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UPDATE 2 Dear readers, Thanks again for the encouraging words in the comments. Yesterday I had to go to hospital again.


Dear readers, First of all thanks for the nice and encouraging words in the comments. This morning I had to go back to hospital for a CT scan.

No Post Today

Dear readers, For the second time in a short period, there will be no updates on The Presurfer. I had a short vacation a couple of weeks ago, this time is more serious.

The Most Satisfying Video In The World

Have you ever seen something that makes your skin tingle and for some unknown reason provides you with a sense of unbridled peace and happiness?

The Places On Earth Where Nature Is Most Likely To Kill You

image credit Most of us have been caught out by the weather, whether we got soaked to the skin in a storm or burned red by the sun.

The Map Of Mathematics

The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map! This shows how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the sub-topics they are made from.

This Is How You Fold A Record-Breaking Paper Airplane

image credit In 2012, designer John Collins constructed a paper airplane that flew an astonishing 226 feet, establishing a distance record that still stands.

30 Second Sweepovav Demonstration

Sweepovac is a new Kitchen Vacuum. It's a self-contained unit vacuum for your kitchen! Simply sweep, kick the switch, and the dirt is sucked away.

The Story Of A Painting That Fought Fascism

image credit On 26 April 1937, Nazi German and Italian bombers attacked the Basque city of Guernica. Over the course of three hours, they destroyed three-quarters of the ancient town, killing and wounding hundreds.

Sony's Newest Super Slow Motion Movie

The Super Slow Motion Movie Taken by 3-layer Stacked CMOS Image Sensor with DRAM. YouTube link The Presurfer

The Perfection Of The Paper Clip

image credit Most everyday objects - like the key, or the book, or the phone - evolve over time in incremental ways, and the 20th century in particular revolutionized, or streamlined the vast majority of the things you hold in your hand over the course of an average day.

Glossy Ibis Slow-Motion Aerial Combat

Glossy Ibis slow-motion aerial combat. Vimeo link (thanks Cora) The Presurfer

An Underwater City For The Dead

The Neptune Memorial Reef is an eternal resting place for ocean lovers that's entirely underwater. Cremated remains are mixed with cement and formed into placements that are added to the underwater city.

The Stories Behind The Most Famous Slogans

M2OnHold has created an infographic that explores the stories behind some of the most famous brand slogans.

The Evolution Of Tap Dance

Scott Bradlee and his Postmodern Jukebox take us through the history of tap dancing in the past 115 years, with dancer and choreographer Sarah Reich shuffling and tapping her way through various songs, from 1899's Maple Leaf Rag to 2014's Uptown Funk.

Why Do We Feel Hot And Cold As Pain

image credit On the face of things, a hot waffle iron wouldn't seem to have all that much in common with a block of ice.

The Banana Republics

Banana republic is a political science term used originally for politically unstable countries in Latin America whose economies are largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, e.g.

15 Bizarre Flags From Around The World

image credit Infographic by UK Feather Flags ( A collection of some of the most unusual and unique flags that we have been able to find around the internet.

How Model Trains Transformed From Cutting-Edge To Quaint

image credit In the 19th century, the railroad was the Internet of its day, connecting people with one another and moving merchandise and raw materials across great distances.

Why Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves

Animators had a few tricks up their slee.... err gloves. YouTube link The Presurfer