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Oversized Lego Bricks Allow You to Customise and Build Your Own Living Space

Let's face it, if the boring normalities of every day life didn't take up so much of your time you'd probably still enjoy building stuff with LEGO.

These Awe-Inspiring Photos Will Make You Want to Go Travelling

Every year during the winter photographer Marie Lauria and her fiancé Florent go travelling for 6 months around the world and thanks to Lauria's talents they document their adventures in the most beautiful way.

Shocking Satirical Illustrations Show How Different World Leaders See Justice

There are plenty of hard hitting and satirical illustrations out there, but no matter how many times we see them they never fail to hit us and evoke emotion.

Japanese Artist Creates Fun Miniature Diorama's Everyday for Five Years

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka has a lot of patience and the steady hand to match, made clear by his incredible miniature diorama's that interact with everyday objects in the most brilliant of ways.

Tragic Picture of Drowned Toddler Highlights the Heartbreak of Syrian Refugee's

It's understood by many that the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe right now is bad and after this image of a young boy washed up on a Turkish beach appeared on Wednesday it has become the tragic symbol of war-torn refugees seeking a better life.The toddler who was just three years ...

Here's What Happens When People See How Their Loved Ones Rate Them

Everyone is guilty of being their own harshest critic. No matter what you do, even if others believe it's amazing, it's hard to see the good you've done.

The Hypnotising Transparent Waves of 19th Century Russian Paintings

Waves and the ocean have long been a fascination for us, from folklore and fisherman's tales, to stunning photography and artwork we spend a lot of time documenting the majestic presence of ocean waves, their raw power and they mystery of what lies beneath.

A Look Inside a $95 Million New York Apartment: 432 Park Avenue

The first image you see has been passed around the internet a lot really, stating that it's the bathroom view from a $95 Million Dollar apartment, 432 Park Avenue, but wait until you see the rest of the property.

Kill Time and Have Fun with These Cool Casino Apps

Everyone who owns one of the latest iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry mobile devices is well aware of the numerous apps available on the market.

Two Guys Went Fishing but You'll Never Believe What They Ended up Catching

When Jason Frost and Brandon Key decided to go fishing, they never could have guessed what they would end up catching.

Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Superheroes Using Only Makeup

Talented Californian-based makeup artist Argenis Pinal is able to transform himself into any superhero he wants without the use of a costume.

Here's What Happens When People See How Their Loves Ones Rate Them

Everyone is guilty of being their own harshest critic. No matter what you do, even if others believe it's amazing, it's hard to see the good you've done.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2015 Are Guranteed to Make You Smile

We are used to seeing some amazing entries to the likes of National Geographic's wildlife photography competitions every year, but the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards brings something different to the table.

Chicago Captured in Amazing Aerial Photography by Iwan Baan

Dutch photographer Iwan Baan captures the magic of Chicago's architecture in these incredible aerial photos.

Famous Bands & Musicians Reimagined as Funny Emoji Sequences

The rise of the emoji's popularity is clear for all to see, it's even been proven that the emoji is one of the world's fastest growing languages, if you can really call it that.Their simple ability to communicate an idea or message is clear when you look at Brazilian art director Bruno Leo ...

Otherworldly Photos of Indonesia's Blue Fire Volcano by Reuben Wu

These incredible photos may look like they've been digitally enhanced but they haven't, they've all been captured in camera by talented Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu.

18 Jaw Dropping Photos That Seem Fake but Are Actually Real

Every so often we come across photos that leave us mesmerised, whether it's because of their subject or because they use clever optical illusions such as forced perspective.

95-Year-Old Yoga Master Believes He Will Live to Be 130

He's 95-years-old now and looks amazing so when Kazım Gürbüz says that he's going to live to be 130 years old you almost believe him, even though it's a statement that defies everything you've ever known.

This Tiny Huskies First Attempts to Howl Will Melt Your Heart

Huskies look like wolves, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise that they can howl a lot like them too, but in order to master their howling abilities they need a little practice - just like this tiny pup.

Crazy Kid Decides to Record Himself Riding on Top of a Moving Train

Providing it's relatively quite and you can find somewhere to sit, taking the train can be a relatively safe and relaxing way to get around - unless you're this guy.