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10 Reasons You Should Own a Cat

Funny illustrations show why you should have a cat. Continue reading

Incredible Minimal & Vibrant Architectural Photographs by Ramin Nasibov

An entire Instagram profile dedicated to beautifully symmetrical photos. Continue reading

Artist Reimagines Celebrities Covered in Tattoos

Celebrities with ink. Continue reading

Award-Winning Animation Tells the Story of a Lost Soul Who Meets Death

An amazing interpretation of what happens after death. Continue reading

20 Hilarious Clothing Tags That Are Worthy of Being on Show

No need to tuck these labels in. Continue reading

Funny & Awkward Everyday Animal Problems Illustrated by Liz Climo

These are adorable. Continue reading

Reflected Landscapes by Victoria Siemer Show the World from a Fractured Perspective

Seriously cool photo manipulations. Continue reading

Magical Photographs of New Zealand's Illuminated Glow Worm Caves

One of the most magical locations on earth. Continue reading

This Beautiful Planetarium Watch Puts the Solar System on Your Wrist

The coolest watch ever comes at a price. Continue reading

Beautifully Designed Vertical Record Player Adds Modern Functions to Classic Device

The coolest way to play your records. Continue reading

Two Ex-Lovers Meet Each Other for the First Time in 30 Years

This video is amazing. Continue reading

Lexus Has Revealed Its Very Own Rideable Hoverboard

It looks so cool. Continue reading

The German City of Karlsruhe Issued a Parking Ticket to This Bent Car Sculpture

This is brilliant. Continue reading

Playful Photo Mashups by Stephen McMennamy

undefined Continue reading

29 Ridiculously Happy Animals That Will Fill Your Heart with Joy

These will leave you smiling. Continue reading

40 GIFs That Perfectly Sum up the Life of a Cat

The best cat GIFs on the internet. Continue reading

Artist Transforms Food to Look Like Everyday Items

Continue reading

Beautifully Designed Wooden Cabinet Opens and Closes in the Coolest Way

The most elegant wooden cabinet ever. Continue reading

The Richest People in the World in 2015 | Infographic

The world's billionaires have a combined fortune of $7.05 trillion! Continue reading

Samsung 'Safety Truck' Shows the Road Ahead so Cars Can Safely Pass

A cool idea that could save lives. Continue reading