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The New 4D Batman Roller Coaster Looks Amazing… And Terrifying.

If you’re a fan of roller coasters and you’re a fan of Batman, then this is definitely for you. Six Flags Fiesta theme park in Texas has unveiled its newest roller coaster due to be released mid 2015.

Beautiful Realistic Animal Drawings Pictured next to the Tools Used to Create Them

These beautiful realistic animal drawings are the work of talented artist Karla Mialynne. By using different tools such as coloured pencils, paint and marker pens she is able to create these vivid works of art which for a second might fool you into thinking they were photographs.

Beautiful Aerial Photography Reveals Beach Crowds from 300 Feet in the Air

When visiting the beach we never get to see the stunning aerial view from above so it’s lucky for us that photographer Antoine Rose captures these incredible shots of beaches.

The 23 Best Food Puns of All Time

These food puns are enough to get your stomach rumbling while you sit there in laughter. They are so bad they are good.

This Is How You Deliver a $3M Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse costs the grand total of $3 million, so when taking delivery of your new luxury hyper car you would expect it to happen without a problem, and for your Bugatti to be showroom fresh.

Here is What Happens When You Replace Guns with Thumbs in Movies

Thanks to the brilliant blog Thumbs and Ammo, here is what happens when you take screenshots from movies and replaces the guns actors are holding with a simple thumbs up.

Your Morning View When You Wake up Has Nothing on This Guy’s

An unknown man in Russia is travelling across the more scenic landscape whilst taking amazing photos every time he wakes up.

25 Plants That Are Winning the Battle despite All the Odds

It would appear that no matter the odds, nature always has a way of triumphing in the most unlikely of places.

Jimmy Kimmel Gets The ‘Friends’ Gang Back Together

Jimmy Kimmel has brought us quite a few laughs here at BlazePress. Now however we would say he has done us a service, a duty to the public that only the great Ellen Degeneres has done before him; he’s got the infamous ‘Friends’ gang back on TV.

He Discovered This Message in a Bottle Whilst Fishing, You Need to Read What It Said

Whilst out fishing this guy came across a bottle, and within that bottle was a scrolled up piece of paper with a message on it.

These Clever Anti-Littering Ads Mock Those Who Litter

A series of anti-littering adverts have been appearing around Toronto that shame and mock those who litter without any consideration for the environment or other people.

Popular Facts That Are Actually Completely Wrong

The next time one of these facts gets brought up around you, it’ll be your time to shine. Props to Buzzfeed for making the video.

What the Rich Kids of Instagram Did with Their Summers Is Unbelievable

It might be unbelievable how these kids spent their summers, but it’s hardly unexpected. The Rich Kids of Instagram tumblr blog has been going for 2 years now and follows the children of some the worlds richest and most elite.

Exciting New Airplane Concept Gives Panoramic Views Of The World Outside

Technicon Design, a Paris-based company that specializes in automotive recruitment, has come up with a marvelous and award winning concept.

21 Funny Faces On Inanimate Objects

If you’re a fan of short visual jokes and it doesn’t take you much to have a good laugh then i commend you, I also can guarantee you’ll appreciate the next 21 images.

Incredible Forced Perspective Graffiti by Artist Odeith

Born in 1976 in Lisbon, graffiti artist Odeith creates amazing forced perspective works of art that appear to jump off of the walls they are painted on.

Homer Simpson Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Home Simpson takes part in the ALS Ice bucket challenge to help raise awareness for ALS. In the past four weeks it is thought that more than £53.4 million has been raised for the ALS association with many high profile celebrities and public figures getting involved, but Homer has trumped them all.

These Sentences Might Only Be 5 Words Long, but They Will Chill You to the Bone

They might only be 5 words long, but these sentences are still creepier than you could imagine. Some of these are factual yet cynical statements, others are scenarios that if you happen to find yourself in you would surely lose your mind.

Breaking Bad Gets 2 Hour Cinematic Remake

Because anything Breaking Bad is worth watching, you need to see this. If you were thinking about watching the entire series but find the amount of episodes to watch a little overwhelming then this 2 hour cinematic recap is perfect to get you up to speed as it covers the first 5 seasons of the series right up until Season 5 Episode 8.

People Willingly Get Tasered by Their Loved Ones for a Photoshoot, the Result Is Brilliant

Watch the amazing moment people are willingly tasered by their loved ones for a ‘Taser Photoshoot’, resulting in the best reactions we have ever seen.