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This cop is tired of answering calls about Facebook being down. Yes, people were calling 911…

You may have noticed earlier today that Facebook was down for about 25 minutes. This definitely qualifies as an emergency for Facebook itself, who probably lost about $425,000 because of the outage.

Too bad these updated thrift store paintings don’t depict actual movie scenes. That would be awesome…

Artist David Irvine is the man behind the Gnarled Branch, where he posts his “redirected paintings,” which are old thrift store art that he has added his own brilliantly bizarre brushstrokes to.

Comedic kid’s cross-dressing hobby wins him millions of fans as he recreates celebrity photos

17-year-old Liam Martin has been making a splash lately with his hilarious Instagram feed, which now has over 1.5 million followers.

Vin Diesel “sings” Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.” Wow…

Vin “Dulcet Tones” Diesel shows off his…unique…singing voice.

Adorable sign language sing-along will make you wish you could road trip with these two

Even though Paul Sirimarco doesn’t know ASL, he learns the signs for songs, so he and his ASL interpreter fiancee Tina can have awesome sign language sing-alongs when they’re road tripping…

Lumberjack cuddles wild fawn. And the fawn has a trick to keep him from ever stopping…

As these guys were cutting down some trees, they came upon a fawn who needed to be moved so that it wouldn’t be harmed by their work.

What’s going on at this empty prison that these officers don’t want us to know about?

Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility is an empty prison in Wilton, New York, that’s being permanently closed this month.

Insane piano composition is literally impossible to play…probably because of the 512th notes

Thanks to piano playing software, we can hear songs that are beyond the physical or mental capacity of anyone, no matter how virtuosic.

Professional pizza judge reviews your favorite frozen pizzas

Scott Wiener spends his days giving pizza tours of New York City and judging pizza competitions, so he’s the perfect person to determine the quality of your favorite frozen pizzas…

Brian Williams uses personal photo and “family sources” in report on his own daughter

Anchoring NBC’s Nightly News, Brian Williams got to report on the casting of actress Allison Williams in the upcoming Peter Pan musical.

Tripp and Tyler teach “Advanced Placement Drivers Ed” in perfectly tacky educational film

Jump in your time machine and buckle up…

Chinese fruit vendors dress peaches in panties, now they look like sexy butts

Peaches look like backsides. Everyone knows this, but most of us haven’t jumped to the conclusion that they should therefore be covered in appropriate attire.

10 ridiculously satisfying, perfectly looped mechanical GIFs to entrance you

Let the overdose of gratifying mesmerization begin… *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *        

How to cut and bag watermelon squares without even touching them

From a whole watermelon to two bags of watermelon squares in under two minutes, and you don’t even get your hands sticky…

Proof that even ICE CUBES from Walmart DON’T MELT in the sun

You’ve seen how Walmart’s ice cream sandwiches don’t melt even when left out on a hot day, right? But what about other frozen products?

Poker player loses $1 Million…despite being dealt almost the best possible cards

This World Series of Poker tournament costs $1 million to buy-in, which makes this face-off between two players that much more intense.

This is how you come back from the dead in ping pong. Incredible rally…

Nigeria’s Segun Toriola and Singapore’s Ning Gao go 41 shots in an amazing rally during the Commonwealth Games’ table tennis tournament… (via Twisted Sifter)

Astonishing 3-year-old drummer performs with full orchestra, never wants to leave the stage

First he scampers across the stage, plops on his tiny chair, and picks his nose. Then, 55 seconds in, 3-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky starts drumming with the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra.

The back half of this dog lies down, the front half keeps running

This is Stella. Part of her wants to continue running, but her back legs have other plans…

Every Upworthy video ever… This WILL make you cry. Are you crying yet? Cry, already!

There’s hardly any exaggeration here…