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You Think You’re Safe Looking at Gorillas in the Zoo? Think Again…

The zoo might look like the kind of place you can safely watch potentially dangerous, wild animals safely, but that might not always be the case.

20 Totally Ridiculous Parenting Products That People Actually Buy

There’s no question that you need a lot of things when you have a new baby — most of which you won’t even know you need until you really need them.

30 Nostalgic Snack Foods You Will Probably Never Eat Again

There are approximately 1.3 gazillion different snack foods that have come and gone throughout the years, but there are certain ones that everyone remembers and adores.

40 Things Parents Definitely Can’t Get Away With Anymore

Today’s parents have a plethora of resources available to them, from scented diaper genies, to spill-proof sippy cups, and parenting forums, where everyone else is wondering about that weird thing their kid is doing.

Magical Coconut Oil Has WAY More Uses Than You’ve Ever Imagined…

Ever wonder just how many things coconut oil is good for? Let’s just say…a lot! That is, if you believe this hilarious skit from The Second City Project.

Matthew McConaughey Watched the New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer and His Reaction Is FANTASTIC

Okay, okay… Maybe he didn’t, but there’s no denying that this video is pure genius. All the feels!

40 of the Most Amazing, Mouthwatering Pies You’ll Ever See

Pie. It’s as simple as filling inside a crust, but as complex as a work of art. There can be one layer or multiple layers of crust, fillings of fruit or chocolate or a mixture of both.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ JUST Released a Brand New Trailer and It Is AMAZING

As if you weren’t already excited enough about Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting the big screen this December, a brand new teaser trailer was just released during “Star Wars Celebration.” It is — in a word — breathtaking…

35 Children Who Have Absolutely No Clue How the Game of Hide and Seek Works

If you’re up for a challenge, see if you can find the tots who have hidden in these photos. It’s basically impossible.

The Guys Who Lip Sync Their Mom and Aunt Are Back…With Appearances by Mick Jagger and Keith Richardson

No, that’s not a misspelled name in the title…You just have to watch because this is too great. Mitch and Nik are back with a new episode of Sisters, where they record Nik’s mom and aunt’s conversations, and then act them out.

Here’s the REAL Reason Your Luggage Ends Up Damaged at the Airport

No one likes having to check their bags at the airport. If they don’t end up lost, they often end up getting damaged. If you’ve ever wondered why your luggage keeps getting beaten up, this video might give you a pretty good clue.

You’ve Probably Heard the Song ‘Barbie Girl’ But You’ve NEVER Heard it Like THIS

Chances are good that you remember the classic scenes in Full Metal Jacket where the Marines are running and singing along to the funny cadences that R.

Have You Ever Seen a Tooth Exorcism? You Have Now…

Well, that’s certainly one way to get a loose tooth out… “This house is clean…“

Couple Keeps Baby’s Gender a Secret But Wait Till Their Friends See What They’re REALLY Hiding

Baby gender reveals are a big deal nowadays. Couples have entire parties just to announce whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

15 Amazing Stories of True Animal Heroes Saving People from Certain Death

Everyone knows that animals are capable of receiving love and affection, and that there are countless stories of them being rescued from shelters or dire situations by compassionate humans.

Listen to How This Baby Otter Audibly Expresses Her Joy the First Time She Goes Swimming

Say hello to this adorable baby otter just chilling in the swimming pool. Rescued on the central coast of California, she’s the star of the documentary OTTER 501, which premiered in 2012 (and is now available on DVD).

This Dog’s Groomer Gave Him the Worst Haircut EVER…But It’s Still Kind of Awesome

People do some truly strange things to their pets. If they’re not putting them in costumes and clothing, they’re giving them weird haircuts.

What’s He Hiding Under His Hat? Just WAIT Until He Takes It Off…

Sometimes it only takes 7 seconds to get a good, hearty laugh. This kid certainly delivers…

54 Hilarious Protest Signs We Can ALL Get Behind

Freedom of speech and political protest are some of the greatest traditions in the United States, but sometimes they can get a little serious.

30 Innocent Spelling Mistakes That Make These Kids Seem COMPLETELY Inappropriate

Spelling is hard. There are silent letters, homonyms, exceptions to rules, and the general confusion over the fact that things like “naked” and “baked” don’t even rhyme.