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Rand Paul Endorses Deporting DREAMers And Other Immigrant Children

CREDIT: AP Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) endorsed a pair of measures that move backwards on immigrant rights in an interview with the conservative outlet Breitbart News Thursday.

‘Dating Naked’ Reality Show ‘Accidentally’ Broadcasts Vagina On National TV

Jessie Nizewitz, left, on “Dating Naked.” CREDIT: VH1 Jessie Nizewitz knew she was going to be naked on the VH1 dating reality show Dating Naked.

Obama Administration Calls The Supreme Court’s Bluff In Hobby Lobby

Protesters hold signs in support of Obamacare’s birth control mandate CREDIT: ThinkProgress/Sy Mukherjee For most of the last year, the Supreme Court has forced the Obama Administration into an elaborate dance, where the Court hands down orders casting doubt upon the administration’s efforts to ensure that all women have access to affordable birth control — while simultaneously implying that everything would be fine if the administration just designed their birth control policy a different way.

RNC Committeewoman Claims Child Migrants Are Trained ‘Warriors’ And Will ‘Rise Up Against’ Americans

Tamara Scott CREDIT: Screengrab A Republican National Committeewoman claimed on her radio show Thursday that kids who are arriving in waves unaccompanied at the U.S.

Media Jumps To Conclusions On Ebola And Climate Change

A Nigerian health official wearing a protective mask waits to screen passengers at the arrivals hall of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, Monday, Aug.

Washington Post Editorial Board Will Stop Using ‘Redskins’

CREDIT: AP The Washington Post’s editorial board will quit referring to Washington’s professional football team as the “Redskins,” it announced in an editorial Friday afternoon.

Heritage Foundation Urges GOP To ‘Accredit’ Vigilante Border Groups If Obama Enacts Immigration Changes

CREDIT: AP Images Two papers recently published by the influential Heritage Foundation lay out a series of recommendations for lawmakers to take in response to a widely expected executive order from President Obama shielding potentially millions of undocumented people from deportation.

California’s Drought Is Making Life Harder For Honeybees

CREDIT: AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach California’s extreme drought is taking its toll on honeybees and honey producers in the state.

This Police Shooting Shocked The Nation, But These Experts Say It Was Justified

CREDIT: Shutterstock Just days after the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown that rocked the nation, another young black man was shot dead by police in broad daylight — miles away from Michael Brown’s home of Ferguson, Missouri.

Poor Americans More Likely To Use Bogus Diet Suppplements, Study Suggests

For nearly a century, scientists have struggled to come up with a diet pill that helps people lose weight without causing side effects that range from embarrassing digestive issues to dangerous heart problems.

Three Things Conservatives Wrote This Week That Everyone Should Read

CREDIT: Shutterstock Welcome to TP Ideas‘ weekly roundup of the best conservative writing! Every Friday, we take a look at three pieces by right-leaning writers that constructively articulate core elements of their worldview.

New York City Considers Banning Toys In Kids’ Fast Food Meals

CREDIT: AP Photo/Seth Perlman On the heels of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s (I) infamous failed attempt to ban large sodas, New York City officials are trying their hand at nutrition policy again.

Greenland And West Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss More Than Doubled In Last Five Years

Map of elevation change in Greenland between January 2011 and January 2014. Red indicates area where the ice sheet lost mass in this period, while blue represents ice gains.

Forbes: The Average NFL Franchise Is Now Worth $1.4 Billion

CREDIT: AP The Dallas Cowboys in 2013 became the first American professional sports franchise to hit the $3 billion mark — as in, Jerry Jones’ franchise is now worth an astounding $3.2 billion, enough to make the team that has become somewhat of a perennial disappointment the second-most valuable sports franchise, after only the $3.4-billion Spanish soccer club Real Madrid.

Congressman Suggests Obama ‘Signaled’ To Terrorists That It Was Okay To Capture Foley

CREDIT: Screenshot On Friday, a Republican congressman implied that the Obama administration’s decision to swap five Taliban officials for the release of Army Sgt.

Women Executives Are Stuck In Jobs That Don’t Lead To CEO

CREDIT: Shutterstock While more women hold CEO jobs than in past decades, progress in breaking the glass ceiling has stalled.

Ecologists Just Saved Miles Of Texas Coastline Using BP Oil Spill Money

Wetland marsh waterways at Powderhorn Lake. CREDIT: Jerod Foster/ Texas Parks & Wildlife Twenty-seven square miles of pristine coastal land along the central Texas coastline between Houston and Corpus Christi will now be preserved for future generations after a decades-long effort by environmental groups and $34.5 million from penalties paid by BP and Transocean after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster.

More People Are Traveling To Switzerland To Commit Suicide

CREDIT: Shutterstock The number of people traveling to Switzerland to take their own lives has doubled over the past four years, according to a new study published in The Journal of Medical Ethics.

To See The Danger Of Militarizing America’s Police Forces, Look South

Steven Cohen is the editor of Colombia Reports, an independent English-language news site. A riot police officer runs to get more tear gas during a confrontation CREDIT: AP Photo/Fernando Vergara Neither the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager shot six times by a white police officer, nor the events that have since unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri have taught us anything about American race relations that hasn’t been abundantly clear since for decades.

Justice Ginsburg: America Has A ‘Real Racial Problem’

CREDIT: (AP Photo/Jessica Hill) The Supreme Court was “once a leader in the world” in combating racial discrimination, according to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.