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Here’s A Man Playing The Star Spangled Banner With A Rifle

It’s Independence Day over in America and it’s fallen on a Saturday so you can bet everyone over there is firing up their BBQs and drinking a load of beer and shooting a lot of guns.

Longboarding Los Angeles To New York: Update 2

If you missed the first update of our journey then click here for that. After a mixed few days of skating, we were still cruising out of California for our first major destination, Las Vegas.

Art Projects Asks People To Reveal Their Darkest Secrets; Produces Predictably Brutal Results

Some artist named Candy Chang is obviously a big fan of Sick Chirpse confessions and decided to take the concept and turn it into an art exhibition in Las Vegas – of course.

Crazy Christian Woman Goes On Insane Rant About Same Sex Marriage

You probably heard that last week the United States finally legalised same sex marriage in all of its states.

This Guy Rolls Some Of The Most Insane Blunts Anyone Has Ever Seen

Blunt rolling is an art form and that’s why this guy with no hands learned how to do it and why Wacka Flocka Flame has to employ a personal blunt roller.

Check Out This Real Life Horror Maze That Increases Its Difficulty The More Scared You Get

Horror mazes are big business at the moment and although there’s a shortage of them in England (except around Halloween), they’re always looking to innovate them and make them more horrific over in America.

Watch Damien Walters Nail The First Ever Hold And Release Bungee Jump

Just like yesterday when we featured the guy flying through a really small hole in a wing suit, bungee jumping is something I never want to go anywhere near for obvious reasons.

Watch POV Footage Of Police Officers Shooting Man Dead Outside Restaurant – Did He Deserve It?

A couple of days ago this distressing footage of police officers shooting dead a suspect outside a restaurant in East Texas was uploaded onto the internet and it’s pretty grim.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #20

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Using Synthol

I presume you thought the best way to get big arms and a ripped chest was through rigorous training sessions, discipline and good old-fashioned hard work, right?

You Can Now Make Flaming Hot Cheeto Mozarella Sticks And They Look Awesome

I stumbled across a recipe involving two of my favorite snacks ever – Hot Cheetos and String Cheese. Taking all of this into account, obviously it was an immediate attention grabber.

19 Examples Of Family Members Who Are Way, WAY Too Close On Social Media

We already did a run down of the world’s ‘Top’ 5 incestuous crimes a few years back, but it looks like there might be a few more in the making judging by this list of family photos which bizarrely found their way online.

Watch This Great White Shark’s Unrelenting Attack On A Diving Cage

It’s a big attraction now to go scuba diving inside a massive cage whilst sharks and other terrifying creatures from the deep swim around you looking at you and pretty much scaring the absolute crap out of you.

Mastercard Is Getting Its Customers To Take A Selfie Instead Of Using A Passcode

Mastercard is trying out some new technology that enables you to pay for goods by taking a selfie rather than typing in your passcode.

Google Apologises After Accidentally Tagging Black People As Gorillas

Google cocked up this week after a user noticed that their new Photos app categorised him and his friend (both black) as gorillas.

You Can Now Go On A Walking Dead Themed Cruise

Following on from presumably great successes like the Backstreet Boys cruise, The Walking Dead has announced that it’ll be setting sail on its own three day cruise ride next January.

Guy Pranks His Grandma Into Thinking He’s A Drug Dealer; Backfires Massively

Josh Paler Lin is one of YouTube’s most notorious pranksters and it’s always a pleasure when one of his videos comes along as you know it’s going to be good.

Google’s New Artificial Intelligence Is Actually A Religious Whackjob

Seeing as those eggheads at Google prefer talking to computers rather than actual people, its no surprise they have been working with Artificial Intelligence for some time now.

Here Are The Best Gym Fails Of 2015

Everyone who isn’t completely ripped dreams of getting their butt off the couch and getting into shape and hoping it will happen after one gym session.

These Animals Photographed In Hunt Mode Have Never Looked More Awesome

Over the millennia evolution has steadily honed the most impressive of killing machines. It’s quite literally a dog eat dog world.