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12 Ways to Serve Sweet Potatoes at Your Holiday Feast

[caption id="attachment_178637" align="alignleft" width="620" caption="Photo via Abby on Flickr"][/caption] If you go crazy over sweet potatoes like many would for a pumpkin spiced latte, you know how to roast them to perfect tenderness.

Keeping It Real: How Far Should You Go to Accommodate Thanksgiving Guests?

I hit snooze on my phone this morning, half dreaming of auburn leaves falling to the sidewalk. Somewhere along the way — and I’m not quite sure when it happened — fall arrived.

Storing and Re-Heating Tricks and Tips to Survive the Holidays

Maybe you're superhuman, but the rest of us mere mortals can't possibly make an entire, elaborate holiday dinner all on the big day and have everything as warm or cold as it should be, all at the same time, just as guests are ready to eat.

13 Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes for the Non-Turkey Lovers

Thanksgiving feasts are heavily rooted in tradition, whether it’s universal or unique to you and your loved ones.

Best Gifts to Bring to Your Thanksgiving Host/Hostess’ Home

You've scored an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. So what's the etiquette as a guest at the home of your family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker?

18 Great Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pie

When the usual lineup of pies feels boring and uninspired for your Thanksgiving dessert repertoire, you've got to make a change.

Does It Matter Whether You Use a Glass or Metal Baking Dish?

People say baking is more of science than stovetop cooking: Why? Because exactness matters. The amount of humidity in the air and the altitude of your city can affect how your dish turns out.

9 Baking Mix Hacks to Transform Basic Dishes into Fancy-Ass Appetizers

You need some shortcuts, but you sure as hell don't want anyone to know you took them. Use a baking mix box, and hide the box.

13 Appetizers You Won’t Believe Came Out of the Slow Cooker

  When you have a holiday party or dinner, you can't give every dish equal attention. Appetizers can keep your guests sated while you focus on the main course, so you don't want to spend too much time on them.

Believe It: 17 Thanksgiving Classics Made in a Slow Cooker

Every Thanksgiving, we hear the same complaint: There’s not enough space in the oven. And we concede that between roasting vegetables, baking pies, and cooking the hours-long turkey, it can seem nearly impossible for everything to arrive hot to the table, all at the same time.

Drinkable Treats (a.k.a. alcohol) for Halloween

A beautiful or spooky cocktail may be your version of a treat this Halloween, rather than candy. You don’t want to get wasted while little kids are buzzing your doorbell.

Who Knew That ‘Shark Tank’ Was Such a Delicious Food Incubator?

The food industry is freakin' tough, what with low profit margins, perishable products, competition from me-too companies, and food safety and ethics scandals.

15 Creative Contributions for Your 2016 Friendsgiving Feast

Many friends, many relatives, many celebrations. Eating the same stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, and turkey legs at each event can get tiresome.

9 One-Dish Thanksgivings You Don’t Have the Guts to Make

Toss all pretense out the window when it comes to Thanksgiving cooking. Let's be real. It's a holiday of gluttony.

Save the Calories for the Main Event: 15 Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizers

While we appreciate all kinds of food and don’t want to restrict anyone from enjoying one of life's greatest sensual pleasures, let's be smart about it.

Day of the Dead Treats That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Some of these Halloween treats are gorgeous and can be enjoyed any time of year, and some of the more on-theme ones are, let's say, just cool-looking.

13 Halloween Treats All Grown Up

Whether you’re holding down the fort while the kids are trick-or-treating or having all your friends over for a celebration, you don’t need to settle for prepackaged sweets this Halloween.

Halloween Party Decorations That Aren’t Tacky

Stay classy, people — even while you nurture your dark side. Forget plastic pumpkins and fake cobwebs.

Autumnal Recipes for Those of Us Sick of Pumpkin-Flavored Everything

Many of us have had it with the pumpkin madness. Enough already with these pumpkin-spiced lattes and pumpkin cheesecakes, ad nauseam!

Party Planning: How Not to Create a Halloween Horror

You want your party to be a scream, but not in a truly awful, lame, or man-this-sucks kinda way. Keep these warnings in mind as you make your plans, whether you're throwing a real badass rager or a Disney-ish gathering with games.