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Unbelievable Fun Facts About the Human Body

Here are 14 fun facts about the human body that may seem unbelievable, but are totally true. Well, #4 may certainly explain why some people act the way they do!

20 Ways to Subtly Mess With People’s Minds

Here’s 20 ways to subtly mess with people’s minds. Some may be evil, but pure genius!  Via: The post 20 Ways to Subtly Mess With People’s Minds appeared first on

20 Meals You Can Make In 20 Minutes

If you don’t have much time after work to make some healthy meals for your family, here’s 20 meals that you can whip up in just 20 minutes!

Bride Shocks Her Husband On Their Wedding Night.

On their wedding night, this bride gives her husband the shock of his life! Her honeymoon confessions should leave you with a big smile on YOUR face… A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husbands.

26 Dangerous Symptoms Of Being Addicted To Puns

Puns can be found just about anywhere. Here’s 26 puns that may just be cruel and unusual PUNishment. Hey…at least they’re worth a good laugh!

What Is Love?

When these children were asked, “What is love”, their answers were both endearing and honest. They may be “little people”, but they have the BIGGEST hearts!

His Final Moments – A Marine’s Story

In his final moments, an elderly man receives the kind words of a Marine. What happens in the end WILL bring tears to your eyes!

27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Eat Food

Here are 27 ideas that will make certain foods and drinks easier to enjoy!  1. Make filling a taco easy by putting a fork under it like this: Via 2. Put a cup of ice in a pitcher of beer to keep it cool: Via 3. Balance a pizza box on a bottle to keep the toppings from getting all over the place: Via Twitter: @ExploringFacts 4. If you and another person want to tackle a pint of ice cream, split it the right way: Via 5. Use a straw to ensure even topping distribution: Via 6. The right way to open a kiss: Via 7. How to microwave two bowls at the same time: Via 8. How to cut small foods: Via 9. How to get the best bread for a sandwich: Via 10. The right way to empty soda into your fridge: Via 11. If you’re down to your last bit of something in a jar, just throw some ice cream in there and go out with a bang: Via 12. How to eat a cupcake the right way: Via 13. What the lines on solo cup actually mean: 14. The right way to eat Oreos: Via 15. How to make Oreo ice coffee: Via 16. Wrap a wet paper towel around a drink and throw it in the freezer to cool it off quickly: Via 17. Cool off a drink the right way: Via 18. How to eat a strawberry like a professional: Via 19. How to cut bread the right way: Via 20. No bowl?

“Clearly”…A Life Lesson Learned!

It’s clear to see…a young woman learns a very valuable life lesson on that day!   The post “Clearly”…A Life Lesson Learned!

19 Fresh And Delicious Smoothies For Spring

With Spring just around the corner, these 19 fresh and delicious smoothies are bound to make your mouth water!

14 Creepiest Things Kids Have Said About Their “Imaginary Friends”

A new mother asked, “What is the most disturbing thing your kid has said when talking about their ‘imaginary friend’?

24 Warning Labels That Need Warning Labels

We see warning labels on thousands of everyday products, but when the warning labels actually need their OWN warning labels…LOOK OUT!

How These 15 Kids Freaked Out Their Babysitters Is Insane!

These 15 kids really know how to freak out their babysitters. Not sure about you, but I think I’m going to bed tonight with the lights on…YIKES!

41 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

These people are really out there somewhere in this world!  1. This woman who tried to ride an escalator in a wheelchair.

Woman Sends Bank Angry Letter After They Bounced Her Check.

This woman decides to write her bank a letter after they bounced one of her checks. Her letter is EPIC to say the least!

32 People Whose Choices of Tattoos Failed Miserably!

Tattoos can be beautiful pieces of art, but for these 32 people…it doesn’t seem like they thought about what they were doing for too long.

The Best Motorcycle Ride Ever!

This man gets attacked by a squirrel while driving his motorcyle. What happens next is HILARIOUS! This appears in Daniel Meyer’s “Life Is a Road, Get On It and Ride” which is the second book in his Life Is A Road Series.

25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

Okay ladies, it’s time to admit it. How many of YOU have faced some of these awkward moments in your life?

38 Clever Christmas Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Take your holiday season from CRISIS to CHRISTMAS with these easy tips and tricks. 1. Use shiny green tinsel to make your Christmas tree look fuller.

Life Cycle Of A Band, As Told By Cats!

Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t as easy as it seems, but these cats are jammin’ anyway!  So you’re listening to music and you’re like, “I cantotally start my own band.” You find a sick guitarist… …and a frontman who can really wail.