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A YouTuber Celebrates His 1000th Video in a Way That Will Leave You Speechless

Well know YouTube user WheezyWaiter debated a long time over what his 1000th video would be as he knew it would have to be something special, but none of us saw this coming.

China Solves the Annoying Problem of People Who Text and Walk

Texting whilst walking is an art that few have mastered, but many practice on a daily basis. In China, a country that has a population of 1.3 billion you can imagine it gets pretty busy and the amount of people texting and walking to be pretty high.

Pilly the Dog Loves Feeling the Wind between His Teeth

It is no secret that dogs love sticking their heads out the window of a moving car, and Pilly the dog is certainly one of them.

The Elderly Swap Clothes with the Young Resulting in the Coolest Grandparents Ever

In this intriguing photo series titled “Spring-Autumn,” photographer Qozop takes photos of people in their twenties along side their elders such as their parents or grandparents, both wearing what they would normally wear.

The 6 Most Incredible Airports in the World

Perhaps some of the most impressive and awe inspiring works of architecture are airports situated around the world.

This Artist Makes Everyday Life Seem a Little More Fun with Creative Cartoon Drawings

Illustrator Troqman turns the often boring and worst parts of peoples days into fun works of art using his own unique cartoon drawings, or as he likes to call it “Cartoonbombing.” Leaving the drawings behind on trains, in cafe’s and other places we are sure he’s brightened up a fair few peoples days.

17 Texts That Prove Drunk People Are Hilarious

Being collectively drunk is fine. If you are drunk texting someone else that is also drunk then everything seems to make sense.

Jimmy Kimmel Is At It Again, Uncovering Frauds At NY Fashion Week

The hilarious Jimmy Kimmel is back with another ‘Lie Witness News’. This time Jimmy’s focus was on the most recent New York Fashion Week and uncovering the poseurs who couldn’t admit to not knowing the smaller designers, even Chandler Bing.

How Google Works (Infographic)

Google, as a whole, is one of the biggest, strangest and perplexing entities known to us, it’s used billions of times per day and we can make a career out of it.

Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine That Uses Magnifying Glasses

Ever remember them weird contraptions that work similar to the domino effect but have inanimate objects keeping the contraption going instead of dominoes?

Mesmerising Video Of Bouncing Jelly Filmed At 6200 Fps

It seems humans have a strange habit of liking videos of inanimate objects being thrown and slowed down to thousands of frames per second, as much as I enjoy watching them to, i can never really work out what the fascination is.

Unbelievable Photoshop Video Shows The Effects Of Ageing

This Photoshop artist that goes by the name of Stonehouse has created a gorgeous time-lapse video that shows a baby slowly growing up into a toddler, teenager, grown woman, then finally a wonderful grey-haired old lady.

Could This Be The Best Way Anyone’s Ever Cooked Steak?

It’s no secret that steak is one of mans greatest pleasures in life, but with such a manly meat, you need a manly way of cooking it right?

Chicago Consumed in Fog by Michael Salisbury

Photographer Michael Salisbury who lives in Chicago captures beautiful photos of Chicago as its consumed by fog.

Private Island Goes On Sale For Less Than The Average UK House Price

Get ready to be wow’ed. This private island, just off the north-west coast of Northern Ireland, is up for sale for £140,000, that’s £50,000 cheaper than the average house price in the UK!

The Ultimate Collection Of The Strangest Dog Photos

Dogs are just perfect aren’t they? They’re everything you want in a pet; loving, obedient, funny, but most of all strange.

A Musical History Of The Guitar Solo

The electric guitar has been the cause of an unimaginable amount of catchy rifts over the last 50 years or so.

Amazing Underwater Restaurant Lets You Dine with Sharks, Stingrays and Turtles

We have posted some amazing restaurants on here before, but this is by far the most incredible yet. This is the worlds first all glass under water restaurant located in the Indian Ocean.

Incredible House in Tehran Has Rooms That Rotate 90° to Adapt to the Elements

This amazing house in Tehran called the Sharifi-ha House is designed by architectural studio Next Office, its most impressive feature being that it has motorised rooms that are designed to pivot up to 90 degrees allowing them to face in or out at just the touch of a button depending on the weather.

12 Celebrities’ Who Shouldn’t Have Gone Near Plastic Surgery

Getting surgery is the done thing now in the cliques of the rich and famous, most are fortunate enough that they end up looking the way they want to, however there are a few exceptions.