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Here’s A Disgusting Compilation Of All The Brutalities From The New Mortal Kombat Game

A few months ago we got a taste of the standard ‘Fatality’ finishing moves from Mortal Kombat X, but it’s now time to step it up a gear with the infinitely bloody ‘Brutality’ alternatives.

Man Posts Review Of Hotel After He Catches His Cheating Wife Staying There With Her Boss

Can’t get better than a 5 star review – and that’s what this hotel picked up after hosting one woman and her boss, who she was cheating on her husband with.

400 Men Cut Off Their Balls Because This Guy Told Them It Would Help Them Meet God

This apparently took place in 2000 but the victims are only just coming forward after realising how they’ve just been taken for absolute morons by some guy on an insane power trip – spiritual guru turned movie star Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Inmate Tells Courtroom Why He Murdered His Child Molesting Cellmate

I imagine going to prison is hard enough – check out these orientation videos explaining how not to get raped if you don’t believe me – but then imagine if you had to share a cell with a child molester who was constantly trying to justify what he did to you?

Paris Hilton’s Stalker Bought Her A Classic Cadillac And Then Trashed It When She Refused To Accept It

When she’s not mounting the decks or sucking dicks, Paris Hilton probably doesn’t really do anything because she’s loaded and can do whatever she wants.

Manny Pacquiao Is Recording His Own Entrance Music For When He Fights Floyd Maymeather On May 2nd

The Mayweather/Pacquiao showdown on May 2nd in Las Vegas just got a whole extra layer of hype after reports that Manny Pacquiao is recording a track called ‘Lalaban ako para sa Pilipino’ (‘I will fight for the Philippines’), which he plans to use as his entrance music.

You Won’t Believe The Hole This Sour Warhead Lolly Burned In This Little Kid’s Tongue

Getting a lollipop when you’re a little kid is like getting a really awesome treat, but not when it ends up burning a hole in your tongue.

Margot Robbie Told This SICK Story About How She Got The Wolf Of Wall Street Part By Punking Leo DiCaprio

From an interview she gave this week to Harper’s Bazaar, here’s Margot Robbie explaining the key moment which landed her the biggest role of her life alongside Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street: OK, so: big open room, video camera, Ellen Lewis is filming.

Rampaging Bull Obliterates Motorcyclist In Crushing Roadside Manoeuvre

This video is pretty mad, I hope you’re ready for a sharp intake of breath. Basically, a demented bull is having a bad day and takes it out on some poor guy that just happens to be tootling along on his scooter.

Someone Has Invented A Hoodie That You Can Actually Use To Smoke Weed

Talk about innovation – this could be the most awesome invention we’ve ever encountered. It’s a hoodie that literally allows you to smoke weed through its drawstrings.

The Wankband Is An Invention That Harnesses The Power Of Masturbation

Pornhub have decided to expand their brand by tapping into the power of what most of their subscribers spend most of their time doing by inventing the Wankband.

Kim Kardashian Celebrates 27 Million Instagram Followers By Sharing Photo Of Herself In A Thong

Unlike Kanye, things have been going swimmingly for Kim Kardashian this week. Her family just signed an $100 Million contract with E!

The Rock Vs Cristiano Ronaldo In A WWE Wrestling Match For The Hand Of Irina Shayk

Since Cristiano Ronaldo’s split with Irina Shayk,  last month the media has been full of speculation that The Rock had swooped in and nabbed her off him.

Liverpool Fans Are Going BALLISTIC At Dunkin’ Donuts For Editing And Mocking Their Club Crest

Dunkin’ Donuts – an official sponsor of Liverpool – have issued an apology to the club’s supporters after they changed their club’s crest to the Dunkin’ Donuts logo, swapped the Shankly Gates at the top with doughnuts and, most diabolical of all; edited the Hillsborough eternal flames into milkshakes.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions Revealed #3

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

There’s A Massive Internet Argument Going On Over Whether This Dress Is White And Gold Or Black And Blue

You may have noticed that people online are going insane debating the colour of this dress today, as it turns out no one can agree whether it’s white and gold, black and blue or black and gold.

Kanye West Just Had A Meltdown On The Jonathan Ross Show And Refused To Talk To Anyone

What a week Kanye’s had in the UK so far – first causing absolute pandemonium in Nando’s, then breaking down crying in the middle of an interview with Zane Lowe, and now refusing to speak on Jonathan Ross’s chat show, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of turning up there.

Woman Loses Control Of All Bodily Fluids During Fifty Shades Of Grey Screening

These incidents at screenings of Fifty Shades Of Grey just seem to keep getting better and better. First you have someone getting glassed in Glasgow, then you have someone getting arrested for masturbating in Mexico somewhere and now you’ve got this, whatever the hell this can be described as.

Kanye West Breaks Down Crying In Interview With Zane Lowe

Fresh from jumping on a table at Nando’s and nearly inciting a riot, Kanye West dropped in at the BBC yesterday to have a chat with Zane Lowe for the first time since their infamous 2013 interview, in which he compared wearing skinny jeans to the civil rights movement and acted like a complete maniac throughout.

Ever Wonder What A Belly Button Looks Like After It Has Been Removed From Your Body? (NSFW)

A bunch of photos were appropriately submitted to Reddit in the WTF section the other day detailing what it’s like to have your belly button removed.