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The Meaning Behind the Numbers In 17 Popular Brands

Although you probably don’t give the names and logos of your favorite brands very much thought, the companies behind the brand names usually have a method to their madness — and the proof is in the numbers.

45 Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Being a parent is a hard job, and sometimes you just want a little bit of a break from the constant barrage of questions.

This 5-Year-Old Has the Most Adorable Reaction To Becoming A Big Brother You’ve Ever Seen

Everything is cuter in a British accent. That might be why this sweetheart getting excited about the new baby is so flipping adorable.

Teachers Start the School Year Right With ‘One Day More’ Parody

If you think kids are the only ones who don’t want to go back to school, you’ve forgotten about some of the most important people: the teachers.

20 Back To School Tips And Tricks Every Parent Should Know

It’s time to head back to school — a day that parents have been looking forward to and most kids have been dreading for the past few months.

Twin Babies Hilariously Fake Sleeping When They Hear Mommy Coming

These kids learned quickly that when Mom comes around it’s time to be asleep…or at least look like you are.

40 Brilliant Ways You and Your Pet Can Dress Up as Food

Do you have an appetite for both fun and fashion? Then dressing up as your favorite drinks and snacks — and bringing your four-legged friends into the fray — might just be for you.

30 of the Most Questionably Hilarious Chinese Knockoff Products

We know that there are horribly bad knockoff products made right here in the United States, but there are some Chinese imitations that are anything but the sincerest form of flattery.

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans By Bringing Lisa Kudrow On Stage To Play ‘Smelly Cat’

It may be time to re-watch Friends because Taylor Swift is about to remind you how much you love it.

Finding the Happiest Baby Ever Only Requires Adding a Kitty

Sometimes it can be hard to get babies to crack a smile, but this kiddo has a weakness: You just need a cat.

This Amazing Boyfriend Used MAGIC To Pop the Big Question

The magic trick is far from romantic, but the question couldn’t be sweeter.

20 of the Strangest World Record-Holding Collections in the World

It’s not unusual to collect things like dolls or baseball cards when you’re a kid, and there are adults who have collections of things like wine and art or maybe shoes or cookbooks.

This Makeup Artist Transforms Her Eyes Into GORGEOUS Works of Art

A lot of people use eye shadow and liner to enhance their eyes, but Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg uses them to create incredible mini paintings using her eyelids as her personal canvas.

Wife Takes Husband To IKEA…Immediately Regrets It When She Hears His Puns

It’s common knowledge that product names at IKEA are weird, so this guy decided to embrace the weirdness…with some serious puns.

Dancer Surprises His Bride With AMAZING Groomsmen Routine

One of the benefits of marrying a dancer is that he can bust out some serious moves at the reception.

35 Hilariously Stupid Things Real People Have Actually Done on a First Date

First dates can be awkward because you never know exactly what you’re getting into. But thanks to Happn, an exciting new take on dating apps that just arrived stateside from Paris, you can decide if you want that date with that intriguing (and real-life, not online) stranger before you ever even talk to them.

This Cockatoo Playing Peekaboo Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

The way to brighten any day is to watch this hilarious bird playing peekaboo.

See ‘Jurassic World’ In Only 90 Seconds…With LEGOs

In this surprisingly accurate video, these YouTubers manage to shorten the entire plot of Jurassic World into 90 seconds…and then recreate it with LEGO bricks!

This Adorable Pooch Proves That Dogs Can Rock Out Too

When he hears the beat he can’t help but move.

This Puppy Is TOTALLY Guilty…Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Bean is not interested in telling her owner what happened to the pizza box.