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Metallica – Wherever I May Roam Music Video

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam Music Video Album: Metallica Released: October 19, 1992 Recorded: June 16, 1991 at One on One Studios, Los Angeles, California Label: Elektra Writer(s): James Hetfield / Lars Ulrich Producer(s): Bob Rock, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich All Rights Reserved “Wherever I May Roam” is a song by the American metal band Metallica.

35 Ridiculously Dumb People Who Will Make You Feel Like A Genius!

There’s always someone dumber than you think out there people…Watch out!

25 Riddles That Will Prove You Have A Filthy Mind

These riddles will make you think long and hard…but TRY to get your minds out of the gutter people!  1. What goes in dry and hard, but comes out wet and soft?

Dad And His 3-Year-Old Daughter Will Make Your Day With This ADORABLE Duet!

This is my absolute favorite car duet, EVER! It’s great to see a dad welcome and encourage his daughter’s growing personality.

This Roller Coaster Dead-Ends In Mid Air

This roller coaster called Gravity Max would definitely have me saying, “OH SHIT!” If you’re brave enough to wanna tackle this “tilt coaster”,  you’ll have to visit Taiwan’s Discovery World theme park.  Watch this video and HOLD ON to your hats people!

19 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Potty Training So Much Easier!

These are some great potty training tips right here! Pretty soon their business won’t be your business… Matt Callahan / Heather Weekley / Getty Images 1. Use Cheerios to improve your son’s aim.

Pup and Kitten Think They Are Related

Buttons the Jack Russell was rejected by her mother and Kitty the kitten was abandoned and later found on the street.

15 Of The Creepiest Notes A Child Has Ever Written

These are definitely some of the creepiest notes…I think I may have nightmares tonight! 1. The warning note: 2. The love note: 3. The “how are you doing” note: 4. The lingering note: 5. The undead note: 6. The note about St.

26 Important Reminders Why Birth Control Exists

In case you forgot…Here’s some important reminders why birth control exists. 1. Because no one should wake up like this in the morning: Via 2. Or like this in the afternoon: Via 3. Because toothpaste should never be a decoration: Via 4. Because pillows shouldn’t be disrespected like this: Via 5. Because not everything is waterproof: Via 6. Because peanut butter is not an effective way to paint the kitchen: Via 7. Because keyboard keys are not meant to be used as currency: Via 8. Because no one’s walls should look like this: Via 9. Because a present to the face is the worst kind of Christmas present: Via 10. Because shirts don’t work like this: 11. Because your carpet doesn’t look better in blue: Via 12. Because no one needs this kind of car decal: Via 13. Because this is terrifying: Via 14. Because your physical well-being is important: Via 15. Because no one needs to go through this war zone: Via 16. Because you really need to watch your shows: Via 17. Because you need a coffee more than anything else in the world: Via 18. Because no one should have to deal with this: Via 19. Because this poor stuffed animal did nothing to deserve this: Via 20. Because of the laws of physics: Via 21. Because a shovel is not part of a balanced diet: Via 22. Because you’ve got places to go: Via 23. Because no one should look this joyous around chalk body lines: Via 24. Because markers don’t make a good computer stylus: Via 25. Because of the poor, poor retail workers of the world: Via 26. Because magazines are for reading, not for flushing: Via But mostly for your own sanity.

Just When You Thought People Couldn’t Get Any Dumber…

Here’s a gallery of people displaying a whole new level of stupidity. There’s just NO hope for the human race!

Walmart Worker Gets Written Complaints From Management

This Walmart worker must have been funny to work with. Although management might have thought otherwise!

24 Hilarious Divorce Cakes That Are Even Better Than Wedding Cakes

With these funny cakes…you can have your divorce and eat it too! 1. A steampunk wedding means a steampunk divorce.

Funny Dog Waiting For a Treat

This funny dog waiting in line behind the stuffed animals for his treat is just TOO cute! Via:

32 Essential Toys Every ’80s Preschooler Had

If you were a preschooler back in the ’80s…these 32 essential toys might just bring back some fond memories for you.

Beware Of The 5 lb. Bag Of Sugarless Gummy Bears On – The Reviews Are Priceless!

Oh, gummy bears! They’re so tasty and delicious you can never eat just one. In fact most of us eat them by the handful.

15 Dumbest Patients That Doctors Have Had To Deal With…

While we generally consider doctors to be pretty intelligent people, these patients make them look like rocket scientists!

31 Surprising Baking Soda Uses

Find out why baking soda—a powerhouse of a product—is one of the most versatile and effective tools in your household arsenal!

This 3-Year-Old Was Reportedly Asked To Leave KFC Because Her Face “Scared Diners”

The little girl from Mississippi is recovering from a recent pit bull attack in which she lost her right eye.

6 Celebrities Doing Great Things

Here’s just a few of the many celebrities that have been doing great things for others. Via:

24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

Something tells me that the children of all these parents are going to grow up to be just fine! 1. The mom who came up with the “get along shirt.” Via 2.