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When a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer is Asked for Free Photos…

Want to see how a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer responds to a request for free images in exchange for “credit” from a major news corporation?

Tutorial: How to Light One Room with Three Different Atmospheres

Dedolight celebrated its 30th anniversary this year by holding an international competition in which competitors create the best tutorials they can for passing on their lighting knowledge.

How to Photoshop a Landscape Into a Mind-Bending World of Angles

There’s a new fad on the Web. It involves creating trippy Inception-esque scenes by Photoshopping landscape photos into strange worlds with right angles in the horizon line.

Sony to Spin Off Its Image Sensor Business As a New Company

Sony announced today that it will be spinning off its booming image sensor business as a new company called Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

A Brief History of the Camera Flash, From Explosive Powder to LED Lights

The first known photograph was captured in 1826 when light reacted with a particular type of asphalt known as Bitumen of Judea.

How to Make a DIY Eyelighter Reflector for $40

After sharing his DIY square “ring light” build here back in July, photographer Isiah Xiong is back again with another DIY project.

500px Unveils New Profile, Photo, and Discover Pages

500px today unveiled revamped profile, photo, and discover pages that aim to deliver a better experience to the 6+ million member community.

This ‘Layer-Lapse’ is a Trippy Visual Journey Through the American Southwest

A year ago, photographer Julian Tryba was featured by Vimeo after creating a time-lapse of Boston using a technique he dubbed the “layer lapse.” Now he’s back again with the same concept applied to a different subject matter.

Japan’s First Female Photojournalist is Still Shooting at the Age of 101

Tsuneko Sasamoto is a renowned Japanese photographer who is considered to be her country’s first female photojournalist, documenting pre- and post-war Japan since becoming a professional shooter at the age of 25.

Staying Busy as a Photographer, Even When Busy

It’s been a busy past couple of months for me, full of photo experiments and metadata blunders. But even when I’m busy with assignments, I’m still looking for a project.

This Little Girl Was Born Ready for the Instagram and Selfie Generation

Here’s a cute 13-second clip that’s making the rounds on the Web. It shows a little girl throwing a tantrum on a tabletop… until she notices that a camera is being pointed in her direction.

The Luma Loop 3 Camera Strap: Comfortable, Secure, and Expensive

The folks over at Luma Labs have released the third generation of their ‘Luma Loop’ camera sling, a piece of equipment that aims to be incredibly accessible and stable, yet out of the way when not needed.

A Magnum War Photographer Turns His Camera on Basic Science

Peter van Agtmael is a New York-based conflict photographer and a member of Magnum Photos. Since 2006, he has photographed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the effect of the wars in the US.

Instagram’s Strict Anti-Nudity Policy is Due to Apple

Instagram has long been at the center of debate over its policies regarding nudity. In March, the service sparked controversy by deleting a menstruation blood photo posted by an artist.

Adobe Unveils Its Photoshop Fix Mobile Editing App

After pulling the plug on its Photoshop Touch app back in May, Adobe is now back in the mobile photo editing game.

These Camera Lenses Were Sprayed with Rubberized Car Undercoating

Check out the rugged Panasonic lenses in the photo above. No, Panasonic didn’t quietly release ruggedized versions of the 100-300mm and 42.5mm that you didn’t hear about.

Russian Teen Falls to Death While Shooting Daredevil Rooftopping Portraits

A 17-year-old boy in Russia has died after falling 9 stories from a rooftop while engaging in extremely dangerous “rooftopping photography.” The goal of the stunt was another eye-catching photo for his Instagram account.

Atlanta to Repeal 1977 Law That Bans Photography on Public Sidewalks

The city of Atlanta, Georgia, has an old local law from 1977 that makes it illegal to shoot photos of people on public sidewalks.

This Dreamlike Short Film Was Shot Using an iPhone and a Water Drop Lens

Here’s a 5-minute short film titled “O” that was shot entirely using a lens made with a drop of water and an iPhone.

NPPA Sues Wyoming for Threatening Photographers Rights with Recent Law

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) announced this week that it has joined in on a new lawsuit filed against the state of Wyoming over recent laws that criminalizes “data collecting” in “open land.” Among other things, the NPPA argues that the laws put photojournalists on the wrong end of the law for legitimate work.