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40 of the Most Awesomely Creative DIY Costumes for Kids

Even though adults like Halloween, let’s be real — it’s really for the kids. And even if they run around in Power Ranger or princess clothes all throughout the year, Halloween is the time they want a new costume and a new look to go with all that new candy.

These People Have WAY Too Much Time On Their Hands

We’ve all been there — twiddling our thumbs at our desks as we watch the clock or hanging around at home, where even the Internet isn’t enough to keep us entertained.

No Matter How Hard This Toddler Tries, the Tennis Balls Just Won’t Stay In The Container

Some days this is how I feel at work. Solidarity, kid.

Bravest Tiny French Bulldog Ever Scares Away Two Bears

You go, tiny dog!

Fastest Butcher You’ve Ever Seen Obviously Doesn’t Like His Fingers Very Much

Holy slicing, Batman! We do not envy this guy’s job.

This Is Easily the Cutest Chauffeur Dog You’ve Ever Seen

It’s probably also the ONLY chauffeur dog you’ve ever seen, but that’s beside the point.

This Sleepy Meerkat Has Found A Darn Cute Napping Spot

You will squee.

Weiner Dog Just Can’t Seem To Get His Carrot Through the Dog Door

Hilarious, hilarious strugs. Adorable, adorable dog.

‘Friends’ Opening Adorably Recreated With Hamsters

Nostalgia and hamsters? Sign us up.

35 of the Most Amazingly Delicious Movie-Inspired Cakes

Movies and film can inspire many things in people — awe, creativity, and of course, hunger. That’s why so many iconic movies are often the inspiration for some pretty epic cake creations.

25 Times One Man Made Stock Photos a Million Times More Hilarious

Have you ever looked at stock photographs and rolled your eyes at how ridiculously out of touch they seemed?

This Dad and Son Show Off Their Adorably Realistic Wrestling Moves

This is how you really lay the smack down on someone. This is how it’s done, WWE!

Turkish Ice Cream Man Has Some Hilarious Sleight of Hand

Taking an ice cream cone should be easy right? Not if this is the person who’s serving you…

Adorable Little Girl Can’t Handle Hearing the News That Adam Levine Is Married

We all have to learn what heartbreak feels like someday, but this little girl is getting the lesson earlier than most.

Surfer Catches Some of the Most Amazing Whale Footage You’ve Ever Seen

This is every surfer’s dream.

20 Dogs That Look Ridiculously Like Other Things

They say dogs eventually end up resembling their owners, but what about resembling food, a billionaire playboy, or characters from movies?

25 INCREDIBLE Photos That Look Fake but are Actually Real

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake on the Internet, given the fact that everyone has access to Photoshop or image manipulation tools.

Well-Behaved Birthday Dog Waits For Permission To Devour His Puppy Cupcake

He looks patient until you see how fast he eats the cupcake.

Swimming With Baby Otters is Pure Joy

Where do we sign up?