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Obama: 'The Entire World Is Appalled' by the Killing of Journalist James Foley

President Barack Obama had strong words for Islamic State during a statement today regarding the group's execution of freelance photojournalist Jim Foley, who had been missing since 2012 after disappearing in Syria.

A Beautiful Photo Project Is Empowering Women to Embrace Their Stretch Marks

Gossip magazines, the cosmetic industry and Agony Aunts have long fuelled the idea that stretch marks are embarrassing.

5 Absurd Ways You Can Get in Trouble For Smoking Marijuana Legally

With legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington state and some form of medical marijuana available in 21 other states, you might think that you can't get into much trouble for complying with state ordinances on weed.

Here's What Happened When a Black Artist Played Dead by a Philly Landmark

Source: Facebook The news: Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love — but as these pictures show, we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

Meet the Inspiring Man Giving America's Homeless the Gift Of Self-Confidence

Image Credit: lmsifco/Imgur In a busy city like New York, it's easy to walk past a homeless person without sparing even a glance.

How 'BlackFish' Completely Revolutionized Activism in America

SeaWorld may have just given animal rights activists a new playbook. After months of vigorously fighting the allegations of abuse and neglect made in the 2013 documentary Blackfish, the theme park has recently taken steps towards acknowledging and rectifying their past mistakes.

Taylor Swift Just Perpetuated Black Stereotypes in the Worst Way Possible

It's hard to criticize Taylor Swift's new single, "Shake It Off," because it's all about how dumb her haters are.

Egypt and Russia’s Comments on Ferguson Reveal Just How Bad Things Have Gotten

You know things are bad when these guys are giving you grief. The ridiculous police response in Ferguson, Mo., has provoked plenty of reactions from other countries, some of whom seem to be reveling in the chance to troll the U.S.

One Chart Shows Just How Messed Up America's College System Is

1,225%. That's how much the price of higher education has increased in the past four decades. No, that's not a typo, and yes, it's as scary as it sounds.

Why the People Behind 'Support Darren Wilson' Should Support Ferguson's Protesters, Too

There's an emerging counter-movement to support the officer who — with six bullets — allegedly perpetrated the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug.

Will Washington Actually Do Anything About the Militarization of the Police?

Demilitarizing the police is an issue everyone can agree on — for now. After protests of the Michael Brown shooting became violent, police in full combat gear turned the streets of Ferguson, Mo., into a warzone.

What Your Facebook Status Updates Say About Your Personality

Image Credit: Getty Gone are the days in which we turned to physical diaries, burn books or private online forums to unleash a flood of our ecstatic or tormented thoughts.

Doctors Cured This Woman's Cancer — By Infecting Her With a Deadly Disease

The news: Every day, it seems like we get more exciting news about finding a cure for cancer — and this latest update is taking us one step closer to a breakthrough.

What's the Optimal Time to Drink Coffee?

The news: For most people, waking up with a cup of joe is a morning tradition — but according to scientists, you might be drinking coffee at the wrong time of day.

The Guy Who Created 'Flappy Bird' Has a New Hit

Drum roll, please: The sequel to "Flappy Bird," the game that drove the Internet insane and inspired countless ripoffs, is finally here.

Peaceful Protests Devolve Into Pandemonium in Ferguson

The news: The scene in Ferguson turned violent once again on Monday night after repeated clashes between police and protesters.

Here's How Much Americans Really Hate Congress

Americans don't like Congress. This much we know. But a new survey shows a historic gap between how voters feel about Congress overall and how they feel about their own representatives heading into the midterm elections.

J.K. Rowling Just Released Another Brand New Harry Potter Story Online

The Harry Potter author has done it again. Potter fans woke up this morning to a brand new story posted on Pottermore, J.K.

Inspirational Photoshoot Empowers Acid Attack Survivors to Challenge Beauty Standards

It's going to take more than acid to silence these courageous women. When New Delhi-based photographer Rahul Saharan started working on a project for Stop Acid Attacks, a campaign against acid violence, he never imagined such an overwhelming response to his pictures.

Eight Years Ago, They Were the Most Common Mammal in America. Now They're Almost Extinct

The news: Vampire-evoking, blood-sucking and Ebola-linked bats might not be the most beloved animals in the world.