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20 Cheaters Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

Relationships are a lot of work, but if you find the right person it’s totally worth it. Sometimes, however, people decide to call it quits and instead of making a clean, honest break they, well, cheat.

She Lost ALL Memory of Her Wedding Day, But Her Husband Plans to Give Her Brand New Ones

For Jeremy and Justice Stamper, their love story began early when they met at their Sunday school church back when they were just 10 and 11 years old.

Waterskiing Squirrel Proves That Extreme Sports Aren’t JUST For Humans

This little guy isn’t afraid to get in the water and show off.

These Two Women Make a Terrifying Jump To Escape a Massive Fire

During a massive fire, these women push themselves past fear to flee a burning building.

How Many Kids Can One Small Tent Hold? You’re About to Find Out!

The answer is way cuter than you would have guessed…

Man Hilariously Drives His Girlfriend Absolutely INSANE With His Latest Purchase

This guy is super committed to the joke…and it’s fantastic!

Stephen Colbert Guest Hosts Cable Access Show…And Brings Eminem With Him

Unannounced, Colbert filled in for the hosts of Only in Monroe with results that are as funny as you’d imagine.

30 Pictures Made Hilariously Awesome By Photobombing Kids

Kids are funny — often unintentionally — and they can liven up any situation. A simple photo opportunity, for example, can turn into something completely and unexpectedly funny when an “innocent” kid decides to insert themselves into the shot.

The 25 Most Perfect Ways to Respond to a Wrong Number Text

Given the fact that texting has replaced actually calling people on the phone, it’s no surprise that the occasional text is sent to the wrong person — or some completely random stranger.

45 Cats Who Deserve an Award for Being Able to Sleep Anywhere

We’ve come to think of a “catnap” as being a short little snooze during normal waking hours meant to refresh you for the rest of the day.

Series of Photos Captures Some of the Funniest Natural Dog Expressions You’ve Ever Seen

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and they often wear their emotions on their furry sleeves — or, rather, their furry faces.

This Looks Like a Regular Yellow School Bus, But What’s Inside Is INCREDIBLE

Many people grew up riding the big yellow bus to school, but not many people went on to purchase one of those buses and convert that bus into a tiny home.

The Ultimate SLIMMING Green Smoothie

Replacing one meal a day with a The Ultimate Slimming Green Smoothie has tremendous health benefits and can help you shed some of those unwanted extra pounds.

For This Young Artist, Social Media is Literally a Life Saver

Meet Joe Miller. He’s a 25-year-old artist who lives in Los Angeles…and that’s pretty much all he can tell you about himself.

Baby Raccoon Still Hasn’t Learned To Climb, So Mom Decides To Teach Her

Even raccoons need a little help sometimes, and Mom is always there to give her kids a leg up. Literally.

This Is One Ice Cream Cone That Also Comes With A Free Show!

This man is truly an ice cream ninja.

This Quarterback Fulfilled a Very Special Childhood Promise to Take His Friend to the Prom

When Ben Moser was in the 4th grade, he made a very serious promise to his mom after attending his cousin’s prom walk: When he grew up, he was going to ask his friend Mary Lapkowicz to prom.

The 42 Funniest and Most Inappropriate Church Signs on the Internet

Laugh and cringe (but mostly laugh) as you check out the best (and worst) of messages that have actually made it onto church signs.

This Waitress Made a Beautiful Gesture Towards Customers Who Had Just Lost Their Baby

Debbie and Shaun Riddle eat at West Side Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas pretty regularly. They hadn’t stopped by in over a month, however, so they were a little surprised when their server, Kayla Lane, remembered them when they stopped in for a bite to eat recently.

15 Animated Optical Illusions That Will Totally Melt Your Brain

Our brains may be some of the most complex biological structures on the planet, but they are surprisingly easy to totally fool.