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New Study Finds Marijuana Users Are Happier and More Successful in Life

Shattering the stereotype of the lazy pothead, new research suggests cannabis users are actually more satisfied, more successful, and even more likely to volunteer in their communities than their nonsmoking counterparts.

The Reason You’re Attracted to Someone Isn’t Why You Think

You see a woman or man across a crowded room and it feels as if a vortex of uncontrollable energy is pulling you toward them.

Quantum Quirk: Experiment Proves What Happens in the Future Affects the Past

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland Do you think suppose that forgiving an enemy today or in the near future could affect the outcome of war, slavery, and hardship endured by our ancestors?

The People You Hate Are Determined by How Intelligent You Are

Prejudice is as old as the humanity itself. Every day we find our minds leaning to hating others for many reasons.

This is the Reason Why People Can’t See Truth

From an early age, I have always wondered why people seem to be wrong about everything. As a kid growing up in the 2000’s decade, I constantly noticed that people generally did not have an accurate sense of probability, especially pertaining to fear.

Excision comes out the most BASS HEAVY festival lineup we’ve ever seen at Lost Lands

Do you like festivals? What about mind boggling, heavy bass? Then it sounds like Jeff Abel’s (Excision) very first Lost Lands Music Festival is the place that you wanna be this fall!

In the Divided States of America, There’s Only One Way to “Unite”

(op-ed AM) Following the attempted political assassination of several GOP members of Congress this week, calls for “unity” echoed through the halls of power.

Illinois State Official: “We Are In Massive Crisis Mode, This Is Not A False Alarm”

(ZH) Last week we reported that as Illinois, a state which now faces over $15 billion in backlogged bills, struggles over the next two weeks to somehow come up with its first budget in three years ahead of a June 30 fiscal year end, and faces an imminent ratings downgrade to junk – the first ever in US state history – traders finally puked, sending the yield on its bonds surging after a judge ruled at the start of the month that the state is violating consent decrees and previous orders, and instructed the state to achieve “substantial compliance with consent decrees”, further pressuring its financial situation.

Floating Space City, ‘Asgardia’ Holds Meeting on Earth to Dispel Fears It Will Be a “Kingdom”

Perhaps to squelch concerns that Asgardia will be set up as a monarchy, or to stymy worries that earthlings’ taxes will be funding the city in the sky, Asgardia recently held a town meeting to answer the many questions which have arisen since its announcement.

Incredibly rare two-headed porpoise found in the North Sea

(Inhabitat) An unsuspecting fisherman recently stumbled across an incredibly rare two-headed dolphin.

Is Earth a Prison?

Could this world, this existence as human beings on planet Earth, be some type of prison? I’m starting to get the feeling that Earth is some kind of lesson learning place, some kind of “hell,” a “time-out session” for bad children.

New Study: More than 30,000 Plant Species Are Used as Medicine in the World

Chemical, synthetic pharmaceutical companies like to down-play the effectiveness of natural, plant-based, herbal remedies, but a new study has proven that almost 30,000 (and counting) plant species are used medicinally throughout the world.

8-Year-Old Girl Gets Hundreds of Gifts from Crows She’s Been Feeding for Years

We often underestimate the intelligence of fellow animals on this planet, but this story will drop your jaw.

U.S. Imprisons More of Population than Any Country in World as Dutch Close More Penitentiaries Due to Low Crime Rates

The Dutch have already closed 19 prisons due to super low crime rates, but the government just announced that the tiny country doesn’t have the funds to keep so many empty institutions open, and will close another round of prisons; they are simply unneeded.

Maybe It’s You

Although it can be a hard pill to swallow, sometimes we need not look any further than our own selves to discover why life isn’t working for us.

Why Comedy is Essential For Any Person Who Cares About the Future

When a person decides they want to search for the truth about what this world is, and accept where the truth leads them at the expense of their illusions, it can be a painful path at times.

The Difference Between True Intuition and Regular Thoughts, Gut Feelings

Intuition, the “sixth sense” that we all have within us naturally, is something distinctly different from a regular thought process in the mind.

Why Are Dogs Being Given Dangerous, Human Anti-Psychotic Drugs?

A couple years ago, it was brought to people’s attention that toddlers as young as three years old are being prescribed amphetamine.

Why Does Synchronicity Happen? Number Syncs and a Coded Reality

Have you ever repeatedly seen the same numbers on the clock, or on license plates, and wondered how you could possibly see the same numbers over and over?

Groundbreaking Lawsuit in the U.S. Could End Water Fluoridation Worldwide

The U.S. government, via the EPA and titans of polluting industry have gotten away with putting chemicals in our water that cause a “light lobotomy” for decades now, but the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), along with a coalition of environmental and public health groups is seeking a ban on well-documented, neurotoxic chemical – fluoride.