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Watch Brian Anderson Describe What It’s Like Coming Out As A Gay Skateboarder

Homosexuality within sports is unfortunately still a very taboo subject, with very few athletes willing to come out to the world due to the stigma and backlash that they would face from both the public and their peers.

These Teens Got Busted Performing NSFW Sex Act On A Ferris Wheel (VIDEO)

Everyone loves getting head, and if you’re lucky then you might also be able to find a partner who loves giving you head too.

Check Out The Trailer For Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Documentary ‘Before The Flood’

We all know Leo DiCaprio feels pretty strongly about climate change – he even used his Oscar winning speech to warn us about it.

This Video Proves That The FBI SWAT Team In Alaska Are Completely Useless

Obviously a SWAT team breaking into a criminal compound is no joke so you have to respect these guys who go out there and risk their lives for a living to get the bad guys off the streets.

Study Shows Liverpool Has A Serious Greggs Addiction

A survey that looks into the statistics of Greggs bakery in each UK city has found that Liverpool is the area that loves the bakery best.

Gang Of Feminist Wankers Try To Stop Guy From Filming Portland Slut Walk (NSFW)

This YouTube journalist with the annoying voice is filming a ‘Slut Walk’ over in Portland, Oregon – all about embracing your sexuality and getting your tits (and dicks from the looks of it) out to fight male oppression.

Martin Shkreli Is Finally Doing Something Worthwhile With His Life

Martin Shkreli steamrollered into public consciousness late last year as the douchebag who tried to justify raising the price of an AIDS drug by 5000%, and somehow he’s managed to stay relevant by just being more and more of a douchebag over the ensuing months.

This McDonald’s Worker Completely Gave Himself Away Before Slitting GF’s Throat

A McDonald’s employee over in California, U.S., has been found guilty of attempted murder after slitting his girlfriend, Maricar Benedicto’s throat.

Father Dares Son To Shoot Himself In The Head; It Ends In Tragedy (VIDEO)

For some mental reason, a father over in Thailand decided to dare his son to shoot himself in the head.

Watch Elon Musk Explain How We’re All Going To Migrate To Mars In Less Than 10 Years

The exploration of space and colonisation of other planets is something that has long been fantasised about within science fiction, but I doubt anyone actually thought that it could be achieved in our lifetime.

Pepe The Frog Has Officially Been Declared A ‘Hate Symbol’

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has declared the popular internet meme character, Pepe the frog, to be a hate symbol.

Kendall Jenner Is Trying To Get People To Vote By Flashing Her Tits

Not really sure why Kendall Jenner thought it would be a good idea to ‘do her bit’ for the upcoming U.S.

Watch Conor McGregor Completely Rinse Eddie Alvarez At The UFC 205 Press Conference

With the announcement of McGregor and Alvarez at the historic UFC 205 – the first UFC event to be held in New York, following a ten year battle to legalise the sport in the state – the stage is set for a fight night of truly epic proportions.

Here’s What To Expect From ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

It’s safe to say pretty much everyone around the world was blown away with the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’.

This Girl Is Going To Extremes To Pay For Her University Tuition

Going to university is a massive struggle unless you’ve got rich parents. You’ll inevitably have to pay a shitload in fees, a shitload of rent and barely have any money to spend when you’re not studying, which is probably going to be most of the time if you end up doing a useless degree like I did.

Everyone’s Super Pissed At Katy Perry For Posting This Naked Election Video

So on Monday Katy Perry promised the world that she would “use her body as click bait” and publish a naked video of herself to get people voting.

Everyone Thinks Donald Trump Is A Coke Addict After The Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

Yesterday marked the first Presidential debate between the two worst candidates to ever vie for the American presidency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Mary Kate Olsen Is Looking Completely Messed Up These Days

Last we heard from the Olsen twins, they were looking like two undercover aliens learning how to be human at New York Fashion Week.

Iceland (The Country) Is Suing Iceland (The Supermarket) For Jacking Its Name

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iceland has said that the country is considering suing the frozen foods supermarket Iceland for using its name.

As Alton Towers Fined £5million Over Smiler Crash, Footage Of It Has Been Released For The First Time

Over a year since the event, a judge today finally ruled how much Alton Towers would be fined over their role in the horrific Smiler rollercoaster crash that left two people with their limbs amputated.