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Watch Russia V Czech Republic In An Insanely Brutal 5 V 5 MMA Fight

Back in April we featured a 5 v 5 MMA fight between Poland and Sweden, but at the time I didn’t realise that it was part of a humongous international tournament and that there would be literally loads and loads of other fights from it popping up on the internet from it in the following days.

The Fire Challenge Where Kids Light Themselves On Fire Is The New Neknomination

If you’re okay with dousing yourself in flammable liquid and lighting yourself on fire, then more power to you.

Frank Lampard Trolled By Americans Thanks To The Hashtag #AskLamps

As many of you reading this are probably aware, Frank Lampard recently announced he was signing for the new New York City team (the aptly named New York City FC) and has jetted over there to link up with them.

Girl Completely Messes Up Jumping Off High Board; Almost Dies

I gotta admit, I don’t really like jumping off the high boards at the local swimming pool because I’m shit scared of heights, but I don’t think I would ever stack it as bad as this woman.

Is This The Greatest Mini Golf Hole In One Of All Time?

I’m pretty dope when it comes to mini golf but even I’ve got to admit that this shot is pretty unbelievable, even if it is pretty lucky too.

Guy Trolls The Tour De France By Pulling A Wheelie Alongside Winning Team

You might have seen or heard that Italian Vincenzo Nibali won the Tour De France last night after safely finishing comfortably inside the peloton in Paris.


Photographer Marc De Groot’s day job is to hang out in Ibiza taking pictures of loads of cool club nights.

Fernando Torres Misses An Absolute Sitter In Pre Season Friendly

Obviously ever since Fernando Torres moved to Chelsea for £50 million he’s been the subject of a lot of questions because his form has been pretty shocking for a player who was pretty incredible during his time at Liverpool and Athletico Madrid.

First Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Hits The Internet

We showed you some pictures from Mad Max Fury Road over a year ago but haven’t heard anything from it since, so I’m sure most people just assumed that it had run into more production problems and was probably never going to come out.

Guy With No Arms Or Legs Dives Off Wheelchair Into A Street Fight

Looks like this dude has some competition in the armless/legless tough guy scene, because this dude just delivered a flying body splash off his wheelchair and then just humped the fuck out of his hapless victim on the floor.

Man Stops Girl Gang Bullying His Girlfriend By Beating The Crap Out Of Everyone In His Path

We’re guessing this is her boyfriend, but who knows, it might just be a security guard or even just some random dude.

Watch The 5 Minute Preview Of The Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover Episode Here

‘The Simpsons Guy’ episode airing for the first time this September might be about a decade too late to be fully appreciated but we’ll still be checking it out.

Gas Station Clerk Surprises Thieves With MMA Training & Beats The Crap Out Of Them

Robbers probably think that sticking up a gas station is probably the easiest thing in the world, but they didn’t  reckon with coming across Mayura Dissanyake in South Wayside in Houston because he’s pretty much a semi pro MMA fighter and he unleashed a can of whoop ass on them that’s comparable to the top 5 leg breaks of all time.

Crazy Guy Jumps 70 Foot Off Roof Into A 5 Foot Pool

I’m not really sure why this dude decided to jump off the roof of a 70 foot building into a five foot pool – the only clue we get from him is that it’s not a suicide attempt and it’s just for fun – but I’m glad he did because the video is pretty epic.

Gustavo Ramirez Scores The Fastest Goal In Mexican History

Paraguayan striker Gustavo Ramirez scored the fastest goal in Mexican league history for his team Mineros de Zacatecas at the weekend, amazingly receiving the ball straight from kick off and then spanking it into the top corner, with the shot happening so quickly that the TV cameras almost can’t keep up with it.

England Fires Massive Fart At France

What’s not to love about a bit of good old UK/France rivalry? Some genius has only gone and made a giant arse hole to fart at the French.

See A Guy Shoot 9 Rounds From A Shotgun In 3 Seconds With No Noise

Before we go into this, I’ve got to explain that my knowledge of shotguns purely comes from playing a bunch of video games like Duke Nukem and Half Life and Blood when I was a kid, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about at all, but nevertheless this next video blew my mind.

Kid Rock Subpoenaed To Produce Glass Dildo As Evidence In Insane Clown Posse Lawsuit

The Insane Clown Posse have recently been involved in a high profile lawsuit with the FBI as they tried to sue them for classifying juggalos as a street gang, but it turns out that running parallel to that they’ve also been involved with another lawsuit with former employee Andrea Pellegrini.

29 Weird But Ultimately Genius Inventions

Here’s the thing with good inventions – most of the time you don’t even realise you need them until they’re actually invented, then you can’t live without them.

WATCH: Rodney Mullen’s Back And He’s Doper Than Ever

Remember those videos of Rodney Mullen proving why he was crowned the freestyle king of the world? Well Rodney’s back, and he’s doper than ever.