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The DOJ Just Released Its Ferguson Investigation — And What They Found Is Horrifying

The Department of Justice released Wednesday its long-anticipated civil rights investigation into the Ferguson Police Department, revealing a pattern of racial bias and targeted abuse of the Missouri city's minority population. The report arrives seven months after an unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, was shot and killed on a Ferguson street by a white officer, setting off months of protests.

Watch the Mind-Blowing New Trailer for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

A new trailer for one of the biggest film franchises in the world is news enough for one day. But for Marvel and Disney, The Avengers: Age of Ultron's trailer is just rewarding hard work.

You're Probably Listening to Music Wrong — And Chances Are Good It'll Affect Your Hearing

More than 1 billion people ages 12 to 35 put themselves at risk of permanent hearing loss, according to the U.N.'s World Health Organization.

This Potential Presidential Candidate Thinks Prison is Proof People Choose To Be Gay

Retired neurosurgeon and potential Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson entered the national conversation after declaring political correctness "dangerous" at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast.

Tinder Wants Older Users to Pay Extra — And That Reveals Everything Wrong With the App

Questioning your purpose. Adding flashy upgrades. Ditching the older crowd to prove you're all about staying hip with the younger kids.

9 Things Latinos Are Tired of Explaining to Everyone Else

Illegal, criminal, threatening, family-oriented, hard-working, patriotic — these are the contradictory words used to describe Latinos.

Russia Is Trying to Force Its Homophobia on the Rest of the World at the United Nations

LGBT activists have another Russian problem to worry about. Foreign Policy is reporting that in a move consistent with a 2013 law criminalizing "gay propaganda," the Russian government has formally demanded that U.N.

NASA Turns 100 Today — Here's How the Space Agency Got Its Start

Get your candles and space-themed cakes ready: NASA is celebrating its 100th birthday. Well, not exactly.

The Real Problem With Hillary Clinton's Private Email Address

Before sending a single email as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton decided that her future conversations would remain out of public view for the foreseeable future.

There's Bad News for E-Readers — And Great News for People Who Still Love Actual Books

Out with the "e," in with the "book." Continuing a recent trend, e-reader sales have continued to drop from their 2012 high — to the point of affecting overall revenue at major publishing houses, according to TechCrunch.

Intense Photos Reveal the Dangers Women Face Every Day from Men

Whether it's being catcalled, groped or attacked, women know all too well that male entitlement often knows no bounds.

10 Badass Historical Women We Should Celebrate This Month

While men have been able to do pretty much whatever they want since the beginning of time, women have long been expected to conform to stringent, restrictive roles within the domestic sphere.

One Quote Sums Up Why John Legend Is the Voice for Justice Music Desperately Needs

"A just society is not one built on fear or repression or vengeance or exclusion, but one built on love. Love for our families.

The Problem With Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech Is What He Didn't Say

In a speech to Congress on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued that the Obama administration's nuclear negotiations with Iran were misguided and that any agreement would ultimately doom the world to a "deadly game of thrones" with "zealots" on a "march of conquest, subjugation and terror." "[The current framework] is a bad deal," Netanyahu said, attempting to undercut Secretary of State John Kerry's ongoing talks with Iranian officials.

This Is the Porn That People Search for at Different Ages

"Age ain't nothing but a number." That's always been the saying, but when it comes to our porn habits, age can make a difference for what we're getting off to.

Kanye Gave a Speech at Oxford University and the Quotes Are Out of This World

Kanye West spoke at Oxford University on Monday. In front of the Oxford Guild Business Society, which describes itself as the U.K.'s "largest and oldest careers society," he offered an audience of 350 future leaders a crash course in Yeezianity.  Kanye forbade phones and photos.

Is Legal Weed Here to Stay? Just Look at How Many Pot Brownies Colorado Sold Last Year

The numbers are in, and in a development that will delight pro-pot activists and further alienate marijuana's detractors, the state of Colorado's experiment in legal weed has proved a resounding success.

One Chart Reveals Who's Really Using Welfare — And It's Not Who You Think

Mississippi Republican state representative Gene Alday suffered from a particularly bad case of foot-in-mouth racist controversy in February, when he told the Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi, that "all the black people are getting food stamps and what I call 'welfare crazy checks.'" Alday is wrong.

The Internet's Fascination With These Twins Says More About Us Than It Does About Them

Meet Lucy and and Maria Aylmer, two 18-year-old women from the U.K. One has white skin and red hair. The other has darker skin and black, curly hair.  Lucy and Maria are twins.

Aziz Ansari Just Summed Up the Most Important Thing To Remember About Dating

"Everyone is dealing with the same nonsense. Everyone is on this boat together, and it would probably be good if we were a little nicer on that boat."  It sounds wildly sane, especially coming from a comedian known for sillier quips.