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This is What It Looks Like to Sue a Viral ‘Clickbait’ Site for Photo Copyright Infringement

California-based photographer Jeff Werner has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the popular website ViralNova for publishing (and profiting from) his photos without his permission.

Photographer Giles Penfound on Storytelling with the Art of Photography

Giles Penfound is a photographer with an engrossing past and a story to tell. Penfound began his journey as a professional photographer over 25 years ago and spent most of his time documenting military operations from within the British Army.

This Singer Recreated 28 Iconic Album Cover Photos in a Creative Music Video

Canadian singer Kalle Mattson just released a music video for his song “Avalanche” that creatively recreates some of the most famous album cover photos in the history of music.

Unseen Photos of Dwight D. Eisenhower Found on Undeveloped Roll of Film

Photographer Levi Bettwieser has been doing some incredible work as the founder and film technician behind The Rescued Film Project.

Review: Lensbaby’s Creative Mobile Kit Lenses Bring Selective Focus to Your Phone

Lensbaby has been producing creative art lenses since the company was established in 2004. They have since released a number of different products for both SLR and Mirrorless camera bodies, as well as mobile smartphones.

Ringo Starr Talks to Conan About His Photos During the Beatles Years

Earlier this year, former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show.

Kentucky Man Arrested After Shooting Down Camera Drone with Shotgun

A man in Kentucky was arrested this past Sunday after he used a shotgun to shoot down a camera drone flying over his property.

This is a Rooftopping Photographer From the 1920s

Rooftopping photographers have gotten a lot of attention and notoriety in recent days for climbing to extremely high points in cities and shooting photos while often teetering on the edge.

What Phone Cameras and Social Media Have Done to Special Moments

London-based filmmaker Alicia MacDonald wrote and directed this short film titled “Otherwise Engaged.” It’s a cringeworthy piece of social satire that shows what smartphone cameras and social media have done to many of our special moments.

Interview: Photographer Quintin Lake on Walking 10,000km Around British Coast

Quintin Lake is a fine art and architectural photographer based in Cheltenham, England. He has been working on an ambitious photo project titled The Perimeter, which involves walking 10,000km (~6214 miles) around the British coast in sections at a time.

Photographer Captures Shots of Hawks Exchanging Food in Midair

Photographer Phoo Chan was shooting in Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, California, recently when he spotted hawks doing food exchanges in midair.

Photographer Makes 6-Foot-Long Print of Every Single Person at Wedding

Photographer Liam Hennessey runs a wedding photography studio in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The GoFish Cam is an Undewater Action Camera for People Who Fish

Submersible action cameras are nothing new to the marketplace, but two brothers have teamed up to design a unit specifically geared at those who fish, and they are turning to KickStarter to get it funded.

This Homemade Instant Camera Uses Raspberry Pi and a Thermal Printer

Photographer Arvid Larsson recently made himself a portable instant camera that’s powered by a Raspberry Pi computer camera and thermal receipt printer.

Want a Medium Format DSLR? The Pentax 645D is Now $4K, Down from $10K

The Pentax 645D has received yet another major drop in price. Originally retailing for $10,000 when it was introduced five years ago, this 40 MP medium format monster is now selling for $4,000, less than half the price.

Couples Who Share Photos of Themselves Online Are More Likely to Stay Together

The next time you roll your eyes at yet another photograph of two couples embracing on social media, consider this: they are more likely to remain together than a couple who doesn’t plaster their love across the Internet.

Photographer Finds Beautiful Medium Format Beach Photos in Thrift Store

Photographer Meagan Abell from Richmond, Virginia, was browsing a thrift shop a few weeks ago when she stumbled across 4 sets of medium format negatives, sitting in plastic sleeves among other vintage photos.

$75K Reward for Names of Camera Drone Users Who Interfered at Wildfires

Camera drones piloted by unidentified individuals have been interfering with multiple firefighting operations led by firefighters in Southern California over the last couple of months.

Unreal: An Entire Mountain Biking Run Captured in a Single Shot

This amazing 4-minute video is the world’s first full mountain biking segment to be captured in a single continuous shot.

This Guy Captured an Unlucky First Shot with His New GoPro Camera

YouTube user coreyeroc recently took his brand new GoPro HERO2 out to the golf course to capture some footage of his golf swing.