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Trump’s Grandfather Worked Under John D. Rockefeller, Uncle Translated Tesla’s Stolen Work

Before you trust a power player, read up on their history. The history, family, and associations of a power player are essential prerequisite info, if a person truly wants to understand who they are and what they do.

Vitamin C 1,000% More Effective than Big Pharma’s Drug’s for Cancer

Linus Pauling’s legacy continues, much to the chagrin of the pharmaceutical industry. In a shocking new discovery published in the scientific journal, Oncotarget, researchers have detailed how a single, inexpensive nutrient, Vitamin C, can completely halt the growth of cancer in stem cells when used in concentrated amounts.

Here’s Something You Didn’t Know About Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) When Combined with Honey

There are lots of assumptions out there about what causes chronic fatigue – that, I-can-barely-get-out-of-bed-to-brush-my-teeth-feeling – which haunts millions of people around the world today.

2017 so Far: Is a Feeling of Hopelessness Gripping the Masses of People Who Care?

Is a feeling of disappointment, gloom, or hopelessness sweeping through the activist community, the “revolutionaries,” or the people who generally care about the future?

Productivity Tips: How to Stay Focused Admist Chaos

Constantly finding yourself with a million and one things to do? If so, you probably know all too well that when we’re drowning in tasks and responsibilities, staying focused and getting things done can seemingly feel impossible.

Strange, Small Cell Towers Are Popping Up: 5G and the Future of Harmful Frequencies

In Sydney, Australia, difficult to identify small towers (apparently cell towers) with spherical tops have been popping up recently.

Digital Facial Reconstruction Makes It Possible to See the Face of a Man Who Lived 700 Years Ago

Did you ever dream of meeting your ancestors, like traveling back in time and actually meeting them in person?

New Study: Infant Mortality More than Doubles After DTP-Vaccine

A new study published in Ebiomedicine by researchers Søren Wengel Mogensen and associates examined mortality rates of infants between the ages of 3 and 5 months who were given early vaccinations for DTP (Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis) and OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) suffered a 5-fold infant mortality rate compared to infants who were not given the vaccine.

Lab Grown Chicken Nuggets are Here: Google, Bill Gates and Cultured Meat

A San Francisco Bay Area food technology company called Memphis Meats recently finished their lab grown chicken.

Sexual Hookups Could Be Bad for Your Health

Not many species in the animal kingdom bond for life. Perhaps 5 percent of smaller animals stay true to one partner forever, including otters, seahorses, Gentoo penguins, Turtle doves, Black vultures, prairie voles, beavers, and wolves.

The Astrological New Year, Spring Equinox Begins

March 20 marks the beginning of the Spring or Vernal Equinox, known as the beginning of the New Year, astrologically speaking.

Take Your Detox to the Next Level with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Many of us concentrate on detoxing our bodies from the numerous environmental and metabolic chemicals that clog us up through practices like drinking water, or taking sitz baths, but from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM-based) theory, if we are feeling sluggish or sick, we’ve got a blood and or Qi deficiency.

German Official Proposes $53 Million Fine for “Fake News”

Germany is ready to impose Orwellian laws against so called “fake news” via the country’s Justice Minister, Heiko Maas.

These Amazing Benefits Are Yours When You Drink Water on an Empty Stomach

What if one of the simplest practices imaginable could crank up your health to a brand new level? What if you could start this practice tomorrow, first thing in the morning, before your eyes have even really opened, before you’ve brushed your teeth, and before you’ve had that coveted cup of coffee?

No Healthcare, No Daycare: Prime Minister Cracking Down on Unvaccinated

The fight for medical choice in Australia is getting intense. With a heavily pharmaceutical industry-tied Prime Minister and culture of politics in general, Australia is giving rise to a severely polarizing debate about medical choice and vaccination.

How Sagging Your Pants Can Be a Revolutionary Action: Anonymizing Disobedience

Have you ever heard the myth that the idea of sagging pants originated in prison, as an indication that someone was a punk?

10 Ways to Save Money Right Now (Without Having to Eat Beans Every Day)

We often look for advice about how to be more prosperous when we are feeling a little lean in the wallet or purse, but it’s really a good idea to adopt wealth-making strategies in every-day life, rather than wait for a crisis to crop up.

This Is The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Vehicle. Knowing HOW Might Save Your Life Some Day

An estimated 400 people die each year because their car becomes submerged underwater during a crash, according to data collected by Canadian researcher Gordon Giesbrecht.

House Bill Would Allow Employers to Demand Genetic Information From Workers

Last week, a House committee approved the bill HR 1313 (Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act). If passed, it will allow corporations to “require employees to undergo genetic testing or risk paying a penalty of thousands of dollars, and would let employers see that genetic and other health information,” according to PBS.

5 Scientifically Backed Reasons to Chant ‘Om’

Let’s get this straight right up front. ‘Om’ chanting is not religious. It may be practiced by Hindus, and even co-opted in yoga classes all over the U.S.