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Turkish Women Rising

Turkish women risk peril in demanding their rights. Protestors face police tear gas and water cannons, courting detention and jail time for demonstrating against the government or in support of issues like LGBT rights.

4 Actions to Take Today for Women’s Rights

In the last few days, after incredible grassroots pressure across the country to our representatives, Congress has found itself divided over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

L.A. Women Lead the Way

The following is an excerpt from the Spring 2017 issue of Ms. Grab a copy and subscribe here. In their first weeks in office, the Trump administration and Republican Congress have put women’s health, security and rights in their crosshairs.

10 Ways Women Could Be Affected by the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a brief detailing the catastrophic impact President Trump’s repeal of the ACA would have on women.

Gorsuch Doesn’t Fit the Bill

The Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch began this week, but the jury is still out on whether the Judge will be confirmed.  Since being nominated, legislators and voters have raised concerns about what Gorsuch’s potential confirmation could mean for women’s rights, especially since his record shows a history of voting against women’s interests.

5 Ways We Can Defend Women’s Rights and Muslim Rights

On January 22, many of the women I know across the Muslim world stood with U.S. women. Some stood in spirit as the Women’s March movement crossed the globe.

A Safr Ride

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table,” Shirley Chisholm once said, “bring a folding chair.” The current era of feminism is abundant with folding chairs—take, for example, the slightly trendy but effective pro-women networking space The Wing in New York City, or the magnanimous Women’s March on Washington.

Peace Heroes: Tunisia’s Khedija Arfaoui

On New Year’s Eve, a suicide bombing in Istanbul left 40 dead. Among those who lost their loved ones is longtime Tunisian peace activist and academic Khedija Arfaoui.

Getting Real about Paid Sick Days

Have you seen the contest floating around Facebook called “Sick Just Got Real?” You’re supposed to send in a selfie or YouTube video answering a question such as this: “What’s your first thought when you hear the kids cough?

Women Are Leading the Fight for Renewable Energy

Ms. is launching a series of reports on the blog and in print to look at the organizing models of some of the women-led groups helping to build a sustainable grassroots movement to boost renewables and combat climate changes.

ERA Now, More Than Ever: The Ms. Q&A with Equal Means Equal Filmmaker Kamala Lopez

“Women and men still do not have equal rights.” That’s the opening statement in the trailer for Equal Means Equal, a documentary film exploring our country’s need for an equal rights amendment to the U.S.

Queer Women in Montenegro Tell Their Stories

Montenegro, like most of the northern Balkans, stayed out of news this past decade. The post-Yugoslav civil wars ended with 1990s—even though transition problems continued in the six newly formed states in Yugoslavia’s wake—and European and American media turned their gaze to other regions as well as their own growing issues around minority rights, strength of democratic institutions, media independence and gender equality.

WATCH: “Math Brain” is the Feminist Infomercial You’ll Actually Want to Watch

In 2006, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck published research finding that girls perceive of the intellectual ability to do math as a “gift”—and thus, shy away from it when it becomes challenging.

NEWSFLASH: Sonia Tábora, Imprisoned for Miscarriage, is Finally Free

“At last, the nightmare is over,” Sonia Tábora said as she left the courthouse in Sonsonate, El Salvador.

White Women Can’t Get Away in Get Out

This review contains spoilers! Get Out provoked the shameful memory of the time I failed my close friend of 20 years.

NEWSFLASH: Advocates at UN’s Commission on the Status of Women Take Aim at Trump Policies

Advocates attending and invited to this year’s United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)—an annual event celebrating women and girls and bringing together advocates and change-makers to strategize a path forward toward their equality worldwide—are taking aim at President Donald Trump’s policies.

Did 14,000 Women Die from Domestic Violence in Russia Last Year?

This post is part of a series produced in partnership between the Ms. Blog, the Fuller Project for International Reporting and PRI’s Across Women’s Lives.

Q&A: Lawyer Heather McCabe on Creating and Sustaining Progress for All Families Under Trump

Heather McCabe of McCabe & Russell Law Firm has been practicing family law for eighteen years in Maryland and D.C.

Body Politic

I wish I could say that getting an IUD in the waning days of the Obama administration was an act of political resistance.

Giving Voice to Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Sexual Violence

As a trans survivor of sexual and emotional abuse, Lexie Bean has spent a lot of time trying to make sense of their own body.