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Shooting 10 Powerful Street Photos in One Ugly Location

When I started out in photography, I always thought: if I could shoot in New York City, Tokyo, Paris or Amsterdam, my street photos would be much better… But it turns out that it’s all about your imagination, creativity, and patience.

How to Optimize Photos For Facebook

Saving images for the web, and specifically Facebook, can require a little bit of extra attention to get them looking sharp.

New Nikon 200-400mm f/4 Rumored for End of 2017

For sports and wildlife photographers invested in the Nikon brand, this may be a big deal: rumor has it that Nikon will be bringing out a new version, a mark three if you will, of its famous 200-400mm lens.

ShutterCount is Back for Canon DSLRs

Canon cameras are notoriously difficult to get accurate shutter actuation values from. A couple of years ago, the popular application ShutterCount was able to do this, but an internal change made by Canon HQ rendered it useless on newer cameras.

Brooklyn Beckham’s New Photo Book is Getting Slammed

Brooklyn Beckham, the son of soccer star David Beckham, caused a stir in the photo industry a couple of years ago when he jumped in and shot a campaign for Burberry — industry veterans reportedly called the hiring “sheer nepotism” and a “devaluation of photography.” Now the 18-year-old is set to release his first photo book later this week, and this new endeavor is getting slammed as well.

Lensbaby’s New Velvet 85mm f/1.8 is Designed for Soft Portraits and Macro

Following up on the Velvet 56, Lensbaby has announced a new Velvet 85mm f/1.8 lens. The Velvet range are known for their manual focus lenses which produce lustrous soft skin tones.

How NOT to Photograph an Alligator

When photographing wildlife, especially dangerous creatures, it’s important to stay a smart and safe distance away.

Uh Oh: Sony a9 Banding Issue Report Surfaces

Photographer Jared Polin has discovered something very strange in his “real world use” of the Sony a9: some of his photos have come out with some weird banding patterns over certain parts of the image.

7 Ways to Make Your Photos More Interesting

When I first started taking photos, I knew the importance of finding what “good” really looked like. I knew that there were a million people out there that claimed to be more successful than they were, and that my taste wasn’t refined enough and that I wasn’t experienced enough to know the difference between them and those that were truly great.

These Are the Best iPhone Photos of 2017

The iPhone Photography Awards are now in their 10th year, and this year they received thousands of entries submitted by photographers from over 140 different countries.

R.I.P. Lexar Memory Cards

If you’re a fan of using Lexar memory cards in your cameras, there’s some sad news for you today: they’re being discontinued.

Underwater Photos of Woman in a Net Show the Horrors of Ghost Nets

Artist Christine Ren and photographer Jose G. Cano have collaborated on a powerful photo shoot titled Silent Killers to highlight the devastating toll that “ghost nets” are having on our oceans.

Affinity May Be Building a Lightroom Competitor

Back in 2015, we saw the launch of Affinity Photo, a sleek, lightweight, and powerful alternative to Adobe Photoshop for doing professional edits on photos.

Sony a9 Tested with the Canon 300mm and 400mm… And It’s Disappointing

If you’re a sports or wildlife photographer, you may be giving the Sony a9 a long and eager look. But so far, telephoto options are limited, and there’s nothing available over 200mm from Sony.

Comic: Who Needs a Fancy Telephoto Lens, Anyway?

xkcd’s comic today pokes fun at the growing world of lens adapters and extenders. With so many ways to convert between camera systems and with so many ways to extend your reach, who needs a fancy shmancy telephoto lens… right?

This Photographer Creates Amazing Planet Photos by Hand

Photographer Adam Makarenko has a portfolio filled with space photos that look like they were shot by NASA probes.

How to Give Portraits a Dreamy Glow in Photoshop

Hollywood photos always looking fairly dreamy, with a bit of a glow to the subject in the image. In this tutorial by the guys at Photoshop Cafe, you can learn a number of ways to do this to your own portraits.

Wet Plate Portraits of WWE Superstars

New York-based photographer James Weber recently shot a series of portraits of WWE wrestling superstars using the 1800s wet plate collodion process.

Nikon Just Set the World Record for the Biggest Human Camera

Nikon has just been awarded the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest human camera. To celebrate its upcoming 100th anniversary on July 25th, 2017, Nikon released a load of collectible lenses, cameras, and other items.

Minimalist B&W Photos of Birds in the Skies Above Greece

For his personal project Above The Street, Below The Sky, photographer Andreas Kamoutsis spent over two years watching and photographing the birds flying above the busy streets of big cities in Greece.