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How ‘Least Stressful Jobs’ Lists Fail To Accurately Measure Anxiety

What if I told you that you have one of the least stressful jobs in America? How would you feel? If you’re anything like the many Americans who bombarded the comments section of CareerCast’s “The Most Stressful Jobs of 2015” and “The Least Stressful Jobs of 2015,” I bet you feel pretty damn crappy.

Gunman Opens Fire At Planned Parenthood In Colorado Springs

A gunman opened fire at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday. As of Friday afternoon, the shooter is still active.

7 Reasons Black Friday Is The Best Holiday And IDGAF What You Think

I worked in retail for about five years. Throughout those years, I always worked Black Friday. I would have to be in the store at 7 am, racing around, dodging customers, placing orders and offering discounts to eager people who were just trying to finish their holiday shopping.

8 Ways Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock Kept Me Grounded

Deciding to study abroad in the US was both one of the easiest and hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

6 Ways To Give Thanks To Yourself When You’re Alone On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day that rings synonymous with family, pumpkin pie and a murky North American history.

NBA Player Jahlil Okafor Knocks Out Heckler Outside Boston Club (Video)

Safe to say, we might not be seeing Jahlil Okafor on a basketball court for some time. As millions of Americans prepared to bow their heads and give thanks on Thursday, TMZ released footage of Okafor forcing a heckler to close his eyes for a totally different reason.

7 Tips For Hosting A Perfect And Stress-Free Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year. There’s reruns of “Charlie Brown,” an abundance of pumpkin pastries in every grocery store and the scent of apple-cinnamon candles that fills every store you meander through.

10 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Overindulging On Thanksgiving

Worried about overeating on Thanksgiving? Well, there’s no need to worry. Stay calm, and read these 10 ways you can prevent yourself from overindulging this holiday: 1.

Thanksgiving For Syria App Let’s You Virtually Share A Meal With Syrian Refugees

Today, many of us will be fortunate enough to sit around a dinner table surrounded by our loved ones and fill our bellies until we feel sick.

Stephen Colbert Serves Up Thanksgiving Controversy With Yams Vs. Sweet Potatoes

The Thanksgiving dinner table is a minefield of controversy. One wrong step and you’re talking about the Syrian refugee crisis with your great uncle Joe, or gay rights with your aunt Tina, who, let’s just say, doesn’t share the same views as you do.

New Facebook Map Shows What People Are Most Thankful For In Each State

The holidays are a great time to sit back, relax and think of all the things in your life that you are thankful for.

Here’s How Easy It Is For A Refugee To Get Into America

On an average day, 42,500 people are forced to leave their homes and seek protection elsewhere. That’s just about the population size of Burlington, Vermont.

How Black Friday Takes Advantage Of Low-Paid Retail Employees

It’s now the mark of the beginning of the holiday season. Some people are filled with joy as they ready themselves for feasts and family reunions.

The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place: 4 Things To Be Thankful For In 2015

Thanksgiving is once again upon us. It’s that special time of year when we all gather with our loved ones, eat excessively and have impassioned (and often incoherent) debates about politics until everyone falls into a deep food coma.

This Drinking Game Will Keep You Sane During Your Family’s Thanksgiving

With one day remaining until Thanksgiving, the prep is already done. We’ve seen turkeys in carts, angry people waiting in line at the market and sweet potatoes being shown much more love than usual.

Turns Out, People Love To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Themed Porn

On Thanksgiving, we may be “Too Full To F*ck,” but we sure as hell aren’t too full to watch some porn.

Man Uses Today’s Technology After Being In Prison For 44 Years (Video)

At 25, Otis Johnson went to prison. In 1971, Johnson was convicted of attempted murder and would go on to spend the next 44 years of his life in prison.

25 Delicious Things You Can Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers (Photos)

Sure, we all look forward to stuffing our faces full of turkey and pie on Thanksgiving. But you know what’s even better than the main meal?

5 Ways To Detox After Thanksgiving Without Turning To A Juice Cleanse

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and if you’re seriously hurting, we don’t blame you. You ate tons of stuffing, drank an entire bottle of wine and polished it off with five slices of pecan pie.

The Perfect Responses To All Your Family’s Questions This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for families all over this great country to gather together around a delicious, bountiful feast and proceed to brutally belittle each other.