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Gas Station Clerk With MMA Training Surprises Thieves

A southside convenience store clerk turned the tables on a pair of accused robbers on South Wayside near Interstate 45.

Scientists Pinpoint the Precise Moment of Our Impending Doom

It may come as a shock to some people, but when it comes to the human race surviving for thousands of years to come, the odds are stacked against us.

You Won’t Believe How Much the Most Expensive Website Domains Ever Sold For

We visit sites everyday, but probably never consider how much those sites domains cost to buy. For years now domains have been big business.

This Is Exactly How Your Computer Would Act If It Were a Person

Witchoria is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY who publishes her creative work via her tumblr blog.

Macro Photographs of Bugs Make Them Appear like Creatures from Another World

Bugs are all around us, but we never get to see them like this. This is the impressive macro photography of Yudy Sauw, a photographer based in Banten, Indonesia.

Adorable Video Shows Boy Singing a Lullaby To His New Born Brother

Prepare for an overload of cuteness. When this 6 year old boy holds his newborn baby brother first time he sings him a lullaby so sweet that it’ll make even the hardest of hearts burst out in tears.

24 Breathtaking Waterfalls from around the World

If you go looking, earth has a countless number of breathtaking landscapes, but of all the stunning scenery the world has to offer there is nothing more impressive than a waterfall.

These Photos Prove You Should Never Skip Leg Day

If you know anyone that’s obsessed with the gym you’ll know that its an absolute crime to miss leg day, these photos show why.

Awesome Oreo Art by Tisha Cherry

The Oreo, one of the most popular cookies in the world and now the platform for some super creative food art thanks to Tisha Cherry.

Travel Through Video Game History With This Fascinating Photo Series

Javier Laspiur an art director and graphic designer from Spain has a new graphic photo series called Controllers.

Here is What Happens When You Let Strangers Draw Your Selfies

These are taken from the app “French Girls” inspired by the meme draw me like one of your french girls and the results of letting strangers anonymously draw the selfies that you submit are hilarious.

26 Hilariously Re-Created Childhood Photos

Last month we told you about Joe Luxton’s calendar idea which involved re-creating old family photos into the modern day.

They Look like Real Baby Animals, They Are Actually Incredibly Realistic Toys

They might look like real baby animals, but what you are seeing is actually incredibly realistic baby animal toys by sculptor Lee Cross who also goes by the name Wood Splitter Lee.

These Surreal Faceless Portraits Will Haunt Your Nightmares

These surreal faceless portraits will haunt your nightmares forever, and they prove that not all art is happy sunshine and rainbows, art can also scare you.

15 of The Coolest Lego Furniture Creations Ever

We probably all played with lego when we were older, and now you can relive those childhood memories through this awesome lego furniture.

Deep Sea Explorers Stumble upon the Strangest Looking Creature They Have Ever Seen

Whilst the world has speculated for thousands of year over what extraterrestrial life might look like, there are few creatures that you can find on earth that look this alien.

Got OCD? You Don’t Want to Look At These 32 Photos

As a mild sufferer of OCD, I understand the certain annoyances that crop up when the picture in your front room doesn’t quite sit straight or one of the tiles doesn’t quite match up in the bathroom.

The Dutch Pay Tribute to the Victims of Flight MH17

These pictures capture the heartache of a country as 40 coffins containing the victims of flight MH17 disaster in Ukraine are returned to the Netherlands.

These 50 Incredible World Maps Will Blow Your Mind

These 50 maps will completely change the way that you see the world. If you have ever wondered about gender inequality around the world, minimum wage or which country is most into heavy metal music then you are about to have your mind blown.

Reading Their Stories Will Completely Change the Way You See the Homeless

Reading the stories of homeless people on cardboard signs is a powerful reminder of what they have had to endure.