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5 Annoying Philosophical Questions That Won’t Go Away

Philosophy was at one stage a cutting edge part of science, in fact it predates science and was the birth of what we today call “reason”.

Nanny Now Facing Attempted Murder Charges After Video Of Horrific Abuse On A 2 Year Old Toddler Was Uploaded To YouTube

A 22 year old nanny is facing attempted murder charges after a video of her beating up a 2 year old who was under her care has emerged onto the internet.

Check Out This Insane 320,000 Square Foot BMX Park Built In A Cavern 120 Foot Underground

Underground BMX parks have long been talked about but have never actually materialised. Until now. Welcome to Louisville Kentucky where some insane millionaire has decided to build an underground BMX track 120 feet under the Earth’s surface that spans 320,000 square foot.

6 Tracks That Remind Us Why Skream Is A Dubstep Pioneer

Following a mysterious marketing campaign that involved random telephone numbers being Tweeted and numerous billboards plastered around London, XOYO have announced that Skream will be hosting their first residency for 2015.

16 Photos That Prove Old People Have The Illest Steez

Old people probably give even less of a fuck than accidental Chinese hipsters about what they wear, and these pictures illustrate it perfectly.

They’re Calling This The Usain Bolt Punch

This punch happened in a fight between Nikko Glasper and Tommy Sthair and came out of nowhere in the 20th second.

“No Indictment” For Darren Wilson; Riots Ensue In Ferguson

We have featured the events of Ferguson in the recent months but a new shit storm just happened last night that blew everything you’ve seen out of the water.

Winnie the Pooh Accused Of Being A Hermaphrodite In Poland; Risks Being Banned

When you think of children’s characters, Winnie-the-Pooh is possibly the last one you’d ever think would cause a stir.

4 Year Old Boy Writes Incredibly Smooth Love Letter To Girl In Class

This kid must have been reading our guide to chirpsing girls because he has got some serious game – and what’s even better is that he’s still only 4 years old.

Watch James Kingston Climb Southampton University In His Latest Heart-stopping Video

We’ve featured numerous videos from nutters James Kingston and Mustang Wanted on Sick Chirpse in the past and this is another insane slice of guts/bravado from James Kingston.

Artist Depicts Famous Movie Cars As If They Were Transformers

An artist called Darren Rawlings had the great idea to imagine what famous cars from the movies – think Mad Max, the Batmobile and the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo – would look like if they could transform into transformers and came up with this brilliant art work showcasing his ideas.

Watch This Driver High On Ketamine Try To Pass A Road Sobriety Test

When I was at school, we were warned about the dangers of marijuana and how it led to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin, but no one ever said anything about ketamine.

Apple Is Now Worth $700 Billion (Roughly)

So it turns out that releasing the iPhone 6 and the iWatch was actually good for something because Apple’s stock slowly ticked up early this morning and the company is now officially worth $700 billion.

Nominees For The Cleverest Porn Movie Titles From This Year’s AVN Porn Awards

The AVN Awards are the Oscars of the porn industry, where unfortunately porn stars don’t get awards for having sex with conjoined twins or spouting off the worst porn scene dialogue imaginable, but rather for more conventional categories like Best Butt or Best Scene.

The ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Just Dropped And It Looks Immense

Do young people still enjoy Steven Spielberg movies? Seems a whole generation ago when Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and E.T.

DOCUMENTARY: Chinese Rich Kids Are Living Large In America

The Chinese economy is booming and many of the recipients of this are sending their children overseas to study – along with a pretty hefty allowance.

Diego Maradona Snapped Giving The Hand Of God To His 24 Year Old Girlfriend (NSFW)

Many people remember Diego Maradona for his blistering goal against England in the 1986 World Cup, but more recently he’s been in the news more for allegedly hitting his 24 year old girlfriend Rocio Oliva.

The New Xbox Controller That Removes YOUR Blood

Humanity are a gruesome bunch deep down, blood sports have been popular since mankind climbed down from the trees.

NASA Have Created This Amazing Video Showing Us What Heat And Sound Really Looks Like

Scientists these days seem to be producing video content purely to entertain stoners. It’s textbook stuff: they bring out well produced, clearly explained, brightly coloured YouTube clips that make you go ‘woah dude… my mind has been blown’.

Doctor Fired For Leaving Woman In Labour To Go And Have Sex With Another Patient

Christopher Driskill, a doctor from New Mexico, was found trying  to emulate his favourite TV doctor recently, although it seems like he got mixed up between some loser from Grey’s Anatomy and Tony Soprano.