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This 2-Year-Old Boy’s Unlikely Friendship With the Garbage Man Will Hit You HARD in the Feels

When you’re a kid, it’s pretty easy to make friends — you just march right up to them, ask them to play, and boom: best friends forever.

Three Abandoned Kittens United with Grieving Mama Cat Who Lost Her Three Kittens

They say everything happens for a reason, and for Mikey — an 8-month-old cat who had recently given birth to three kittens who died due to being premature — that reason turned out to be a situation no one could have ever imagined.

Sneaky Dog Blames Puppy Sister When Asked ‘Who Pooped in the Kitchen?’

Sneaky, sneaky pups…It turns out dogs are a lot more like humans than you probably thought. When these dogs get grilled with the question “Who pooped in the kitchen?

Hilarious Chalkboard Signs That Are Absolutely Genius

We’ve all been walking down the sidewalk and passed a cafe, restaurant, or bar that had a chalkboard sign outside advertising daily specials.

35 Hysterical Public Restroom Signs You’ve Got To See

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But just because you’re not at home on your own throne doesn’t mean you have the right to disrespect the facilities, so to speak.

This Guy Is the Ultimate One-Man Band Thanks to This Incredible Gadget

You’ve probably all seen the typical one-man band before. It’s usually a guy walking around with a huge drum contraption on his back, busking for dollar bills.

This Baby Absolutely LOVES Freddie Mercury…

Babies are generally pretty easily amused, but sometimes they latch onto something you’d never expect.

49 Hilarious Photos That Will Make Your Bad Day Seem Peachy

When you’re having a rough go of it, sometimes it feels like there is literally no one in the entire universe having a worse time than you…but these photos prove otherwise!

55 of the Greatest Questions Kids Have Ever Asked

Childhood is a time of wonder, a time of curiosity about the world around us…and a time when we ask questions without any verbal filter whatsoever.

Hilarious Notes from Honest Kids You’ve Got to See

They say if you want an honest opinion, you should ask a kid. That’s because they’re rather innocent and unfiltered (for better or worse) and tell it like it is.

NBA’s Most Valuable Player Steph Curry Gets Upstaged By His ADORABLE 2-Year-Old Daughter

After last night’s thrilling win against the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference finals, league MVP Steph Curry took questions from the media at the post-game press conference.

Watch Jamie Foxx Absolutely OWN His Mick Jagger Impression on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

We all know that Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is both a talented actor and a great singer (I mean, the man can even make The Brady Bunch theme song sexy…), but we had no idea his musical impressions game was this strong.

40 of the Weirdest Senior Yearbook Photos You’ve Ever Seen

The high school yearbook is one way to leave your final mark on the class that you’ve been with for years. Graduating seniors also know that, by the end of the year, they’re just ready to get the heck out of there.

Brilliant Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby and Basic Household Items

If there’s one thing most parents are good at, it’s finding ways to stay entertained using anything and everything around the house.

It’s Scary When Baby Panda Meets Mom for the First Time…and Then You’ll Be in Love

Back in 2013, zookeepers in Taipei, Taiwan’s zoo introduced a baby panda (merely one month old) to her mother for the first time and if you expect the meeting to be pretty cute, you’re highly underestimating it.

This Awesome Homemade Machine Could Be Your Dog’s Favorite New Toy

Eveline Poot’s dog Bella would always eat her food way too fast when she filled her bowl. She’s also super spunky, smart, and wants to play all the time.

Chicago STILL Hasn’t Fixed Their Potholes, and This Guy Knows Exactly What to Do About It

Remember Jim Bachor, the guerrilla artist who installed gorgeous floral mosaics in Chicago’s ugly potholes?

How One GIANT Rescue Cat Is Helping Other Felines Find New Forever Homes

His name is Andre, and despite his giant 25-pound size, the largest thing about this rescued cat is his heart and the impact he’s making on other shelter cats.

He Placed a Camera Above the Bird’s Nest in His Garden and What He Captured Is AMAZING

Harvey Young saw a blackbird’s nest sitting high up in his garden about 3 weeks ago, so he decided to stick his trusty GoPro camera up there to see what would happen.

All Kids Are Awesome But THESE Kids Are EXTRA Awesome…

We all know that kids can be super awesome, but there are some kids that just have that little something extra that makes them stand out.