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Vox Sentences: Puerto Rico had a $58 million debt payment due. It paid $628,000.

President Obama unveils finalized power-plant regulations; Puerto Rico is officially in default; and the plan to train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS has a 50% casualty rate weeks after it started.

This American Life explains why school segregation still exists — and is so hard to change

School integration has shrunk steadily for nearly three decades: ever since 1988, the number of black students and white students who attend school together has decreased.

The Puerto Rico crisis, explained

On August 3, the government of Puerto Rico missed a $58 million payment on debts that it owes mostly to residents of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, explained in 11 basic facts

On August 3rd, the island of Puerto Rico officially went into default on its $72 billion in debt. The announcement is the culmination of several years of economic woes, but the island's debt has now become an urgent problem for the US territory — and therefore, for the US.

Obama wants to pay for prisoners' college education — and it could save taxpayers money

The Obama administration is proposing a program that seems simultaneously completely obvious as a matter of policy and completely impossible as a matter of politics: Why not subsidize college education for prisoners?

Who will qualify for this week's first GOP debate?

The first Republican presidential debate will be on Thursday, August 6. But the controversial question of who'll make it onstage still hasn't been answered.

Would defunding Planned Parenthood increase abortions?

It is true that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country: in 2009, the organization performed just over 330,000 abortions, about 40 percent of all abortions that year.

Obama just released his most ambitious climate policy yet — the Clean Power Plan

On Monday afternoon, President Obama released the final version of his most ambitious climate-change policy to date — an EPA program to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from the nation's power plants.

Amazon has a plan for thousands of drones to fill the sky

When Amazon gave 60 Minutes a sneak peak at its drone delivery plans in 2013, it was easy to imagine that it was just a publicity stunt.

What impact will Obama’s Clean Power Plan have? It depends on these 5 things.

The EPA's Clean Power Plan has finally been released. It is expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the US electric sector by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

Why historians are fighting about “No Irish Need Apply” signs — and why it matters

UPDATE: After this article was first published, in March 2015, Rebecca Fried published her essay debunking academic claims that "No Irish Need Apply" signs were vanishingly rare.

Obama wants to pay for prisoners' college education — and it could save taxpayers money

More than 20 years after Congress banned prisoners from receiving Pell grants to pay for college, the Obama administration announced it will open up the grants to a small group of prisoners who want to pursue a college education.

The Planned Parenthood controversy, explained in 4 minutes

A series of undercover videos from an anti-abortion group claims that Planned Parenthood is selling the body parts of aborted fetuses for profit.

The Clean Power Plan is a big deal. But it’s only one piece of Obama’s climate agenda.

On Monday, the Obama administration is releasing its Clean Power Plan — a major new EPA rule that aims to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from the nation's electric power plants.

How conservatives forced changes to AP US history to make it more "pro-American"

It's hard to understate how much conservatives hated last year's new framework for AP US History. The Republican National Committee condemned it.

Obama's failed plan to train the Syrian rebels, in one brutal timeline

President Obama's big plan to train friendly Syrian rebels has had a really rough few days. The first 60 American-trained Syrian rebels, part of a group called Division 30, finally went onto the battlefield, went into the field as part of a group called Division 30, and almost immediately got attacked by al-Qaeda and suffered a humiliating defeat. According to the Guardian, al-Qaeda fighters killed five US-trained rebels, wounded 18, and kidnapped seven, including the unit's commander.

A new Ebola vaccine shows promise. But there's good reason for caution.

Exactly a year ago, West Africa was battling the most devastating Ebola outbreak in human history. Now, after nearly 30,000 cases and 12,000 deaths, there's finally some good news: researchers think they might have a vaccine that can protect people from the deadly virus.

Americans have forgotten what we did to North Korea

Perhaps no country on earth is more misunderstood by Americans than is North Korea. Though the country's leadership is typically portrayed as buffoonish, even silly, in fact they are deadly serious in their cruelty and skill at retaining power.

Even Darren Wilson says the Ferguson Police Department is screwed up

The Ferguson Police Department had a surprising critic in a new piece from the New Yorker: Darren Wilson, the former Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown on August 9 — nearly a year ago.

This book did Google Street View ... in 1907

More than a century before Google Street View's 2008 debut, one book anticipated the need for pictures with your directions.