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16 Fascinating GIFs That Will Teach You About the World Around You

A GIF is small looped moving image (technically known as a Graphic Interchange Format) that is the perfect format for condensing useful and interesting moments or information into a bitesize chunk.

10 Posters That Will Inspire You to Be a Better Designer

We've come up with a series of 10 beautifully designed posters that will inspire you to be a better designer.

Adorable Puppies Smother Zeus the Corgi in an Attack That Will Melt Your Heart

When Zeus the corgi is introduced to two tiny puppies he immediately has to go on the defence to protect himself from their overwhelming show of affection!

Three Overly Excited Pugs Meet Their New Brother for the First Time

When baby Louie was introduced to his three tiny pug brothers one day his parents had a problem, how do you introduce a small child to three overly excited pugs?

When Animals Perfect Their Scaring Technique This Hilarity Happens

For those of us that are easily scared or startled, being around these animals would be a nightmare. Although it's hard to tell whether or not they are intentionally scaring the people in the videos one thing is certain, these pranksters has absolutely perfected their scaring technique!

Weekly Inspiration 35

A weekly roundup of the coolest and best photos on the internet. For more awesome content visit our Tumblr & Instagram.You can check out the previous episode here – Weekly Inspiration 34.

21 Designer Problems Turned into Funny Comics That Tell the Absolute Truth

No matter what profession you are in it's always going to have its draw backs, but being a designer is one that comes with more downsides than average, proven by this brilliant series of comics created by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes.New comics are created weekly which take a fun and light ...

6-Year-Old Breakdancer Destroys Her Opponent in a Dance Off That Will Leave You Speechless

During the final round of the Chelles Battle Pro breakdancing contest in France which was held on March 2, 2013, six-year-old miniature breakdancer "Bgirl Terra" wowed the crowds with her incredible moves.Her opponent, the talented "Bboy Leelou" started first in the final round ...

The Incredible Beauty of Iceland Captured in Breathtaking Drone Footage

Iceland may not have the fancy shops, the popular tourist attractions or busy bustling cities that some countries do, but what it lacks in the cosmopolitan lifestyle it more than makes up for in stunning unspoilt landscapes, something that this epic drone footage ...

22 Times Being a Nature Photographer Was the Most Amazing Thing Ever

When we see the work of nature photographers it's always incredible, but what we never get to see is what happens behind the lens, such as these incredible moments.

18 People Who Instantly Regretted Their Terrible Decisions

These GIFs prove that when you're lost in the moment just about anything can happen. From pizza catastrophe's to people just having really bad days at work.

60 Fascinating Photos Taken Throughout History

These 60 photos taken throughout history tell humanities story so far, through it's best moments, its worst and the moment in between - the moments that would otherwise be forgotten if they weren't photographed.

This Japanese Hamster Is Taking over the Internet with His Adorable Eating Habits

Meet Mike, the adorable Japanese hamster that's quite rightly winning the hearts of every on the internet with his bed time ritual which involves just a slice of carrot and a whole lot of cuteness.Despite being so cute Mike didn't find internet fame at first, the first video below has been up for ...

This Mysterious Moth Looks Like a Real Life Fairy

This tiny little moth will leave you saying aww whilst questioning the world around you thanks to it's alien like looks.

What It Would Be Like If Superheroes and Villains Had to Tackle Everyday Tasks

Canada-based photographer Daniel Picard loves pop culture, so much so that he's created a fun series of photos that explores what it would be life if superheroes and villains had to tackle everyday tasks as if they were just like the rest of us.So what do they do when they aren't trying to destroy ...

Watching This Woman Dance Whilst Longboarding Is Totally Mesmerising

Using her incredible skill and balance, longboarder Ko Hyojoo has just pulled of one of the most hypnotic and impressive longboard video sequences we've ever seen.

3D Printed Paintings Will Allow the Blind to 'See' Famous Artworks for the First Time

We've seen many amazing examples of 3D printing making the world a better place for the blind and this project by Helsinki-based designer Marc Dillon is yet another aiming to make the world a better place, this time by 3D printing famous artworks to allow the visually impaired to 'see' ...

Artist Used 15,000-Year-Old Data of River to Render This Incredible Image

When picturing the history behind a river you might imagine that would include incidents such as floods were it may have broken its banks or when there were droughts and the river reduces to a stream, and you'd be right, but the true history of a river is infinitely more complex as it gradually ...

Woman Buys Entire Toy Store so She Can Donate It All to Charity

Whilst walking through her West Village neighbourhood, Carol Suchman noticed that a local toy store was going out of business.

Small Moments of Movement Isolated into Hypnotic GIFs by Romain Laurent

What started as a spontaneous project to work outside of his normal commercial work has now grown into a popular online series of GIFs for French photographer and director Romain Laurent.Each GIF is simple in concept yet it's the way in which Laurent pulls it off that make them so ...