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Meet The Rat Eating Cat-Man Of Greenock (NSFL)

In the last few days we’ve introduced you to the worryingly strange Purple Aki who loves to intimidate people and touch their muscles uninvited.

London’s First Roast Potato Pop-Up Sells Out In Under An Hour

Last week McCain announced that they were setting up a joint roast potato pop up with the Robin Collective in Mayfair on October 23rd named Sunday Best.

A Convicted Murderer Cut Off His Dick So It Would Look More Like An Egyptian Serpent God

Meet Nikko Jenkins, who probably looks like the kind of guy you wouldn’t be surprised to hear cut off his own dick because he wanted to look more like an Egyptian serpent God. He’s also a 29 year old convicted murderer who has been on death row since 2013 for the murder of four people, so he’s probably not the kind of guy you want to invite home to meet your parents.

A Woman Who Was Sat In McDonald’s All Night Had Actually Died And No One Realised

Depressingly, a homeless woman in a McDonald’s in Hong Kong was discovered dead in her seat after sitting there all night.

Amber Rose Breaks Down Crying While Giving Speech At LA SlutWalk

The other day Amber Rose held her SlutWalk event in LA, which encourages women to be comfortable and open about their sexual freedom while protesting against sexism and raising awareness of sexist abuse.

The Rage Against The Machine Bassist Doesn’t Believe In ISIS Or The Moon Landings

Last week we talked about an interview that Rage Against The Machine bassist Timmy C/Timmy Commerford had conducted with Rolling Stone, in which he apologised for the existence of Limp Bizkit, and now some more cuts from that interview have emerged where he talks about how he doesn’t believe in ISIS or the moon landings.

The Best/Worst Profiles & Conversations In The Tinder Universe #22

Another week, another rundown of the funniest and weirdest conversations and profiles in Tinder land.

The Harvard Debate Team Just LOST A Debate To A Group Of Prison Inmates

Here’s something that’ll put a little blemish in the history books for Harvard – their debate team just got battered by a team of prisoners from Eastern New York Correctional Facility (not literally battered, they actually out-debated them).

Babysitter Who Had Sex With 11 Year Old Spared Jail Because The Kid’s Dad Said It Was A ‘Notch On His Belt’

Following a couple cases where female school teachers got sent to prison for having sex with underage students (one got a record 22 years), this story has just sent a precedent for any similar cases in the future.

Doctors Have Managed To Reattach A Toddler’s Head After It Was Decapitated From His Body

Doctors have miraculously managed to reattach a 16 month old baby’s head to his body in Australia after he was decapitated following a car crash.

Apple Is Officially Developing The iRing – Apparently The Ultimate In Remote Controls

After the majorly underwhelming reveal of their brand spanking new pencil the other month, Apple have just published a patent for a device that might be entirely unnecessary but at least is kind of inventive – the iRing.

This Little Invention Just Raised $3.5 Million On Kickstarter In Less Than 10 Days

This little piece of equipment is known as the ‘Skarp’ razor, and as you might’ve guessed it’s a brand new razor that looks fairly regular but works in a completely different way to your conventional razor.

American Apparel Has Finally Filed For Bankruptcy

A little over a year after they got rid of founder and CEO Dov Charney, American Apparel has been forced to file for bankruptcy.

Watch 19 Year Old Wonderkid Sage Northcutt Knock His Opponent Out In 57 Seconds On His UFC Debut

There has been a bit of hype around the 19 year old karate kid Sage Northcutt recently, probably mostly because UFC president Dana White initially dismised him as a wannabe when he first met him, but having seen him in action offered him a fight at the UFC 192 Preliminaries.

Japanese Live Streamer Accidentally Burns Down His House While Streaming Live Video

A Japanese live streamer named Daasuke has accidentally burned down his house live on camera after playing with a trick lighter.

Is Spitman And Purple Aki The Same Person?

Could we have solved one of the biggest creepiest internet mysteries of all time? Could Akinwale Arobieke AKA Purple Aki, the muscle obsessed, serial lawbreaker be the same person as Spitman, the odd chap that pays kids to piss on him and rub his feet on their faces?

Tories Turn Up To Manchester; Tories Get Egged In The Face (VIDEO)

Yesterday, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in All Saint’s Park on Oxford Road in Manchester to protest against the Tory conference that is currently taking place in the city and started.

Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photography Is Dark And Twisted (NSFW)

Joshua Hoffine was born in Kansas in 1973 and he makes impressively dark photos. But rather than the type of photo we’ve covered here before where real life is as bleak as shit and / or everyone’s dying, he constructs impressively bleak sets, puts actors in them and creates a horror film-esque still.

GALLERY: Acid Attacks, Dead Gorillas And Vanishingly Rare Tribes. Brent Stirton Is Amazing (NSFW)

Brent Stirton is a South African photographer who was born to travel the earth. But rather than travel about and snap piccies of lovely beaches in Barbados or impressive architecture in Europe, he digs a little deeper.

Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Comes Clean About His Cocaine Addiction

Tom Hanks’ son – the rapper known as Chet Haze – was in the news a few months ago because he was defending his right to use the word ‘nigga‘ after everyone on the internet had ripped him for being a rich white boy wannabe wigger gangster.