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Watch This Model’s Photoshoot On The Beach Interrupted By A Bunch Of Illegal Immigrants Swimming Onto The Shore

Model Ekaterina Juskowski was shooting a video of her friend on a beach in Florida, trying to help her land a modelling contract too, when she noticed a boat show up in the background.

Did Khloe Kardashian Just Become Hotter Than All Her Sisters Combined With Her New Complex Photoshoot?

One word for the new photoshoot Complex put out with Khloe Kardashian – FIRE. I know everyone’s always banging on about how Kim and Khloe are the attractive ones from the Kardashians but anyone who knows what they’re talking about will tell you Khloe is completely dominating them in that department at the moment, especially after Kim’s weird photoshoot on that farm the other month.

Randy Orton Vs Superman Is The Best Thing You Will See On The Internet Today

Is there no limit to how funny Randy Orton giving an RKO to people can be? It’s possible that there might be, but I think in the current climate with excellent RKO videos  popping up seemingly every day that it’s going to be a long, long time before anyone gets tired of them.

Hulk Hogan Has Just Been Exposed As A Massive Homophobe As Well As A Racist

Yesterday we bought you news of how Hulk Hogan had been fired from the WWE after an alleged racist rant, and then how he looked like an absolute idiot when people trolled him by sending him pictures of Premier League players showing their ‘support’, and we asked the question of how things could possibly get worse for him following these two events.

6 Reasons You Should All Cut Nickelback Some Slack FFS

Sometimes people say things that annoy me. That’s normal, I know. Sometimes people say things that annoy me so much I want to puke into their eye sockets.

John Cena Suffered A Completely BRUTAL Broken Nose Live On RAW Last Night (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

One of the dangers of being a pro wrestler is that all it takes is a little mistake from you or your opponent and you can get well and truly busted up.

This New Australian Reality TV Show Is Sending Participants To Syria To Fight ISIS

As far as reality TV shows go, this one probably has the best hook I’ve even heard – even better than that recent one on Channel 4 where two people who have never met each other get married.

Watch This Insanely Strong Dude Pick A Car Up With His Bare Hands And Move It Out Of A Cycle Lane

When you’re cycling along and some prick has parked in the cycling lane it’s going to annoy you but you probably aren’t going to do anything about it except maybe cycle around it and flip him off whilst you’re doing so.

Shia LaBouef Filmed Having Massive Fight With Girlfriend Before Trying To FaceTime Megan Fox

Shia LaBoeuf seems to be permanently going crazy right now – I mean check out this recent video of him yelling ‘America’ over and over again whilst shirtless at Mount Rushmore – so it’s no surprise that he’s come out with another bizarre video of him having a fight with his current girlfriend Mia Goth and then having a meltdown and trying to FaceTime Megan Fox.

Calls To Boycott ‘The Venue’ In New Cross After Girl Suffers Horrific Head Injury From Bouncer

The Venue nightclub down in Clifton Rise in New Cross is in a world of crap after their bouncers allegedly gave a girl a horrific head injury on Friday night.

Three More UK Police Forces Are Going To Turn A Blind Eye If You’re Smoking Cannabis

Following last week’s announcement from Durham police that they would no longer be prosecuting people who were smoking or growing cannabis on a small scale, three other police forces over the country have announced that they’ll be following the same policy from now.

Tyler The Creator Says He’s Been Banned From Australia Thanks To A Feminist Group

Tyler The Creator has never been shy of controversy but he hasn’t been banned from any countries as of yet.

Drunk Idiot Throws Glass Bottle Into A Crowd; Badass Sees It And Instantly Knocks Him Out

I don’t know why anyone would think it would ever be funny to throw a glass bottle into a massive crowd, no matter how wasted or drunk they were.

Watch This Entire New Zealand School Perform The Haka For Their Beloved Teacher’s Funeral

I would like to think that if I was a teacher at a school, I would be one of those popular ones that most people liked and not one of those stuck up assholes who is mean and weird to everyone and was obviously bullied at school.

This Video Shows Synthetic Marijuana Addicts More Messed Up Than Crack Or Heroin Addicts

I’m not sure why anyone would try legal highs except if they were possible 14 and it was their first time at V Festival and they wanted to try and go really crazy in front of their mates because it’s probably easier and safer to do genuine drugs, but apparently there’s a whole scene out there for it and it does not look good.

Here’s How To Appoint Your Facebook Legacy Contact For Access To Your Facebook After You Die

Ever since Facebook or MySpace or any other social media sites – or even email sites – have been out, the question of how people can access them following the original users’ death has always been a touchy one, with a lot of companies steadfastly refusing to give anyone access to the account other than the original user, which was obviously useless as they were no longer in the land of the living.

Husband Forces Cheating Wife To Admit Everything On Facebook

It’s never easy to deal with finding out that someone you’re in love with is having an affair, but I’m not sure if the best course of action is to make them admit everything that they’ve been getting up to behind your back in a Facebook post so that all your friends and family can see.

Watch Pro Surfer Niccolo Porcella Suffer One Of The Worst Wipeouts In History

Niccolo Porcella was shredding some waves in Teahupo’o, Tahiti when he came up against this monster and just could not do anything about it.

Hulk Hogan Gets Massively Trolled On Twitter As A Result Of His Racist Rant

Oh dear. It hasn’t been the best weekend for Hulk Hogan. We told you earlier today that he had been fired from the WWE after his racist rant was heard by the masses and he was dissed by New Jack, but things have got even worse for him now as he’s been trolled massively on his Twitter account and made to look like an absolute tool.

A Wyoming Man Has Been Pulled Over By The Cops With 30 Cow Eyes In His Anus

Surprisingly this happened in Wyoming and not Florida, but it’s the kind of bizarre hick thing that would go on in the Sunshine State.