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Lovebird Study May Lead to Better Drone Cameras

The way lovebirds turn their heads while flying could help engineers build better camera drones that can capture scenes with less blur, even during high-speed maneuvers.

BTS: Inside Amy Schumer’s Mind During Her Glamour Cover Photo Shoot

Now here’s a strange and unusual way to share behind-the-scenes footage from a photo shoot: after comedian and actress Amy Schumer recently posed for the cover of Glamour, the magazine released this lighthearted video that reveals what went on inside Schumer’s head during the ordeal experience.

What Famous People Look Like When 50 Portraits of Them Are Averaged

What do you get when you combine 50 portraits of the same famous face and averaged the result? Reddit user Dwainosaur dared to not only ask the question but to pursue it.

PSA: Many Film Processing Services No Longer Return Your Original Film

If you’re a film photographer, here’s something you should be aware of: many film processing services at major drug and retail stores will no longer return your original film to you after developing and scanning it.

Two Wedding Photos Recreated 40 Years Later

Earlier this month, Reddit user magic976‘s parents celebrated their 40th anniversary as husband and wife.

My McNeil River Experience

My trip to McNeil River, Alaska actually started in November of 2014 when I read this PetaPixel article describing it.

Micro Drone 3.0 is a Cheap Camera Drone That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

The prospect of cheaply and easily capturing photos and footage from the skies is one of the many aspects that makes camera drones so alluring.

A Shutter Sound Comparison Between the Sony a7R II and Original a7R

Sony’s new flagship a7R II is a mirrorless camera designed to rule them all. In addition to packing the world’s first backside-illuminated 42.4MP full-frame sensor and 4K video recording, the camera is also designed to be more stealthy than its predecessor.

Man Bitten While Taking Selfie with Rattlesnake, Gets $153K Hospital Bill

People still aren’t getting the message that taking selfies with wild animals can be a very bad idea.

Woman Flipped Into the Air After Selfie with Bison

Yet another tourist has been attacked by a bison while taking a selfie in Yellowstone National Park, prompting park officials to release another public warning against the practice.

The Story Behind Steve McCurry’s Iconic ‘Afghan Girl’ Photo

Want to hear the story of how the iconic Afghan Girl photo was shot? NPR’s All Things Considered interviewed renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry to find out the background behind the famous National Geographic cover picture.

Photos of a Surfer Riding a Giant Wave… While on Fire

How do go about making photos of big wave surfing even more extreme? Here’s one way: add fire to the mix.

Panasonic Made a New 3D Photo Booth with 120 GH4 Cameras Worth $180K

Panasonic has built a new 3D photo booth over in Japan that uses 120 Lumix GH4 cameras arranged around a circular room.

This is How Press Photos Were Transmitted Back in the 1970s

In our world of digital photography and high speed Internet, photojournalists can quickly and easily send large numbers of high-res photos to the other side of the globe.

US Publishes Unseen Photos of 9/11 by Dick Cheney’s Staff Photographer

The United States has published a new collection of photographs taken in the aftermath of the September 11th, 2001, attacks by Dick Cheney’s staff photographer.

Photo Magic: Create Custom Photo Books with Text Messages

The 21st century appears to be all about speed: order a pizza from your phone with a tap of your finger, dispense your favorite coffee with a push of a button, and now with a simple text message, you can order a customized photo book with all your favorite moments.

Noble Portraits of Working Dogs Around the World

Photographer Andrew Fladeboe has spent years traveling to countries around the world with the goal of capturing the unique relationship between humans and dogs.

This is What Adobe’s Dehaze Slider Does to Photos of the Night Sky

Adobe’s new Dehaze slider has been wowing photographers since it was launched for Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW last month.

Here’s a Breathtaking 4K, 360° Video That Takes You Around the World

There are times when videographers capture views of our world that inspire a sense of awe and wonder.

TEDx Talk: Photographer Trey Ratcliff on Finding Your Own Greatness

Travel photographer Trey Ratcliff has millions of social media followers online, runs a famous travel photography blog called Stuck in Customs, designed a new camera bag that’s blowing up on Kickstarter, and is about to embark on a nationwide bus tour of the US.