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11 Chocolate-Filled Recipes to Fuel Celebrations

1. Chocolate Mint Brownies CHOW’s chocolate mint brownies aren’t just flavored with peppermint oil – they have 35 chocolate-covered peppermint patties candies mixed into an already rich chocolate batter.

24 Kitchen and Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Okay, maybe these kitchen hacks won't change your life in an "I won the lottery" or "I just found out I'm pregnant" kind of way.

How to Make the Best Pork Chops

In the cooking world, a lot of breath is spent on explaining how to cook the perfect steak. What else could you expect, given the near fetishistic emphasis that gets placed on pricey, prime beef?

The Ultimate Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Sandwiches, Plus 5 Other Great Beef Recipes

Certain cuts of beef—hard-working ones, with lots of beefy flavor, that take a lot of simmering to get tender—were practically made for the slow cooker.

11 Simple Shrimp Recipes for Spring and Summer

[caption id="attachment_164142" align="alignleft" width="620" caption="CHOW"][/caption] Shrimp might be one of our favorite proteins to cook with--it’s relatively inexpensive, hard to screw up, and can be prepared about a million different ways.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These 13 Recipes

With live mariachi music and bottomless bowls of chips and salsa, that cantina across the street can be a tempting destination on Cinco de Mayo.

Cayenne, Habanero, Poblano, Serrano: Know Your Chile Peppers

Chile peppers are thought to have originated in South America, but they have been cultivated all over the world for centuries, resulting in a wide variety of species with different colors, shapes, flavors, and, of course, spiciness.

How to Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are one of the highlights of the year: their scarcity (along with their deliciousness) makes them a seasonal treat to look forward to each year.

Get Classy With These 13 Trout Recipes

The first time I really ever gave any thought to trout was while watching Gilmore Girls. In one episode, Richard Gilmore is dismayed at having fish for dinner, yet again, after his doctor advises him to cut back on red meat.

9 Healthy Orzo Salads

Five things you might not know about orzo (but really should): 1) Orzo is a type of cut pasta; it is most definitely not a grain, but it is made from a grain (wheat).

9 Mexican Recipes Perfect for the Slow Cooker

Between the quick hustle of the food truck and the casual fun of make-your-own taco get togethers, it’s easy to forget that the process behind making many of Mexico’s most iconic dishes is more than just tortilla + meat + topping.

11 Best Vanilla Cakes

A good slice of vanilla cake is one of the finer things in life. Check out these 11 recipes for the best vanilla cakes and you’ll forget that chocolate cake was ever an option.

Say Hello to Spring with These 7 Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

No, this is not a tale about the adventures of a cheeky little redhead with her fruit-named friends and a nemesis named The Peculiar Purple Pie Man.

The Ultimate Slow Cooker Pudding, Plus 6 Great Pudding Recipes

Fast or slow, pudding is never a thing we don’t want for dessert, an afternoon snack, or hell, even breakfast, eaten cold while standing at the open fridge.

10 Easy, Clean Recipes For Your Next Dinner

We love cheeseburgers, pie, and biscuits as much as anybody, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit down to a well-balanced meal that doesn’t contain excessive amounts of fat, sugar, or salt.

How to Make the Best Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food and incredibly simple to make from scratch. There are endless variations and you can add flavoring to the base pudding mixture as well.

11 Recipes That Prove The Versatility of Halibut

Pictured: Halibut with Watercress Pesto and Cannellini Beans recipe from CHOW Halibut–it’s not just for the hell of it!

9 Orzo Recipes That Make Picnic Perfect Dishes

Pictured: Celery and Olive Orzo Salad recipe from CHOW When you’re packing a picnic, the last thing you want to take along is something that needs refrigeration or to be microwaved before you enjoy it.

9 Greatest Granola Recipes: From Basic to Paleo-Friendly

[caption id="attachment_163824" align="alignleft" width="1600" caption="CHOW"][/caption] Dear $12, 8-ounce Bag of Granola: Never.

Got Chicken? Make These 13 Chicken Pasta Recipes

Pictured: Pad Kee Mao (Spicy Ground Chicken and Rice Noodles) recipe from CHOW Like eating dessert before dinner and double dipping when no one’s watching, some food rules are just a lot more fun when they’re broken.