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McDonalds Loses Ability To Shield Itself From Worker Lawsuits

McDonald’s Hamburglar character steals imaginary food from other characters. The company steals real wages from its workers.

Senator Denies Climate Change On Senate Floor And Gets A Science Lesson From His Colleague

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) rips into Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) for blocking a resolution that would have acknowledged the reality of climate change.

Hillary Clinton: Redskins Should Change Their ‘Insensitive’ Name

CREDIT: AP Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined the chorus of political leaders speaking out against the name of Washington’s professional football team Tuesday, calling the team’s continued use of its “Redskins” moniker “insensitive” during an interview with Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos.

To Keep Delivering Quality Products, General Mills Wants Major Carbon Cuts From Suppliers

CREDIT: shutterstock Since its founding by an Illinois Congressman in 1856, General Mills has been part of America’s diet — a diet that is now being impacted by climate change.

Oklahoma Moms Stage Mass Breastfeeding In Public Park

CREDIT: Atlanta Journal-Constitution More than 30 mothers challenged societal norms last weekend at an Oklahoma park when they synchronically pulled out one of their breasts and publicly fed their infants for one minute.

More Than 90 Percent Of Child Migrants With Lawyers Show Up In Immigration Court

CREDIT: Esther Y. Lee/ ThinkProgress “I think the chance of them showing up to a hearing is zero,” Sen.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Tells Women Not To Laugh In Public

Shannon Greenwood is an intern at ThinkProgress. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, left, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip CREDIT: AP Photo Take note, women: if you chucked in public at this headline, you are apparently are bringing about the collapse of civilization.

Appeals Court Saves Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic

CREDIT: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File On Tuesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a law that would have closed down Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, invalidating a 2012 measure requiring abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals.

Everyone — And Nobody — Wants A Ceasefire In Gaza

Smoke and fire from the explosion of an Israeli strike rise over Gaza City CREDIT: AP Photo/Hatem Moussa On Tuesday afternoon in the Gaza Strip, another ceasefire was proposed to end the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

How One Agency Could Threaten Obama’s Climate Goals

Even as giant U.S. coal companies bemoan the Obama Administration’s plan to reduce carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants, a federal agency’s long history of protecting industry interests could hand coal companies a victory and threaten an otherwise impressive climate record.

BP Oil Spill Is Much Worse Than People Think, Scientists Say

Marine reef ecologist Scott Porter holds coral samples he removed from an oil rig in waters, Monday, June 7, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico south of Venice, La.

California And Mexico Sign Climate Pact During Governor Brown’s Visit

Governor Brown meets with Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. CREDIT: Justin Short, Office of the Governor On Monday, California Gov.

No, Cutting Unemployment Benefits Didn’t Boost North Carolina’s Workforce

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) with wife CREDIT: AP Photo/Gerry Broome Last year, North Carolina made such drastic cuts to its unemployment insurance program that it got kicked out of the federal program that gave states money to keep the long-term unemployed receiving benefits after they exhausted the state-level ones.

Global Warming To Boost Risk Of Kidney Stones

Current U.S. ‘stone-belt’ or high-risk kidney stone area in yellow. Computer model predicts expansion of stone-belt over time in orange (2050) and in red (2095).

How NBA Players Could Benefit From Having Major Sports’ First-Ever Female Union Head

CREDIT: Shutterstock The National Basketball Players’ Association on Monday elected a new executive director who will lead the union in what may be the most contentious negotiations on the horizon for any major sports league.

Spill Here, Spill Now: Colorado Oil And Gas Spills Head For Record

CREDIT: Shutterstock The more they drill, the more they spill. And the part about telling residents about it, not so much.

NRA Lobbyist Compares Gun Safety Law To Nazi Germany

Will Freeman is an intern with Think Progress. Guns on display at the NRA’s annual convention. CREDIT: AP Images NRA spokesperson Brian Judy took the stage at a pro-gun rally in Silverdale, Washington last Wednesday to drum up opposition to Initiative 594, a bill that is on the ballot for November and would require everyone who buys a gun in the state to pass a background check.

Senate Nominee Argues Low Minimum Wage Is ‘Appropriate for Iowa’

Iowa Senate nominee Joni Ernst (R) CREDIT: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall Iowa Senate nominee Rep. Bruce Braley (D) released a new campaign ad on Tuesday highlighting his Republican opponent’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage.

Gripping New Ad Shows What Happens When You Mix Guns With Domestic Violence

CREDIT: Screenshot A man with a piercing stare peers through the blinds and knocks. The woman inside calls 911, voice quivering.

North Carolina Abandons Defense Of Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Same-sex couples marched in Ashville, NC last October before a protest where they requested marriage licenses they knew they would not be issued.