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Quirky Illustrations Reveal Why You Truly Love Your Significant Other

With Valentine's Day just around the corner Artist Landysh Akhmetzyanova and her colleague Asia who are known collectively as Lingvistov have come up with a series of illustrations that perfectly capture what modern day relationships are really all about.When asked "what do you love ...

Two 'Baby Monks' Become Adorable Internet Sensations After Visiting Chinese Temple

Whilst on holiday on January 1st two friends decided to dress up their sons as miniature monks whilst visiting the Er Fo Temple in Hechuan, Chongqing, seizing the opportunity to take some truly brilliant photos of the pair venturing through the peaceful and tranquil location.

Dog Escapes from Kennel to Comfort Abandoned Crying Puppies

Maggie the Australian shepherd had her puppies taken away from her before she was put up for adoption herself.

Husband Asks Wife to Write down Everything on Her Mind, Gets Way More than He Bargained For

Stephen from the US recently posted a drawing from his wife that's been going viral for all the right reasons.

Police Officer Unexpectedly Falls in Love with Abandoned Puppy During Routine Call

When Officer Marcus Montgomery was on duty and received a routine call to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) he never could have imagined that he'd walk away with a new addition to his family, a tiny and very adorable pit bull.Marcus was called to the animal shelter in order to deal ...

Talented Artist Born Without Arms Creates Incredibly Realistic Drawings

Talented artist Mariusz Kedzierski may not have been born with fully functioning arms, yet through his determination he can draw far better than most of us.

Popular Movie Posters Get Redesigned with a Beautifully Minimal Twist

Inspired by their beautiful cinematography use of colour and captivating storylines Mumbai-based illustrator Raj Khatri has been redesigning popular movie posters with his own minimal twist.

Guy Who Travels the World Eating Pizza Is Living the Dream

If you browse social media a lot then you probably come across motivational quotes and posters that tell you to 'follow your dreams' which is easier said than done, unless of course you're Phil Duncan.

Spinning an iPhone on String Creates Epic Matrix Worthy Footage

According to Nicolas Vuignier it took two years in the making but finally he's managed to capture some truly amazing footage and it's down in such a simple way.

Rescued Husky Helps Owner Find New Passion for Photography

This is Amanda Tromp and her beautiful husky named Kyro who share a special bond together with a heartwarming story to tell that reminds us all of how strong the bond between dogs and their owners can be.

22 Photos That Won't Make Any Sense If You Were a Good Student

For those that were or still are bad students, you'll be able to relate to each and every one of these photos.

This Thunderstorm Time Lapse Is Absolutely Terrifying

This storm filmed off of Maroochydore, Australia is absolutely terrifying yet you won't be able to stop watching.

Europe's First Ever Underwater Museum Is Full of Hyperrealistic Human Sculptures

Submerged fourteen meters below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean lies the first underwater art museum in Europe, the The Museo Atlantico.

Funny Illustrations Show Life Before and After Getting a Dog

If you love your dog to bits but sometimes get fed up with their mannerisms then don't worry, you're not alone!

Artist Uses Drywall to Create Extraordinary Sculptures

Typically used to fill holes in the wall when decorating artist Bernie Mitchell has come up with a far more creative way to use drywall and the results really are extraordinary.

Marine Biologist Shows Just How Small Baby Swordfish Are

If you've ever wondered what a baby swordfish looks like then here's you answer, it's adorable. Marine biologist Juan C.

Marine Biologist Shows Just How Small Baby Swordfish Are

If you've ever wondered what a baby swordfish looks like then here's you answer, it's adorable. Marine biologist Juan C.

Beautiful Photos of Switzerland Will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags and Travel

Illustrator by profession Martina Bisaz is doing what most of us can only dream of, visiting some of the most idyllic locations on earth in her native Switzerland.Already hugely popular on the photo based social network Instagram Bisaz regularly uploads photos of the places she travels to ...

Photographer Captures a Parallel World Hidden Within the Puddles of Toronto

Let's face it, nobody likes the rain all that much, but these photos from Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz prove that when it stops the puddles left behind can actually be pretty magical.

These Posters Are Everything You Hate About Travelling on London's Underground

For those of you that travel the London Underground frequently you may have noticed something different about the adverts on display with a number of 'tube courtesy’ posters popping up at various platforms.