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Why One Photo Of A Dead Baby Made The World Care, According To A Psychologist

The crisis in Syria has triggered the largest humanitarian and migrant crisis since WWII. For many, that tragedy was personified this week in the photo of a small boy in a red shirt and tiny trainers, washed up on a beach in the Turkish resort town of Bodrum (the distressing photo is embedded later in this post).

Justice Department Rethinks Warrantless Cellphone Tracking

Law enforcement officers will no longer have carte blanche to use cellphone location-tracking devices thanks to a new Justice Department (DOJ) policy announced Thursday.

Secretary Kerry Calls For Swift Action On Climate Change, Still Defends Arctic Drilling

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Secretary of State John Kerry defended the Obama administration’s decision to allow Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic, pushing back against claims that such a decision is at odds with the administration’s action on climate change.

Clinton And Bush Promise Relief For Puerto Rico While Raking In Cash From Its Vulture Fund Creditors

When Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives in Puerto Rico on Friday, she will call on Congress to grant the deeply-indebted island the right to declare bankruptcy — which U.S.

143,000 Medical Workers Are Standing Up To Donald Trump On Mass Deportation

The American College of Physicians (ACP) called on physicians to speak out against policy proposals seeking to deport the country’s undocumented population this week, warning that mass deportation would devastate public health.

Viola Davis: ‘I’ve Been On The Other Side Of Ignorance’

Shonda Rhimes’ empire is on several covers of this month’s Entertainment Weekly. It’s proof of her total television dominance that she has the power to produce so many tweet-worthy cover spreads.

This County Now Has No Homeless Veterans

Lancaster County in Pennsylvania announced that as of July, it has no more homeless veterans. At the beginning of the year, 26 veterans lived on the streets or in emergency shelter.

Boat Crash Causes 120,000 Gallons Of Oil To Spill Into The Mississippi River

More than 120,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Mississippi River Wednesday evening after two tow boats collided, causing damage to a barge.

Massachusetts Cop Lies About Being Attacked, Sparks City-Wide Manhunt

Days after Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was shot and killed in Illinois, setting off a widely publicized manhunt, a Massachusetts officer was fired Thursday for lying about being shot at and causing an hours-long manhunt the day before.

Without Althea, There Is No Serena

Well before this year’s U.S. Open got underway it was clear that, regardless of who was playing on Arthur Ashe Stadium at any given time, Serena Williams would be the main event.

Countries’ U.N. Climate Pledges Aren’t Enough To Keep Warming To 2 Degrees. That’s Ok.

The targets countries have set so far to limit their contribution to climate change over the next several years won’t do enough to keep global warming below the 2°C threshold, according to a new report.

Donald Trump’s New Loyalty Pledge Doesn’t Mean Anything

“I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party,” Donald Trump said on Thursday, holding up a piece of paper with his signature and the wrong date for all of America to see.

Kentucky County Clerk Office Issues Marriage License To First Same-Sex Couple

This morning the Rowan County Clerk’s office, which had not been issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples due to the religious objections of county clerk Kim Davis, issued its first license to a same-sex couple after Davis was taken into custody on Thursday for failing to comply with the law.

Economy Added 173,000 Jobs In August; Unemployment Rate Fell To 5.1 Percent

The economy added 173,000 jobs in August while the unemployment rate fell to 5.1 percent, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A Major International Climate Meeting Is Wrapping Up Today. What Does It Mean For The Paris Talks?

As far as international climate agreements go, this year has the potential to be a historic one. In December, more than 190 countries — along with representatives from cities, companies, NGOs, and other actors — will descend on Paris in the hopes of emerging with a new international agreement to tackle climate change.

A Deeper Look Inside Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Tackle The Substance Abuse Epidemic

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled her plan to combat substance and alcohol abuse earlier this week, penning an 800-word op-ed that appeared in the New Hampshire Union Leader, a media organization based in a region reeling from a surge in heroin overdoses.

Here’s What The World Can Do To Stop Refugees From Dying At Sea

A photograph of a deceased Syrian boy who drowned in the Mediterranean and washed ashore on the Turkish coast shook the world Wednesday.

Wikipedia Editors Uncover Extortion Scam And Extensive Cybercrime Syndicate

Wikipedia, the world’s online trove of collective knowledge, is in the midst of a international extortion scandal, where editors secretly charged businesses and artists a fee to create and “protect” articles.

Vatican Rules That Transgender People Cannot Be Godparents

The Vatican has struck down a request by a transgendered man to be his nephew’s godfather, arguing his gender identity makes him unfit for the task.

No, Rand Paul. Jobs Will Not Fix The Heroin Epidemic.

In the last decade, deaths from heroin-related overdoses have quadrupled in the United States. Presidential candidates touring the country, visiting the hardest hit states, have started to address the issue, calling for policies and funding to combat drug addiction.