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Don’t tell this ambitious dog that a log is too big to play fetch with

Most dogs love a game of fetch with a stick, but this one prefers to chase after something closer to a tree than a twig…

Artist’s depicts a woman’s entire life by continuously updating a single image of her face

South Korean illustrator Seok Jeong Hyeon skillfully captures a woman’s aging process from babyhood to old age, in a single digital “live” drawing.

Butterfly lands on flutist’s face, but the music must go on

A true test of concentration and commitment…

If sports cameramen got as close to the action as they wanted to

Telephoto lenses are nice, but this is proof that adding camera operators on the field would be awesome… (via PetaPixel)

Wasp nest built on a window offers an astonishing look at the inside of their home

Most of us would run for a can of Raid as soon as we saw this on our window. Fortunately, this man grabbed his camera instead…

Fake homeless guy gives money to people who give him money

Last month, prankster Big Daws went out on the street with a sign asking for help from passersby.

German Shepherd throws a tantrum when her human says swim time is over

It’s not just toddlers. Dog’s really don’t like to hear that it’s time to end an afternoon swim, either…

Manta ray tangled in fishing line approaches divers for help

When a pair of Brazilian divers were approached by a beautiful manta ray during a dive off Costa Rica’s Bat Islands, they realized she needed help and set to work freeing the giant animal… (via VVV)

Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon recall their favorite memories with Robin Williams

Billy Crystal was very close to Robin Williams, a point that Jimmy Fallon brought up during an interview that went off-script as the two men told stories of their favorite moments with the legendary comedian…

Acting student asks “To be or not to be?” And the answer is definitely “not to be”…

Reciting the most famous passage from Hamlet, this acting student began his rousing version of the classic soliloquy… To be or not to be?

Biracial woman photoshopped by designers from 25 countries to fit their standards of beauty

In an effort to see how various cultures perceive and portray beauty, journalist Priscilla Yuki Wilson sent this photo to designers in over 25 countries around the world… Her request was simple: “Make me beautiful.” If this all sounds familiar, it’s because Wilson’s friend Esther Honig embarked on the same project earlier this year.

Dancer’s body is insanely in sync with the music

Winner of last year’s “So You Think You Can Dance” Fik Shun takes another opportunity to show that, yes, he does think he can dance.

This guy learned the hard way not to propose by water. Painfully hilarious…

This couple recently experienced what has to be one of the most spectacularly botched proposals of all time.

Toddler handles his firepole fail like a pro. That laugh at the end is awesome…

Little Nate was excited to try sliding down the pole at the playground for the first time. But he might not have been ready to take that step.

Plane fills with smoke from engine failure…and one passenger films the emergency landing

Can you imagine something scarier than being in a plane flying over the ocean and watching the cabin fill with smoke as an oxygen mask drops in front of you.

Did Joan Rivers just prank Apple from beyond the grave?

Social media is great for real time updates about what’s going on in our fast-paced world, but it’s not always so great for pretend real-time updates scheduled weeks in advance.

Professional dancers mimic a toddler’s ridiculously cute dance to Sia’s “Chandelier”

She’s not a bad little choreographer… (via Say OMG)

Sheep takes revenge on drunk idiot. Very gratifying…

When this inebriated clod purposefully annoys a sheep, the sheep tries to be patient. But eventually, she’s taken all she can and she exacts her revenge…

Dancing salesman uses his hilariously innovative sales technique in a Sam’s Club, goes viral

When Edgar Ramos broke out some dance moves in the middle of a Sam’s Club in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, last week, a crowd quickly gathered to applaud his hilarious performance.

Nurse grants dying mother’s wish…to adopt her son after she’s gone

When single mother Tricia Somers received a diagnosis of terminal liver cancer last spring, her first thought was to wonder who would take care of Wesley, her eight-year-old son.