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Canon Interviews 5D Developers on the DSLR Model’s 10th Birthday

We recently reported on the 10th anniversary of Canon’s EOS 5D DSLR lineup at the end of May, but Canon isn’t done celebrating.

An Epic Star Wars-Themed Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Singapore-based photographer Mezame Shashin-ka is a big fan of incorporating science fiction themes into his photography.

How to Light-Paint a Skeleton in a Long Exposure

Light-painting photographer Darren Pearson released this 3.5-minute video tutorial on how to paint a skeleton of light into a long-exposure photograph.

Camera Drones Are Getting in the Way of Firefighters Battling Wildfires

Flying an aerial drone over a raging fire can be quite problematic, so much so that it can endanger the rescue and recovery abilities of fire officials.

ANKR: Peace of Mind About Your Camera Bag for $25

I just installed an ANKR in my camera bag. Over the past 10 years I’ve had this reoccurring dream about my camera gear and my backpack being stolen.

Photographer Captures the ISS Flying Across the Face of the Moon

Amateur photographer Dylan O’Donnell recently captured this beautiful photograph of the International Space Station flying across the face of the moon over Australia.

Custom SLR Unveils a New Dual Camera Strap Setup

Custom SLR recently released their new Dual Camera Strap, which combines two of their previous straps for easily carrying multiple cameras at once.

5 Lessons from My First Year as a Full-Time Wedding Photographer

This first year of officially shooting full-time has flown by. I didn’t realize how scary it was to graduate college, leave school forever, and be on my own.

This is 1000FPS Slow-Mo Shot with the Sony RX100 IV Compact Camera

1000fps slow motion shooting has traditionally been something found only in high-end, professional-grade cameras, but it’s beginning to appear in the world of consumer compact cameras.

Newspaper Rejects Foo Fighters Photo Contract, Will Buy Fan Photos Instead

There’s a revolution brewing in the world of concert photography. After photographer Jason Sheldon penned a viral open letter to speak out against Taylor Swift’s concert photo contract, a major Irish newspaper decided to boycott photos at Swift’s recent concert.

How a Nikon F3 Still SLR Was Modified to Film Indiana Jones in 1983

Did you know that a Nikon F3 still photography film SLR was used to shoot the 1984 movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Video: How Phase Detection Autofocus Works

Traditional SLR cameras do phase detection autofocus by directing light onto AF sensors in the camera’s mirror box.

This Craigslist Scam Preys on Photography Assistants

Photographers, beware: there may be scammers on your local Craigslist that target photography assistants.

‘Electric Universe': A Light Painting Photo Straight Out of a Film Camera

Believe it or not, the image above isn’t a digital composite created in Photoshop — it’s a light painting photo captured using a film camera.

Nikon Launches 3 New Lenses: A 16-80mm, 500mm, and 600mm

Nikon today announced three new lenses: a 16-80mm f/2.8-4 for DX cameras, a 500mm f/4 for FX, and a 600mm f/4 for FX.

How Much Does a Scratch Affect the Quality of a Lens?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories. “ONOZ! My lens got a scratch, it’s ruined!!” someone screams, then goes to quietly cry in a corner.

5 Insurance Options for Protecting Your Business and Gear as a Photographer

Whether you are a working professional or a passionate enthusiast, keeping your gear up to date can cost a pretty penny.

The Explorer is a Tactical 360° Ball Camera That Can Be Thrown Into Danger

A camera startup called Bounce Imaging has just launched the Explorer, a tactical 360° camera that looks like a black softball with lenses scattered across the surface.

How NOT to Photograph a Getaway Car as a Wedding Photographer

Here’s something you can file under “What NOT to do as a photographer”: Singapore Reckless Drivers, an online community that promotes road safety, just published this short video of a wedding photographer that was seen shooting pictures of a bride and groom’s getaway car on a freeway in Singapore.

Google Apologizes After Photos App Autotags Black People as ‘Gorillas’

Flickr sparked some controversy back in May after it was discovered that the service’s new autotagging feature was prone to mislabeling black people as “apes.” It looks like Google Photos developers didn’t learn from Flickr’s embarrassing misstep: a Google developer is apologizing after it was found that Google’s Photos app misidentifies photos of black people as “gorillas.” The problem was first reported by programmer Jacky Alciné, who shared his surprise in a series of Tweets: “This is how you determine someone’s target market,” writes Alciné, suggesting that Google didn’t test the app with a large number of black people before releasing it to the public.