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Guy Fakes Coma For Two Years So He Doesn’t Have To Go To Court

In what can only be described as the one of the greatest long cons of all time – even greater than the guy who faked heart attacks for five years to get out of paying a restaurant bill – a 47 year old Welsh man named Alan Knight pretended to be a quadriplegic in a coma for two years to avoid a court summons.

Sasha Grey Reads Some Of The Most Sexually Creepy Texts Ever Sent Out Loud

Well, this’ll be disheartening for some. All this time you thought your Tinder game was on point but really your texts are being used as comedic fodder by porn stars trying to make each other laugh: Normally I don’t like stuff like this but some of these messages are a real hoot and obviously Sasha Grey is just great at being the coy girl – again as I’m sure you’ll all know from your familiarity with her vast body of work – so it actually works really really well and actually holds your attention for the whole duration.

Policeman Gets Completely Owned By A Bunch Of Stunt Racers

Stunt racers burning out cops is nothing new but what is news is when the racers tell the cops to fuck off and they leave with a whimper which is exactly what happens in this video.

5 Things Your Body Does That Science Still Can’t Explain

Science is a powerful tool and as we roar unerringly into the future it enables us to explain more and more of the confusing happenings around us.

Crazy Boyfriend Tells Barack Obama To Stay Away From His Girlfriend

As if you couldn’t already tell from his stoner days or footage of him going beast mode in the gym, Barack Obama is the most swagged out US President since, well, since that dirty dog Bill Clinton.

Mother Of Bullied Child Advertising For ‘Cool Black Kids’ To Hang Out With Her Kid

Does your nerdy child keep getting bullied at school by all the cool kids? Well, here’s how you deal with it – buy him some cool black friends: OK, that sounded wrong.

Guy’s Ex-Girlfriend Gets Stuck In Chimney Trying To Stalk Him

There’s something about a good image that cries out to be shared, that’s probably why our epic Dope Shots series is so darned popular.

VIDEO: Huge Spider VS Lizard To The Death

Spiders get a pretty bad press, so a while back I tried to improve their image by posting up a dazzling selection of photos of some of the most amazing and bewildering spiders on earth.

New Photomath App Solves Maths Problems Without A Calculator Or Even Typing Numbers In

This new app is called Photomath and it pretty much solves any maths problem ever in about 4 seconds just by scanning the question in the text book.

Chinese Woman Spends A Whole Week Eating Chicken In KFC After Being Dumped

They say that comfort eating is one way to mend a broken heart, but this Chinese woman is really taking it to the next level.

The BBC Is Showing Drive Next Week Without Its Original Soundtrack And One Scored By Zane Lowe Instead

The internet has been left shocked and butthurt after the BBC’s announcement that they’ll be screening Drive on BBC 3 next Thursday but the original soundtrack won’t be appearing and instead one chosen by Zane Lowe will grace the motion picture instead.

ISIS Release Sickening Video Of Woman Being Stoned To Death By Her Own Father

It was only yesterday when reporting on the 17 year old missing Australian who was now a spokesman for ISIS that I commented that it had actually ben a while since they had released anything particularly brutal or harrowing given their usual output.

Munchies’ ‘Guide To The North’ Highlights Some Of Incredible Local Food You Can Get Up There

We’ve featured a couple of programmes from the Munchies channel before – like this one about a young New York chef who sells mushroom truffles out the back of his van - but this new one about the delicacies of the north is probably my favourite video that the channel has released, mainly because I love Parmesan hot shots and want the whole world to know about them.

A Bunch Of Horny Redditors Jerked To A Dude’s Butt Because They Thought It Was A Woman’s Boobs

Sorry to disappoint, but that is a photo of a pair of underwear wedged up a man’s butt crack. For one very brief, fucked up night however, a bunch of Reddit users thought they were looking at a hot woman’s boobs and reacted accordingly: Here is the full pic: The actual fucked up part about this is, who the hell wanks off to zoomed in photos of anonymous cleavages?

ISIS Have A New 17 Year Old Spokesman From Australia

Surprisingly it’s been a few days since we’ve featured anything about ISIS on the site but here they are back again.

UKIP Release ‘Calypso Song’

Mike Reid the former Radio 1 DJ has released a disgustingly distasteful ‘Calypso’ song in favour of the party we love to hate UKIP.

Watch This Crow Look Some Guy In The Eyes And Say ‘F*ck You’

Crows have always been weird in the bird family and more likely than other birds to take out their aggression on humans – anyone remember the stoner and the crow?

This Is What A $95 Million NYC Apartment Looks Like

We featured this NYC apartment that was going to cost $23 million to buy a few months ago, but it seems like that’s already been topped by ones that could cost up to $95 million (although to be fair the lowest price in the building is $16 million, so slightly more affordable).

Zdzisław Beksiński’s Visions Of Hell

We’ve written about Zdzisław Beksiński before on the site as one of the 10 dark masters you have to check out, but I thought it was worth doing a post solely about him because some of his artwork is spectacularly messed up and psychopathic.

Photographer Captures People’s Disgusted Faces After Downing A Shot

Doing shots always comes with a price – they usually taste disgusting and you feel terrible the day after but that night you probably have one of the best times ever, even if you don’t remember it.