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Most expensive golf trip across the world – Be a part of it!

Want to experience the lifestyle of a professional golfer? A UK-based tour company is precisely doing the same thing. Holidays Please, a golf tour company has launched a 100-day trip which can be easily considered as the most expensive golf trip ever.

$500,000 Gets You A 170 Foot Tall Ketchup Bottle In Illinois

Titled as the world’s largest ketchep bottle measuring about 170 foot tall it is gearing up for the grand sale with an asking price of $500,000 in Illinois.

Most Expensive Foldable Bike by Dahon for $5,500

The most expensive foldable bike has just come to the market. Dahon has launched this foldable bike and it is making waves too, given the fact that Dahon has been in the market for over 30 years.

World’s most expensive surfing board priced at $1.3 million

Roy Stuart has just created on what can be easily billed to be the most expensive surfboat in the world.

Sotheby’s to auction world’s most celebrated watch

The globally renowned auction house of Sotheby’s recently announced that it would put under the hammer the most complicated human watch ever made on 24th November 2014.

Monaco leads the world as city having most millionaire density

Even though one out of 22 people in New York are millionaires, surprisingly the city lags behind when it comes to being the leader in terms of percentage of millionaires in any city.

Island (E) Motion- A Concept Yacht with a Difference

A concept yacht by the name of Island (E) Motion has been designed by Dennis Muller and Milena Cvijanovich.

Norman Rockwell painting recently discovered to fetch more than $2 million

In a most unexpected and surprising event, an original Norman Rockwell painting which used to be hung on the walls of a school principal’s office till 2001 had unintentionally been dumped in a storage space amid concerns for its safety for more than a decade.

Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks – The Top 6

Have a taste for exclusive wines? Wish to try some of the exclusive ones across the globe. Before you embark on this endeavour, it is time to check through some of the most expensive wines in the world.

Australian mogul James Packer gives away $188 million to arts

One of Australia’s wealthiest persons, billionaire James Packer recently announced that he wants to donate Aus$200 million to a philanthropic foundation which he is planning to set up very soon.

Millionaires prefer to work post retirement too!

A survey conducted by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave has come up with findings that millionaires are likely to keep working twice over as compared to other people.

Vintage guitars to take centre stage at Capo Auction on July 26

26th July 2014 would mark a historical day for the renowned Capo Auction House since its “Fine Art and Antiques” sale is about to be organized in Long Island City on that day.

Bruhns has 1,000 high-end lots lined up for July 27 auction

Bruhns auction gallery will conduct their summer estate auction on 27th July 2014 featuring some very high end luxurious goods, magnificent private collections and five breathtaking Denver estates.

Eco-friendly yacht for billionaires – Columbus

Love cruising across the world in a luxury yacht? Care for the environment and yet wish to make the most of your vacations?

Shuffling staff to boost growth –Sotheby’s

A broad overhaul is underway at Sotheby’s, the leading auction house dealing with sale and purchase of precious art.

Dreweatts Bloomsbury achieves high prices for silver, jewellery

A new record was created when some very intricate designs of silver and jewelry from the late 20th century were the highlight of 9th July 2014 at the renowned Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions.

Jeffrey S. Evans to auction 19th/20th century glass items on July 26

A selection of very beautiful Victorian glass including some unique art glasses will be the centre of attraction at the Jeffery S.

$5 million for your own apartment in The World by ResidenSea

Unlike other cruise ships, The World by ResidenSea is different. It can easily be considered as one of the largest privately owned and operated residential ships.

Social media getting popular among millionaires – spectrum survey

Social media is a raze with everyone and this includes millionaires, too. Increasing number of millionaires are getting used to social media sites with Facebook being their chosen preference.

A limousine-like super yacht worth $132 million

Sovereign, a luxury super yacht has been designed by Gray Design. Nothing unusual, one might point out.