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The Best and Worst of Travel in Chile

We are a week away from heading into South American country number 5, but so far, Chile has been my favourite.

Photo Moments of Morocco

Many many moons ago I went to Morocco with a girlfriend from Australia who I was on a student exchange with in Denmark.

How We Spent 5 Weeks in Chile

We recently spent 5 weeks in Chile; starting in the southern reaches of Patagonia and working our way up to San Pedro de Atacama in the north before finally crossing into Peru.

Family Friendly Activities Around San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama is like nothing you have seen before. An entire town made of dusty red adobe. Complete with red dusty streets and a crystal clear desert sky.

Moai and More on Easter Island

Easter Island has been a huge bucket list item for me since for as long as I can remember. There was no way I was going to Santiago and not also going to Easter Island.

Why We Were Not The Biggest Fans of the Food in Argentina

Now I know that saying you don’t like the food of a particular country can stir up a whole lot of emotions, but you know what.

How To Get Routine Infant Vaccinations in Santiago Chile

We decided to use our 12 months of parental leave to the fullest, and we have hit the road for 8 months of my leave.

48 Hours in Vilnius, Lithuania

The quirky capitol of Vilnius captured my heart during a visit a few years ago. It’s a small city, and the old town can easily be explored over a weekend trip.

Images of Valparaiso

The picturesque town of Valparaiso. Perched on a steep hill, accessed by a number of rickety old funiculars, is a joy to wander around.

48 Hours in Santiago

I am finding this 48 hours series more and more difficult to write. Probably because we have slowed down quite a bit as travelers recently (traveling with two kids under the age of 5 will do that to you!

Santiago Chile with Kids

When it comes to traveling with kids in South America, Santiago has been one of the best places we have visited.

Our Best Photos of Patagonia

Patagonia was high on our bucket list, and we wanted to get the most out of our trip to the south of Argentina and Chile.

How to : Patagonia with Kids

When I first started researching what we could do in Patagonia with a 4 year old and a 4 month old in tow, we found very little information.

Pucon Chile for Families

We had a couple days to kill between our Puerto Natales booking and our Santiago booking, so we decided to take the overnight bus plunge and go to Pucon.

San Pedro de Atacama to Arequipa by Bus

We just left Chile after just over a month in the country – which was amazing – and I will soon get some posts up detailing our experiences.

Our Top 5 Photos of Argentina

We flew into Buenos Aires, the first stop on our 5.5 month trip through South America. From there we went south, so it’s probably no surprise that all of our top 5 photos come from Argentinian Patagonia.

The Ups and Downs of Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche was our first introduction to Patagonia, and god damn, we were so excited. Mendoza had been a let down for us (our fault though, not Mendozas), so we were really looking forward to what Bariloche had to offer.

A Family Travel Guide to Torres Del Paine, Chile

As I mentioned in my post about El Chalten, it was hard to find information about family friendly hikes prior to our Patagonia trip.

Exploring the Glaciers of Argentinian Patagonia

The southern Patagonian ice field is one of the most important collections of glaciers in the world. The ice field which spreads along the Andes for 350 km’s.

The best family friendly hikes around El Chalten, Argentina

Before traveling to Patagonia with my four year old and three month old sons, I did quite a bit of research and asked quite a few questions in forums about family hikes in Patagonia.