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There Will Never Be Justice for Michael Brown

More than three months after he was shot dead in the street by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer, 18-year-old Michael Brown has been targeted again, this time by a series of leaks from people involved with or connected to the grand jury investigating the events leading to his death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson.

There Have Been 87 School Shootings Since Newtown. So Why Does No One Seem to Care?

Another day, another school shooting in America.  Friday's shooting at a Washington state high school marks the 87th school shooting since the December 2012 massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, an average of one shooting each week since a gunman killed 20 children and five teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Islamic State Allegedly Has Chemical Weapons — And They Aren't Afraid to Use Them

The news: As if the swift and bloody rise of Islamic State wasn't disturbing enough: A new report suggests that the group now has access to chemical weapons.

12 Legendary English Songs That Are Even More Beautiful in Other Languages

For decades, the global music scene has been dominated by English. Foreign bands usually have to cast aside their native tongue to score success in the biggest markets (see: Phoenix).

90% of American Households Are No Better Off Than They Were in the '80s

Contrary to what many economic conservatives may claim, a rising tide does not lift all boats. The bottom 90% of Americans are not faring well — and the reasons why go back way longer than the recession.

J.K. Rowling Is Releasing a New 'Harry Potter' Story on Halloween

Harry Potter fans are in for a real treat on Halloween. According to a post on, the official website for everything related to the boy wizard, author J.K.

Texas' Textbook Review Process Now Includes a "Biblical Check"

The news: A month after education watchdog groups called out the Texas State Board of Education for trying to push information "unsupported by historical facts and based mostly on the ideological demands" into the state's curriculum, the state's proposed textbooks still contain a multitude of errors and half-truths.

Ebola Has Come to New York. Here Are 6 Reasons Not to Freak Out, According to an Expert

Texas. Ohio. New York. Ebola patients or possible exposures have now appeared in three states with the news that a physician, Dr.

Ebola Has Come to New York City

Ebola has come to the Big Apple. The New York Times reports that a doctor who had treated Ebola patients in West Africa tested positive for the virus, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case.

Aaron Paul Tears Apart the Hypocrisy of Pulling 'Breaking Bad' Toys Off Shelves

The news: Some people weren't too happy with Toys 'R' Us selling action figures from Breaking Bad, the acclaimed television series about a high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin.

Black Students Aren't More Likely To Misbehave. So Why Are They Punished So Much More?

Americans may have spent the summer focused on race and police brutality, but racial disparity isn't only present in the criminal justice system.

Three Brilliant Innovators Aaron Sorkin Should Document Other Than Steve Jobs

The news: There's soon going to yet be another movie about Steve Jobs. Walk-and-talk creator and writer Aaron Sorkin is in the midst of producing a biopic about the tech titan.

Three Brilliant Innovators Aaron Sorkin Should Document Other Than Steve Jobs

The news: There's soon going to yet be another movie about Steve Jobs Walk-and-talk creator and writer Aaron Sorkin is in the midst of producing a biopic about the tech titan.

One Woman's Powerful Video Highlights an Ugly Truth About America's Ebola Hysteria

When diseases break out on foreign soil, it rarely makes headlines here in America. The issues are viewed as someone else's problem.  But now that the Ebola virus has reached the United States, every commentator seems to be an expert on this growing "epidemic" threatening lives.

16 Things Women Were Told They Couldn't Do This Year

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggested earlier this month that women shouldn't proactively advocate for pay raises, heads exploded.

Thousands of Iranians Are Taking a Bold Stand Against a Cruel Form of Misogyny

The news: Thousands of Iranians took to the streets this week to protest a recent string of horrifying acid attacks on women.

The Media Gushed Over Mark Zuckerberg's Chinese — Here's What He Actually Said

The news: Mark Zuckerberg surprised a crowd of students Wednesday in Beijing with his ability to speak Mandarin.

Modern-Day Slavery Still Exists — And It's Thriving Across America

Each year, scores of people are lured to the United States by the promise of a green card, a steady job and the chance of a new start.

Scientists Finally Figured Out When Humans Started Having Sex With Neanderthals

The news: There's a good chance as much as 2% of your DNA comes from neanderthals. That's because your ancestors weren't picky.