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The 21 Greatest Things to Happen on Tumblr in 2014

This is exactly why we love Tumblr so much. Anything and everything gets shared from pictures, videos to jokes and quotes, but it’s the responses from other Tumblr users that normally make it such an amazing place.

18 People Who Took Failing to Another Level

There are people that try and fail and then there are these people. These are the people that take their hoovers for walks and mistake the great pyramids for Stonehenge.

Spectacular Displays at the 2014 Festival of Light Illuminate the Buildings of Lyon

Earlier this month the city of Lyon in France had its streets and buildings illuminated by incredible light displays as part of the 2014 Festival of lights, or as it is known in France the Fête des Lumières.

This Paralysed Dog Will Remind You Why Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Meet Zeus, a dog who’s story will remind you why everyone deserves a second chance in life. At just six months old Zeus started to suffer from strange symptoms.

This 5 Minute Video Explains How Airplanes Are Made

The work that is involved in building a modern day commercial airplane is incredible. It takes nearly 4,000 highly skilled engineers over 7 years of planning to design and make a commercial airplane, part of the reason is due to the amount of testing and then re-testing thats involved.

Daredevil in a Wingsuit High Fives a Hand on a Low Level Flight

Watch the insane moment wingsuit daredevil Sammy Rohan jumps from a cliff in Chamounix, France, and then whilst flying just feet above the ground at high speed high-fives a big hand that one of his friends is holding on the ground.

27 Snapchats Too Good to Disappear Forever

Snapchats are a great way of sending a funny message that when viewed disappears forever, but sometimes Snapchats are so genius that letting them go is a crime.

3D Ship Projected onto Water during the Amsterdam Light Festival by visualSKIN

This impressive installation by Romania-based architecture collective visualSKIN is part of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

This ‘Giga-Yacht’ Takes Luxury to an Oil Tanker Sized Extreme

What you are looking at is the Imāra, a 918-foot (280-meter) long, 11-deck high luxury giga-yacht. Not a normal yacht by any means, particularly because it’s the same size as a commercial oil tanker.

The 10 Most Heartwarming Stories of 2014

With all the bad news in the world it’s important to remember that there is always good happening around us all the time.

This Couple Thought They Adopted a Cute Micro Pig, but It Grew to 670 Pounds

When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted Esther the pig they thought that she was a pygmy piglet, which usually don’t grow to be that big at all, but they soon realised that Esther was actually a commercial pig.

Children in Gaza Draw What They Believe the Future of Gaza Looks Like

Charity UNICEF asked children to draw what they think the future of Gaza looks like. Their drawings show that although they have hopes and dreams for the future and that everything will be alright in the end, the damage of war still remains.

Spectacular Colour Changing Infinity Lights Brighten up Manchester

This amazing 10-meter-squared installation by Squidsoup invites passers by to wonder through it and interact with the thousands of lights that appear to float and change colour in response to their surroundings and the interaction of humans.

Boyfriend Puts 365 Love Notes in a Jar for His Girlfriend to Read All Year

This has to be the most thoughtful gift anyone could ever give to their significant other. This Reddit user wrote 365 different love notes to his girlfriend of 8 years and then put them in a jar for her to open and read every day for an entire year.

10 Animals Who’s Lives Have Been Changed Thanks to Prosthetics

With the development of new materials and 3D printing techniques it’s not only humans that are benefiting.

Korean Artist Gives Eastern Take on Western Fairytale Characters

Korean artist and illustrator Na Young Wu takes iconic and typically Western disney characters and asks the question “What would they look like if they were created in Eastern Asia?

This Star Wars Themed Light Display Is the Best Thing You’ll See This Christmas

This incredible christmas lights display by Tom BetGeorge celebrates his favourite Star Wars songs in style.

Man Becomes the First in the World to Control Two Prosthetic Limbs with His Mind

Leslie Baugh from Colorado lost both of his arms 40 years ago due to an electrical accident. Since this debilitating accident he hasn’t been able to perform the everyday tasks that most people take for granted, even something as basic as picking something off of a shelf would have been struggle.

20 Vines We Couldn’t Stop Looping in 2014

In no particular order here are twenty of the funniest, most entertaining and popular vines that we couldn’t stop looping in 2014.

Minecraft’s Founder Notch Just Purchsed This $70 Million Beverley Hills Mansion

At the top of Hillcrest road is a property like no other in Beverley Hills. From the outside this property screams money and luxury and when you see the inside that theme of extravagance continues. The panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles and the shores of Malibu Beach add to this properties appeal.