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Large Chunk of Donald Trump's Donations to Veterans' Groups Didn't Come Until Last Week

Donald Trump said on Tuesday he has now donated $5.6 million to veterans' charities — funds the business mogul raised during a nationally televised fundraiser on Jan.

Hillary Clinton Just Received a Huge Endorsement Ahead of the California Primary

Hillary Clinton earned an important endorsement Tuesday when popular California Gov. Jerry Brown threw his support behind her campaign — a seal of approval that could give her a boost ahead of the Golden State's primary on June 7.

After Bernie: Green Party Hopeful Jill Stein Says Millennials Can Take Over This Election

You say you want a revolution — well, you know, Dr. Jill Stein wants to change the world. The Massachusetts physician says she and the Green Party can carry on the work of Bernie Sanders if, as expected, he doesn't overcome Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary.

Native American Student Barred From Wearing Traditional Moccasins for Graduation Ceremony

Maryland high school student Dylan McCabe, set to graduate from North Point High School on Thursday, was hoping to walk down the aisle wearing a pair of traditional Navajo moccasins to honor her Native American heritage.

"Most Hated Man in America" Says He'd Only Vote for Donald Trump "With a Gun to My Head"

So much for that endorsement. Martin Shkreli, the reviled former pharmaceutical CEO who once raised the price of an HIV drug by 5,000%, reneged his apparent endorsement of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump late Monday, saying he plans to abstain from voting for "crap candidates" in November.

Starbucks Just Released Nitro Cold Brew — A Frothy, Chilled Coffee Served on Tap

Starbucks, America's foremost purveyor of milkshakes disguised as coffee drinks, is turning to the periodic table of elements for its newest menu item: Nitro Cold Brew.  While "nitro" sounds more at home on the set of The Fast & The Furious then it does in a cup, the word is short for nitrogen, the chemical element that gives the coffee a velveteen texture.  Source: StarbucksStarbucks plans to introduce its Nitro Cold Brew to more than 500 of its stores across the country by the end of the summer, a company spokesperson said in an email.

Katy Perry's Twitter Was Hacked — And the Hacker Leaked an Alleged New Song

Katy Perry's Twitter account was hacked tonight, and not just to spew vile nonsense on behalf of the pop star: The hacker also released a song.

Katy Perry's Twitter Was Hacked — And the Hacker Leaked an Alleged New Song

Katy Perry's Twitter account was hacked tonight, and not just to spew vile nonsense on behalf of the pop star.

Ann Coulter Calls Asian-American People "Mandarins" — and Insists She's Correct

During a Friday night appearance on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, political commentator Ann Coulter used the term "Mandarins" to describe Asian-Americans — and didn't back down after MSNBC anchor Joy Reid challenged her.

11 Horrible Things Donald Trump Has Said During his Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump is on a roll. Having more or less locked up the Republican nomination for president, he's showing few signs of slowing down or "pivoting" away from a series of ugly, bigoted statements he's made on the campaign trail, despite promises he would act more "presidential" in the general phase of the election.

Donald Trump to Drought-Ridden Californians: 'There is No Drought'

"There is no drought," Republican presidential-hopeful Donald Trump told a crowd of voters on parched California soil on Friday.

Marco Rubio is Sorry For Making Fun of His New Master, Donald Trump

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who infamously mocked the size of presumptive nominee Donald Trump's hands with an allusion to the size of the latter candidate's penis, has now publicly apologized for affronting the real estate billionaire.

North Korea May Have Pulled Off a Series of Stunning Cyber Bank Heists

Is a certain dashing, well-dressed dictator the mysterious mastermind of a massive bank heist from earlier this year?

More Than 150 Doctors Call for the Olympics to be Postponed Due to Growing Zika Concerns

Move the summer 2016 Olympics out of Rio de Janeiro, or face the deadly consequences. That's the message of an open letter to the World Health Organization, signed by more than 150 prominent physicians and scholars, who say that new research on the virus coupled with WHO's declaration of Zika as a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" have spurred them to speak out in favor of moving or postponing the games "in the name of public health." The letter, addressed to Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan, cites historical precedent for moving the Olympics in the face of medical emergencies to bolster their argument.

Donald Trump Dashes All of Our Dreams, Declines to Debate Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump officially declined the opportunity to debate Bernie Sanders ahead of the June 7 California primary, dashing the dreams of voters who were itching for the match-up.

There’s a Legit Mathematical Explanation for Why Your Friends Are More Popular Than You

If you feel like your friends on Twitter are more popular than you — congratulations! Your suspicions are correct.  According to a study published in PLOS ONE, people rarely follow other users on Twitter with fewer followers than them — in other words, the Twittersphere operates on a "date up" mentality.  The researchers computed a dataset of over 200 million tweets and concluded that this tendency applies all the way up to the top 0.5% of the population.

Brazil Is Gripped by Outrage After a Video of a Teen Getting Gang Raped Circulated Online

An online video apparently showing 33 men gang raping a 16-year-old girl in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, circulated on social media, after one of the attackers posted it to Twitter.

Obama Issues a Forceful Challenge to the World During Historic Hiroshima Visit

President Barack Obama called for a world without nuclear weapons Friday during a visit to Hiroshima, Japan, the site of the deadly World War II bombing that remains the only use of nuclear warfare in history.

Donald Trump Thinks Wind Energy Kills Too Many Eagles. He's Right — But There's a Twist

Donald Trump doesn't want to see the eagles go away — golden eagles, bald eagles, all sorts of eagles.

Obama Will Visit Hiroshima, But Here's Why He Won't Apologize for the Atomic Bomb

It's never too late to apologize, but don't tell that to President Barack Obama ahead of his historic speech in Hiroshima, Japan, on Friday.