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CERN Photowalk 2015: Want to Shoot in the World’s Largest Particle Physics Lab?

Exclusive photo ops are sometimes only available to those who win an application lottery. The McNeil River bear sanctuary in Alaska is one example — photographer John Daley recently shared about his experience with that.

Touching Photo Goes Viral, Raises Over $150,000 for Syrian Refugee

Photography has the power to change lives, and that’s what happened in a big way over the past week for one Syrian refugee.

Photo Mythbusters: How Much Do UV Filters Actually Protect Your Lenses?

Photographers often use UV filters for lens protection, but how much are they actually able to prevent your lens from getting damaged?

This Aperture Engagement Ring Box is Perfect for the Photographer You Love

Love someone who loves photography, and planning to pop the question soon? Check out this homemade ring box Matt Chalker made for his photographer girlfriend recently.

Musings on the Power of Interpretation

Throughout your measure of time learning photography and shooting, have you ever reached a point of realization that there is hardly a place left on the planet that you can shoot where someone else hasn’t already?

How NOT to Clean Your Expensive Camera Gear

Photographer Ryan Heywood uploaded this bizarre video titled “How to clean expensive camera gear.” It shows a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera, Canon 1D X, and a couple of high-end Canon L lenses getting deep “cleaned”… with water and sand.

Holga Digital: A Lo-Fi Toy Camera for the Digital World

The popular Holga lo-fi camera is about to get a digital makeover. The Hong Kong-based company Holga Digital has unveiled a new digital camera system based on the design of the vintage toy camera.

DIY: An Ultraviolet Flash for Black Light Photography

Back in May, a body painter offered to collaborate with me for a photo shoot with airbrushed models. This offer gave me a reason to finally experiment with black light photography, which I’ve wanted to try for years now.

The One Thing Apple Understands is Photography

Only a Luddite would still categorize Apple as a computer company. Indeed, the company officially changed its name in 2007, dropping “Computer” and simply settling for “Apple, Inc.” Still, most people probably think of Apple as the maker of the iPhone and iPad, and to a lesser extent as the company that makes MacBooks and iMacs.

This New Algorithm Gives Photos the Look of Famous Paintings

Scientists have created a new algorithm that can magically give photos the look of famous paintings by old masters.

This Guy Taped a Superman Action Figure to a Drone

The latest Superman movie Man of Steel had an estimated budget of $225 million. Camera drone owner and retoucher Barry Craig’s latest Superman short film cost quite a bit less.

Idea: Use a Car as a DIY Smoke Machine Outdoors

While shooting a recent series titled American Made, Los Angeles-based lifestyle and advertising photographer Caleb Kuhl needed a dusty scene, so he had someone drive an SUV around to serve as a DIY smoke machine.

McDonald’s Apologizes for Stealing Man’s Viral Burrito Engagement Photo Idea

Back in July, writer David Sikorski and photographer Kristina Bakrevski gained quite a bit of attention online after publishing engagement photos of Sikorski and his one true love: the burrito.

7 Things I Learned from My Portfolio Review

Last weekend I went to the small city of Ballarat in Australia for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

On Feeling Inadequate as a Photographer

My life is pretty good. I live in one of the coolest cities in the world (Toronto), I have a lot of close friends, good family, an amazing girlfriend who loves me, and I’m beginning to think my photography business is sustainable after almost five years of hard work.

This is Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd’s Impressive Backup Workflow

Washington D.C.-based wedding photographer Sam Hurd has quite a wild backup system for his clients’ images.

How NOT to Mount a Lens to Your DSLR

A relatively new YouTube tech channel named TEKHVLOGS recently published this unboxing video for the Nikon D3300 DSLR.

iPhone 6S Camera Will Shoot 12MP Photos and 4K Videos, Report Says

The iPhone may be set for a significant upgrade in the camera department when the next model is announced.

Sat­lapse: Aerial Time-Lapses from a Bird’s Eye View

UK-based photographer Jamie Brightmore tells us that he has been working on a new style of filmmaking: a “a bird’s-eye aerial timelapse cinematography technique” that he calls the Satlapse.

Video: Creating a Star Wars Wedding Photo with 12 Hours of Photoshop

Photographer Tanya Musgrave shoots weddings professionally, but she also dabbles with photo manipulation on the side as a hobby.