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School Teacher Gets Caught Throwing Weed And Sex Party For Her Student

A school teacher has admitted to having a sexual relationship with one of her 17-year-old students. Featured Image VIA Police over in (you guessed it) Florida recently received information that 34-year-old Valerie Michelle Valvo was in an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Reese’s Have Launched A Peanut Butter Version Of The Creme Egg

In what might be the best bit of news we’ve heard in a very long time, Reese’s have announced the launch of their very own peanut filled creme egg.

Nigel Farage Got Absolutely Wasted After Article 50 Was Triggered

As Theresa May formally launched Britain’s exit from the European Union this week, Nigel Farage celebrated in the only way he knows how – by getting absolutely wasted.

Richard Dawkins Says England Is Becoming A ‘Nasty Little Backwater’

Legendary atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins has slammed England, as the government makes the transition to leave the European Union.

Ricky Gervais Just Made The Most Offensive ‘Dead Baby’ Joke In Front Of Bereaved Parents

Ricky Gervais has come under fire for making a dead baby joke at one of his gigs. Featured Image VIA Bereaved parents Suzi and Ryan Gourley, who were at the show, said it had been their first night out together since their son, Eli, died last year.

Porn Star Turns Up At Uni Campus In Her Mobile Sex Van And Offers Students The Unthinkable

A porn star has caused quite the stir after she decided to park her mobile brothel outside the University of Nottingham.

Google Chrome Has A Secret Message For People Who Watch Too Much Porn

We’re all fully aware of what Google Incognito is really for right? While the initial advert might’ve slyly pretended that it was for those moments when you had to secretly conceal buying presents for a loved one, we all knew what the real message was: ‘now you can watch porn to your heart’s content without ever having to worry about deleting your history again’.

Absolute Nutjob Bites The Head Off His Girlfriend’s Chihuahua During Brutal Fight

A man over in Puerto Rico has been arrested after he bit the head off of his girlfriend’s Chihuahua. Images VIA  Luis Arroyo, 40, allegedly attacked the dog in a fit of rage, before punching the girlfriend in the face.

Spiders Could Officially Eat Every Human On Earth In A Year

In what might be one of the most unsettling theoretical news stories we’ve ever featured here on Sick Chirpse, it turns out that the world’s spider population could eat every human being on the planet in the space of a year and still be hungry.

The Teenage Model Who Was Auctioning Her Virginity Has Finally Made A Sale

I’m not sure if any of you remember, but several months back a teenage underwear model decided to put her virginity up for sale, much to her parent’s dismay.

A Fight Over How To Cook Hot Dogs Has Led To A Police Hostage Situation

I’ve never really even debated how to cook hot dogs, but apparently some people can feel so passionately about it that they’re willing to launch a full on hostage situation about it.

Airport Honours Cristiano Ronaldo With The World’s Most Horrifying Statue

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most famous footballers and rightly so, having won almost every honour in the game and smashing almost every record in it too.

Here’s Why You Should Watch Simon Amstell’s Movie About Veganism

‘Carnage – Swallowing The Past’ is the new mockumentary from comedian Simon Amstell. Featured Image VIA Exclusive to iPlayer and narrated by Amstell himself, the mockumentary runs political satire like vintage Chris Morris.

There’s A Scientific Explanation For Why Tetris Is So Addictive

For over 30 years, gamers old and young have wasted countless hours lining up animated building blocks in the name of Tetris – but have you ever wondered what make the Nintendo classic so darn addictive?

Horrific Footage Shows Missing Man’s Corpse Being Cut Out Of A Giant Python

When it comes to dying, nobody really wants to do it, but getting eaten alive by a python has got to be one of the most horrendous ways to go.

The Next Big Food Trend Is Putting Candyfloss On Your Pizza

Just when you thought all the weird pizza trends were starting to die down (we’d almost forgotten about pizza dipped in milk) another one has appeared out of the woodwork and it might just be the strangest one yet.

Study Finds That Looking At Boobs Helps Men Live Longer

There are thousands of nice ideas about living longer and the things that you have to do in order to achieve this, but this is definitely the best one that I’ve heard yet.

Florida Man Discovers 10 Pound ‘Giant Blunt’ Washed Up On The Beach

Every other day a bizarre story emerges from Florida and today is no different. The most recent occurrence involves a blunt, a beach and a whole lot of weed.

Po From The Teletubbies Went On To Star In A Lesbian Sex Scene

Teletubbies is an absolutely legendary children’s television show from the late 90s that achieved worldwide notoriety for being completely weird and having a bunch of sexual innuendos included in it.

This Is Officially The UK’s Favourite Sandwich

The one and only brand Heinz have carried out a UK survey in order to look at the sandwich eating habits of the British public.