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Kodak PixPro SP360 action cam lets you shoot 360-degree views, now available

J.K. Imaging, a licensee of the Kodak PixPro camera brand, is finally shipping the SP360 360-degree digital action camera that it unveiled earlier this year.

Seth Rogen might play Woz alongside Christian Bale in Steve Jobs movie

If you liked the pairing of Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, than you'll love what's likely going down in Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs movie.

Best premium luxury smartphones - with price tags that'll make your jaw drop

If you think paying $600 for a smartphone is too much, wait until you check out these premium handsets.

Moto 360 spotted in champagne and cognac colour options, leaked by Amazon

Within hours of Motorola officially being under Lenovo's wing, the company has experienced a major leak: unannounced models of the Moto 360 have accidentally surfaced through Amazon.

Aeromobil 3.0 is the flying car that fits on the road and can travel 500 miles

The Aeromobil 3.0 is quite possibly the best looking flying car ever made. Not only is it sleek for aerodynamics but it's also small enough to drive on the road.

Vote now in the ZenFone Photography Challenge with Asus and London College of Communication!

Pocket-lint has teamed up with the Asus and the London College of Communication for the ZenFone Photography Challenge.

Why has Huawei launched the new brand Honor?

Huawei has launched a new brand it's calling Honor. The first flagship phone is the Honor 6 which is not terribly dissimilar to Huawei's existing Ascend P7.

Torrent fans can now stream directly in a browser without downloading

If getting free movies by illegally downloading them as a torrent was still too much effort, it's got easier.

Nintendo wants to watch you sleep, and help you do it better

It looks like gaming giant Nintendo is side-stepping into the life tracking business. Ninty has just announced that it's looking into "quality of life" tech including a sleep and fatigue sensor.

Flipboard 3.0, the sequel: iOS and Android apps updated with new look and features

There was a time when Flipboard was the cutting edge of content aggregation apps, but many have followed since and manufacturers have even baked similar experiences into their phones' user interfaces (we're looking at you HTC).

Lenovo Motorola acquisition now official: Hello Leno

Lenovo has officially completed its $2.91 billion (£1.81 billion) acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The Chinese technology group has bought the mobile devices division of Motorola from Google, which will be run as a wholly owned subsidiary and will...

What is Microsoft Health?

Microsoft has announced its own fitness tracking device, the Microsoft Band, and with it its own version of Apple HealthKit or Google Fit.

Microsoft Band announced with cross-platform Health app

Microsoft has suddenly announced its first fitness tracker simply called Band. The wearable device is rather ingeniously launching with an open software platform meaning it will work with Microsoft, Mac and Android devices.

Google Project Ara conference set for January, plus here's a look at a prototype device

Google's Project Ara is a little more real and tangible today, thanks to a demo video and news of a developers conference.

EE launches 4G+ service in London, 150Mbps speeds available in the capital

Mobile operator EE has announced that 4G+ has been switched on in London. Described as the next step in 4G technology, or LTE-Advanced, 4G+ supposedly delivers mobile data speeds of 150Mbps to smartphones.

3D printing: Everything you need to know and when it'll be affordable

The hyperbole around 3D printing, with talk of revolution and a new age, is getting ridiculous. Will 3D printing really impact our world more than the internet?

Farewell plasma TV: The moments that defined flatscreen

LG has announced it will no longer make plasma displays, essentially marking the end of an era. With no more major manufacturers outputting plasma displays, many reports and analysts have claimed the technology is now dead.

Fujifilm X30 review: Bigger and better, but beleaguered

It's been a strong year for high-end compact cameras, with well-established manufacturers honing their craft and new additions also appearing.

Arcam Solo Bar is an audiophile soundbar, fully loaded with connections (hands-on)

Arcam has poured its audio expertise into the Solo Bar, which the Cambridge-based company is claiming to be a soundbar fit for audiophiles.  It's designed not just to bring audio enhancements to your TV, but to do much of the work that an AV receiver...

Five boiling water taps: The hottest thing in your kitchen

Most people love a cuppa, whether it's tea, coffee or hot chocolate and even if you don't, chances are you still use a kettle to boil water for some purpose or another.