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This TV Show’s ‘Real Or Fake’ Skit Looks Like Legalised Sexual Assault

We all know that Donald Trump’s views on women can be boiled down to one infamous sentence: “Grab her by the pussy.” Featured Image VIA Although his view is widely unaccepted because, you know, evolution happened, perhaps it appears there is at least one TV presenter who does condone this type of handsy assault.

Watch The Shocking Moment A Man Admits To Raping And Murdering A Toddler On Live TV

A man named Himmet Akturk has admitted to raping and killing a four-year-old girl in his hometown in Turkey.

Watch This Jacked Bodybuilder Get His Ass Destroyed By A Female Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

It’s fairly well known that bodybuilders tend to think they’re the toughest, baddest dudes on the planet, so it’s always great when you see one acting like that getting their ass choked out by someone way smaller than them, especially when that someone is a girl.

Watch This Hero Kid Break Up A School Fight After The Teacher Gets Battered

If I was watching a fight between two kids back at school, I think the only reason I would try and break it up would be if my buddy was getting battered – I definitely wouldn’t break it up because one of the kids accidentally hit the teacher.

Watch This Hero Jump Off A Bus To Annihilate A Guy Attacking A Woman (VIDEO)

Everybody always says stuff like ‘if I saw a woman getting beaten up in the middle of the street, there’s no way I wouldn’t step in and help’, but when it comes to the actual crunch and actually stepping up to help, it turns out that most people are toffee.

Study Shows That Women Drink As Much As Men These Days

Normally when you think of guys and girls and which side of the gender divide is more likely to be a massive pisshead then you’re going to think of the male of the species, but it turns out that women are closing the gap more than you would think.

Man Tricks Women Into To Sleeping With Him By Telling Them It Was For A Porn Audition

33-year-old Mario Antoine has been arrested for tricking dozens of women into sleeping with him by telling them he was a porn producer and that they were rehearsing for an adult movie.

Was One Of The ‘Geordie Shore’ Stars Gurning All Over The Place On Live TV?

Vicky Pattison (from ‘Geordie Shore’ and ‘Ex on the Beach’) should maybe have reconsidered powdering her nose before her recent performance on the ‘Xtra Factor Live.’ Featured Image VIA  OK, so I’m obviously not allowed to outright accuse this girl of huffing class As before going on-screen, but judging by the look of her gurn face, I would definitely put money on it.

Who Said It? Nigel Farage Or Alan Partridge?

Ever since the battle for Brexit this summer, the online community has noticed a striking similarity between the fictional right-wing hero Alan Partridge and the real-life right-wing wanker Nigel Farage.

Turns Out Gordon Ramsay Was In A Rom-Com And It’s Even Shitter Than It Sounds

Although romantic comedies are generally shit, what with the terrible acting and the fact that every story line is essentially the same, every now and then it’s pretty fun to give one a watch for the pure cringe factor alone.

Check Out The ‘World’s Most Dangerous Song’ Which Was Banned For Causing Suicides

Perhaps because Halloween is fast approaching, a legendary song that was banned after it sparked a series of suicides has resurfaced online and is now doing the rounds because its mysterious backstory.

Watch The Moment A Party Gets Ruined In A Matter Of Seconds

There’s not any information surrounding this video, but you don’t really need much of a backstory aside from the fact that for this group of buddies, their party was annihilated at the drop of a hat.

Morrissey Has Described Brexit As ‘Magnificent’

Many people might think that Morrissey is one of the greatest musicians of all time, but I dare say that a fair few of those probably think that he’s one of the biggest pricks of all times too, and once again he’s decided to come out with another statement that’s literally designed to wind people up and make them think he’s a dickhead.

HIV Positive Man Who Decapitated His Aunt And Uncle Is Facebook Live Streaming His Getaway

Facebook Live has enabled anyone with an account to pretty much stream whatever they’re doing right there and then for anyone who wants to watch and most people have kept it decidedly PG-13 so far, but the video below is definitely one of the most inappropriate and chilling uses of it that we’ve seen.

It’s Been Proven That A Jägerbomb Is As Bad For You As A Line Of Cocaine

In the past ten years or so, Jägerbombs, Vodka Red Bulls or whatever combination of host and energy drink is prevalent in your town have become more and more popular with people going out drinking and looking to get wild.

This ‘Period Explosion’ Just Happened In Central London (VIDEO)

One thing when you’re a guy that you can’t really make fun of a girl for is their period pains, because it seems like they’re absolutely horrific and there’s no way that you’re ever really going to experience what they have to go through, so I’m kinda surprised that anyone would actually agree to make this prank.

Shia LaBoeuf’s New War Movie ‘Man Down’ Looks Intense As Hell

Shia LaBoeuf often gets a bit of a rough rep for all the weird performance art he’s always doing, but the truth is that he’s actually a pretty talented actor whose taken a lot of unnecessary risks with his career by appearing in movies like Nymphomaniac and this latest effort, Afghanistan war movie Man Down.

A Man Who Vanished 20 Years Ago Just Got Found Tied Up In His Dad’s Basement

Police in Brazil believe they have found a man who went missing over 20 years ago when he was just 16-years-old in the basement of his father’s house.

This Is Officially 2016’s Most Offensive Halloween Costume

American supermarket giant Walmart has been forced to remove a Halloween costume accessory from its website after it sparked outrage and controversy online.

TV Model Goes On Telly To Show Off Shit Playboy Tattoo; Ends Up Flashing Huge Camel Toe

These camel toe stories seem to be coming in thick and fast these days. I don’t know what it is about seeing an item of clothing being shoved up in a woman’s private parts, but they keep going viral and it never ceases to be embarrassing for the woman in question.