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8 Reasons You Should Visit Macau

Macau has a lot to offer.

These Cats Are Having the Time of Their Lives in a Cardboard Box Maze

Cats flying everywhere!

Pip the Pug Might Just Be the Smallest in the World

One pound of absolute cuteness.

The 25 Funniest Yearbook Quotes Ever

Pure genius.

Photographer Captures the Beautiful Diversity of Australia's Fungi

Probably one of natures most underrated & beautiful creations.

20 Historical Photographs Beautifully Restored in Colour

Old black and white photographs brought back to life.

Street Artist Turns Trash and Recycled Items into Striking Animal Murals

Discarded items transformed into something beautiful.

Guy Visits Pet Store and Replaces Pet Names with His Own Hilarious Labels

"Baby Godzilla lizard."

22 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About the World

The world isn't such a bad place after all.

Two-Legged 'Bunny Cat' Is Instagram's Newest & Cutest Star

Roux the two-legged kitten is adorable.

How to Make Edible & Stackable Gummy Bear LEGO

Probably the best creation ever.

This Unique House Is Located Amongst the Epic Dolomite Mountains

A unique design and a truly magical location.

20 Adorable Dogs Who Love Nothing More than Car Journeys

Because nothing beats the wind flowing through your fur.

This Tiny Wind & Solar Powered Home Will Let You Live Anywhere

The ultimate way to go off the grid.

20 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Maldives

The most amazing spot on earth.

Take a Look Inside the Awesome Booklet Every Facebook Employe Receives

Clearly a pretty cool place to work.

The Dangers of Selfie Sticks

Revealed in this hilarious video.

Artist Paints Incredible Seaside Murals Whilst Balancing on a Surfboard

Ridiculously impressive.

Crashing Ocean Waves Photographed by Chris Dixon Seem Frozen in Time

Nature in its most raw & beautiful form.