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Vin Diesel Absolutely Slaying Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ On Karaoke

Ever since he covered Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ a year or so back, we’ve all known what Vin Diesel is capable of on the mic (spoiler = he’s terrible).

Guy Revives Dying Woman By Pulling Off The Most Bonkers CPR Move Of All Time

According to the description on liveleak this Chinese dude is using ‘indigenous’ CPR methods to try and revive this girl and it looks like it… worked?

Brutal Collection of White Water Kayakers Getting The Shit Kicked Out Of Them

I never thought of kayaking as being particularly brutal or dangerous or punishing or even an extreme sport really, but it turns out I was completely and utterly wrong if this video is anything to go by, because it looks like it could be the most brutal, dangerous and punishing of all the extreme sports.

Chinese Shop Re-enacts Executions To Boost Sales

What kind of advertising really makes you want to splash your cash on the latest products? Maybe you like being told that a particular shirt will make you attractive to females even though you smell and look awful?

Girl Gets Annihilated By Speeding Police Car, Miraculously Survives

Complete annihilation. No other way to describe what goes down in this video. Also, quite sure you’re supposed to keep car crash victims still until the ambulance gets there so not sure what the Russian cops are doing pulling this one off the ground and moving her all over the place.

This Gumtree Experiment Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

A few weeks ago, I decided to embark upon a little experiment that had been playing on my mind for some time.

Danny MacAskill Rides The Playboy Mansion

Danny MacAskill was doing a promotional tour of America for his new video Epucen which was filmed in an abandoned Argentinian town of the same name when he discovered that one of the stops was at the Playboy mansion.

5 Legal Highs That Will Probably Kill You

Humans love exiting their minds and changing the way they perceive the world. We’ve been doing it ever since we worked out how.

This Is America’s Unhealthiest Meal

The honour of being America’s most unhealthy meal has fallen to fast food outlet Red Robin, which is a gourmet burger fast food chain over in America.

Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Cheered As Orlando Bloom Tried To Punch Justin Bieber

As if Leonardo DiCaprio could crush life any harder, he did as he managed to get wrapped up in the whole Orlando Bloom trying to punch Justin Bieber thing that happened over in Ibiza earlier this week.

Woman Walks Naked Man On Dog Leash Down Street With Unknown Object In His Butt

Another day, another completely weird hick/redneck event happens in America that doesn’t happen in Florida.

Hamas: The Truth

Israel-Palestine violence has been a dirty subtext to world politics for the last century and one of the main players in the situation has been Hamas.

Scenes From D-Day Then And Now

As you probably remember, it was the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings a couple of months ago and there was a lot of emotional coverage of the commemorative events going down at the time.

5 Bosses You Find In The Workplace & How You Can Defeat Them

Whether you like you job or not, and let’s face it you probably don’t, you‘ll always have someone to answer to.

Man Trampled By Bull Taking Selfie

Apparently they don’t only let bulls out to gouge people at the running of the bulls in Spain, but they also do it every year at the Fetes de Bayonne in France, whatever that is.

Scientists Invent Ice Cream That Changes Colour As You Lick It

A physicist called Manuel Linares has decided to quit working on boring physics stuff and create an ice cream that changes colour when you lick it, which is a way better us of his time if you ask me.

Hackney Council Launches Crackdown On Laughing Gas

Laughing gas has long been a staple of the festival scene, raves, house parties, and for anyone looking to make a quick buck.

Insane Stuntman Films Himself Attempting Absolutely Crazy Roof Gap Jump

If you believe the narrative of this video, then crazy stuntman Ethan Swanson woke up one day and decided to attempt jumping over a crazy roof gap near his apartment in Chicago, Illinois just for the hell of it, without any safety equipment, and decided to film it on his GoPro too just for the hell of it.

Guy’s Wife Doesn’t Want Any Pregnancy Pictures Taken; Hires Photographer And Does It Himself

I’m not really sure what the deal is with taking picture of women while they’re pregnant – I haven’t had kids so I can’t comment – but some people like to do it -there was a great set of selfies that this woman took during her pregnancy for example – whereas others don’t at all, and I think both viewpoints are perfectly acceptable.

DMX Freaking Out On The Sling Shot Theme Park Ride Is The Funniest Video You’ll See Today

This settles it – DMX is our favourite rapper of all time. If he’s not crashing people’s weddings or running through hotel corridors high on crack, he’s having some completely legal fun on the dreaded Sling Shot theme park ride.