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Twitter tips and tricks

Twitter isn't exactly the most user-friendly social network to use. People who aren't familiar with the symbols # and @ or even terminology like retweet and DM probably see Twitter as some sort of alien spawn they'll never understand.

Nokia goes Android: What do we want to see?

Nokia is back, announcing that it's going to be embracing Android and producing a number of smartphones and tablets over the coming years.

Next Nexus (2016): Release date, rumours and everything you need to know

Google's Nexus programme gives birth to a pure Android smartphone every year, sometimes two, or perhaps a tablet.

Motorola Moto X / Z (2016): What's the story so far?

Motorola announced a flurry of new smartphones in 2015, including the fifth generation of Moto G and three models of the Moto X.

Mercedes-Benz C220d AMG Line Coupe first drive: Covering all bases

What's in a name? For their medium-sized executive coupes, both Audi and BMW have chosen to position their more sporting offerings as stand-alone to the saloon versions, with the respective A5 and 4-Series.

Get certified with the Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle, over 90 per cent off

The basics of Microsoft Office are fairly intuitive, enough to get you through the day to day office activities.

Best TV catch-up on Freeview Play: Wallander, American Dad and more

With Freeview Play, TVs and set-top-boxes offer the ability to scroll backwards through the last seven days of an electronic programme guide in order to choose catch-up shows to play automatically.

Overwatch review: Accessible, addictive and awfully good fun

If Overwatch was an animal, it would be a small, cute, friendly dog, intent on meeting everybody and licking their faces.

Is Jawbone about to go out of business?

It looks like Jawbone isn't doing so well. The company, which is known for making both speakers and fitness trackers, is reportedly ending production of all its fitness trackers and wants to sell its speaker business, all of which makes it appear like...

Best films to look forward to in 2016: Here are all the top movie trailers

The year 2016 is the year of the superhero movie. Many of the biggest blockbusters are set to be focused on super-powered wonderment.

81 of the worst Photoshop errors ever, you won’t believe your eyes

Technology has really changed the way we interact with the world. It can even change our perceptions of things in it.

World’s largest E Ink display is the USB-powered monitor your eyes have been burning for

Paperlike is an E Ink monitor designed to act as a secondary display to give your eyes a break from your usual screen.

How to watch live GoPro HeroCast skydive flight over the Great Wall of China

This weekend Jeb Corliss, the famed wingsuit pilot, will carry out a life-risking stunt over the Great Wall of China and you'll be able to fly along with him, sort of.

Canon EOS 1300D review: Entry-level ace?

Thanks to smartphones, everyone's a photographer these days – but what happens when you hit your iPhone or Galaxy's imaging limits and realise you need something a bit beefier?

Tech then and now: Hilarious pictures of how gadgets have changed us for the worse

The internet came along and changed our lives. Smartphones and super slim televisions are now standard the world over.

What to expect at IFA 2016

Consumer electronics trade show IFA takes place in Berlin at the beginning of September every year. It's been the platform for some major launches over the last couple of years from the first few generations of Samsung Galaxy Note devices to some of Sony's...

Secure and surveillance-free browsing: CyberGhost VPN 3-year subscription is now 80 per cent off

Not all VPNs are created equal. In an age where hacking and data thievery is highly commonplace, a high-quality VPN needs to be certified, deliver constant activity surveillance with military grade encryption, and offer total anonymity.

Learn to shoot and edit like the pros with the Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle

Instagram and Snapchat filters are a great deal of fun, but your smartphone is no substitute to the beauty and depth you’re able to capture with a full DSLR camera.

iPhone 7 Plus leaks: Thicker, 3GB RAM, 2K AMOLED, Smart Keyboard port

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus diagrams show off thicker builds than current models, but that could be a good thing thanks to better specs and more connection options.

How to get your Android phone ready to sell

You've just bought the latest Android superphone so there are two things you need to take care of: firstly, you need to liberate your content and data from your old Android handset and secondly, you need to sell it, to liberate some cash.  Android offers...