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A 'Dumpcano' in the Canadian Arctic Has Been Burning for Eight Weeks

The smouldering Dumpcano in beautiful Iqaluit. Photo by Anubha Momin, via Finding True North. The “Dumpcano” is back, and it’s badder than ever.

The Hangover News

Gaza Assault ISRAEL TOOK HALF A DAY OFF FROM BOMBING GAZA There was supposed to be a day-long ceasefire but it didn't last (via) On the day that the Palestinian death toll in the current conflict grew to over a thousand, Israel announced a 24 hour pause to its assault on Gaza.

I Attended a Juggalo Wedding at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Photos by Peter Larson The FBI may consider the juggalos a gang, but love is in the air this weekend at the 15th annual Gathering of the Juggalos.

Hanging Out with Pro-Palestine Demonstrators in London on Saturday

Protests happened in various cities around the world on Saturday, as people rallied to show how appalled they were at the situation Gaza.

Michel Gondry and Audrey Tautou on Their New Film, 'Mood Indigo'

Photo courtesy Michel Gondry Audrey Tautou, famed for her role in Amélie, isn’t the easiest person to cast in your film.

Comics: High School Urban Sex Legends

I Hunted Feral Hogs in Florida as a Favour to the World

Feral hogs are prolific breeders that spread disease, ruin farms, and eat everything from garbage to their own offspring, and they’re quickly becoming more prevalent in most of the southern United States.

The Ransom of Samantha

This story originally appeared in our June 2014 fiction issue. Photos by Levi Mandel Samantha went to YouTube and clicked Make a Video Response.

Reasons Why Comic-Con Is the Worst Place Ever

Comic-Con 2014 Photos by Julia Prescott Since 1970, the San Diego Comic-Con has brought comic book fans and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts from all across the world together to share stories, discuss the great mysteries of existence (Kirk vs.

VICE News: The Lake That Burned Down a Forest - Part 1

VICE News travels to the Dominican Republic, site of a looming environmental and economic crisis many experts believe is the result of climate change.

VICE News: Young and Gay: Jamaica's Gully Queens (Trailer)

In Jamaica, attacks, murder, and rape are common occurrences against LGBTI people, with little to no retribution or justice brought against those responsible.

You Should Absolutely Have that After-Work Pint Today

Photo via Lately, browsing through Romanian magazines and newspapers I keep coming across articles about the awesomeness of beer – articles on how it is food not booze, how it can cure kidney stones and how, during the summer months, it could even replace water.

Living with HIV

(Photo via) This week I’ve been at the 20th International Aids Conference in Melbourne and it’s been quite a weird experience.

VICE News: From ISIS to the Islamic State: Inside the Caliphate - Trailer

With unprecedented and exclusive access, VICE News journalist and filmmaker Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks filming alone inside the self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS).

VICE News: Europe's Most Hated

In January, European Union restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria were lifted, meaning citizens of those countries were free to travel and work throughout the EU.

Want to Combat AIDS? Decriminalise Sex Work, Researchers Say

Want to Combat AIDS? Decriminalise Sex Work, Researchers Say

Confessions of An Ex-Pickup Artist

The author as a PUA Sometime in 2005, a package plonked onto the pile of unopened bills, flyers and takeaway menus by my front door.

The Jim Norton Show: Mike Tyson and Dana White - Part 2

On the first episode of The Jim Norton Show, Jim sits down with boxing legend Mike Tyson and UFC President Dana White for a discussion that could never happen on a traditional talk show.

Meet the Real-Life Dumbledore Behind the World's Only Wizarding Academy

Oberon "Otter" Zell-Ravenheart, founder of The Grey School of Wizardry. Photo by Nemea Arborvitae, courtesy of Zell-Ravenheart.

Cry-Baby of the Week

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world: Cry-Baby #1: Merv Mitchell and an unnamed imam Images via Google Maps and Philadelphia Police Department The incident: A man allegedly stole some money from a mosque.