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Mother Saves Son From Broken Escalator Seconds Before It Kills Her (Video)

A mother in China was reportedly killed when she fell into an escalator seconds after saving her son from a similar fate.

Powerful Video Shows True Love Could Be Hiding Right Under Your Nose

Every New Yorker knows the very real struggle associated with waiting for the subway. Whether you’re already late for work or you want to meet your friends as soon as possible, the train never seems to come soon enough.

Guy Has Best Response To Idiot Accusing Him Of Flirting With A Coworker

A controlling and jealousy-prone significant other is about as delightful to be around as a half-naked Donald Trump high on meth, but some of us still make the mistake of shacking up with these goblins.

These People Were Tricked Into Eating Actual Dog Food In A Taste Test (Video)

If this trick had been played on me, I’d literally sue everybody involved. Our pets are essentially just smaller, furrier parts of our family, so why wouldn’t we feed them food fit for human consumption?

#IAmCait: Why Caitlyn Jenner’s “Coming-Of-Age” Is Important for All Of Us

While the world discussed whether Caitlyn Jenner deserved to be called a hero or not, I decided to watch “I Am Cait” with a minimal amount of expectation and prejudice.

It’s Scarier To Be Stuck In A Routine Than It Is To Pick Up And Leave

There’s a truth you would do best to comprehend in its grandness. You need to remind yourself of it regularly: The life of your dreams is most likely unattainable. The odds are simply stacked against you.

Don’t Ignore Your Second Hole: How To Showcase The Double Piercing

At age 16, getting a double piercing in your ears seems like a necessity. By 20, however, you wonder why you’d ever even bothered.

People Everywhere Are Showing Love For Their Thighs With #ThighReading

Instagram may have blocked #curvy, but all bodies are fair game on Twitter where #ThighReading took over as the body-positive hashtag of the week.

Leah Still Just Challenged Riley Curry To The Cutest Dance-Off Ever (Video)

About a week ago, Riley Curry continued her reign as cutest NBA kid ever by showing us all the proper way to nail the Whip and Nae Nae.

Science Says Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend Because We’re Wired The Same (Video)

So, it turns out dogs actually do care about their owners’ feelings, and it has to do with the emotional responses dogs have to sounds humans make.

Hot Dog: What A Man’s Dog Says About His Dating Personality

It’s no secret that dudes with puppies are basically like kryptonite for our ovaries. But what’s more important than owning a dog?

I’m Not Just Looking For Love, I’m Looking For Someone Who Can Keep Up

We are all looking to fall deliriously into the tranquil sea of love, right? With vast hearts open wide, we dutifully search for that one person who attains the fierce ability to knock the broken wind out of us and breathe new life into our tired, painfully strained limbs.

Kelly Clarkson Covered TSwift’s ‘Blank Space’ And Absolutely Crushed It (Video)

Upon request from a fan, Kelly Clarkson covered “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift during a concert in Toronto last Saturday, and it’s better than I even thought possible.

10 Reasons Weight Loss Shouldn’t Be The Focus Of Your Wedding Day

Many women dream about their perfect wedding day. The media floods our minds with images of fairytale weddings on magazine racks, TV shows, movies and Pinterest.

You’d Have To Be Crazy To Work Out Like These CrossFit Games Athletes

LeBron? Nope. Calvin Johnson? Nope. Bryce Harper? Nope. If you really want to find the best athletes in America, you’d have a better chance looking where you might not first think to do so.

In 2015 Alone, The 207 Mass Shootings In The US Averages To One A Day

If mass shootings feel like they’ve become all too frequent in the United States, that’s because they have.

Guy Works Just Six Months Each Year To Feed His Cycling Wanderlust (Photos)

Some people just aren’t suited to live the 9-to-5 working lifestyle. Case in point: Benedict aka Ultra Romance.

Kanye West Had Some Amazing Words Of Encouragement For Caitlyn Jenner (Video)

Say what you want about Kanye, but there’s no denying he’s a good guy — especially after this clip from “I Am Cait.” In the video, Kanye, along with his pregnant wife, Kim, arrives at Caitlyn Jenner’s house to meet her family for the first time.

Man Learns To Rock Climb In Order To Reunite A Woman With Her iPhone (Video)

Internet: 1 Mountain That Tried Stealing A Cell Phone : 0 David Laffargue — a base jumper with the world’s most comically French accent — went on an epic quest to retrieve a stranded cell phone from the ledge of a mountain.

Man Killed By Woman In Her Home Might Have Been A Serial Killer

An anonymous sex worker from Charleston, West Virginia unintentionally saved the lives of other women when she reportedly killed her attacker.