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Founder of firm tied to Trump dossier meets with Senate committee in Russia probe

WASHINGTON — The co-founder of a Washington opposition research firm that produced a dossier of salacious allegations involving President Donald Trump met for hours with congressional investigators Tuesday in a closed-door appearance that stretched into the evening.

This poet is making sure women of the Bauhaus movement get their due

The Bauhaus German art school of the early to mid-20th century is today associated with several things: its stark white modernist buildings, its emphasis on re-combining arts and craft, and the male artists and architects who taught there, including Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

Every moment in Donald Trump’s long and complicated history with race

President Trump’s long history with race is complicated. He is a man who was accused of racial discrimination multiple times at his businesses but who used his Mar-a-Lago resort to smash white-only membership policies in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump’s travel, by the numbers

Fresh off three weeks of what the White House called a “working vacation,” President Donald Trump is out west for a trip to Arizona and Nevada before Congress returns from its August recess.

Take a 360° tour of President Lincoln’s summer retreat

Like many presidents before him, President Donald Trump spent part of the summer away from the White House, taking a 17-day “working vacation” at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Chicago’s gun violence crisis is also a mental health crisis

Kimberly Greer can’t sleep. Almost every night for the better part of four years, she has woken up in the dark.

Trump’s new plan will send 3,900 more troops to Afghanistan, officials say

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s plan to end America’s longest war and eliminate Afghanistan’s rising extremist threat involves sending up to 3,900 additional U.S.

Ask the Headhunter: Why employers can afford to be rude to you

Nick Corcodilos started headhunting in Silicon Valley in 1979 and has answered over 30,000 questions from the Ask The Headhunter community.

Georgia students drop out with high debt despite state surplus

ATLANTA – More than half a billion dollars in surplus lottery funds, meant for Georgia’s college students, is sitting unused in the state’s coffers even as many drop out of school, unable to afford to continue.

WATCH LIVE: Tillerson speaks at news briefing after Trump outlines Afghanistan strategy

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is following President Donald Trump’s shift in strategy in Afghanistan with a Tuesday news briefing from the State Department in Washington, D.C.

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds rally in Arizona

WASHINGTON — Trying to recapture the Republican fervor that helped put him in office, President Donald Trump travels to Arizona on Tuesday to visit the nation’s southern border and to rally thousands of supporters in a state where he’s trashed both Republican senators.

Do U.S. Navy collisions weaken our defense against a North Korean missile attack?

The USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker collided off of Singapore early Monday morning. The accident left 10 U.S.

Mattis in Baghdad to meet with Iraqi leaders, U.S. commanders

BAGHDAD — Islamic State militants, driven from their main stronghold in northern Iraq, are trapped in a military vise that will squeeze them on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border, U.S.

Pence says Confederate statues are a state, local decision

.@VP weighs in on the debate to remove Confederate statues — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) August 22, 2017 WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence says state and local authorities should make decisions about Confederate statues, and he calls himself “someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments.” As for the fate of Confederate statues at the U.S.

Some remains of Navy sailors found on USS John McCain, U.S. commander says

SINGAPORE — The commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet said some remains of Navy sailors were found in a compartment of the USS John McCain on Tuesday, a day after the warship’s collision with an oil tanker in Southeast Asian waters left 10 sailors missing.

Trump’s Afghanistan strategy makes new demands on India

WASHINGTON — Laying out his new Afghanistan war strategy, President Donald Trump reissued old demands on neighboring Pakistan to eliminate militant sanctuaries.

7 takeaways from Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy

President Donald Trump announced what he called a “dramatic” shift in U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia on Monday night, one focused less on nation building and writing a “blank check” to the Afghan government and more on increased pressure on Pakistan and its neighbors to fight terror in the region, he said.

WATCH: Trump says U.S. can’t afford ‘hasty’ withdrawal from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump declared Monday night the United States must continue fighting in Afghanistan to avoid the “predictable and unacceptable” results of a rapid withdrawal from the country where the U.S.

Millions of skygazers marvel at a historic American eclipse

The post Millions of skygazers marvel at a historic American eclipse appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

News Wrap: Barcelona attack suspect killed by police

The post News Wrap: Barcelona attack suspect killed by police appeared first on PBS NewsHour.