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How to Get By in a French Conversation Without Knowing How to Speak French

Just because you don’t speak French doesn’t mean you can’t completely blend in during a conversation with someone who does… Via: Laughing Squid

Insanely Good Archer Shows How Hollywood Gets Archery All Wrong

This archer has perfected his skills with an emphasis on ancient methods. Even more interesting than how wrong our ideas of archery are is how incredibly good this guy is.

Chocolate Lab Taught Himself to Dive Straight to the Bottom of Rivers in Search of Rocks

Jordy the Chocolate Lab loves fetching rocks for himself. And if the rocks he wants are at the bottom of a river, that’s not going to stop him.

This Brilliant Teacher Isn’t Allowed to Teach Proper Condom Use. Look What He Does Instead…

A law passed in 2012 in Mississippi restricted teachers from teaching condom use in sex ed classes. In response, educator and education reform advocate Sanford Johnson developed a simple (and pretty funny) workaround: Socks Education Whether you’re wearing an athletic shoe, or whether you’re using a dress shoe, it doesn’t matter to me as long as your foot is protected….

All 88 of the Beautiful and Bizarre National Outfits from the Miss Universe Competition

On Wednesday, 88 Miss Universe contestants showed off a dress that represents their country. They ranged from more modest outfits featuring a country’s colors to more elaborate representations of the country’s favorite pastime.

These 9-month-old Twins Don’t Need an Adult to Play the Best Game of Peek-a-boo Ever

When the boy in this pair of 9-month-old twins discovered that the window curtain was within reach, he couldn’t resist grabbing it.

Old Family Cat Explains the Human’s Super Bowl Behavior to the New Kitten

The way we humans act during the big game is peculiar…especially to the cats. Fortunately, this house cat has been around long enough to catch on so that he can explain the insanity to his adorable little protege… Next… Smug Old Cat Gives New Kitten Advice for Dealing with the Family Dog

This Smart-ass Dad Answered His 11-month-old’s Daycare Survey with Complete Honesty

Last year when little Emma was beginning a stint at a daycare, she and her parents were given a questionnaire to fill in so the staff could know a little more about her.

This Guy Keeps Pranking His Mom with a Fake Dog, and It Keeps Working. Adorably Hilarious…

When this kid got a hold of a life-size stuffed dog, he couldn’t help using it to startle his mom. It was just too easy to resist…

Baby Goat Really Wants Patient Old Dog to Care More About Playtime

Peppa Lass the Nigerian Dwarf Goat really wants to play with Duchess the Komondor. Duchess isn’t that into the idea, tho… Via: TO

A Mom Apologizes to Her Baby for Parenting Fails with These Hilarious Notes

Parenting is hard and you don’t always get it right.

Seal Waddles Out of the Water to Cuddle a Dog. As Adorable as It Is Unusual…

This seal and dog are meeting for the first time here, but it’s clear the seal already wishes they were best friends…

Jimmy Fallon Engages Bill Gates in a Battle of Wits…Over Who’s Going to Drink Poop Water

We saw recently an amazing invention sponsored by Bill Gates that turns sewage into electricity and clean water.

“Bad Lip Reading” Is Back with Their Hilarious Interpretation of NFL Sideline Footage

You usually can’t tell what players and coaches are actually saying when you see them yelling and talking on the sidelines.

Adorably Incredible X-ray Footage Shows Where Hamsters Hide All That Freaking Food

When hamsters eat, they stuff it all in their face as fast as they can, but they’re not eating it. They’re saving it for later in cheek pouches.

Documentary Shines a Light on the Craziness of Youth Football in Texas

If you’ve ever been involved in youth sports, you know that some parents and coaches are…crazy. There’s really no other way to put it.

Pup Is SUPER Excited for Baby to Wake from Her Nap but Is Perfectly Patient

Zayla the Shih-poo is so ready for her little friend to wake up that she can barely stand it. But she knows better than to interrupt naptime…

30 Absolutely Massive Dogs That Have No Idea How Big They Are

Or maybe these dogs are perfectly normal and everything around them is just tiny. Yeah, that’s probably it… Via: Ned Hardy

Crazy Daredevil Leaps Over 2 Motorcycles Coming Straight at Him at 70 MPH

For his most recent stunt, Al the Jumper stood perfectly still as two motorcycles raced straight toward him.

These 3 Guys Seem to Be Handling Brooklyn’s Gentrification Pretty Well

Three friends from Bushwick, Brooklyn hang out on a corner and discuss what they’ve been up to. They’re dealing with the changes in their neighborhood pretty well, considering.