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25 Booze-Filled Cupcakes That Take Dessert To A Whole New Level (Photos)

I’m a foodie with a major sweet tooth. So, obviously I’m a big fan of the D — dessert, that is. When it comes to finding the perfect treat to satisfy your sugar cravings, nothing beats chowing down on a mouthwatering cupcake topped with a mountain of fluffy frosting.

13 Depressingly Bad Attempts At Patriotism On The 4th Of July (Photos)

This weekend, millions of Americans will shovel plates full of carbohydrates into their mouths and wash it down with a gulp of beer from a can with a bald eagle on the side in the hopes they’ll get drunk enough to make shooting fireworks more dangerous than it has to be.

Rihanna’s ‘BBHMM’ Video Might Be About Accountant Who F*cked Her Over

We all knew @badgalriri was a bad bitch. Last night, Rihanna dropped her new music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and its content is a little more personal than you may have guessed.

The New Bubble Wrap Won’t Pop, And Everything Is Wrong With The World

Well, this is stupid. Sealed Air — the maker of Bubble Wrap — recently unveiled a new design for its beloved product, but there’s one serious flaw: It doesn’t pop.

5 Practical Ways To Start Preventing Breast Cancer Right This Minute

It might have been your mother who first told you she had breast cancer. It could have been a favorite aunt, a grade school teacher or the cashier at your local grocery store.

Sunburn Art Is Stupid, But That’s Not Stopping People From Doing It (Photos)

There’s no shortage of ridiculous trends on the Internet. Lately, we’ve seen everything from holding a can of Coke between your boobs to stacking quarters in your collar bone.

Two Brothers Have Been Swapping Same Birthday Card For Over 40 Years

This is probably one of the world’s oldest “bits.” Redditor venusreincarnate’s father and uncle have exchanged the same birthday card for over 40 years.

Why The Conversation On Female Genital Mutilation Needs Our Attention

If you type into Google, “Kim Kardashian second baby,” 7,220,000 results are immediately produced. Yet, if you type in “Nigeria bans female genital mutilation” (both events having taken place around the same time), there are only 234,000 results.

NBA Players You Didn’t Even Know Existed Are Getting Paid Like MVPs

If there were ever a time to be jealous of professional basketball players, it’s now. With the NBA’s free agency period having officially opened on Wednesday, teams around the league were practically falling over themselves to throws money around.

She Doesn’t Need You: Why Everyone Is Afraid Of An Independent Woman

Sometimes it feels as if every single woman ever to grace the silver screen of a major motion Hollywood picture is depicted the same exact way.

Your Sunburn Is A Perfect Metaphor For Your Reckless, Spontaneous Life

Life is never as carefree as it is during the summertime. Work is more relaxed, leaving early on Fridays is actually encouraged and being outdoors is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Amnesia Patient Battling Cancer Found Family After Viral Facebook Post

A woman with severe amnesia recently reunited with her family, and it was all thanks to a Facebook post.

This Person’s Insane Blunt-Rolling Skills Are Completely Untouchable (Photos)

Rolling joints is undeniably an art form. It takes a whole lot of skill, an ounce of patience and an overall creative drive in order to master it, but there are a few artists out there who make this task look super easy.

5 Times ‘OITNB’s’ Crazy Eyes Schooled Us All In The Game Of Life

Warning: This article contains some spoilers from season three of “Orange is the New Black.” “Orange is the New Black” is one of the most popular shows currently.

Childhood Sweethearts Die Holding Hands After 75 Years Of Marriage

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko were married in 1940 and passed away holding each other’s hands 75 years later.

This Hilarious Singing Zebra Is Definitely Your New Favorite Animal (Video)

You can train dogs, horses and even cats (if you’ve ever seen a cat use a toilet, you know what I’m talking about).

Canadian Sex Positions Will Make You Want To Go Down South Up North (Video)

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who think this commercial is sexy and people who think it’s hilarious.

Marcus Mariota Hasn’t Signed With Titans Because They Won’t Let Him Surf

Usually, NFL players hold out on signing contracts and attending training camps because they want more guaranteed money.

These ‘Magic Mike’ Striptease Workouts Will Have You Ripped In No Time

Don’t let movie reviews deceive you: Channing Tatum’s rippling ab muscles are the real star of “Magic Mike: XXL.” The male stripper sequel, which hit theaters Wednesday, is undeniably the most long-awaited sequel of the last two years.

Volkswagen Claims A Robot Actually Picked Up And Killed A Contractor

A robot that moves auto parts at a German Volkswagen plant reportedly killed a contractor. According to The Local, when the contractor was getting the stationary robot ready, the robot suddenly lunged at the man and pushed him against a metal plate, inflicting extreme contusions to his chest.