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Man Intentionally Infects 24 Men With HIV, Brags About It To His Friends Via Text

A San Diego man has been accused of intentionally infecting at least 24 men with HIV. CBS 8 reports that Thomas Guerra, a 29-year-old homosexual landscape artist who also goes by Ashton Chavez, has, for some reason, set out to infect as many people as possible with the deadly virus.

Bacon Flavored Lube Is An Actual Thing And It Might Just Change Your Sex Life

If you’ve ever wished that your sex life included more bacon, Boink N’ Oink has you covered. The bacon-flavored lube (slogan: Get Hog Wet & Wild™!

Look Up! College Students Spend Most Of Their Four Years Staring At Their Cell Phones

Put down the cell phone. A new study by researchers at Baylor University, published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, shows that students spend the majority of their days staring at the glowing screens of their iPhones and Droids.

No Matter How Much Coffee You Drink, You’ll Never Have Enough To Overdose On Caffeine

Most people, or at least, most people I know, would rather die than go without their coffee. Not literally, of course, but that morning cup of joe is a habit not easily given up.

This Is What It Was Like Watching The Tavurvur Volcano Erupt In Papua New Guinea (Photos)

Waking up to a stormy, rainy morning is one thing, but waking up to a massive volcanic eruption is entirely different.

Google Is Developing An Army Of Delivery Drones To Take Over The World

Google has announced a program developing an army of flying drones that will deliver packages to people’s homes.

Beyoncé Wrote A Poem About Blue Ivy, And People Don’t Think Its ‘Flawless’

We all think Beyoncé is perfect, flawless and a goddess walking among us puny mortals. No one said she was a writer.

Grab Your Metal Detectors! Artist Hides $16,000 Worth Of Gold On The Beach For People To Find

Ready, set, treasure hunt. English artist Michael Sailstorfer buried $16,000 in gold bars along the Outer Harbour beach in Folkestone, England.

8-Year-Old Moves Army Vet To Tears By Donating Her Lemonade Stand Profits To Him (Video)

Rachel Mennett hadn’t even met Nicholas Bailey before deciding to generously help him. Bailey, who served two tours in Iraq, suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and mobility issues.

Why ‘I Don’t Have Time’ Is No Excuse For Skipping Out On The Important Things In Life

We’re all just so busy, aren’t we? Maybe. The United States is the most overworked developing nation in the entire world, so as far as quantitative numbers of hours we work, we are busy.

Lena Dunham Isn’t Afraid To Show Us What ‘Woke Up Like This’ Really Looks Like (Photo)

Apparently, I’m not the only one loving Lena Dunham’s zero f*cks attitude. As of right now, this photo boasts a whopping 70,000 likes on Instagram.  And the caption only makes it, and her, better.

23 Things Everyone Should Have Done By The End Of Summer Or It’s Social Suicide

It’s only a matter of time before the fashion police start arresting people for wearing white, which can only mean that Labor Day is right around the corner and summer is coming to a close.

We’ve Been Lied To: 75 Percent of Ikea’s Catalogue Is Actually Computer Generated

Have you ever opened an Ikea catalogue and been like, “Sh*t, why doesn’t my life look all organized and European and perfect like that?

A Computer Found In ISIS Hideout Reveals Future Plans To Spread The Bubonic Plague

A laptop found in a hideout of the Islamic State reveals the militant group is planning on achieving mass casualties by unleashing the bubonic plague.

Move Over Johnny Manziel: Texas A&M’s New QB Kenny Hill May Be Even Better

“Football” might not be his last name, but Kenny Hill is still pretty great at it. The Texas A&M quarterback and first-time starter completed 44 of 60 passes for 511 yards in his debut, shattering his school’s single-game record for most passing yards.

Great Idea: Austin Is Building Tiny Houses That Will Take 240 Homeless Off The Streets

Move over, Portland, OR: Austin, TX, is putting in micro homes for the homeless, too. After 10 years of planning, Austin’s new micro town, called Community First Village, will move about 240 people off the street.

OMG: The New Hershey’s Logo Actually Looks Like The Poop Emoji (Photos)

When it comes to logo changes and rebranding in general, it’s always important to make sure you’re not taking away from the brand’s overall identity.

These People Have No Idea How Close They Were To A Hungry Hammerhead Shark (Video)

Sharks and shark attacks are pretty common phobias. I don’t think anyone would willingly swim in the vicinity of one of the sharp-toothed predators.

The Most Epic Game Of Patty Cake Doubles As An Amazing Song Beat (Video)

You probably think Patty Cake is just a cute game schoolchildren play. Well, guess again, motherf*ckers.

A Show In Which People Literally Have Sex In A Box Could Soon Make Its Way To Television

Have you ever dreamed of having sex in a box? On live TV? And then reviewing all of the dirty details with a panel of judges (and a camera crew, and you know, an international audience)?