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Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigrant sheriff that Trump wants to save from prison, explained

The rise, fall, and nearly-assured resurrection of “America’s toughest sheriff.” President Donald Trump has all but promised to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Vox Sentences: Instant divorce is no longer a thing in India

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The New York Times adds an intriguing new layer to Trump’s feud with Mitch McConnell

We’ve already heard it’s about health care. Turns out there’s a Russia angle too. It’s been clear for weeks now that President Donald Trump is unhappy with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

5 winners and 3 losers from the total solar eclipse

For a mere hour and 33 minutes on Monday, the United States was the chosen place on Earth for the new moon’s shadow to fall as it aligned with the sun.

Breitbart got caught in an email hoax, and it was revealing

The editor of Breitbart, the far-right media outlet that has relentlessly boosted Donald Trump, thought he was emailing Steve Bannon when he revealed his plan to oust what he calls the “globalist” wing of the president’s administration.

Tillerson says the Taliban won’t win in Afghanistan — and neither will the US

We may have also just learned the real goal of the Afghanistan strategy. It’s not surprising that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Taliban won’t win the war in Afghanistan, but it’s more than a little strange that he says the US won’t either.

The super-important idea hidden inside this Democrat's big health care plan

This is the web version of VoxCare, a daily newsletter from Vox on the latest twists and turns in America’s health care debate.

Trump won’t pardon Joe Arpaio at his Phoenix rally. But Arpaio’s shadow still looms over the event.

Rumors that Trump would pardon the former sheriff have just contributed to a potentially combustible post-Charlottesville atmosphere.

Pope Francis is becoming the voice of compassion for the world's refugees

Pope Francis leveraged his position to bring awareness to environmental issues. Now he's doing the same for the migrant crisis.

Voyager 2's 11 billion-mile journey at a human scale

The spacecraft is really, really far from Earth. August 20, 2017, marked 40 years since the launch of Voyager 2.

5 years ago, a girl was raped in Steubenville. Now her rapist’s father shot a judge.

A courthouse shootout is the latest tragic chapter in the Steubenville rape case. Five years ago, a 16-year-old girl was raped in Steubenville, Ohio.

One of R. Kelly’s alleged victims just broke her nondisclosure agreement to speak out

There’s a new development in the story of R. Kelly’s alleged abusive cult. In July, BuzzFeed published an article alleging that Kelly is holding multiple young women — most of them 19 or in their early 20s — in various properties around the country and forbidding them to leave what their parents are describing as a “cult.” The women claim to be with Kelly of their own free will, but their families say that they’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

American Horror Story: Cult’s first trailer isn’t about the election, but also, it totally is

The new season takes on a rich white woman’s terror after Trump won the election. LOL. After months of the traditional speculation over what American Horror Story’s next season will entail, AHS: Cult has finally released its first real look at its new mystery — and the words “Donald Trump” are uttered within the first 10 seconds.

5 winners and 3 losers from the total solar eclipse

For a mere hour and 33 minutes on Monday, the United States was the chosen place on Earth for the new moon’s shadow to fall as it aligned with the sun.

Trump is rallying in Arizona, and everyone is wondering whether he’ll bash Sen. Jeff Flake

We still don’t know President Donald Trump’s talking points for his campaign-style rally in Phoenix Tuesday night.

California has a climate problem, and its name is cars

Further decarbonization means wrestling with transportation. In 2006, California passed its groundbreaking climate legislation AB 32, which put in place a target for greenhouse gas reductions and set in motion a cascade of regulations, subsidies, and performance standards that has continued unabated ever since.

Phoenix mayor warns Trump not to hold campaign rally in searing op-ed

This is Mayor Greg Stanton’s second public warning to Trump not to inflame racial tensions in his city.

Robert De Niro is TV’s highest-paid drama actor — for a show that doesn’t even have a title yet

Also: NCIS’s Mark Harmon makes more money per episode than anyone on Game of Thrones. Hollywood! Despite the narrative that Us Magazine likes to push, Hollywood stars are not, in fact, all that much like us.

Trump’s Afghanistan buildup is revealing a rift among Democrats

A handful of progressive Democrats in Congress are attacking President Donald Trump’s decision to escalate American military involvement in Afghanistan.

Louise Linton’s Instagram spat is the latest sign of an administration mingling wealth and privilege

After flaunting designer brands, the Treasury secretary’s wife called someone else “out of touch.” Louise Linton, wife of US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, posted on Instagram about a “day trip” the couple took to Kentucky, using a government plane to get there.