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One Striking Chart Shows the Number of Times Politicians Regulated Men's Bodies in 2014

We're only halfway through 2014, and state legislators have already introduced a whopping 468 restrictions intended to limit, control or otherwise regulate women's reproductive rights.

If You're Under the Age of 29, Here's How Long You Could Be Single For

More and more of us will be single at age 40 — and we have our millennial status to thank. That’s the finding of an Urban Institute study that looked at marriage rates for previous generations and then projected them for younger folks.

If You Didn't Care About Africa's Ebola Outbreak Before, You Should Now

The news: The United States is expected to receive its first Ebola-infected patient from the current, increasingly deadly outbreak throughout West Africa.

One Country Is Giving Kids a Music Education That U.S. Children Could Only Dream Of

This week, when Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande's "Bang Bang" was released, the Internet erupted.

What Syria's Civil War Looks Like Through the Instagram of a Young Jihadist

Who are the young men hellbent on holy war, making their way to Syria to fight? Turns out, they're fairly similar to the rest of their counterparts around the world.

Here Are the 35 Countries Ebola Can Now Spread to in Just One Flight

Friday, July 25: Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian government consultant, dies in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, after testing positive for the Ebola virus.

Meet the Cop Waging a One-Man War Against Legal Marijuana in Seattle

One Seattle police officer found Washington state's new marijuana legalization laws "silly," and it sure seems like he decided to take matters into his own hands.

One GIF Shows the Hellscape America Would Become If We Legalize Marijuana

Graphic by Chris Walker. Data from the New America Foundation and the Cato Institute. Both figures in 2011 dollars.

Dear Guys, This Is What It Actually Means When You Talk About Your 'Asian Fetish'

Dating as an adult is challenging enough, but the process can seem like an almost impossible task if you're a woman of color, forced to combat racism in the process.

This Republican Mayor Marched 273 Miles to Send a Powerful Message to Washington

Adam O'Neal, the Republican mayor of Belhaven, N.C., just walked 273 miles in support of Obamacare. O'Neal is conservative and while he hasn't fully embraced the Affordable Care Act — "I understand some of the suspicions political leaders in my party have," he told the Washington Post — his state's decision to reject the expansion of Medicaid and one tragic death in his community paved the way for a political stand.

Scientists Discover a Revolutionary Way to Spot a Suicide Before It Happens

The news: Predicting if someone will die by suicide may be as simple as doing a blood test. It turns out that many people who try to end their life have a chemical alteration to a single gene, which scientists can spot with just a few drops of blood.

The Absurd Hypocrisy of Conservative Arguments Against Government Spending

If Republicans love one thing, it's hating the federal government. But the states with conservative leaders who rail against government spending on social programs also benefit the most from it.

Conservatives Who Hate the Government Most Have One Absurd Thing In Common

If Republicans love one thing, it’s hating the federal government. Since 2008, as the Tea Party movement has gained popularity across the U.S., the feds have been labeled anything and everything from “out of control,” in the words of Texas Gov.

The House Just Challenged Obama in a More Extreme Way Than We've Ever Seen

The news: The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Wednesday evening voted to sue President Obama over Obamacare.

A Hugely Important Swing State Is Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The news: A massive majority of Floridians want weed legalized in their state, with a new Quinnipiac poll showing that an overwhelming 88% of likely voters favor medical marijuana.

Think Rape Culture Doesn't Exist? Read This Vile Email Sent to a Witness

Rape is one of the most dehumanizing experiences — but for many trauma survivors and witnesses of such trauma, especially those who courageously speak out about their experiences, the victimization doesn't end with the assault.  Such was the case for one female Occidental College student, who was subjected to the violent, misogynistic sting of rape culture this summer. Her account is detailed within pages of a lawsuit filed on behalf of "John Doe," an Occidental student expelled last year from the Los Angeles school after he was found liable for sexual assault.

Richard Dawkins Said Something Ridiculous About Rape, and the Internet Destroyed Him

Richard Dawkins is a smart man; his contributions to the biological sciences are many. Too bad his expertise in biology doesn’t preclude him from making foolish and offensive claims about rape.  Date rape is bad.