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"Traverse board" for navigating at sea

The rounded top of the board bore a painted 32-point compass pattern. Each point featured a line of eight holes radiating from the center of a circle.

A tinfoil-wrapped house for those worried about mind control

A more prosaic explanation is offered at Nothing To Do With Arbroath.


More examples at The Telegraph's gallery of mistranslated Chinese phrases.

"So volatile that a mosquito landing on it will make it explode"

YouTube link.  This is why you won't find any nitrogen triiodide sitting around in the woods of northern Minnesota.

Popularity: Sanders 2016 = Obama 2008

Discussed in a thread at the Data Is Beautiful subreddit.

It's not the Spanish Armanda...

Can you guess what the unusual formations are in this nanosatellite photo? (The area being imaged is the Myeongnyang Strait - if that helps...) Which brings us to the subject of "nanosatellites" - On Nov.


Via Bad Newspaper, where there is always something funny.

Have you purchased Starkist tuna?

If so, you may be eligible to participate in one of those class-action lawsuits where the claimants get a pittance and the attorneys get rich: If you’re a resident of the United States and bought at least one five-ounce can of any of these tunas from Starkist between February 19, 2009 and October 31, 2014, you’re eligible to file a claim...

Long-tailed broadbill

Photo credit, via Wikipedia.

This dog can sniff the location of hidden flash drives

Bear, you see, is no ordinary dog. He's able to sniff out things that most people may not even realize have a scent...

Ann Coulter "feels the Bern"

Republican support for Bernie Sanders is not quite the counterpart of Democrats cheering on Donald Trump.  The latter phenomenon is readily understandable as a desire to see Trump wreak havoc in the Republican primary process.

Rhino rescues a zebra foal entrapped in a mudholeasdf

The rhino bull, after being rebuffed by the cows numerous times, made his way down to the water and near to the muddy patch the foal was stuck in.

Treasure found in waist-deep water close to shore

I am so jealous... Bartlett and the 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels Salvage Crew counted more than 300 gold coins valued at four point five million dollars.

Re-solidified coconut oil forms hexagonal cylinders

A totally unexpected result is lucidly explained in the top comment at this AskScience subreddit thread.

This man is not committing suicide with a hair dryer

He's using a Nasal Ranger.  I didn't know there were such devices, discussed here, but it makes sense.

Rube Goldberg machine

YouTube link. The best part is the eruption of the Post-It Notes at the end.

Fossil of a four-legged snake

Found... in a museum! Fossil-hunters have found several extinct snakes with stunted hind legs, and modern boas and pythons still have a pair of little spurs.

Ride the bus for free if you read a book

As reported by The Independent: Those who can’t resist reading a good book on public transport have been rewarded by a city in Romania, which offered a free bus ride to anyone who read a book during their journey...

"The truth isn't what you want to see"

YouTube link. Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman perform The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera.

"Spooning" - and "Prufrock" (updated)

The conventional definition involves sentimental love, but the photo source also offers this comment: The word also had homosexual connotations, as in Stoppard’s The Invention of Love.