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California's Biblical Drought Is Forcing the Gov. Brown to Set Unprecedented Water Limits

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that the state would be imposing mandatory water restrictions for the first time in its history.

15 Striking Photos Reveal What a Victory Against ISIS Looks Like

When the Iraqi military claimed it would swiftly force the Islamic State group to give up control of the Sunni city of Tikrit, they probably didn't expect the battle to last quite so long before finally claiming victory.

Sufjan Stevens Just Proved He's So Much More Than a Musician

Van Morrison, the Irish soul legend, once called Bob Dylan "the greatest living poet." Now it's regarded almost as fact.

Incredible Photos from Space Give a New Perspective to a Massive Typhoon on Earth

At sea level, Super Typhoon Maysak is a hostile juggernaut of a storm, a terrifying, spiraling red-and-yellow mass on a weatherman's map, pummeling anything in its reach with 160 mph winds.

This Is the New Facebook Stalking — And It's Totally Taken Over Our Lives

We all have them — those people we check in with on a daily basis. We know what haircuts they're sporting and where they went on their last vacation.

NASA's Next Mars Lander Is Actually This Badass Flying Saucer

NASA ran tests Tuesday on its Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, a literal flying saucer that could eventually put astronauts on Mars.

What the Hell Happened to Lauryn Hill?

Lauryn Hill became an immortal part of American musical history on March 25. The Library of Congress preserved her one and only masterpiece, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, as an invaluable piece of American history.

31 Years After His Death, Marvin Gaye Is More Important Than Ever

When Motown founder Berry Gordy heard Marvin Gaye's song, "What's Going On," Gordy declared it to be the worst song he had ever heard.

Happy College Acceptance Day! You're Going to Be in Debt Forever

Attending America's "dream school" is a financial nightmare. New York University, routinely described by American high schoolers and their parents as one of their top "dream schools," is one of the most popular application choices for aspiring college students.

Obama Just Changed the Lives of 22 Americans Caught in the Cross Fire of the War on Drugs

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 22 inmates serving time for drug crimes committed at least a decade ago.

In the Wake of Indiana, Two More States Are Introducing "Religious Freedom" Bills

On Tuesday, the Arkansas state legislature passed a bill that would allow individuals and business to deny service to certain patrons on religious grounds.

No, TV Industry, Being Transgender Is Not a "Hot" Trend

Transgender people were nearly invisible from mainstream media a few years ago. And on the rare occasions they weren't omitted from movies and TV shows, their portrayals were often stereotypical caricatures: A recent GLAAD study showed that between 2002-2012, "offensive representations and storylines" about transgender characters "were found on every major broadcast network and seven different cable networks," and that transgender individuals were largely cast in "victim" roles or as killers, villains or sex workers.  These days, there are far more complex trans characters on screen, played by both transgender and cisgender (or those who aren't trans) actors.

These Are the 13 Best Music Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Netflix has a seemingly endless supply of TV shows, movies and documentaries, a diverse array of content that can quickly become overwhelming when you're deciding what to watch on a rainy Friday night.

Scientists Are Making Your Chocolate Healthier and More Delicious

As if people needed to be given reasons to eat chocolate, a team at the University of Ghana's Department of Nutrition and Food Science found out how to make chocolate healthier and even more delicious.

What 6 Ridiculous Old-Timey Diseases All Have In Common

Last week Vox brought to light a silly-sounding disease that seemed to plague women on the go in the late 1800s: bicycle face, or the threat of a permanent distressed expression caused by riding a bicycle.

Traveling Alone as a Woman Is Amazing, but Not for the Reasons We Think

I picked a shitty hotel, and I knew it. The TripAdvisor reviews had been ruthless: "This is not a hotel, this a worn-down, dangerous location," and "rustic ...

Forget Elizabeth Warren — This Democrat Is Actually Going to Run Against Hillary Clinton

BEDFORD, N.H. — Before former two-term Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley can launch a meaningful effort to dislodge Hillary Clinton as the overwhelming frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, he's going to have to deal with Massachusetts Sen.

Indianapolis' Republican Mayor Has a Brilliant Response to State's New Anti-Gay Law

On Monday afternoon, Republican Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard took a strong stand against the state's controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act by criticizing the bill and signing an executive order that bans discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity.

This Conservative Texas Town Is Proving Green Energy Isn't Just For Liberals

Clean, green electricity can benefit everyone, not just environmentalists. Case in point: The Guardian reports that Georgetown, Texas, located in a county that voted more than 60% Republican in 2012, is set to have 100% of its electricity sourced from wind farms and solar plants by January 2017.