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Homeless people each share one thing about themselves that will surprise you

For a simple but profound project, Rethink Homelessness invited several of Orlando’s homeless residents to tell the rest of us one fact from their lives that, if we walked past them, we would never imagine to be very likely.

Who needs canes on the dance floor? Not this awesome old-timer

Apparently, dubstep cures people of all sorts of ailments…

Clever kitten holds her own bottle like a human baby

Don’t worry, human, I’ve got this… (via DPF)

The circles in this fantastic optical illusion aren’t moving around, despite what your eyes tell you

The white dots are rolling around in circles inside the larger red circle, right? Nope… (via The Awesomer)

Toddler perfectly imitates his mom’s pregnant waddle

Little Ellis can barely walk like a toddler, but he knows exactly how to walk like his mom…

Ultra-speedy bus boy looks like he’s on fast-forward as he cleans a table

This employee at Red Robin in Pensacola may very well be the world’s fastest bus boy…

Punk rock pug owner writes hilarious hardcore song for his “badass” dogs

These two pugs deserve a song. But not any old song in any old wimpy genre. They need something hardcore to match how hardcore cute they are… (NSFW language)

Mom and dad can’t calm their baby girl…until dad puts down his phone

Unable to calm their daughter, this mom and dad helplessly stumble through several attempts at quieting her with their phones before finally doing what they should have tried first…

Weird Al Yankovic’s song for everyone who hates soul-crushing corporate jargon

In a feat of linguistic ingenuity, Weird Al stuffed every single life-sucking HR cliche and managerial platitude into one string of lyrics set to the dulcet tones of Crosby, Stills, & Nash…

20 things you can’t do when you’re not a toddler (Just kidding. Go for it. It’ll be hilarious.)

Toddlers do a lot of weird things that you probably shouldn’t do as an adult, because if you do, it will go like this… OK, so maybe you should do them.

5-year-old with terminal cancer just wants mail. Let’s overflow his P.O. box…

Danny Nickerson is 5 years old, but not for long. He’s very excited to become a big 6-year-old this Friday.

Unless you understand gravity (which you don’t) you need to watch this video

We’ve all seen or heard various attempts to explain why gravity works, but this demonstration is exceptional.

Frozen’s “Let It Go” sung entirely by dialogue from 1980′s TV

In a display of extraordinary patience and devotion to the trivial, video editor Jim Cliff spliced classic 80′s television shows so that the characters ended up “singing” everybody’s favorite Frozen song.

Weird Al pokes fun at celebrity name-droppers in stop-motion video for “Lame Claim to Fame”

In his latest song, sung in the style of the band Southern Culture On The Skids, “Weird Al” Yankovic takes obnoxious name-droppers to task with an impressive stop-motion animation…

Man “accidentally” drops his wallet on the street to see if people steal it

In Adelaide, Australia recently, Adrian Gruszka filled a cheap wallet with bits of useless paper and then pretended to accidentally drop it as he passed various people on the street.

Beagle steals baby’s toy, but then tries to make up for it (perhaps too much)

After Charlie the Beagle took his little friend’s toy, he tried to apologize. But he might have overdone it… (via TO) Since a few of the millions who have seen this video have complained that it’s faked, dad posted a response.

Brass band of the Queen’s guard play an unexpected theme song at Buckingham Palace

Last week during the changing of the royal guards at Buckingham Palace the guards surprised everyone with their interpretation of the “Game of Thrones” theme song…

The depressing enterprise of writing a novel is exposed by this hilarious book of Tweets

Thousands of us are or have been aspiring novelists. And for most of us, it never went beyond that. Because, as exciting as being a writer seems like it would be…it turns out you actually have to write.

New hamster wheel for cats wildly exceeds its Kickstarter goal, because…it’s a hamster wheel for cats

With the simple goal to “make cats happy,” a few days ago, One Fast Cat launched their campaign to raise $10,000 for the first run of their lightweight, inexpensive, relatively aesthetically pleasing exercise wheel for cats… Not surprisingly, despite having fewer than 500 backers at this point, they

If Mario’s world was just a bit more realistic, he’d have to watch where he jumped

He ought to be more careful jumping into bricks…