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This Game Of Thrones GIF Just Completely Destroyed Jon Snow’s Street Cred Forever

Valyrian steel is one of just two materials that can kill White Walkers in Game of Thrones. Featured Image VIA Luckily for Jon Snow, his sword Longclaw is made of the finest Valyrian steel Westeros has to offer.

Dope Shots #215

Feast your eyes on this… Our 215th instalment of Dope Shots features plenty of aesthetically pleasing snapshots and .gifs that will shock, stimulate and soothe your eye balls.

MMA Fighter Sprays Urine In His Opponent’s Face During Their Weigh-In (VIDEO)

Filipino MMA fighters Kiko Matos and Baros Heisler don’t seem to like each other very much, and might just wind up killing each other before their official clash in Manila on June 25.

This Murder Suspect Trying To Snatch A Cop’s Gun Is An Absolutely Unreal Situation

Surveillance footage from a police interrogation room over in Cincinnati, Ohio shows 23-year-old Thomas Robinson, arrested for shooting a teenager dead, make a go for a cop’s gun while he’s changing his handcuffs.

Swiss Artist Arrested For Allowing Strangers To Touch Her Tits And Vagina In Public (VIDEO)

Controversial performance artist Milo Moire has been arrested in London’s Trafalgar Square after inviting members of the public to fondle her tits and stroke her vagina.

Donald Trump Was The Victim Of Some BRUTAL Disses On Twitter After His Ignorant Brexit Tweet

Donald Trump was in Scotland for the opening of a new golf course on Friday – the same day that we all found out that the UK voted to leave the EU.

Ben Affleck Gives Bizarre TV Interview Where He Can’t Stop Swearing And Slurring His Words

Ben Affleck wasn’t looking or sounding too great when he gave this interview on Bill Simmons’s TV show the other night.

Most Evil App Ever Allows You To Anonymously Send Game Of Thrones Spoilers To Your Enemies

Is there anyone out there you hate enough that you would actually send them Game of Thrones spoilers from an anonymous number?

Man Shoots Someone Dead While On House Arrest After The Police Put Ankle Monitor On Fake Leg

A man named Quincy Green was arrested recently for a gun charge and was supposed to be on house arrest while awaiting his trial.

One Of The Girls From ‘Geordie Shore’ Just Flashed EVERYTHING After Going Out Commando (PHOTO)

So the girls of ‘Geordie Shore’ aren’t exactly the kind who keep it classy on a night out, but one of them has managed to surpass their usual dirty standards by going commando on a night out and flashing everything to the cameras.

Study Shows Guys Only Use Condoms When Shagging Unattractive Chicks

A survey of a group of heterosexual men between the ages of 19 and 61 published in BMJ Open has found that a guy will decide whether to use a condom during casual sex or not depending on how attractive they find their lover.

Basketball Player Tries To Dunk Over 7 Kids; Obliterates One Of Them In The Process (VIDEO)

Dunking over seven children would be a pretty impressive feat, so long as you could pull it off. Featured Image VIA Unfortunately for college basketball player Tyrell Clary over in the States, his attempt this week came up a little short.

One Of The Chuckle Brothers Said He’s ‘Not A Racist’ After Sharing Britain First Post

Barry Elliott AKA one of the Chuckle Brothers came under fire recently after he shared a Britain First Facebook post.

The ‘Cook My Burrito Bitch’ Guy Speaks Out After Meltdown Footage Goes Viral

The other day we shared a video of this raving lunatic having a go at Trump protesters over in Phoenix, Arizona, and saying all kinds of racist things like “go cook my fucking burrito bitch” to Mexicans in attendance.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #67

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box (also located under this post) – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

Man Uses Playstation Controller To Kill His Brother After Suffering From Extreme FIFA Rage

20-year-old Ben Abbott from Milton Keynes killed his brother, Owen, recently after a serious case of Fifa rage.

Man Develops Tits After Drinking Too Much Soy Milk

A guy over in the US has managed to grow himself a pair of tits from drinking too much soy milk. Apparently this has happened due to soy products being rich in a set of molecules called “isoflavones” which have weak estrogen activity.

Black Cab Driver Smashes Uber Driver In The Face In Central London (VIDEO)

A fight broke on the streets of central London recently after an Uber driver and a black cab driver crashed into each other.

Stormzy Set To Run For UK Prime Minister

FEATURED IMAGE VIA Stormzy wants to take Cameron’s spot as Prime Minister #StormzyForPrimeMinister A lot can happen in a day and that can definitely be said for the EU referendum.

Young Mum Makes Her Little Kid Film Her Doing The NSFW #ArchYourback Challenge (VIDEO)

In what the YouTube uploader describes as “a damn shame”, a video has emerged in which a young mum has her young kid film her as she attempts to do the #Archyourback challenge – some kind of skanky new Instagram trend that doesn’t even seem that difficult.