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Ep. 84: These Things Happen When You Don’t Properly Secure Your Gear

Here’s episode 84 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. You can also download the MP3 directly and subscribe via iTunes or RSS!

Legendary Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham Dies at 87

Bill Cunningham, the legendary fashion photographer who shot street-style portraits for the New York Times for nearly 4 decades, died in New York on Saturday, just days after suffering a stroke.

Building a Story Through Composite Photography

The majority of the work I create is fiction. In my personal imagery, I pull from my loose short stories and abstract them down to core ideas.

Blast from the Past: When Floppy Disks were Groundbreaking Photo Storage

“The manufacturers have found a way of storing a whole roll of transparencies onto a tiny disk,” says Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin in this short clip.

Metabones’ Native AF Update for Sony EF Adapters is ‘Largely Useless’

The news that Metabones Sony E-Mount to EF adapters and speedboosters had just been updated with some of Sony’s native autofocus functionality was hailed with many shouts of joy, but those shouts may have been premature.

A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

This guide to photographic exposure aims to help you take full control of your camera. I often tell my students that I want them to move away from the idea “taking a photograph” and towards the idea of “making a photograph.” I teach them how to take the camera off auto mode and take full control of the settings themselves in order to create the photograph they want.

iPhone 7 Leak Shows Bigger Lens Hole for ‘Large Size’ CMOS Sensor

Start off your Saturday with a juicy iPhone 7 leak and a small helping of salt. According to a new so-called ‘spy shot’ of the iPhone 7’s back casing, the next-gen 4.7-inch iPhone (not the Plus) comes with a bigger camera port that will house a larger CMOS sensor.

Holding an Explosion: Capturing a Transparent Spud Gun at 20,000fps

It’s Friday. The perfect day to share something that’s part camera-related, part science-related, and part this-is-just-plain-cool-related: a hand-held explosion captured at 20,000fps.

The ‘Warm-to-Cold Fader’ Puts Color Temperature Control Onto a Filter

If you like to physically control as many of the settings on your camera as possible, the ICELAVA Warm-to-Cold Fader is right up your alley.

Canon and Hasselblad CEOs on the Effects the UK’s ‘Brexit’ Might Have

In a shocking referendum that has left the country in turmoil this morning, the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.

Snapchat Accused of Stealing Make-Up Artists’ Work for Selfie Filters

A photo posted by mykie (@mykie_) on Apr 28, 2016 at 2:58am PDT Snapchat’s selfie filters have turned into something of a phenomenon—whether you want to become a koala or puke a rainbow, they have you covered.

Ansel Adams Shares the Story Behind One of His Most Famous Photographs

The great Ansel Adams would often say that his negatives were “the score” and the print was “the performance.” And one of his most famous “performances” of all time is Moonrise over Hernandez, New Mexico, the photograph you get to hear Adams himself talk about in this video.

Sigma Announces Pleasantly Low Price for sd Quattro Mirrorless Camera

When Sigma unveiled the sd Quattro mirrorless camera back in February, pricing and availability for the Foveon sensor-toting APS-C camera was conspicuously absent.

The Pinout is a Remote Shutter, Anti-Theft Device, and GPS for Your DSLR

If you judge your photography gadgets on versatility, then the Pinout should score high marks. A remote shutter release, intervalometer, and geotagging device with a nifty loss/theft prevention feature built in, Pinout promises to do a lot given its minuscule size.

This Shapeshifting Electric Car Rig Will Change the Way Car Ads are Shot

Watching a car commercial will never be the same once you get a peek at the Blackbird. A shapeshifting, adjustable electric car ‘rig,’ it can become any car—past, present, or future—with some help from the CGI.

Canon to Release 6D Mark II and a Brand New DSLR in 2017, Report

It seems Canon has some big surprises in store for 2017. Not only is the follow-up to the entry-level full-frame EOS 6D in the works, there’s talk of a brand-new EOS DSLR as well.

Drone Falls Out of the Sky… and Onto a Woman’s Head

A woman at a public event in Beloeil, Quebec, was injured earlier this month when a DJI Phantom 3 camera drone dropped out of the sky and smashed directly into her head.

Use Welder’s Glass as a $1 ND Filter for Long Exposure Photos

Want to shoot long exposure photos in bright daylight without having to shell out big bucks on a neutral density (ND) filter?

Phase One’s Capture One Pro 9.2 Has New Workflow Improvements

Phase One has announced the latest version of its Capture One Pro imaging software. Version 9.2 brings new features that are designed to help improve a professional photographer’s editing workflow.

Photographer Bill Cunningham Suffers a Stroke

For the first time in decades, The New York Times was published this past Sunday without any photos by renowned fashion photographer Bill Cunningham.