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2014′s Best Tracks To Drop A Bean To

2014 has been a fruitful year for dance music. We’ve been treated to brand new albums from Flying Lotus, Rustie, Aphex Twin and Caribou as well as a slew of fantastic EP releases across the board.

100 Pumpkins Vs 1 Massive Snow Blower

Following yesterday’s festivities for Halloween, there are going to be a hell of a lot of discarded pumpkins lying around today, especially over in America.

12 Stickers That Have Been Positioned In Completely The Wrong Places

You know when you’re going to the store that when you’re pacing up and down the aisles you’re probably going to see a few products with stickers on them, usually advertising discounts, special offers, reduced or maybe just some extra information about them.

Watch The Trippy Video For Paleman’s ‘Beezledub’

Forever pushing musical boundaries and bringing new releases to the table, Swamp81 have chalked up a big Halloween themed video for Paleman’s latest production.

Here Are Some Horror Film Taglines Replaced By Pornhub Comments

It’s Halloween today and I’m sure you’re all shivering in your boots about the fact and are probably planning some really scary shit to go down tonight (re: going to some shit costume party and maybe if you’re actually cool at least toilet papering someone’s house) unless you’re some kind of pussy that doesn’t enjoy the best holiday of the year.

Swedish Twin Sisters Aim To Be ‘Identical, Artificial Dolls’

It seems like looking like a blow up doll is all the rage now, with people coming out  almost every week with that look but these two 25 year old twins from Sweden have taken it up a notch once again by trying to look identical to each other in every way.

Instagram Account Of Guys Getting Very Aggressive When Rejected On Tinder

As we learnt watching Sasha Grey read out super creepy Tinder texts the other day, there are some serious weirdos out there who take anonymous rejection very personally indeed.

Guy Dresses Up As Girl And Walks Around Los Angeles, Still Gets Cat Called

Following on from the original video of a woman walking for ten hours around New York City and getting cat called by almost everyone she encountered (or so you would believe from the two minute video), we’ve seen the parody versions of a guy walking the streets for ten hours and porn star Kayden Kross catcalling guys, but this new video from First Nada might be the funniest one yet.

Here’s How To Make Sure You Survive This Halloween

Halloween has got to be one of the scariest nights of the year for obvious reasons really – it’s the night where all of the scariest monsters and psychopaths come out of the woodwork trying not only to scare the crap out of you but also to maim, mutilate and ultimately kill you.

Two Bears Have An Intense Brawl In Someone’s Back Yard

This isn’t as good as the video of two kangaroos having a fist fight we recently featured, but it’s still pretty damn entertaining and probably a little terrifying, especially if you’re reading this from America.

The AeroMobil 3.0 Is The Flying Car You’ve Been Waiting For

Yes, the AeroMobil is a flying car and yes, it’s almost available which is why this promo video has been made.

Tesco Cash Machine Accidentally Offers Free Erections

Tesco made a major boo boo the other week when the Welsh version of ‘free cash withdrawals’ was accidentally translated as ‘free erections’.

French Town Bans Clowns After Random Attacks

I’m sure there’s no shortage of folks that probably think banning clown outfits is a good idea, they seem to spin people out.

This Is What Siri Looks Like In Real Life

Ever since Siri first emerged it’s pretty much become a staple in the life of most people with iPhones, although I doubt many people have ever actually bothered to think about the woman who provided the voice for it and what she looks like.

Porn Star Kayden Kross Hits The Streets To Catcall At Guys

In case you didn’t know, street harassment is all the rage these days with the original video racking up a fuck tonne of views and the white male parody version following suit a day later.

This Is The Most Insane Downhill Urban BMX Run Of All Time

This clip is from the winner of this year’s final in Taxco in Mexico - a guy by the name of Filip Polc – and for sheer insanity it’s definitely up there.

Happiest Man Alive Celebrates Making His Final Alimony Payment To His Ex-Wife

The rest of us can only hope to experience this level of happiness one day, but hopefully it won’t be because we’ve just made our final $10,000 maintenance payment to an ex-wife: Pure, unadulterated relief and joy – how can you feel anything but chuffed for him?

Video Emerges Of T-Pain Singing Without Autotune

I bet when you clicked on that headline you thought you were going to get an absolutely horrendous video of T-Pain singing really badly without autotune akin to this clip of Britney Spears singing without autotune.

Check Out Some Of The Finalists For National Geographic’s 2014 Photograph Competition

Every year around November some of the photographs from the National Geographic photograph of the year start emerging onto the internet and every year they completely blow our minds.

4 Weird Things Your Brain Does Without Your Permission

The human brain is a complicated bit of kit, if you stick it in a complicated environment like society and make it hang out with other equally complicated bits of kit it’s no surprise there’s some weirdness going on.