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After This Teen's Tragic Death, He Has Saved the Lives of More Than 50 Other People

Cody Souders' death from an accidental drug overdose could have just been another tragic statistic, but because of a decision he made earlier in his life, he's helping to save the lives of dozens of other people.

The 17 Biggest Blockbuster Films You Can't Miss This Summer

Ah, summer movie season. Can you smell the fresh green dollar bills as they roll into studios' pockets?

The Real Roots of Cinco de Mayo May Surprise You

Ah, Cinco de Mayo — another cultural holiday for Americans to get wasted and look like racist idiots.

Selena Gomez Had the Perfect Shutdown for This Fat-Shaming Instagram Troll

Selena Gomez does not have time for Instagram trolls. When a user wrote to her that she needed to "work out" and "stop eating junk food" if she was going to make it in "the business," her takedown was spot-on.

Baltimore Reveals Why We Need Our Musicians Now More Than Ever

Last Wednesday, Wale visited Baltimore high schools to share a message of peace and positivity with the young people studying there.

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Texas Shooting at "Draw Muhammad" Contest

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Tuesday via their official Albayan radio station for Sunday night's attack outside the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas.

Bernie Sanders Says the U.S. Could Learn a Lot From Scandinavia. Here’s Why He's Right

On Sunday, Bernie Sanders, the lone socialist in the U.S. Senate, discussed his candidacy for president with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week.

While the Media Focused on "Looting" in Baltimore, They Missed the Real Theft

"Looting." Few terms have been used to delegitimize the anger and frustration coming out of Baltimore so readily.

6 Things Ben Carson Thinks Should Terrify the American People

For many years, to many people, Dr. Ben Carson was a real-life American hero. A son of Detroit, Carson announced his candidacy for president on Monday in front of a hometown crowd in the Motor City, where he grew up and out of poverty to become the head of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Maryland.

FML — We Can't Stay Awake Long Enough to Have Sex

Last Friday, Alex didn't have sex.* "I almost went on a second date," Alex, 20, told Mic. "But I was so exhausted from my week and was too nervous about socializing with her and her friends all night ...

This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Get Punched in the Head

Regardless of your feelings toward pay-per-view pugilism, or the fact that two mostly unsavory characters just made hundreds of millions of dollars this weekend, one thing is for certain: The brains of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

One Dark Side of the Criminal Justice System That Everyone Should Know

James Burns wasn't sure if what he was seeing was real.  He saw a bed, linoleum floors and fluorescent lights, but the medication in his bloodstream had been causing him to hallucinate.

This Waitress Turned the Tables and Gave the Kansas Governor a Tip After His Meal

Chloe Hough decided to leave work with a bang.  Her last day as a waitress at the Topeka, Kansas, restaurant Boss Hawg's became a lot more interesting when the state's governor, Sam Brownback, stopped by on Saturday.

This Senator Wants You to Know the Startling Statistics the Military Has Been Hiding

Sexual assault in the military is horrifyingly common and severely underaddressed, yet it seems few politicians or military officials are actively combating the problem — with one notable exception.

This Baltimore Officer Has the Perfect Message for Her Community After the Baltimore Riots

The past week has seen Baltimore gripped by civil rights marches and protests since the April 27 funeral of Freddie Gray, the young black man who died of a spinal chord injury he incurred while in police custody.

When It Comes to "Making the First Move," Here's the Advice All Women Need to Hear

Much as dating has rapidly changed over the past few decades, there's one expectation that hasn't seem to budge: Men still ask women out.

The Positive Side to Dating with Autism That Everyone Can Learn From

"Love is the only game that is not called on account of darkness." This quote, a favorite on the Internet, may be referring to the dating habits of the general population.

When Racial Profiling at the Airport Has Nothing to Do With Your Appearance

"You don't look Arabic." I hear it on dates, and from colleagues. I'm quick to correct them: "I don't look like an Arab or Middle Eastern; Arabic is a language." However they phrase it, they are mostly right.

Six Baltimore Officers Have Been Charged, But History Suggests They Won’t Be Convicted

On Friday morning, Baltimore's chief prosecutor Marilyn Mosby announced that her office would bring charges against six police officers in connection with the arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray, which the Maryland medical examiner had deemed a homicide.  The decision was met with relief and celebration by protesters, and defiance from Baltimore's Fraternal Order of Police, who asked that Mosby recuse herself from the case because of alleged conflicts of interest.

Miguel's Seductive New Song Proves He's the R&B Singer Our Generation Needs

On Sunday, Grammy-winning R&B phenom Miguel released the single "Coffee (F***ing)," a reworked version of his previously released track, "Coffee." The singer teamed up with Wale to create a steamy groove that sounds like the future of R&B.  Source: YouTube"Coffee (F***ing)" is the latest release in advance of Miguel's long-awaited third studio album, tentatively called Wild Heart, Vibe reports.