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Massive Fight Breaks Out After Trump Supporter Turns Up To Women’s March

Last weekend was an eventful one to say the least. Not only did Donald Trump become the 45th president of America, causing violent protests to break out across the country, but thousands of protestors took part in a Women’s March as part of an international campaign on the first full day of Trump’s presidency.

Alligator Has Enough Of Tour Guide’s Shit; Jumps Into Boat And Attacks Tourists (VIDEO)

If you thought that alligators can’t understand what humans say, then think again. Featured Image VIA This tour guide thinks it’s funny to joke about slapping an alligator across the face, and literally as soon as he says that and the tourists starts laughing, the gator makes the snap decision to take pre-emptive action: Yeah, might want to stop your boat a little further away from the bank next time.

The World’s Greatest Scientists Are Drawing Up A Database Of Animals That Fart

Science is constantly pushing boundaries and moving the world forward, and the database that these volunteers are currently compiling is no exception.

We’re All Living In A Computer Simulation; Here’s The Evidence (VIDEO)

The theory that we’re living in a computer simulation has been prevalent ever since ‘The Matrix’ series was first released, but it really started to gain traction last year when Elon Musk came out and said that there was no doubt in his mind that it must be true.

Is It Possible To Die From A Broken Heart?

I’m sure many of us have experienced the feeling of a broken heart. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep – in fact all you can do is scroll through their social media accounts and listen to Phyllis Dillon records (or maybe that’s just me).

Shocking Map Shows Where Barack Obama Dropped His 26,000 Bombs

As the world gears up for (potentially) 4 years of Donald Trump, during which he’s promised to “bomb the shit out of ISIS,” it’s worth reflecting on how many people Barack Obama bombed the shit out of.

The BBC Messed Up The Subtitles For Donald Trump’s Inauguration And It Was Amazing

Donald Trump was inaugurated on Friday and then promptly decided to take the weekend off. In light of the event, the BBC made their coverage of the event a little different by messing up the subtitles to imply what a lot of the world was thinking.

Welcome To Rick James’ Insane World Of Sex, Drugs And Funk Music

I’m sure many of you know the legend of Rick James – the funk master who gave the world ‘Super Freak’.

Tom Daley Admitted To Cheating After Fan’s Sex Tape Leaked Online

Tom Daley came out of the closet towards the end of 2013 and has been involved in a relationship with screenwriter Dustin Lance Black since that time in what looks like a pretty perfect relationship from the outside.

Rebel Against The State: Inside Vietnam’s Underground Metal Scene

For the young people of Vietnam, pressure to conform comes from all facets of life. They get hit by the communist government, the state run media and family life and traditions.

Bizarre Staff Room Orgy Leads To Massive Payout For School Cleaner

I always wondered what went on behind closed doors in the staff room at my school, but I doubt that it was anything nearly as dramatic and awesome as what is going down in this story.

Shocking Facebook Live Stream Video Shows ‘Three Hour Gang Rape’ Of Woman In Sweden

Three men were arrested on suspicion of rape in Sweden this Sunday, following reports of a woman being gang raped on Facebook’s live stream.

This Infographic Explains Perfectly How Industrial Hemp Farming Could Save The World

For some reason – probably due to its marijuana overtones – industrial hemp farming is banned in the United States.

The Best/Worst Profiles & Conversations In The Tinder Universe #82

Another week, another rundown of the funniest and weirdest conversations and profiles in Tinder land.

These Are The Three Most Dangerous Drugs In The World, According To Death Rates

As the world debates drug policy reforms and the legalisation of marijuana, there’s a key aspect on the war on drugs that remains contradictory: some of the most dangerous substances are completely legal.

Here’s How To Find Out If You Have The Strange Condition Known As Synesthesia

You might’ve heard of the condition known as synesthesia. It is a fascinating neurological phenomenon where one sense triggers another sensory pathway, causing those who have it to see sound, taste words or feel a sensation on their skin when they smell certain scents.

Artist Creates Powerful Images To Shame Holocaust Selfie Takers

The Holocaust is undeniably one of the saddest and most awful events that has ever happened in human history.

Here’s Emily Ratajkowski’s Reaction To Donald Trump Becoming President

This weekend was one of the most important and terrifying moments in America’s history – Donald Trump was named president.

David Cameron Names Birds ‘Boris Johnson’ Before Shooting Them

It’s expected that you’re probably going to make a bunch of enemies during your time as a politician because the whole nature of the job entails screwing people over and betraying them massively on the regs, but I didn’t really think that politicians would still be so bitter about everything after they’ve retired.

Criminals Are Begging This Policewoman To Arrest Them After Seeing Her Instagram

A police officer named Samantha Sepulveda has found the key to making the world a safer place – by enticing the world’s criminals with photos of her in lingerie.