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The High Voltage Ejector Bed

The Ejector bed is what you need if getting up in the morning is not your thing. YouTube link The Presurfer

The Astonishing Eggs Of Alien Nations

image credit: Vanerpaddel They may look like they come straight out of a science fiction film, but these eggs are real - they come from the stink bug.

Mr. Gillingham's Artificial Limbs

image credit James Gillingham ((1839-1924)) ran an ordinary shoemaking business in Chard, England. In 1866, he met a man who had lost an arm in a cannon mishap and had been told by doctors that there was nothing to be done about it.

Train Crossing The Queensland Rail Main Line Near Bundaberg, Australia

A drawbridge-like train crossing near Bundaberg, Australia. YouTube link The Presurfer

The Lookout

Although fire lookouts continue to be critical front-line components of our forest system’s battle to detect and prevent wildfires, their roles often times go unnoticed, due largely to both the manual nature of the work involved and the quiet, extremely solitary nature of the working environment.

What New Book Should You Read This Fall?

Take this quiz and find out what new book you should read this fall. I took the quiz and it said I should read 'Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights' by Salman Rushdie.

The Silos Of Burjassot

Burjassot is found just to the north of Valencia, close enough to be connected via tram. The town's defining symbol is its Patio of Silos, where Valencia's grain was stored for centuries, and which was later used as a refuge during the Spanish Civil War.

Horses On The Beach

In the rural area around Castle Loevestein in the Netherlands lives a herd of semi-feral Konik horses.

The True Size Of...

It is hard to represent our spherical world on flat piece of paper. Every map projection introduces distortion, and each has its own set of problems.

The Birth Of The Bicycle

image credit In 1818, Baron Karl von Drais of Baden, Germany patented the design for a two-wheeled Laufmaschine, or 'running machine.' It consisted of two in-line wheels beneath a seat and handlebars, and was propelled by the rider pushing off the ground with his feet.

How To Peel Potatoes The Fastest Way

Crazy Russian Hacker shows you how to peel potatoes the fastest way. YouTube link The Presurfer

The Hindenburgdamm Causeway

image credit The Hindenburgdamm is an 11 km-long causeway joining the North Frisian island of Sylt to mainland Schleswig-Holstein, off the coast of Germany.

The Periodic Table's Endangered Elements

We're all familiar with the periodic table, but the majority of non-chemists probably aren't familiar with the everyday uses of some of the many elements it contains.

From Moon Landings To Crash And Splash Tests

What is now the Landing Impact and Research Facility at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., was built in 1965 to test the lunar landing module, which simulated touchdown procedures for the Apollo moon missions.

School Lunch Menu

Yay! Smorgasbord. (via Bad Menu) The Presurfer

Female Spies And Gender-Bending Soldiers Changed The Course Of The Civil War

image credit Did you know that a female spy, who was also a 'spinster' and an early feminist, was the catalyst for the North winning the Civil War?

Making Of Japanese Handmade Paper Of Kyoto Kurotani

Watch the production and skimming process of Japanese paper at Kyoto Kurotani Washi Kogei-no Sato, which is housed in an abolished primary school.

6 Mars Hoaxes You Keep Falling For

image credit Every year in August, the same Mars message circulates across the Internet: The Red Planet will appear 'as big as the full moon' in the sky, as seen with the naked eye.

A Complete Guide To Buying Her Flowers

image credit Buying flowers sounds easy, until towers of flowers are staring back at you, as you try to remember your significant other's favorite color and question why these things are so expensive when they’ll be dead in two weeks.

America's Smallest Nanobrewery

A nanobrewery is a scaled-down microbrewery, often run by a solo entrepreneur, that produces beer in small batches.