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Beyond the Roast: Thanksgiving Turkey 11 Other Ways

Thanksgiving is a holiday of many traditions, and cherished as they may be, they can also lead to lots of stress.

What Is The Difference Between Liquor and Liqueur?

What occasion is complete without a tasty drink? From the most lavish affairs to the small get-togethers at home, a little sip of something sweet is a must for any festivity.

15 Small Talk Topics for the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Whether you only see one side of your family on Thanksgiving or are tagging along to your better half’s Turkey Day, the holidays are a prime time for awkward conversation.

Replace Your Thanksgiving Turkey with These 5 Bird Alternatives

Last year was my first actual Thanksgiving spent away from home with friends. And, food nerds that we are, it was decided pretty immediately that turkey was off the menu.

How to Make Chia Pudding, Including Recipes for Fall

If chia seeds were people, they would be over-achievers with stacked resumes. These superfoods excel at pretty much everything—they’re packed with all the good stuff like antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and calcium.

Here’s the History Behind Football’s ‘Gatorade Shower’ Tradition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we don’t mean the holidays! We mean the period of time where two of our favorite sports, football and baseball, overlap.

Why Cauliflower Will Save Your Holiday Party

Can I be real? As a person that lives for a good…no, an epic dinner party, I like to please all my guests.

How to Preserve Fall Fruit Using Brandy

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about when it’s doused with brandy and sugar?

Vegan Alternatives to Famous Thanksgiving Dishes

No one likes to hear the words “dietary restrictions” around the time of a holiday that’s literally centered on food, but when setting the table for a mixed crowd, it can be helpful to whip up options that everyone can enjoy.

7 Unusual Fall Vegetables to Serve at Thanksgiving

Whether you have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership, find produce at your local farmer’s market, or opt for what’s most in-season at the grocery store, you’re probably encountering more unfamiliar root vegetables and darker, leafier greens.

Starbucks Has Released Two Vampire Frappuccinos for Halloween

Here’s something to sink your fangs into. Since the unicorn fad has officially died (R.I.P. pink glittery goodness), Starbucks has decided to capitalize on our next impending holiday, Halloween, with a Mr.

Cuisine d’Auteur: Sam Talbot Defies the Stereotypes of Unhealthy Southern Cooking

This article is brought to you by our friends at Stella Artois.  Fried chicken, grits, mashed potatoes, and gravy are indulgences worthy of a spot on any traditional Southern menu, but what if we told you these these tried-and-true classics came in healthier alternatives that maintain their original, crave-worthy taste?

Cuisine d’Auteur: Vegetables Take Center Stage for Chef Sam Talbot’s Southern Cooking

This article is brought to you by our friends at Stella Artois.  Collard greens, green beans, and the almighty sweet potato aren’t the only vegetables that get a little Southern lovin’ on Chef Sam Talbot’s menu.

International Thanksgiving Dishes To Broaden Your Horizons

Heavily touted as a holiday that brings people together, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to welcome new flavors into the fold as well.

7 Things We’re Hoping to See on the Return of ‘Supermarket Sweep’

Attention, shoppers viewers! The most ’90s game show of all time (aside from Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego?

Getting Toddlers to Eat: It’s All About the Presentation

If you know of something more frustrating then trying to get a toddler to eat, I’d sure like to hear about it.

10 Potato Alternatives for Thanksgiving Mashes

Thanksgiving is a meal that typically likes to lean heavy on tradition. You fry your turkey the way your dad taught you to, and try your best every year to recreate your mom’s legendary sausage stuffing and your aunt’s mindblowingly perfect pumpkin pie.

Famous Fall Recipes from 10 Iconic Chefs

If you asked a room full of chefs their very favorite season to cook, you could expect a variety of answers.

What Is the Difference Between Farmed and Wild Fish?

One of the best things about eating seafood—besides the rich flavors, easy prep, great protein, and low calories, of course—is the variety of available options.

What Is the Difference Between Braising and Roasting?

The techniques of braising and roasting are integral cooking skills that transform ordinary ingredients into meals that will impress even your most critical dinner guests.