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UFC Fighter Refuses To Tap Out Of Brutal Arm Bar, Makes Sickening Comeback To Win Fight

Your badass of the week is MMA fighter Kevin Croom who somehow managed to not only survive this arm bar attempt by Jacob Akin but also completely turn things around and take the victory.

Weirdest Videos On The Web: ‘Desire’

Just some guy with pincer hands dressed like a druid and devouring a massive raw sausage. What’s so weird about that?

The Swedish Town Of Umeå Has The Weirdest Way Of Saying “Yes”

Sweden’s famous for a lot of things, being incredibly nippy and wealthy are but two of their claims to fame.

Brian Harvey Goes Nuts At Radio 1 After Singer Covers ‘Stay Another Day’ In Live Lounge

Brian Harvey’s really been putting himself out there this month – first releasing his own fire flames version of ‘German Whip’ and then going completely berserk and destroying his framed East 17 platinum records in a back alley somewhere.

Ronaldo Loses The Plot During Real Madrid Vs Cordoba, Sent Off After Punching And Kicking Two Defenders

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t in the greatest mood during Real Madrid’s 2-1 win at Cordoba over the weekend, and ended up being sent off after punching a defender in the face, then giving another one a slick kick/smack combo moments later, before chopping another one in the face: Question is – what’s he upset about?

Rihanna Says Leo DiCaprio Is ‘The Best She’s Ever Had’

Is there a bigger ego boost than having an absolute demon like Rihanna tell the whole world that you’re the best she’s ever had?

What Happens When You Put An Octopus In A Locked Jar?

Apparently octopuses are super smart and also have a touch of the Harry Houdini about them too as the one in this video shows.

Here’s An Extremely Weird Glimpse Behind The Scenes Of A Japanese Cosplay Photo Shoots

We often cover Japanese stuff on Sick Chirpse, and I guess that’s just because, in a nutshell, stuff is different over there, really different.

Whatever You Do Today, Make Sure These Ninja Cats Don’t Sneak Up On You

Cats can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on which side of their spectrum you fall.

Feeling Lonely? This New App Will Pretend To Be Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Completely faking that you have a significant other is a very low thing to do, but if you’re going to do it then you might as well be convincing.

Watch This Guy Try To Destroy A Car In Real Life Like In The ‘Street Fighter’ Bonus Round

One of the most awesome parts of playing Street Fighter was the bonus round where you had to wreck a car as much as you could using punches and kicks within the time limit.

Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Seem That Impressed With Russia’s New Combat Robot

I don’t know about old Putin here, but if we were invited to the Military Research Institute just outside Moscow to check out some new age robot military weapons we’d expect some kind of Terminator-style killing machine, not whatever the hell this is: Come on Russia, that’s not going to impress the guy who showed up at the G20 Summit backed up by 4 warships.

Great Dad Names And Shames Racist Family In YouTube Video

This guy had a great way to deal with the kids that were snapchatting his adopted African American daughter with racist remarks – he posted their details up in a YouTube video which you can see below.

5 “Real” Men In Black Stories

Men in Black (MIB) stories have been around since the 40’s, way before Will Smith was even born. In fact, some of the hardcore believers out there reckon the movie of the same name was produced, in part, to make the notion of MIB seem daft and unbelievable.

Here Are 18 Of The Weirdest X-Rays Ever

I don’t even want to think about some of these occurred – or the pain that is probably associated with each of them – because they look so messed up that something really special must have happened for them to even be in existence.

UFC Star Connor McGregor’s New Documentary Looks Intense As Hell

We got a look into rising UFC star Connor McGregor’s life in this short teaser about his obsession with movement back in November, but this new trailer for his new six part documentary gives an even bigger insight into just how intense his life is – and how much he loves it.

Woman Finds McWorm In Her Chicken Nuggets

McDonald’s might have told everyone how they make their chicken nuggets, but this probably didn’t include the fact that every now and then you get a little worm inside your nugget.

Lindsay Lohan Might Be Headed To Jail

As if shooting car insurance adverts wasn’t bad enough for Lindsay Lohan, it looks like she might be heading for jail along with Chris Brown.

Woman Fakes Own Death To Get Out Of A Date

We’ve all been there when it comes to online dating – you’ve been on a couple of dates with someone but you’re not really feeling it.

Hustler Magazine Sue Dan Bilzerian; But Also Inadvertently Call Him A God

You might recall last year that Dan Bilzerian threw a porn star off a roof and broke her foot, and then later in the year it came back to kick him in the ass when she decided to sue him for it.