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Courageous Kid With Autism Stands Up To Bullies

We’ve all experienced bullying in some way, shape or form. Whether we were the target of it directly as a child growing up, or we are the parent to a child affected by it, bullying is a major part of our society.

Father Picks Up His Son Everyday. Watch His Adorable Reactions

Love can get us through anything. Yet to see it in it’s truest and strongest form is hard to come by.

The Different Types Of Fireworks Explained

With both Canada Day and the Fourth of July behind us, most of us have recently experienced our fair share of impressive fireworks.

True Beauty: A Powerful Ad To Empower All Women

True beauty is in all of us, yet we live in a world that only seems to appreciate it in particular forms.

Kitten Born With Twisted Limbs Refuses To Give Up

After being dropped at a shelter shortly after birth, Pretzel and her two siblings were in desperate need of love and attention.

Boy Reads To Shelter Dogs Every Week So They Don’t Feel Lonely

While the intention behind them is certainly noble, an animal shelter is a very difficult place for any pet to be.

VIDEO: A Blind Man & His Armless Friend Have Planted Over 10,000 Trees

Do you regularly give in to excuses to hold yourself back from doing something challenging? You won’t anymore after seeing this video showcasing the story of two remarkable Chinese men.

J Cole Proves We Are All Sellouts While Exposing Mainstream Music Industry

In a powerful interview with Angie Martinez for the radio station Power 105.1, performer J Cole eloquently picks apart the mainstream music industry.

How Storm Chasing Technology Has Evolved

They are amazing to see, but scary to think about. Storms are the awe-inspiring but devastating natural events that happen all across the world throughout the entire year.

IKEA Advertises Adoptable Dogs In Their Trademark Home Setups

IKEA has rapidly become one of the most popular house ware and furniture providers in the entire world.

Young Boy With Rare Heart Condition Has Dream Come True (VIDEO)

For Maverick, a young boy with a rare heart condition, life has been incredibly difficult. Despite being only 6 years old, Maverick has already undergone over 30 surgeries and is regularly battling for his life.

4 Kittens Give This Street Performer The Audience He Deserves

Putting yourself and your talent out in public can be a challenging experience. It becomes even more challenging when the bulk of your potential audience chooses to completely ignore you rather than give you any of their attention and/or monetary support.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One Completes First Round Of Testing

It was three years ago that Elon Musk, the mastermind behind Tesla Motors, revealed his plans for Hyperloop One, a futuristic transportation system unlike any other.

Robot Successfully Completes Surgery On A Pig

The world of robotics has always been amazing, and it seems as though it is still barely scratching the surface of what it is capable of.

Billionaire Shares His Wisdom On Wealth & Inequality

The world is filled with inspiration. Some of us are uplifted by a powerful speech, a knowledge-filled documentary, or even a simple quote.

A Young Woman With Autism Gave Channing Tatum The Best Interview Ever

Celebrities like Channing Tatum are more than used to regularly being interviewed. For the most part these interviews contain the most generic questions with the only difference from one piece to the next being the movie they are talking about.

Guided Meditation To Open & Heal Your Heart Chakra

For many of us meditation has become a regular practice. For me personally it is a powerful tool that allows me to calm my often overactive mind and allows me to better hear my true intuitive guidance through the incessant rambling.

Kids Are Asked: “What Is The Best Country In The World?”

There is no better a way to start off a new week than with a little humour. As part of his regular segment, Jimmy Kimmel sent members of his team to the streets to ask the public an “important” question.

24 Year Old Surprises Grandparents By Paying Off Their Mortgage

There is an incredible power to be found in a loving family. And this 24 year old certainly had one surrounding him, reaching all the way up to his grandparents.

The Incredible Connection Between Dogs & Their Owners

Owning a dog can be a wonderful experience. There is an undying love and appreciation that they have, that is difficult for any human in this world to portray so effortlessly consistently.