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30 Wonderfully Wintery Scenes From Around The World

Depending where you reside, winter is well and truly on its way. The cold days and the frost on your car in the morning is no fun, but there are certainly some positives as well, winter gives photographers the perfect opportunity to capture some of the most gorgeous snowy scenes around.

27 Incredible Before and After Shots of Visual Effects in Film

The work that visual effects artist do is incredible. They turn small sets and studios with blue and green backgrounds into the magic worlds you see in films such as Maleficent, they turn ordinary scenes with human actors into apes and they can create monsters such as Godzilla… and then theres the explosions.

Bird Enthusiast Creates Such Epic LEGO Birds That LEGO Themeselves Now Mass Produce Them

Tom Poulsom is a gardener and tree surgeon who also has a passion for bird watching, but he also has an incredibly creative side to him to which is why he’s turned his hobby into these amazing LEGO birds.

Alfonso Ribeiro Shows Off His ‘Carlton Dance’ One Last Time

Alfonso Ribeiro (or Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) caused quite the internet storm when, earlier in series of Dancing With The Stars, he performed his iconic ‘Carlton dance’.

The 29 Worst Black Friday Deals Ever

Ah Black Friday, one of the most exciting yet genuinely terrifying days of the year, frantic consumers and deals everywhere you look, who doesn’t love it?

21 Photos That Will Destroy Everything You Once Knew

After seeing these photos you will never be the same. 1. The Cilit Bang man is not called Barry Scott He’s called Neil Burgess.

21 Incredible Photographs That Will Make You Want to Visit Norway

Whether its the beautiful forests or snowy mountains tops it’s hard to deny that Norway is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

The Society Of Biology Photography Contest Showed Off Some Wonderful Winners

The Society Of Biology has just finished its 3rd annual photography contest, and after receiving nearly 800 entries, they’ve unveiled their winners.

Amazing Horse Head Sculpture Lights up Scottish Skyline

This impressive new sculpture of a horse head in Falkirk, Scotland known as The kelpies is designed by artist Andy Scott and has taken a total of nine years to design and assemble.

Drone Footage Captures Chernobyl Looking More Post-Apocalyptic than Ever

This short film put together by filmmaker Danny Cook shows Pripyat which is an abandoned city near to Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Daredevil Free Climbs a 900-foot Chimney and Walks across the Top

Watch the moment a daredevil scales a 900-foot chimney using no safety ropes and then decides to walks across the top on a narrow beam not once but twice!

Mesmerising Infinity GIFs by Erik Soderberg

We have covered some perfectly looped GIFs on Blazepress before but these Infinity GIFs by Erik Soderberg are a little different.

Dogs Pose in Cute Photobooth Pictures to Try and Get Adopted

We have covered how certain breeds of dogs carry negative stigmas with them, as is the case with a lot of Pit bulls.

Video Game Screenshots That Blend in with Modern Day Paris

We’ve seen a few series similar to this before, one of them was screenshots from movies blending into their onset locations in New York City.

The True Meaning of Brand Names

You know the brands, and even their logos but do you really know what their names stand for?. We have recently covered this infographic that takes a look at the hidden messages within brand logos, but it would appear even the names are not by chance as this infographic put together by 7brands shows.

Who Would Win in a Fight between Darth Vader and Batman?

Who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Batman? well this video put together by the awesome people at Machinima Prime goes some way to answering this incredibly important question.

Psychedelic Paint and Resin Artwork by Bruce Riley

The work of Bruce Riley will leave you hypnotised. The talented artist based in Chicago creates psychedelic artworks by dripping resin and paint all over canvases.

This Teacher Taught His Students a Powerful Lesson about Privilege

This teacher taught his class a powerful lesson about privilege and life that they will never forget, and all he used was some scrunched up paper and a bin.

Incredibly Detailed Drawings by Kerby Rosanes

These incredibly detailed drawings and doodles are by Philippines based 23-year-old artist Kerby Rosanes.

Haunting & Surreal Portrait Photography by Raggana

Lithuanian photographer Raggana grew up surrounded by woods and scenic landscapes and from a young age has enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and travelling.