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Even a Master Locksmith Can’t Pick the Weirdest Lock on Earth. Genius…

Most locks are simple enough, and even complex locks can almost always be cracked by a professional. So when a proficient lock collector finds one he can’t pick, it’s noteworthy.

No Amount of Treats Will Get this Husky Puppy Down the Stairs. No Way, No How…

Dakota the husky puppy will NOT be fooled by treats. There is no way she’s climbing down those stairs.

Pandas Resist Zookeeper’s Medicine by Adorably Attacking Him

Most of us don’t get to wrestle with pandas at our day jobs, but most of us don’t get to be zookeepers…

These 25 Strangers Solved All Their Problems by Leaving Hilarious Notes

Apprehension and even excitement always sets in when you find a handwritten note on your windshield or apartment door.

After Hearing This Woman’s Harrowing Story, You’ll Want the App that Saved Her Life

Last week, after 18 agonizing hours trapped in her car at the bottom of a ravine, 28-year old Melissa Vasquez was rescued…because of an app and a brilliant police officer.

President Obama Perfectly Trolls a Jealous Boyfriend While Voting in Chicago

Most people will never get a chance to vote alongside the President of the United States, so when Mike Jones’ girlfriend Aia Cooper found herself next to Obama during early voting, Mike couldn’t resist a light-hearted jab at the commander-in-chief.

Three Top Scientology Officials Corner Ex-Scientologist, Berate Him at the Airport. Insane…

Most religious organizations leave you alone if you walk away from their faith. They may ignore you or even disown you, but they won’t actually chase you down and intimidate you.

These Guys Secretly Served McDonald’s at a Food Convention. The Experts’ Reactions Are Priceless…

Last week, a couple of happy-go-lucky pranksters visited a food expo to serve a new, organic alternative to fast food from their high end restaurant to the other restaurant owners and foodies there.

Marksman Plays the National Anthem by Shooting His Gun. Amazing…

When you can shoot a rifle as well as this guy, the next step is obviously to setup targets that play different tones and play “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Via: VVV

Young Make-up Artist Incredibly Transforms Herself Into Famous Old Men

This is Lucia Pittalis. She is a painter and make-up artist… A side-project she enjoys and that the rest of the internet has been enjoying lately, too, is using makeup to turn her own face into the face of a celebrity or famous character — usually an old male who’s done some hard living.

Woman Tells Her Husband She’s Pregnant with Her Halloween Costume

After not being able to get pregnant for a year, Leslie and her husband finally did. Here’s how she announced the good news to him…

Here’s Where You Got Your Last Name…and Why You Even Have One

We all have last names — Even Madonna, Prince, and Lorde when they aren’t on stage — but we came by them in very different ways depending on our culture.

An Incredible Child Artist is Inspired by Her New Muse…a Therapy Kitten

Meet Iris Grace Halmshaw. Three years ago, at the age of 2, she was diagnosed with autism. She has trouble speaking, expressing affection, and socializing with other people.

And THAT Is Why You Should Stop Walking to Snap a Picture. Hilarious…

A news station in Lebanon was filming an ordinary, unremarkable interview when a guy in the background made it the best footage the station has ever recorded… Via: DPF

“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” Is Back and As Nervously Perfect as Ever

There’s finally another collection of questions and answers with everybody’s favorite talking shell…

This Extraordinary Compilation of Animal Rescues Is Like a Best-of for the Human Race

These beautiful people demonstrate everything that’s amazing about humans as they take the time and sometimes even risk their own safety to save these desperate creatures…

18 More Brands Updated with “Honest Slogans” (Comcast’s Is So Honest It Hurts)

Comcast wants you to think they’re all about “The Future of Awesome!” Taco Bell says their food will help you “Live Más.” But we all know what these brands are really all about.

NYC Cop Doesn’t Understand the Law Even After Reading It Aloud, Arrests Law-abiding Singer

In a bizarre incident on the platform of a New York Subway, street musician Andrew Kalleen was arrested even after the officer telling him to leave looked at the law explicitly saying Kalleen could be there.

This Powerball Winner Used His Million-Dollar Prize to Keep a Childhood Promise

Eric Hale takes his promises very seriously—even ones he made as a child. So when he discovered that he had won the Oregon $1 million Powerball jackpot, his first call was to his brother, Quinn—but not just to share the good news… When I was a kid, I promised my brother that if I ever won the lottery, I would split it with him.

A Gunshot Paralyzed This Painter, so She Completely Relearned Her Craft…with No Hands

Mariam Paré always knew she wanted to be an artist, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up dreaming of making a career out of her art.