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Pussyhats of the Past: 10 Times Feminist Fiber Art Made History

The subway platforms and sidewalks were overflowing with pink that weekend. Like many women across the world, I joined millions marching in support of women and in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration during the Women’s March.

“He Said, She Said”

In many ways, these are encouraging times for rape law reformers. Chase Carter / Creative Commons A growing number of states are modernizing their criminal law definitions—most now recognize that sexual assault turns on the absence of consent rather than the use of physical force, which was traditionally required.

Q&A: Comedian Alison Stevenson Wants to Call Men Out

Alison Stevenson is a stand-up comedian and writer committed to calling out misogynistic bullshit. A self-proclaimed “cunnilingus crusader,” Stevenson fearlessly uses comedy to fight the sexist expectations women are held to in relationships and dating. Her self-released stand up album, Eat Me, is available for download now.

The Good Wife

While my husband was recuperating in the cancer hospital, in between wiping his forehead, holding ice chips to his lips, or pushing blood clots through plastic tubing, I sat on a chair in the hallway and watched other patients.

Living Proof

Aisha Jamal has a message for women who don’t feel that they are good enough to make movies. “You will have people sometimes telling you they don’t love your work,” says Jamal, an Afghan-born Canadian filmmaker and programmer for North America’s biggest film festival.

I Hope You’re Watching Me

I hope you’re watching me, my daughters. I hope you see me mowing the lawn—pushing that mower with strength, power and determination.

When Fashion Makes a Statement

Marketplace feminism suggests that if we purchase the right “feminist product,” such as a t-shirt, lipstick or underwear, we’ll be liberated.

Going on the Offensive for Abortion Rights

Advocates in red states are switching gears. They’re not just pushing back against anti-choice laws—they’re proposing pro-choice legislation of their own.

NEWSFLASH: Fox News Facing Expanded Racial Discrimination Suit

Next week, seven Black Fox News employees will join a racial discrimination suit filed last month by two other employees.

We Need Women Like You in Public Office

This past fall, I was elected to the Washington, D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Running for this seat wasn’t an easy decision for me to make.

Q&A: Ivette Cabrera on Celebrating Women’s Power

Ivette Cabrera is a Miami-based artist who strives to break the barriers society has presented upon women, especially women of color, through her artwork.

Inside the Women-Led Global Alliance to Save the Planet

Muriel Bowser wants to establish a green bank in Washington, D.C. to help fund clean energy projects.

Action Figures “For Girls” Aren’t Good Enough

New toys and merchandise are hitting the shelves in readiness for the first Wonder Woman movie to hit the big-screen.

10 Racist & Sexist Quotes From Stephen Miller, White House’s Women’s Issues Advisor and Lifelong Anti-Feminist

Stephen Miller, who gained notoriety earlier this year when he remarked that President Donald Trump’s power “would not be questioned” as a veiled threat against the courts on the Muslim Ban, has taken on a new set of responsibilities in the White House.

Woman Forcibly Taken to Saudi Arabia While Seeking Asylum

Dina Ali Lasloom, a 24-year-old Saudi woman, was attempting to seek asylum in Australia last week before she was detained at the airport in Manila, Philippines and forcibly sent back to Saudi Arabia against her will.

Healthy Pregnancies Are Essential

For my patients in inland Southern California, being pregnant isn’t easy. I am one of few obstetricians in this region, where patients travel far to get to appointments and often don’t have the money for even basic medications.

Tearing Down the Fridge: Challenging the Misogyny of Male Heroism in Jessica Jones

“Men and power. It’s seriously a disease.” –Trish Walker The superhero genre has stuffed women into the fridge as long as we can remember.

NEWSFLASH: Bill O’Reilly Ousted from Fox News for Sexual Harassment

Bill O’Reilly has been removed from his position as host of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor in the wake of widespread sexual harassment allegations against him—and a powerful outcry from activists who insisted the network show that they take such claims seriously in calling for his dismissal.

Protecting Women Starts at Home—Not in Public Bathrooms

With North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill” now behind us, it’s worth remembering that the state’s House Speaker and other male members of the legislature routinely promoted the law as a way of “protecting” North Carolina women like me and my teenage daughter.

A Movement, Not a Moment: Inside The Outrage

Amanda Maldonado sits near the fitting rooms of The Outrage, a clothing store in the Adams Morgan area of Washington D.C., surrounded by boxes of apparel shipments.