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Did this Jeopardy contestant just flip off Alex Trebek for a solid five seconds?

I'm sorry, are my eyes deceiving me, or did this young man just flip Alex Trebek the ol' bird like it ain't no thang?

Watch Caitlyn Jenner's message of support to the trans kids of America.

On Thursday evening, Caitlyn Jenner took to Twitter to issue a message of hope and solidarity for the trans kids of America, following Trump's decision to rescind the protection of transgender students which had allowed them to use the school bathrooms in which they felt most comfortable.

This couple took 'breakup photos' because why should engaged couples have all the fun?

Being in a relationship is soooo over. In 2017, it's all about the hot breakup! Former couple Harrison Bach and Jacqueline Martin, both 22, dated for three years before breaking up just over a year ago.

Beyoncé dropped some bad news about Coachella and Twitter is having a meltdown.

Bad news for fun free spirits with disposable incomes: Beyoncé will not be performing at Coachella this year after all due to the fact that she is creating two demigods babies in her womb (in case you've been living on a desert island with no Wifi for the past month, yes, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins).

Here's what's coming to Netflix this March to help you avoid reality.

The merry month of March is upon us, a time that vacillates between Winter and Spring depending on the day.

How I feel after eating a salad

'Human Ken doll' broke up with 'Barbie' girlfriend for a very superficial reason. Shocking!

Dating is hard enough for us mere, non-plastic mortals. So just imagine trying to find your perfect match when you're a human Ken doll.

Watch a guy hit 240 green lights in a row and you will be satisfied forever.

There's nothing more satisfying than hitting every green light on your drive home from work. So imagine if you hit 240 in a row, over the course of a half hour, while driving through New York City.

Kim Kardashian's Sweet 16 video is actually super sweet.

Kim Kardashian West honored her late father Robert Kardashian's birthday on February 22nd with a sweet throwback to her super sweet 16.

Dictionary slams Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative' definition of feminism with cheeky tweet.

On Thursday, top Trump advisor and everyone's favorite alternative genius Kellyanne Conway offered her thoughts on feminism.

This single mom has gone viral for the brilliant way she spent her tax return.

Tax returns, if you're lucky enough to get one, are basically free money that is meant to be spent on lavish trips and Lotto tickets or just burned in a fire, right?

Viral video points out 8 actors who have never made a good movie but keep getting work.

It's hard to say what a makes a "good movie" good, but it's pretty easier to pinpoint what makes a bad movie bad.

The real reason flight attendants make you open your window shade is kind of scary.

Have you ever been dozing on a plane as it begins its final descent, only to be jerked awake by a flight attendant asking you to raise your window shade so the bright sun can burn your retinas?

Trump inauguration singer speaks out against the president's decision to revoke trans bathroom protections.

The Trump administration made the decision on Wednesday to revoke federal protections for transgender students put in place during the Obama era.

The way this little boy lost a race at school has him winning hearts across the internet.

This is Imoh Umoren II and his father, indie filmmaker Imoh Umoren. The 2-year-old and his dad live in Lagos, Nigeria.

Professor shuts down homophobia in the classroom with 'questions for heterosexuals.' The internet applauds.

College student Elise is learning about sex research in class, and her professor sent a message out to a certain often-discussed population in the class to get them thinking about their lives and their choices: heterosexuals.

Baby panda loves his keeper too much to let him work, makes the internet crazy with jealousy.

Oh hello there, you've taken a break from your desk job or daily chores or whatever else you're doing to watch a painfully adorable panda.

Comedian shares glorious story of vengeance after woman lets her dog poop in the airport.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter recently took a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo and encountered what everyone encounters at the airport: an inconsiderate, unaware, unsociable, irredeemable member of society.