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Jon Stewart Lays Into Mike Huckabee for His Holocaust Reference Without Even Saying a Word

On Monday night's episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart had the perfect response to Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's likening the Iran nuclear deal to the Holocaust: He was speechless.  During an interview Saturday, Huckabee likened the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran to the Holocaust: "This president's foreign policy is the most feckless in American history.

In Watershed Moment, Boy Scouts of America Finally Lift Ban on Openly Gay Leaders

The executive board of the Boy Scouts of America has officially ratified a proposal lifting the century-old group's controversial ban on gay and bisexual troop leaders, a move its leaders hope will bring an end the organization's long struggle with the issue of homosexuality in scouting.

Jeb Bush Slams Mike Huckabee for "Unfortunate" Holocaust Remark

Former Florida governor and Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush took umbrage with his GOP opponent Mike Huckabee's comparison between the proposed Iran nuclear deal and the Holocaust, saying that such language would not help Republicans win the White House in 2016.

Bobby Jindal’s Support for "Religious Freedom" Only Applies to People He Likes

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is an ardent believer in religious liberty — and he'll be the first to tell you so.

'I Am Cait' Is a Game-Changing Reality Show That Embraces True Reality

The run-up to I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner's reality series on E!, has been filled with questions the newly minted trans activist has been forced to face.

Obama Fires Back at Huckabee, Trump and Republicans Over the Iran Nuclear Deal

President Barack Obama defended the pending nuclear deal with Iran and fired back at a couple of its most vociferous critics during a Monday morning press conference in Ethiopia.  Taking questions after arriving in the capital, Addis Ababa, Obama described some of the more pointed Republican attacks as being in line with a "general pattern" of behavior "that would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad." In an interview with Breitbart on Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said the historic accord would pave the way for a second Holocaust.

14 Brave Quotes From Cosby Sexual Assault Survivors Reveal Harsh Truths About Rape

Women have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault for decades. In recent months — after additional allegations were made, public pressure intensified and a previously sealed 2005 deposition in which Cosby admitted to obtaining quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women unearthed — it seems the nation has finally accepted what they have persistently ignored for so long: "America's dad" has deeply harmed dozens of women.

Sen. Cory Booker: The Equality Act Is a Huge Step Forward for America

The "Pass the Mic" series showcases voices, perspectives and ideas that spark interesting conversations.  Almost 50 years ago, a couple tried to purchase a home in suburban New Jersey in a neighborhood they loved, but found their efforts thwarted when the house they wanted was inexplicably pulled off the market.

Hulk Hogan Uses Twitter to Ask Why Obama Can Use the "N-Word," But He Can't

The Hulk Hogan implosion continued Sunday night after the embattled pro wrestler and reality TV star retweeted an ill-considered remark questioning why President Barack Obama could use the "N-word", but Hogan couldn't.  Bi-racial President Obama uses N word, is applauded and keeps his job.

Planned Parenthood Hacked by Anti-Abortion Activists and They're Releasing Critical Info

Anti-abortion activists have reportedly hacked the databases of Planned Parenthood, obtaining the names and emails of some of its employees, according to the Daily Dot.

The Satanic Temple Just Unveiled This One Ton Statue of Satan in Detroit

The Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple made a controversial splash late Saturday night after the group unveiled a one-ton Satanic monument.

100 Queer Characters of Color Who Show Why Hollywood Should — and Must — Diversify

When we think of LGBTQ media representation, the examples we think of have one thing in common. Brokeback Mountain and Modern Family.

4 Powerful Moments from Caitlin Jenner's 'I Am Cait' Premiere

People everywhere sat down to watch the premiere of the E! reality series I Am Cait Sunday night, documenting Caitlyn Jenner's high-profile coming out and her public introduction to the transgender community.

Australian Actress Rebel Wilson Just Made an Excellent Point About Gun Control Laws

On Thursday night, a 59-year-old gunman attacked a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater showing the film Trainwreck, killing two women and injuring nine others before turning his gun on himself.

Here's How Donald Trump's Outlandish Antics Are Paying Off

The GOP's attempt to kill off Donald Trump before he could permanently color the public's perception of the Republican primary election appears to have failed.

Snoop Dogg Posts Defiant Instagram Videos While Under Arrest in Sweden

U.S. rapper Snoop Dogg has posted a series of Instagram videos documenting his brief detention by Swedish authorities after officers arrested him on suspicion that he was under the influence of illegal drugs.

Something Embarrassing Happened When Donald Trump Made 'Veterans For Trump'

When billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump used July's Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa to attack former prisoner of war Sen.

These 3 Charts Show Bernie Sanders' Favorability Surge — Less So for Clinton

Sen. Bernie Sanders' momentum has continued to push him up in the polls just as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's appears to be stalling out.

Obama Just Took a Bold Stand for Gay Rights in Kenya — And It Didn't Go Over Well

President Obama took some time out from his historic, multi-day trip to his father's homeland of Kenya to criticize that government's record on gay rights.

18 Photos of Obama's Historic Trip to Kenya

This weekend, President Obama returned to his father's homeland of Kenya for a multi-day trip packed with speeches, public appearances and diplomatic meetings.