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18 Times the Internet Proved There's Two Types of People in This World

The internet allows people to share just about anything they want with the rest of the world and fortunately or unfortunately for us that means we have to listen to those horrible things that every person has, opinions.

24 Pictures That Will Completely Mess with Your Head

These 24 photos are so perfectly timed you'll be left scratching your head forever trying to work out what's exactly going on.

17 Breathtaking Photos of Rare Double Rainbows

Previously on BlazePress we've covered unusual and rare phenomena's but this time we're dedicating an entire post to Double Rainbows, certainly not the rarest of whether phenomenon's but easily one of the most beautiful.Spotting a rainbow is fairly common but spotting a double rainbow is ...

Rescued Piglet and Tabby Kitten Grow up Together Forming Inseparable Bond

Neither Laura the piglet or Marina the kitten had the best start in life, yet somehow their paths ended up crossing sparking an inseparable and adorable bond between the two.

Majestic Looking Albino Turtle Found on Australia Beach

Whilst surveying a green turtle nest on Sunday members of the Coolum and North Shore Coast Care group in Australia made a pretty amazing discovery amongst the 122 tiny hatchlings inside the nest, a rare albino baby turtle."Albino hatchlings are extremely rare; it probably occurs at the rate of ...

Explorers Take Incredible Photos Inside the World's Largest Active River Cave

On a recent trip to Laos, Beijing-based photographer Ryan Deboodt spent two days exploring Tham Khoun Xe, one of the largest active river caves in the world measuring an impressive 4.5 miles long.Despite the vast underground cave being incredibly remote Deboodt was granted special ...

Van Gogh's Famous Bedroom Can Now Be Rented on AirBnb

Replicating artwork in real life is never easy yet the Art Institute of Chicago has done an incredible job of bringing one of Van Gogh's most famous artworks to life, The Bedroom.

Classical Artworks Reimagined to Include People Covered in Tattoos

You could argue that for the majority of us tattoos have now become socially acceptable, even if you don't have any yourself you probably know plenty of people that do.

Rare Albino Penguin Spotted Chilling on the Shores of Antarctica

You might imagine that spotting this beautiful blonde bird amongst a flock of black penguins wouldn't exactly be hard, but that didn't make the sighting any less astonishing for Tourists onboard the National Geographic Journey to Antarctica cruise.

Cute Illustrations Show How Love Is All About the Little Things in Life

Sure, grand gestures are great, but for those in love with a significant other it's normally the smaller day to day things that bring you closer together with the one you love.From the moments shared whilst cuddled up in front of the TV to simply just waking up next to the one you love every ...

Movie Scenes Without Music Are so Incredibly Awkward It's Hilarious

This short video of 8 Mile without the music proves that every movie needs a soundtrack, otherwise things get incredibly awkward very quickly.

Meet Juniper, the Domesticated Fox That's so Adorable She'll Melt Your Heart

You know what might just beat owning a dog? having your very own pet fox. Meet Juniper, the adorable red fox that could easily be mistaken for an orange furred dog.

Two Ginger Kittens Found in Garden Become Inseparable Brothers

At just a few days old these two adorable kittens were discovered in a garden, abandoned by their owners and left to face the big outside world all by themselves.

17 Funny Illustrations That Explain Your Cats Strange Behaviour

Cat behaviour is one of life's great mysteries but as these funny illustrations from creative studio Last Lemon prove, we've been looking at their unusual behaviour the wrong way this entire time.

Makeup Artist Transforms Herself into Monsters That Will Give You Nightmares

Makeup artist, cosmetologist and beauty vlogger Andrea De La Ossa won't be short of Halloween ideas this year thanks to her incredible makeup skills. Andrea is able to transform herself into just about any monster you can think of, from sharks, ghouls, zombies and even characters ...

27 Amazing Photos That Were Taken Between Two Worlds

Some photographers are amazing at taking awe-inspiring landscapes photos, some choose to shoot their photos whilst out at sea but others choose to do both, merging two different world's into one photograph.Using waterproof cameras and equipment photographers are able to capture ...

Guy Falls Asleep at Work and Becomes the Internets Latest Photoshop Victim

Falling asleep at work might sound appealing but when something as hilarious as this can happen it's probably best that you stick to the coffee rather than try and get a few minutes of rest, something that Reddit user TheOrangeDuke had to learn the hard way after falling asleep on his second ...

Illustrator Demonstrates How Living the Single Life Is Actually Quite Enjoyable

Alone this Valentines Day? fear not, being single isn't as bad as others will lead you to believe. In her series titled “Postmodern Loneliness” Mexico-based artist Idalia Candelas has been busy using pencil, ink and watercolour to celebrate the single life.Inspired by her own experiences ...

Adorable Polar Bear Cub Photographed Hitching a Ride on Mum

Each year at the Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada, between the months of February to March something magical happens, the polar bear mothers emerge with their newborns for the first time.Normally disappearing around October time the mothers give birth to their cubs around November ...

Penguin in Japan Happily Walks to Local Fish Market Everyday for Lunch

Here's something you're unlikely to see walking down your street if you look out the window, a penguin on her way to the local fish market to get her favourite meal.In Japan there's a King Penguin named Lala that does exactly this.