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Paint Easter Eggs Like a Boss

The post Paint Easter Eggs Like a Boss appeared first on Strong Mind, Brave Heart.

Guy Makes Spoof Video Of His Reaction Zayn Leaving One D. CBS News Aired It Thinking It Was Real

Unless you have been asleep for the past 24 hours, it is pretty impossible not to know that Zayn Malik has quit One Direction and returned home to be with his family and fiancee Perrie Edwards.

This Is Slip N Fly – It May Be The Most INSANE Water Slide Ever Made

The post This Is Slip N Fly – It May Be The Most INSANE Water Slide Ever Made appeared first on Strong Mind, Brave Heart.

19 Ways You Should Let Magazine Holders into Your Life

michelle.pugle for Aunty Acid Tis the season for spring cleaning. But, to make that fresh impression last a little longer add some organization to your home, too.

Sexy and I Know It Parody, Starring Dad and His Kids

This is soo cute. And clever! This dad teams up with his five kids to make a legendary music video. From b**t shaking to aerobatics to grocery shopping, this video has it all.

Oops! 9 Popular Songs with Recording Errors

Here’s a collection of music genres that you normally wouldn’t think go together. But, there’s one thing in common with these big music icons; they all make mistakes.

How Wednesday Addams Owns The Men Who Cat Call Her

All girls wanted to be like Wednesday Addams from the infamous Addam’s Family when they grew up, but most of them didn’t want to admit that out loud.

If Harry Potter had the Friends Intro it would be EPIC

Although Harry Potter utterly thrilled generations over the Millenium, sometimes, it got pretty heavy.

11 Ways to be really really really Annoying.

As you get older, your life gets busier. This means you have less time to find new ways to really really annoy people.

Girl FAILS When Trying A New Gadget That Gives You ‘Kylie Jenner lips’

 Candylipz is a new gadget that can increase the your pout by three times their original size. It is an apple shaped suction device that you put on your lips for around 2 – 4 minutes.

Her BF Was Trying To Do Something Nice. This Was Her Unexpected Response

It was this guy’s birthday and he wanted to do something nice for his girlfriend. Use the buttons below to share this with your friends.

A Perfect Guide On How To Interact With An Introvert

Share this with your friends using the buttons below. Source – themetapicture The post A Perfect Guide On How To Interact With An Introvert appeared first on Strong Mind, Brave Heart.

She Holds A Hairdryer To A Pillar Candle. When She Peels Off The Paper… Pure Genius

Photos are great but if they are not pinned on your wall or in a frame, they are often just put in a draw and forgotten about.

This Horse Was Born To Die Until This Wonderful Lady Came Along And Did This

If I said the words “factory farming’ to you, you may think of puppy breeding rings. Shockingly however there are actually people in the world breeding horses just to let them die.

She Puts A Mug Over An Egg. Three Minutes Later She Left Everyone Drooling

Meringues are one of life’s small pleasures. The problem however is that they are such a pain to make.

This Single Mom Couldn’t Afford Her Shopping. Just WATCH The Guy Behind Her

Have you have ever been to the store and after loading your basket with shopping, realised at the checkout you have forgotten your wallet?

Guy Saves Baby Humming Bird From Attack. This Gorgeous Vid Followed

This video shows the beautiful story of a Humming Bird, saved from a vicious attack by a guy wanting to do the right thing.

He Was Bullied Every Day Until He Did One Simple Thing. What Followed Is Hugely Inspiring

[AdSense-]  It is a sad fact that bullying is still rife in modern day society. As well as the traditional forms of bullying which include physical and mental abuse, there is now the addition of social media to the mix.

His Friend Turned On The Stereo Then Started To Sing. The Rest Will Have You In Stitches The Whole Way Through

We all have one of these kinda friends and we all need one. We wouldn’t want to be them but they entertain us every time.

She Added 2 Simple Ingredients In A Blender. What She Creates Is Beyond Delicious

 Getting kids to eat fruit or actually just ensuring you eat your own 5-a-day is often a tough job. It may be that you have an apple in your lunchbox that just doesn’t seem as appealing as the chocolate bar from a vending machine.