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This Audition Tape For The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Outrageously Sexy

Here are a are a whole bunch of models auditioning to be in the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it’s not only hot-as-hell, but further proof that girls in bikinis + high heels might be the most attractive thing ever.

Odell Beckham Jr Just Made The Greatest Catch Of All Time

Whether you’re a die hard NFL fan or have nothing but a passing interest in it, you HAVE to watch this wild catch from New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Creepy But Wonderful Animal Hybrids Designed In Photoshop

Artist Sarah DeRemer designed a whole bunch of animal hybrids in Photoshop and the results are just beautiful.

This Guy From Bonhams Auction House Has An Unreal Lux-Focused Instagram

Paul David Maudsley, the International Director of Watches at Bonhams Auction House, has a great Instagram account full of all the extremely expensive things we love drooling over.

Beyonce Just Dropped An Extremely Sexy New Music Video

Who drops a new music video on a Friday night? Beyonce, queen of the world, apparently. Here she is for the song “7/11,” dancing around some kind of penthouse apartment and getting crazy.

20 Epic Jack Nicholson Quotes

Jack Nicholson is one of the wildest, coolest, most talented actors to ever be in a movie. Here are some of his most epic quotes… “I only take viagra when I am with more than one woman.” “With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson.

The 10 Most Valuable Fashion Brands In The World (2014)

According to brand consultants Interbrand, these are the ten most valuable fashion brands in the world.

Watch Chris Pratt, Britney Spears + More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

In one of the greatest late night gags in recent histroy, Jimmy Kimmel asks a handful of celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves.

On-Demand Supercars For Hotel Guests? Booking Room Now

The next time you’re on vacation, skip the souvenir shot glass or sweatshirt in favor of an unforgettable experience.

15 Actresses With The Most Beautiful Eyes

Few things are as sexy as a gorgeous pair of eyes. Here are a handful of celebrities with the most amazing coloring.

This Photoshoot Did The Impossible And Made Chevrolet Look REALLY Cool

We dig a lot of what GM does, especially their work with Cadillac. But Chevy? It leaves a lot to be desired.

This Alarm Clock Donates To Charity Every Time You Hit Snooze

Here’s an app that will leave you wishing you came up the idea. It’s a simple alarm clock called iCukoo, has a beautiful design, and will literally donate money directly to a charity every time you hit snooze.

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Mashed To ‘Friends’ TV Intro Is All Sorts Of Awesome

What happens when you take an epic space opera and give it the same kind of intro as an all-time classic sitcom?

1971 Mercedes 280 SE + Vanessa Paradis = Quite The Hot Photoshoot

Violet Grey snagged Vanessa Paradis for a photo set that features a beautiful silvery-blue 1971 Mercedes 280 SE casually pulled up on the beach.

This Map Shows The World’s Happiest And Saddest Countries

Here’s a fun infographic map by MoveHub that documents the happiness index for the entire world. There’s a decent chance it’ll have you considering a move to Costa Rica or Belize… Pretty crazy, right?

Sexy Vacation Photos From Devin Brugman’s Instagram

Nobody pulls off a tiny bikini + bright blue water vacation like model/swimwear designer Devin Brugman.

10 Actors Who Were ALMOST James Bond

Here are a handful of actors who ALMOST got the coolest part of all time, James Bond, but lost to the iconic actors you know and love from the series.

22 Brilliantly Designed Modern E-Commerce Shops

A good online shopping experience is just as important as a good in-store experience. Here are a handful of web shops that are well designed, look flat out cool, and have the kind of STYLE you can’t get with a free Shopify theme.

Video + Photo Tour: The Must-See Porsche Museum In Germany

Hard to not enjoy this tour of The Porsche Museum that shows off its 80-plus years of history. It’s gigantic—over 18,000 square-feet—and is basically a treasure chest of unbelievable rides.

Aime Leon Dore’s 2014 Winter Collection = Perfect

One of our favorite brands in menswear right now is Aimé Leon Dore, a New York based company making simple, elegant, and comfortable clothing for dudes with excellent taste.