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Besides Being Delicious, Bacon Could Be Essential To Stopping Nosebleeds

The next time you have a nosebleed, forget the tampon. Stick a piece of cured ham up your nostril. Dr.

Anti-Islam Ads Will Soon Be All Over New York City’s Bus And Subway Stations

A series of offensive anti-Islamic ads will soon be placed in 100 bus stations and two subway stations in Manhattan.

Time To Separate? Nearly One In Four Americans Is Open To Their States Seceding

American citizens have lost so much faith in the federal government that nearly one in four people would be open to or strongly support their states seceding from the nation.

Earth’s Population Could Balloon All The Way To 12 Billion People By 2100

A research team from the University of Washington has predicted Earth’s population to exceed 12 billion by the year 2100.

Cuteness Overload: Doug The Pug And His Little Outfits Will Melt Your Heart (Photos)

Doug the pug thinks he’s a person. The adorable dog and his owner, Leslie, run an Instagram account chronicling their adventures in Nashville, TN.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Will Be Sold In Russia, Bringing Hipster Culture With It

In dimly-lit dive bars across the country, the American hipster is weeping. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was once the refreshment of blue-collar workers before becoming the unofficial drink of the young hipster movement.

Politician Calls Governor Of New York A ‘Unicorn Killer’ In Ridiculous Campaign Ad (Video)

I know shockingly little about politics for someone who technically has a degree in political science, but there is one statistic I learned in college that has stuck with me over the years: Voters claim to hate attack ads, but they’re consistently some of the most effective tools in changing public opinion.

Fake Lesbian Singer From t.A.T.u. Says She Would Condemn Her Son For Being Gay

Do you guys remember the pop group t.A.T.u.? You know, those two Russian chicks who dressed up like school girls and made out with each other?

Current And Former NFL Players Called BS During Roger Goodell’s Press Conference

Roger Goodell’s press conference at the NFL headquarters today was, as expected, a controversial affair.

Frat House Under Investigation For Allegedly Giving Roofies To All Female Party-Goers

The men of a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee fraternity are under investigation for what may be a house-wide, organized system of administering date rape drugs to women at their parties.

Paddleboat Proposal Ends In Nightmare As Girlfriend Knocks Ring Into The Water (Video)

Oh, man. This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen all day. It’s terrifying and hilarious all at the same time.

13-Year-Old Gets Detention From School For Sharing His Lunch With A Friend (Photo)

An administrator at Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville, California, reportedly gave 13-year-old Kyle Bradford detention after the eighth grader shared his lunch with a friend.

School Officials Promoted After Botched Sting Gets 14-Year-Old Special Needs Girl Raped

The 2010 rape of a 14-year-old special needs girl who was used as “bait” to catch a male student with a history of sexual harassment has only now come to light, and one of the administrators allegedly responsible has since been promoted.

Coming Home To Your Dog Is Reason Enough To Never Drink And Drive (Video)

Commercials for beer — screw it, commercials in general — are rarely clever or touching enough to deliver a message that actually sticks with the viewer.

Someone Just Interrupted Roger Goodell’s Press Conference With An Elevator Violence Joke

NFL Commissioner Roger Godell gave a press conference today, speaking on the domestic violence acts that happened among NFL players over the past few weeks.

Lawyer Photoshops Herself Into Over 50 Photos With Celebs To Attract Business

Los Angeles lawyer Svitlana Sangary is anything but cool with celebrities. An LA court recommended a six-month suspension and three years of probation for “deceptive advertising” after Sangary photoshopped herself into more than 50 photos with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jamie Foxx.

Nothing Is More Awkward Than A Mom Offering To Share Her Porn Stash With Her Teenage Son

The teenage years are an awful, miserable time to be alive, and it should be assumed that anyone who says they genuinely enjoyed their adolescence is a terrible liar (or one of those people who peaked in high school).

Roger Goodell Finally Breaks His Silence And Announces New Plans For NFL Players

After weeks of scrutiny, the leader of the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell, finally broke his silence and addressed the recent conduct of players in the league.

Russian Pet Salon Makes Cats And Dogs Look Like Dragons And Bumblebees (Video)

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning. And the most important thing, of course, is finding the perfect costume.

Man Stands In iPhone 6 Line For 44 Hours In Attempt To Win Wife Back (Video)

Darius Wlodarski stood in line for 44 hours to get an iPhone 6 not for himself, but for his estranged wife who split with him just last month.