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Woman Refused Entry To Thailand After Using Her Passport As Toilet Paper When Drunk

A 28 year old woman named Faye Wilson who was on a round the world trip has been escorted back to the UK by border officials after she was refused entry to Thailand because her passport had missing pages.

Guy Gets His Car Clamped By The DVLA; Refuses To Pay The Fine So Smashes It Up Instead

I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this and you own a vehicle, then there’s going to be at least one time that the DVLA have completely shafted you and fined you for something that wasn’t really your fault and cost you a shedload of money to sort out.

7-Year-Old Kid Given Lifetime NRA Membership After Suspension For Carrying Pop Tart Gun

This went down in 2013 but it’s trending again today for some reason and it’s so absolutely ridiculous I can’t believe more people haven’t heard about it.

Porn Stars Reveal Their Best And Worst Valentine’s Gifts They Ever Received

With Valentine’s Day coming up this Sunday, I’m sure everybody in the world in a relationship is screwing about what to get their significant other and how exactly they should spend the day with them.

Tyga’s Transgender Ex Releases Sexually Explicit Text Messages Exposing Their Affair

About a year back, a transgender woman named Mia Isabella leaked NSFW dick pics of Tyga claiming they had a lengthy fling, and while Tyga was happy to admit the dick pics were his, he categorically denied sending them to Mia or being sexually involved with her.

These Two Lawyers Planted Drugs In Mum’s Car After A Misunderstood Comment About Their Kid

Here’s another unbelievable story about small town American politics and planting evidence in the wake of Making A Murderer – although this one is slightly different as it does seem like justice has been done at the end of it.

Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend Is Opening A School For Rich Kids To Learn About Diamonds And Caviar

It’s not enough that we live in a world where you can be famous for being Kim Kardashian’s best friend.

Here’s A Foolproof Way Of Preventing Your Car Getting Towed

I’ve only ever been in the situation where my car has ended up getting towed once, and it wasn’t even my fault because some pricks picked it up and moved it down the road.

CM Punk’s UFC Debut Has Been Delayed (Again) Due To A Back Injury

For fuck’s sake – no sooner had CM Punk’s first MMA opponent been decided, he’s now gone and picked up a back injury that requires surgery, meaning the fight has to be delayed yet again.

Infamous Cannibal Explains What It Was Like Eating His Gay Lover With Brussel Sprouts

You guys all remember that German cannibal Armin Meiwes who managed to find and eat a voluntary victim through an online chatroom right?

This Crimewatch Presenter Looks Exactly Like The Suspect He’s Talking About

Things got pretty awkward on Crimewatch on Monday night when viewers noticed that presenter Jason Mohammed looked a lot like the suspect that they were talking about on the show, as you can see from the above photo.

Dan Bilzerian Just Had The Wildest Orgy Ever And Posted The Photos Online (NSFW)

We all know what Dan Bilzerian’s about by now. He likes to go on Instagram and show off about how sweet his life is.

Titus O’ Neil Just Got Suspended From The WWE Following Bizarre Altercation With Vince McMahon

Rule #1 of being a professional wrestler – don’t ever, ever touch Vince McMahon without his explicit say so.

This Is Why McDonald’s Food Doesn’t Rot – And Also Why It Isn’t That Big A Deal

Every now and again someone will post up a picture on the internet of a McDonald’s meal from a real long time ago, and it will look exactly the same as the day it was bought and everyone will freak out about how it’s completely disgusting and bad for you because it’s doused in so many chemicals that not even gross microorganisms want to sample it.

New Robot Wars Trailer Reveals Which House Robots Are Back In New Series

The Robot Wars revival is gathering pace and anticipation quickly following the announcement that Dara O’Briain would be replacing presenter Craig Charles alongside Angela Scanlon, and they’ve wasted no time posting the following two teaser trailers that highlight the real stars of the show: the robots.

Man Convicted Of Drink Driving Blames It On His Beer Battered Fish

In perhaps one of the most creative defences for drink driving ever, a 76 year old man named John Przybyla from Friendship, Wisconsin has blamed his blood alcohol level on the beer batter on the fish he had just eaten at a local fish fry.

Watch This Shocking Footage Of A Carer Attacking And Abusing A 94 Year Old Woman With Alzheimer’s

Shocking footage from Buenos Aires has emerged of a 94 year old woman with Alzheimer’s being attacked by her carer in her own home.

Is Kanye Trolling Us With His Latest Tweet About Bill Cosby?

Seems like only yesterday Kanye West got completely torn to shreds on Twitter after asking people to guess his new album name – oh wait, it was.

London Rudeboy Projectile Pisses Himself While Getting Arrested In Unbelievable Video

There’s not much info available on this video other than the fact it was filmed in Camden. That’s not what’s important here though.

Adam Johnson Pleads Guilty To Sexual Activity With A Child And Grooming

In March last year it was alleged that Sunderland’s Adam Johnson had been engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl, and this week the case finally makes it to trial at Bradford Crown Court.