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What Are The Critics Who Saw ‘The Interview’ Saying About It?

North Korea might’ve stopped the rest of us from seeing ‘The Interview’ (for now), but they couldn’t stop these guys and gals who all attended the LA premiere when it went down (terrorism free) last week: Chris Cabin at Slate For all the hoopla that’s been made over the Sony hack and Kim’s demands that the film be pulled from release, The Interview is all talk, a sheep in wolf’s clothing, which makes its frivolous politics all the more odious.

Watch This Dude Bite A Reindeer’s Balls Off With His TEETH For TV Show

Might seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but apparently castrating male reindeer helps keep the Arctic a happy place, because if not male reindeer would be fighting each other all the time instead of helping each other dig up the snow and expose the ground for them to graze.

This Is The Best Jenga Move Of All Time

Even though we claimed to see the best Jenga move of all time way back in January, this move has topped it.

CM Punk Just Had A Falling Out With The Guy Interviewing Him On ‘Off The Record’

Not sure who this Michael Landsberg fella is, but I don’t trust his face one bit. Apparently what’s wound Punk up here is that Landsberg keeps trying to get him to talk about wrestling, when Punk just wants to focus on his future fighting in the UFC.

Double Amputee Given Amazing New Bionic Arms

Lee Baugh lost both his arms and shoulders 42 years ago in a freak electrical accident and never thought that he would ever hold anything in his hands again.

Scorned Girlfriend Paints Insult On Cheating Boyfriend’s Wall And Instagrams Him Sleeping Under It

Seems like we can’t go a week without someone finding out their partner is cheating on them and then taking to social media to completely obliterate them (like this life-destroying Facebook status, for example).

These Are The Crudest And Weirdest Cartoons On The Internet

Sir Joan Cornella’s Instagram is one of the weirdest things we’ve ever come across on the internet – even weirder than these Japanese inventions that actually somehow exist.

Cruise Ships Are Now Infested With STDs Because Pensioners Keep Having Unprotected Sex

Have your grandparents been on a Mediterranean cruise recently? Well, guess what? They’re not just hanging out in the shade doing Sudoku and resting their joints; chances are they’re getting banged out all over the ship along with other over-60s in steamy, STD-ridden OAP orgies.

This New Backstreet Boys Documentary Actually Looks Decent

Ok, I know the headline sounded stupid but if you got this far at least hear us out and watch the trailer and then decide.

The Second American Sniper Trailer Is Even More Intense Than The First

We featured the first trailer to American Sniper when it came out a couple of months ago and said it was probably one of the most intense things we’ve ever seen.

The Top Ten Excuses For Not Paying Your TV Licence In 2014

Every year countless people don’t pay their TV licence in this country (and hey – why would you now that BBC Three is being axed and moving online anyway), and most of them are probably never caught because the government doesn’t really have enough money to pay employees to chase people around for watching TV without a licence.

Eight Children Killed In Mass Stabbing In Cairns, Australia

After the hostage situation in Australia earlier this week, things have got even worse over there with the news today that eight children – one as young as 18 months – have been allegedly stabbed to death in their home in the city of Cairns.

Beyonce And Jay Z Lose Bidding War For Sick LA House To The Guy Who Created Minecraft

If you’re Beyonce and Jay Z, you probably pretty much think that if you want to buy a house – or anything in the world for that matter – then all you have to do is show up and it’s yours.

Fabric Nightclub Saved From Closure – But Has To Employ Seven £300 A Night Sniffer Dogs

The internet was really upset last night when it learned that London’s favourite night club Fabric’s licence was up for renewal and that it might not retain it due to the number of drug related deaths (4) that had occurred there over the past 4 years.

CM Punk Laughs Off The Challenge Of The Green Ranger For His UFC Debut

Pretty much as soon as it was announced that CM Punk was joining the UFC, the guy who played the Green Ranger in Powers Rangers spoke up and said that he thought it was a joke that the UFC had signed Punk.

Save Fabric London

It’s happening, the MET’s war with London night life has stepped up a gear. Cable was shut a few years back and now they’re turning their attention to Fabric London.

Steve Carell’s Upcoming North Korea Movie Pulled

As I speculated earlier today, the effects of the Sony hacks effectively cancelling the release of The Interview are set to be far reaching, with a green lit production starring Steve Carell already pulled by New Regency due to the fact that it’s set in North Korea.

MMA Fighter Gets Kicked So Hard In The Head His Eye Falls Out

In this unregulated fight in Michigan last weekend, one fighter kicks the other so hard in the head that his eye literally pops out of his skull and rolls around the cage: P.S.

Snapchat CEO Practically Breaks Down Crying After Sony Leak Leaves Him Feeling ‘Vulnerable’ And ‘Exposed’

The latest round of Sony e-mail leaks include correspondence between Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton and Snapchat owner Evan Spiegel, revealing that Snapchat had discussed teaming up with Twitter, and with Vevo as a means to bring music to the app.

Genuinely Epic Star Wars Christmas Light Show On Some Dude’s House

I don’t care whether you feel Chritmassy or not you grouch, it’s happening, it’s here and you’re going to have to deal with it.