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Father Of Jihadi John Disowns His Son, Calls Him ‘A Dog, An Animal’

The father of Islamic State militant Jihadi John has wished death upon his sadistic murderer of a son.

Inmates At Rikers Island Saved A Female Prison Guard From Being Raped

A Rikers Island correction officer owes her life to the jail’s inmates who banded together to save her.

Guy Who Made Flyer Looking For Girlfriend Says He Got Laid 118 Times

If you frequent the areas of New York City people flock to in search of a hip brunch place they can namedrop in the caption of their Instagrammed Eggs Benedict, you’ve probably seen flyers posted by a guy who’s more interested in finding a girlfriend.

Vince Vaughn And Dave Franco Created These Hilarious Stock Photos

Vince Vaughn is starring in a new comedy alongside Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson called “Unfinished Business.” The film comes out on Friday and follows Vaughn and his cronies as they go on a wild business trip.

Don’t Press Paws: Scientists Created Music Specifically For Cats

To reduce your guilt about leaving your fluffy kitten home alone all day, try playing music designed for her ears alone.

Nepal Officials Say There’s Too Much Human Sh*t Left On Mount Everest

According to officials, Mount Everest is covered in so much human waste that climbers could soon be at risk for disease by scaling it.

Curious People Who Open This Door Are In For Quite A Surprise (Video)

I don’t know who set up this prank or why — or even how — but I do know it’s the best thing I’ve seen all week.

Wu-Tang Clan Will Release ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ In 88 Years

Wu-Tang Clan might not have any radio singles out at the moment, but expect some bangers about 88 years from now!

Someone Figured Out How Much Barney Stinson Makes And It’s A Sh*tton

If you’re a fan of “How I Met Your Mother,” you know Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris, was filthy rich.

There’s Now A Wearable Device That Tells You When You Need To Poop

There’s a wearable device for everything these days: Some measure your sleep cycles, some emit perfumes meant to aid in daily activities and one even allows users to charge their phone by masturbating.

Teenager Who Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting All The Ladies

Tyler Michell is your average teenager: He goes to high school, lives with his family, and, oh yeah, gets mistaken for Benedict Cumberbatch on the reg.

OMG: You’ve Been Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Wrong Your Entire Life (Video)

Yesterday we showed you how to make delicious dumplings in record time using a trusty meat-firing machine gun.

Humans Only Gained The Ability To See The Color Blue In Modern Times

The color blue has only been around for so long, both literally and linguistically. Homer’s “The Odyssey” is full of details about clothing, animals and characters’ faces but makes no mention of the color blue.

Scientists Explain What Would Actually Happen During A Zombie Invasion

When the zombie apocalypse hits, you best be prepared. Thanks to Cornell University scientists Alex Alemi, Matthew Bierbaum, Christopher Myers and James Sethna, you’ll know exactly what to do when the first one bites.

Why Jameis Winston Is The Undisputed No. 1 Pick Of The 2015 NFL Draft

Over the course of the next 40 days, we will see the last hurdle for NFL hopefuls: Pro Day. With the NFL Draft just around the corner, the big question on everyone’s mind is, who will be the number one draft pick in 2015?

These Flotation Pods Are The Perfect Way To De-Stress And Meditate (Photos)

Sensory overload is a hallmark of our modern society. Think about it: The more “connected” we become, the less time we have to be alone with our thoughts.

There’s A Priest Actually Accepting People’s Confessions Via Snapchat

If you can’t make proper confessions during Lent, one “priest” hopes you’ll just pick up your iPhone for a penitent Snapchat.

You Can Actually Buy A ‘Left Shark’ Onesie From Katy Perry’s Website

The “Left Shark” from the Super Bowl took a bit of a backseat on the Internet in the wake of “The Dress” and the llama craze.

This Video Perfectly Shows How Love Is Love, No Matter What

Love is worth celebrating. A diversity PSA from the Ad Council has a clever way of showing how love transcends gender, skin color, religion and disability.

What It’s Like To Be Hopelessly Addicted To The Woman You Love

I remember the first time I fell in love. I had a difficult time understanding it. When you understand something, you have a sort of control over it.