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Get your Wagyu on at En Grill & Bar

Was recently invited to En Grill & Bar to have a taste of their new menu, which features the award winning Motobu Wagyu beef as one of the main ingredients.

Authentic Italian food in Singapore: La Braceria

[Invited Tasting] I used to study at NJC, sometimes we hung out at Greenwood for ice cream, but I never realized there was this gem of a restaurant tucked at the back of the stretch of shops which serves authentic Italian food.

Humpback: $2 oysters and hella good fish dishes

I must say I was drawn to Humpback by their happy hour promotion – $2 oysters, but I left very impressed with the rest of their menu.

Must Try: McD’s New Cereal Prawn Burger

[INVITED TASTING] Here’s the inside scoop of the Ebi-Kase burger that McDonald’s is launching this Thursday (3 Sept) – it’s genius.


Today was one of those days I chose to spend a good half of the day in bed. It’s rare the opportunity arises and I thought, carpe diem, this needs to be done.

Tokyo Owl Cafe: Akiba Fukurou

Owl you ready for this. Visiting an owl cafe was one of my top must-dos on my recent trip to Tokyo, mainly because Harry Potter made owls mainstream and cool, and I’ve never actually seen a real owl, let alone touch one!

Best coffee in Tokyo – Omotesando Coffee

Tucked between Omotesando and Gaienmae is a cosy little coffee shop called Omotesando Koffee which sells the most perfect coffee and baked custard squares.

[AD] How and why I lost 4+kg in 5 weeks

I recently posted a picture of my recent weight loss (see below) and I had two main questions pop up.

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cooking: Baked Chicken Thigh with Zucchini Noodles

Aaaand here’s another episode of lazy air frying! Prep time: 10 min (can be cut down) Bake time: 15-20 min I have added 2 new tools to the stash… a tiny non stick baking tray (so I can save on aluminium foil) and also a julienne peeler (so I can act zucchini noodles).

The Company of Cats – Cat Cafe in Singapore

Pohtecktoes and I were invited to visit the Company of Cats the other day – Chinatown’s first Cat Cafe!

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition at ArtScience Museum

If you’re a big fan of movies like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train your Dragon, here’s good news for you: there’s a DreamWorks Animation exhibition on from tomorrow onwards at the ArtScience Museum.

LINE is back at 313@Somerset!

This one’s for the LINE fans: the LINE pop up store is back at 313@Somerset, Lvl1 Atrium from 8 June – 5 July 2015!


I just spent some part of the night deciding what things I’m ready to trash. I’m a hoarder, and I realize I hoard for the same reasons I blog and I instagram, because I want to hang on to memories I’d otherwise forget.

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cooking: Airfryer Baked Eggs

Total time needed: 15min Hello lazy girls. This one requires a little bit more prep, only because you have to crack eggs and take stuff out of their wrappers.

Have a taste of Bangkok Street food in Singapore

[Invited Tasting] I have a confession to make: I love going to Bangkok and just eating EVERYTHING along the streets – most times that’s the reason why I always get sick when I’m there… thankfully Nara Thai’s brought the street flavours of Bangkok back to Singapore in a comfortable, clean and hygienic setting Started off with some meat: Gai Tord Kapi – Deep Fried Chicken in Traditional Thai Shrimp Paste, $10.90 This wins because it basically tastes like har cheong gai; is crispy outside and juicy inside… just a damn good fried chicken.

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cooking: Airfryer Salmon

Total time needed: ~20min (no prep) Total cost: ~$4 per serving Satisfaction: PRICELESS Not really. Just wanted to type that.

Gratitude #1

I am thankful that my mind and body are capable of emotional catharsis; when words fail me I have pencils and paint as tools.

Happy Mookata: the happiness is real.

[Invited Tasting] This was my 2nd time having mookata and I must say it’s always pretty fun. What I don’t like about cooking is the prep and washing up after; you can act 1x masterchef without having to do any of that while having mookata.

7 things to do for free while in transit at Changi

This one’s for the people who don’t live in Singapore: the next time you learn you’re in transit in Singapore for a few hours, REJOICE!

7 Best Places to Eat in Queensland

On our recent road trip in Queensland, Hendric and I had the opportunity to eat at many many places and I really want to share them with you!