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15 of the Best Matching T-Shirt Ideas Ever

One of the easiest ways to express yourself and create your own identity is through the clothes you choose to wear and whilst everyone's taste in fashion differs it's hard to deny that these matching t-shirt ideas are awesome!

This Augmented Reality App Shows the Future of Virtual Tools

Whilst the world awaits for the release of Apple's newest operating system, iOS 11, small bits of information have been leaked here and there that have got a lot of people excited and one of the most anticipated new features is the ARKit, a framework for developers that allows them to create ...

Cheetahs Can Be So Shy That Zoos Give Them "Emotional Support" Dogs

Whilst cheetahs are formidable animals when it comes to hunting in the wild they actually have a far softer and more reserved side to them that often gets in the way of them socialising with each other.

24 Amazing Shadows That Will Make You Look Twice

Because shadows are pretty much everywhere you look it's all too easy to forget that they're actually there, unless of course something catches your eye and causes you to look twice - as if the case with these 24 rather unusual shadows created from the most random of objects.Whether it's a dog ...

12 Hilarious Reactions to Snapchat's Latest Map Update

The messaging app Snapchat that allows its users to send each other short videos that disappear forever after they've been watched recently rolled out a new update with a feature they're calling Snap Map and it's been getting mixed reviews.Allowing you to track your contacts wherever they are in ...

New Apple Store in Chicago Will Have a Giant MacBook as Its Roof

Say what you will about Apple it's hard to disagree with the fact that they know a thing or two about marketing and the way they put across their products right down to the stores they sell them in and their new store right by the Chicago River is certainly no exception.A couple of days ago workers ...

This Simple Device Will Save Countless Animals From Unnecessary Suffering

Having a pool is great for when you want to cool off but it's not so good for all the small animals that might be living nearby in your backyard, in fact they can sometimes become death traps for animals that are unable to get out once they're in.With this in mind a wildlife biologist has come up ...

Dad and Baby Daughter Love to Play Dress up and the Photos They Take Are Hilarious

A 36-year-old California dad named Sholom Ber Solomon doesn't exactly need any convincing from his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, to play dress-up.

Dad and Baby Daughter Love to Play Dress up and the Photos They Take Are Hilarious

A 36-year-old California dad named Sholom Ber Solomon doesn't exactly need any convincing from his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, to play dress-up.

It's So Hot in Arizona Right Now That People Are Sharing Photos of Things Melting

Although we're sure we don't have to tell the people of Arizona that they're experiencing a heatwave right now for those fortunate enough not to be living in the Pheonix area the city has been experiencing temperatures as high as 122 °F (50 °C) - numbers that are pretty close to breaking the ...

22 Photos That Will Probably Annoy You More Than They Should

Although some of us get caught up on seeing something that's out of place, out of line or slightly flawed a lot more than others it's hard to turn a blind eye to these 22 photos that are bad enough to trigger even the most easy-going amongst us.Whether it's someones incredibly messy desktop on ...

15 Amazing Winning Entries to Dog Photographer of the Year 2017

If you're lucky enough to have a four pawed friend in your life the chances are that 90% of the photos on your phone are of them doing pretty much the same thing - but you're not alone.

17 Fascinating Photos of Things That Have Worn out Over Time

No matter what it is or what it's made from nothing can escape the passage of time. That goes for us and everything around us, from the cars we drive to the phones we use and eventually even the homes we live in.

Rainbow Ice Cream Tacos Are This Summers Most Colourful Treat

Just in time for the summer an ice cream shop called Sweet Cup has unveiled a new tasty treat that's been receiving a lot of attention on Instagram for it's vibrant colours.

Gradually Slicing Through a Log Makes for a Fascinating Time Lapse

This video put together by Brett Foxwell uses the painstaking process of stop-motion in order to record a single log being gradually cut away layer by thin layer until the entire thing is gone.

Programmer Asked to Work 40 Hours for Free Posts His Brilliant Response on Twitter

A common problem within the world of design is that designers are expected to work for free or for that famous currency that you sadly can't pay bills with known as "exposure." But just when you thought the problem was exclusively within the design community it turns out that programmers also ...

27 Hilarious Fails That Are the Very Definition Of Bad Design

Good design is often something that's under appreciated by many because when something is well designed you don't noticed it.

26 Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Need to Be Treasured Forever

The problem with Snapchats is that they're designed to disappear after they've been seen, but sometimes they're just too funny to let go - which is why we should all be thankful for the ability to screenshot and for the people that captured these ones.We've put together a list of some of the ...

24 Adorable Before and After Photos of Dogs That Have All Grown Up

One thing you learn as you get older is that time goes by really, really quickly. In fact it would seem that the older you get the quicker is goes and that can be said for just about everything, including pets growing up. If you've had a dog since it was a pup you'll know all too well how ...

Guy Makes a Video of Him Polishing a Knife He Bought for $3, Becomes Trending YouTube Video

It would seem that these days anything can become the number one trending video, over on YouTube, even if you can't quite work out how they ended up there.