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I Went On a Tour of Prague's Drugs and Prostitution Hotspots

Karim the tour guide "Welcome to Sherwood!" proclaims our guide, standing in the pocket-sized park outside Prague's main railway station.

Loyalists Against Democracy Are Leading the Fight Against Dumb Northern Irish Politics

Loyalists Against Democracy want you to stop being negative about Northern Ireland – they're perfectly capable of taking the piss themselves.

Are You Really a 'Tortured Artist'? Or Just a Pretentious Prick?

Collages by Marta Parszeniew Auvers-sur-Oise, France, the 29th of July 1890 – For the first time in all of his 37 years, everything seemed to be on a roll for Vincent van Gogh.

Here's What the Rest of the World Hates About Britain

(Photo by Will Coutts) The British Council put out a report this week called "As Others See Us". Inside, you can read what 5,000 18 to 34-year-olds from all around the world think of Britain: their love of Brand Beckham, their appreciation of our "good manners", their adoration of that rich old lady living in a castle in the middle of London.

I Went to a Blowjob Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Four "consultants" at Dr. BJ's Salon in Bangkok, Thailand. All photos by KT Watson Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the world's deepest pits of pure sin, a forbidden zone where you can get pretty much whatever sexual perversion tickles your pickle presented to you on a silver platter, with drugs and booze on the side.

Nothing Can Make Athens' Few Remaining Rockabillies Hang Up their Boots

When I first met Lefteris and Christos a few years ago, I didn’t quite get what their deal was. It took me a while to understand that rock and roll is not only alive in Athens but that there are people over here who never stopped listening to it, loving it and living by its once-upon-a-time controversial rules.

Italy Has Had It Up to Here With American Soldiers

The Dal Molin base in Vicenza, March 1, 2013. Photo via Flickr. After Germany, Italy is the European country with the highest number of American military bases.

A Gourmet Weed Dinner At Hunter S. Thompson’s House

A Gourmet Weed Dinner At Hunter S. Thompson’s House

Why Do We Writhe All Night Long After a Bender?

Why Do We Writhe All Night Long After a Bender?

Georgia Salpa, Catholic Guilt and Ireland's Weird Misogyny Problem

Irish models Georgia Salpa and Nadia Forde promoting something or other in the cold The Irish media has a misogyny problem, one that smiles out from the pages of newspapers and wears a bikini.

VICE News: Rockets and Revenge – Part 9

Israel’s military offensive, Operation Protective Edge, is now in its fourth week. More than 1,200 Palestinians and 50 Israelis have been killed, and the fighting shows little sign of letting up.

Germany's Former Cocaine King Invited Me to His Birthday Party

It's the middle of the night and I’m standing on the terrace of a newly renovated villa, a good half hour from Hamburg Central Station.

VICE News: Liberia's New Ebola Outbreak

West Africa is being plagued by a new outbreak of Ebola – a terrifying disease that causes its victims to bleed to death from the inside out.

This Artist Adds Superheroes and Crime Fighters to Neighbourhood Watch Signs

Andrew Lamb is a Canadian artist who, over the last two years, has been on a mission to rejigger neighbourhood watch signs around Toronto to feature 1980s and 90s icons from morning cartoons, cult shows and comic books.

The Jim Norton Show: 'Freeway' Rick Ross - Part 1

On the second episode of The Jim Norton Show, Jim sits down with former drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross for a discussion that could never happen on a traditional talk show.

The Crack-Smoking Crime Reporter Who Covered America's Crack Epidemic

George HW Bush displaying a bag of crack seized blocks from the White House. (Photo by Joe Marquette/Copyright Bettmann/Corbis/AP Images) Twenty-five years ago, crack use was exploding across America.

Tao of Terence: Death and the Imagination

GIF by Joe Burger Terence McKenna’s lectures – which ranged in length from ~40 minutes to more than two hours and, he said, were not planned in advance except for the main topic, or a list of topics – had two recurring characteristics: 1) They sometimes settled into a Q&A mindset in which he’d anticipate and satisfy and occasionally state the audience’s emerging curiosities, and 2) they often employed a wandering, winding, minimally directed, exploratory form.

Photographing the Young Warriors of Smokey Mountain

In January, Spanish photographer Manu Mart visited the Philippines to photograph victims of the recent typhoon.

In Defence of Times Square

New York has transformed wildly in the past three decades. The years in which living in the city was an excitingly terrifying experience, a climate in which punk rock and hip-hop could not only be created but thrive, are dead and gone.

Don't Let Dickhead Developers Kill Liverpool's Club Scene

HAUS during the Baltic Block Party (Photo by Paul Carroll) Over the past few years, Liverpool City Council has made a concerted effort to completely fuck up its iconic skyline with expensive, ugly buildings.