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Addicted to Candy Crush? Now you can be addicted to Candy Crush Candy too

App developer King and Spun Candy have partnered to turn Candy Crush Saga into a genuine confectionery delight.

Website of the day: Wear Sun Cream

Heatwave. That’s the word that’s being used here in the UK at the moment. Those of you who live in hotter climates may scoff, but a few weeks with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees really does constitute a heatwave as far as we Brits are concerned....

Samsung patents reveal smartwatches with round displays, just like Moto 360

Round is in...when it comes to smartwatches anyway. The Moto 360 is all the rage right now, mostly due to its unique and round design.

Nosee to tackle hay fever with localised data alerting you when you need it

Birmingham based 383 Labs has introduced Nosee, a smart pollen and air quality sensor that could help hay fever sufferers.

Updated Apple TV delayed until 2015 due to negotiation issues?

Do you want a newer version of the Apple TV? Oh well - it looks like you'll have to wait until 2015. It has been a whle since Apple has updated its set-top box.

Square is now more Europe-friendly, with new reader for chip cards

Square is quite popular in the US when it comes to mobile payments, though its success elsewhere has been limited because the company's Reader device hasn't been able to recognise chip cards.

Mad-made leaf could make space travel and off-world colonisation possible

The first mad-made leaf has been created, literally opening up a world of possibilities. Space colonisation is a fantastic dream hindered by one dilemma: there's a serious lack of oxygen in the universe.

Sony rejected EA Access game subscription service for PS4 as not ‘good value’

It was revealed yesterday that Electronic Arts was to launch its own game subscription service for the Xbox One called EA Access.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact leaks: 1080p, Snapdragon 801, 20.7MP and 3GB RAM

Is the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact the flagship side-kick we've all been waiting for? A high spec alternative to larger phones that doesn't scrimp on power?

5 reasons why Nintendo's Wii U has risen from the dead

Nintendo's first quarter financial year 2015 results don't make for pretty reading for the company. It posted losses of 9.924 billion yen, which amounts to a staggering £57.33 million down the Suwannee in the last three months - from April to June.

Amazon Fire Phone review

Amazon is trying to prove once again that it is more than just an online retail giant. Sort of. The company has come up with a new phone called the Fire Phone, complete with Dynamic Perspective screen for a viewing experience unlike any other.

Salty, from Con Air director, is a crowd-funded film that offers shares of profit to investors

Salty is a crowd-funded movie that's taking to the SyndicateRoom site to allow investors to make money from the film profits.

Wii U not dead, console sales dramatically increase but Nintendo still hemorrhaging cash

Just when we all thought the Wii U was on its way out, year on year sales of the console have more than tripled.

Airbnb teams-up with government to offer emergency shelter in disasters

Airbnb has sent its officials to the White House to talk with the American government about offering disaster support.

Logitech claims G402 Hyperion Fury is the fastest gaming mouse ever, and it's only £50

Logitech has announced an addition to its hardcore PC gaming accessory line-up and it has been designed specifically for first-person shooter fans.

Driverless cars are coming to the UK as government confirms laws

The UK will be home to driverless cars as early as next year as the government outlines measures to legalise them.

Xbox One gets NOW TV, becomes best media player on the planet?

After launching on the PS4 last week, NOW TV is now available through the Xbox One and, unlike the other apps available across platforms, it fits in with the Microsoft console's tile user interface.

Website of the day: The Best Bed Linen in the World

Anybody who stays in hotels a lot, especially for work, will tell you that after a while, the novelty wears off.

Bolt app launches as Instagram's way of taking on Snapchat

Facebook-owned Instagram has quietly launched Bolt, a new messaging app that lets you send brief photo and video messages from mobile devices.

EA Access gives Xbox One players access to full games for a monthly subscription fee

EA has partnered with Microsoft to offer a new subscription service called EA Access. With either a monthly or annual membership to EA Access, Xbox One players will have access to several EA games.