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Video Explainer Of The Wild “Pixar Theory”

The idea that all Pixar movies are connected has been floating around the internet for a little while.

Lauren Cohan From ‘The Walking Dead’ Looks Gorgeous In This Shoot

One of the beautiful girls on TV, Lauren Cohan, looks outstanding in this new shoot from the pages of GQ.

10 Awesome Ways To Season Steak

You’re about to feel REALLY hungry. This piece is basically a cheat sheet to seasoning your steak like a dude who won an episode of Chopped.

34 Times Jennifer Lopez Looked Hot-As-Hell

The Latin pop-star/actress seems to age like a fine wine, getting hotter and hotter as she gets closer and closer to 50.

Awesome Tumblr Showcases Films By Only Using 9 Of Its Frames

Really digging the Tumblr 9 Film Frames, a blog that highlights an entire movie by only showing nine of its frames.

Coolest Dog Ever Works For Airline, Helps Lost & Found Department Deliver Items Left On Plane

Get ready for a quick video highlighting what is probably the coolest dog in the world since Scooby-Doo.

These Rare Candid Photos Of Hollywood Stars Are Amazing

Legendary producer Michael White has been hanging out with the A-list of A-list for his 40+ year career and snapping casual photos the whole time.

Emily Ratajkowski Looked Unreal Hot At The ‘Gone Girl’ Premiere in New York

Our favorite model and now starlet Emily Ratajkowski rocked a red dress at the premiere of her new film Gone Girl in New York.

This Thermal Imaging iPhone App Will Make You Feel Like A Secret Agent

Add a little more James Bond tech in your life with Seek Thermal, an infrared imaging app for your iPhone.

George Clooney’s Wedding Weekend Was A Master Class On Luxury And Elegance

Nothing too flashy or extravagant about George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding in Venice, just some all-time style, Persol sunglasses, a gorgeous bride, a subtle and classy diamond ring, and some old school Riva boats.

Unseen SI: Swimsuit Edition Photos Of Kate Upton, Irina Shayk, And Nina Agdal

Here’s some outtakes/b-sides/previously unreleased SI: Swimsuit Edition photos of three of our favorite models—Kate Upton, Irina Shayk, and Nina Agdal.

These 100+ Mountaineers Climbed Matterhorn And Did An EPIC Photoshoot

This isn’t your everyday shoot. Swiss photographer Robert Bösch teamed up with Mammut, a mountaineering equipment company, to gather a whole bunch of brave souls together and take some crazy photos while climbing Matterhorn’s Hörnli ridge.

47 Photos Proving Auto Fabrica Makes The Coolest Custom Motorcycles

When it comes to custom bikes, the dudes over at Auto Fabrica make the kind of rides that are 100% dream-worthy.

24 Incredible Roads You’ll Want To Race Your Car Through

Nothing better than a clear road, fast car, and unbelievable views. Here are a whole bunch of photos that will make you want to buy a vintage Porsche, take it out for a spin of a lifetime, and document the whole thing with a camera or GoPro.

35 Sexy Photos From Steph Smith’s Instagram Feed

Australia produces more gorgeous blondes in bikinis than California at this point. Case in point—Steph Smith, another Aussie who knows how to work a camera like nobody’s business.

These Beautifully Designed Maps Would Look Great In Your Home

Maps are an excellent way to add some pop to your walls without having to drop some serious cash on original artwork.

This Epic Video Highlights The Evolution Of Batman Through Music

Thought this might be kind of lame when “play” was first hit, but wow, is thing video awesome. It features two dudes—one on a piano, the other on a cello—highlighting the music of Batman throughout the years.

13 Incredible Vacation Spots With Crystal Clear Water

If you’re looking for some epic vacation inspiration, you could do a lot worse than one of these spots.

This Modern Beach House Basically Defines Sexy And Cool

Really digging this private residence designed by Alberto Campo Baeza located in Cadiz, Spain. It looks like the kind of place James Bond would rent out while on vacation or Victoria’s Secret would use as a backdrop for a commercial.

Sexy Swimwear Commercial + Music Video = Genius Marketing Move

Seafully, the bikini company, teamed up the band Panama to produce and shoot a music video featuring their products.