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McDonald’s Is Putting Something MUCH Better Than Cheap Toys In Happy Meals Right Now

Going analog can be fun, too!

This Woman Trained a Raccoon to Help Her When She Has Allergies

What’s next, saying bless you?

When This Sheriff’s Office Gets Bored, Things Get Weird

At the El Paso Sheriff’s Department in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the elevator has been acting funky.

There Is an Actual School for Orangutans and Look What They Use for Their School Bus

We've just discovered our new dream job...

Here Is Your Nutella Addiction Summed Up in 35 Pictures

Happiness in a jar...

Man With Way Too Much Time On His Hands Performs Delicate Surgery On Peanut Butter Cup

This mad surgeon has created a terrifying hybrid of Oreo and Reese’s. And it looks utterly delicious.

These Hilarious 80s Dating Videos Will Make You Grateful For Online Dating

Before eHarmony, you had to watch hilarious, awkward people try to make eye contact with the camera if you wanted to find a date.

25 Over-the-Top Celebrity Engagement and Wedding Rings You Totally DON’T Need

Now that is some SERIOUS bling...

Valentines For People Who Are Absolutely TERRIBLE at Love

These are the perfect valentines for the folks who just don't really GET feelings...

What Do Grooms Really Think When She’s Walking Down the Aisle?

What were YOU thinking as your bride (or groom) was walking down the aisle?

30 Tiny Tattoos That Prove Size DOESN’T Matter

Good things come in small packages!

Is This Ancient Greek Statue Proof That Time Travelers Exist?

Hm, that's weird.

This 6-word Puzzle Is Meant for Kids but It’s Stumping Adults

Can you find them?

This Dad Strapped a GoPro to His Toddler and Found Out What Hide-and-seek Is Like for a 2-year-old

Step 1: Strap a GoPro to a toddler’s head. Step 2: Hide from the toddler. Step 3: Watch live on your phone as he’s determined to find you.

NFL Players Braid Their Daughters’ Hair In This Adorable Clip

A commercial that gets to what’s really important: Father/daughter bonding time. It’s so good we had to share it. Make sure you watch the rest of the playlist for maximum cute.

She Found A Defective Kit Kat. Now Look What She’s Demanding From Nestle.

Break me off a piece of that...

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks George Clooney Into an ‘ER’ Cast “Reunion”

If George Clooney commits to a hilarious bit, then George Clooney is going to make us all laugh really hard.

These Kids Wouldn’t Exist if Not for The Super Bowl

After the Super Bowl ends, life seems pretty dull. The glitz of the halftime show, the wit of the commercials… It’s all gone in a flash.

Here Are the Kardashian Photos You’ve NEVER Seen

It's hard to deny that they are absolutely adorable in these photos!

When You Carpool With Coldplay’s Chris Martin To the Super Bowl, Things Get Musical FAST

James Cordon knows all of the lyrics to Coldplay’s songs, and he’s not afraid to belt them. So what happens when the actual singer of those Coldplay songs shows up in his car?