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Man Vs Food Is Returning – But Without Adam Richman

Man Vs Food was one of those classic shows that you could just stick on and watch at any time of the day with anyone around and it would still be incredibly entertaining – although if you were baked then it would almost certainly make you want to order pizza.

The World’s First Robocop Has Been Unveiled In Dubai And It Completely Sucks

Ever since the first Robocop movie touched down in the late 80s, the idea of a fully autonomous robotic policeman has been tossed around amongst scientists and now finally it’s a reality.

‘Don’t Hang Up’ Actually Looks Like A Decent Teen Survival Horror Movie

Teen survival horror movies are literally a dime a dozen, and they usually follow the same tired formula of a killer slowly picking off a gang of buddies, with only the location/setting changing between them to really differentiate them.

Someone Has Invented A Beer Cooler That Follows You Around Like A Dog

There’s not much worse than being picked by your buddies to go to the store and do a beer run, because carrying that crate back to wherever you live is always a chore no matter how far away it is, especially now that we’re hitting the summer.

Angela Merkel Just Completely Rinsed Donald Trump

World leaders haven’t exactly made it a secret that some of them aren’t too enamoured with the prospect of Donald Trump as the President Of United States, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday took the opportunity to completely diss him at the opening of the new NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Wyrmwood: Chronicles Of The Dead Looks Like An Insane Mashup Between Fury Road And The Living Dead

Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead was an awesome 2015 zombie gorefest that absolutely smashed it so hard to the extent that it’s now being fully developed into a whole television show.

You Can Now Get Unbreakable Sunglasses

Whenever it’s the start of the summer, you always want to bust out your shades and look cool as you prance around day drinking in the afternoon in the sun at your favourite bar.

This Is The Place In The World Where MDMA Is Taken The Most

The title of ‘nation of biggest wreck heads in the world’ has often been contested, but thanks to the recently released Global Drug Survey, we now definitively have an answer.

Watch This Pissed Off Mum Slap Her Son After He Got Destroyed In An MMA Fight

Getting defeated in an MMA fight must suck all by itself, but then imagine once you’d been beaten the shit out of, you then had to face a bollocking from your mum straight afterwards.

Donald Trump Literally Shoved A Prime Minister To Get To The Front Of A Crowd

Say what you want about Donald Trump, one thing is for sure: the guy does what he wants, when he wants.

Someone Set Up A Grindr Hookup Location Next To Nigel Farage’s Office

Nigel Farage is probably one of the most hated men in Britain at the moment – at least for half of the population – so it’s kind of surprising that not many people have been pranking him harder in the past few months. It might have been worth the wait though because this is an absolute classic.

Fidget Spinner Porn Is The Latest Hit On Pornhub

So apparently fidget spinner porn is now a thing and if that news weren’t stupid enough on its own, Pornhub has said it is the latest big hit on their site.

This Psychopathic Bitch Thought It Was Cool To Microwave Her Pet Turtle

When you’re a kid, you don’t really know a lot about anything, but I’m fairly certain by the age of 15 I’d figured out that it wasn’t cool to put living things inside a microwave.

Study Finds Cocaine Is WAY More Addictive Than We Thought

A new study has discovered that cocaine is even more addictive than we once thought. Featured Image VIA  According to scientists, coke triggers the pleasure chemical dopamine in the brain, hence why we want to keep doing more.

Watch This Dude Get Brutally Rejected By The Love Of His Life

There’s nothing really scarier when you’re younger than calling up a girl on the phone and asking her out on a date, because there’s always the very real chance that she might say no.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #113

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box (also located under this post) – every week we’ll be posting the juicy ones.

Katie Hopkins Has Been Sacked After Her ‘Disgusting’ Comments On The Manchester Attack

You can bet your bottom dollar that whenever anything major happens in the world, Katie Hopkins will crawl out of her hole and offer the most vile opinion possible about it via her Twitter account.

Huntsman Spiders Have Officially Made Their Way To The UK

Huntsman spiders are truly one of the scariest species of all – even looking at a picture of one makes me feel weird.

Watch This Pedestrian Get Instant Karma After Being Total Dick To Innocent Driver

One of the most annoying and slightly stressful things that can happen to you when you’re driving is to get shouted at by another driver or pedestrian when you’ve actually done nothing wrong.

Porn Star Reveals The Single Most Depraved Thing He’s Done On Set

Being a porn actor, you’ve got to be prepared to have pretty much any kind of kinky sex. Featured Image VIA  There are so many different varieties now that porn directors are getting even more extreme in their quest to turn people on, and the porn stars are the ones that have to pick up the slack.