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These Portraits of Wounded Veterans Remind Us of the Price They Paid for Freedom

Warning: This post contains photos of injured veterans that are difficult to view. “The Unknown Soldier” is a powerful portrait project by photographer David Jay, who spent three years visiting and photographing wounded veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A Time-Lapse from a Telescope’s Point of View

Since 2012, photographer Kenneth Brandon has regularly ventured into the great outdoors at night to shoot time-lapse photos of the dark sky.

‘Real Moments Deserve Real Photographers’

Here’s a new 1-minute commercial that’s one part poignant and one part humor, going to great lengths to preach the simple message that real moments in life deserve real photographers to capture them.

Starry Self-Portraits with the Northern Lights

Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen wanted to capture how small and fragile humans are in the unfathomable expanse of space, so she shot a series of stunning self-portraits showing her silhouette dwarfed by a backdrop of stars and the Northern Lights.

Tip: A Book and Some Powder Can Work as a Camera Dolly in a Pinch

Need to do a quick tracking shot on a table but don’t have any dedicated camera equipment for doing so?

OldSF and OldNYC: Historical Photos Plotted on Maps

OldSF and OldNYC are two websites created by software engineer Dan Vanderkam, who gathered tens of thousands of historical photos of San Francisco and New York City and plotted them on city maps.

This ‘Tales by Light’ Trailer is 2 Minutes of Pure Photo Passion

Want an incredible dose of photographic inspiration? Check out this newly-released 2-minute trailer for the new TV series Tales by Light, a new TV series that follows 5 top photographers as they take their cameras to the ends of the Earth — photographers who have an unquenchable desire to capture and share the wonders of this world with the rest of us.

New Dallas Police Photo Rights Policy Way Too Vague, Photographers Say

The Dallas Police Department has officially released a new general order that’s meant to inform officers on photographers’ rights.

A First Look at Android’s Standalone Photos App

Google is reportedly set to launch a standalone Photos service separate from Google+ in the very near future, and one of the things we’ll be seeing through the transition is a revamped Photos app for Google’s Android.

365-Gigapixel Panorama of Mont Blanc Becomes the World’s Largest Photo

Say hello to the new largest photo in the world. An international team led by photographer Filippo Blengini has published a gigantic panoramic photograph of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain.

Assignment of a Lifetime: Riding in a U-2 Spy Plane at the Edge of Space

Back in 2010, San Francisco-based photographer Christopher Michel received a once-in-a-lifetime photo assignment from the US Navel Institute: to ride in the back seat of a U-2 spy plane at the “edge of space.” At the plane’s cruising and intelligence-gathering altitude of 70,000 feet above the ground, temperatures outside the plane fall to 70 degrees below zero.

Robert De Niro to Graduating Art Students: ‘You’re F**ked’

Robert De Niro was recently invited to give the graduation speech to the 2015 class at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts — a large audience that included photography students.

Kid Rushes French Open Court for a Selfie with Roger Federer

The 2015 French Open is underway in the tennis world, and one of the big news stories of the first round doesn’t even have to do with tennis.

How JPEG Handles Colors and Compression

Want to understand the math and science behind how JPEG files store your digital photographs? The YouTube channel Computerphile has a new series of videos on the JPEG.

France Shares Report on the State of Its Professional Photography Industry

France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication has published a new report on the state of the photography industry in the country.

Some Thoughts After Using Flickr Version 4.0

Having had a few weeks now to spend significant time exploring Flickr 4.0, I thought I’d write up a detailed post about my ongoing thoughts on the recent update by Flickr.

How I Did a Zombie Attack Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

The 2014 wedding season was very unique for me. It wasn’t just that I participated on it from “the other side” — I myself became a happy husband — I was also a part of one particularly unconventional wedding photo shoot.

Leica: Use Lightroom Until Apple Photos is Cured of the Monochrom DNG Bug

After issuing a warning earlier this month that a DNG file bug with its new Monochrom (Typ 246) camera could cause the annihilation of photographers’ Apple Photos libraries, Leica has just issued an updated statement.

20 First Photos from the History of Photography

Photography has been a medium of limitless possibilities since it was originally invented in the early 1800s.

This Band Photo Shoot Used 18 Pounds of Exploding Fireworks

Here’s a photo shoot idea that you probably shouldn’t try yourself. Photographer Jake Harsh recently did a wild photo shoot with the electro-pop band Hand of Hearts that involved 18 pounds of fireworks exploding around the three band members.