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When You Realize You Made Someone A Priority, While You Were Simply An Option

Kara Kupfer I can’t believe you still come to mind so often. Generally, I am flying high without you in my life.

To All The Broken Ones, This Is What I Wish For You When You Find Love I hope you find the one who makes you feel home, whether you’re laying right next to them or just thinking of them from a thousand miles away.

Read This If You’ve Just Been Rejected And You Feel Like Crawling Under A Rock To Die So you’ve just been rejected! Congratulations – welcome to the club. Grab a nametag at the door and a drink to the right of the welcome mat.

23 Mini Relationship Milestones That Are Just As Meaningful As The Big Ones

Nishe 1. The first time one of you gives a gift to the other that you actually made or put together yourselves, rather than something you bought.

30 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself If You Still Haven’t Found The Relationship You Want

_saraheiseman_ 1. Do you think of relationships as something you earn for being “good enough” or something you develop when you’re strong enough to open your heart?

You Get To Write Your Own Love Story

Alice Donovan Rouse No two stories are the same. Maybe you had an instant connection, he had you from hello.

16 Girls Reveal Why They Talk To Guys They’re Not Really Interested In

Kyle Broad 1. “I do it for attention, it’s someone to talk to and maybe see if there could be something there.

When I Said ‘Hi’, I Meant ‘I Love You’

Jesse Herzog Hi. That’s the text I sent you, that’s always the text I send you. The one I send when I haven’t heard from you in a few days or when I’m a little too drunk on Friday night or when I’m laying in bed alone.

To My Beautiful Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

Zoe Brown I hate you. You darn gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful thing. I hate you because I’m so incredibly jealous.

23 Men Answer The Personal Questions Women Always Wanted To Know But Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

tanrr / What’s having a Penis like? 1. Best Answer Ever?

I’ll Take A Drive With You

hilaryvolson I’m sharing this space with you, the close quarters of a car on the highway. I’m leaned back in the passenger seat, feeling the sun warm my body through the windshield, the wind whipping against my face through the open window.

12 Questions You Should Never, Ever Ask On The First Date

Olga 1. “So, how much money do you make?” No. No. No. First of all, this is wildly inappropriate and makes you (whether you’re male or female, by the way) sound like a complete gold-digger/a$$hole.

You Were All The Reasons Why

tonyohhmg You were the reason why I liked waking up in the morning. Knowing that someone was waiting for me to get up and be ready for the day ahead.

I Refuse To Believe That The Only Thing Guys Care About Is Sex

tdurkee I was having a conversation with a guy friend the other day that rubbed me the wrong way. We were talking about the night prior, a little get together at a friend’s house where a person happened to be pulled over and car searched (the whole deal) right in front of the house.

You Just Have To Trust That You Won’t Always Know Exactly What You’re Doing

z.kay09 So, you’ve arrived at that dreaded fork in the road and it’s staring back at you like the next move you make will alter the course of history.

41 Awkward Modern-Day Moments That Are Way Too Relatable

1. When I have to get up and close the door after someone left it open — That Awkward Moment (@awkwardposts) May 9, 2016 2.

These Are The Things You Learn When You’re A Total Hopeless Romantic

rodrigodaibert 1. Prince Charming might ride the bus instead of a white horse. Does what we drive or what we wear or what we do really matter at the end of the day?

My Fellow Women, Please Don’t Give Up On Love

nick_over_there I know that it is difficult to navigate the pitfalls of hook-up culture. It feels like this exciting world of low consequence — physical relationships have it out for us.

Your Heartbreak Will Help You Find The Love You’re Looking For

Rebecca Li You will find love again. You’ve gone through so many heart breaks. You’ve learnt from all of your mistakes.

Read This When Your Life Isn’t What You Want It To Be

dorianfrd I had everything I wanted… And still I wanted to kill myself. It’s true. Fourteen years ago, I wanted to die.