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Here Are Some Mad Max Posters Improved By Comments Made By Daily Mail Readers

Mad Max: Fury Road is undoubtedly one of the films of the year – if you haven’t seen it yet go watch the trailer and then immediately go to the cinema to check it out – but some people have been a little unhappy with its feminist undertones because (spoiler alert) Charlize Theron is basically more of a badass than Mad Max in it.

Adolf Hitler Ice Cream Is Now On Sale In India

We all know Hitler made a great (secret) model back in his day, but we never thought we’d actually see him as the face and name of anyone’s brand.

You Can Crash Anyone’s iPhone By Simply Sending This Text Message

Here’s one sure-fire way to wind up anyone with an iPhone – send them the new ‘effective. Power’ text and it will cause their phone to reset.

Here Are 58 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads Of The Last Couple Of Years

There have been a hell of a lot of powerful social issue adverts over the past couple of years so Digital Synopsis thought they would find the top 58 from the last couple of years and make the ultimate compilation of them.

This Billboard Really Doesn’t Look Good When You’re Approaching it From Behind

If you were driving down the street and you saw that emerging from behind an advertising billboard you would probably think that gigantic dildos were invading the Earth and you would probably be terrified.

Feminist Uni Student Who Refuses To Shave Her Body Hair Just Contradicted Herself Massively

19 year old Liverpool uni student Yasmin Gasinova says she hasn’t shaved her body hair in 8 years – in fact she’s written a whole piece in The Tab about it (controversial).

It’s Absolute Pandemonium At The 2015 Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Competition This Year

Never understood the point behind the Gloucestershire cheese rolling competition (not sure there even is a point?

Los Angeles Strip Club Food Review: Sam’s Hofbrau

Yikes. Here we are again: Mary reporting with Sick Chirpse from the inner bowels of Los Angeles – bringing you another Strip Club Food Review.

The New Point Break Trailer Looks Completely Cheesy And Absolutely Nothing Like The Original

If you grew up in the 90s then you probably remember Point Break as being a pretty huge movie at the time, and maybe if you were lucky then your parents let you watch it with them even though it was an 18.

England Favourites To Host 2018 World Cup Following FIFA Arrests

Unless you haven’t been on the Internet or near a TV today (is that actually possible in the modern age?

Manchester City Centre To Become Futuristic Battleground For New Violent Video Game ‘Beyond Flesh And Blood’

Manchester-based game developers Pixelbomb Games have created their very own messed up version of GTA – except it’s going to be roughly 20x more violent and set in Manchester.

Someone Has Created A LEGO First Person Shooter Game And It Looks Awesome

With LEGO pretty much present in very facet of society these days – from the Lego Bible to the Lego Hotel – it was probably only a matter of time until someone made a first person LEGO shooter.

Ronda Rousey Says Her Dream Fight Would Be Against Jon Jones

Ronda Rousey is undeniably the best female fighter in the world right now after her recent 14 second submission and she’s also a massive fan favourite after interviews like this where she disses Floyd Mayweather, but could she actually take down a man in a UFC fight?

Stream Jamie xx’s ‘In Colour’ Album In Full Visual Goodness Right Now

We’ve been waiting on this one for a while and it hasn’t failed to impress. Jamie xx has finally released his debut album ‘In Colour’ which can now be streamed in full in pure visual goodness over on iTunes.

Westboro Baptist Church Try To Abuse Ireland Over Same Sex Marriage Law; Accidentally Abuse Ivory Coast

Obviously it was fairly big news over the weekend with Ireland voting to allow same sex marriage to be recognised within their country, but obviously there were going to be some people (who are probably repressed homosexuals themselves) who weren’t going to be happy about this decision.

Best New Tumblr Find – Dimly Lit Meals For One

Some dude called Tom DMLFO emailed us the other day and asked us if we wanted to feature his blog Dimly Lit Meals For One on the site.

Instagram’s Latest Sensation Is A Disabled “Bunny Cat” Called Roux

Thanks to sites like Instagram, momentary fame is much easier to achieve than it used to be; for better or worse, that means that plenty of pillocks with no discernable skill get their taste of the limelight.

Asshole American Cop Tells Speeding German Boy His Butt Will Be He Hurting For A Month If He Goes To Jail

Anyone who has ever had any run ins with the law in America will tell you that American cops are almost unanimously some of the worst people in history and will usually bully and shout at you until they get their own way or have sufficiently scared the crap out of you.

Iran Launches Anti-ISIS Cartoon Competition To ‘Expose True Nature Of Islamic State’

If there’s one thing the Charlie Hebdo attacks were supposed to teach us, it’s that mocking fanatical religious groups via cartoons isn’t the greatest idea.

Watch This Documentary About A Guy Who Has Had His Penis Enlarged So Much It No Longer Fits In His Pants (NSFW)

We regularly talk about people who have modified their bodies in completely weird ways here on Sick Chirpse – check out these synthol addicts and these body modifications from the Venezuela Tattoo Convention – but this definitely ranks up there with the weirdest.