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10 Things to do at Kranji

Dying for a getaway but just can’t be bothered to make the arrangements to jet off / ship yourself off?

Penang Day Trip – Places to Visit

[Disclaimer: this trip was sponsored by Casio] Penang has always been synonymous with food for me – particularly Char Kway Teow, of course, but my recent trip showed me how much more Penang had to offer!

Top 5 hawker dishes to try in Singapore – #uncagestreetfood

What are your favourite hawker dishes? Many friends who come over to Singapore always ask for top recommendations.

Vatos Urban Tacos – Singapore

Vatos first caught my eye from Yinkae’s Insta feed – A photo posted by 穎 / Em (@yinkae) on Mar 4, 2016 at 6:21am PST and after some snooping I realized it was a popular chain from Korea that has quite a cult following.

El Tardio – Friday Night Vibes

Pic dump – if you’re down to unwind with some decent drinks and tapas, El Tardeo’s is one of our prime choices, but it is a little pricy.

This cute thing, or that food?

Guys, I can’t get enough of how brilliant these memes are. I’m not even sure what skillz are required to be able to source these and put them together to make them work.

Reminders to self

You can always be better. If you don’t push yourself, you have no right to question why you’re not progressing.

The Never Ending Summer – Hipster Restaurant in Bangkok

  Paid Bangkok a visit once again! Dropped by a very hipster looking eatery that was situated in a legit warehouse and served up some really good Thai dishes.

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake – a non-trekker’s review

(Warning: There’s a picture of poop in here.) I decided to visit Myanmar on a whim – Peter was already planning to go on a trip with YF and Krystle and asked if I wanted to join them.

So you want to be a social media executive?

So if you haven’t heard, Duo Studio is smack in the midst of hiring. We’ve been asked a couple of times what attributes we look for in a hire, and here’s our answer, in case anyone else needs to know / in case anyone out there is thinking of joining a small creative social start-up: 1.

Tiger Radler – Mandarin Orange

For those who are fans of radlers, here’s some good news: Tiger Beer presents a fresh new flavour to herald the festive seasons – the Tiger Radler Mandarin Orange, a combination of Tiger Beer and mandarin orange juice that is fruity, sharp and invigorating whilst still being rooted in the bitterness, flavour and aroma of Tiger Beer.

Note to self

If there’s anything to learn from this it’s an unfortunate grim reminder, as are all tragedies, that life is unpredictable and so, so fragile.

SG Inspiration: Ivan Hoo

I first came across Ivan Hoo’s work on a BoredPanda site and was immediately blown away. I’ll start by showing you some of his latest work: Mind you – they’re all drawings.

I started a new Instagram account.

Don’t you think lyrics nowadays are a bit… lacking in finesse? Wanted to make some bite-sized stom motion content featuring really bad metaphors in today’s hits.

Get your Wagyu on at En Grill & Bar

Was recently invited to En Grill & Bar to have a taste of their new menu, which features the award winning Motobu Wagyu beef as one of the main ingredients.

Authentic Italian food in Singapore: La Braceria

[Invited Tasting] I used to study at NJC, sometimes we hung out at Greenwood for ice cream, but I never realized there was this gem of a restaurant tucked at the back of the stretch of shops which serves authentic Italian food.

Humpback: $2 oysters and hella good fish dishes

I must say I was drawn to Humpback by their happy hour promotion – $2 oysters, but I left very impressed with the rest of their menu.

Must Try: McD’s New Cereal Prawn Burger

[INVITED TASTING] Here’s the inside scoop of the Ebi-Kase burger that McDonald’s is launching this Thursday (3 Sept) – it’s genius.


Today was one of those days I chose to spend a good half of the day in bed. It’s rare the opportunity arises and I thought, carpe diem, this needs to be done.

Tokyo Owl Cafe: Akiba Fukurou

Owl you ready for this. Visiting an owl cafe was one of my top must-dos on my recent trip to Tokyo, mainly because Harry Potter made owls mainstream and cool, and I’ve never actually seen a real owl, let alone touch one!