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64 Year Old Church Pastor Caught On Camera Smoking Crack, Snorting Cocaine And Watching Porn

All within the confines of his £1.5 million church home.

Someone Has Made An Organ Entirely Out Of Furbies

The sounds of the devil.

The Beach From Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ Is Closing Down Due To Overtourism

Chances are you’ve probably seen The Beach at sometime during your life and fantasised about how good it would be to pack your life in and go and leave on some hidden beach in the middle of the ocean and just have a completely sick time hanging out and doing drugs all the time.

Another Time Traveller Claims To Have A Picture From The Year 5000

Sounds like he's telling the truth.

Pilot Forced To Divert Plane Because Passenger Won’t Stop Farting


Cleaning Your House Is As Bad For You As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

Those cleaning products aren't doing your lungs any favours.

The New Rainbow Six Siege Event ‘Outbreak’ Looks Completely Sick

It also looks completely different to regular Rainbow Six games.

Marilyn Manson Has Bizarre Onstage Meltdown Before Storming Off Mid Set

Marilyn Manson is still probably one of the most controversial rock stars out there and has been flying that banner proudly for the last twenty years or so, but I don’t think there have been too many instances in his life where he’s let his fans down.

A New Study Has Linked Eating Chicken Nuggets To Cancer

Worst news ever.

The World’s First Sausage Dog Cafe Is Coming To The UK

Try to contain yourself.

An Elderly Man Was Pushed Off A Bike By A Car Passenger In A Sick Prank

Anyone know who did this?

This Man Snorted 4.5 Grams Of Cocaine And Then Stabbed Someone To Death Whilst Half Naked

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Watch This Skater Take One Of The Most Devastating Slams Of All Time

That's gotta hurt.

Strongbow Are Releasing A Huge Dark Fruits Keg This Easter

Party time.

The Florida Shooting Suspect’s Instagram Account Is Filled With Guns And Dead Animals

I said earlier today that we were probably going to be learning more about Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz in the coming days, and the first indication of this is via his Instagram account which has been dissected since the shooting.