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MWC 2015: What to expect from HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung and more

It might feel like only yesterday the latest stream of flagship smartphones arrived from the likes of Sony, Samsung and HTC but come 1 March, they are all likely to be old news.

MWC through the years: Best phones of the last 12 shows

Mobile phones have certainly changed a lot in a short space of time, from dumb handsets to feature phones to the content-rich smartphones we have today.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge shown off from all angles, looking great from every one

Samsung is set to show off its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge on 1 March from MWC. Inevitably the handsets have been leaking all over the interwebs with the latest appearance comprising a gallery of photos of the Galaxy S6 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6: What to expect during the MWC 2015 Unpacked press event

Mobile World Congress is almost upon us and that means we'll soon get to see a stack of new flagship smartphones instead of just reading gossip and speculation about them.

Who says there's no 4K content? 150m 4K video cameras have already been sold

Own a 4K television and are struggling to find content other than season three of House of Cards to watch?

HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Rumour showdown

The HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are the two most talked about smartphones right now ahead of their expected unveilings from Mobile World Congress on 1 March.

The Dress meme: 10 million readers and counting, but what colour do you see?

If you've not heard of The Dress meme yet you'll likely start seeing it in one of your social feeds soon.

LG G Flex 2 review: Is curved the new cool?

The G Flex is back and better than before as LG has another crack at the curved smartphone format. That's perhaps no surprise, as the company is pushing the curved message in television too.

HTC One M9: What to expect during MWC 2015 press event

The HTC One M8 has been a popular device but with 2014 behind us, anticipation is rising about what will come next for HTC's flagship.

You can play Fable Legends on Xbox One for free

Microsoft has decided to make Fable Legends a free-to-play game for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs when both versions are released later this year.

Company behind Apple's original Clock design to release own Apple Watch rival

Mondaine is to take on Apple in the high-end smartwatch market with its own Swiss-made device. The Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Horological Smartwatch is analogue in design but links with an app for smartphones and tablets that sends information to the face....

Blade Runner 2 will see Harrison Ford return as Rick Deckard

It's been confirmed that not only will a sequel to Blade Runner be coming soon but also that Harrison Ford will return to his role as Rick Deckard.

Samsung takes its cue from Apple for Galaxy S6 earbuds, Sennheiser tech inside?

Another minute another Samsung Galaxy S6 leak. We've already seen a very good indication of what the standard and Galaxy S6 edge models will look like when they are revealed on Sunday, now we can see what the new earbuds are like.

Amazon deliveries will get ridiculously fast with 3D printing in vans

Amazon is apparently trying all sorts of new delivery options including its Prime Air drone delivery system.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge revealed for real, someone will get fired

Well that's that then. We thought we'd seen as much of the actual phone as we would before Samsung's Unpacked reveal in Barcelona on Sunday night but an employee of Sprint in the US has leaked a pre-registration competition banner that contains images...

Google might spin out Photos and Hangouts from Google+

When you think of Google+, you likely think of three things: ghost town, photos, and Hangouts. Google has apparently realised that and is reportedly planning to shake things up a bit.

EE promises super fast 4G+ that will make your fibre broadband look like dial-up

EE and Qualcomm are about to make surfing the internet on the go even faster regardless of how many people are also using their phone or tablet on the network around you.

Archos whips out four new Android smartphones ahead of MWC 2015

Archos is trying to garner more attention by unveiling an all-new smartphone lineup just days before Mobile World Congress is set to kick off and well before the competition is ready to trot out their new offerings at the annual Barcelona-based convention....

Jony Ive certainly won't like this: New Moto Maker to add design options for Moto 360

Starting next month, you'll be able to order a fully-custom Moto 360 through Moto Maker. Motorola is set to launch a new version of Moto Maker, a website that lets you change the design of your Moto X prior to ordering.

Apple MacBook Air refresh: Here's what it needs to beat

You might be able to get your hands on a Retina MacBook Air by next month. The current MacBook Air is the only Apple laptop without a Retina display, and the hope worldwide is that Apple will soon announce a Retina version of the MacBook Air.