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Sneaky Cat Channels the Grinch and Steals Christmas

Or at least a Christmas stocking. An adorable, adorable Christmas stocking.

Baby Goat Learns How To Be Completely Adorable

Just kidding, it’s already squee worthy, but it does learn how to hop around like an adorable doofus.

Jimmy Fallon and Adele Sing ‘Hello’ With Classroom Instruments

These include such classics as the kazoo and the maraca-shaped-like-a-banana.

30 Ho-Ho-Horribly Tacky Christmas Sweaters

49 Powerful Pictures In American History

Dad Creates World’s First Riding Leaf Blower

Cleans up the leaves and keeps the kids happy too.

This Is Easily the Most Patient Dog Ever

Have you ever tried to play Jenga using biscuits on your dog’s head? This person has.

The Most Impressive 4.9 Seconds You’ve Ever Seen

Not only is he ridiculously talented, this kid is also only 14 years old.

Dude Perfect Creates a Totally EPIC Snow Day Battle

Ridiculous and fun? Perfect.

Check Out The Awesomeness That Happens When You Make the Dog Your Wedding Videographer

This snowy wedding was the perfect place for a dog’s perspective.

Grocery Shopping Is Way More Adorable From The Perspective of a 2-Year-Old

Just don’t let him buy that coffee.

Little Kitten Learns Not To Mess With Its Elders

Apparently wisdom comes with age in this family, because this kitten cannot even fathom how tricksy the grownup is.

This Hamster Eating a Carrot In Bed Is EVERYTHING

This is the face of pure contentment.

This Raven Might Be Smart But That Doesn’t Mean He’ll Follow Directions

Maybe they’re more cat than bird, because this raven has no interest in doing what his human wants.

The Incredible Exploding Beanbag Incident!

This guy will never live this down.

Hiccups Don’t Stop This Kid From Singing the Anthem

This kid could teach us all a lesson in perseverance through serious difficulties. Or through serious hiccups.

Ellen REALLY Loves Scaring Her Guests

Can’t stop won’t stop. But seriously if I’m ever on the show, Ellen, don’t do this.

Kitten Demands Piggy Back Ride and Will Not Be Denied

It’s just wrong not to give this little guy a ride.