually Mean When I Say, ‘I’m Happy For You’

Thomas Kelley The truth is, I’m not really happy for you. I’m not over the moon you fell in love with a girl and see a future with her now.

I Don’t Believe In God, But I Do Believe In My Dead Sister

I don’t believe in heaven, or a higher power. I don’t even know what a soul is. I’m not one of those people who sometimes prays, despite lack of faith.

11 Things I Learned From Dating A Blogger Yes it is important to date someone who is busy and doing something productive. It is totally unnecessary to date someone who doesn’t know what they want to do with their life.

20 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Can’t Decide Whether To Love Harder Or Let Them Go

@_eatandlove_ 1. If I knew that nothing about this person or my current relationship with them would change for the rest of my life, would I find relief in being with them forever, or would this make me realize it was the wrong move?

I Don’t Want To Have To Wonder How You Feel

Daria Nepriakhina I don’t want to have to wonder how you feel. I don’t want to have to question every move I make.

I’m Seriously Sick Of Getting Disappointed By Boys

Sophie Oatman I’m sick of texting for weeks, of flirting over the phone like we’re going to turn our late night conversations into a serious relationship, and then never meeting up face-to-face.

Khloe Kardashian Is Officially A Single Woman

It took almost three full years, but Khloe Kardashian has finally divorced Lamar Odom. Previously, she had famously stopped the proceedings after Lamar was found unconscious and near-death at a Nevada brothel after an already slow legal battle.

The Truth About Deciding To Heal From Heartbreak

Franca Gimenez I have known the depths of heartbreak like I have known my favorite song. I played it over and over again until even I needed a break from it.

18 Beautiful Quotes To Read When You’re In Need Of Self-Love

Allef Vinicius 1. “They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that.

Chris Hemsworth Just OWNED Everyone Who’s Claiming That He And His Wife Are ‘On A Break’

Rumors have been spiraling for the past couple of weeks that the marriage between Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky might be on the rocks.