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7 Crowd-Pleasing Family Meals from the Slow Cooker

Even if you’re the world’s most avid home cook, let’s be honest: Between work, family commitments, and now, holiday shopping, sometimes you just need to get dinner done.

9 Recipes That Make the Most of Your Muffin Tin

Aside from making delicious muffins, you can use your muffin tin as a smart and simple way to portion larger recipes into cute, individually sized helpings that are fun to pass around at parties and easy to freeze for future meals.

7 DIY Infused Liqueurs to Get You Through the Holidays

Infusing alcohol like vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and brandy is a great way to add your own special touch to a homemade cocktail, and it also makes a great gift.

9 Fantastic and Filling Vegetarian Entrées

In the eight years that I was a vegetarian, I often found that my veggie-centric preferences were the afterthought of the party.

Steal These 8 Breakfast Ideas from Around the World

Breakfast, the experts maintain, is the most important meal, so it’s high time we stopped giving it the least amount of thought.

Stay Warm with These 9 Winter Braise Dishes

Braising is a cook’s best friend –with a few simple steps, you can make a meal that tastes like its straight out of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

9 Game-Changing Avocado Recipes

Whether it’s playing the main role in guacamole or adding West Coast flair to a simple sandwich, avocado’s subtle taste and extra-creamy texture makes it a favorite ingredient across the board.

11 Recipes That Prove Hand Pies Are the Perfect Winter Food

Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Hand Pie recipe from CHOW. The world’s best cold-weather food may not be soup after all.

7 Reasons to Never Drink a Basic Bloody Again

Normcore dress may be de rigueur right now, but let’s face it: being a basic brunch type will never be in style.

Hate Casseroles? Try These 7 Global Dishes Instead

We understand why the world has so many casserole haters; too many Middle America-born dishes that are simply vehicles for frozen vegetables and soups out of a can.

67 Hacks for Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Soup

At this age, and 3,000 miles from the house I grew up in, I can’t use the “but moooommmmm, there’s nothing to eat” while listlessly staring into pantry cupboards, holding the knobs while my arms swing about dejectedly.

Believe It: These 11 Thanksgiving Dishes All Came Out of a Slow Cooker

Every Thanksgiving, we hear the same complaint: There’s not enough space in the oven. And we concede that between roasting vegetables, baking pies, and cooking the hours-long turkey, it can seem nearly impossible for everything to arrive hot to the table, all at the same time.

How to Make Biscuits Like a Boss: A 12-Recipe Plan

Did your last batch of paella burn, or your most recent soufflé fall flat? It doesn’t matter: as long as you can make a mean biscuit, you’re legit.

Stock Your Freezer for Fall with These 6 Recipes

Shorter days after Daylight Savings Time makes it even harder to get home and make dinner before it’s pitch black and you want to crawl into bed.

Help Us Crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014!

The year is coming to a close as quickly as it swept in, but not before we have a chance to look back on the restaurants, recipes, cookbooks, food trends, and blogs that got us talking.

9 Must-See Food Films

The logical next step to being a totally obsessive foodie? Feeding a hunger for food knowledge…by watching every food documentary and movie we can get our hands on.

9 Cocktails to Help You Get Through Thanksgiving

If you’re sick of beer and wine for Thanksgiving day festivities, try out these recipes for a special cocktail (or batch of cocktails) that you can use to impress those relatives you only see once a year.

2014 CHOW Holiday Gift Guide: Curators Edition

What to give the cook or armchair epicure who thinks they have everything? This year, we asked the experts.

The 9 Best Wines to Drink with Sunday Football

Whether you’ve been dragged along to a daylong viewing of ESPN, or you are a football fan bored with lagers, popping the cork to a delicious, easy-to-drink wine might be just what you need.

Romesco Sauce Makes Everything Taste Better

Romesco sauce. The name sounds fancy and old-world, and I imagine because it’s not rooted in Mexico, like most things I eat, I didn’t really appreciate it whenever I tasted it in the CHOW Test Kitchen.