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Here’s A Video Of An Old Grandma Twerking On Top Of A Car In A Redneck Backyard

Many people have questioned why twerking ever happened and why it’s become a massive cultural phenomenon over the past year – they even have twerk off competitions over in Russia – and no real answers have been given except perhaps for blaming it on Miley Cyrus.

Snoop Dogg Tells Story About The Time He Smoked Weed In The White House

Snoop Dogg had US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on his own online talk show this week, and ended up telling one of his own stories about getting blazed in the White House.

Here’s What The Inside Of The Giant Hole To Hell In Siberia Looks Like

We brought you news of this mysterious giant hole that had formed in Siberia last week, and at the time pretty much everyone was stumped as to how it had formed and just what the hell was going on.

VIDEO: British Couple Caught Having Sex Between Parked Cars In Magaluf (NSFW)

Here’s one for our Weirdest Places People Have Been Caught Having Sex list – a British couple going at it between two parked cars in Magaluf and completely taking the spotlight away from the girl who sucked 24 dicks for one drink a few weeks back.

Game Of Thrones Fans Confess Their Sexiest Game Of Thrones Fantasies

Not gonna lie, these sexy Game of Thrones fan confessions made it move a little bit. Perhaps not surprising when you consider one of the hottest women on the planet is involved in a bunch of them.

Professional Eater Annihilates The Rock’s Hercules Diet In One Sitting

About a week ago we featured The Rock’s Hercules diet – just what he was eating every day for 22 weeks in a row in order to bulk up to be as big as Hercules during the filming of his new movie – and everyone agreed that it was pretty out there – roughly 8 meals a day including 2 steaks, 2 chickens and 2 pieces of fish.

There Are Now Game Of Thrones Emojis

As we await Game Of Thrones season 5 (it’s going to be a while guys) there are a few things we can do to pass the time like speculate on who Jon Snow’s parents are or create beautiful Game Of Thrones fan art posters.


We first heard about the rumoured Fight Club sequel back at Comic Con around this time last year, and then some more details about the plot came out in November last year, but today the official announcement has dropped and everything seems much clearer.

PHOTOS: Anamorphic Art Will Break Your Brain

“Anamorphic” is a new word on me. I don’t know if you’ve used the word before? Try and slip it into conversation today, you’ll come across like a ruddy genius.

Game Of Thrones Actress Abuses British Airways Via Twitter After Being Denied Access To Lounge

Most of you probably know Maisie Williams as Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones. As she was flying back to the states to start filming Game Of Thrones season 5 (OMG) she had an altercation with British Airways about being denied access to the business lounge before her flight, and felt the need to tweet her dissatisfaction with their service.

Old Man Can’t Help But Feel The Music; Throws Down His Canes And Busts Out Crazy Dance Moves

Sometimes you might have really hurt your legs or just be in pain from something else but you’ll be wasted or on drugs or something and your favourite song will come on and as that feeling of euphoria comes over you you’ll have no choice but to leave your seat and rock the fuck out.

Kim Jong-Un Is Very Upset With This Parody Video Of Him And Wants It Taken Down From The Internet

Kim Jong-un is trying to get China to take down this parody video of him, with North Korean officials claiming it “seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority.” China obviously can’t help him there because as we know, anything that gets uploaded onto the Internet is there to stay.

Drunk Scottish Idiot Offers Hand For Use As Dartboard

There’s not much information about this one as the YouTube video blurb just says ‘Nathan is a twat. We know this.’ On the strength of this video, I would be inclined to agree.

Man Pretends To Get Run Over For Insurance Scam, Ends Up Getting Run Over For Real

Talk about putting 100% effort into your scam. Don’t just pretend to get run over, actually turn yourself into a human speed bump and make sure the whole thing is as realistic and believable as possible, especially the bit where you actually get crushed under the car’s wheels and are in loads of pain.

PHOTOS: Someone’s Made A Club Entirely From Lego

Photographer Marc De Groot’s day job is to hang out in Ibiza taking pictures of loads of cool club nights.

Girl Takes Selfie At Auschwitz; Proceeds To Get ‘Turnt Up’ At 150 Retweets

It’s tough not to be annoyed by someone who calls themselves ‘Princess Breanna’, and twice as tough when that person takes super smiley selfies in front of the Auschwitz concentration camp where over a million people died during World War II.

Nude Jet Ski Blow Job Fight Leads To Wife’s Death

When Michael Doster went to the nude beach with his wife Pamela near his hometown of Passage Key in Florida, it’s doubtful that either of them thought that by the end of the day she would be dead.

Star Wars Episode VII Plot Details Leaked

Sci fi fans have been losing their shit ever since it was announced that the Star Wars saga was finally going to have the final there episodes made, and they lost their shit even more when the cast of the movie was announced and even more so when this leaked footage from the movie got out. They probably need to prepare to get even more ready to lose their shit now because details of the plot have today been leaked, which is probably the kind of thing they’ve been waiting ever since they were five years old to hear.

Urban Isolation – Awesome Skate Video Where All Pedestrians & Cars Etc Are Edited Out

Skate videos are constantly pushing the barrier as they try and come up with the next big thing in terms of stunts, tricks and the overall general sickness of the video.

Introducing Jibo – The World’s First ‘Family Robot’

So you know when you watch The Jetsons or other TV shows or movies set in the future and robots are invariably way more integrated into life than they are now, and families even have their own robot helping out around the house doing stuff?