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Retiring teacher gets beautiful surprise from 40 years of former students

When Nancy Flexer retired after 41 years of teaching at Nashville’s Cole Elementary School, Soul Pancake partnered with one of her fellow teachers to get a whole classroom of her former students together.

This is the face of a man who just won 15 million dollars

Dan Colman recently won “the second biggest poker tournament in history.” It earned him $15.3 Million.

The solution to Batman’s biggest flaw

There’s one way to evade Batman most easily. But, as Tony at Dorkly notes, it still might not work out for you for one very simple reason…

An episode of “Pawn Stars” without all the fluff and filler is exactly 3 minutes

Take out the repetitious reality-show gimmickry and the footage used in an episode of “Pawn Stars” is just three 1-minute conversations…

Ferguson teachers volunteer to keep school open in a library despite citywide cancellations

With the city in turmoil and controversy surrounding its law enforcement, Ferguson, Missouri’s school district cancelled classes for what was supposed to be the first week of the school year.

Man races his macaw. It flies while he’s on his motorbike. Incredible…

Taking his bird out for some exercise… (via TO)

Humpback whale nearly takes out a kayaker with a “high-five” from its tail

Writer and animal rescuer Cimeron Morrissey found herself in an unusual situation recently in California’s Monterey Bay.

Hilariously grumpy dog hates mornings just as much as you do

When the alarm clock goes off, Oscar the Vizsla refuses to overcome his laziness…

Hairdresser spends weekends giving remarkable, ego-boosting transformations to NYC homeless

On a trip to his native Philippines, New York hairdresser Mark Bustos offered haircuts to street kids and discovered a very fulfilling way to give back using his skills.

Jesus takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

With each celebrity that participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge the bar gets raised both for how famous the next participant will be and how crazy their version of the Challenge will be.

Police department uses joke on Twitter to announce their “military grade weapons”

Lino Lakes is a small Minnesota town just north of the Twin Cities. It’s police department has a consistent history of lightheartedness on Twitter… Even when they’re addressing serious issues, they do so casually.

Nick Offerman offers wisdom from the shower

Shower thoughts become all the more profound when uttered by the internet’s favorite manly man…

Cheri Oteri auditions for Chicago Bulls dance squad…but she’s worried she might be too sexy

When you think of Cheri Oteri, this is what you might picture… But now she’s trying out to be a cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls.

This intensely heartfelt speech after a devastating loss is what coaching kids is all about

After a heartbreaking loss to Chicago that sent Rhode Island home from the Little League World Series on Monday, Rhode Island coach Dave Belisle gave his team a post-game pep talk that now has the thousands watching it online holding back tears.

Acrobatic little kid climbs a refrigerator like Spiderman. Then he one-ups himself…

Watching this little boy scale a refrigerator the first time is amazing enough, but the way he climbs it the second time is just insane…

What happens when two corny dads sit next to each other at the bar

Imagine the conversation that would happen if two dads happened to be at the bar together. Pain Train shows us how it would go…

Girl gets wisdom teeth removed, does Ice Bucket Challenge. Ridiculously funny…

This young lady has just had her wisdom teeth out. Mom said to stay in her room and maybe sleep the drugs off…but, no.

30-year-old guys hilariously lip sync 60-year-old mom and aunt’s boring conversation

After recording his mom and aunt’s rather mundane conversation, Nik and his buddy Mitch from The Kloons got together and reenacted it, with hilarious results that are anything but mundane… Previously… Women’s normal, boring chitchat becomes hilarious when lip-synced by their son and nephew

Romantic Disney World visitor proposes to all the princesses there…and one villain

When Blaine Gibson visited Disney World recently, he wanted something different than the standard photos of the Cinderella Castle that he and his friends were taking.

Verne Troyer saved a lot of water with his Ice Bucket Challenge. He didn’t even use any…

There’s a drought in California, and Verne Troyer didn’t want to waste water…