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Watching Personal Meet Political

I don’t often get to say that I agree with the Pope, but he nailed it this week when he urged teenagers to engage in face -face dialogue.

NEWSFLASH: Trump Administration Will Reverse Progress for Trans Students

The Trump administration will release newly revised transgender bathroom directives for students, the White House said on Tuesday. Press secretary Sean Spicer’s explanation on Tuesday that President Trump’s longstanding views on the topic— that transgender bathroom access is a states’ rights issue and not a federal one—suggests that Trump is poised to rescind the anti-discrimination protections issued last year.

Fighting For True “Workplace Advancement” in the Trump Era

Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) claims that her “Workplace Advancement Act” and the “Strong Families Act” would “empower Americans to effectively negotiate wages and provide flexibility for the many families juggling responsibilities at home and at work.” According to experts on workplace policy, however, both bills fall far short of what is needed to actually help working women and their families.

He Told Me Nobody Would Believe Me: Overcoming Office Sexism

Chris Stephens / Creative Commons I got my first job at sixteen working at a Gap in an outdoor shopping mall.

PHOTO ESSAY: The Girls Standing Up To Patriarchy in India

One by one the teenage girls crouch down and take a seat, forming a circle on a cushioned floor draped over with a white sheet.

Disrupting the Solitude of Women

Names have been changed. It is the summer of 2012. My friend Marie and I are making plans to meet before she moves to Chile.

Negotiating Safety: Healing Through a Contact Sport

In the fractions of seconds before the body flying at me at speed with devastating intent actually impacts, I have a crowding multiplicity of voices that clamor for top feeling and then dull to a white noise of focus.

Now We Persist, Resist—and Win

Feeling fired up after the Women’s March? Join the Feminist Alert Network to remain involved in the movement—and to keep marching on with us toward equality!

10 Books Every Feminist Should Read This Year

Now that Donald Trump has ushered in a new wave of woman-hating, it is time for feminists to delve back into the realm of consciousness-raising and resistance that result from reading books.

Daisies in the Age of Trump

I turned to Daisies the day after the Boston Women’s March. After a day of so many women’s voices and power, it seemed like the time for kick-ass cinema directed and performed by kick-ass women.

Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

I was 21 years old with a college degree, a job lined up and the promise of a bright future right in front of me.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Fiction or Prediction?

The Handmaid’s Tale, written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood in 1985, is soon to be an original series on Hulu.

#ShePersisted—And So Do Women Leaders Across the Country

Last week, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren took the floor of the U.S. Senate to speak against the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

NEWSFLASH: Workers Protest Labor Secretary’s Nomination Nationwide

Thousands of fast-food workers today mobilized in over two dozen cities across the country to demand that Andrew Puzder withdraw his nomination from President Donald Trump to lead the Labor Department.

India’s First Women’s Mosque Goes Solar

Last week, India’s first all-women mosque made yet another powerful statement by announcing it would run on solar energy.

What Organizers Can Learn from the Women In Mississippi

The year was 1963. Dorothy Height, the president of the National Council of Negro Women, had convened a meeting following the March on Washington in defiance of the March’s organizers.

My #FlightPrivilegeChecklist

In response to Trump’s ban on travelers, immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries, activists launched campaigns in the streets and in airports throughout the country in opposition.

NEWSFLASH: Rates of Severe Violence Targeting Abortion Providers, Patients and Clinics at a 20-Year High

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s 2016 National Clinic Violence Survey, released today, found that severe anti-abortion violence and threats of violence against women’s health clinics have skyrocketed in the last two years.

PHOTO ESSAY: These 13 Women Are the U.K.’s Next Generation of Engineers

My photo project “Women in STEM: The New Generation of Engineers” is a portrait series targeted at young women.

March Onward with Ms.

The Women’s Marches left feminists reinvigorated, fired up and more ready than ever to fight back against the anti-woman agenda of the Trump administration.