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This is a "horse walk door"

"The horse walk door is the brown one to the left at this house at 7 Leroy Street, a Federal-style beauty built in 1831.

A "making of" Bladerunner 2049 - updated with new trailer

YouTube link.  "Stunning visual environments" is an understatement.  I suggest clicking the fullscreen icon for this one.  This is a "making of" video, not a trailer.

Hans Rosling clarifies world demographics

YouTube link. I have featured Hans Rosling on a number of previous posts at TYWKIWDBI because I truly admire his style of presentation.  The best hours of my academic life were spent behind or beside the podium in front of an classroom full of students, so I'm supersensitive to the nuances of lecturing.  This guy has all the skills.  He is recognized as a wizard at portraying otherwise-dry statistics in comprehensible visual forms (see his superb TED talk on the developing world).  In addition his stage presence is captivating, and his use of English (as a second language) is excellent.

Anagrammatic poetry

A hard, howling, tossing water scene. Strong tide was washing hero clean. "How cold!" Weather stings as in anger.

Incomprehensively callous

"Jamel Dunn, 32, drowned on July 9 in Cocoa, Fla., a coastal city east of Orlando. The teenagers, aged 14 to 16, filmed the incident as they laughed and mocked Dunn, then posted the video to social media...

Remembering Sean Spicer (2017-2017)

YouTube link.

For librarians (an ex-librarians)

When I was in college I earned my spending money working as a librarian (and had a room quite literally above the library).  So I was delighted to see a review in the Washington Post discussing a new book about...

If you dig a hole through the earth...'ll end up in China. I remember hearing that as a child. Ignoring for a moment the problem of the magma and the gravitational conundrums one would encounter at the center, it's still untrue.

Surfing from a floating dock

YouTube link. I've seen docks like these lakeside, but hadn't conceived of them as an accessory for ocean sports.  Wow.

Comparing presidential administrations

I ultimately relied on Wikipedia’s list of federal political scandals in the U.S., but limited it to only the executive branch scandals that actually resulted in a criminal indictment.

"Personal flamethrowers" marketed to the general public

A flame-thrower that can hurl a stream of fire half a metre long is being marketed in China to help women fend off unwanted advances.

Cyclists' legs

This "You're so vein" photo is one of eight in an album at The Telegraph (trigger warning for gruesome injuries).

Jazz dance competition

YouTube link. Don't have 8 minutes to spare for a video?  Try this gif featuring Ksenia Parkhatskaya, then decide how to apportion your time.

Divertimento #131

The fourth "gifdump."  Lets start with a funny one: LoCH NeSs MoNSter drOWNS iNNocENt WoMan Just a little girl watching TV.  With her 12-foot pet snake.

Sample case for a neon salesman (1935)

Found at the Pics subreddit, where there is some informed commentary, but the best comment was this one: "Marsellus Wallace was a neon salesman?

How to store tomatoes

YouTube link.

A better way to boil eggs

YouTube link.

Poison for the arrows of bushmen

Beetles of the genus Diamphidia lay their eggs on the stems of shrubs from the Commiphora genus – commonly known as frankincense and myrrh.

Trail mix

"In Germany, Poland, Hungary and several other European countries, trail mix is called "student food" or "student snack" in the local languages.

Hexagon geometry puzzle

This one you can do in your head.  That's what I did.  Got it wrong, but I was really, really, close...