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Where Constituent Input Ends Up

  Have you ever tried to reach out to Congress? There are multiple ways to contact them, but with the high volume of constituent input, there has to be a way to filter it. Where Constituent Input Ends Up flowchart from Flowing Data tells the story of how they organize and reply to the input they recieve.    When you have input to send Congress, you have a number of communication options available to you: phone, email, social media, etc.

Which Sci-Fi Movie Should I Watch?

Which Sci-Fi Movie Should I Watch flow chart from Fish 4 Parts is a reccomendation of a Sci-Fi films based on your genre of choice.  If you’re wondering which film to watch tonight or this weekend, there’s a few we’d like to recommend.

The Texas Infographic

Happy Texas Independence Day! March 2, 1836 was when when sixty delegates signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

16 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Completely

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be a tricky subject. The 16 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Completely infographic from My Biz Niche gives some clarity to some popular misconceptions.

Aflac Brunch Commercial #BadDataViz Error

This commercial really bugs me! When you visualize information, you need to get the data visualization right!

The ICO Explosion of 2017

ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a method of fundraising that doesn't sell equity of the company, but selling things called "tokens" or new forms of cryptocurrency.

Design Better Charts in PowerPoint Class on Skillshare

This week I launched my first class on the Skillshare platform. Data Visualization: Design Better Charts in PowerPoint is a 10-lesson class covering how to apply data visualization design principles specifically to the default charts created in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Top Reasons Startups Fail

It takes more than just a good idea for a startup to succeed. Forbes analyzed 101 failed startups and found that The Top Reason Startups Fail, was the lack of need for their product.

Ikigai - Visualizing the Japanese Concept of Life's Purpose

  Ikigai is a Japanese concept that explains how a person can enjoy life. To illustrate this concept, a 4-sided Venn diagram was created by Dan Buettner (below), showing what it takes for one to discover their own.

Abita Beer Release Calendar 2018

In case you're not familiar with Abita Beers, it's a fantastic brewery out of Louisiana. In addition to a core set of beers, they make a number of seasonal brews that are only available certain times of the year.

Securing Your CryptoCurrency Trading Account

There's a lot of hype and investor interest in cryptocurrencies right now. is one of the major trading platforms that allows you to exchange one currency for another (like exchanging bitcoin for litecoin), but securing your account is very important.

The Economics of a UK Christmas

Do you have a budget for your christmas this year? The Economics of a UK Christmas infographic from Bridging Loans covers the spending for Christmas in the UK, and it continues to rise!

2017 Shipping Deadlines

Tis the season for shipping! The 2017 Shipping Deadlines infographic from Ship Station will help you get your last minute presents to their destination on time!

Why Do Businesses Fail?

Starting your own business can be rewarding, but there are a lot of challenges. Why Do Businesses Fail?

Cool Infographics Book Giveaway December 2017

During December 2017, I am giving away one signed copy of my book Cool Infographics!  Register on the Giveaways Page by December 15, 2017 to be entered.

Divergent Realities: The Difference Between 'VR' and 'AR'

If you have a business idea that uses either virtual reality or augmented reality, now is the time to look for investors.

These 5 Giant Companies Control the World's Beer

These 5 Giant Companies Control the World's Beer infographic created by Visual Capitalist illustrates the "illusion of choice" idea.

Best British Isles Film & TV Locations you can Actually Visit

Having the opportunity to visit a set of one of your favorite films, would be a really special opportunity.

How Brands Are Using Instagram Stories

Klear analyzed 149 brands in 8 different industries to see How Brands Are Using Instagram Stories to drive sales.

A Brief History of Printing

The Brief History of Printing infographic by Diginate looks back on over 2000 years of the industry.  There aren't too many industries older than printing (!