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Adorable Guinea Pigs Parade One By One On Track In Japan (Video)

When you think of the most delightful things in this big world, what do you think of? Puppies posing for cameras?

Hello, Future! Elon Musk Says Hyperloop Is Coming Within A Decade

Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t exactly achieve the reaction he wanted when he announced the concept of the Hyperloop more than a year ago.

This Student Was Accidentally Accepted Then Rejected From Johns Hopkins (Video)

In high school, many students’ worst nightmare is receiving a rejection letter from their dream college.

The Abandoned Detroit Stadium Has An Eerie Post-Apocalyptic Feel (Photos)

Over the past decade, Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome went from a lively, fan-packed stadium to a long-forgotten, abandoned structure.

American Fairytale Characters Get Transformed With Eastern Style (Photos)

It’s always interesting to see an artist’s unique interpretation on a familiar subject. Na Young Wu’s re-imagination of classic Disney and American fairytale characters is no exception.

Shameless Radio Host Gets His Booty Eaten By Girl While On Air (Photo)

I’ve heard plenty of people say they’ll do anything to get what they want, but most of the time they’ll end up backtracking if you suggest anything too outrageous.

Guy Turns $35 Investment Into $2 Million By Playing Fantasy Football

This one belongs in the ROI Hall of Fame. In just his first year of competition, NFL fan Scott Hanson captured the FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship title, earning a whopping $2 million in the process.

JFK Got 1,200 Cuban Cigars Hours Before Signing Cuba Trade Embargo

President John F. Kennedy would not sign the Cuban trade embargo of 1962 until he obtained a lifetime supply of his most cherished Cuban cigars.

This Salsa-Dancing Puppy Probably Has Better Moves Than You (Video)

This video is so good, I’m going to skip the conversational babble and get right to the point: This is a dog dancing the salsa.

The Cast of ‘OITNB’ Hilariously Covered ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

Christmas is less than 12 days away, but that hasn’t stopped the cast of “Orange Is the New Black” from singing the Christmas classic, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Of course, the characters from the Netflix dramedy put their own spin on this old song.

Taking One Ibuprofen A Day May Help You Live Up To 12 Years Longer

The key to an extended life span may be a common drug you thought was only good for headaches. Researchers from Texas A&M University and Northern California’s Buck Institute for Research on Aging administered ibuprofen — the key ingredient in Advil and similar pain relievers — to worms, flies and yeast.

Nick Offerman’s Version Of ”Twas The Night Before Christmas’ Is Epic (Video)

Nick Offerman can do no wrong in my book. Even his singing is splendid. So, his reading of a bastardized version of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” is practically music to my ears.

Little Girl Is Devastated New Baby Cousin Can’t Come To Her Birthday (Video)

Little Sierra was really looking forward to hanging out with her brand-new baby cousin on her birthday.

Puppy Is More Excited About His New Bed Than You’ll Be About Anything (Video)

It looks like Christmas came early for Chunk. For the holiday, the English bulldog got a brand new doggy bed (all for himself!

Someone Went From 3.6 Million Instagram Followers To 8 Today. Eight.

Earlier this week, narcissists around the world were shocked to see their follower counts on Instagram plummet after the company deleted millions of spam accounts.

Sorry Basics: Study Says Paleo Diet Isn’t As Legitimate As You Thought

It seems as if every year, some new fad diet purporting to be the key to weight loss and healthy living crops up for the so-called health-conscious crowd to blindly swallow in an effort to achieve perfection.

Adorable Baby Goat Abandoned By Mother Befriends A Human (Photos)

Whoever said man’s best friend is a dog clearly never owned a pet goat. Case in point: Benjamin the baby goat.

Chris Brown Had A Spiritual Experience When Amber Rose Twerked On Him (Video)

Yesterday, we showed you video of Amber Rose practicing her twerking skills while in the comfort of her own home.

21 Types Of People Who Ruin Every Pickup Basketball Game

When it comes to having a good time, playing pickup basketball is as much of a sure thing as you can get in life.

Why The Lean In Circles Program Is So Valuable To Women Everywhere, Of Every Age

On an awful, rainy, no-good Monday, Sheryl Sandberg has the attention of every up-and-coming woman in the room.