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15 Red, White, and Blue Recipes for the 4th of July

Independence Day: a time to wrap yourself in the colors of Old Glory. Don’t stop at the picnic buffet table—these 15 summer-ready recipes all feature red, white, or blue prominently.

An Easy Hack to Make Your Gas Grill Burn Hotter

An Easy Hack to Make Your Gas Grill Burn Hotter By CHOW Editors [caption id="attachment_168136" align="alignleft" width="620" caption="Blair Sneddon / Eater"][/caption] Before summer technically even began, we had conflicted feelings about the liquid propane grill.

Eat Your Way Through the 13 Colonies on July 4th

Header image: CHOW July 4th is a day made for embracing your patriotic side, setting off fireworks, and, of course, eating like it’s your civic duty.

9 Reasons to Cook Fried Chicken this Weekend

Header image: CHOW As if you needed an excuse for making fried chicken, National Fried Chicken Day (July 6th) is a holiday worth celebrating.

11 Desserts That Show Off Zucchini’s Sweet Side

As a savory ingredient, zucchini tends to split people in two. Some love its juiciness and grassy flavor, others aren’t so keen on its squishy texture.

11 Sophisticated (But Simple!) Summer Appetizer Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party

When it comes to party appetizers, there is no fixed ratio of simple to sophisticated. Sometimes the most unadorned, barely manipulated little bites can seem hugely elegant; other times, you can fiddle with a complicated recipe for hours and end up with something that falls flat.

7 Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes for a Sweet Summer

Summer may be the season when you least feel like turning on your oven, but a baking addiction is year round.

How to Brew Iced Tea, Plus Our 6 Top Iced Tea Recipes

Header image: CHOW A tall, cool glass of iced tea is one of those signature icons of summer and a timeless symbol of thirst-quenching refreshment.

9 Smoked Salmon Recipes That Go Beyond the Bagel

Header image: CHOW Smoked salmon is so incredibly delicious that sometimes it feels like you could eat it for every meal and not get bored.

9 Cold Noodle Recipes for Hot Days

Header image: CHOW When the weather gets hot, the hot get slurping. All across Asia, summer tends to be a humid, sweltering affair.

Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

Header image: Daniel Krieger / Flickr When we made this CHOW Tip video about spiral-cut hot dogs, the last thing we thought we’d do is make some of you mad.

9 Summer Pies So Easy, You’ll Never Have an Excuse to Not Serve Dessert Again

Two things are true about summer. One, heat and humidity are not the friends of a lot of fussing with rolling pins and blasting ovens.

The 17 Best Ways to Use Up Leftover Herbs

Header image: CHOW Some foods are rare and precious, like truffles and caviar—you wouldn’t think of savoring them in anything but the slightest of slivers or daintiest spoonfuls.

Goodbye Signature Dish, Hello Instagram Hero

Header image: Tucano / Flickr Writing about restaurants’ signature dishes, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Bauer runs the curse narrative: When a dish becomes popular, a chef can never take it off the menu without customers getting pissed.

9 Corn Salads for Summer

Header image: CHOW Bushels upon bushels of corn waiting to be husked are a sure sign that summer is here.

7 Summer Slow Cooker Risottos

Header image: CHOW A summery risotto is a great one-pot meal that you can have on the table ready to serve with little effort.

11 Slow Cooker Sides for Your Next Barbecue

On the day of a barbecue, there’s no denying that the grill is the center of attention. And it should be: all those meaty, perfectly charred mains are designed to steal the show.

15 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Al Fresco Party

Summer should be laidback, not stressy. Same with the outdoor parties you’ll throw. Since hosting any kind of party can be rife with anxiety, in summer you need to be extra smart and organized to make sure things stay chill, both for your guests and (this is essential) you.

20 Lighter Versions of Your Favorite Indulgent Foods

Sure, most of us could eat celery sticks and lean fish protein and consider ourselves healthy, but what kind of existence would that be?

9 Steak Sandwiches for Your Next Summer Picnic

On its own, steak is pretty high up there on the list of foods that make you look like a boss, whether you’re searing it to a perfect medium rare or just feasting on its flesh and juices.