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A Guy Named ‘Kash Register’ Just Got $16.7 Million For Being Wrongly Accused Of Murder

L.A. City Council has agreed to pay $16.7 million to a guy whose name is Kash Register, after he sued them for a wrongful murder conviction that saw him sent to prison for over three decades.

Titanic II, An Exact Replica Of The Original Ship, Will Set Sail In 2018

Australian billionaire Cliver Palmer’s fully-functioning replica of the Titanic will set sail in 2018 – two years later than originally planned.

Adam Johnson’s Text Messages To 15-Year-Old Girl Are Downright Embarrassing

The details of Adam Johnson’s involvement with a 15-year-old schoolgirl are coming out in court at the moment, and let’s just say they warrant a face-palm or two.

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron Calls For Marijuana To Be Legalised

We’ve banged on and on in the past about why marijuana may as well be legalised in the UK just as it’s been legalised in other more forward-thinking parts of the world, including an increasing number of States in the US.

People Are Paying A Japanese Company To Take Their Teddy Bears On Holiday

If you ever think of a completely niche business idea but you fear it won’t succeed over here, take it to Japan because chances are you will find a market.

Comedian Proposes To Girlfriend On Stage In One Of The Most Excruciating Videos Ever

Political satirist and comic Tim Young invited his girlfriend on stage for what I guess he thought would be one of the most special moments in both of their lives.

This Dad Ruined His Son’s Life In The Worst Way Possible

This might be one of the most brutal submissions I’ve ever seen over in Reddit’s TIFU forum – where people share stories about times they’ve colossally fucked up.

This Dude Spent A Whole Year Terrorising His Mum By Throwing Eggs At Her

In one of the more elaborate, long-term pranks you’ll ever come across, this guy spent over a year lobbing eggs at his mum at random.

The Rules For Performers At Kanye West’s Fashion Shows Are Beyond Ridiculous

Everyone knows that Kanye West is a ridiculous human being, and everyone knows that the fashion world is also pretty ridiculous.

That Sunbed Girl From Yesterday Can’t Stop Getting Naked In Public Places

Yesterday we ran a story on Manchester “glamour model” and stripper (and porn star according to someone in the comments) Zaynab Alkhatib, after she spent 32 minutes on the sunbed and ended up cooking herself to a crisp.

Artist Draws Incredibly Realistic Painting Of Donald Trump And His Shrivelled Micropenis

Back in 2012, satire website The Onion posted an article in which they imagined a scenario where Donald Trump was inspecting his own micropenis.

North Korea Expert’s Brain Completely Freezes During Live TV Interview (VIDEO)

An Australian academic and expert on North Korea had a devastating experience on live TV earlier after his brain completely froze on him.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #48

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

Taylor Swift’s Brother Throws $950 Yeezys In The Bin After He Raps About Banging His Sister

Taylor Swift’s younger brother went into meltdown earlier after hearing that Kanye West referenced having sex with her and called her a “bitch” in his new song ‘Famous’.

This Uni Professor Let His Students Have Extra Credits For Questions About Dr Dre

Instead of sticking some crappy math question in his exam paper for students to earn extra credit for their courses, this statistics professor switched things up by adding a little trivia about Dr.

Martin Shkreli Tried To Buy Kanye’s New Album For Only Himself For $10 Million

This guy just won’t disappear, will he? In his never-ending quest to be the most hated man in the universe, pharma CEO dick Martin Shkreli has offered Kanye West $10 million to purchase his new album The Life of Pablo, on one condition – it doesn’t get released to the public.

Leading Cancer Researcher Found Dead In The Woods In Full Festish Rubber Suit

A leading cancer researcher has been found dead in a full-body, blue and black rubber suit in the woods, as part of some bizarre sex fetish.

Prostitute Films Bizarre Mirror Rant Video About Her Client Finishing Up Too Quickly

I’ve never been to a prostitute but I would think that if I did frequent one at any point in my life that I would probably try to last as long as possible because I would want to get my money’s worth.

HBO Have Just Released 20 New Images From Game Of Thrones Season 6

The hype is building for Game Of Thrones season 6 and HBO is really facilitating it with this latest batch of photographs from it.

Australian Restaurant Slated For Racist Decor Featuring Biggie Smalls Eating Fried Chicken

Australian fried chicken restaurant ‘FAT Fried and Tasty’ are being ripped to shreds online for their apparently racist décor.