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Guy Sneaks Into Babe Station So He Can Throw Jelly Hands On Porn Stars

Absolute joker.

Watch This Naked Woman Get Her Entire Body Painted Like Clothes Then Walk Around A Mall

Just a standard day at the mall.

The London Met Are Investigating Kevin Spacey Over A Second Sexual Assault Claim

Kevin Spacey’s life has really gone to pieces over the past few weeks after several men have emerged with stories about how he’s sexually assaulted them over his lifetime.

Man Accused Of Ejaculating In A Co-Worker’s Water Bottle And All Over Her Computer

Worst colleague of all time.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Retires After Beth Is Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

I was surprised to hear that Bravo’s TV sensation from the mid 00s Dog The Bounty Hunter (The Bounty Hunter – I know you said it in that voice too) was still happily hunting the bad guys alongside his faithful wife Beth, but it turns out that that was exactly what he’s been doing since […]

The Price Of Cigarettes Set To Rise Above £10 Before The End Of 2017

Smoke 'em while you got 'em.

Charles Manson’s Final Words Have Been Revealed

Charles Manson is one of the most bizarre and awful characters in history and many were celebrating his death when it was announced a couple of days ago after he started a death cult and convinced them to kill a bunch of people back in the 1960s.

Artist Paints Portrait Of Jesus Using Greggs Sausage Roll


Watch A Bullfighter Get Gored In The Testicles


Watch Michael Van Gerwen Call Phil Taylor A Knob After Beating Him In Darts

When you think about great and intense sporting rivalries, you don’t normally think that things are going to get too aggressive or out control in darts, but Michael Van Gerwen seems like he wants to change that image after the remarks he made about Phil Taylor yesterday.

You Can Now Decorate Your Beard With Christmas Ornaments

Peak Christmas 2017.

Bam Margera Recounts A Story About How He Got So Drunk He Woke Up To A Woman Raping Him

The most unlikely victim of sexual abuse yet.