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A Bridge For Santa

Wow yourself with the Christmas story of Coca-Cola and discover how the love of a father for his son rescued the Christmas magic and changed the lives of an entire city.

The IKEA Dictionary

Part of what makes IKEA unique is their product names. Each name means something, often in a funny or ambigious way.

13th Century Kelburn Castle Covered With Colorful Graffiti

image credit: Tim Kirman Who said castles need to be somber colored stone buildings with grey and brown exterior?

Safari South Africa

Tyler Fairbank went on safari in South Africa, took thousands of photos each day and made this time-lapse film.

There's A Lot Of Confusion About Eating Fat. Here's What Scientists Agree On

image credit Media coverage of dietary fat has been confusing and contradictory over the years, as you can see in this graphic of Time magazine covers.

Egypt '90% Sure' There Are Hidden Chambers In King Tutankhamun's Tomb

image credit Egyptian researchers have said there is a 90% chance that hidden chambers will be found within King Tutankhamun's tomb.

Little Leaf

A little girl, some kind of lizard and... Vimeo link (thanks Cora) The Presurfer

15 Turkey Facts That Will Make You Sound Smart This Thanksgiving

image credit Did you know that male turkeys are the only ones that gobble. Fittingly, a male turkey is called a gobbler, female turkeys are called hens.

The Hardest 'Would You Rather' Quiz

Asylum Aid is an independent, national charity working to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the UK from persecution and human rights abuses abroad.

European Bike Stealing Championships 2015

In Europe, bike thieves are a pain in the neck. So online magazine We Love Cycling took a bait bike along with the camera crew to Amsterdam, Rome and Prague to find out which city is the worst.

Top 30 Best New Movies Of 2016

Shooting's underway so let's explore what are likely to be the best new movies 2016 has to offer. We've got Spielberg, Scorsese, Coen bros, Warcraft, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter universe and the biggest ever superhero scrap.

Data-Mined Photos Document 100 Years Of (Forced) Smiling

Turn-of-the-century photographers used to tell subjects to say 'prunes' rather than 'cheese,' so that they would smile less.

Eat, Fry, Love: A Cautionary Remix

State Farm worked with John Boswell, aka melodysheep on YouTube, to auto-tune the William Shatner turkey fryer video called 'Eat, Fry, Love: A Cautionary Remix.' YouTube link The Presurfer

Bizarre Concept Cars You Never Even Knew Existed

image credit Every year, automakers redesign their car models and create new ones to keep up with the current style and technologies.

Windows Turns 30: A Visual History

image credit The PC revolution started off life 30 years ago. Microsoft launched its first version of Windows on November 20th, 1985, to succeed MS-DOS.

Introducing The Privi-Pee

Men: we've all been in that situation where you're out having a drink and you need to pop to the toilet.

100% Possible

On November 30th our leaders will meet for COP21, the world's biggest climate summit. It's time to show anything is possible when we come together - including a world powered by 100% clean, safe, renewable energy.

10 Planets That Could Potentially Sustain Life

image credit In order for a planet to be habitable or hospitable for life, it needs to meet certain criteria.

Does Eating Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

image credit Thanksgiving Day. You pile your plates with turkey, dressing, two kinds of potatoes, cranberries and dig in.

Logs To Lumber - An Aerial Journey Through The Sawmill

Unmanned aerial vehicle footage takes you up close and personal through the complete sawmilling process used at the Colville mill in Washington, USA.