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7 (Awesome) Things You Can Only Really Do On Sunday

Shutterstock 1. Happily Wallow Wallowing is generally associated with a sort of slumping stagnation — you wallow in the aftermath of a trying breakup, or over the fact that Chumbawamba is no longer a band.

7 Reasons You Might Have To Rekindle Things With Your Ex

How I Met Your Mother 1. You want it back Your Xbox, your CDs (why do you still have CDs? whatever), your softest shirts, your hoodie you gave them when they were cold, those sweet things you said that weren’t even true honestly because they are kind of the worst, your friends—yeah, that’s right.

How I Stopped Being Afraid Of Rejection

The O.C. I used to be stage 10 terrified of rejection. It was this guiding fear that controlled almost every aspect of my life.

25 Tiny Yet Remarkable Ways To Add More Love Into The World

Dima Viunnyk The world will give you plenty of reasons to harden against it. You will never run out of evidence that points you in the direction of suffering and bitterness and anger.

12 Little Things He’ll Only Do If He Loves You

Parks & Recreation When you’ve fallen for someone, the true signs of love are often in the little details.

How You Find The Life That Is Yours

Dima Viunnyk We all have a fantasy life in our heads that we like to hold ourselves hostage to. We feel recklessly and irrationally entitled to the idea we have of who we should be.

The Love Poem You Deserve

Because I never told you this. And I should have. I guess the truth is we all deserve an ooey-gooey love poem.

7 Ways To Gain Back Time In Your Life

Shutterstock Most individuals are striving to gain more time out of their day. They push the limits by staying up into the wee hours of the morning or waking up at the very crack of dawn.

Why Do We Fall In Love With The Ones Who Hurt Us The Most?

Shutterstock In my lifetime, I am confident to say that I have fallen in love twice, and both stories ended the same way.

You’re In Your Early Twenties, Wondering, “What Are You Going Do With Your Life?”

What do you want to do? Believe me, you don’t want to know. This question comes up more often than not.

10 Reasons Why The Sony Leak Matters To Everyone, Especially Millennials

MOVIECLIPS Trailers I can just see it now: Millennials are scrolling past this – thinking to themselves, “Eh, whatever, just another company that got hacked and is in the news.” I have to admit, it’s easy to overlook the cyber-attacks and the constant barrage of data hacks that are transpiring on a daily basis because most people feel relatively helpless against them.

19 Signs You Have Absolutely No Chill

Taylor Swift Vevo 1. You’re constantly being told to chill. You say, “I am!” and what you really want to say is, “….yeah, how?

My Mom And I Twerked On Camera And It Went Viral

One winter break when I was home from college, I asked my mother to make a YouTube video with me. I’d been bugging her for months to film something goofy with me.

10 Men Who Committed Felonies While Dressed As Santa Claus

Despite the fact that we live in a culture that ruthlessly and remorselessly fat-shames, age-shames, and man-shames, most of us are willing to give Santa Claus a pass because he gives us tons of free shit.

A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce) – As Told By A 25-Year Old

ACOD I’m not sure when you’re supposed to officially turn “adult.” If it was at 18, I missed the mark.

My Wife Called Me To Say Our Child Went Missing. This Is Our Story.

image – Flickr / Great Beyond In 2008, my daughter, Lilith began complaining of something waking her up at night.

How To Triple Your Reading Speed In Just 15 Minutes

Shutterstock How much time do you spend reading each day? Most adults read at about 250-300 words per minute (wpm).

13 Reasons To Quit Facebook Right Now

360b / Once upon a time there was nothing cooler than Facebook. They made a movie about it that starred Justin Timberlake so it must’ve been cool.

A 22-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early March, 1974

Friday, March 1, 1974 It’s about 9 PM and Ronna and I are in room 282 of the Raleigh Hotel in South Fallsburg.

10 Things I’m Really Tired Of Hearing About Relationships

Shutterstock Ever since I started my first relationship I have heard the same things over and over again.