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10 Reasons Every Healthy Couple Should Embrace Period Sex

NickBulanovv 1. Because sex > “ick” factor. A healthy couple is a horny couple, and science shows that horniness overrides grossed-outedness.

There Is No Good Way To Be A Foreigner

StockSnap / Travel Coffee Book Foreigner. What a loaded term; what an inherently political concept. It should just mean that you’re a stranger in a strange land – a land not of your birth.

Just Call Me Honeybear One More Time

Franca Gimenez Maybe you have called all girls since me Honeybear. I can’t fool myself and pretend there haven’t been others who carved initials into your heart.

10 Signs Your Partner Could Be Stifling Your Potential

American Ultra 1. They hate it when you do anything without them. It’s not so much that you have a stage five clinger (or maybe it is), but that your partner wants to be the center of your attention every second of every day.

Ted Cruz Teaches America How To Cook Bacon With A Machine Gun

Ted Cruz is here to teach us how to cook bacon. You think there isn’t much to it — just throw it on a pan and on the strove — but that’s not how they cook bacon in Texas (apparently).

6 Reasons It’s Okay To Pull Your Kids Out Of School And Take Them On “Vacation”

Three years ago, when my son was in kindergarten, we took him out of school for two months for an extended trip to rural Mexico.

‘That’s So Ghetto’ And 26 Other F*cked Up Phrases We Need To Stop Using

Nancy McClure 1. “That’s so ghetto.” “Ghetto.” Is not. An adjective. A ghetto is a slum—a place where minority groups are relegated to live.

Bye Bye Bland: 6 Ways Smart People Keep The Fire Of Their Lives Burning Bright

1. Catalyze a crisis. Dead Shots (Stan) “Exterior emergencies or shocks are indispensable to force individuals out of their natural laziness and set routines, and also to periodically break the collective frameworks that imprison them.” — Teilhard There is beauty in the breakdown.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Support The #FreeTheNipple Movement

Last week, without any warning whatsoever, my Instagram account was deleted. The 400 posts I’d shared with my follower base of roughly 71K were titillating, but I had painstakingly followed every rule listed in the Community Guidelines section.

This Is The Kind Of Sex That Got Him To Committ

Shutterstock Alta Oosthuizen The permanent problem of the modern woman is that what men what from women (sex) has become easier to obtain and abundant while what women want from men (love) is harder to get than ever.

15 Ways ‘Almost Relationships’ Make Life Better

tygreenbiker 1. Dancing along the margin between dating and not dating someone makes you feel alive with possibility, whether or not entering into a relationship IRL seems at all possible.

If You Want To Date Me, Treat Me Like Shit

Flickr / marco monetti I log onto Tinder. I swipe left, left, left, and then maybe a right. I actually read the text blurbs, because in addition to wanting someone with a perfect body, I also require a perfect wit.

Why The Best Relationships Are The Ones That Never Actually Happened

slworking2 We all claim to hate almost-relationships. The person who disappeared. The guy or girl who ghosted us.

14 Signs Your Almost Boyfriend Is About To Ghost You That You’re Probably In Denial About

Twenty20 / adiolunsford 1. When you talk about future plans they suddenly become really quiet. Even if you’re only discussing what restaurant you’re going to eat at next weekend, they never give you a definite confirmation that they’re up for it.

7 Movie Romances That Are Actually Relatable

***SO MANY SPOILERS*** 1. The Toxic Couple Blue Valentine Blue Valentine (2010): The toxic couple is formed when both sides are so emotionally reactive and defensive towards one another, that it deteriorates trust within the relationship.

Maybe In Another Universe, Another Time

Franca Gimenez I guess it’s true what they say. Timing really is a bitch. I tell him this as I lazily roll over onto my side, his hand running in circular motions on my lower back.

16 Irrational Fears Every 20-Something Who’s Only Ever Been In An Almost-Relationship Starts Having

1. That it’s not him, after all—it’s you. In the wake of every failed almost-relationship, you’ve found solace in the fierce self-assurance that you’re a bomb-ass individual, and *it’s not you—it’s him.* When you’re single for long enough, though, you start to think that, maybe, you actually have unbearable poop breath (I believe “halitosis” is the “medical term”), but no one’s ever had the heart to tell you.

Today On Thought Catalog: It’s Almost-Relationships Day!

Good Morning Thought Catalog Readers, Today on TC our staff and contributors are exploring the topic of almost-relationships.

Trying To Make Sense Of Your Life Is What’s Actually Holding You Back

hannahmcswain You should try to make sense of your feelings. You should trace the lines of your thinking, find the genesis of your innermost beliefs and make sure they’re really yours.

19 Signs You’re One Of Those Couples That Just Can’t Be Apart

BrigitteStanford 1. You feel a little guilty having any fun whatsoever if your significant other—your other half, actually—isn’t around to share the laughs.