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PlayStation 4 Slim: Release date, rumours and everything you need to know

This isn't about the PlayStation Neo, a console upgrade that Sony has already confirmed, but rather a second console that has leaked online and is going by the name PS4 Slim.

Honor 8 review: A different take on the premium mid-range market

In the mid-range phone market there's a top dog: the OnePlus 3. That phone has essentially blown the doors off what a device can provide at a £330 price point.

Sony Xperia XZ: Rumours, release date and everything you need to know

It might come as a surprise to Sony Mobile fans, but the company's next flagship isn't going to be called the Xperia Z6.

Sony Xperia XZ joins the Xperia X Compact leak party

We've been talking about a phone called the Xperia XR for a while – thought to be the latest Sony flagship, the replacement for what might once have been called the Xperia Z6.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided review: Cyberpunk satisfaction

If you were thinking of getting a nip or a tuck, playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided might just make you think again.

Garmin Fenix Chronos is about as smart as sportswatches get

Garmin has introduced a new premium version of the Fenix sportswatch. Based on the Fenix 3, the new Fenix Chronos packs in all the navigational and sporting nouse of the original, but places it in a high-quality design, at home in the wilds of the outback,...

Pay what you want for 9 top-rated programming courses

It’s no question, programming is still the way to go if you want high pay at the entry level. Getting started isn’t that hard either.

Safeguard your browsing with a top-rated cybercrime-fighting duo (61 per cent off)

The web might seem harmless on the surface, but its depths are teeming with hackers and cybercriminals eager to steal your precious information.

Apple plans to focus on social by making a Snapchat-like video app

Apple is getting into social networking again, but this time it's not about music. Instead, it's developing a video-sharing and editing app for iPhone and iPad.

WhatsApp says it's going to start giving user data to Facebook

Ever since Facebook acquired the WhatsApp messaging app two years ago, users have worried about their privacy.

Apple's 2017 iPhone might ditch the home button

Apple hasn't even released this year's iPhone upgrade yet, and there are already reports coming out about the 2017 model.

Malibu bottles get connected with NFC, because summer

Malibu is embracing NFC to make a limited number of its rum bottles connected, meaning you'll be able to tap to interact, rather than just swigging the whole thing down.  The idea is to provide connectivity with your smartphone, so you can tap on the...

EE's free 6-month Apple Music subscription will save you Bacon, give you access to Britney, bitch

EE will be offering a 6-month free subscription to Apple Music to all new and upgrading monthly customers, from 1 September.

Sony Xperia X Compact breaks cover, and you didn't expect that

There's been a lot of talk about Sony Mobile recently. After the ditching of the Z series at MWC and the launch of a new X series, the question of where the next flagship will come from has been the subject of lots of speculation.

IFA 2016: Smarthome, smartwatches and smartphones to expect

Consumer electronics trade show IFA takes place in Berlin at the beginning of September every year. It's been the platform for some major launches over the last couple of years from the first few generations of Samsung Galaxy Note devices to some of Sony's...

Uber will let you pre-book rides in London

Uber is adding one of the big missing features to its service in the UK: the ability to pre-book. Uber has had a rough ride since its launch in London, but the app-powered taxi service has found favour with Londoners, beating black cabs hands-down when...

Samsung Gear S2 iPhone compatibility now in beta testing

Samsung wants its Tizen-based wearables to be compatible with the iPhone. It expressed that desire at the beginning of 2016 at CES.

LG V20 photo leaks showing off a simple design

On Wednesday we bought you pictures of the V20 from a case manufacturer, talking about the predictability of device leaks.

HTC confirms timeline for Android Nougat updates

With the release of Android 7.0 Nougat by Google, it's now the turn of all the manufacturers to get to work on versions of the software for their own phones.

PlayStation Network adds two-factor authentication: Here’s how to set it up

If you own a PlayStation console or PSP, you can now enable two-factor authentication on your PlayStation Network account.