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The DJI Osmo is a Handheld 12MP/4K Camera with a Brushless Gimbal

DJI is known for being the world’s dominant drone company, but today it announced a different kind of product.

Here’s What Edgar Allan Poe Wrote About the Birth of Photography in 1840

Did you know that when the daguerreotype was announced back in 1839, one of the people who wrote about the new groundbreaking technology was the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe?

Adobe Lightroom CC Update Has Critical Crash Bugs

If you’ve been frustrated with Lightroom crashing on you after upgrading to the latest version through Creative Cloud, don’t worry: it’s not just you.

Photographer Lois Greenfield and Her Old-Fashioned Approach to ‘Moving Stills’

Photographer Lois Greenfield has spent the past 35 years of her photographic career exploring the idea of movement and its expressive potential in photos.

Woman Spotted Without Phone Camera Out, Is Now an Internet Sensation

This simple photo is a fascinating portrait of what smartphone cameras have done to our culture. A single woman is seen enjoying the moment with just her eyes while a sea of smartphone cameras surrounds her.

FAA Testing Tech That Locates Drone Owners Flying Illegally Near Airports

As camera drone sightings near airports continues to rise, the US government exploring new technologies that could help automatically detect and identify photographers and other drone operators who are flying illegally near airports.

How to Do a Photographer’s Workout with $9,000 in Camera Gear

Canadian photographer Eric Draht posted this short video in which photographer Fiona Forshaw demonstrates some simple workouts you can do to stay in top shooting form.

Tip: You Can Use Nikkor G Lenses on Nikon Film SLRs with a Piece of String

If you ever find yourself needing or wanting to use a newer Nikon G lens on an older Nikon film SLR camera, a little piece of string can help you do so.

Street View v2.0 App Lets You Explore the World in VR with Google Cardboard

Have you bought or built a Google Cardboard yet for experiencing virtual reality with your phone? If so, there’s a new major app that’s now compatible.

Light L16 is a Point-and-Shoot That Packs 16 Cameras for 52MP Photos

The stealthy camera startup Light today announced a revolutionary new point-and-shoot camera that aims to transform the way we think about cameras.

Sneak Peek: Adobe ‘Monument Mode’ Wipes Tourists from a Scene in Real Time

At the Adobe MAX conference last night, Adobe shared some sneak peeks at innovative technologies currently being brewed by company scientists in their lab.

Photographer Sparks Outrage with Refugee-Themed Fashion Shoot

Hungarian photographer Norbert Baksa is at the receiving end of Internet outrage this week after publishing a series of fashion photos that he says are inspired by the ongoing refugee crisis.

5 Alternative Photography Processes That Challenge Convention and Realism

Some photographers live by a set of rules: they follow the standard conventions of exposure and image development to produce realistic photographs that correctly reproduce the world around them.

The White House is Shooting with a Sony a7R II Now

Guess who’s shooting with a Sony a7r II camera now? Chief Official White House photographer Pete Souza.

Photographing a Racetrack at Night with the Help of 1,800 Light Painters

Since 1987, the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has done an annual nighttime community photo project called RIT Big Shot.

Review: Sony’s RX100 IV is One of the Best High-End Compacts Money Can Buy

The Sony RX100 III is a fantastic little camera and when I had the chance to play with its successor earlier in the year I was very excited to see if the RX100 IV would build upon the already high standards Sony has helped set.

How to Shoot a Wedding Photo with Reflections

You know you’re committed to your craft as a wedding photographer when you find yourself doing these things for the perfect reflection portrait of the bride and groom.

Geostationary Satellites in a Night Sky Time-Lapse

Did you know that you can easily see geostationary satellites by shooting time-lapse photos of the night sky?

Parabo Press: A New Photo-Printing App by Photojojo for Unique Small Batch Prints

Since its launch back in April 2006, Photojojo has grown from a fun photography newsletter to a massive online store filled with photo gifts and gear.

FAA Proposes $1.9M Fine Against Drone Operator

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced yesterday that it’s proposing an unprecedented $1.9 million fine against Chicago-based SkyPan International, a company that shoots aerial photos and videos with camera drones.