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This Little Girl Saves Her Daddies Life But Wants To LooK Good In The Process. This Is Gold

You may have already seen or heard this as it has  had nearly 7 million Youtube views. If not you have a real treat in store.

This Couple was Worried About the Dog Meeting the Newborn – But They Were Quickly Amazed!

It’s natural to be concerned about pets and kids getting to know each other as one never quite knows what will happen.

Poisonous Gas Used to Be Manufactured Here — You’ll Never Believe Who Lives Here Now!

Ōkunohima is a small, ferry-accessible island in the Sea of Japan. Its role during World War II was key for Japan as it was the home of poisonous gas production.

20 Folks Who Prove that the Older One Gets, the Less they Care About What they Wear

Image Source: diply Older folks are hilarious – they don’t give a rip about anything anymore – especially what other people think.

At First, I Felt Sorry For Them, But After Taking a Closer Look – I’m Jealous!

In recent years, the square footage in newly constructed American homes has doubled. But some people don’t think that size is the most important thing about where one lives.

34 DIY Home Improvement Tricks that will make your Home Awesome

You don’t need to break the bank to make your home more efficient. Here are a few tips and tricks that you may want to implement in your home – or maybe they are just the “aha” that sparks another idea to just make life easier!

Time To Party: Tequila Is Actually Proven To Help Weight Loss

This may be the most important article you will read all week. According to a recent study, drinking tequila can actually help with weight loss.

Wait ‘til You see What This GF Did To a Room While He was Away

Meet the best girlfriend in the world. While her boyfriend was away – she snuck around. But all for good reason – she was preparing the perfect man cave for when he returned.

31 Excellent Valentines for Those Unromantic People in Your Life

#1 For the one who makes you want to hurl less than others do Image Source: buzzfeed Where to purchase: Click Here #2 For your favorite paleontologist Image Source: buzzfeed Where to purchase: Click Here #3 For the one you are stuck with Image Source: buzzfeed Where to purchase: Click Here #4 For th

The Daina Project

  Image Source: imgur Here is a picture of my friend Daina. She is photod here at a wedding signing as one of the witnesses.

28 Parents Who Are Likely Having a Worse Day Than You Are

Image Source: Diply We all know that parenting is a ton of fun and a ton of work all at the same time.

25 Cleaning Hacks for the Neat Freak in You

Image Source: Diply Whether you area cyclical cleaner – as in once a year – or OCD, we all wish cleaning was something that went a little faster and with a whole lot less effort.

Woman Orders a Burger King Burger But Receives A Big Bag Of Cash Instead

What would you do? When Janelle Jones, a resident of Rochester, New Hampshire,was driving past a BK one day, she was feeling peckish so decided to pull into the drive through to order some food.

5 Lies They Taught You At School That Are Actually True

if you have never visited the Matthew Santoro Youtube channel, I can highly recommend it. Especially if you enjoy wasting a few minutes learning a few interesting facts.

15 Excellent Responses to Suggestive Texts

Image Source: Diply We’ve all been there. We accidentally give out our cell number after one too many at the bar or a close friend tries to take the daring leap out of the friend-zone.

16 Food Fails that Will Make You Feel Like a Culinary Professional

Image Source: Diply Let’s be honest — we were not equally blessed in the culinary arts. We all have the best of intentions when it comes to making what we think will be an impressive meal.

15 Pics Taken at Exactly the Right Moment

Image Source: Diply We have all had accidents of some sort and likely remember the thoughts that raced through our minds seconds before each event happened.

This Little Girl Stands Up For Herself To Her Daddy And The Internet’s Hearts Melted

She says: “I wiw kill you, you waggy baggy.”   Harsh. The little madam in the video below is called Lola and she is already clearly running the show.

16 Things That Can Instantly Make Your Day Better

1. Say this very slowly to yourself: Image Source: Buzzfeed   2. Maybe you should go outside: Image Source: Buzzfeed   3.

Watch how Jellybeans are Used to Illustrate How Much of Your Life You are Wasting

Check out this video clip that shows you how much of your life you are wasting. Using jelly beans, they show the importance of making the most out of your daily routine.