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Amazing Time-Lapse Of Severe Weather Conditions

Nicholas Wegner is a a creative photographer from Wyoming, usually specialising in wedding and nature photography.

There’s Something Strangely Pleasing About This CGI Animation

This is what CGI was invented for… sort of. Although it’s a completely pointless animation, there’s something strangely visually pleasing about this CGI animation by Steve Fothergill.

Artist Transforms Her Small Studio into Amazing Dream Worlds

Korean based artist Jee Young Lee transforms her small studio into incredible scenes and worlds that are so abstract you could only possibly dream of them.

Genius Music Video Makes Famous Album Covers Come To Life

This has got to be the most epic music video you’ll see for a while. Musician Roy Kafri’s music video for his song Mayokero is an epically unique way of travelling through time and recapturing the music that Roy listened to when he was growing up.

19 Stunning Entries From This Years National Geographic Contest

The National Geographic Photography Contest always throws up some magnificent examples of nature at work.

Amazing New Image Of The Earth & The Moon Taken Outside Orbit

China’s Chang’e5 aircraft will return to Earth on the 1st November, however before they return they have given us a gift, this stunning image of the Earth and The Moon side by side, taken outside lunar orbit.

Genius PhotoMath App Will Solve Your Maths Equations Instantly

PhotoMath is a genius new app that solves maths equations instantly, just by pointing your phone camera at them.

Who Is The Fastest Footballer In The Premier League?

As a sports fan, it’s always intriguing to know who is the best at something, statistically. EA Sports work alongside the Barclays Premier League to record every single track-able statistic.

Awesome Sci-Fi Art By Nicolas Bouvier

Nicolas Bouvier is the current art director for Halo 5 – you’ve got to be pretty good at what you do to land that role and his private work certainly proves that.

Listen To This Cute Porcupine Talk Like A Human

Meet Teddy the porcupine. Teddy isn’t like other porcupines at all, he’s especially vocal and his voice bears many similarities with that of a human being.

Designers Show The Bigger Picture Of Album Covers

Web design company Aptitude have created an interesting, funny and in some cases quite creepy photo series that shows popular album covers from a different point of view, or as Aptitude say: The Bigger Picture.

Squirrel Decides to Steal a Pumpkin from Photographers Backyard

Not only is British born photographer Max Ellis great with photography but he is also pretty good at pumpkin carving, which is what enabled him to capture the moment a squirrel decides to steal a carved pumpkin from his backyard.

22 Soldiers That Know How to Have Fun on Their Days Off

War is a time of risk and danger. These two ingredients make for a very hostile environment. These soldiers however are able to forget the danger and the risk, if only for a moment in order to enjoy themselves and have fun.

24 Buildings That Don’t Even Know What They Are Anymore

These buildings don’t even know what they are anymore. All of these buildings can be considered triumphs of architecture of complete fails – it just depends on how you look at them.

21 Clever Tattoos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

These tattoos don’t just look funny, they actually poke fun at funny situations and tragic mishaps. Here are 21 tattoos that will actually make you laugh.

The 19 Cringiest Things to Ever Happen

So cringeworthy you are going to be left wishing they had never even happened, and you aren’t even involved.

This Man Has the Wildest Hobby You Have Ever Seen

Meet Carl Bovard, a man with a hobby and passion so wild it puts most peoples hobbies to shame. Carl is passionate about the future of big cats and tigers and decided to open his own sanctuary called Single Vision.

Man Walks through NYC with a Hidden Camera to Reveal Shocking Harassment

For those that may have missed it, a video of a woman walking through New York for 10 hours recently went viral after it revealed the amount of harassment woman have to endure whilst walking around the city minding their own business.

Thieves Stole His Fathers Truck, What They Did Is Heart Breaking

A week ago on sunday his father had his pride and joy stolen tells Reddit user tkamp11. The 1955 Ford F100 pickup was his fathers pride and joy and he had spent hours upon hours on restoring the truck to its former glory.

22 Puppies That Love Bath Time

It’s fairly common knowledge that puppies are the key to human happiness, right? Either way, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear after seeing these little cuties at bath times.