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30 Nokia phones over three decades: Best and the worst, in pictures

Microsoft has announced it will ditch the Nokia brand name from new Lumia smartphones. It is, to say the least, an end of an era.

Apple plans to relaunch Beats Music as part of iTunes in 2015

Next year you might be using iTunes to stream your favourite tracks instead of buying them, thanks to Beats Music, it's claimed.

Nest acquires Revolv, maker of smart home automation hub

Google-owned Nest has announced it acquired a company that makes smarthome automation devices: Revolv.

Happy 13th birthday Apple iPod: Here's a look back at its life so far

Thirteen years ago this week, Apple shook up the music industry with the launch of the first generation of iPod and while it may have come with a physical scroll wheel, huge hold switch and a FireWire port with cover, it made listening to music on the...

Nexus 9 hands-on: Your next Nexus tablet

Google calls the Nexus 9 a tablet for mover and makers, perhaps an indicator that the new Nexus tablet is going to be pitched at productivity, rather than just portable entertainment.

You’ll have to wait until 2015 for Xbox One screenshot feature

Even though Microsoft has been prolific in updating the basic system experience of the Xbox One, with monthly firmware releases adding multiple new features each time, one of the more basic wants from the community is taking a little longer than originally...

High-tech Virgin Atlantic 787 takes off for the first time, superfast Wi-Fi on board

Virgin Atlantic's latest plane, a 787 Dreamliner, made its first public flight yesterday and to illustrate one of its high tech talents, the airline streamed a live gig from the plane online while it was in the air over the Atlantic Ocean.

Nikon D750 review: Tilt-angle tricks

The camera market is changing and the Nikon D750 is the epitome of that. A full-frame DSLR with a tilt-angle screen?

Amazon Fire TV review

When we first encountered the Amazon Fire TV and wrote our original review, it was a US-based product only.

Android Wear state of the nation: New software, new devices

Android Wear so far has been interesting, if not really raising itself to "must have" status. As we knew it would, the pace of change is rapid, with the first generation of devices now almost forgotten.

The Queen enters the Twitter age, sends her first tweet from London's Science Museum

The Queen sent her first tweet this morning as she opened a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

HTC One (M8) for Windows review: Same genes, different DNA

When the HTC One (M8) for Windows was announced, there was something of a cheer. It's no secret that we think the HTC One is one of the best handsets of the year thanks in no small part to its solid design, now available to a Windows Phone 8.1 market...

It’s official, your next Nokia Lumia phone won’t be a Nokia at all… name ditched

Microsoft has officially confirmed that it is dropping the Nokia branding for future Lumia Windows Phone releases.

Sony MDR-1A review: A-class audio over-ear headphones

It was two years ago we were first introduced to the Sony MDR range, headed-up by the self-proclaimed "prestige" MDR-1R headphones.

LG G4 could have LG's own mobile processor on-board not Qualcomm, but first up LG G3 Screen

LG has announced its first own-made mobile application processor, the Nuclun, which is octa-core and features LTE-A Cat.6 network capability for access to the superspeed 4G services being introduced in the UK by networks such as EE and Vodafone.

All the Android Wear watches in photos, Moto 360, G Watch R, ZenWatch, SmartWatch 3 and more

Android Wear is out the door and staking its smartwatch claim, recently boosted with Android Wear updates and the confirmation of dates for the latest two devices - the LG G Watch R and the Sony SmartWatch 3 - both of which are available in November....

Nike and Apple working together on future wearable projects, even after death of the FuelBand

Nike CEO Mark Parker has revealed that even though the sports wear brand discontinued its FuelBand fitness tracker earlier in the year, it is still working on ideas for wearable technology products in the future.

BBC connected red button finally available on BBC co-funded YouView... but not TalkTalk

YouView users can finally use the BBC's latest connected red button services. And the jazzed-up BBC iPlayer service has arrived on the platform too.

Etsy debuts free Square-like credit card reader for real-world sellers

Etsy has launched a free credit card reader, in an attempt to hook sellers who want to complete transactions in the real world.

Amazon Q3 2014: Dark times ahead as losses widen to $437 million

Amazon has reported third-quarter earnings, and it's clear the company hasn't been doing very well. The company on Thursday posted a net loss of $437 million, or 95 cents a share, and revenue of $20.58 billion, meaning it just barely missed expectations...