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What Makes a Good Porn Script?

All photos by Julian Lucas As much as we enjoy it, we take porn for granted. Most of us use it often enough, but we never think about the work that goes into making a good piece of pornography—the camera angles, the lighting, the acting, and yes, even the script.

How Do Hongkongers Feel About Their Chief Executive Saying the Poor Shouldn't Control Elections?

Footage from a protest. Screengrab from SCMPTV Hong Kong's Beijing-backed Chief Executive C.Y. Leung, already demonized by pro-democracy protesters in his city, made himself an even easier target a few days ago when he said, “If it’s entirely a numbers game and numeric representation, then obviously you’d be talking to the half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than US$1,800 a month." In other words, "We can't have full democracy in this city because otherwise the poor will take over." This gets to the heart of what's driving the current protest movement: The average Hongkonger's vote is a joke because they aren't free to nominate their own leaders.

Dr. Atul Gawande Wants Us to Die Better

Photo by Tim Llewellyn A few weeks ago, I interviewed mortician Caitlin Doughty and she talked how bad end-of-life care is for many (usually elderly) Americans.

VICE Meets: Jason Schwartzman and Alex Ross Perry Discuss Their New Film, 'Listen Up Philip'

Writer and director Alex Ross Perry’s latest film, Listen Up Philip, stars Jason Schwartzman as a disgruntled novelist on the brink of success, grappling as it estranges him from his life. As Philip distances himself from his girlfriend, Ashley, played by Elisabeth Moss, he finds solace in a new mentor, who shares the same apathy for the people around him.

Comics: Overkill Can Be Very Embarrassing

Uganda Is Using Adult Circumcision Rituals to Attract Tourism

The launch of the 2008 Imbalu ceremony in Mbale. Photo via Flickr user  This August, thousands of locals and foreigners descended upon the hills and plains of the rural Mbale District, a typically sleepy land of coffee, corn, and carrot farmers in southeastern Uganda.

Noisey Presents: JUCE Live

Noisey Presents: JUCE Live

Let's Talk About the Chuckle Brothers' Cultural Renaissance

The Chuckle Brothers with Tinchy Stryder (Screen shot via) Stone cold fact time: Paul Chuckle has reinvented the selfie.

3D-Printed Mistakes Are Inspiring a New Kind of Glitch Art

3D-Printed Mistakes Are Inspiring a New Kind of Glitch Art

Ched Evans Has Apologised to Everyone But the Girl He Raped

On Wednesday, five days after being released from prison having served half of a five-year sentence for rape, former footballer Ched Evans released a video statement.

Are Scousers Worried About Liverpool Being a Centre for Ebola Treatment?

While Ebola outbreaks are brutal for those who catch the disease, the nature of its contagion means that it's unlikely to actually spread that fast or far.

Mapping the Terrible Lost Nightclubs Of London

Caesars nightclub in Streatham – one of London's most famous closed drinking arenas It might be hard to believe it in the age of The Warehouse Project, fluorescent wristbands and WKD wingmen, but nightclubs in this country haven't always been gleaming cathedrals of youth culture, packed to the sprinklers with hordes of young people having the best night of their lives, as the world's biggest DJs earn more for a b2b set than the rest of us make in a month.

Hot Dogs and Henna Tattoos at Europe's 'Most Prestigious' Horse Race

In early October, Paris’ Longchamp Racecourse hosted Europe’s “most prestigious horse race”, the 93rd Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (or just “the Arc” if you want to save yourself some time).

Shorties: Shorties: A Quick Chat with Russell Brand

Russell Brand made his name as a provocateur, but recently his voice of dissent has grown louder and louder, threatening to drown out the clownish Booky Wook image he spent a decade building.

In Photos: Demonstrations for Missing Students Swell in Mexico and Across the World

In Photos: Demonstrations for Missing Students Swell in Mexico and Across the World

Revealed: Britain's Top Secret Plan to Invade a Tiny Caribbean Island

This Saturday is the anniversary of the 1983 American invasion of Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury, which finished off a Black Power revolution on the tiny island that had dared to challenge US control of the Caribbean.

VICE News: The Ultra Orthodox vs. the IDF: Israel's Other Religious War.

Since Israel's inception, the Haredi - ultra-Orthodox adherents of Judaism - have been exempt from the country's military conscription laws.

VICE News: Turkey's Border War - Part 4

In September, Islamic State militants launched an offensive to seize Kobane, a predominantly Kurdish town in Syria just across the border from Turkey.

The Surveillance State and You

George Orwell's 1984 opens with Winston Smith carving out a pocket of privacy by crouching in a corner of his apartment where the telescreen—and thus Big Brother—can't see and writing a diary entry.

Gangsters, Raves and Bulletproof Vests: The Early Days of Fabric Nightclub

DJ Skitz (left) and Rodney P playing Fabric sometime in the early-2000s (All photos courtesy of Fabric) Meat market.