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Spring Awakening: 5 Lessons The Seasonal Change Teaches Us About Life

The birds are chirping; the temperature is rising (for New Yorkers, slowly but surely), and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

Why Planning For Failure Is The Real Key To Success

You probably realize consistency is important for making progress, doing better work, getting in shape and achieving some level of success in most areas of life.

Comics Gone Serious: How ‘Daredevil’ Will Change Marvel’s Light Tone

The Marvel Universe is expanding and making big waves, not only on the shelves of comic book stores, but also in its firm hold in movie theaters, cable TV and, now, even Netflix.

5 Reasons Jim Jefferies’ ‘Legit’ Should Come Back To TV

Last spring, FXX canceled Jim Jefferies’ show, “Legit,” due to low ratings despite extremely high reviews from the likes of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

5 Easy Breakfasts That Will Revolutionize Your Life And Diet

In the not-so-distant past, healthy eating was chalked up to a thing for hippies, while the rest of us munched on sugary cereal, pre-packaged lunches and Dunkaroos.

Bud Light Was Putting It Lightly When It Said It ‘Missed The Mark’

I joined a sorority my freshman year of college, like so many girls who move to a brand new city and are eager to make new friends.

Teacher Caught Having Sex With Teen Student After His Ex-GF Exposes Her

A high school teacher in Danbury, Connecticut was arrested for reportedly having sexual relations with a student after saying the teen’s ex-girlfriend was lashing out at her.

Guys Have No Idea What To Do When A Hot Girl’s ‘Balls’ Hang Out (Video)

Apparently, some companies in this world specialize in the realistic recreation of the male genitalia for “comedic purposes.” There are also people in this world who make prank videos involving a pretty girl pretending to drop things, bending over and revealing she has a football-sized pair of testicles hanging out of her dress.

Why It’s Too Early To Celebrate The Charges Against Police In Baltimore

On Friday morning, Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby declared Freddie Gray’s arrest was illegal and his death was a homicide.

Women Attempt To Create Slang Terms For Masturbation And It’s Hilarious (Video)

Can we all just agree “masturbation” is an awful word? It’s clunky, multisyllabic and nothing close to an action most women associate with bliss.

Earth-Friendly ‘Powerwall’ Will Use Solar Power To Bring Energy To Homes

On Thursday night, automaker company Telsa released a line of lithium-ion batteries that have the ability to power an entire home, business or community using stored solar power.

Cristiano Ronaldo Has Another New Girlfriend And She’s A Playboy Model (Photos)

Cristiano Ronaldo bagging a new girl is always going to make the news — even in America — but the Portuguese soccer star has really outdone himself this time.

15 Guys Who Are Absolutely Owning Their ‘Dadbods’ (Photos)

Women aren’t the only ones challenging the unrealistic standards of the beauty industry these days. Apparently, men are also getting in on the body image debate by posting pics that show off their average “Dadbod” physiques.

Someone Found A Way To Photograph Adorable Squirrels Lifting Weights

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner — and there’s no need to panic. If you’ve been contemplating a comeback into the healthy, fit lifestyle you once lived or you’re interested in adapting to one for the first time, we found a unique photo series that might help you get there.

Sony Confirms A ‘Jump Street’ And ‘Men In Black’ Crossover Is In The Works

As part of the infamous Sony hack, it was revealed the studio was working on a strange crossover between its “Jump Street” franchise and “Men in Black.” Now, Sony has confirmed those plans.

People Freak The F*ck Out When A Man Splits In Half In The Elevator (Video)

There seems to be nothing that so thoroughly delights our species more than watching other people get scared.

This Ripped Mother Of Two Has The Most Intense Workout Regime Ever (Photos)

Who do you follow on Instagram these days? Most people make sure to follow immediate family members, close friends and a few people from high school who somehow managed to stay relevant.

Therapist Has Couples Assemble Ikea Furniture To Strengthen Their Bonds (Video)

On a memorable episode of “30 Rock,” Liz Lemon swore she wouldn’t let a trip to IKEA come between her and her boyfriend.

Numb And Dumb: Why This Generation Needs To Get F*cked Up Just To Feel

Does Generation-Y have a mental disorder? Because we are all on drugs. We’ve all got something, don’t we?

Floyd Mayweather Lied When He Said There’s No Pictures Of His Crimes

The most common answer Floyd Mayweather gives when asked about his past as a serial abuser of women is never actually an answer.