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UK band, Foals, goes 360 with new Virtual Reality music video

Just as OK Go likes to push the boundaries of what a music video is, English indie rock band, Foals, has launched a 360 spherical video to accompany their new track “Mountain At My Gates”.

LG G4c review: C for compromised

Upon pulling the LG G4c out of its box we were rather excited. This dinky looking version of the G4 has many of the design hallmarks that make the flagship model such a success, but with a 5-inch screen size making it an altogether more manageable package....

Master Raspberry Pi: Save 93 per cent on this Five Course Training Bundle

If you've gotten your hands on a Raspberry Pi mini computer, you already know what an amazing tool it is for learning popular programming languages and building interactive projects.

Why haven’t I got Windows 10 upgrade yet? And other important questions answered

Although Windows 10 officially launched yesterday, many are complaining that they haven't yet got the upgrade.

Sony Xperia Z5: What's the story so far?

Sony has a slightly different release cycle to the rest of its competition, normally announcing a new handset every six months rather than one a year.

Amazon's press-to-buy Dash buttons are now available for you to stick on things

Amazon really wants to make it easier for you to buy stuff from, so it's finally opening up availability for the new Dash buttons.

Next-gen metal phones will finally be able to wirelessly charge, thanks to Qualcomm

Qualcomm has just figured out a way to wirelessly charge metal devices. Until now, engineers haven't been able to develop a solution that'll allow metal device to wirelessly charge.

Facebook Q2 results: More than 1.3B people now visit the site from a mobile device

There's no denything that Facebook is more of a mobile app company now, and not just a desktop site you use to connect with friends.

Save on this ultra-durable, ultra-compact A8 Pro external battery

  When our smartphone is drained and we need a reliable, powerful battery pack on the go, the word "compromise" isn't in our vocabulary.

You can now use Sonos speakers with Microsoft Groove music

Get ready to fire up your Sonos speakers, because the company behind them has just announced a new partnership that adds yet another way for you to stream tunes, custom radio stations, and playlists.

Lexus says it'll officially unveil the Slide hoverboard in August

Lexus created a real-life, rideable hoverboard and has been teasing it via videos on YouTube for well over a month, but now the luxury car maker is ready to make things official.

Fugoo review: A Bluetooth speaker delicacy available in three distinct flavours

Standing out in the overcrowded Bluetooth speaker market is tough. But it's being not only tough but also adaptable, as is the case of the Fugoo speaker, which marks its point of difference.

No more ‘Use By’ dates: Smart Cap detects when food is on the turn

When you're shopping for milk in the future you won't be looking at "Use By" dates but rather checking actual quality using a smart lid.

You'll soon be able to stream Windows 10 games to your Xbox One

One of the best features for gamers included in Windows 10 is the ability to stream Xbox One games to a PC or tablet and play them elsewhere in the home.

OnePlus 2 vs Android’s elite: Is it really a ‘flagship killer’?

OnePlus recently announced the successor to its popular OnePlus One smartphone, describing the second generation device as another "flagship killer".

Windows 10 first impressions: Should you upgrade or not?

Windows 10 is officially here and it’s generating a lot of buzz for a new windows release, especially considering that the basic version is completely free for Windows 8.1 or 7 owners.

The EM Drive is here to get us to the Moon in 4 hours, without fuel

The extremely exciting EM Drive, which could offer high-speed propulsion without fuel, has been confirmed as a working invention.

Updated: Stagefright bug may have someone controlling your Android phone right now without you even knowing

Quite possibly the worst Android bug that's ever existed has been discovered. It could mean the end for you smartphone.

Windows 10 tips and tricks: Here's what your PC or tablet can do now

Windows 10 is finally here, and it's apparent that Microsoft has been hard at work taking the best features from Windows 7 and 8, while weeding out some of the not-so popular ones.

Best Windows 10 apps to download or try right now

Microsoft's Windows 10 is now available and the overall message is that it's cool. But to be frank, it's nothing without apps.