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Judge In California Delivers Uber’s Worst Nightmare

Uber’s business model is on the rocks late Tuesday after a federal judge granted class-action status to a lawsuit targeting the company’s treatment of drivers as independent contractors.

Man Acquitted Of Dumping Beer On Native American Kids’ Heads At Hockey Game

After a group of Lakota children and chaperones said a group of executives at a hockey game in Rapid City, South Dakota poured beer on their heads and told them to “go back to the Res,” only one person faced criminal charges for disorderly conduct.

Marco Rubio Is Winning When It Comes To Tech Funding Thanks To One Multibillionaire

The presidential primaries are six months away and tech companies aren’t wasting any time putting money up for the candidates they want to go the distance.

For The First Time Ever, More College Students Smoke Pot Than Cigarettes

Marijuana use has increased among college students in recent years, surpassing tobacco as the primary inhalable substance of choice in that group for the first time, a new study has shown.

Are Headlines Dooming Bernie Sanders’ Campaign?

Bernie Sanders has a headline problem. Although the presidential hopeful continues to raise money and climb the polls, much of the journalistic rhetoric surrounding Sanders concerns his seemingly preordained failure.

Even The Heritage Foundation Thinks That Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Is Nuts

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who has staged a weeks-long campaign of resistance to marriage equality, came under fire from an unexpected source on Tuesday — the conservative Heritage Foundation.

9 Ridiculous Passages From Dick Cheney’s New Book

On Tuesday, Former Vice President Dick Cheney released a new book, Exceptional, which he co-wrote with his daughter Liz.

School Year Kicks Off With Student Walkouts And Parent Protests Over Transgender Bathroom Use

With the school year just beginning in many districts, parents at two schools are already expressing outrage that transgender students are being allowed to use the bathrooms that match their identities.

Toll Booth Worker Strike May Jam Key Artery For Chicago Drivers On Labor Day Weekend

The Chicago Skyway is a key conduit for drivers in the Chicago area looking for a weekend getaway. But on this Labor Day weekend, trips to Lake Michigan might be a lot messier than usual.

Most Americans Don’t Know The True Danger Of Anxiety

While an increasing number of Americans see mental and physical health equally, viewing depression and bipolar disorders as risk factors for suicide, a new study suggests that few understand that when unmitigated, anxiety disorders too can endanger one’s life.

Donald Trump’s Mountainous History Of Disrespect For Native Americans

It was a show of respect to Native Americans when President Obama on Sunday restored the name of the nation’s tallest mountain, formerly called Mount McKinley, to Denali.

James O’Keefe Releases Video Attacking Clinton Campaign — For Letting A Canadian Buy A T-Shirt

WASHINGTON, D.C. — “No, this is not a joke,” conservative media provocateur James O’Keefe said in a news conference Tuesday.

244 Immigrants Caught In New Criminal Raid After Feds Banned From Picking Them Up At Jails

The federal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency arrested 244 immigrants with criminal convictions over a four-day immigration raid in Los Angeles last week, according to a news release.

More Republicans Believe Ted Cruz Was Born In USA Than Obama

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), was born in Calgary, Alberta in Canada in 1970, according to the birth certificate he released two years ago.

President Obama Calls For Faster Action To Curb Arctic Warming And Climate Change

ANCHORAGE, AK — President Obama arrived in Anchorage, Alaska Monday evening to start a three-day sojourn around the state dedicated to spotlighting the disruptive, and in some cases devastating, effects of climate change in Alaska and the Arctic.

007 Author: Idris Elba Is ‘Too Street’ To Be James Bond

Anthony Horowitz, the latest author behind the debonair, crime-fighting, gadget-wielding super-spy that is James Bond, thinks fan favorite Idris Elba wouldn’t be the right person to take on the icon.

As Much As 90 Percent Of Seabirds Have Ingested Plastic, New Study Estimates

The vast majority of seabirds likely have plastic in their guts, a new study estimates. The study, published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, looked at 186 species of pelagic seabirds.

Jail Video Shows Diabetic Man Slowly Dying As Corrections Officers Step Over His Body

The New York Times has obtained harrowing new jail footage of the final hours of diabetic Rikers Island inmate Carlos Mercado, who died because correctional officers had taken away his insulin.

CEO Defends Slavery-Themed Game For Kids: ‘We Didn’t Set Out To Make A Racist Or Inflammatory Game’

The CEO of a company that makes an educational game called “Playing History: Slave Trade,” chalked up Twitter outrage that bubbled up over the weekend to cultural differences between Europe and the United States, saying the company didn’t intend to make a “racist or inflammatory game.” He further defended the game, saying it had already received awards in Europe.

What President Obama Will And Won’t See On His Trip To The Arctic

Last week, the president went to Las Vegas to talk renewable energy, and then New Orleans to talk climate disaster recovery.