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Guy Responds To Cheating Ex

When you cheat on your partner, you are pretty much cutting all ties to them. Sponsored Link You are consciously dismissing their needs, feelings and worth and selfishly succumbing to temptation.

Teen Gets In A Car Accident And Still Snapchats

Portugal teen, Amanda Machado, was riding passenger in her friend’s car and Snapchatting when they got into a pretty serious accident.

22 People Who Got Caught Lying On Facebook, #1 Has Me In Stitches

Here’s what I think about lying- if you’re going to do it, be believable. Sponsored Link Don’t do it when people can call you out on your lies because they are so BLATANLY OBVIOUS!

She Exposes Her Boyfriend Cheating, He Has The Most Epic Comeback

There is hardly anything worse than cheating unless you cheat more than once I suppose. Sponsored Link I get it.

Jealous Boyfriend Sends A Text To Girlfriend’s Coworker And Instantly Regrets It

This just proves that some people are just so paranoid that they cannot see clearly at all. Sponsored Link This guy decided to text the number of a guy he saw had been texting his girlfriend. It wasn’t just some random guy, though, it was her coworker.

Miniature Horse Gives Birth To The Smallest Pony In The World

We experience a lot of beautiful things in life and one of those things is birth. Sponsored Link Whether it’s from a human or an animal it is always a precious moment that everyone can partake in.

What does you little finger says about you?

We have all seen these personality tests floating around the internet in the past couple years. Sponsored Link And no doubt about it that they do work to some degree.

A Harry Potter Proposal That Will Make Every Fan Jealous

Lauren Cummerlander proposed to her girlfriend, Kara Doughty, in Diagon Alley at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

40 Stunning Wedding Cakes For The Kid Inside You

To say these cakes are impressive would be a terrible understatement. Sponsored Link No matter what you are a fan of, you are bound to find more than one cake you simply can’t live without.

This Is The Perfect Breakfast To Combat Even The Worst Of Hangovers

Sponsored Link You know the feeling. You have woken up with your tummy growling after a few too many drinks last night.

Personality Test: What Colour Is Your Personality?

Sponsored Link Colour is all around us every day in everything we do but when is the last time you actually stopped to think about what colours may mean?

Legendary News Reader Can Rap!

It’s always a right laugh when a news anchor messes up by mistake. Sponsored Link They’re always so serious and controlled so it’s nice when we get to see the fun side of them.

They Put 12 Jolly Ranchers in Each Bottle

Perfect for parties this summer, this easy, fun to make drink is an absolute must have at any occasion that involves alcohol!

Why Boots is Keeping It’s Free Medication Scheme a Secret

Recently the internet has been flooded with information about the Boots ‘Minor Ailments Scheme‘ thanks to a young mum accidentally coming across the news that Boots will give your children free medication.

Puppy Training Tips Using Rolled Up Newspaper

Puppies can easily get in the habit of peeing inside the house if they aren’t trained properly. Your training should start from the moment you meet them, they ARE old enough to start learning, even if it is a little slowly!

41 Blasts From Your Primary School Past

Saying your prayers before lunch and at home time, getting your knees grazed and changing your best friend every other term.

Even If You Don’t Like Ellen, This Is The Most Hilarious Interview Ever Recorded.

Sponsored Link If you are from the UK, you may not yet have heard of Amy Schumer. She is an American acrtess and comedian who is best known for staring in, co-writing and producing Inside Amy Schumer, the popular Comedy Central television.

28 People Who Failed So Hard, They Ended Up Winning

Ever wondered what it would look like if the usual losers who fail time and time again actually failed so badly that they ended up winning?

After Coming Home To Catch Her Husband Cheating, He Says This

Sponsored Link OK I have to admit, the first time I read this, it took me a few minutes to get it. Call me ditsy, call my whatever but it is pretty darn funny so I decided to share it here with you guys.

29 Problems Only Tall People Have to Face

I’m sure we all have something to say if our bodies don’t “fit the norm.” These will definitely make you think and LOL while you are at it!