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Sysadmin goes to heaven….Or does she?

From SMBC…

Most little kids learn animal noises. But this little girl is doing her own thing…

What happens when dad is super into cars at the same time a baby is developing her imitation skills? This…

Correct quiz show answer is obvious. But all the wrong answers are better…

When this contestant was asked about the idiom “Guilt trip” on a recent episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, he got it right.

A rare and insane nature video to share with everyone you hate

In a segment of the BBC’s Wonders of the Monsoon, we have the distinct displeasure of seeing a leech eat an earthworm.

These 21 ladies of Disney already know what kickass costume they’re wearing for Halloween

If the women of Disney all got together for a costume party, what other characters would they go as? Artist Isaiah Stephens has some ideas.

Incredible optical illusion makes entire images vanish before your eyes

Everyone loves a good optical illusion. We look at what seems like reality and enjoy discovering that, nope, that’s not reality at all.

Look how this clever dog trained a human to play fetch with him

This pup is smart. He figured out a way to train a human to get into an endless game of fetch…

How to make tree bark haunt your dreams using only a mirror

Trees aren’t scary, right? Wrong. It turns out that they are full of terrifying ghouls and goblins…if you hold mirrors up to them in the right spots.

Unless you’ve already been the victim of a drone strike, you need to watch this

Drones have some silly, benign uses — like taking aerial wedding photos. But then there are the insanely efficient, deadly uses… John Oliver looks at the United States’ use of drones and asks questions that it seems like there would be some pretty straightforward answers to.

Every classic painting could be improved with one simple face swap

The world has seen many great artists, but no artist it seems has done what it takes to finally perfect their masterpiece.

These drawings are typewritten, not drawn. But the amazing thing is the artist himself…

If you want to see incredible skill and dedication despite severe physical limitations, look no further than artis Paul Smith.

Interviewer asks Kristen Wiig about her nude scene. Ummm…there is no nude scene

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader join a Denver morning news show to talk about their new movie, but their interviewer hasn’t seen it yet.

10 huge pop songs rewritten as sonnets. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is actually really moving…

Usually, song lyrics don’t stand alone as poems to be simply read aloud without music, let alone read silently from a page.

Ohio State coach absolutely destroys a fan who ran onto the field

Everyone knows that if you jump out of the stands at a sporting event and run onto the field, you’re going to get tackled and hauled off.

Dog thinks patio door is closed and won’t come in. Watch how they finally convince him…

This pup is convinced the door into the house is closed, so he just sits there waiting even though, in fact, the door is open and his owner is calling him from just inside.

Man edits 18 amateur musicians’ YouTube videos into one awesome original jazz song

The time and patience required for Israeli musician and composer Kutiman to put together this video is incredible, but the fantastic results are worth every minute… Previously… Patient video editor finds amateur music clips on YouTube, splices them into incredible song

Bearded dragon fights and eats a grape…but then the grape gets the last laugh

At first, the animal doesn’t know what to do with a piece of fruit. It’s not quite the same as eating crickets.

Prank video parody is a brilliant takedown of using cruel “pranks” as “social experiments”

Lately, a YouTuber named Sam Pepper has been taking major heat for a video he posted as “a social experiment.” The short version is that he sexually harassed women in a “prank” video and then said it was intended to raise awareness about sexual harassment.

A perfectly timed coincidence gives this kitty a brand new voice

When Barb Kinney was outside with her cats recently, she decided to video them. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect…

This is a finger painting

A Turkish artist shows us how all he needs for his masterpieces is paint, a surface, and his hands…