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It’s Been Rather Quiet Around Here….

You might have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around here. I went from posting three times per week… to two times per week… before suddenly falling off the face of the planet.

How to: Bohol

The island of Bohol has a reputation as one of the must visit destinations on the Philippines backpacker trail – and it’s an island which offers up some very different adventures to some of the other popular Philippine destinations – so it was quickly added to our itinerary.

How Did We Do On Our 2016 Goals?

It’s that time of year again when people are making new years resolutions. Well, I also make travel resolutions, and you can see what my 2017 goals are in this post over here….

Our Worst in Travel in 2016

2016 has been an overall gross year in general, but today I’m going to focus on my own gross travel moments.

The OurOyster Best of 2016

Holy crap 2016. What happened? You started off pretty OK and then shit just got weird. I have seen 2016 referred to as the year of the dumpster fire, but for me personally it has been pretty OK.

Our 2017 Travel Goals

I see big things happening in 2017. I’m just not sure what they are yet. For the first time in my working career, I have positive figures of annual leave, and no holidays currently booked.

Photo Essay: Sydney by Night

Sydney is a pretty photogenic city… especially when viewed from the water or the harbour. These photos were taken from the Botanic gardens and Circular Quay – all within easy walking distance.

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada

I remember hearing somewhere that Archeologists hit the jackpot when they are able to study the burial practices of a culture.

Lessons from Travelling with a Three Year Old

“Do you want to keep him?” That was the question I asked several of the adoring locals who were fawning over Jacob despite his poor behaviour and attitude.

25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus wasn’t originally in the plan for our trip to Europe two years ago, but when it turned out that we needed to fly via this small nation to get from Belgium to Crete, well we decided to seize the opportunity.

Rice Terraces of Batad – Survival Guide

Wake up. We have arrived in Banaue. We are hustled off the bus we just spent the night on. We arrived in Manila later than expected – flight delayed.

The Ultimate Cook Island Shopping Guide

The Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands scattered over a vast tract of the South Pacific. Rarotonga is the easiest island the reach, and the one which obviously receives the most tourists.

What to Do in Canberra with Kids

I tend to have a soft spot for those destinations which are often overshadowed by glitzier neighbours.

15 Bucket List Worthy Photos of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country located on in South Eastern Europe and bordering the black sea. We spent two weeks driving around the country of Bulgaria during a mild winter in January.

The Cross Island Track with a Toddler – Cook Island Travel

1001 hikes to do before you die. It was just my type of book, as an avid hiker and list ticker, so I snapped it up.

What to do in Rarotonga with Kids

Jake is now 3. He’s at an age where we talk about upcoming vacations before we go on them. He understands, he gets excited, hes engaged.

15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam

15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam For some sad, strange reason, the only Vietnamese food I had ever really heard of before traveling through Vietnam was (you guessed it) Pho.

Hiking Cradle Mountain with Children

I had a few false starts in getting to Tasmania. But luckily chances kept coming up for me. Finally, I had the opportunity to spend the weekend there.

The Complete Guide to Macedonia Travel

The little landlocked country of Macedonia in the Balkans was one of our favourite spots in the area.

A Photographers Guide to Spot Removal – Remove Distractions from Your Photography

You know when you are travelling and you see something amazing, something beautiful, or something quirky that you want to photograph.