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Meet The Teacher Who Left Her Job To Be Kim Kardashian’s Body Double (Photos)

Most people make a few career changes at some point in their lives, but teacher to body double isn’t a switch you hear about often.

Heroic 12-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Saves Little Sister From Drowning

A 12-year-old girl with Down syndrome is being called a hero after she rescued her younger sister from drowning in their family’s pool in Michigan last week.

The Platinum Effect: 7 Reasons Why Blondes Actually Have More Fun

Blondes seriously get a bad rap. Brunettes are always perceived the smarter hair color, while redheads get to be seen as feisty.

Women Post Pictures Eating Cake To Fight Back Against Rude Body Shamer

The people of Instagram are having their cakes and eating them, too. About a month ago, blogger Jenny Rushmore posted a sketch to her Instagram of a bathing suit she planned to make.

The Real Fight: How Ronda Rousey Is An Inspiration To All Girls

In today’s media trap of telling young girls they’re not skinny enough, UFC Champion Ronda Rousey is the type of idol the modern female needs.

Sex And Censorship: Why Covering Up Cosmo Covers Is A Really Bad Idea

As a war over sexual content flares up, the pink-saturated pages of Cosmopolitan magazine have become the battlefield.

25-Year-Old Documentary Exposing Donald Trump Is Finally Released (Video)

A movie exposing the alleged evils of Donald Trump has been released after being kept hidden by the Republican presidential hopeful for years.

Sandwiches From All Over The World Will Make You So Incredibly Hungry (Video)

Believe it or not, there are sandwiches out there other than grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s not to discredit the grilled cheese, but it’s important to remember there are many more types of sandwiches awaiting you in the culinary world!

Safe Targets: Why You Fight More With The People You Love The Most

“Get the kale for lunch.” “Nah, I think I’m going to stick with the spinach.” “Jesus, what is wrong with you?

Stop Everything: This Might Just Be The Best Twerk Video Of All Time

Sometimes, you see something so special, it changes your perception of the world and inspires you to become a better person.

Prankster Tricks Innocent People Into Breaking Into A Stranger’s Car (Video)

If there’s one thing people who make prank videos love doing (besides committing felonies disguised as practical jokes), it’s having attractive girls appear in their videos so they can throw the words “Hot Chick” in the titles.

JPP’s Situation With The Giants Feels Like An Episode Of HBO’s ‘Ballers’

Sometimes, everything isn’t everything. On last week’s episode of HBO’s hit show “Ballers,” London Brown’s character, Reggie, repeatedly utters “everything is everything,” in the cocky, obnoxious manner that viewers have become so accustomed to over the last month and a half.

Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Announce Their Pregnancy On Facebook, Of Course

There is a Zucker-baby on the way! Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg officially have a program in the App Developer Center (that’s Facebook lingo for “Priscilla is pregnant”).

10 Hair Trends Of The 90s That Were So Bad, They Were Good

In my opinion, nothing screams 90s nostalgia more than poofy, colorful scrunchies, right? Wrong! In honor of the decade that keeps on giving, I chose to celebrate the hairdos that will live on in Millennial infamy.

911 Dispatcher’s Medical License Suspended After Hanging Up On Caller

The 911 dispatcher who hung up on a call about a gunshot victim had his emergency medical dispatch license suspended.

After Tragedy: What It’s Like To Live In Lafayette, Louisiana

While others may think they live in a wonderful city, I know, for a fact, I do. Ranked number one by the Huffington Post in 2014, Lafayette is titled to the “happiest city in America.” I grew up in the small town of New Iberia, about a 20-minute drive south of Lafayette.

How CrossFit Turned Seth Rollins Into An Incredible Athlete And WWE Champ

Seth Rollins has it all these days. The 29-year-old wrestler is the youthful face of WWE’s newest generation and has won the championship belt to match that reputation.

Wet Hair, Don’t Care: 12 Reasons Why Girls Fall in Love Summer

There’s a reason we spend all year waiting for summer: we can wear those teeny-tiny dresses we’re wistfully staring at all winter, flip-flop season is back and most importantly, it’s finally warm enough to hit the beach without looking like a Siberian polar bear.

How Your Overdrawn Bank Account Reflects Your Reckless, Glamorous Life

There is a surplus of responsible, admirable individuals roaming about the great expanse of the universe who are brilliant at the fine art of saving money.

Parents Create Visual Bucket List For Daughter Before She Loses Eyesight

Two parents from Ohio are hoping a visual bucket list will enable their daughter to experience the world before she loses her eyesight.