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I was out in our garden yesterday collecting Monarch butterfly eggs (found twelve of them).  The photo above shows the surprise I found under one leaf.  I came back later after she had finished to get this photo of the cluster of eggs: (click both images for fullscreen) She appears to me to be from


Piñatas bearing the likeness of the billionaire mogul have begun popping up in Mexico, a response to controversial comments Trump made about Mexican immigrants.

Deterrance for a first-strike nuclear attack

A suggestion first made by Roger Fisher in the March 1981 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: There is a young man, probably a Navy officer, who accompanies the President.

Elementary information about the Sherlock Holmes canon

 They left out my favorite: Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson, ...

An amazing walk down a driveway

Members of the Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association report their butterfly sightings to a website that is open to the public for viewing.  A set of companion pages provide information on the characteristics of butterflies of the region.

"He endured being called a girl..."

He endured being called a girl, playing sports with waist-length hair and attracting disapproving looks from adults — all for a child in need he's never met.

Three years without shampoo

" do the following instead of using shampoo: put baking soda in your hair, rinse it out, put apple-cider vinegar in your hair, rinse it out.

If you enjoy math, this video will be painful to watch

YouTube link.

Music hath charms...

An article at Long+Short addresses the question "Can music offer the key to treating dementia?" In most cases of dementia, regardless of whether or not people have had musical training, they retain their capacity to sing, play, whistle, tap, click, clap, drum and dance long after much of the rest of their cognitive apparatus is deeply compromised.


Awesome hair coloring. A photo album of African Hero Rats - trained to detect landmines.  "The pouched rats are perfect for the job; intelligent with a keen sense of smell, they are small enough not to trigger mines and large enough to be easily identifiable in the field.


YouTube link.

The best state for business? High-tax Minnesota.

CNBC is the premier business channel on television.  Their views on public policy and national politics are predictable and emphatically expressed in online and televised editorials.  Each year they conduct a survey to determine the best (and worst) states for business.  This year, presumably to the surprise of many on the political right, the top-scoring state was Minnesota.

Public shaming

YouTube link. The malefactor parked his vehicle in a handicap spot in Brazil.

Food at the Minnesota State Fair, 2015

The Minnesota State Fair has announced its new foods for the 2015 season.  Personally, I would favor the Walleye Stuffed Mushrooms (above).

Most U.S. children under age 5 are minorities

Another chart showing race and ethnicity of this group is posted at Business Insider.

Walmart has commissioned a new truck

YouTube link.  Presumably the next step will be to make it driverless.  With a hat tip to my old classmate Wren.

A guide to penis worm teeth

Palaeontology has published a detailed study of the teeth of priapulids in the Burgess Shale. "As teeth are the most hardy and resilient parts of animals, they are much more common as fossils than whole soft-bodied specimens," he explained.

"Goldfish the size of dinner plates are multiplying like bunnies."

The Alberta government is launching a campaign this summer to stop people from flushing their aquariums down their toilets.

Five parking spaces

Cropped for size from original at Reddit.

Please vote in the TYWKIWDBI presidential preference poll

Everyone who is a regular reader of TYWKIWDBI is invited to go to the widget at the top of the right sidebar and click on the name of the person you would prefer to see become POTUS next year.  I've entered the names of all of the declared candidates plus several expected entrants.  The poll will allow only one selection, and will close after two weeks, because I figure regular readers visit within that time frame.