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Mesmerising Mass Sheep Herding

This incredible footage of hundreds of sheep being herded across New Zealand's grasslands will blow you away.

Pizza Is Officially The Most 'Addictive' Food

image credit A research team at the University of Michigan set out to find which foods would be most likely to be classified as addictive, generally defined as 'loss of control over consumption, continued use despite negative consequences, and an inability to cut down despite the desire to do so.' Five hunderd survey responses later, pizza came out on top.

History Timeline

The history of the world in famous people's lifespans. See which famous people shared their time on Earth.

Let's Be Honest About Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day's dark, dark origins. YouTube link The Presurfer

Ash Wednesday

(via Bad Newspaper) The Presurfer

The Coloured Canyon Of Egypt

image credit: walidhassanein The Coloured Canyon is a narrow slot canyon located near the town of Nuweiba, on Sinai peninsula, Egypt, so named because of its amazing spectrum of colours and banding.

2016 Alll Candidates Debate

Every candidate, in a no-holds-barred hardball politics debate where you decide the vote. YouTube link The Presurfer

Why Antique Valentines Still Melt Modern Hearts

image credit Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day was not fabricated by Hallmark to make everyone spend money and feel miserable.

11 Transformative Facts About 'The Fly'

image credit YouTube Audiences in 1958 sat down to watch Vincent Price in a film about a scientist whose DNA is fused with a fly's during a teleportation experiment gone awry.

Ancient Rome

The Rome Reborn project and Khan Academy made this video that gives us a fascinating tour through the ancient city in 3D.

The Hidden World Of Chocolate

Students at Johns Hopkins University are getting a close up look at chocolate. With a scanning electron microscope, they zoomed in at magnifications of 400 to 5,000 times.

London's Expected House Price Gain

London is an exciting place to live. Pick the right borough and you can enjoy the best of both worlds - the buzz of the city and access to amazing jobs, plus large open green spaces, top schools and an excellent quality of life.

5 Sleepless Facts About Nightmares And Other Parasomnias

image credit Everyone will have bad dreams at some point in their lives. They can range from uncomfortable to horrifying to downright dangerous.

La Valse Mécanique (The Mechanical Waltz)

On a rainy morning, the puppet people trudge off to work. From day to day the routine never changes, their gazes never meet.


Questionaut is a short educational game made by Amanita Design. It's a point-and-click adventure game where you have to control an aeronaut who tries to get with his balloon as high as possible to get a hat which belongs to his friend.

10 Of The World's Most Dangerous Toxic Ghost Towns

image credit Visiting abandoned towns can be hazardous for a number of reasons, including crumbling structures and guards who will shoot trespassers on sight.

Scientists Discover Two New Fossil Fish Species With Gigantic Mouths

There are still massive species of whales and other types of sea creatures that eat some of the smallest creatures in the sea known as plankton.

Why Does Alcohol Burn When You Drink It?

Why does alcohol cause that burning sensation on its way down? YouTube link The Presurfer

The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains

image credit You're probably listening to music in your headphones at work right now. Whether you are powering through your to-do list or brainstorming creative ideas, here is how the tunes you are playing affect how your brain works.

The Garden Of Earthly Delights By Jheronimus Bosch

image credit Jheronimus Bosch (1450-1516) was a Dutch painter. His work is known for its fantastic imagery, detailed landscapes, and illustrations of religious concepts and narratives.