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Teen Hilariously Hacks Parents’ Phones To Get Green Light For House Party

Parents and technology are like oil and water: they just don’t mix. One teen named Brendan hilariously capitalized on this truth in order to get his parents to (inadvertently) agree with, well, whatever he texted them.

Taylor Swift Or Someone In Her Entourage Farted On Live TV Last Night

This is a public service announcement: Taylor Swift farted on live TV and everybody knows it. Last night, at the VMAs, Taylor was excitedly announcing the debut of her “Wildest Dreams” music video during a live interview.

This Artist Creates Amazing Photos Of Himself Chilling With Celebs

His Instagram page is filled with pictures of his ‘famous friends,’ but Jon Burgerman is just like you and me.

Over 87K New Women Have Apparently Signed Up On Ashley Madison

I guess that whole massive-data-hack thing doesn’t matter to these ladies. The ladies I speak of, of course, are the 87,596 women who joined cheating website Ashley Madison just last week alone.

Man Claims He Has A 19-Inch-Long Penis, And His Whole Life Has Suffered

Bigger isn’t always better. Just ask Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, the not-so-proud owner of likely the world’s largest penis.

Dad Pens Touching Note To Daughter With Down Syndrome On Day Of Wedding

For most of us, it was just an average summer day. But for journalist Paul Daugherty, June 27 was so much more than that.

Guy Casually Breaks Down Into Splits Throughout All Of New York City (Video)

When you’re so Vine famous, and you’ve been staging outrageous stunts for years, keeping things fresh and sassy AF is tough.

Take Your Time: If Your Life Is ‘Perfect’, You’ve Got Nowhere To Go

I had an interesting thought last night. Ok, yes, it could have been because of my medium-to-heavy drinking.

Denny’s Wants To Team Up With Burger King To Create A ‘Peace Burger’

The McWhopper may now be one annoying pipe dream, but a Burger King-Denny’s partnership could serve as this country’s fast food mashup silver medal.

This Person Texted The Wrong Number But Actually Got The Perfect Advice

Usually when I’m tasked with writing about a person texting the wrong number, the story always ends with the person trolling the living sh*t out of the person who made the mistake.

The Issue With #SquadGoals: How Our Aspirations Have Become Misguided

At first glance, the newly-famed hashtag, #SquadGoals, may seem cute and innocuous. What’s so dangerous about Taylor Swift and her pack of celebrity Fembots, squeezing and kissing the life out of each other on stage?

People Who Take Time To Study Abroad Are Smarter And More Creative

I’ve always felt I learned more in my one semester studying abroad than I did over the course of the other seven combined.

Couple Reveals Harsh Truths Of Leaving Behind Jobs To Travel The World (Photos)

The instinct to leave career stress behind and travel the world is one many don’t follow out of fear of the unknown.

Beat(ing)s By Dre: Why Powerful People Get Away With Wrongdoing

In the summer of 1993, there was no better soundtrack to my life than Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. It didn’t matter that I was a geeky girl with braces who dreamed of one day becoming a writer; “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” was my sh*t.

Carrot Or Cucumber? These Condom Sizes Match Up To Different Produce

A Taiwanese student wants to turn your love life into an X-rated produce section at your local naughty ShopRite.

11 Things We Do To Pretend We’re Over A Relationship But We’re Really Absolutely Not

We’ve all been her or know her. She’s the girl who can’t enjoy a girls-only brunch date without bringing up her ex’s favorite dish on the menu or recalling that one time they dined at this exact spot for date night.

Runaway: I Only Used To Be Able To ‘Move On’ By Moving Away

“A change of scenery will do you good.” This advice has been both the most helpful and the most misleading I’ve ever heard.

Ciara Gave Someone A Lap Dance While Her BF, Russell Wilson, Watched (Video)

Russell Wilson is an extremely blessed man to be dating Ciara. He’s also an extremely sick man since they allegedly decided to practice abstinence up until marriage, or some sh*t.

4 Reasons Why The Dramatic Antics Of The MTV VMAs Cheapen The Show

Don’t get me wrong; I love drama. I live for it; it entertains me, and it keeps me on my toes. What I don’t love is when I’m told which drama I should pay attention to, which drama is going to be foreshadowed throughout the program, and which drama is manufactured.

This 3-Year-Old Girl And Her Doberman Are All Of Your Friendship Goals (Photos)

I spent most of my childhood with a puppy partner in crime by my side. So, I know firsthand there’s no friendship quite like the one between a kid and his or her barking BFF.