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25 Creative Home Offices and Workspaces

If you are fortunate enough to work from home and not have to visit an office everyday or even leave the house then your workspace is probably incredibly personal to you.

10 Essential Websites and Apps for Students

Here are 10 useful web tools and apps that every student should know about. Whether its waking up in time for an exam or stopping yourself from being distracted whilst working, those problems will be a thing of the past.

This Guy Found a Little Squirrel on the Streets, What He Did Is Amazing

This guy was walking to work when he spotted a baby squirrel on the floor, caught in the heat of the Florida sun.

Haunting Clone Photography by Daisuke Takakura

Imagine a world in which there are multiple versions of yourself all going about their individual lives.

Artist Spends a Year in the Woods Creating Beautiful Sculptures

Artist Spencer Byles has spent the past year working on transforming small sections of woodland in Southern France into a magical wonderland full of full scale sculptures made of only natural materials.

The Top 10 Mindfuck Movies

These movies are far from your ordinary fairytale and happily ever after stories and they are certainly no Hollywood mega blockbusters but what they are is very cleverly written and scripted.

Breathtaking Photographs of the Alps Make the Humans Climbing Them Look Like Ants

Jakub Polomski is a professional photographer from Poland who specialises in landscape and travel photography.

This Pedal Powered SkyCycle Rollercoaster in Japan Is Amazing

This has to be one of the craziest rollercoasters in the world and for once it’s not because of the crazy loop the loops, sheer drops or because of a record breaking plummet from some ridiculous height.

These 30 Kids Are Crying for Such Silly Reasons It’s Hilarious

Parenting isn’t easy and it’s made even harder by the fact that kids aren’t very good at handling everyday situations just yet such as seeing Miley Cyrus on TV and having to wait for dinner.

Fascinating Photographs of Bees like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The United States Geological Survey has just released an amazing series of photos that offer us a look at bees in beautifully detailed portraits.

15 Signs Improved by Hilarious Graffiti

Generally speaking, vandalism is a big problem that should be looked down upon. Here at Blazepress we fully support some of the amazing work street artists do, providing that it doesn’t damage other peoples property.

27 Pictures That Will Leave You Disgusted with the World

These 27 pictures will leave you absolutely disgusted with humanity and the world that we live in. This is a case of faith in humanity destroyed.

Get Ready to Cry at the New Budweiser Puppy Advert

As if the first Budweiser puppy advert wasn’t emotional enough last year, they have just released a second one and it’s just as much of a tearjerker.

Watch How Women’s Beauty Standards Have Changed over the Last 3,000 Years

Throughout time the idea of what is beautiful has changed and even now it can differ depending on location and culture.

32 Amazing Examples of Home Wine Cellars

How do you make an already amazing home better? by adding in a magnificent in-home wine cellar of course.

10 Beautiful Beaches That Will Leave You Wanting to Travel

Winter can be a beautiful time with frosty mornings and snow, but you wouldn’t want it last forever. These beautiful beaches around the world will leave you craving for a holiday to a tropical destination.

22 Cats That Are Living a Better Life than You Right Now

A lot of people to choose to spoil their cats with food and luxurious items such as beds and toys, but these kitties get treated like absolute kings and queens.

Young Boy and French Bulldog Welcome Their Baby Brother to the Gang

Meet Tasuku and Muu, an adorable duo that has recently become a trio thanks to the arrival of Setsu who is now one year old.

Majestic Photographs of Women Surrounded by the Beauty of Nature

Photographer Elena del Palacio captures majestic and awe-inspiring photographs of a woman within dream-like landscapes and situations, connecting the human world with the natural one.

Photographer Captures a Hidden World within Macro Photographs

This video shows amazingly lit macro photographs of everyday objects like you’ve never seen them before, captured by photographer Pyanek.