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Closing Time at the Boys’ Club

The boys’ club is alive and well. In fact, it still prevails. Male-dominated industries—from tech to Hollywood to politics—have continued to foster sexual harassment, gender discrimination and bullying.

Young Feminists from Los Angeles to Kathikhera are Fighting for Global Menstrual Equity

The battle for menstrual equity is in full swing in Kathikhera. The village in India is at the center of The Pad Project, a new documentary following the lives of girls and women coming together to make affordable pads—and smash period stigma in the process.

When Immigration Becomes a Pathway to Exploitation

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in June posed a crucial question: “How do we create the conditions where the victims or the potential victims of human trafficking are able to come forward?

The High Cost of Cash Bail

“It’s modern-day bondage. Our folks are being held hostage for ransom.” Mary Hooks, co-director of Southerners On New Ground (SONG), is referring to the U.S.

One Family’s Trip Through the History of U.S. Racism

Nietzsche wrote that he always trusted thoughts that came while walking; I chose to revise this form of mobility to a road trip this summer to the Deep South with my family.

I Was My Boyfriend’s Servant: How I Escaped Financial Abuse

Mark Belokopytov / Creative Commons “When I say, “Good girl,” I want you to say, “Thank you, sir.” “Yes, sir.” “Good girl.” “Thank you, sir.” I handed him the yellow check.

Polish Police Invaded the Offices of Feminist Activists After a Pro-Choice Protest

On October 2, thousands of activists marched in Poland in protest of the nation’s repressive abortion laws.

Stanford Makes Space to Reflect on Sexual Assault

The site near the Kappa Alpha fraternity house where former Stanford student Brock Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman in January 2015 has been turned into what the University’s student newspaper the Stanford Daily is calling a “scenic spot.” The space was created in remembrance of the crime, which drew worldwide attention after the survivor’s impact statement went viral.

Feminist Embroiderer Isabel Bürger is Stitching Away Period Stigma

Isabel Bürger, a champion of intersectional feminism, has taken to Instagram to fight against the stigmatization of menstruation—by stitching delicate and powerful embroideries that depict periods on bodies of shapes and sizes. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Bürger recently completed her Masters in Arts and Cultural Management, and has previously worked as a freelance reporter for a local radio station.

The Ms. Q&A: Singer-Songwriter Mia LJ on Labels and the Last Legs of Humanity

Mia LJ, aka Mia Louis Jeune, is a New York-based singer songwriter who plays six instruments and proudly produces her own music.

War on Women Report No. 7

The War on Women is in full force under the Trump administration. We refuse to go back, and we refuse to let the administration quietly dismantle the progress we’ve made.

Attorneys General are Suing the Trump Administration to Protect Birth Control Access

GOP lawmakers in Congress haven’t been able to make good on President Trump’s campaign promise to undo the gains made under the Affordable Care Act—and in response, the Trump administration is doing all it can to dismantle the healthcare bill from the executive wing.

This Week in Women: Hollywood’s Sexism is Bigger Than Its Latest Scandal

Starting last week, dozens of women–including A-list actor Gwyneth Paltrow–have been speaking out against sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood by sharing detailed accusations that should end the career of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The New York Times’ reporting on this issue is historic—but will the result be a historic change for women?

Will 2017 Be the Year of Hollywood’s Feminist Reckoning?

2017 has been been marked by sexual harassment allegations against some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names.

Is 2017 the Year of Hollywood’s Feminist Reckoning?

2017 has been been marked by sexual harassment allegations against some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names.

The Harvey Weinstein Allegations Are More Than a Scandal—They’re a Call to Arms

I generally don’t comment on high-profile sexual assaults, because I fear that engaging with trending media stories about rape creates the illusion that rapists are anomalous, that men like Harvey Weinstein—accused over three decades of sexual assault and harassment by over 15 women—are an exception to the rule.

Feminist Fix: Jemele Hill, Rose McGowan and Malala Aren’t Backing Down

Welcome to the Feminist Fix—a weekly round-up of feminist news and links from across the Internet. Get all caught up and dig a little deeper before you kick off the weekend!

Wonder Girls: Memory is Fighting Child Marriage in Malawi

Wonder Girls: Changing Our World is the first book to document the passionate and peaceful activism of girl-led groups from around the world—which are improving health, education, gender equality and the environment and stopping child marriage, domestic violence, child trafficking and war. The Ms.

Congressional Lawmakers Want to Codify Title IX Protections for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

Lawmakers and advocates came together on Capital Hill today to unveil HR 4030, The Title IX Protection Act.

5 Fast Feminist Facts About The 20-Week Abortion Ban Headed to the Senate Floor

Last week, the House advanced HR 36—a bill that would criminalize abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy nationwide—to the Senate.