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48 Hours in Kyoto

Ok, full disclaimer. There is too much to do in Kyoto. Especially if you are into art and history and UNESCO world heritage sites.

Nyepi – the Balinese Day of Silence

Today we’re catching up with Agness from eTramping, about Nyepi, also known as the Balinese Day of Silence.

Three Reasons to Drop Everything Right Now and Visit Lecce, Italy

About the Author: Anna Kay is an avid traveler and photographer, editor and social media manager at She loves exploring and island-hopping across the Mediterranean, and can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

48 Hours in Tokyo Japan

Let me start out by saying that 48 hours in Tokyo is not nearly enough time, and that if you have only planned to have 48 hours, then you need to rethink your plan.

24 Hours in Pafos – Cyprus

We were planning to be in Belgium. And we then wanted to go to Greece and up through the Balkans. With those two pieces of the puzzle in hand, I then tried to find the most economical way to get there.

The 13 Best Things To Do In Sydney With Toddlers/ Preschoolers

Jake and I have been living in Sydney for almost 2 years now. We moved here when he was about 2 and a half years old and he is now about 4 and a half.

Our 5 Favorite Underrated European Destinations

This post was made possible by our friends at Momondo. A great base for European adventures is the city of London.

Our 5 Favorite Underrated European Destinations

Sure, we all know of the main hit list cities of Europe. Paris, London, Berlin… and yes sure, they are all great.

A Day in Nikko, Japan

Build a small shrine in Nikko and enshrine me as the God. I will be the guardian of peace keeping in Japan.” And with those words, allegedly spoken by Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu as he lay dying in 1616, Nikko became the home of the mausoleums of the Tokugawa shoguns, and a UNESCO world heritage site.

2 Weeks in Tasmania : A Road Trip of the Highlights

Tasmania is a tiny state with an incredible amount of things to explore. Full disclaimer, this road trip will not take you to see everything the state has to offer.

10 Things Not To Do When Renting A Car

When you travel abroad you will face a lot of different fees from different places. Taxes are going to be different, you will pay additional security fees for your airfare, and you will even pay fees to exchange your money!

Another Night, Another Bangkok Rooftop Bar

This post is brought to you by Thantakit, organizers of dental holidays in Thailand. Bangkok is renowned for it’s rooftop bar scene, and it seems new ones are popping up all the time.

Another Night, Another Bangkok Rooftop Bar

Bangkok is renowned for it’s rooftop bar scene, and it seems new ones are popping up all the time. After accidentally finding myself at two rooftop bars in just two nights, I decided that the universe was obviously telling me that I needed to visit a different rooftop bar each night of my five nights in the city.

Tasmania Road Trip : Launceston and the Tamar Valley

Tasmania has always been high on my bucket list, so when I finally made it down for a two week trip at Christmas, I decided to visit the state through a variety of different small road trips combined with city visits.

Tasmania : An East Coast Road Trip Itinerary

The East Coast of Tasmania is home to the state’s most popular driving route, and it is no wonder why.

48 Hours in Hobart Tasmania

Hobart, and the state of Tasmania used to have a bit of a reputation for being a bit backwards when compared to the rest of Australia.

Tasmania : The Ultimate Tasman Peninsula Road Trip

Over Christmas this past year we spent two weeks driving and touring Tasmania. Tasmania is one of my “final frontiers” in Australian travel.

Attention All Canadians – Even More Passport Drama

I’m no stranger to a little bit of passport related drama and stress. In fact I have two posts about my past passport dramas (here and here).

5 Must Pack Items for Travelers to Japan

You don’t need to worry too much when packing for a trip to Japan. Like most countries, if you forget something, you can most likely quite easily buy a replacement once you arrive.

Travel to the world’s most incredible glaciers

Guest post by Agness and Cez of eTramping The world’s three poles: North, south and somewhere in between The Arctic, the Antarctic, and Tibet.