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Eat like a local – 4 Must Try Dishes in Semarang.

  We’re off! Thanks to the folks behind Unravel Travel and Changi Airport Group, Hazelle, WX and I were headed to unravel Semarang, the capital and largest city of the province of Central Java.

Paddy Fields: the most Instagrammable cafe in Singapore?

Paddy Hills is a newly opened cafe that caught my eye on Instagram because the food was just absolutely stunning looking.

Nutella Bao: a legit thing.

I’ve been slacking off on my food posts, I apologize. I know you all expect more from me. This was a thing from way back, but it was such a rare gem, I had to write about it.

SG Inspiration: Alvin Ong

I’ve been told I am superbly blessed to be surrounded by Singaporeans who have taken the path less travelled (and succeeded).

Unravel Travel: Come Fly with Me

So a couple of you always complain I bojio when I go overseas, now I jio okay. You + a plus one have a chance to come with me on an all-expenses paid trip to a mystery location, somewhere in Southeast Asia!

The secret to moving on after a breakup is…

That, really. To never let go of hope of living a better life without that person, and to constantly and consistently take concrete steps to getting there.

[AD] Indulge in a Pet Cruise to the islands around Singapore

Thanks to Petfie, Alexis, MikMikk and I were invited to a Pet Cruise – a private yacht cruise for pets.

Fried chicken and waffles, ’nuff said.

Some days (most days?) you just feel like indulging in fried chicken and waffles. I’ve tried a few around SG but I’ve found that I really like the one The Revelry offers, because they serve them on Belgian waffles.

Pattern more than Badminton

The post Pattern more than Badminton appeared first on stooffi.

Best CHARsiew in Singapore

Everyone has been absolutely raving about this place. When they said CHAR I imagined CHAR-COAL so it didn’t sound too appetizing but they’d always insist it’s the best CHAR-SIEW they’ve had in Singapore.


ah ma, every time this year you’d do the same things for me, do you remember? a bowl of mee sua, chicken soup with a boiled egg.

The Rabies Scare: Part 1

Bali was a blast. An expensive one, but well-needed. We’d tried our luck at the Skyscanner contest but lady luck wasn’t on our side – but spontaneity sure was.

Old Hen Coffee Bar – Get your cold brew fix

Headed down to Rangoon Road to get my fix of cold brew. I’ve seen Old Hen’s brown bottles invade my Instagram feed a couple of times, the hipster in me wanted to give the place a visit.


It’s 3:47am. No denying it, I’ve been having problems sleeping. People ask how I am – tired, I reply.

Tinder Schminder

I’ve just gotten out of my longest relationship. Between that and now I’ve done a couple of things to get over the loss, like taking a spontaneous trip to Bali, dying my hair red, potentially getting rabies and… getting on Tinder.

Let’s talk about your P…

…and I really meant period, or that time of the month. Although it is also important for boys to know your P as well, if you’re a squeamish little boy, please skip this post.

The most value for money salad shop in Tanjong Pagar

Hey guys. I interrupt my super long haitus with a very important announcement! I’ve found a cheap and good place to get salad in Tanjong Pagar!

The Truth about Pamukkale

Seeing Pamukkale’s cotton clouds was something on my bucket list – but when I saw it IRL I was frankly pretty disappointed.

Share your stripes for a good cause – #RMHCsg

Pretty sure that when I mention Ronald McDonald you picture a red-haired character that greets you with burgers and fries.

This week’s thoughts

I was thinking about it. My grandma is the only one I’ve watched age rapidly in front of my eyes. It’s funny how when I was younger and tinier she was bright and pudgy and cheerful, and my beacon of light and life and love.