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This Video Explains How Light.Co’s Fancy 16-Camera Camera Works—makers of the 16-module L16 camera that purports to put 52-megapixel DSLR quality in your pocket—get a lot of questions about how exactly their wonder-cam will work.

How to Shoot Street Photography While Traveling

One of my passions in life is travel. I love to travel, experience new cultures, try new foods, meet new people and, of course, take photos while I’m traveling.

Photographers Will Relate to This Filmmaker’s Thoughts on Depression

Don’t let the Photoshopped facades fool you, creatives of all stripes deal with depression. That’s the topic of this short-but-important video by Rob of Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips.

How to Add Warmth Back to Skin with Photoshop

A lot of the time when we’re shooting with flash photography in a big white studio, our portrait images can appear a little stark or cold.

This Photographer Built a Giant DIY X-Ray Film Camera

Photographer Tyson Haslam recently built himself a giant do-it-yourself camera for shooting large format photos on X-Ray film.

Gorgeous 4K Drone Montage of the Oregon Landscape

When we’ve shared Michael Shainblum‘s work in the past, it’s usually been a timelapse or tutorial. But the photographer and filmmakers has continued to evolve creatively, and RISE is his debut into the world of aerial videography.

VSCO X is an Invite-Only Membership for Preset-Loving Mobile Photogs

Today’s RAW support update from VSCO isn’t the only thing the film emulation and photography presets company had up their sleeve.

Photographing a Double Mastectomy: My Friend’s Fight with Breast Cancer

Every photographer should photograph a cancer patient at some point in his/her life. It teaches you how little of a person you are and how you’re but one character in the story of life.

VSCO Adds RAW Support to iOS App, Can Edit Your Phone and DSLR RAWs

VSCO’s app for iOS is a go-to for many mobile photographers, and this week it’s getting an important update: RAW support.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Memory Cards: Tips for Photographers

My name is Jeff Cable, and I’m a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I previously spent many years of my life as Director of Marketing at Lexar dealing with the ins and outs of the memory card business.

Sweet Couple Finally Gets Wedding Photos 70 Years After Their Wedding

This sweet photo shoot might not seem like anything special on the surface, but these wedding photos are actually 70 years in the making.

BenQ Unveils the Ultimate Monitor for Photogs, a 31.5-inch 4K HDR Beast

If you’ve got some cash to burn and you’re looking for the ultimate photo editing monitor, BenQ’s got a great new gadget for you to consider.

I Photographed My Own Wedding Day

As photographers, whether consciously or not, I think we’re all trying to capture moments in the way that we would like our own moments to be captured.

A Lawyer Digs Into Instagram’s Terms of Use

Social media have so thoroughly infused our everyday lives that calling them “ubiquitous” seems inadequate.

50mm vs 35mm vs 28mm: Finding the Best Lens for Street Photography

The 50mm lens has been the ‘standard’ for street photographers for ages, but is it the best option available?

Casio Releases Ultra-Low Res 1.9MP Camera for Ultra-Low Light Capture

When Sony released the A7s, they did something strange. While everyone else was adding megapixels, they took them away for the sake of low light capability.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Holds Its Own Against $50,000 RED Weapon

The iPhone 7 Plus—and many other high end smartphone cameras these days—can capture some really impressive photos and video.

Recreated Family Photos from Around the World

Then-and-now photo recreations have become extremely popular online over the past several years. Especially with rephotographed family photos from decades past, the concept offers a fascinating look at how people have changed over the years.

How to Speed Up Your Lightroom Editing By Using Anchor Photos

One of the ongoing pain points of being a photographer is the time we spend editing. Don’t get me wrong, I love turning a flat image into something breathtaking, but it does take a while to get through a batch of 1000+ photos from a wedding or concert.

Camera Brand Loyalty is Overrated

Since elementary school, I’ve been told that things had to match. If I wore Sean John pants, then I had to wear a Sean John shirt.