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14 Amazing Birds-Eye-View Photos Of Cities Around The World

Here are some genuinely awe-inspiring photos of some of the most visually interesting cities around the world.

Physical Movement Turned Into Amazing Art

Heather Hanson is an artist from America, but she’s certainly not any normal artist, Heather uses her movement for her art.

18 of The Most Incredible Monuments Ever Built

Human civilizations have been building monuments for thousands of years in order to honour their culture, their religion and gods, to remember historic moments and to honour their loved ones.

46 Pictures Taken at the Perfect Moment in Time

In this day and age people are able to carry cameras on them all the time, whether its a DSLR or camera phone, when an opportunity for a perfectly timed photograph arises, they are there ready to capture it .

Photographer Gives up City Life to Capture Australias Remotest Places

Landscape photographer Julie Fletcher did what many people dream of 12 years ago when she left it all behind – she quit her boring city job and failed relationship to follow her dreams of exploring the Australian outback.

27 Incredible Images Reveal the Earths Beauty as Seen from Space

You can travel the world and see some beautiful sights, but nothing compares to the sights seen from space.

22 Awe-Inspiring Photos Of New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is known by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The South Island or Te Waipounamu, is the larger but far less populated of New Zealand’s two main islands and it is the owner of some of the most beautiful scenery Earth has to offer.

Emotional Final Letters From A Brave Young Soldier

With the Israel-Gaza conflict going on right now, the full effects of war are being thrust onto us through the media.

The Most Epic Free Running Video You Have Ever Seen

Both the free running and the editing make for one of the best free running videos we have seen. Thanks to the GoPro and its 120fps filming mode we are able to view the epic moment that professional stunt man Ethan Swanson takes a flier off a rooftop in Chicago, Illinois, all in glorious slow motion.

This Teen Had 232 Teeth Removed from His Mouth

Yes, you did read that right, this 17-year-old boy named Ashik Gawai had a big shock last week after complaining of a severe jaw ache.

His Wife Didn’t Want to Take Maternity Pictures but He Did. The Results Are Amazing

When this couple got the exciting news that they were going to be expecting their first baby, the first thing they did was start preparing for their little new arrival.

13 Beautiful Crater Lakes from All around the World

Waterfalls, rivers and lakes make for some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes that nature has to offer, but when you consider the fact that most of these amazing landscapes were created by volcanos then they become even more incredible.

Beautiful Landscape Photography by Janek Sedlář

Since a young age, photographer Janek Sedlář has had a love for exploring the natural world that surrounds him in the Czech Republic.

Incredible Intricately Cut Paper Designs by Bovey Lee

These are the incredible and intricately cut paper designers of Bovey Lee, an artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Famous Movie & Cartoon Characters Recreated in Amazing Balloon Art

Slightly Twisted Balloons are a company based in the U.S. and are quite possibly the most talented balloon artists ever.

15 Of The Most Impressive Tattoo Saves

Having a tattoo is a huge part of someones life, it’s something that is with you forever unless you want to go through a lot of pain and be left with a rather hefty scar.

10 Ways To Make Money Without A Job

Money really does make the world go round, right? And lets face it, no matter how much some don’t want to admit it, we all want more of it.

46 Incredible Things You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

From strange chemical elements that look like they are from another planet, to mystical creatures that will both gross you out and leave you amazed.

This Video Shows Surfing like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Surfing is not for everybody, and even if you cannot surf you can still appreciate the skill involved and the pure beauty surrounding it all.

Photographer Captures the Perfect Shadow of Mt. Fuji at Sunrise

Whilst climbing Mt. Fuji in 2012 photographer Kris J B captured this amazing clear shot of the mountain casting a shadow at sunrise.