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How One Ballot Measure Next Tuesday Could Strike Back At The War On Drugs

CREDIT: Shutterstock For decades, Richard Martin’s life has imitated William Faulkner’s art: his past was never dead; it wasn’t even past.

Black Kids In Minneapolis Are 16 Times More Likely To Be Arrested On Truancy And Curfew Charges

CREDIT: AP Photo/Jim Mone African Americans in Minneapolis are dramatically more likely to be arrested for low-level offenses including marijuana possession, “disorderly conduct,” and vagrancy — and those disparities start young.

‘I’m Sure Someone Could Write Terrific Erotica From Their Porn Surfing’

University of Pennsylvania, Hey Day, 2007. CREDIT: Matt Rourke/AP If you have been wasting time on the internet at all in the past few days, you’ve probably read about “Wasting time on the Internet,” a new University of Pennsylvania writing course Kenneth Goldsmith will be teaching in the spring.

Weather Channel Debunks Its Co-Founder, Gives Its Official Position On Climate Change

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly talks to Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman, who does not actually have a degree in meteorology.

Why Student Activists Across The Country Are Hosting Abortion Speakouts

Kaitlin Holmes is a senior at the University of Michigan, as well as a current intern on the Women’s Initiative team at the Center for American Progress.

How Houston’s Biggest Polluters Are Buying Texas’ Elections At The Expense Of Its Residents

MANCHESTER, TEXAS — Tell Gloria Trevino you like her house, and she’ll laugh right in your face. “You like this?

Florida Residents Rally To Bring Solar Power To The Sunshine State

Florida residents hold signs at a protest outside of Duke Energy’s St. Petersburg office on Wednesday, Oct.

Bidding Farewell To The Federal Reserve’s Giant Experiment With Quantitative Easing

CREDIT: AP The Federal Reserve is calling a halt to the unusual bond-buying program that has spent nearly $3.5 trillion to help keep the economy aloft over the past six years.

Houston Withdraws Subpoenas From Pastors Who Challenged Equal Rights Ordinance

Houston Mayor Annise Parker CREDIT: AP Photo/David J. Phillip Houston Mayor Annise Parker (D) announced Wednesday that the city was withdrawing subpoenas that had been issued to five pastors who helped lead the effort to challenge the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) with a referendum.

GameStop Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving ‘Out Of Respect For Our Store Associates’

CREDIT: Shutterstock All 6,600 GameStop stores will be closed on Thanksgiving, the company told ThinkProgress.

An African Country With 0.3% White Population Now Has White President

CREDIT: AP Africa has a white head of state for the first time since the apartheid regime collapsed in South Africa 20 years ago.

Governor Refuses To Say Why He Signed A Rape Gag Rule Into Law

Ohio Gov. John Kasich CREDIT: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File On Saturday, during a meeting with the Plain Dealer editorial board, Gov.

Superstorm Sandy Anniversary: ‘It’s (Still) Global Warming, Stupid’

On Oct. 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast, killing more than 100 people, destroying entire communities, and inflicting more than $70 billion in damages.

Vermont Governor Who Banned Fracking Supports Fracked Gas Pipeline

Organizers gather in Montpelier, Vermont to protest a natural gas pipeline. CREDIT: Carl Gibson MONTPELIER, VERMONT — Despite Vermont becoming the first state in the U.S.

Inmate Sues Prison Claiming His Religious Liberty Entitles Him To Dress Like A Pirate

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! CREDIT: Shutterstock Stephen Cavanaugh is incarcerated by the state of Nebraska. He also identifies himself a “member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” in a legal complaint filed against the state’s Department of Corrections.

How Big Oil Could Be The Big Winner In Colorado’s Elections

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez (left) and Senate candidate Cory Gardner (right). CREDIT: AP Images Over the past decade, Colorado has seen an unprecedented oil and gas development boom, with nearly 30,000 wells drilled between 2004 and 2013 and a total of almost 53,000 wells in production as of this month.

97 Percent of Doctors Are Concerned About Antibiotic Overuse

Amelia Rosch is an intern for ThinkProgress. CRE bacteria is responsible for 600 deaths a year and cannot be treated by antibiotics.

This App Could Help Friends And Family Prevent Suicides

CREDIT: Shutterstock More than 800,000 people around the world commit suicide each year, according a United Nations report released last month.

Ask Our Northern Neighbors Whether Higher Minimum Wages Kill Jobs

CREDIT: Shutterstock Opponents of a minimum wage hike in the United States usually warn that it will hurt employment growth.

George P. Bush And How The Next Generation Of Republicans Talk About Climate Change

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, left, sits with his son George P. Bush before speaking to supporters at Hardin-Simmons University, Tuesday, Oct.