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How to Make Aioli (and Why It’s Worth the Effort)

The difference between Hellmann's mayonnaise and a homemade aioli is like comparing boxed macaroni and powdered cheese to a homemade macaroni and cheddar casserole, crusty on top and gooey inside.

9 Vegan Sauces to Put on Everything

Going vegan can be a great way to make a healthy change by adding more vegetables and plant-based proteins to your diet.  To fully embrace a vegan diet, you need to cut out anything that is made with animal products, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs and even honey.

How to Cook Kale

Kale us crazy, but we aren't over kale yet. By "not over," we mean most of us are either disgusted and flabbergasted by the popularity of the bitter green or we're still proud alumni of Kale University — and we're blending kale smoothies, baking kale chips, and tossing kale salad.

17 Mardi Gras Recipes for Fat Tuesday

Join the parade of good times, Dixieland jazz, dancing, and of course: drinking and eating. Everyone can partake in the revelry of Mardi Gras, even though this Fat Tuesday is the last official chance for Catholics, especially those in Louisiana, to live it up before Lent begins.

Oxford Dictionary Adds These Food Words

If you're a food nerd like us, you might also light up when you hear the news: Oxford Dictionaries released a feast of new food words.

Our Favorite Middle-Eastern Foods, We Welcome You

While we cover the food you love to create and eat, the world has erupted in opinionated reactions to President Trump's executive order on immigration that bans anyone from seven Muslim-majority countries to enter the United States.  You've sat back in satisfied approval of the ruling that soothes your legitimate fear of terrorist attacks, or you've joined the outraged masses at airports and government buildings, rallying against discrimination and deportation.

What’s the Difference Between Cocoa and Cacao?

Although these two chocolatey substances are spelled nearly identically, there is a significant difference between cocoa and cacao, especially when you’re using it in a recipe.

Cocktails for Best Picture Nominees

Pick your favorite film out the year's best-picture Oscar nominees. Now make a drink that plays into that movie — inspiration can come from the movie's setting, characters, plot, era, or a play on words with the drink's name.

15 Reasons to Jump on the Bowl Recipe Bandwagon

Bowls are the way to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Smoothies? In a bowl. Any rice dish? Throw it in a bowl.

What Is a Caper?

Smaller than the size of an eraser nub on the end of a pencil, capers pack such a wallop of flavor they can wake up many a boring dish.

How to Set Up Your Room for an Oscar Party

Your living room is your set, and you are the set manager when you host an Oscars party. And that set has a focal point — your TV or whatever device you use.

What Is the Difference Between a Large Egg and an Extra Large Egg?

When you’re making scrambled eggs, it doesn’t matter what size egg you’re using—usually the size that’s on sale at the grocery store is your best pick.

Best Low-Sugar Baking Books

Sugar has its place, but the last few decades, it's been all over the place, thinking it can go anywhere it wants and invite extended family for a house party.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Waking up is hard to do for many of us. But not so much when the one you love hands you a special drink and a homemade meal — all while you're still in your PJs snuggled under the covers.

How to Make Dessert for Two

When a craving overtakes you, sometimes you have to satisfy it. We get it. You can't stop dreaming of rich, fudgy brownies cradling crystals of fleur de sel, moist pound cake bursting with lemon sunshine, caressed by a dollop of fresh whipped cream and crowned by glittering berries, or smooth, yet intense, hazelnut gelato, so sultry on the tongue you wish it would never end.

What is the difference between Italian Sausage and Sweet Italian Sausage?

Italian sausage, as it’s referred to in the United States, is most often a pork sausage that is made with fennel or anise.

What is the Difference Between Crème Brûlée and Flan?

Silky smooth, sweet, rich custards are a sensual way to end a nice meal without being too heavy. Dessert custards all share something in common: a glossy, silken texture and lavish flavor.

What is the Difference Between Hot Wings and Buffalo Wings?

When you’re in the mood for chicken wings, the last question you need to ask yourself is: Do I want buffalo wings or hot wings?

15 Tips and Tricks to Cook Dinner Faster

You worked all day. You're stressed, tired, and hungry. Now you've got to figure out dinner. Fast. You have others to think of too.

How to Throw a Beautiful Party for Valentine’s Day

Erin Gleeson is fanciful yet downright realistic when it comes to hosting a dinner or cocktail party for friends.