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UPS Drivers Have a Facebook Page Dedicated to the Dogs They Meet on Their Routes

For many postal workers the best part of the day isn't making that final delivery, it's meeting all the happy four-pawed customers along the way.

Here's What Happens When an Architect Attempts Baking Cakes

Food doesn't just have to taste the part, it has to look the part too. That being said the work of pastry chef Dinara Kasko might just be too aesthetically pleasing.

These Librarians Attempted Their Own Kardashian-Inspired Photoshoot and It's Brilliant

In order to mark the fact that the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is now a decade old the family decided to get together and pose for the cover of the Hollywood Reporter.

25 Hilarious Photos That Prove All Pets Are Absolute Jerks

For pet owners around the world it comes as no shock that from time to time they like to play up and cause mischief.

This Architect Built an Incredible Looking Home Made Entirely from Shipping Containers

Using shipping containers to create unusual and bespoke homes has been done before however it normally involves stacking them on top of each other to create a pretty conventional looking square home.

17 Hilariously Unphotogenic Animals You'll Probably Feel Bad for Laughing At

We all have that one friend that looks good in photos no matter what, but let's just have a moment of silence for the people that never look good no matter how hard they try.

5 Hilarious Comics That Show How Your World View Changes as You Age

Although it might seem a little way off yet, old age is something that creeps up on all of us. Whilst the changes we go through physically are quite visible as we age what's not so obvious is the changes we go through mentally and how years of life experience shape and mould our world view.None of ...

This Hedgehog That Loves Going Camping Might Just Be the Best Thing Ever

Azuki is a miniature Japanese hedgehog that loves nothing more than going on big adventures. A fact that's earned him a lot of fame over the years on Instagram.

This Artist Reimagined Pokemon Characters with Nightmarish Results

Although Pokemon has made something of a comeback recently thanks to the hugely popular Pokemon Go app, for many of us the card and video game remains a fond childhood memory, making these creations from David Szilagyi even more unsettling.A stark contrast to the Pokemon characters you likely ...

Company Use Optical Illusion to Stop People Running Through Their Hallway

Although it's not clear what was causing people to run into Casa Ceramica tile showroom in Manchester, UK, what we do know is that the staff there were fed up with it, so in order to slow people down they came up with a genius solution.

The World Like You've Never Seen It Before: The 2017 Macro Nikon Photo Contest

It's always good to look at the bigger picture, but sometimes focusing on the smaller details is just as rewarding.

Photographer Photoshops Himself into Old Childhood Photos and the Result Is Amazing

There are plenty of creative uses for Photoshop and even though it's almost hard to believe these days, not all of them involve trolling people.

After a Stray Dog Crashed Their Wedding This Couple Had the Best Reaction Ever

Uninvited guests at a wedding are not exactly a welcomed or expected addition to anyones big day, especially if it's an uninvited family member (for whatever reason that may be), or if it's someones crashing and hoping to get some free food and drink, so when this four-legged wedding crasher showed ...

The Best Wedding Photographs of 2017 Will Leave You Amazed

Picking the right photographer to capture your big day is always tricky - you can't really go back and do a re-shoot on what's supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life, so you have to put a lot of trust in that whoever's operating the camera knows what they're doing and one place where ...

IKEA Has Launched Its Own Pet Furniture Collection and It's Paw-some

When it comes to decorating and buying new furniture there's only one place to head to, IKEA. A one-stop shop for all your interior design needs the Swedish furniture giant just became even more inclusive after it decided to start selling its very own line of furniture specifically designed for ...

Festival Fills Japan's Fields with Huge Straw Sculptures and They're Amazing

Fall marks the harvesting season and as the evenings grow shorter festivals all around the world are taking place to celebrate its arrival, but none are quite as impressive as the Wara Art Festival in Northern Japan.

22 People Who Trolled Protesters in the Funniest Way Imaginable

Protests are great when they're peaceful - they give people an opportunity to exercise their freedom of speech.

When 100 People Are Asked to Draw 10 Famous Logos from Memory the Results Are Hilarious

A companies logo is what sticks in your memory and for good reason, they spend millions each year on marketing making sure that their brand does just that, but just how effective are they at making this happen?

People Can't Decide If They're Ok with This Street Artist's Ironic Messages

Not everything that's written on a wall is vandalism, particularly in the case of street artist Mobstr who's stencils and works have a witty undertone that causes you to stop what you're doing and think, often poking fun at society with powerful messages.In his most recent works Mobstr questions ...

Artist Arranges Everyday Objects into an Oddly Satisfying Photo Series

Basing her oddly satisfying arrangement on colour, UK artist Caroline South uses everyday items and places them into soul-soothing colour gradients that will leave you feeling strangely relaxed as you scroll through her Instagram feed that more than 118k people currently follow.Whether it's ...