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The Sick Chirpse Alternative Guide To Being A Fresher

Unless you have clicked through to this guide out of sheer curiosity, chances are you are just about to embark on your journey to fresherdom. Not so long ago you received your long-awaited A-level results and because you didn’t totally fuck it up, soon you’ll be leaving your Mummy and Daddy behind whilst attempting to live like some kind of half-arsed adult and learn some new life skills along the way.

This Cheeky Drive-Thru Worker At McDonald’s Makes Ordering Food Funny AF (VIDEO)

How do you deal with life when you’re making minimum wage serving hungry arseholes through a window as a McDonald’s drive-thru worker?

Sex Robot Brothels Are The Next Big Thing And They Look Creepy AF

So apparently a lot of people want to fuck robots now (we’re not sure when or how this happened) and so technology is being set up to create sex robot brothels which are said to become really common in the next ten years.

People Keep Finding Worms In Their McDonald’s Burgers

A few people have recently reported finding worms in their burgers in different McDonald’s restaurants over in the U.S.

Uni Student Tweets About Gay Professor, Gets Shut Down Brilliantly When Professor Finds Out

A uni student who sent out a homophobic Tweet about his professor has gone viral with a classic example of how not to use Twitter.

Wannabe Tough Guy Live Streams Fight On Facebook, Ends Up Getting His Dick Kicked In (VIDEO)

Accosting people on camera and sharing it online is all the rage these days, but a lot of the time it seems to go wrong for the person behind the lens.

Fireman Thinks He’s Found A Dead Body; Turns Out It’s Just A Guy Taking A Nap (VIDEO)

The heatwave has got everybody lost and tryna seek some shade but one guy thought he’d take a nap in the middle of a river so that he could cool off – who can blame him?

This Dude Tried To Jump In Between Two Buildings To Impress A Girl And Got Stuck In The Gap

After meeting a girl that he really liked, instead of perhaps buying her a drink or taking her out on a date, one student thought ‘hang on a minute, she needs to see that I’m superman’ and attempted to jump from one building to another.

Shocking Pictures Show Bam Margera Pissing In The Street Before Being Taken Away By Police

It’s no secret that Bam Margera has been suffering a bit of a meltdown in recent years and these pictures seem to reinforce that further.

Rey Mysterio Jr. Looks Completely Different Now

Rey Mysterio Jr was one of the most loved wrestlers of the post attitude era, with his underdog status as a nimble cruiserweight being exploited to the maximum via unlikely Royal Rumble and WrestleMania appearances.

Watch This Cyclist Completely Destroy His Race Opponents By Planking His Bike

I’ve never really considered the aerodynamics of cycling and how changing position might positively affect your speed, but this video really lays it out all on the line.

A Son In Law Knew It Was His Mother In Law And Not His Wife He Was Shagging In His Bed

I often think that it might be difficult to get on with the in laws of any potential girlfriend, but the unnamed man in this story didn’t have any such problem – he just ended up having sex with his mother in law.

Here’s A Supercut Of Every Single Jason Statham Superkick Ever

Jason Statham has a reputation as a badass action film star having featured in some of the dumbest movies ever like The Transporter and Crank, and every single movie invariably features him kicking someone in the face.

TV Presenter Dan Lobb Live Tweets EasyJet Crew Being Thrown Off Flight For Fighting

EasyJet is well known for being a budget no frills airline, but it’s a first when two of the cabin crew get thrown off the plane and not the passengers.

Criminal Who Got Arrested At 10 Faces Life In Prison After Ruthlessly Stabbing Dad To Death

A man named Reece Brunton is facing life in prison for the brutal murder of a dad. Images VIA The court heard how Brunton, who is described as a “habitual offender”, broke into the home of John Hamilton in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, and stabbed him 35 times.

Watch This Video On A ‘Brief History Of Sriracha Sauce’

Sriracha sauce is everywhere these days, whether it be deserts, snacks or even McDonald’s burgers. People just can’t seem to get enough of this delicious spicy condiment, to the point where it is celebrated and enjoyed worldwide.

Council Worker Goes Viral After Going The Extra Mile To Fix Broken Pipe

This council worker over in Hood County, Texas is getting bigged up across the Internet after literally throwing himself into his work this week.

This Female Filipino Assassin Murders Drug Dealers For A Living

The Philippines is in the midst of a brutal war on drugs which was green-lit by their ruthless president Rodrigo Duterte (seriously, the guy is insane), and has resulted in almost 2,000 killings in a matter of weeks.

This Couple Of 62 Years Being Sent To Different Nursing Homes Is The Saddest Photo Ever

Via the uploader: Featured Image VIA The saddest photo I have ever taken. This is my Omi and my Opi. As you can see they are both wiping away tears!

The Killer Clown Prank Is Back And It’s More Terrifying Than Ever

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself the question of whether or not there’s anything scarier than being chased by a killer clown with an axe. I think the answer to that question can quite categorically be seen as no, unless it’s a killer clown with a chainsaw instead of an axe.