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This list of bar bets you’ll always win is worth watching just for the rubber band trick

Quirkologist Richard Wiseman is back with another installment of tricks to play on your friends and maybe make a few bucks if they’re the betting sort… If you understand how the rubber band trick works, feel free to explain it in the comments…

The Griffins of Family Guy meet the Simpsons, Peter and Homer become OK friends

In this trailer for an hour-long Simpsons episode to air this season, the Griffins take a trip away from their own show to Springfield, where they meet the Simpsons.

Mad scientists aren’t even scientists. Here’s what they really are…

Mad, yes. But scientists? Hardly… (via IFLS)

Cat politely asks his human for more head scratching

This kitty knows what he wants and he knows how to get it… (via DPF)

Endless sea of scooters commuting through Taiwan is surprisingly mesmerizing

There’s not a car to be seen coming off the Taipei Bridge… (via Lost at E Minor)

When viewed at the right angle, this pile of garbage becomes an amazing portrait of a soldier

For once you can say, “That art looks like garbage,” and French artist Bernard Prasthat would actually take it as a compliment… (via VVV)

Couple simultaneously photographs locations around the world while facing one another [30 pics]

In a project called Lens Between Us, creative directors Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova have been traveling the world taking photographs of one another at the exact same time… Prague, Czech Republic The fun project takes us behind the lens of both photographers, giving us a more complete view of the landscape from what we’re accustomed to seeing from a single photograph.

Let’s take a selfie with Trumpeter Swans to show how gentle they are…or not

When Steve Takata’s family was visiting the Great Bend Zoo in Kansas, his brother-in-law decided to get cozy with the Trumpeter Swans and take a selfie.

Tanker pulls a perfect U-turn in an impossibly tight space with impressive speed

This guy is good at what he does. Very, very good…

What we all hate most about email

YouTube animator Domics illustrates the difficulty of striking just the right tone in an email… (via)

When LeBron James isn’t being a superstar on the court, he’s being a normal, excited dad…like this

When LeBron James goes to watch his 4th grade son LeBron Jr. play, it goes a little differently than when most other parents watch their kids on the court.

Marketers for soda companies could learn a thing or two from bottled water…

From Doghouse Diaries…

Toddler uses his TV like a touch screen…and it works!

When Jessie Aguilar’s son Ramon wanted to watch a show, he went up the TV and swiped through the menu.

How to load a backhoe up into a pickup truck with no assistance

Jacob Abraham was stunned that a man outside his paint shop was going to load a backhoe into a pickup truck without any assistance, so he pulled out a camera and started recording the crazy stunt in case the operator was actually successful (or in case he wasn’t)…

Gary Oldman laughs at himself dying…over and over again

Gary Oldman has died a lot. Conan compiled these deaths to show him, and Oldman loves it…

Unorthodox vet uses cheap toys to make adorable 2-legged puppy walk for the first time

When Turbo the Chihuahua arrived at the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, the adorable pup was wrapped in a towel and unable to walk… Why was he unable to walk?

The hilariously awful first drafts of your favorite movies, shows, and books [17 pics]

Even geniuses start their best works with occasionally lame prose, so almost every great book, movie, or television series you’ve ever enjoyed actually began as embarrassing brainstorms.

See, even God hates selfies…

A couple’s romantic attempt to take a selfie comes to an abrupt halt thanks to a cataclysmic interruption…

Dog passes out from excitement upon seeing her human for the first time in 2 years

Originally from Pittsburgh, Rebecca Svetina now lives in Slovenia and doesn’t get to return to the U.S.

Keith Olbermann goes on powerful rant against the rampant sexism in professional sports

A rightfully angry Keith Olbermann berates those who continually treat women in sports with dehumanizing condescension, especially ripping into the NFL for using their “iron fist” against women…