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Trump Vows to Use ‘Full Extent of Government’ to Stop Human Trafficking

After meeting with child trafficking experts, President Donald Trump just promised he would do his best to end the “horrific practice of human trafficking.” He stated in a press conference on the subject, “My administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking and I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government both at the Federal level and other highest levels, whatever we can do, to solve this horrific problem.” Trump continued, “Human trafficking is a dire problem both domestically and internationally.” He says it has largely been made possible by the use of the internet.

Bill Gates, Admitted Eugenicist Warns Bioterrorism Could Kill 30 Million People

It isn’t clear if Bill Gates was veiling a threat to help depopulate the planet by 30 million people, if he was simply scare-mongering, or warning of a true cataclysmic-level bioterrorism event, but at the recently held Munich Security Conference the man who has been kicked out of India said that, “a genetically engineered virus such as small pox could wipe out up to 30 million people in less than a year.” Gates is a multi-billionaire, and the founder of Microsoft, but he has also been a vocal supporter of questionable investments that have a profound impact on people’s lives.

Processed Food is Dying: Nestlé Takes Worst Hit in 20 Years as Public Opinion Shifts

This “Q4” as the corporate world calls it, Swiss processed food giant Nestlé took a harder hit than they have in 20 years.

Why a Birthday Is a Celebration for the ‘Birth of a Corpse’

Every year millions and possibly billions of people celebrate their birthdays with cakes, gifts and delicious food.

The Microcosmic Orbit – Taoist Secret of Higher Consciousness

The human body is endowed with spiritual anatomy, using energy to support life and consciousness. As a microcosm of the universe, the energetic circulatory system of the body mirrors the patterns we find in the cosmos, flowing in orbital patterns along channels often referred to as meridians.

Energy Technology Can ‘Read’ the Body for Disease Using Special Photography

Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) is a photographic technology that reads light emitted from the body at gradations which are not picked up by normal cameras.

Iowa Town Dedicates 1,000 Acres to Dying Bees, While Others Want Robotic Bees

The entire food chain has a crisis: bees are being killed off by pesticides, aluminum, unnatural frequencies and other factors.

Severely Epileptic Child Granted Cannabis Oil in Ireland, Setting Precedent: Almost Homeless in LA

Last week, 11 year old Billy Caldwell arrived back in Ireland after managing to secure legal, full spectrum cannabis oil in his home country.

Why Beauty is So Important

You’ve heard of the halo effect, perhaps, that ascribes certain desirable traits to people who are attractive even if they don’t possess those traits, like kindness or intelligence.

Dear Family and Friends: it’s Time to Wake Up

I know you’ve struggled to deal with many of the harsh truths of the world, yet there’s also so much brilliance to this reality that I don’t want you to miss out on as well.

Laxative Given to Toddlers Linked to Neuropsychiatric Events: MiraLAX Exposed by Parents

MiraLAX is an over the counter laxative that has been central in pharmaceutical practice for a few decades.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Learns “Highly Aggressive” Behavior, Concept of Betrayal

An artificial intelligence created by Google recently made headlines after learning “highly aggressive” behavior.

Easily Create Lucid Dreams By Doing These Things

Lucid dreaming is beyond bizarre to most of us. You are asleep and dreaming yet you know you are dreaming, and many lucid dreamers can affect actions and outcomes in dreams just like they do during waking moments.

State Seizes, Forces Dangerous Treatments on Children: Stories of Medical Kidnapping Rising

From the US to Australia, children are being taken away from parents based on intrusive judgements about the way the parents raise them.

Dogs and Monkeys Have “Human-Like Sense of Morality,” Researchers Prove

Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan have found that dogs and capuchin monkeys have a human-like sense of morality.

Super Powers: Woman with Rainbow Vision Sees 100 Times More Colors Than We Do, Are There Others?

Due to a rare genetic condition called tetrachromy, the artist Concetta Anitco from California can see 100 times more colors than the average human being.

A terminally Ill Young Girl Has One Last Wish: A Kitten. More Specifically, An Empath Kitten!

At the age of 12, Kylie Myers was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. When her and her family learned the heartbreaking news that the cancer had spread and that she was not going to make it… Kylie asked for a kitten.

Bruce Lee’s Taoist Wisdom

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist and movie star had an amazing understanding of Taoist principles.

Mainstream Media in Trouble as Alternative Media Comes Together

The mainstream corporate media is visibly dying-out in the United States and around the world — and their problems are about to get worse: Anti-Media just rolled out its new project, “The Homepage of Independent Media.” Anti-Media’s new homepage is the new destination for independent thinkers looking for real anti-establishment news sources free of corporate bias and the fake news of the mainstream media.

How Do We Undo Social Barriers? 5 Ways to Repair Community Spirit, Unify People

Do you ever go out in public, and feel a strong uncomfortable feeling around other people? It’s comparable to two opposing poles of magnets: if you go out in any city in the US, you’ll probably notice a growing disconnect between people.