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A Mom Dying of Cancer Has Written Her Young Daughter a Lifetime of Notes

Heather McManamy has been fighting breast cancer since 2013. Her disease is terminal, but Heather is determined to be a part of her daughter’s life, even after she’s gone.

See What This Incredible Cyclist Does When Someone’s Car Is Blocking the Bike Lane

Have you ever thought to yourself “Gosh, I wish I had a friend who could just lift my car and move it around for me when I leave it in the wrong place?

First Female Coach in the NFL Breaks Exciting New Ground In the Male-Dominated Sport

As of last night, Jen Welter just made history. Again. Welter, a 37-year-old former pro football player, has been hired by the Arizona Cardinals as an assistant coaching intern for training camp and the preseason.

Puppies from World’s Biggest Pitbull Are Both Adorable and Extremely Expensive

Weighing in at 175 pounds, Hulk, the world’s largest Pitbull, is now the proud father of a litter of eight adorable puppies that could fetch up to $55,000 each.

38 Hilarious Shower Thoughts

Strange things happen to us while we stand in our shower stalls, washing away the grime of the day. Our singing voices take on a much more lustrous tone than our usual tone deafness would seem to allow, and our minds drift to a state of pondering and reflection.

35 of the Strangest Headlines You Will Ever See

It’s no secret that headlines help to sell newspapers. If you’re not drawn in by the stories they have, there’s no way you’re going to read anything inside.

35 of the Creepiest Babies Ever Painted During the Renaissance

The Renaissance literally means “re-birth,” and history showed it was a time of transition for Europe not only artistically, but also politically, religiously, and scientifically.

Baby Pygmy Hippo Learns To Swim And Destroys Us With Cuteness

It is exactly as awesome as you would imagine.

‘Smelfies’ Show Us What It’s REALLY Like to Be a Dad

Four months ago, Australian comedian Adam Hills decided to share his diaper changing experience with the Twitterverse, coining the term #smelfie.

Watch an AMAZING 8-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Finish a Triathlon

Hold onto your hats because this kid is about to show you exactly what awesome looks like.

Moms Get Complete Control Over Their Daughters’ Hairstyles With Hilarious Results

These moms and daughters don’t quite see eye to eye on style.

Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Throw Down In This Epic Lip Sync Battle

These two have been hiding their true talents from us all this time because, clearly, lip syncing is their calling.

This Awesome 79-Year-Old Grandma Went Missing…Only To Turn Up In a Tattoo Shop!

When Tony Sellers came to visit his 79-year-old mother, Sadie, at Daleview House — an elderly care home in Northern Ireland — and she was nowhere to be found, he was understandably a little bit freaked out.

This Steamer Mysteriously Disappeared Over a Century Ago…Only to Be Discovered in Perfect Condition

116 years ago, the John V. Moran was lost in the depths of Lake Michigan. The steamboat had been on its way from Milwaukee to Muskegon when it went down on February 12th, 1899, after its hull was pierced by ice a few days earlier.

35 Hilarious Responses to Passive Aggressive Notes

We’ve all seen the passive aggressive notes that have been left by roommates, neighbors, coworkers, drivers, and family that make you roll your eyes.

30 Hilariously Awkward Vacation Pictures

The idea behind a vacation is that it’s supposed to be a relaxing break from your everyday life. Sometimes, however, you’re a little kid being dragged along to various random landmarks, a dad trying a little too hard to be “fashionable,” or simply the victim of poor weather or timing.

40 Photos That Prove Proofreading Is Kind of Important

We all make mistakes and, fortunately, many of those mistakes are only seen by a few people. Proofreading, however, should have been at the top of the list of priorities for these people.

‘Felines of New York’ Hilariously Shows What Cats Are Thinking

The insanely popular blog Humans Of New York is filled with the beautiful and insightful thoughts of New Yorkers, yet it seemed to be missing something… Cats!

45 of the Best (or Worst) Business Name Puns You’ll Ever See

What’s in a name? If you have a business, it can be what separates you from your competitors. As these 45 businesses prove, sometimes a cleverly based pun can separate the losers from the wieners.

The Adorable Ring Bearer At This Wedding Totally Stole the Show

When Bobby Villegas and Kait Villegas-Payne were planning their elopement, they knew that the day wouldn’t be complete without Villegas-Payne’s daughter, Scarlet.